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Since late 2011, The Mind of the Hybrid One is a project by myself, The Blue Hybrid, as a multimedia site that blogs about almost anything from anime to western animation, movies, TV, music and especially as of recently, our own original fictional content for you and yours to enjoy.

Like many others, I have gotten my start posting my content on various sites, the most frequent being the website formerly known as Spill (Spill.com) from monikers like MAK, HybridMedia, MAK2.0 (The Hybrid) and now sticking with the name you know and love as MAK2.0 the Blue Hybrid. Oh, as well as being a contributor and supporter to site Planet Tyro, whose ratings I still use to this very day and I think to describe them……well……

This explains everything about that.

But in 2013, I thought to myself I really need to establish my own site….my own brand….my own name.

That and it was the time Spill was closing down and I needed to move my shit somewhere else and thus…..this site is born!!!

But what are the things I do here?
Anime Discovery 2015

Anime Discovery – First off, it’s the foundation that built The Mind of the Hybrid One as this is the blog centered on reviewing anime titles that are either the ones you know and love and possibly some hidden gems we know nothing about.  However, I have a new edition to that called ANIME DISCOVERY PLUS+ where reviewer Scott Johnson (known as ScoJo and also from One Of Us.net) talks some hidden gems of anime that I couldn’t get to.


(Hy)Lights – The reviewing blog where I look at either what’s new on TV, music, or movies from the past.


HM Movie Reviews – This is more of an occasional blog as I look at the latest theatrical releases, depending on what’s playing in theaters or if it’s been over two or 3 months.

Time of the Season – The latest chapter of the Anime Discovery blog series, but this time it’s all first impressions of the newest airing anime straight from Japan (well, the ones airing on either Crunchyroll, Hulu, Daisuki, etc.)

The Academy LogoAura Faction Story010415_0033_Storiesbeyo1.png
Fictional Content – As of now, story content has been the bigger focus of the site as of recent times and it has been expanding into bigger projects. The main ones as of right now are Aura Faction, The Academy and the Stories Beyond the Hybrid series.  More story ideas are being thought of as we speak…..yeah, I have a lot of imagination up there.

Welp, that’s all I got for this page.

And hey, if you want to contribute for the site in any way of writing your own reviews (It can be anything besides anime, you can review manga, videogames, novels, etc.) or even your own form of content like my stories……

You want to follow me on Twitter…..It’s @MAK2HybridMedia or if you’re on Facebook, you can like the Mind of the Hybrid One FB page and shoot me a message there if you want to.

This has been MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, bringing all the elements in one format.