AURA FACTION presents: JEYSAP – Chapter 3: SOLO Dolo

Chapter Three: SOLO DOLO


Sheena was just starting her shift down at the Express. As she walked in, someone with a big metal detector was doing strip searches on everyone down here.
“Uh…what the? Kati? Yuan?” she said. “The hell is going on here?”

“Your damn ex.” Yuan said.
Her eyes widened in stress. “Oh no……”
“Oh yes…” Kati said, “The bastard called in a terrorist threat and we had to strip butt-naked because they think we’re carrying bombs or some deadly germ shit and…..behold, the humiliation.”
“I think one girl was checking out my ass.” Yuan said, “But then said, she can do better.”
“At least you wasn’t told to lose some pounds and called fatty penguin.” Kati said.


“Was it just you two?” Sheena asked.
“So far, yes.” Kati said, “I’m grateful Kai wasn’t here to experience this shit.”
“But I don’t think he’s through with us yet.” Yuan said, “I know he’s got something planned for her and MAK and possibly you and Joanna.”


“Shit, that’s right.” Sheena said, “At this rate, he isn’t going to stop until our asses are dead and broke.”
Kai then walks in there.
“Ah, what the hell is going on?” Kai said, “Kati, Yuan, if you’re planning some orgy thing, why are you doing it here?”
“Orgy?!” Kati shouted, “KAI!! They think we’re terrorists for some reason!!”
“And we haven’t searched you yet. The boss really told us to definitely strip you down.” One of them said, “And judging by your look, I’m going to enjoy doing this o–”
Kai instantly slapped him.


“Do we look like a Splinter Cell to you!?” she shouted, “This is a bar!!! This is a place to drink and conversate!! And really?  You like to strip down women for no reason and without consent!? GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!! You sons of bitches!!”
However, they weren’t going to take ‘no’ for an answer. They grabbed her and said, “Mr. York ordered us to search upon every employee in this establishment and we haven’t gone to you two yet. In other words, you try any funny shit and we won’t be so nice to you next time.” They let her go.

“For someone that was described as mousy, you got a lot of spunk.” He said, “…..Too bad eventually, that’ll get you killed.”

Kai wanted to attack him more but Sheena had to hold her back.

Then Carter came in to check up on them. “Ah, I take it your friend wasn’t too keen on the strip searches today.”
“OH, FUCK YOU!” Kai shouted.
“I say I would be surprised but I’d be lying.” Sheena said.


“Ah, Sheena, you really know me very well.” Carter responded.
“Unfortunately.” She replied, “How about you get your boys and–”
“What? Leave?” Carter said, “Lucky for you, I was about to jet out of here. I’ll catch you both next time.” He scoffed and walked away along with his henchmen.


“It’s only been a day and we’re already sick of this asshole.” Kati said. “We need to find a way to get rid of this guy.”
“I guess just shooting him isn’t going to do shit?” Kai said.
They all looked at Kai as she usually never goes that way.
“What?” Kai said, “One of his dudes threatened to forcibly strip me! I’m not having that shit!!”

“And now, if we do cause harm to him, he’ll retaliate and do more harm to us and everyone we know and love!” Sheena said. “I got to think of something…..”


Back at the Faction, Joanna was about to go out to lunch but then she runs into Raina and Mileena.

“JOANNA!” Raina shouted. “Hey……what happened back there with your boss? You didn’t get fired, did you?”
“What?! No.” Joanna said, “I just got word that I….can’t get involved with your case.”
“Oh…..Oh….” Raina said with a concerned look.
“Yeah.” Joanna said, “I mean… know I want to help you and your family but…”
“Joanna, Joanna…..” Mileena said, “I can tell in your heart that you’re disappointed.”
“I am.” Joanna said, “But the thing is I’m glad you’re getting a fair shot and hopefully you’ll be but in protection soon. I rather you be safe than not at all.”
“Good thing you’re taking this well.” Raina said. “Because they did say that we can’t tell you shit about the whole thing.”
“Oh…the whole ‘they don’t want shit leaking to the streets’ thing.” Joanna said. “Yeah. I’ve heard of that before.”

“Don’t worry, Joanna.” Mileena said, “Right now, if Tyrell was here…..he would be proud of you trying to help us out. But I guess they want to do what’s right.”
“Yeah….” Joanna said. “I just hope y’all are OK after this.”
“We hope so, too.” Raina said. The two gave Joanna a goodbye hug.
“Stay safe.” she said as she went off to lunch.


As she walks to her destination, she was alone with her thoughts.
“OK. OK, Joanna. You got nothing to worry about. I know folks at the Faction got some good people on them. At least, I hope people I know will protect them with their life.”
She immediately almost ran into a red light.
“WHOA!” Someone pulled her out of the way before getting hit.
“OK! I need to watch my ass before I get hit!”
“I’ll say!” The person that pulled Joanna out of the way……was MAK. “Also, funny running you here, Joanna.”

“Oh. Hey, MAK.” she said half-heartedly.


“You doing alright, girl?” MAK said, “You seemed like you got something on the brain. You need to talk about it or something?”
“Well, I was just about to get some lunch.” Joanna said, “Mind if you joined me?”
“Sure, I’ll go with you.” He replied.


They go to a place called The JAXX as Joanna tells MAK all about her recent troubles.
“Well…..” MAK said, “I mean…it sucks that you can’t go on it and those are your peoples and all.”
“They think I’m too involved in this.” Joanna said. “Just because I happened to know the family because me and Tyrell were friends….”
“In other words, since you’re close with them, they might do something to put them in more danger just to fuck with you.” MAK said, “The old crime procedural shit.”
Joanna looked confused at him for a minute.
“What? I happened to catch a few of them while searching for jobs. Also, the shit can be found in anime, too.”


“MAK….” she said, “I’m just worried about them. I care about this family and I need to make sure they are safe and sound.”
“This family from Tyrell….you must really care about them, don’t you?” he said.


“Well….I do.” Joanna replied, “Even after Tyrell passed, I speak to them every once in a while on Skype and often visit them yearly.”
“Yearly?” he questioned.
“OK. Bi-yearly.” she answered.
“I’m guessing you and him got something more of a past than just friends.” MAK said.
She thought, “Well, he’s not wrong.”


FLASHBACK – 9 years ago


Same night as before, Tyrell and Joanna were lying naked next to each other in her bed.
“So…..did we just do what I think we did?” Tyrell asked.
She replied, “You mean we didn’t just made love in my room with my parents out?”


“I never thought I see you naked in my lifetime.” he said.
She smiled at him. “I can tell you loved it. Especially tonight. I had to clean myself 3 times after that climax.”
“Yeah…..sorry about that.” he said, “I got too excited.”
She then kissed him again.
“I’ve never seen this side of you before.” Tyrell said, “I mean, I know we hang out a lot and all.”


“Well, T…..” she said, “I think we’re just entering the next stage of our friendship.”
“So we’re basically fuck buddies?”
Joanna gave him an annoyed glare. “I didn’t say that.”


She put back her bra on. “I’m just saying….how long have we been friends?”
“Since middle school?” Tyrell said.
“Yeah….and you never felt any way about me since then?” she asked.
“You’re a good friend when we first connect.” Tyrell said, “I learned so much about you and at first, I did felt a way about you but I didn’t want to rush things or creep you out.”
“OK. Understandable.” Joanna said.
“Also you saved me from a lot of bad dates. Like that girl I was trying to go out with fucked around with two other guys.” Tyrell said. “You looked out for me. I really appreciate that and the more you did that, I was falling for you.”


Joanna teared up a bit and went back to hug him more.
“I didn’t think anybody would fall for someone like me.” she said, “I’m just some chubby Asian girl that just disappears in the background in the damn school.”
She kissed him again and got back into having sex.
“Actually, you’re more than that. You’re the finest chubby Asian girl that happens to be my true friend and excellent lover.”
She smiled and she was about to take her bra off again…..


“Miss? MISS!?” The waiter shouted.

MAK had to snap her back to normal.

“J….you were daydreaming again, weren’t you?” he asked.
“I….yeah, I guess so.” she said, “Anyway….I’ll have the yard coc–I mean, yard bird!”


“OK Then….I’ll get the wings platter.” he said to the waiter and then went back to Joanna.
“Well, you know you can still check up on them but as friends do, not as an agent tho.” he said, “They know you care about them so just do that instead.”

“Yeah….I guess I forgot about that.” she said, “Wait…with whoever in charge of protecting them, I’m not sure if they’ll let me near them.”
“You know who is in charge of that?”
Joanna shook her head as ‘no.’

“OK… you at least know the corrupt cops they’re after?” MAK asked.

Joanna also shook her head ‘no.’

“Well, shit.’ he said, “They just left you in the dark of this shit? I’d be pissed.”


“I probably should be.” Joanna said, “Although I should’ve researched on who’s the corrupted pieces of shit harming the Ortiz’s.”


Then they see a bunch of dudes walking in there and the first thing they do is immediately slapped the maitre’d and just moved to a booth that’s next to MAK and Joanna.
“OW! HEY!” the maitre’d said, “I don’t know where you get off slapping people like that but you–”
“If you were going to say no tables were available, well…’re bullshitting.” the leader said, “Just get us a spicy 12-piece and some of them cajun fries!”
“Who are you to—”
However, the manager came in time to stop them.
“HEY! What the hell is going on here?” he shouted.
“Mr. Jones! These fools just barged in here and act like they can order whatever they want.” The maitre’d said.


“Who the fuck are these dicks?” MAK said.
“I don’t know.” Joanna said, “But I hope we don’t attract our attention to them.”


“Yo, tell your boy that we got a card that says that we can do whatever the fuck we want in here.” The leader said, showing his immunity card.
“What’s that?”
“It’s the immunity card.” The manager said.


“Immunity card?” Joanna whispered.
“Well, that’s getting popular nowadays.” MAK said.


“Now if you don’t mind.” the second guy said, “We would like our free food, please.”
“FREE!?” The manager shouted.
Then the rest of the gang grabbed him and slapped him around. “Well, it’s that or I can get my handlers to shut your ass down. Your choice.”


“Handlers?” MAK whispered, “I’m sure he would’ve said master for him acting like a slave nigga.”

Yet….they heard him right on the spot with a gun to his head.
“And what we got here?” the leader said, “You sure like to talk a lot, man. Are you eavesdropping our conversation?”

“Well, y’all are loud as shit. It’s not eavesdropping when everyone can hear it.” MAK snarked at him.

Then he got pistol whipped.

“Wrong answer, bitch.” he said to MAK.
“MAK!” Joanna shouted.


Then the other one went to Joanna. “Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hey, baby. You know your friend fucked up by opening his mouth, right? You seem pretty smart.” Then he stares at her chest. “And stacked, too.”
She punched him in the groin.
But she got slapped by the gang leader. “Wow….you got some attitude.”
“Fuck you!” Joanna said, “You cause a bunch of trouble here and you have the nerve to hit my friend!”
She then got pistol whipped as well.
“You know I should shoot you and your friend to make examples of people trying to act the hero…..and maybe…” He aims his gun for MAK with Joanna having to watch but then….
“DOLO!” One guy said.


He put the gun away.
“Come on, we got somewhere to be.” A guy all dressed in a blue suit came inside.
“Hold up, I just got to shoot this nig–”
“Now is not the time!” he said, “That guy can wait later, Dolo.”
Dolo got the gun off MAK.

“You are really lucky, nigga.” he said, “My handler hates being late to something. GANG GANG!”


The rest of the crew went out with him.
“I’ll pick up your food.” Then another guy showed up there. “That bitch better have the rest of the money today.”
“We warned her many times.” the first guy said.
“Word has it that she got some protection around them.”
The first guy laughed, “Yeah, yeah. Pretty soon, they’ll be dead as fuck and if that bitch don’t got our cash, we definitely shooting her.”
“What about her daughters?” Second guy said.
“Dolo will handle them, Loughlin.” he said, “He knows how to make them scream and for that son…just shoot his ass.”

Joanna overheard the conversation while she was making sure she wasn’t noticed.

“Alright then.” Loughlin said, “Let’s handle business, Jameson.”
“After you.” Jameson said as they got into the car and ride off.


“OW……” MAK said, “First time I got pistol whipped in a few months.”
“MAK, I think I figured out who might be the corrupt cops.” Joanna said. “Shit, I need to call Gina.”

“I got punched by a motherfucker named DOLO?” MAK said, “What the hell?”


“GINA!!” As Joanna called her.
“J?” Gina said, “You still as lunch?”
“Well, I was.” she said, “We got hit by some gang at the JAXX.”
“The JAXX?” Gina said, “I heard they were some trouble there but it was handled by two cops there.”
“Cops?” Joanna said.
“Some dudes named Raphael Jameson and Bobby Loughlin.”


“Jameson? Loughlin?” MAK said.
“Wait, who the hell was that?” Gina said hearing his voice.
“Nobody. You said their names was Jameson and Loughlin?” Joanna said.
“Yeah.” she replied to Joanna, “You didn’t see them there?”

“I……..I might’ve blanked out when I saw them.” Joanna said, “You know where they were heading?”
“I have no idea.” Gina said. “Anyway, got to go. Hope you’re safe and all. Bye-Bye.”


“Wait……MAK, did you notice anything those guys said?”
“I think so.” MAK said, “They mentioned something about going to someone’s house and daughters and shooting the so—”
Joanna has come to the realization that those are the dirty cops harassing the Ortiz family, “Oh no……OH NO!!” She got her stuff and ran out to the streets to their home.

“JOANNA!!” MAK shouted as he ran to her….but not before getting his food. “I believe this is mine.”


“YO! J!” MAK said.
“Not now, MAK!” Joanna said, “I need to warn them about those guys! They’re in danger!”
“I KNOW!” MAK said, “You forget what I can do in an instant.”
“But… don’t know where they live at.” she said, “I need to get there before those guys can!”

“You know where they live at?” MAK asked.
“Look, I’ll show you the way.” Joanna shouted as she points out the direction, being east and he transported them both into the range of the place before they got there.


“Yup. Quick……but quite the whiplash.” MAK said as he fell down.
Joanna, on the other hand, ran down to the house and was almost there until she sees one of the Faction vehicles come in and she had to hide away.
“OH FUCK!” She hid into the bushes.


The people coming from there are….Leon and Collins.
“Yo, I think this is the place.” Leon said.
“Damn, this place is really nice.” Collins said, “I do feel bad that we had to shut Yubari out of this.”
“Man, we had to.” Leon said, “Look, I know the girl got a past with this family, especially with her late friend and all.”
“Don’t you mean boyfriend?” Collins said.
“Wait….why the emphasis on that word?” Leon asked.
“Well, from the looks of it and how she’s been acting the past few days….I can tell that her and um…..what’s his name?”
“Yeah, him.” Collins said, “None of us know it but I’m reading that both of them used to be a thing. I heard she knew him during her high school days.”
“Oh, for real?” Leon said as he knocks on the door.


Mileena answers the door.
“Oh, Officer Garret and Collins…come in, come in.” She said as they went in.


A car with tinted windows as passing by their place and inside, someone was making a call.
“Yo, Jameson, Loughlin….those protection guys are already there. Wait…..these are Faction guys.”
“Faction?” Jameson said, “Those assholes? They’re that desperate enough to get them?”
“I wonder what third-rate cop they got for protection.” Loughlin said.

The passer-by got a good look at them.
“One is some rugged-looking black guy and the other is some tall motherfucker with jet black hair. Names are Leon Garret and Chris “LOX” Collins.”
“COLLINS?!” Both of them shouted.
“That crazy fuck?” Jameson said, “Well, OK then. It got a lot more interesting with him in there.”
“We’ll come later in the night.” Loughlin said, “We’ll just have to fuck with them first.”
The car drives out of there in a rush.


“OK.” MAK said as he was behind Joanna, hiding with her.
“AAHH!!” Joanna shouted and shield herself with a branch. “Damnit, MAK! Don’t scare me like that.”
“So you and Tyrell used to be a thing?” he asked.
“It’s not important right now.” she said.


“What?” he said, “I mean….I can see why he was a big deal for you. He was your first love, wasn’t he?”
She paused and then sighs as she has to tell him now. “Yes…’s true. He and I used to be lovers. I met him when I was 14…when I was a bit chubbier than what I am now.” She blushes, remembering that phase.

“MAK, do you know what it’s like to be invisible to your high school peers?”


“I do.” he said, “But most of the time, I’m good with that because I remembered hating high school and the people in there.”
“Do people at least know you exist?” Joanna said, “For me, I just seem like some random background character that you might remember by face but never by name. It’s ‘Hey, you’re that fat Asian girl who sits by the window’ in Science or ‘Oops, I didn’t see you there in your locker’….that type of thing. I always hate it and of course, some of the girls in there always picking on me because of my size and that was before people had some appreciation for BBW…..luckily for me, Tyrell was always that friend that looks out of me and while he may had some clout in the school, me and him would always be best friends. We had each other’s back; he looks out for creeps that always try to play me and I often make sure that girls who would try to trick him wouldn’t get their way.”


“Wow, that’s very touching.” MAK replied. “I can sympathize….or empathize in a way with what you went through.”
“Yeah….” Then she got interrupted as she sees Collins, Garett and Mileena heading out the back and the two needs to phase out of there fast.
“OH SHIT!” Joanna said.
“And we’re out!” MAK said before phasing out of there and right back at the apartment place.


“And we’re back…and my stomach is killing me.” MAK said, “Excuse me…..”


As MAK runs off, Joanna is wondering on about those cops and how to get to them before they get to the Ortizes.

“I need to get to this shit before the worst can happen.” Joanna said.


“BATHROOM! EXCUSE ME! HELP!” MAK shouted as he ran into the house and sees Kai and Sheena in the living room.

“The hell did he come from?” Sheena said.
“You phase too much in one day again, honey?” Kai asked.
“YUP!” MAK said, “That and we make another discovery today.”
“Huh?” Kai and Sheena said.


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