AURA FACTION Season 2: COLORS Story 14 – (3-in-1) – Side C / BARRETT Tactics



“You……..your man…….your sister……your friends and family…..will fall….”

Those words are echoing through Kai’s head when she was asleep and she kept shouting “NO” over and over again and kept re-hashing the shit with the secret she’s keeping from MAK to hiding Tomoki and Cassie to the recent strike on her record.

“You…..will……fall……Kai Barrett!!”

“No. NO. NO!!! Stop badgering me!!” She kept screaming inside her head with visions of what’s to come like seeing her friends both defeated and bloodied, Cyan with scars and fatal wounds and MAK in his Hybrid mode and he looks like he’s going to implode.

“MAK…..MAK, what are you doing? MAK! MAK, NO!!!!!!!!”
“AAHHH!!” She woke up from the dream frazzled and waking up MAK.
“Kai. Kai, what’s the matter? Baby, you OK?” As he asks her and then she cries holding him, saying his name and ‘I’m sorry’ over and over again.

“Babe, you didn’t do anything wrong.” As MAK tries to calm her down.
“YES, I DID!” she screams, “I…..I…..I got us in deep shit with the Cain Brothers and not only that, I got Kati and Sheena mixed up in this as well! I had this horrible nightmare that everyone got harmed or died trying to protect me and MAK… get it the worst of them all. You imploded! I don’t want anyone dying because of me!!! This wasn’t supposed to be like this!!! I can’t—I can’t…” She is still sobbing from the aftermath.
“Kai-Kai… was just a nightmare.” MAK said, “A fucked-up one, I’ll give you that but I will assure you that nothing else is going to happen to us. I will promise you that I won’t go overboard with my power and die from it.” She seemed to be reluctant to accept it but she knows MAK hated this as much as she does.
“MAK…Nightmares like this stuck with me for a long time. It happened when I moved away from you, when my dad got shot, the whole Pandora thing and now this.” She said, “I just don’t want things to get worse from here. Just one moment of peace without anyone bringing me bad news.”

The phone rings and it was Cyan on the phone.
Kai answers it. “Hello, Cy.”
“Kai…hello, you sound depressed. Are you all right?” Cyan said.
“Yeah, I’m cool.” Kai said, “Morning often makes me sound like this…..oh, and the fact the Cain assholes put me and my friends on watch.”
“I heard……and I know I smell bullshit from that. I’ll try to get that shit removed.” Cyan said. “Me and Seiki will find a way to get this shit off your backs.”
“Thanks, sis.” Kai said, “If that works, I swear I do whatever bullshit you don’t want for a month.”
“Well, aside from that news, I got a call from mom and dad and they’re coming to town this week.” Cyan explained.
“Mom and Dad? Coming to town? This week?” Kai said.
“Yeah. They said that they wanted to see us for some time now and I told them they can visit us to see how we live in the Society.” Cyan said. “Plus, I figure you and MAK can meet them as an official couple now.”

“Oh….oh….me meeting your mom and dad…” As MAK sounded a bit nervous. “…oh….shit….”
“MAK, you met them before.” Cyan said, “Besides, Mom and Dad already liked you back then anyway only now you and my sister are now a couple and it’ll be interesting to see how they’ll take it.”
“Yeah, that should be a blast.” Kai said. “Well, Cyan, I’m gonna go back to sleep so I’ll talk later.”
“OK……well, hope you sound a lot better today. Talk to you later, Kai.” Cyan said as she hung up the phone.

“Well, it’s not bad news per se.” MAK said. “I mean, your parents have always been kind to me.”
“Yeah…….kind.” Kai said, thinking about the fact about her father and MAK in the same room. “You’re not nervous at all?”
“Nah, nah, I’m fine, I’m cool……just days before meeting your parents…the first time as a cou—OK, I’m scared now.”

“See?” Kai said. “Now we’re 2 nervous wrecks.” Both them lay in bed in frustration.
“Well, now what?” MAK said.
“Do you mind holding me for the rest of the morning?” Kai said. “Please, MAKky?”
“Sure, I don’t mind.” MAK said holding her.


Hours later, both of them got Kati, Sheena, Tomoki and Cassie in a meeting about the whole strike thing.
“WAIT, I GOT A STRIKE, TOO!!?” Sheena said.
“Yes, you do, Sheena.” Kati said, “You forget you tried to shoot them with a BB gun?”
“YOU HIT THEM WITH A BAT!” Sheena said.
“Well, no shit!!! I know I’m getting a strike.” Kati said. “And if we get all three, we’ll be in jail.”
“JAIL!? ALL OF US!?” Sheena yelled. “Fuck, I can’t do jail!! I don’t want to be bottom bitch to some girl named Big Mondo!”
“Who in the fuck is Big Mondo?” MAK shouted.
“ENOUGH!” Cassie said. “MAK and Kai, I’m so sorry both of you got charged by….well, them and yes, the same goes to you, too, Kati and Sheena.”
“How’s Yuan taking it?” Kai said.
“Let’s see…he’s worried and pissed at the same time.” Kati said. “Worried that they might take my ass away and pissed that the Cain Brothers are basically doing this shit to get even with MAK by getting to us.”
“I know the feeling.” Kai said. “I know it too damn well……and to make things more complicated today, I just found out my parents are coming to visit this week.”

“WAIT! YOUR PARENTS!!” Tomoki said in shock. “They’re coming!! Here as in right here?”
“Yes, Tomoki, they’re going to be here for a bit.” Kai said, “If you’re worried about them seeing you and Cass, don’t be. Since both of you are spending the night with Sheena.”
“What?” Tomoki said. “SHEENA? WHY!?”
“Is it because of the whole hearing people having sex thing?” Sheena said, “I told you before I’m not going to do it with you two….although it would be impossible not to since you let Cassie spank you every night and you screaming HARDER, HARDER!! And man, you are loud!”

“You see my point now?” Tomoki said.
“Look, if it’s anything, I’ll put on my headphones and crank up my music while you and Cassie do your thing.” Sheena said.
“We really got nowhere else to stay at.” Cassie said, “Plus, it’s only going to be one night and then back to their place.”
Tomoki sighed into giving in. “OK, fine, we’ll stay with her for….OK, when are they coming again?”
“I don’t know, Cyan hasn’t told me th–” She then gets a text from Cyan, saying that her parents are staying with Kai and MAK tomorrow.
“This answers anything?” Kai said to them showing them the text.
“Fine…..we’ll stay there.” Tomoki said.


Later on in the day, MAK and Kai went to their respective jobs, Kati went back to the Turner Express and Sheena was in her apartment listening to music while getting high with Tomoki and Cassie doing nothing but play videogames all day long.
“Come on, come on, Moki!” Cassie said, “You tried this level over 6 times and you aren’t doing so hot there!! You need to git gud!!”
“OK, OK, I get it!!” Tomoki said, “O So masterful person of the vidya game master race!”
“Look, I got an idea… and I can play versus for 6 rounds of Rock Crash and we’ll do this…every time one of us loses a round, we lose an article of clothing!” As Cassie suggested. “That any good?”
“So….for you to motivate me to win, you strip down in front of me?” Tomoki questioned.
“Yeah, sure.” Cassie said. “Either way, both of us win in something.” As she smiled at the idea.
“THEN LET’S GET IT ON!!” As the thought of more Cassie sex was on Tomoki’s mind.

“OK, you managed to get me in only… bra.” Cassie said. “Yet you…….”
Tomoki was mostly in her underwear at this point and was about to lose her bra off.
“Well, at least I’m enjoying what I’m seeing.” Cassie said.
“SHUT UP!!” Tomoki said throwing the bra at Cassie. “I got 1 round left but I might as well give up since you’re gonna win anyway.”
“Now come on, Moki.” Cassie said petting her head. “Things can change in the last minute. You might win at this round.”
The two then went on to play one more round of Rock Crash and as they were playing it, Cassie decides to seduce Tomoki even more by pre-emptively take off her pants.
“Babe, what are you doing?” Tomoki said as she sees Cassie put the controller down and less than a second, she does get it.

Soon after, both girls got into the bedroom to have sex again with Cassie kissing and licking all over Tomoki’s body.
“I guess we both did win.” Tomoki said but Cassie wasn’t paying attention, focusing more on going down on her.


Later on, Aka and Nanashi met Kai at Mr. Tso to have a chat about the whole ‘3 strikes’ and ‘parents coming into town’ ordeal.
“Man, I need help. Bad.” Kai said.
“Damn, this hasn’t been your week, isn’t it?” Nanashi said, “From the Cain brothers putting you on 3 strikes to your parents visiting you… they know about that by the way?”
“NO.” Kai said, “And it’s gonna stay that away until they leave.”
“That’s…actually a bad idea.” Aka said. “I mean, you know eventually they’ll find out and when they do, it’s going to be a lot of ‘why you didn’t tell me about this when I was here?’ or ‘My own daughter!! A LIAR!’ Face it, you might as well tell them while they’re here to their face.”
“But, AKA….” Kai moaned.
“No, Kai, you have to tell them while they’re here!” Aka said. “And even if you don’t, won’t Cyan say some shit about it to them?”
“Cyan said that she’s going to get this bullshit off my record.” Kai said, “Hopefully it shouldn’t take that long and I can make it through the weekend with my sanity intact.”

“But still…..” Nanashi said, “What if it doesn’t? What if Cyan ran into some key problems into that, i.e. Rick and Dice?”
“And you know that MAK, that girl you two always hang out with–”
“Yeah, her….Kati or even we can’t do anything with that since they might make things worse for us and you included.” Nanashi said. “We can’t do that to you.”
“Yeah, Nanashi got a point, Kai.” Aka said, “Plus, we was in deep shit with those 2 guys before and we don’t want the same shit happening to us again.”
“I know, I know.” Kai said in a sad tone. “I wasn’t going to ask for your help…..I…..just hope what I did isn’t going to effect the people I love and I already got a few of them in some shit and…..” It looked like she was going to cry but she kept her appearance and wiped a tear from her face. “Guys… know how much all of you mean to me, right? I would never try to put you in risky situations and I never want to lose you to anything.”
Aka then said to her, “Kai, you know all of us got love for you as well and we know you.” The three girls then hugged it out.
“You’re going to be fine.” Nanashi said, “We are sure of it.”
“Thanks, you guys.” Kai said. “Well, my break is over. Gotta get back to work and all that….”
“Wait, Kai, before you go……I have something I want you to do for me.” Aka said.
“Yeah?” Kai asked.
“You know that girl that works with you? Laila?” Aka said. “Keep an eye on her.”
“Huh?” Kai seems confused at why Aka said that to her.
“It’s…..just something about her that seems suspicious to me.” Aka said, “Plus, you know she hangs out with that girl, Sayuri and last night, her and Rolo and Sayuri together…” She whispered the rest to Kai.
“OH!!!” Kai said. “Wow, I didn’t know Rolo was into that.”
“The boy has been crushing on Sayuri for months now and last night he got his wish. I’m happy that he found some love because he really deserves it but with the extra addition of her….I’m not sure of it.”
“Wow……OK. I’ll do that.” Kai said.

MAK was busy at work in El Diablo’s doing trash duty when he runs into both Yubari and Nguyen doing surveillance on him as they have orders from the Cain Brothers to do it.
“Oh, Gina, Joanna….y’all getting something to eat here?” MAK said.
“Um….actually, MAK….” As Yubari tries to let him down easily but Nguyen fills it in for him, “We’re sent to keep surveillance of you because of the whole Cain thing.”
“Wait, what?” MAK said, “So I’m being watched by those two? Even though it’s their fucking fault I’m in this?”
“YEEEP!” Nguyen said, “And they also added ‘keep your eyes on that thick neon blue fucker’ to that.”
“They did, huh?” As MAK sounded angry on that.
“We don’t think of you like that.” Yubari said.
“I know you two don’t.” MAK said, “You’re just doing your job and I don’t blame you for that. Look, tell them I’ve been on my good behavior today and you’re not even lying to them. I’m doing my duty as an employee for El Diablo.”
“OK. You show no harm here.” Nguyen said, “Good thing since we didn’t want to do this anyway.”
“And this is why you two are my favorite new agents in the Faction.” MAK said.
“And this is why you are my favorite anime guy.” Yubari said. “And speaking of that…….any good stuff this season?”
“Girl, I got you covered.” As MAK said pulling out a list of what to watch.


Back at the house, Cyan and Seiki were stopping by to see if Kai was on her break but at that moment Tomoki and Cassie was still in the bedroom and Sheena was still getting high while listening to music.
“HEY, KAI!!!” Cyan shouted. “You there? We need to talk!!”
“Little Kai! You there?” Seiki also shouted.
“OH SHIT!!” Sheena said as she put out her weed, tried to get rid of the smoke and make sure they don’t come in.

“Oh…Cyan, Seiki. You’re here.” Sheena said.
“Huh? Wait, and who the fuck are you again?” Seiki said.
“That’s Sheena.” Cyan said, “Remember, Kai and MAK’s bartender friend?”
“The one you think that secretly wants to fuck them both?” Seiki said.
“WHAT!?” Sheena said. “Anyway, Kai isn’t here. She left me to keep an eye on her place while she’s gone and since I work at night, I figured I do this here….that and I’m a good friend.”
“OK then.” Cyan said, “Well, I just dropped by to tell Kai about our parents coming here this week….it’s actually tomorrow and–” Then they hear the faint sound of someone moaning in a room.
“Wait, who in the fuck is that?” Seiki said.
“What?” Sheena said.
“You don’t hear that sound of people fucking?” she reiterated to Sheena.
“I know the sound of it. Hell, I hear it every other night when Ka–” Then instantly remembers that Cyan is standing within earshot of her. “Err….But that sound could be anyone. Sex happens regularly here.”

However, they can tell that the sex is coming from the apartment.
“It’s coming from here!” Cyan said, “Hold up, you’re not doing some orgy in my sister’s house, aren’t you!?”
“NO, I’m not doing that in here!!” Sheena said, “If I was, I know damn well to do it in my own apartment, thank you very much.”
“Can it, barkeep!” Seiki said, “Who’s in the house?”
“There’s no one in there!”
“Then let us check for reassurance.” Cyan said.
“Yeah, that’s not a possibility.” As Sheena tries to shut the door on them but at the last minute, Cyan forcefully opened the door to see what was going on. Sheena tried to stop her but Seiki got a hold on her.
“Wait, no, don’t go in there!!” Sheena tried to escape but Seiki has got a grip on her.
Cyan quickly kicked the door open and finds Tomoki and Cassie in bed in a very compromising position.
“What the—How in the hell? You….you two? Where you 2 come from?” Cyan said in shock.
Tomoki’s expression was more shocking than Cyan as she remembers the last time she encountered her and it was not a pleasant one.
“Oh….um, Cyan….” Cassie said, “I didn’t expect you to be here and seeing us like this.”
“The feeling’s mutual.” Cyan said. “But, no, really… in the hell are you two here? Didn’t you get deported and your ass just fled out of here?!”

Tomoki really didn’t want to say anything to her but Cassie explains all about her situation. “Well, I got released a few days ago. Genesis gave me release papers and everything. I’m free from them.”

“SO……you’re now free then?” Cyan said.
“Yes.” Cassie said. “I can finally be able to talk to my friends again.”
“Well….” Cyan felt like she was going to hit Cassie but as she raises her fists, she immediately put them down. “I guess you didn’t know about me striking and beating the shit out of your girl because once again you two put my sister in the line of danger.”
“What?” Cassie said.
“YOU HEARD ME!!!” Cyan said.
“Cyan!!!” Tomoki shouted, “Look, if you want to yell or beat someone, it should–”
“Be you?” Cyan said. “You want me to fuck you up again? Because I will. Now get dressed, get in the living room and wait until MAK and Kai gets back. All of you got shit to explain to us.”
Cyan walked out of the room with Seiki finally letting go of Sheena but not without saying something to them. “Well, I would say it’s good to see you two again…..but I don’t want to get ahead of myself.”
“OW! Why are you rough?” Sheena reacted on that. “Guys….I’m so sorry.”
“Don’t be.” Tomoki said. “Eventually it was going to come to this.”

30 minutes later, MAK and Kai both came home at the same time as they get ready to just relax.
“Damn, work was killing me today.”
“Yeah, no shit.” MAK said, “I’m pretty much done for today.”
“You only worked for 5 hours.” Kai said. “I worked 4 more compared to you.”
“Either way, I’m tired as hell.” He said.
“So when my parents come in town, you’re going to be on your best behavior, right?” Kai said.
“Huh?” MAK said, “Come on, you know me. I’m always well-behaved….at least to people that handle my money or ones that I care about.”
They went inside the apartment and the first thing they see is Cyan and Seiki’s disapproving looks at front.
“What the—Cyan? Seiki? How do you get in here?” Kai said.
“Yeah, I’m pretty sure we didn’t give you a ke…” Then the two both noticed Tomoki, Cassie and Sheena on the couch with their heads down, and it’s the signal that both of them know about everything.
“Oh…….” MAK said.
“……Shit.” Kai finished with that.

And so, Kai and Cyan spent a good amount arguing over this in the next room, with excessive loud cursing, mostly in Tagalog. Even close to throwing things at each other….again.
“Oh shit, I think I know what Kai said to her in Tagalog.” MAK said.
“Do they always argue like this?” Sheena said, “Especially in….Tagalog?”
“Yeah…” Seiki said, “This usually happens every other month or so but this one…..well, I don’t blame her. All of you royally fucked on not telling us!”
“No, we don’t have to tell you shit!” MAK said, “What we did to help them out is none of your fucking business!!”
“Oh, so you lie to everyone as always!” Seiki said, “And MAK, you’re the worst case for this since somehow you’re always involved in a lie! Whether it be you breaking into officer’s quarters, killing a bunch of gang members or exporting those two out of the city!”
“OK, first off…” MAK started, “While he may rest in peace, Hybrid X was an asshole through and through and I could give a fuck about breaking into his place. They were spying on Tomoki and Cassie having sex in their place.”
“Don’t remind me.” Tomoki said, “I’m still reeling at them spying at us.”
“Second off, those motherfuckers broke into our house trying to kill us and shot Kati once. Remember that? Anyway, they deserved what happen to them. And……you know what? I don’t have to explain shit.”
Seiki became frustrated at him but Cassie then stepped in to talk, “I hate to say it but both of you make good points. MAK, Seiki is right about you lying to us most of the time. You act like we can’t be trusted with anything and honestly, finding out about the whole gang killing makes me a bit scared of you and we all know you don’t want that, do you?”
He sighed and said, “No. I didn’t.”
Then points out to Seiki, “And Seiki, you know the shit MAK gets thrown at isn’t his fault. He practically had no choice but to do what he did.”
“And yet, does he and Kai getting you 2 out of the city was no choice?” As Seiki found a fatal flaw for what she said to her. Cassie then tried to think of something but she was at no words for that and pretty much gave up. “Exactly.”
“Again you pull this SHIT, KAI!?” Cyan yelled in Tagalog. “You just don’t tell anybody this? You hiding out Tomoki and Cassie for some reason?”
“They got no place else to live.” Kai said, “We, meaning me and MAK (!!), let them stay here for a while and they were trying to figure a way to make amends to all of you!!! That’s all and that’s it and before you say shit, they got nothing to do with me, MAK, Sheena and Kati getting a strike from the Cain Brothers!”
Cyan stood silent for that moment and then Kai continues to speak, “You think I don’t know how to take care of myself when it comes to stuff like this? Like the whole Hybrid world? Grand H? You forgot I’m the one that brought you in this world and yet you act like I’m a child?”
Cyan then decided to speak up and in English but not before slapping Kai, “And WHAT!? You’re the most matured child? You got your ass in trouble yet again with the Faction and even before that, you was wilding out like you didn’t give a damn especially with Pandora and–”
Kai then grabbed Cyan and fiercely said to her, “Don’t……ever…..say…..that…name to me again.” She then left the room in a pissed-off huff, where everyone was in view of it.

“So, now what?” Seiki said.
“Look, Tomoki and Cassie are staying with us and since you two now know, you’re not gonna say anything to the Faction. You got it?” Kai said.
“Wait, wait, wait, Kai, are you threatening us?” Seiki said.
“NO!” Kai shouted, “Unless you want it to be…”
Seiki got pissed off with Kai’s tone and went to grab her by the collar. “Kai….I know you’re my best friend’s little sister and I love you like my own but you pulling this shit on us like you’re supposed to be some hard dumbass.”
MAK decides to step into the confrontation by grabbing Seiki but then she got to him on by grabbing his neck, too. “MAK, don’t you try to interfere with this!”
“Now who’s being the hard dumbass?” Kai said counteracting on Seiki’s move. “We didn’t do shit wrong by letting them staying with us.”
“You not telling me…..” Cyan said, “…You know, your own sister. Isn’t that wrong in a way?” She then yanked Kai by the hair and pushed her to the couch. “Cyan, you know why I didn’t tell you about Tomoki and Cassie being here? THIS!!! You would end up doing this shit right here, roughing everyone up and to be frank, I was right for not telling you!”

“You know what?” Cyan said, “I’m through talking about this because right now you are really starting to get me upset.”
“The feeling’s mutual.” Kai said.
“But what about your mom and dad coming?” MAK said.
“We just play along like nothing happened. Just act casual around them for the next 3 days.” Kai said, “Then we go back to this.”
“That’s the first thing you said all night that didn’t left me mad.” Cyan said.
“Then we agree?” Kai asked.
“We agree.” Cyan answered. “I see you tomorrow night then.” Cyan and Seiki then left the apartment in peace and yet the sisters are still fuming at each other.
MAK wanted to calm Kai down but he figured it was best to let her blow some steam as she locked herself in her room.
“I think its best we left her alone right now.” He said.
“You sure about that?” Tomoki said and then all of them heard Kai’s cursing in Tagalog.
“On second thought, I’ll agree with you.”



Kai was coming out of the apartment, all dressed up in a black and white dress on her way with MAK dressed  to meet with Cyan and their parents.
“Wow….” MAK said as he is an awe of what she’s wearing. “The dress on you looks amazing.”
“You think so?” Kai asked him.
“Oh, I know so.” MAK said. “Everything is going to be fine. There isn’t going to be no drama, no bullshit and no trouble.”
“Well, if Cyan starts some shit with me tonight…..” Kai said, “I’m blowing up. Even if Mom and Dad are watching. I had enough of her bullshit with me.”
“Kai, let’s not get ahead of ourselves now.” MAK said. “I want to make sure nothing like yesterday happens tonight. It’s just me, you, Cyan and your parents tonight.”

Later in the car after they picked up Cyan, MAK gave the same speech to her.
“MAK…..why are you telling me like I’m going to be the one to fuck it up?” Cyan asked. “Shouldn’t you say this to K–”
“I already did.” MAK said, “Don’t think you excused from this, too. I was there yesterday.”
“Um, what about you?” Cyan said. “Mr. Blue Hybrid?”
“HEY!! I know better not to bring that shit up to them but you two!?!? Especially after the shit that happened! Both of you were close to breaking the fucking walls in our apartment.” he said.
Cyan then went on with, “Maybe it wouldn’t have happened if you told us about you two hiding out people and–”
“Or maybe….maybe…” Kai then got into it, “It’s not your FUCKING BUSINESS THAT–”
Then both of them argued again leading MAK to grab a spray bottle of water to spray at them like rabid cats.
“The fuck!? MAK!” Kai said.
“The hell?” Cyan said.
“Didn’t like that? Good.” MAK said. “Now both of y’all need to chill with that shit!! Alright!?!”


“Kai! Cyan!!” The first words to come out of Mrs. Barrett as they finally meet at the restaurant. “My two girls!!”
“MOMMY!! DADDY!” As Kai went over there to hug both of them.
“Mom! Dad!” Cyan also went over there to greet them with a hug.
“Ah! Cyan and Kai!!” Mr. Barrett said, “It’s been too long since we met in person!! I see Cyan is working up her way to be a ranking officer of the Faction.”
“Yessir.” Cyan said, “I’ve been working really solid there recently.”
“Ah, like your old man, I see.” Mr. Barrett said. “And Kai, you’ve been doing well for yourself?”
“Yeah…..I’ve been working at Mr. Tso’s for about a year ago and I’ve been getting more hours and a higher pay rise.” She said although she doesn’t sound too proud at that.
“Well, that’s good, too.” Mrs. Barrett said. “You’ve been moving on up, too.” And then she moves on to MAK.
“And I see little MAK is here!! And he’s not so little anymore!” As she went to hug him, too. “You have grown to be a handsome young man!”
“Not to mention dating our little girl.” Mr. Barrett said. “But hey, we all known you had a thing for her sooner or later.”
“Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Barrett.” MAK said, making sure he kept it as normal as possible.
“Oh, you can call us Mami and Patrick.” She said, “We’re all family now, MAK.”
“OK then, Mami.” He said, “Oh… I get why Kai’s middle name is Mami.”

The five went into the restaurant and starting doing the usual chat around a restaurant. They kept on talking about what’s going on with their lives (minus the whole ‘3 strikes’ thing as Kai and Cyan avoided that topic) and so far, things are going pretty smooth with them.
“College, huh?” Patrick said, “So what major you’re going into?”
“I’m actually thinking of going to an English major.” MAK said.
“Yeah, MAK has been into writing for some time now.” Kai said, “Hell, most of his free time, he often does that whenever he’s not doing his classwork, his job or with me…..”
“Yeah, I see.” Mami said, “You still in contact with your parents?”
“My mom, yes.” MAK said, “My dad…..well…..” Kai’s eyes widened at the moment when he mentioned his dad.
“What? Anything happened to him?” Mami said, “I mean, I heard about your mom and dad getting divorced when we moved but is she doing OK?”
“My mom’s doing alright.” He said, “She’s getting by with her job at the Mendoza Factory and I often talk to her once in a while. My dad on the other hand…. Well, I don’t keep in touch with him that much.”
“Oh…..” Patrick said. “Is it because of the whole divorce thing?”
“Pat, I don’t think he wants to talk about that.” Mami said.
“No, no, no, Mami.” MAK said, “It’s not his fault. I haven’t really thought about their divorce since it happened. Yeah, there were days that I felt like not talking, feeling sad for a bit and even cry my eyes out…..but it’s not because of them.”
“Oh………yeah……” Mami said, “Funny you said that since you also describe Kai that way when we moved to Parish Heights.”
“Well, that and mostly bitchy.” Cyan said.
“HEY!!!” Kai shouted.
“But yeah….my dad is probably living his life and I’m doing that as well….” He said with a lingering pause as he looks at Kai with a hopeful look. “…And as of now, I’m definitely loving parts of my life.” Kai knew what he was talking about and she smiled back, giving him a kiss.

All of a sudden, in comes Leon into the restaurant with a date of his own and surprise, they were seated behind the Barrett family.
“So, baby, you ready to other?” Leon said.
“Yeah, I heard the food is fantastic here.” His date said, “Even their wine selection is great here.”
“Haven’t really been here before.” He said, “You think they got good food here?”
“All right then. I’ll ask somebody here.” She said and then she tapped the closest person available.
“Excuse me, miss?” And it was Cyan she asked.
“Yes?” And then she notices Leon right off the bat. “Leon?”
“Barrett!?” he said.
“LEON!?” Both MAK and Kai said in shock.
“Leon, baby, you know this woman?” she said.
“Yeah, she’s my coworker at the Faction. The one I’m always telling you about.” He said.
“You mean the psycho redhead? Or was it the two sisters with one being a proto-Katniss and the other a gunslinger?”

“Be lucky Seiki didn’t hear that or she’ll deck you out like last time.” MAK said in the background.
“OH WAIT…’re the one he told me about! You got a sister who recently got a st–” MAK then ‘accidentally’ spilled his wine on Leon.
“What the hell?” Leon said, “My suit!”
“OH MY GOD!! Leon, I’m so very, very sorry about that. Let me help you to the bathroom with that spill.” He then dragged Leon all the way to the bathroom to have a little discussion.

“I’m having a date here.” Leon said, “Why you dragged me here to talk?”
As MAK explained his purpose, “Look, I know you know that Kai and I got the 3 strikes rule on us and we’re out meeting with KAI AND CYAN’S PARENTS and I will be nice about this….PLEASE don’t mention it in front of them!! I want this night to go well. Everything has been going to shit lately and I want this night to be particularly good.”
“But shouldn’t you tell them yourself?” Leon said, “Or Cyan or Kai? Isn’t holding this from them make it worse?”
“WE WILL TELL THEM!! On our terms!” MAK said, “As in, not in a restaurant with people looking and I got to be honest….it isn’t just the 3 strikes thing getting me down.”
“Wait, what?” Leon said.
MAK then left the restroom, having Leon’s question unanswered.
“Dammit. MAK!”
Leon got to him before he can leave. “The hell you mean that’s not the only thing getting you down?”
“Look, it got nothing to do with you.” MAK said, “It’s just mostly school, work, and daily fucking life. Regular stressful shit…….” Then he faintly said under his breath, “Also marriage.”
“I’m sorry, what was that?” Leon said.
“I didn’t say shit.” MAK said.
“Yeah, you did. You said something about that sounded like mer-mer or some s—Hold up……marriage?” Leon said. “You’re thinking about MARRIAGE?”
“Discussion OVER!!” MAK disappeared out of there fast.


A few minutes later

“So, that went well.” MAK said to Kai and Cyan as they were driving back to drop off Cyan and on their way home.
“Yeah, no drama, no unneeded bullshit.” Cyan said. “We went all smooth….although why in the hell you ‘spill’ wine on Leon just to avoid that talk?”
“I needed something to make sure his date didn’t say shit.” MAK said.
“Yeah, at least that got avoided.” Kai said, “Among other things…..”
“Huh?” Both of them questioned.
“NOTHING!!” Kai shouted. “It’s nothing…..let’s just focus that we had a good night.”
“OK……” Said a weirded-out MAK. “Well, we were almost close to a fuck-up when Leon showed up and his date almost blabbed out that strikes shit.”
“Well, it wouldn’t (totally) be her fault.” Cyan said. “At least Mom and Dad doesn’t know about you two keeping two lesbian Hybrids in your apartment……well, for now.”

“Uh…for now?” Kai said. “They’re not going to know. They’ll never know about them and I think it’s better that way.”
“Better how?” Cyan said, “You’re hiding two people in your apartment and I know you said they’re doing nothing wrong but they’re not why I’m worried. YOU TWO got your asses caught into Rick and Dice’s trap and if you fuck up, they might find them and their lives are going to be worse!! And that goes double for your friend Sheena and Kati since they might go after them in here or at the Express!! Didn’t think about it, did ya?”
“We did.” MAK said, “They’re the ones who are starting shit around, fucking with us accusing me of some bullshit!! They fire the first bullet, we reiterate and WE’RE THE ONES you blaming? You think about that, did ya?” As he boomeranged Cyan’s argument.

“OK, maybe most of it wasn’t your fault.” Cyan said.
“ALL OF IT WASN’T OUR FAULT!” Kai shouted.
“OK! DAMN.” Cyan shouted back. “Well, at least we don’t have any more secrets to hide.”
“Truth.” MAK said, “Well, being the three of us anyway.”
Soon after Cyan was dropped off, MAK and Kai went back to their apartment to get some rest.
“You know……talking with your parents wasn’t all that bad tonight. I mean, it is nice to see your folks still together after all these years.” MAK said.
“Yeah……” Kai said, “They have been through some rough patches here and there but they managed to keep it alive for almost 25 years.”
“You think we’ll last that long?” MAK said. “Even with what’s going on with us?”
“Oh, of course.” Kai said, “MAK, we’ve been through a hell of a lot the past 3 years now. We’ve been friends for a long time since we was 9 years old and now, both of us are 24 going on 25 and our bond is stronger now than it was back then and I don’t ever plan on ending it. I love you too much for that.”
“You really mean that?” he said. “Even though I haven’t been the best boyfriend in some time?”
“You not best boyfriend?” Kai questioned. “You don’t cheat on me, you love to hold and caress me even if no sex is happening, and you go through hell and back to protect me. You are definitely BEST BOYFRIEND!” She said giving him a kiss.
MAK give a little smile. “And you are definitely BEST GIRLFRIEND.” As he kissed her back yet Kai wasn’t so sure about that and then he carried her into their room for a little make-out session as both quickly undressed to their underwear but as they turn on the lights, they were interrupted by Sheena hiding out.
“AAAHHHH!!!” Sheena screamed.
Then Kai screamed and left MAK mostly surprised and shocked. “Sheena? The hell?”
“Why are you in our room?” Kai said.
“I got sleepy!” Sheena said. “I would’ve gone back to my apartment but Tomoki and Cassie took over and kick me out because they were fucking!”
“WHAT?” MAK said. “In your apartment!?”
“Yes….” She said, “They said that they needed someplace where no one would bother them or barge in.”

Then Cassie happens to come in the room. “Oh, MAK and Kai, you’re home! How was meeting your parents?”
“Hey, Cass.” Kai said, “It went fine. Nothing bad happened.”
“Wait, wait….did you take over Sheena’s place and kick her out?” MAK said.
“Oh, that.” She said, “Well, it was 25% me and the rest was Tomoki.”
“Well, where is she?”
“Sleeping.” Cassie said, “I think I wore her out tonight after what we did in there.”
“I know.” Sheena said, “I hear it all and you were louder than these two and….you are wearing my favorite robe, I see?”
“Oh…this?” Cassie said, “This feels so soft and warm.”
“Yeah, I know. It was a gift from my grandmother.” Sheena said, “She made the damn thing herself and now I see you in it.”
“Well, if you want, I’ll give it back to you.” As she gave the robe back, mostly revealing her in her striped bra and panties.
“Please don’t tell me that’s my underwear you’re wearing?” Sheena said.
“…….No…..” Cassie said, “This is all me. I do own my own underwear, Sheena.”
Both Sheena and Kai are noticing how build Cassie was.

“I can see why Tomoki is sleeping now.” Sheena said.
“I need to suddenly work out more often.” Kai said.

“So, Kai, MAK… Cyan still pissed at us earlier?” Cassie asked.
“Not as much now.” Kai said. “But now we need to worry about Rick and Dice. They got us before with them harassing everyone here and we damn sure don’t want them going after you and Tomoki.”
“But so far, they know nothing about me and Moki?” Cassie said.
“You two are clear.” MAK said, “As far as I know, no one else knows about you two in here.”


“MASTER TAKAMURA!! MASTER TAKAMURA!!!” Oasis shouted as he rushed through the offices to find him.
“Disciple Oasis, what is your reasoning for shouting?” Takamura said.
“There has been a slight error in our systems.” He said.
“An error?” Takamura said.

“Yes.” Oasis said, “Remember when we let out Cassandra Lyles?”
“Yes. What about it?” Takamura said.
“Well…..”He showed him the release form you’re supposed to sign and then he showed Takamura the form that they got Cassie to sign and as it turns out that release form is worth nothing and Cassie shouldn’t really be out.
“….Looks like we need to retrieve our princess back.”


The Grey One is looking as a few dossiers to see who’s in the immediate area and even a few familiar faces.
“Hmmmmm…..Oh…..I see old friends coming back. Time to make room for new attacks.” She said.
It shows files that got both of Tomoki and Cassie and it was intended that they will be one of her targets.
And the Grey One took off her mask and cloak and it turns out it was……..
Miki Maeda.
“You two bitches got hell to pay for.”


Happy Birthday, my 2 best friends!!!”


“Both of you are Libra babies, aren’t you?”

“So I heard you got into a threesome?”

“So…..can you do it?”

“You always have been infatuated with the women in your life. I know this for a fact, MAK.”


“Do you think you are a confident man?”

“I’m a 25-year-old anxious Hybrid that gets nervous about almost anything…..and yet I’m called the most dangerous Hybrid.”


T.R.O.Y (They Reminisce Over You)


©2015 KATANAPlus+ / The Faction Project.

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