AURA FACTION: Through the Non-Canon Glass / NONCANON#2 – GAMING with Your SIGNIFICANT Other

THE FOLLOWING STORY YOU ARE ABOUT TO READ IS NON-CANON. (i.e. JUST FOR SHITS AND GIGGLES). Oh and as usual…. The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of graphic language and sexual content. This is meant only for MATURE AUDIENCES. Reader Discretion is advised.

“Hey MAK! KAI!” As Cassie is knocking on the door one afternoon. “You awake!? Asleep? Maybe fucking a bit!?”
MAK answers the door.
“Uh, Cass…..why would you say that out in the open?”
“Well, it’s not like anyone is listening.” She said, “Besides everyone in here knows you two have sex the majority of the time.”

Then Kai came to the door, still looking sleepy and tired.
“Ah….Cassie.” she said, “Is this an emergency? If not, can you visit back…..that late shift got me exhausted….”
“I GOT A SURPRISE!!!” And then Cassie showed them a case of a new video game called OVERSEER and Kai’s eyes widened and she gasps in delight joy.

“YOU GOT IT!!?” Kai said.
“I GOT IT!!” Cassie said excitingly. “I finally got this game!!! SO MANY PEOPLE ARE CALLING IT THE BEST GAME OF THE YEAR!!”
“OH MY GOD!!” Kai shouted, “I’ve so been wanting to play this game for so damn long!!!”
“Wait, wait, wait.” MAK said, “What the hell game you talking about?”

“OVERSEER!!!!” Kai and Cassie said.
“What the hell’s Overseer?” he asked.
“Well, my uninformed boyfriend…” Kai said, “Overseer is the newest Open World MMORPG game from famed studio, Ænon Games, who also made Red Guy’s Paradise…..which…was a fucked-up game.”
“It is. It is.” Cassie agreed. “So much gore…”
“Oh, so much…” Kai said.
“SO…….” Cassie said, “I got my copy of this and we heard that this game does allow parties of 6 and so…..I was wandering if you and MAK would like to join it.”

Kai immediately jumped on the answer and said, “YES!”
“O…K….” MAK said, “I’m sure she said…”
“WE LOVE TO!” Kai said.
“But we don’t have the game.” He said.
“I ordered it a while ago.” Kai said.
“A WHILE AGO?” he sounded surprised.
“Yeah, here.” She showed him that she bought the game and it’s the special collector’s edition.

“Well, that was quick.” MAK said, “Although I’m sure it won’t be here for another 3-5 d–”
“It should be here tomorrow.” Kai said.
“You ordered the speedy delivery process, didn’t you?” MAK asked.
“You damn right!” Kai said, “I WANT MY GAME!!”
“GREAT!!” Cassie said, “CAN’T WAIT FOR TOMORROW!!”
“YES!!!” Kai said, “This is going to be so awesome!!!”


“It’s HERE!!!” Kai shouted as she got back from the mailbox, gently sits the game on the counter, and got MAK from the laptop and into the living room. “It is finally HERE!!!”
“OW! Ok, damn, you are really excited for this.” MAK said.
“VERY!” Kai said, “Let’s see here……we got the game…” As she’s showing him everything in there, from the manuals, the controls and also……the game has VR controls.”
“Wait, this game has VR!?” he sounded surprised.
“Yeah…..” she said.
“OH DAMMIT!!” He said, “Not again with the VR shit!!”
“What? VR is fine.” Kai said. “Don’t stress it out. It is not like that show you had to review that one time…oh boy, I remember you HATING that show and now other people jumped on you for that.”

“Alright, alright.” MAK said, “I’ll give this a chance. Besides, I do like it when you get all happy over this.”
“YAY!” Kai said, “And now to prepare myself.” And then she took off her pants.
“I won’t be needing these. I’m not going anywhere today.” Kai said.
“Is the shirt next?” MAK asked.
“OF COURSE!” Kai shouted.
“Really?” MAK sounded surprised.
“No.” Kai said, playfully slapping him. “Be horny later. Now it’s gaming time.”

They put on the VR gear on and insert the game into the system.

“WELCOME……TO…..OVERSEER!” the announcer man said.
Kai and MAK were in awe and amazement.
“Oh shit.” MAK said while Kai was squeeing like a fan girl. “Oh my god…..”
“Select party.”
“OK.” Kai said, “Searching for……BlackWolf85.”
“And how long will it t–”
“NOW LOADING.” The screen takes them to where Cassie is at.

MAK and Kai were dropped into the game screaming…..and they are naked.
“OW!” MAK said.
“Well, that was painful.” Kai said, “At least I landed safely.”
“No shit.” He said. “And……you’re naked.”
“AAHH!!!” Kai said. “Well, so are you!”
“WHAT THE—THE FUCK KIND OF GAME IS THIS!?” MAK said, “I swear we were clothed when we–”

“KAI!! MAK!!” And then comes Cassie and Tomoki comes in. “I see you’ve just entered.”
“Ah, Cass, Tomoki….” Kai said, “Why are we naked?”
“Yup, you just started.” Tomoki said, “Turns out that this is how most players are started… as in, you need to design your character first.”
“LIKE US!” As Cassie flashes her outfit with a pink cape, all in black wear and combat boots and with Tomoki, a silver-themed costume with a scorpion design on it.

“So…’re superheroes or something?” MAK asked.
“We’re adventurers!!” Cassie said, “That happened to look fly while we’re doing it.”

“OK, how do you pick your costume?” he asked.
“Go to select and click costume.” Tomoki said, “You can make your own or go random in case you want it faster.”

“Got it!” MAK shouted. So he clicked random on his costume changes while Kai was busy delicately choosing her outfit.
“No. No. NOPE. Nyet. Nada. Hell No.” MAK kept saying going over the outfits. “AHA!!!”
MAK is now dressed in a black trench coat with blue sweat pants, a T-shirt and black sneakers.
“OK….” Cassie said, “You look like an assassin having a lazy day.”
“Hey, I can’t look badass and comfortable?” MAK asked. “Besides, I like the blue and black look. It’s a good signature on me.”
“If you’re in a mob, that is.” Tomoki said.
“What about you, looking like a cross between a magical girl reject and a drill sergeant?” MAK taunted.
“Well, I can’t say he’s wrong on that.” Tomoki said and that led to Cassie giving her the stare. “But I think you look great, babe.” That got Cassie smiling.

“MY TURN!!” Then Kai debuted her costume with a sleek white and green dress that can instantly turn into battle-ready clothing in a minute. “So what do you think?”
All of them gave her thumbs up.
“Wow, they was quick!” Kai said, “And now we begin our journey.”

The game transports them to the first level and once again, they dropped them out of the sky.
Only this time, clothed but still landed on MAK.
“OW!!” he said, “Why am I a cushion to y’all?”
“Because you’re our cushion.” Cassie said pinching his cheeks (face cheeks BTW).

“Wait, aren’t we supposed to have 6 people with us?” Kai said, “There’s 4 of us but where’s–”

They heard a ruckus coming from the china shop and some guy was being thrown out.
“You pinch me and my girlfriend’s asses again and we’ll stomp you and your non-existent balls to the recycle bin!!!!”

“And it shows they are in there.” MAK said.
It turns out the other 2 members are Sheena and Joanna.
“SHEENA? JOANNA?” The 4 unanimously said.
“Huh?” Joanna said, “HEY! Sheena, its Tomoki, Cassie, Kai and MAK! HEY GUYS!” She waves back at them.
“And they’re part of our party.” Sheena said. “SWEET!”


“So you guys got the game as well?” Kai asked.
“Yeah.” Sheena said, “Joanna told me about how much this game has been in development for 6 years and thought the concept was pretty cool. Like GTA mixed with Skyrim and Final Fantasy.”
“OK that sounds messy.” MAK said.

“Messy, yes.” Joanna said, “But from the previews and gameplay I saw of this and from the beta versions I played before, this is the type of game that is made for someone like me. Even the custom costume designs are awesome!!”
Joanna showed off her cowgirl costume with a whip for a weapon. “I especially love my costume! It’s the right amount of sexy without being too awkward or pandering.”
“I just chose the leather jacket, jeans and bra look.” Sheena said, “I thought I look like a bad-ass.”

“So it’s what you wear every day?” MAK said.
“Really?” Sheena said, “You look like a mix between Freddie Gibbs on the Piñata album cover and an assassin for the mob.”
Cassie laughed and laughed at that joke.
“What about you, Cass?” Sheena targeted her next. “You look like a Sailor Moon Army Recruiter.”
Cassie soon stops laughing with MAK chuckling a bit. “Touché.”

“So, where do we explore first?” Tomoki asked.
“Well, we have one challenge to do first.” Kai said, “It’s to go up the highest mountain on top of Mt. Highlander and capture 500 platinum Platinum Coins.”

“Huh. That sounds easy.” MAK said.
“WAY UP THERE!” As Kai points to the highest peak with thunder and lightning followed.
“I had to say something.” MAK said.


“OH GOD!!!” Sheena shouted, “How LONG IS THIS WALK!!? And it’s fucking cold here!!”
“Tell me about it.” Joanna said, “Good thing I bought that burka while I was in there.”
“BURKAS!?” Sheena said, “They said they were sold out of them!”
“Maybe you should’ve gotten that instead!” Tomoki said. “That bad-ass look isn’t so bad-ass anymore!”
“SHUT UP!” Sheena shouted, “I’d SMACK YOU but I can’t see you in this weather, you Silver Surfer wannabe!!”
“It’s camouflage!!” Tomoki said.
“For who!!? THE BAD GUYS THAT CAN’T SEE YOU!?” Sheena said. “Congrats!! Because neither can we!!”

“HOW FAR ARE WE!?” MAK asked them.
“We should be closer!” Cassie said. “Kai, it says that your skill is magic and health. You have something to keep us warm?”
“I don’t know!” Kai shouted, “But I hope it’s something to keep my dress from flowing in the air!!”
“And y’all say my outfit was stupid.” MAK silently said.
“IT IS!” All of the girls said.

Kai then put up a magical warming shield to keep them from going into hypothermia.
“FOUND A CAVE!” Cassie said.
They hurried into there.

“OK, that was convenient.” Joanna said. “But at least we’re away from the weather!”
Then all of a sudden, 5 giant ogre-like creatures came swarming the cave and growled ferociously at them.

“Away from the weather but now we gotta fight!” MAK said. “Actually, you know what? I’ve been waiting for this!! TIME TO GO FULL BLUE HYBRID ON THESE MOTHERF–”
There was a ding on MAK’s end.
“What the?”
And it said, “You can’t integrate your Hybrid powers into this game.”
“Shit…” MAK said, “Do I have any weapons?”
He goes into his weapon selection and only sees one available.
“I guess the pistol will do.” He shoots at the ogres point blank but one of them grabbed MAK and threw him out of the cave.
“AAAAAAHHHH!!!” MAK went screaming out of there and his health is very low.

“Well, that went well.” Sheena sarcastically said.

“Hi-YA!!!” Joanna yelled as she whips the ogre and slammed him against the other ogre. Kai performed a spell at one of the ogres to kill the other one.
One of them growled at the other and went on a crazy rampage, repeatedly stabbing the other one.

“That’s 2 down!” Cassie said. “and……oh, 3 more to go.”
“Ow!” as MAK was coming back from being thrown and running back here. “I’m back. Let’s kick some ass.”
The ogre growled directly at his face.
“Oh, fuck off.” MAK shot him point blank in the chin.

Tomoki was hidden to attack him from behind.
“GOTCHA!!!” She shouted as she plants a bomb on his feet. “SHEENA, NOW!!”
“PUSH!” Sheena said and the ogre went ka-boom to pieces.

“Wow……all into a thousand pieces.” MAK said, “Y’all eat ogre, right?”
However, MAK forgot they got one more to kill.
“Oh……I suppose you don’t want ogre strips, do you?” He jokingly said.

MAK tried to shoot him but he was out of ammo. “DAMMIT!! Kai, do some magical shit on him!!”
“I’m trying!!” Kai shouted, “Most of these are still locked!! And the other one is for getting rid of hashes!!”
“Oh, for fuck’s sake!!”
Cassie then execute her finishing move called LIGHTNING STRIKE where she summons the cave to have an opening and struck down the last ogre with one lightning strike from the sky.

The screen then went to a title card that said CONGRATULATIONS!!
“Your team has defeated the 5 ogres in the cave and earned 500 Platinum Coins!!”

“FUCK YEAH!!” Cassie said, “WE DID IT!!”
“All of us!!” Kai said.
“Even if I’m the only one that got hurt.” MAK said, “No, seriously, I was the only one that got my ass kicked.”

“And we even got a 200 coin bonus!” Kai said.
“So how much do we need to earn to get more stuff?” MAK asked.
“About………..10,000 more.” She said.
“WHAT!?!” MAK, Sheena and Tomoki shouted.
“How many quests we have to do to earn that much?” Tomoki asked. “10? 20?”
“Yeah.” Cassie said, “……Times 2.”
“But it shouldn’t be as a hassle as today.” Kai said, “Yeah, quests will get harder but what trouble could that be?”


“AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!” Sheena said, “Who in the hell thought of screaming tentacle monsters?” The gang faced another challenge by receiving a sacred mauve scarf but you have to defeat a swarm of Tentacle Monsters.
Then the piercing screaming of the monster gave damage to Sheena’s ears.
“JOANNA! HEELLLPPPPP!!!!!” She screamed.
Joanna tried whipping the monster but nothing was budging.
“Wait!” Kai said, “I got something to calm it down.”
“Well, do it quick!!” MAK said, “If not, it’s BOMB TIME!!”

Kai threw a potion that insanity calms down the monster to a gentle mood, the screaming turns into satisfied moans of relief and it finally falls to sleep.

“I see the monster likes you.” Tomoki said.
“Next time you’re being used as bait.” Sheena said, “And give me my jacket!!”


“So what potion is we’re going after now?” MAK asked Kai on this new mission.
“It’s called A_Mar Us.” Kai said, “It’s something of a love potion. It’s supposed to be an aphrodisiac for spice up any failing relationship. But we need to be careful with this….if some of the dust get to us, it’ll make us hot and horny and ready to screw for them.”
“Got it.” MAK and Kai carried it out of the building and try to get it into the cart.
Then unexpectedly, Sheena and Joanna ran into them with another A_Mar Us plant and surprised them both, which lead to dropping it.
“NO!!” MAK said, “Damn!!! There goes 500 easy coin!”
“Hey…..MAK?” Kai said.
“You noticed how sexy you, Sheena and Joanna look in this light?” And that’s the effect of the plant taking over.
“I do.” Sheena said, “I’ve always said you and MAK are attractive.”
“I’m starting to see it, too.” Joanna said.
“So you ladies thinking what I’m thinking?” MAK suggested.
Then the girls stripped off their clothing.
“We can take turns.” Kai sexually suggested and that’s when MAK smiled like a Cheshire cat and you can guess the rest from here.

2 hours later

“OK…..never be near the A_Mar Us plant again.” MAK said, “My back and junk are sore…..but I feel relaxed in a way.”
“Also it helps that Joanna is an excellent kisser.” Kai said. “I know Sheena is a happy woman.”
“Believe it!” Sheena shouted.
“I know we all made someone in this group a little happy.” As Joanna made the slick gesture of pleasuring MAK. “….But we never mention this to anyone.”
“Agreed.” The remaining 3 said.

“WHERE HAVE YOU FOUR BEEN!?” Cassie shouted. “Me and Tomoki have been racking up points, including the 500 points you lost from that plant fiasco!!”
“We doze off a bit because of that plant.” Kai said.
“Oh, you mean the plant that causes you to fuck anyone and anything?” Cassie said.
“Well…….” Kai blushed at that point.
“OK……” MAK said, “I didn’t think you turn into such a hard-ass, Cass. We got like…3700 points. That’s not a bad place so far.”

“I know, I know.” Cassie said, “But we can’t keep taking easy quests. It’ll take forever for us to get to 10000.”
“We just got to find a big task for us to conquer.” Tomoki said, “Just one big task that requires us to give it our all.”

Joanna then looked into the challenge listings on the wall and she spots something that is worth 100,000 points.
“OH…..MY…….. I think I found our challenge.”
The 100,000 challenge is that someone must defeat the big boss of Level 5…..Shirokami, the white wolf demon.
“SHIROKAMI!?!?” Cassie and Kai shouted.
“Shirokami?” MAK said, “Who the hell is Shirokami?”
“Oh no…..oh no…..” Cassie said, “I heard bad things about Shirokami, even in the beta testing. I heard some of them were crying, throwing their VR sets to the wall, stomping the system in anger due to the fact they can’t defeat this motherfucker! This boss is bad news!!”
Kai then said, “I know one girl that spent 4 days straight trying to kill off Shirokami…..but she never did. That and following it, she had to go to the hospital because 4 days of being hopped up on caffeine and poor diet and other health issues……poor girl…she’s OK now. She still does some gaming and she actually looks great now. Gain some weight in the right places and–”
“OK!” Cassie shouted, “But do we want to do this? I mean, I know I got a little edgy a while ago but I thought we was doing this for fun. You know, spend time with friends, having a good time and all.”

“And we will, babe.” Tomoki said, kissing her. “We just need to kill this Shirokami creature, earn our Platinum Coins and the fun will continue. I’ll even buy that gold boomerang back at the store for ya.”

Cassie sighs but in the end, she agrees to take it. “All right. Let’s do this!!!”
“HELL YEAH!!” All of them shouted.


So all 6 of them went to the Yukina Woods as it is where the Shirokami is located.
“So the thing is located here?” Joanna said. “Well, at least it’s not as cold as the first challenge.”
“Yeah……” MAK said sweating like he’s in a sauna. “But damn, it had to be hot.”
“Well, maybe, if you take off that damn trench coat!!” Cassie shouted, “You would be more comfortable.”
“I got to have this because I need to carry my shit in here!” He shouted, “Oh and your shit in here, too. So there.”

“Kai, you getting something with that spell?” Sheena asked.
“So far, zilch.” Kai said. “Nothing is showing up for me.”

“Everybody got the plan right?” Cassie said, “Kai, you and Joanna track it down while providing us some protection; MAK, Sheena and Tomoki, you shoot and take that thing down ASAP. As for me, I’ve made a trap to contain it. Everyone got that?”
“YES, MA’AM!” All of them said.

As they waited for it, they heard a shrieking noise coming from the north of them. The sound got closer and closer and then…..

“YYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” A long-tailed white furry half-wolf half-dragon appeared and let out the loudest and shrillest yell in the area.

“I take it that’s Shirokami.” MAK said.
“Yup.” Kai said, “And he looks both majestic and frightening.”
“So long…..” Sheena said, “And white.”
“Kai, you know if he sensed us?” Cassie asked.
“Right now, he is not aware of us.” Kai said, “As long as we remain silent….we should be alright. Are you in position?”
“Yes.” Sheena said.
“Yup.” Joanna said.
“Mmhm.” Kai and Tomoki said.
“Yeah, yeah.” MAK said.

Cassie commenced with the countdown. “Ready………set……..aim…….”
MAK, Sheena and Tomoki got their shots lined up and ready to shoot.

They fired off the first round of shots toward him and……the Shirokami ate the ammo.

“What the—He ate them?” MAK shouted.
“Oh no…..” Kai said, “They must’ve made him more of a challenge here than in the beta!”
“SO WE JUST FED HIM!?” MAK screamed
“Yup.” Sheena said.

The Shirokami roared with furious anger and spots the guys within range.
“Um……does he like the taste of one black Blue Hybrid with 5 girls ranging from Asian, Latina and Black?” MAK asked.
“He has a taste for everything.” Cassie said.
“RUN!!!” Joanna shouted.

The Shirokami is now gaining on them so they have to run from them.
“AAAAHHHH!!!!” Sheena and Joanna screamed.
“Get us a shield! Get us a shield!!” MAK shouted.
Kai put up with a shield potion on them.
“OK, we’re good.” Tomoki said, “Maybe we should be safe unt–” And that’s when the Shirokami ripped off her arm.
“TOMOKI!!” Cassie shouted.

“OH SHIT!” Joanna shouted.
“The hell!?” Tomoki screamed. “Kai, your damn shield didn’t work!”
“It’s a shield, it doesn’t protect you from getting your arm ripped off!!” Kai screamed.

“Can you at least help grow it back!?” Tomoki shouted.

“IT’S COMING BACK!” Sheena said, “DUCK!!”
The Shirokami screeches again and unleashes its claws.
“AAAHHH!!!!” And then it took Tomoki.
“TOMOKI!!!!!!!” Cassie screams, “NO!!!!!!”
“HELP ME, CASS!!!” She screams, “I don’t want to be a meal to this thing!! AAAHHHH!!!!” The thing then disappears, taking her with it.

“NO!!! TOMOKI!!”
‘PLAYER Tomiyama4 is eliminated!!!’
“Eliminated?” Kai said, “Oh no, she’s…”
“Out?” MAK said, “I’m sure she’s not dead. This isn’t that type of game……besides, you can be arrested for that shit.”
“I guess that means she can’t get any of the Platinum coins we’ll get.” Sheena said.

“COINS!?” Cassie said, “We’ll be lucky if we survive this damn challenge!!! The Shirokami got Tomoki already. We might be fucked already!!”
And then they see it coming back.
“Fuck, it’s coming back!!!” Joanna said. “WE NEED TO RUN!!”
Then MAK stumbled upon something that might help them out.

“Hmmm…..” MAK gasped, “It’s…….just want I’ve been wanting in this game.”
It was an Bazooka RPG.
“Wait… RPG in a RPG?” Kai said. “Redundant, you know?”

“I can blast this motherfucker out of the sky a few times and BANG!! All that money and we live like KINGS!!!” MAK said. “Or…..Queens, people with money. Whatever.”

He has the Shirokami on his aim.
“KABOOM, MOTHERFUCKER!!!” He shoots the grenade heading towards it and BOOM! Direct Hit!
“YEAH!!” MAK shouted. “Fuck you, you damn Shirokami!!!”

As the dust and smoke clears, it appears that the Shirokami is still alive and kicking.
“What?” MAK shouted.

“Shoot it again!!” Sheena said.
“ON IT!” MAK kept shooting at it, trying to blow it up but while it’s taking damage, it’s still hanging it there.

“Any of y’all find another bazooka?” MAK asked.
“I don’t sense any more weapons close to us.” Kai said.
“DAMN!” he said, “I’m out!!”

The Shirokami looks like he’s out to unleash something as he flew over them and he did. He releases a giant thorn to hit at one of the girls. It was heading straight to Kai but at the last minute…….
“*gasp* What the……MAK, NO!”
MAK then got stabbed by the thorn. “Ooohhh…..that is going to hurt.”
He then disburse out of there.

“NO!!!!!!!” Kai shrieked.
“Damn, that’s two people we lost now.” Sheena said. “And they’re the weapons/brawn part of the team!!!”
“Aren’t you, too?” Joanna asked her.
“Well, they’re the better ones!!” Sheena yelled.
“How are we going to defeat this thing now?!” Kai worryingly said to them. “The Shirokami is too good for us!!! DAMMIT! We should’ve just taken the smaller challenges. At least we can handle them!!”
Sheena had to slap Kai out of it.
“WILL YOU CALM DOWN!?” Sheena said, “Aren’t you the expert gamer in this kind of game? Isn’t there some type of cheat code to defeat him?”
“First off,” Kai said and then slapping Sheena, “Never slap me again and two….they are strict against that shit. MAK tried to use his Hybrid powers and they wouldn’t allow it.”
“We’ll think of something…..” Cassie said, “Although I hate to say it and it already happened but…..most of us are not going to make it alive…..well, on this challenge. We’ll make it alive in general though.”

A few minutes later, they migrated into another hiding space where they can get closer to the Shirokami…….his hiding spot.
“So coming to the area where the Shirokami eats its victims is a good idea?” Joanna said.
“Basically.” Cassie said.
“Yep.” Kai agreed.
“Excuse me…” As Joanna tries to run but Sheena got her by the skirt. “What the—SHEENA! LET ME GO!!”
“I would.” Sheena said, “But I don’t think you want to run out of here without that.”
“What’s the point?” Joanna said, “You and Kai seen me without it and I do not want to be part of a meal for that thing!!”
“GIRLS, RELAX!!” Cassie said. “Now we just need to set up a few traps of our own, weaken the Shirokami and defeat him to collect our reward and hopefully share the wealth with Tomoki and MAK once they’re back.”

10 minutes later

“OK, everything is done.” Sheena said, “Let’s see how it’ll go.”
The incoming shriek of the Shirokami means its arrival is approaching fast.
It is very close entering the cave.
One more loud roar was made and it suddenly appears.
“GO!” All 4 of them pressed a button, activating a bomb to throw off its flying path and then the other bombs activate, torching its skin and having it falling down on his back and crashing into one of the walls.

“DUCK!” Sheena shouted.
They all jumped out of the way before it came crashing at them.

“Well…….that was a close one.” Kai said.
“Is it dead?” Joanna said.
The Shirokami’s wings are crushed and lost the ability of flight.
“I don’t think so.” Cassie said, “It look like its weakened and it can’t fly.”

“Awww, look at these poor thing.” Joanna said, “Maybe we shouldn’t ha–”
However, the Shirokami tried to grab Joanna with its tongue.
So the girls end up shooting it dead.

“Well……that was just weird as fuck.” Kai said. “Although the sensing I got from him was…….well, he wanted to kill us.”
“Oh.” Cassie said, “So, fuck him?”
“YEAH!” Kai, Sheena and Joanna said.
“So, we did it?” Cassie said.

The title screen above them stated out CONGRATULATIONS!
The girls cheered in excitement for their victory.
“We’re still alive!” Kai said. “Yeah……and yet…….”
Then they heard something coming from the sky, falling down and it was Tomoki and MAK.
“Your party has been rewarded 100,000 coins!!” the announcer said, “Share within your party!”
“MOKI!” Cassie shouted.
“MAKKY!” Kai also shouted.
As both of them cuddled with their significant others.
“Did y’all win?” MAK asked.
“Yes, we did!” Kai said, kissing him. “And we got the coins to prove it.”
“Holy shit, that’s great!” Tomoki said. “You got enough to buy ourselves a loft here….with all the works!!”

“Yeah, we did…..” Cassie said, “But…..if there’s one thing that I felt more for than just getting the coins…’s doing it with you guys. I know a lot of shit has happened in the past….few months or so and this is the few times in my life I feel like I’m not swarmed by bullshit. I had fun doing this and I really want to this again.”
“Same here.” Kai said, “I really enjoyed playing this game with you guys. I feel like I never hang around with you much anymore or spend quality time with any of you or work just get in the way…..I just hope as long as we have fun here, we can keep doing this.”

“Kai-Kai……” MAK said, “After what happened here today…….yeah, I can definitely see myself doing this in the future.”
“Hmmm…” Kai asked.
“Yeah, sure, I got my ass kicked here several time today and a thorn through me…..but, hey, it beats having my ass kicked in real life!” he said, “Plus, this was fun to do and I like seeing you happy with glee with this.”
“Oh, MAK!” She sweetly said, kissing him.

“Yeah, Cass, I can picture us doing this a lot more in the future.” Tomoki said, “Plus, seeing you in that magical girl outfit does do a lot of things for me.” As Tomoki smile in a devilish way.
“Aw, Moki!” She said, also kissing her as well.

“So….” Sheena said, “You like doing this?”
“Well, yeah.” Joanna said, “I could go on and on about it but you want to get to the love-making?”
“Absolutely….” Sheena said, getting a cowboy hat on, “Cowgirl.”
“Oh, you naughty girl, you.” Joanna giggled.

Soon afterwards, they logged off and turn off the game, taking off the VR helmets.
“Ow……” MAK said, “How long have we been in doing this?”
Kai checks her watch. “It’s 6…..We’ve been playing since 10 in the morning.”
“Oh damn….” MAK said, “I hope no one tried to call us or anything.”
“We’re good, we’re good.” Kai said, “Although I did wanted to try that 500,000 coin challenge… fact–”
“NO!” MAK said, “We need to recharge ourselves and I….think I lost some leg strength.” As he falls on her.
“OW!” Kai said, “I think I did, too.”
“But yeah…’s been fun.” He said, “But I know a way to end it….”
“And that would be?” Kai asked.
Then MAK took off Kai’s shirt.
“You wanted to do that all day long, didn’t you?” Kai said, “Even though we basically VR fucked Sheena and Joanna?”
He then got naked himself.
“OK, that’s better.” Kai said as she got on top of him and both started making out.


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