AURA FACTION: Story 3 / Shook Ones, Pt. I

WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of violence, graphic language, and sexual content. This is meant only for MATURE AUDIENCES. Reader Discretion is advised.


Previously on AFaction


Coren Ramsey was hiding out in Tronic Isles but that time is limited as the Faction was looking for him in that area but fortunately for him, he escaped just in the nick of time.


And speaking of Ramsey, the girls (i.e., Cyan, Seiki, Sei & Sayuri on her first mission) were searching high and low for his whereabouts by going to clubs he frequently goes. Like the aforementioned mission above, that, too, was also a bust and the worst news is the girls ran into some people they’ve pissed off from the Bulletstorm raid.


They did found a new ally by the name of Leonard “Leon” Garret, who is a metal Hybrid, the rarest breed of Hybrids ever since the purge at Cashis City almost decimated them all. He then was offered a position at the Faction, but is currently thinking about it.


And now…….


In the bright outdoors, there is a young teenage girl with green hair and wearing a panda cap staring at something and is either at awe or in terror from the look of her face. What she was looking at was a Hybrid woman on the ground looking like she’s been through a seizure or a beat down and is suffering from a lot of wounds as there is some around her face and body and she was glowing red from the effects.


“Mom…….” the girl said. “Mom?”

“Mom!! I need to get you to a hospital!! You’re bleeding very badly!!”


But the mom didn’t budge and she shoved her daughter off. “Go…….I don’t want you to see me like this.” She said in a hoarse and weakened voice.

“But, Mom, I can’t leave you behind here!! Please, I don’t want you to DIE!!” the daughter said as she was about to set tears.


The mother continues to glow red and even redder, so red that when a Hybrid goes red and is in critical danger and that is never a good sign. “You need to get out of here…….Just go!!”



However, before she can finish that sentence, she reaches into the final stages of her power over usage and Faction members had to drag Tomoki out of the way to contain the impending death but unfortunately, the mother soon imploded with her last breath and Tomoki saw it all and the horrified imagery of it, which send her into a screaming frenzy.

“Men, take care of Miayama’s body for me!! Also, get her daughter away from here, NOW!!” One of the officers said as Tomoki kept screaming in horror and then soon…….


She woke up screaming and panting.

That’s right. That was all a nightmare she experienced but there is nothing exaggerated about that nightmare, especially if you happened to relive that over and over again since. It was about 6 A.M., just 3 hours before work.


Aura Faction Story 3



“Tomoki, what’s going on?” Cassie said as she was coming from the kitchen. “What happened?”

And from the look of Tomoki’s face, Cassie knew what the reason was.


“Oh god, it’s the dream again, isn’t it?” she asked. Tomoki shook her head confirming that it is and then Cassie went to comfort her in her time of need. “Moki, believe me I know what that feeling is like when you wake up in the morning experiencing a terrible dream.”


“Cass……this is the 4th time this week that dream appeared again.” She said, “I don’t know why the reoccurrence as of late. First, it was those damn dreams and then that prick Hybrid X……I mean, does the universe want to fuck with me that much? Am I destined to have such a horrible life?”


“I sometimes ask myself that, too, Moki.” Cassie said, “All the shit that happen to us… think somewhere is there a God that’s testing us? Is it pure coincidence? Fate? Or are we destined to have bad shit happening to us all the time?”


“I think right now, I really need to get this out of my head.” Tomoki said, “I really need to relax my mind and my body.”

Then knowing that Tomoki said that, Cassie then decided to strip from her robe into her white bra and panties, “Well, maybe I can help relax you for a bit before work.” Then Tomoki leaned in to Cassie’s breast and both began kissing and feeling each other up to relive some stress. Soon, both got into the bed, continuing their lovemaking and as soon as Cassie is unhooking her bra, about to reveal her breasts to Tomoki, someone’s knocking on the door.

“Fuck…..just when I was feeling a little better about myself.” Tomoki said. “It shouldn’t take as long for me to get rid of them.”

“OK” Cassie smilingly said, “I’m in no rush……and then again….” as Tomoki left the room, Cassie threw her bra out of the room, coyly teasing her for more pleasure.



She walked to the door and looked through the peephole and discover that it was Loyuka at the door. “Tomoki, you awake?” And of course, Tomoki is now panicked due to the whole “secret relationship” between Tomoki and Cassie and keeping it from her or anyone else. Then Tomoki threw Cassie’s bra back at her, giving her the signal that someone else is coming in and they want her to act casual, like nothing happened here at all and Cassie was feeling a bit annoyed by it.

“Tomoki, are you even awake?” As Loyuka kept knocking on the door louder.

She opens the door. “Oh, Loyuka……….I didn’t hear you at the door.” Loyuka comes inside.

“Didn’t hear me? I was knocking as hard as I can!! I would’ve did it louder but that slug in my shoulder kept me from doing it.”


“Slug? Wait, you were shot?” Tomoki asked. “Oi…..I tried to call you yesterday to check up on you and Cassie but both of you didn’t answer your phone. I thought you was asleep or something.”

Then Cassie conventionally showed up in the middle of the room.

“Oh, Loyuka, I didn’t know you were here.” She casually said. “I just got out of the bathroom. Washing my face and all that.”

“Um….Cassie…..” Loyuka said, “Why are you naked and sweaty? And why do you have the scent of sex on you?” In which she noticed due to the fact that Cassie was only in her bra and panties. “Oh…..yeah, that……..because I had to change clothes here because my shower’s been acting a bit wonky there.”

“Your shower is acting wonky?” Loyuka questioned.

“Yeah, wonky. You know, unreliable in use or not to be relied on to be steady or secure or to function correctly,” which Cassie was really describing Tomoki’s lying to Loyuka.

“OK, I do know what it means, Cassie.” She said. “But what about the—“

“It’s……..Um……Tomoki’s perfume!!”

“WHAT?!” Tomoki screamed out.

“Yeah, that perfume you let me borrow a couple of times.” Cassie said, indicating that she should go with the flow.

“Oh yeah…….I forgot about that.”

“Anyway……..I see you two are doing well here. We got work in a few hours and I suggest you get your asses ready because we got a long day ahead of us.”

“Alright, see ya, and sorry for that slug on her shoulder.” Tomoki said.

Loyuka soon left the apartment and soon Cassie turns her attention at Tomoki by slapping her, “What the hell was that about?” she said.

“What?” Tomoki said.

“What do you mean what? You throwing my clothes, covering up our relationship because you don’t want anybody to find out?” Cassie said. “Dammit, Moki!! I really don’t want this to happen every time. Eventually you have to tell them about us!!”

“AND I WILL!!” Tomoki said. “OK. Cassie, I promise you this, I will eventually tell them.”

“Good…..and until you do that….” She gave her some lotion, a laptop, and a link to a porn page, “….you better get acquainted to that because you’re not seeing me naked until you do.” She soon walks out of the room and then said to her, “Bet you wish you saw the girls, huh…and don’t think about using your powers to get me naked. It can backfire on you big time.”

“Damn it.” Tomoki said.


2 ½ hours later…….


At the Faction HQ, Jin posted an announcement on all bulletin boards throughout the nearer cities that the Royal Hybrid League is visiting the HQ today along with Hybrid X to bring help into finding Ramsey and preventing the Grand “H” War from happening here and considering Hybrid X is coming back due to the RHL hiring him as a tactical consultant, most of them are already aggravated when they heard the word “Hybrid X”, especially since the last time he appeared.


Cyan was barely awake at her desk due to what happened last night and it seemed like she couldn’t function at work. Then Seiki comes in to wake her up.

“Cyan?” She said as she give a slight tug of her shirt.

She felt a little drowsy and a bit delusional. “No……No…..Mom, I don’t wanna go to school today…….Don’t get Dad with the air horn…….or the cold water.”

“Cyan!” Seiki yelled and then she sprayed water at her and it got her wide awake.

“Seiki, what the hell was that about?” Cyan said.


“You fell asleep 4 times in a row this morning. Either here, 2 times while we was driving to work, and in the bathroom stall not too long ago. Oh, and if you ever drive asleep again, I’ll kill you in your sleep, dammit!!” Seiki said.


“Sleep well last night?” Sei said as she walked in.

“No.” Cyan grumbled, “I didn’t get enough hours last night…and thinking kept me up anyway.”

Then Sei grabbed some coffee and handed to her, “Well, you might need this because the Royal Hybrid League is coming down here today and we need to look professional so I advise you to straighten your ass up.”


Meanwhile, en route to the HQ, Tomoki, Cassie & Loyuka were driving there although it was a bit awkward as it was after that argument between Tomoki and Cassie. “Hey….you guys doing okay there?” Loyuka asked.

“Yeah, why?” Tomoki said.

“Because usually you two sometimes talk to each other to death whenever I’m the one driving.” Loyuka said. “Something happened between you two back at the apartment?”

Both stood in silence with nothing to say to each other or Loyuka. “Come on, guys, you know you can tell me anything. We’re all just friends here.”


Then Cassie opened her mouth and said, “Well, Loyuka, the thing is that I—“

“YOU HAD A DATE LAST NIGHT!!” As Tomoki interrupted her and said.

“WHAT?!?” Both Loyuka and Cassie said. “A date? But you said you were resting for a while, Cass.”

“Well, technically……it was a last minute thing with her and she didn’t want to go at first because she didn’t want to abandon me but I told her that she should go to take some stress out and it was a very short date that led to…..well…..” And of course, Loyuka assumed why Cassie was sweaty from earlier and she believed it, although Cassie was more pissed off at Tomoki.

“Cass, if you had to go on a date, you could’ve told us.” Loyuka said. “I wouldn’t been pissed at you for that.”


“Yeah…..I didn’t know what to say to you about that.” Cassie said. “I didn’t want to outright LIE to you about that.” And the lie part was definitely directed at Tomoki. “Well, it’s not good to keep a secret from a close confidante but at least you did confess.” As Loyuka said as she continue driving but then Cassie whispered to Tomoki’s ear, “Fucking really!?” Indicating that she is beyond pissed off and it doesn’t help that when they arrive, someone took their parking spaces.


“What the fuck…..” As Loyuka saw their closest places taken. “Oh great……just fuckin’ great.” Then they saw Sayuri as she’s about to go in the HQ.

“SAYURI!” Loyuka shouted.

Sayuri approached them. “Oh…..hey guys. You feeling better, Tomoki? Cassie?”

“Yeah, I’m feeling better today, Sayuri.” Cassie said, “Outside and inside….well, some of it. I just hope we don’t see that prick Hybrid X here today.”

“Yeah, same here.” Tomoki said.

However, Sayuri was about to deliver some news to them. “Well……….um……..”

“Wait, Um, what?” Cassie said. The look on Sayuri’s face tells them that their fears are eventually coming to come to reality. “Oh no……..he’s…..”

“The Royal Hybrid League is coming in today to help us tracking down Ramsey and….they got Hybrid X as a tactical consultant. They’re coming in about one hour. Everybody is very stressed around here.” Sayuri said. “Seiki, Jin and Jiro is on edge in there and hell, I think I saw Cyan sleeping in the bathroom stall.”

Then Sei came out of the office about to light a cigarette, much to the shock of the rest of the girls.

“What?” she said. “Sometimes I smoke occasionally when this type of shit happens. Well, I’m doing a lot better than Cyan right now.”



Then we cut to Cyan still feeling sleepy but then a familiar face and sound woke her up. “Yo…..Hello!! I didn’t think on my first day here, I see you sleeping.”

“Oh, my apologies, sir. We was—oh, hey, Leon.” Then came to a full realization.

“LEON!!! The hell you doing here?” She screamed.

“You don’t remember last night? I’m joining the Faction. This particular branch.” Leon said. “Remember? You said that you wanted me to join you?”


“Oh, yeah……..I’m sorry. It’s just that I haven’t gotten any sleep last night and everybody is running rampant due to our higher ups coming in today.” Cyan said, “And maybe I shouldn’t have asked you right away or at least after this.”

“Come on, it can’t be that stressful around here.” Leon asked before he saw a woman drinking a lot of coffee to calm her nerves and one guy in the fetal position, sucking his thumb like a baby. “Well, goddamn!”


Later on, he bumped into Jiro while heading to the restroom. “Oh, I’m looking for a Jin Matsuda. Have you seen him anywhere here?”

Jiro then said, “I think you mean ‘her’. You’re looking for a woman……and I’m her brother Jiro, by the way.”

“Oh, my apologies, sir, and nice to meet you. My name is Leonard Garret.” As they shook hands and greet each other.

“Oh, no problem and same to you, too. You here to join our little Faction?”


“Yeah, someone actually recommended this branch in particular.” Leon said, “I heard some good things about you.”


“Really?” Jiro jokingly said. “This branch?” as he laughs at that statement. “I’m surprised people would still want to work here.” He chuckled a bit after that. “Things that bad over here?” Leon asked.

“Well, just about but we handle what we can take nowadays.” Jiro said. “Besides, things aren’t that bad here.”


Then cut to Leon and Jiro witnessing somebody throwing a brick at someone’s windshield. “THAT’S FOR STEALING MY PARKING SPACE, ASSHOLE!”

“Eh…..I’ve seen worse.” Leon said. “Believe me.”

“So did someone from here told you about this place?” Jiro asked him.

“Yeah. Cyan Barrett. She told me about this place.”

“Ah, all right. I can trust Cyan’s judgment on this. You know her for a long time, I guess?” he asked. “Actually, I just known her for a day or so.” Leon admitted.


Then came Cyan running (and panting) down the hallway, “Jiro, I need to alarm your sister that the RHL are 5 minutes away from here and everything is not exactly up to—Oh, I see you met Leon already.” Then Jiro’s attention was directed at her, “Yes, I met your little friend…..the one you met yesterday.”


“Oh…..she didn’t mention that I was the one to save her skin du—. “

Then Cyan abruptly covered Leon’s mouth for saying any more suspicious things. “Saving your ski—Oh, now I see why you wanted him here.” Jiro said cunningly as if he knows why Cyan wanted him here.

“If you guys need me, I’m gonna look for your sister Jin.” Leon said.

“Alright, man.” Jiro said.

“Jiro……NO…..I expected this from the girls (and I did) but not from you. You’re different. You know that isn’t the reason.” Cyan said. However, Jiro did know better than that and was just messing with her but then he said, “So I take it that he saved you from something or someone.”


“It’s a long story.” Cyan said.


Soon, the Royal Hybrid League arrived into the building with Hybrid X leading them inside. The RHL top members are Clint Locksdale, known as Chrome Hybrid, from Bristol; Roger Hammer, known as Winter Hybrid, from Lancaster; and last but not least Xavier Glass, who’s simply known as Rail Guard and unlike the British-born members, he’s actually a local man from Eastin City who transferred from there to working overseas in England.

Then comes Hybrid X and he’s brought someone with him to take notes.

“Miss Maeda, please keep a tight lookout for any mishaps or suspicious effect here.” X said.

“Yes, sir.” She said. The white-haired woman following orders is Miki Maeda, Hybrid X’s aide and assistant.

They entered the room and see Jin and Sayuri standing at attention in order to greet them. “Good morning, Chrome Hybrid, Winter Hybrid, Rail Guard. Nice to see you again in our branch.”

“What? No welcome for me?” Hybrid X said. “I thought you would’ve done the same for me.”

“Mr. X, we did met earlier in the week. Or at least most of our members did…..” Jin said. “Eh, fair enough,” He responded back.


“Hello, Ohi Hybrid, It is a pleasure meeting you again.” Chrome said as he kissed her hand, being gentleman-like. “Even though it is under these circumstances.”

“In which a fucking crazy human is out to recruit people to destroy and terrorize Hybrid beings?” said Rail Guard, “Yeah that is just the excuse to meet our fellow Hybrids-in-arms.”

“Nice to meet you, too, Rail Guard.” Jin said. “Hey, my pleasure, queenie.” He said right back.


Then Jin looked at the woman next to Hybrid X and seeing how she’s examining everything in the room. “Um….excuse me. I haven’t noticed you before but who are you?”

“Ah, Miss Matsuda, this is Miki Maeda, my new assistant and the next in line to take my position once I retire. Miss Maeda, this is—-“

“Jin Matsuda. Also known as Ohi Hybrid. The co-founder of the Aura branch of The Faction. Yes, very nice to meet you.” As she said in a very mousy voice and she then shakes Jin’s hand even though Jin is a little weirded out at that. “Nice to meet you, too, Miki.”


“Well, folks, who do we have to kill this time?” Winter Hybrid asked. “I still have that urge to hunt for self-righteous assholes since that fight down at the EverGlades a month ago.”

“Yeesh!! I still remember that fight.” Rail Guard said, “You really didn’t have to shove that guy into a crocodile’s mouth……5 times in a row.”

“What? He didn’t die!!!” Winter Hybrid said.


Winter shrugged at that remark and X then went on and said, “Yeah….well, sometimes things just happened. Look, now we need to meet in Room 4C in about 10 minutes. I’ve written some plans about what to do in the Grand ‘H’ War. From blueprints to strategies to tactical plans and it’s all right here.” As he gave the plans to Miki, he saw the girls (Tomoki, Cassie, Loyuka, Sei & Seiki) coming their way here.

“Ah, so we see the Wonder Girls showing up finally.” X sarcastically said.


“Oh, I forgot I spotted a dickhead around the premises and hark, it’s that fucker.” Seiki said. “And I see he was a new slave of his.” Then Miki spook up against Seiki. “Excuse me, miss. I have a name. It’s Miki Maeda, the personal assistant /aide of Hybrid X and I suggest you refrain that language while we and the Royal Hybrid League are present.”


“Uh……….why in the flying fuck should I li—“

Then Jin needed to calm down Seiki before more shit started to pop. “Gentlemen, lady, I like for you to meet our top Faction squad: AURA. These girls are considered to be our best performing agents of this branch.”

“Well, some of them.” X silently said.

Then she introduces the team one by one with each member accounted for. “First, our head Lieutenant Sei Goto, Captain Loyuka Zaki, our human liaison officer Seiki Argento…our other officer Cyan Barrett will be here in a minute, and our intermediate Hybrid officers Cassie Lyles & Tomoki Miayama.”

“Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, did you say…..Miayama?” Rail Guard asked, “As in the offspring of Akiko Miayama?”

“Oh god…….” Seiki bemoaned at that.


Somewhere, Cyan was explaining the whole Leon situation to Jiro and gotten some of it straightened out.

“OK, I would probably be pissed off that you used police stakeout time to do that but then again, our search has been going to shit lately so I can’t completely fault you at that.” Jiro said, “But how do you know if this guy is trustworthy? Or even capable of doing this?”

She sighed and said, “Well, you’re right. I’m not sure about him yet but seeing him handle those two guys……it was brutal but I think he’s capable.”

Whereas Leon was looking for Jin, he spotted her with RHL as they were introducing the girls and got to the part about Miayama.



“Oh god…….What does that got to do with anything?” Seiki said.

“You haven’t heard about her mother, especially with what happened to her?” RG said.

“OK…..yes, I once heard about her mother and what happened to her but really? You’re gonna bring that shit up…….AGAIN!!?” She said as it was more directed at Hybrid X than RG.

“I really don’t think this is the time to discuss this right now, gentlemen.” Jin said calming down the situation. “Yeah, I agree.” Cassie said backing up Jin.


Soon Hybrid X had to open his mouth, “Of course, you agree, Lyles. You’ll do anything to protect your precious little friend.”

That led Cassie to growl at him for a little bit while Tomoki held her back from attacking him.

“And you see my point.”


“Whoa, whoa, whoa, man. You didn’t have to put so much disrespectful shit out there.” Leon said as he breezes into the conversation. “Way to be a dickhead to your allies.”

“Excuse me, but, who is this guy?” Hybrid X said, “And should I give a fuck about your opinion?”

“Well, no, but what makes your opinion about them any fair. You don’t know if they’re capable agents or not.” Leon said. “WELL, DO YOU?” X firmly questioned him looking at all three girls.

“HA……Well, I know the red head and that other girl….and………I really shouldn’t butted in here, should I?” But then Tomoki come across Leon and said, “Um…guy, I appreciate you backing up some girls you don’t know that much but the real question is……who are you?”

“Yes, that’s what I want to know.” Jin said. “You’re not part of the RHL or in any association of the Faction. So…..”


“Actually, we can explain this…..well, me and Sayuri.” Seiki said and then Sayuri continued for her “His name is Leonard Garret, he was the one that saved Cyan for certain death….twice…and we offered him a position to be in the Faction.”


“So…….your human officer needed saving…..twice?” X said, “Meaning that……” But before Hybrid X could complete that sentence, there comes Jiro and Cyan coming down the way. “Meaning what exactly…..Mr. X?” Jiro said.

“Oh…….I see your little brother is here and of course, little Miss Damsel-IN—“ But before he can finish that once again, Cassie, Tomoki, Seiki and even Sei pointed their guns at his face (well, save for Seiki pointing it at his crotch) and then Tomoki said, “Now who in distress?” Then directly moved her gun down at his crotch.

While that is happening, the RHL are just enjoying themselves, like they’re watching a movie or some sorts. “RIP OFF HIS PENIS!!” Winter Hybrid shouted off, easily distracts the rest of the team to a screeching halt.

“God damn, really?” Rail Guard said.

“OK, that is taking it too far.” Winter Hybrid said, “Nevermind, folks, forget about what I said.” Then all the girls got their guns away from Hybrid X but not without Cyan decking him in the chin and knocking him down on his ass and said, “Damsel-in-distress, really?” and then she walked off in a scuff. X eventually got himself up but then Cassie came to him and said, “You know, next time you speak to a woman with that type of bullshit, expect to get knocked the fuck out…..Actually, scratch that. Speak to ANYONE with that type of bullshit, expect to get KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT!”

Cassie soon walked out of there without looking back, pretty much spat out her medium-sized venom towards X and as soon as Tomoki tried to talk to her, she wasn’t really paying attention to anything and gripped Tomoki’s hand. “OWW!!” she shouted, “Cass, it’s just me.”

“Oh, sorry…..” As she sounded completely unaffected and woodened by that.

“I just making sure if you’re all ri—.“ Cassie then interrupted her calmly with, “Tomoki, I’m fine. Really, I am. I just get like that whenever I’m pissed off at somebody.”


“Oh……….oh shit.” Tomoki said as she really thought of that statement might imply to their argument earlier. “Yeah, X has really been a pain in the ass and it’s only been two days. I swear, man.” Cassie said. “But then again, you have to be a complete asshole or bitch to upset me…..I mean, yeah, we have been fighting lately about—well, us having to hide our relationship but I don’t feel like we’re pissing me off…..but I’m more disappointed at you for that.”

“Cass, please, I s—“

“Tomoki, I know you’ve told me plenty of times that you will tell them and I believe you. OK?” Cassie said. “Just tell them eventually. Don’t wait 2-3 years to do it.”

“I promise you I will.” Then kisses Cassie on the forehead and lips to make her feel better.

“Thank you.” She said and Tomoki looked relieved at that, “But don’t forget, you’re still not seeing me naked!!”

“And once again, dammit!” Tomoki said under her breath and as the two walk to the next room for debriefing, there was Miki near by the vending machines, getting a soda, that might have overheard their conversation and they didn’t notice her. It also sounds like she has some dirt on the both of them, meaning if she knows about them, then soon Hybrid X will know.


It’s been quite a while since we last seen of Ramsey and Hiroyuki as they escaped Tronic Isles without a trace but now, they are located in the middle of Gadniston, an anti-Hybrid city, looking for recruits by searching every bar in town to join their anti-Hybrid crusade.

However, they are trying to pick whoever they think is capable.

People that are truly dedicated to the cause, as in, no one like Ichitaka at all and speaking of him, Ramsey called his hitman about that process as well and he told him that he arrived at the prison to masquerade as a security guard to keep a closer watch at him, so he’ll know when to strike.

“So far, the guy is just looking scared shitless.” The hitman said. “Hell, I think he might’ve seen a few things that most people shouldn’t see.”

“Are you trying to tell me that you want off the hit?” Ramsey said.

“No, that’s not it. I’ll still do it….but what makes you think this guy is gonna squeal?” he said.

“I see your point but it’s making sure the problem doesn’t come back to bite me in the ass.” Ramsey said. “Now, whenever you have a clear surrounding of only him, which is the time to execute him. Do you understand?”

“I understand, sir.”

“And also, I will pay you righteously once the job is done.” Ramsey said. “OK, out.” Then he hangs up the phone.

“Any problems?” Hiroyuki asked. “No….at least, not yet.” Ramsey answered.



One guy wearing a wife beater with a long grey beard came into the room and said, “So….I heard you are in need of somebody to take care of them Hybrids, huh? Bunch of glow-in-the-dark looking freaks. Name’s Bob-O Tate and I aims to kill fuckers.” As he slams his shotgun and it accidentally backfired, accidentally almost hitting Hiroyuki. “Thank you, we’ll call you.”

Looking at who’s been auditioning themselves as new henchmen, the choices have been underwhelming. Most of the time they gotten either ignorant rednecks, trailer trash people, or some meth heads and it kept getting worse and worse from here.

“How long do we need to be in here?” Hiroyuki said, “I think they were trying to kill me with their ‘techniques’.”

“Not until we get our good hired men. Hiroyuki, this is a process that we can’t sleep on.” Ramsey said. “What we need are soldiers, brothers at arms ready to strike with us.”

“We just need more henchmen…….well, some with brains.” Hiroyuki said.

Back at the Faction HQ…….

Leon was in the hallway, running into Tomoki, Cassie & Loyuka. “So should I introduce myself to you ladies? My name is Leonard Garret but of course, you can call me Leon for short.”

“Oh yeah, you’re that guy who was defending us earlier from X.” Loyuka said. “And not that we needed your help and it was appreciated.”

“OK, Loyuka, don’t make it sound like an insult.” Cassie said and then she shook his hand, “But we do thank you for that earlier. That guy’s been on our case since two days ago and he’s really been less of a help and more of a nuisance, especially around us.”

“Damn, the guy’s that bad?” Leon said.

“Unfortunately…..” Tomoki said, “He really isn’t much akin to humans either, which is why he also gives Cyan and Seiki a hard time.”

“But Cyan didn’t do much to him. Just because she’s a human, doesn’t mean she’s like the ones that discriminate Hybrids.” Leon said. “I mean……..I know it goes both ways of discrimination but, damn, man.”


“I do think it was bold of you to help them out.” Tomoki said, “You got a lot of things to learn about here, man.”

“It really seems like it.” Leon said.


“I’ve heard tales about Akiko Miayama,” Rail Guard said, “But believe it when I said I heard that she was the best out of anyone from the Faction or any of the Hybrid sections. I heard that she died trying to save her daughter from a bunch of anti-Hybrid jerkoffs and that she has been over-abusing her powers that when she couldn’t handle it, her aura gave out and she exploded.”


“Yeah…….that really shook everyone in the Hybrid community.” Chrome Hybrid said, “Folks in Bristol practically heralded her as a hero. Such a massive shame.”

“The main reason why some Hybrids choose to never use their powers for any trivial reasons.” Winter Hybrid said, “Only for when shit matters.”

“I wasn’t trying to start a fuss over this, Ohi. You know I wouldn’t do that shit, man.” Rail Guard said.

“I know, I know.” Jin said, “You didn’t trigger anything as far as I’m concerned but these things…..they can twist your motivation into despair. How do you think Sei is the way she is now?”

“Oh, you mean—“

“Yeah, let’s not go into that subject right now…or ever.” Sei said.

“OK.” The three Hybrids said.


“Mr. X?” Miki said coming into the room. “I think I need to speak with you, private.” They went somewhere out of notice.

“Miki, what’s this about?”

“I think those two agents have something on the side. Mostly a secret relationship between them.”


“It’s Miayama & Lyles.”

“Them fucking girls again?” X said. “Wait, what do you mean by that?”

“I think those girls are secretly seeing each other but keeping their affections out of the public.” She said, “I noticed them talking earlier about it.”

“Did they noticed you by any chance?” X said.

“No, not really.” Miki said.

“Well, I’m not really surprised by them being romantically involved with each other. I thought those two were already together from the sense of it…..but why should I care about them being together?”

“I’m hearing that they aren’t keen to you and with this information, you can blackmail them to follow your orders or you can just blab that secret out.” Miki said, “I think it can give you some leverage.”

“Hold up……Miki, that’s a great idea.” X said. “The next time they talk shit about me, I can just bring up their little liaison between each other.”

“See? There you go.” Miki said.

“And I see what you did there!! You’re getting yourself a raise there, Miki.” X said.

‘Why thank you sir!!” She said with a gleefully yet sinister smile. “Glad to be serving you well.”


After that, Hybrid X saw Tomoki and Cassie walking out of the break room and he was planning to run into them and facing them about their relationship right there.

Both of the girls bumped into him. “Oh, I’m so sorry about—Oh, it’s just you.” Cassie said.

“Yeah, it’s just me.” X said.

“Look, if you’re gonna act more of an ass to us, can you do it to another time?” Tomoki said.

“What? I’m not interfering with anything important to you two…..aren’t I, Moki Moki?” X said.

Both girls looked puzzled at that.

“What, I thought that was some stupid cutesy nickname that your little fuck buddy gives to you, Miayama.” And then they really begun to look worried and was thinking the worst. “Um……what the hell are you talking about?”

“Oh wait, you think I don’t know that you and Lyles here secretly have a relationship that no one, hell, not even your dear friends, know about this?” X said, “Because that’s what it looks like to me.”


Cassie then grabbed X by the neck, “Look, you don’t know a damn thing about me and Tomoki—“

But then out of the blue, Miki stunned Cassie’s arm and held her against her will. “NOW YOU LOOK…..You’re not gonna be doing that bullshit you girls have been doing to me lately, even if we’re allies, you will follow our orders……this operation is too big for a rinkydink branch as Aura. Why else do you think the RHL are headlining the search for Ramsey!!?”

“You really don’t know what the fuck are you talking about, did you?” Tomoki said.

“WE ASKED FOR THEM TO HELP US!!” Cassie shouted, “I just didn’t know you was gonna be a part of it.”

“In other words, you couldn’t stop him by yourself.” Miki said, “Especially after that Bulletstorm raid.”



Then Miki stunned Cassie again in the arm. “Look, you are not going to keep doing that to her, you bitch.” Tomoki said.

“Yeah, you’re right, Ms. Miayama. I shouldn’t be doing this to her…….besides it’s your turn anyway!!” And then she grabbed Tomoki but she evaded from her move by teleporting out of her way and stunned Miki’s leg. “Cassie, you alright?” She asked her.

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

Then Tomoki and Cassie said to him, “Look around you, X, you think we’re that incompetent of a team but you…….you got your head in way over your ass. The RHL won’t accept this douchebag-ish behavior from you, especially antagonizing our friends and Jin and Jiro. For the hard work they put in this, making sure Hybrids and humans alike can have justice from those assholes like yourself!”

Then Miki slammed Tomoki against the wall, “Hybrid X does not need to heed advice from the daughter of an out-of-control Faction agent and a failed wolf-girl!!! Especially from you, Miayama, you fucking jinx!!” Then Tomoki growled at Miki and jumped on her and started to attack her but for some reason, she isn’t attacking back and that’s when the others shown up.

“WHOA! WHOA! WHOA!!” Jiro shouted, “Tomoki, what the fuck!? The hell are you doing to X’s aide?” Miki started to cry and saying that Tomoki was starting to get too aggressive around her just because of her association with Hybrid X. “It just happened all of a sudden; I don’t get why Miss Miayama is upset with me. I mean, I’ve heard all about her problems with Mister X but she didn’t have to take it out on me.” Then she continues to cry.


Jiro sighed at that, “Tomoki, out of all people, I thought you were smarter than that. What made you think to attack somebody from the Hybrid League?”

“Come on, kid. I get your mother was once like that, but she didn’t go that aggro on somebody.” Rail Guard said. “Especially somebody who happens to be another Half Human/Half Hybrid.”

“WAIT, WHAT?” Cassie said, “She’s another half-human/half-Hybrid being?”

“Yes.” Hybrid X said, “You think I hate all humans but that is completely false as I don’t like incompetent humans….and hybrids as of lately……Miss Maeda is a rare breed of a humanoid Hybrid, where there is 1 in 50 cases around in the U.S. and she has been a great help around myself and the RHL and she didn’t have to attack any co-worker just because of some trivial reasons.”


“I didn’t want to cause such a racket in here.” Miki said innocently. “I wasn’t trying to upset anybody.”

“Miki, you are not in the wrong here. It’s Miss Miayama that needs to apologize to you.” Chrome Hybrid said. “Now, Miss Miayama, if you want to keep your job at the Faction, don’t try to pull this again.”

Hybrid X then said, “And I say that she must apologize to Miki….and the same goes to Ms. Lyles, too.”

“WHAT!!” Cassie said, “I didn’t even do anything here.”

“Exactly!! You stood there on the sidelines while this happened. You could’ve prevented it but you didn’t. You’re just as guilty as her.”

“Cassie and Tomoki, you two do need to apologize to her now.” Jiro said.


Both girls went up to Miki, they began to say their apologies to her and Miki did began to hugged them both but then, while to the others it seems like a normal hug but she whispered to their ears, “Dude, you got no idea who are you fucking with. Don’t cross Hybrid X and definitely don’t cross me, got it?”

“Oh and definitely watch yourself and your little girlfriend there.”

Then she reverted back into her silent mousy self like nothing happened.

Hybrid X then whispered this to her, “Later on, tail the two of them.”



Tomoki, Cassie, & Loyuka meet up with Cyan and Seiki at a local bar called The Turner Express two blocks from the Faction, mostly to talk about what just happened along with a few drinks.

“So……you attacked that Miki girl?” Seiki said to Tomoki. “If so, then shit……good on ya.”

“Wait, what?” Cyan said.

Seiki went on about her disdain for her, “I can’t stand that goddamn girl once she came in the building and now you’re saying she’s not what she says she is?”


“And Jiro didn’t believe you? That motherfuck—Why didn’t he believe you?” Seiki said.

“She knew what she was doing. She figured if she didn’t fought back that she would look like she’s a victim and make Tomoki at fault.” Cassie said. “And of course, she drags my name into the dirt alongside.”

“And yet, you fell for it.” Said Seiki, “This girl may be smart……too smart for Hybrid X but still…she may know some shit.”


Then Leon happened to show up in the bar, “Well, this isn’t the 409 but yeah, this bar is alright.”

“So, first day wasn’t so bad, huh?”

“I wouldn’t say that.” Cyan said, “Well, maybe for you but …… yeah, you’re right. I’ve suffered worse.”

“But then again, Cass & Tomoki got it worse today.” Cyan said.

“What do you mean?” Leon said.

Cyan continued with, “….. You didn’t hear about Tomoki attacking Miki and how pissed the RHL was at that? They suggest that she’d be on watch for the time being and Cassie….well, Hybrid X just blamed her for not doing anything to stop it.”

“Wow, Hybrid X is no joke, I see?” Leon said. “I should’ve knocked that guy out but then again, that would be a bad first impression. Speaking of that, did Jiro and Jin say good things about me?”

“Well, they are working at it. They said that you got potential to be a part of our branch but they might have to test you on a few things.” Cyan said, “I put in a good word of you. So did Seiki and Loyuka.”

“Even though you felt like a….”

“Hey, you saved my life, man.” Cyan said, “It’s the least I can do for you.” As she drinks another beer and then smiled at him.

Then Cassie then orders of the place’s specialty drinks, The Zombie, a drink that only the original creator has an iron liver/stomach to chug down and apparently since Cassie had such a fucked day, she just chugged down the drink in one gulp.

Then let out a huge belch that quickly sounded like a wolf growl. Possibly the inner wolf in her coming out.

“WHAT THE FUCK, CASS! You actually drank that thing in one gulp?” Tomoki said.

“Come on, it’s not that bad.” Cassie said in a very slurred speech (and note, she had 2 beers before downing the Zombie.) “Besides, I think I’m feeling a little bla….” After that, she sounded even more slurred and then she suddenly blacked out and went asleep.

“A little what?” Loyuka said.

“Cass? Cass? Cassie?” Tomoki said, trying to wake her up by slapping her in the face but didn’t felt a thing. “Oh shit, CASSIE!!!” Then she got all in a panic because she wasn’t responding.

“What the fuck was that shit she drank?” Loyuka said.

“A Zombie.” The bat patron said and then a wide-eyed Loyuka shouted, “That drink!! A ZOMBIE!! Why would she down a monster like that? Not even the surliest of drunks would stomach that mess.”

“Wait, wait, wait, she’s gonna be fine.” The bar patron said. “I’ve seen lightweights drink this stuff and most of them either black out, sing or say a lot of racist shit and then be in pain for half a day. The ones that can handle it, though…….they’re unconscious for a few hours or so and your friend……is in the middle. I suggest you take her home and let her rest.”

So Tomoki went and call a cab to take Cassie back to her place.

“Excuse me, can you take me to—“

“Hubba Bubba Asian g-“

“190 Habtemichael Drive!!! And please hurry!!” As she pays him double.

“You got it, miss.” But within the shadows, someone is definitely watching them.

Back in the Future Institute, we see Ichitaka in his cell sleeping the night away after another day of making sure he doesn’t get gang-raped or just raped in general in here. He did have some close encounters in the shower but his ass remained un-reamed.

One of the guards was about check up on him but they got called back for a prison fight at the West Wing of the facility and the hit man slipped into the building he’s in without so much of a sound.

Ichitaka first wondered what that noise in there was and he is definitely sure that he wasn’t going to leave his cell to check it out since he can’t open the doors from the inside of his cell. However, his cell doors just open…….mostly because the hit man was at the controlling panel and he soon went to find him.

Ichitaka then tried to close the door manually but then, it was……..


A complete and utter pointless jump scare.

From that one guy who freebase crack off a transvestite’s ass that one time.


And then……

“Chin check, MOTHERFUCKER!!” As the hit man chin check Ichitaka and kicked him to the metal bars.

“What the fuck!” As Ichitaka tries to run farther from him. “WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU!? WHAT DO YOU WHAT FROM ME, MAN!?”

“Nevermind WHO THE FUCK I AM!!” he said, “The thing is Coren Ramsey told me to send a message from you and the fact Coren Ramsey doesn’t like to deal with fucking snitches.”

“WHAT!! Ramsey? Why he wants to kill me? I’ve been loyal to him!!! WHY ME!!” He screamed.

“WHY YOU!! WHY YOU!? Because you’re weak, you’re nothing but some damn poser!! You’re not fit to be in the Grand ‘H’ War nor to be a part of it. You and humans like you are a fucking joke!! Rank Amateurs!! You couldn’t even keep a Hybrid girl hostage!!”


The hit man gets his set of knives to throw at Ichitaka and he did get him in the leg and the back, which slowed him down. “OW!!! Oh god!!” Then he noticed two prisoners hidden in the shadows. “Oh, please help me!! Some fucker is trying to kill me!!”

But what he didn’t know is that those guys aren’t there to help him, but for something worse…….much worse. They grabbed Ichitaka and held him down against the ground and pulled down his prison sweats.

“WAIT!!! What are you doing!!! No, please, stop!!!!” Ichitaka screamed out as the one guy pulled down his pants and other did the same but was behind him, exposing their dicks and once that happens, he knows the worst is to come.

“NO!!!!!!” Then they starting to rape him, going deep inside him in both ways, via anal and oral and he is enduring the pain and then they started to punch him and smack him around. He tried to scream harder and harder but as the hit man watches, he grabbed another knife of his and as one of the guy ejaculated in his mouth and his ass and then stabs both rapists in the gut and slits their throats.

Ichi looked at the dead bodies.

“You see those bodies? You know that experience that just happened? Because guess what? This is gonna be the last thing you witness.”

Then he quickly stabbed Ichitaka in the heart, then pulls the knife out as he bleeds out to death and dies.


He calls Ramsey as he left the facility and said to him, “Well, Ichitaka doesn’t have to worry about jail rape…..or pretty much anything anymore.”

Tomoki and Cassie got back to Cassie’s place and right about now, Cassie is definitely passed out from the Zombie and possibly slurring in her sleep.

“Dammit, Cassie, you just had to choose that damn Zombie.” Tomoki said.

So Tomoki stayed at her house for a few hours, checking up on Cassie to make sure she doesn’t die in her sleep from alcohol poisoning. Then Cassie was begun to wake up and she was feeling a little sick to her stomach. “Moki?” Cassie weakly said.

“Tomoki?” she said again.

Tomoki came into the room, “Cassie, something’s wrong? Are you okay?” and the thing is Cassie looks like she’s about to vomit. “Oh no……Oh shit!”




“I think that might be the last time I’m drinking a Zombie”, Cassie said after she changes clothes, “I hope I didn’t that much puke on you.” Then we see Tomoki mostly just in her jeans and a bra because her shirt is getting washed from the vomit. “Well, I could lie to you but……yeah, you got an extra shirt I can borrow for tonight?”

“Oh, sure, hon.” Cassie said tossing a shirt to her. “This good enough for you?”

“Yeah, this’ll work.” Tomoki said.

“I still want to apologize for puking on your shirt.” Cassie said, “I thought I can handle my liquor well, even after today and all—- Well, today wasn’t as worse as two days ago but it did felt like everything is becoming very shitty lately.”

“Cass, you’re on point about that. I know I haven’t been much of a girlfriend lately considering I keep hiding our relationship from our friends and I’ve been promising to you that I’ll tell them sooner or later but never got around it—“ Then Cassie interrupted her saying, “Tomoki! I’m not mad at you for that. And I know—“

“And that’s why I’ll tell them in person tomorrow.” Tomoki said.

“Tomoki, you need to stop hiding and—Wait, what?”


“Cassie, tomorrow, I’m going to tell our friends that we are seeing each other. That we are together, girlfriend and girlfriend and happily in love.” She said holding her hand and smiling at her.

“WOW…..Tomoki….this is all I wanted from you.” Cassie said, “And I’ll do my best to not let it interfere with our work at the Faction. I know how you don’t want it to spread it around there.”

Then Tomoki got up close to her, holds her hand and said, “Cassie Lyles, you’ve been my best friend since we were 10 years old. We have been through some rough shit in our lives, but I’m glad that part of that fucked-up life, you were beside me when all that happen and as the years go, we became closer than before. From strangers to friends to….well, lovers.”

“And this is the part where I’d kiss you…..but then I remembered you vomited not too long ago.” Cassie then laughed at that and playfully pushed Tomoki on the bed, “OK, I can let that slide.” And then also got in bed with her, too.

“Well, I guess you’re feeling better now.” Tomoki said. “I guess you have a good night’s sleep without—“

“Well, technically, I’m not actually tired.” Cassie said, “I actually want to play around some more.” Then she let down her raven-colored hair and playfully crawled closer to Tomoki.

Then Cassie (well, after she got the vomit taste out of her mouth) kissed Tomoki deeply on the lips and slowly began to take both their clothes off.

“Oh, Moki…” As Cassie moaned her name in ecstasy and loving embrace in each other;

“Oh, Cass…” And Tomoki did the same as the two lovers passionately made love (very loud love-making) all throughout the night but unbeknownst to them, it felt like someone was watching them…….


And the actuality is…….it’s true. A couple of guys are secretly watching them both having sex via tiny webcam bugs all over the place but they were at the orders of….

“You got any recorded footage, yet?” It was actually Miki Maeda and her doing.

“Well, we got some pretty hot footage……and goddamn, is this hot!!” One of the guys said.

“OK, you don’t have to be such a pervert about it. Yeesh. AND WILL YOU TURN THE VOLUME DOWN?!!? THOSE TWO FUCKING IS ALREADY LOUD ENOUGH!! YOU WANNA WAKE THE WHOLE BLOCK WITH THAT SHIT!!” Yet that was true considering they were pretty loud……Just sayin’.


As she looked into the screens, watching Tomoki and Cassie screaming each other’s name out as they made love the night away. “Well, girls, I told you to not cross me or Hybrid X and now we got the leverage on you bitches……….”



“You two enjoy fucking each other last night?!”

“She’s gonna fuck up our lives, and I’m not gonna let her to this to us.”

“Maybe you need to tell them before she can actually do it.”



“NOW IT’S YOUR turn to prove yourself“



“The Grand ‘h’ war is all but inevitable!!!”

“I can ruin both your lives just like that.”


© 2014 K2 / Studio Katana / The FACTION Project.


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