“AAAHH!!!” MAK screamed, “OW! The fuck, Flowne? You trying to kill me?!”
“That’s the point, jackass!” Talli shouted, “Mr. Flowne is not what you thought he is.”
“What?” Tomoki said, “That he’s a slimy dickhead that’ll continue to fuck over anyone in his way? Yeah…..but this?”
“He’s been working with you….” Cassie questioned.
“No shit.” Talli said, “I was the one that helped organized this plan of getting rid of the Darksiders, along with their friends and hey, we figured we can take out the Faction as well and take over the Society, too!”
“Oh and before something else happens…” Flowne said as he snapped his fingers and he got his goons to bring in Rolo, Sayuri, Murasaki and Nola.

“Got you a little present, Digga. Some old friends of yours.”
“Ooohhhh……I see.” Talli said, “And here I thought all of you just skipped town but here you are…..or at least the lesser ones.”
“GO FUCK YOURSELF!!” Nola shouted.
“I would tell you that but…” Talli said, “That’d be more suited for Murasaki, don’t you think?”
“The hell with you, bitch!!!” Murasaki said, “You’re not shit without your goons since we killed them back there.”
“And yet it couldn’t save the rest of your gang of bitches.” Talli said and then she turns her attention to Longtooth.
“And you……last time I dealt with you, I still haven’t gotten my money from you.”
“You won’t get any cash from me, bitch.” Longtooth said, “You can kiss my black ass on that.”
She then punches him square in the face.

“Keep that in mind when I’m doing that to your sister after we’re through.” Talli said, “And it’ll be worse than what I’m doing to you.”
“You fucking traitor!” Tomoki shouted when she punched Alon and then punched him again.
“Oh, grow up, Miayama!!” Alon said, “The PPP needed to take over a shithole like this!! If we do things the way we intended for this city, it wouldn’t have as much chaos as it did before. There’s been all these civil wars going on left and right and instant kidnappings, attacks, other wars…..this is something need to be fixed!! You see!?”
“Except that every time an area has been inhabited by the PPP,” Tomoki said, “It gets worse for anybody in there. From harsh punishments for petty crimes, heavy discrimination towards any non-panda Hybrid, especially Wolf Hybrids and causing people, like me and my mother, to leave for a safer place than this and at least in the Society, I didn’t have to deal with your shit!!”

Talli then grabbed Rolo.
“Well… brave little fucker.” she said, “You and your bitch and your other bitches…..You thought you wasn’t going to see me again, haven’t you?”
“Not really.” Rolo said, “Although I thought about killing you most days.”
“Oh wow…..just edge coming from the tech nerd himself.” Talli said, “You know I would just fuck you up completely without remorse but not before I do your girlfriend in.”
Then she went to Sayuri.
“Well, well, well…..little miss Faction girl here!”
“What the fuck you want with me?” Sayuri said, “Make fun of my late sister? Talk about killing me again? Or my brother? I heard all the shit before and it’s getting old as hell.”
“Well, damn, you got me there.” Talli said but then proceeds to hit her. “But I’m still hitting you!”
“SAYURI!!” Rolo shouted.

“And cues your love trying to protect you but never could…..and speaking of lovers….”
She busted open the basement doors and found the rest of the girls.
“Hey, Barrett Sisters!!!” Talli said, “I guess you thought you never see me again tonight….you remember me, Cyan?”
“YOU!” Cyan shouted, “Why in the hell are you messing with me and my family?”
“Once again, blame your brother-in-law and your damn sister!!” Talli said. “He just had to get in my fucking way!”
“Of what? You trying to rob Longtooth for his cash, which you are never getting back ever and ever!?” MAK shouted.
“What? You think after I end you and the rest of these fucks, I won’t get it back from his sister?” She said, “She either got to be here or back at his place all secured up and shit! Either way, I can break in the shit and break her fingers if she doesn’t give up that cash!”
“That cash is long gone!!” Longtooth said, “You want to kill me? DO IT! But know if you touch Noir, you’re going to be the one with broken fingers!!”
“And what the fuck makes you think that?” Talli shouted.
Then Jaye got her gun and shot one of Talli’s fingers off.
“AAAAHHHH!!!!! YOU BITCH!!!” Talli shouted.
Then all of a sudden, someone busted in through the roof.
“Someone called the Calvary!?” It was Gina.
“GINA!!” Joanna said.
“What up!! I brought some extra people to help y’all!!” She got Leon and Collins jumping off her back, landing into the place with Kati and Yuan as well.
“We’re here!!!!” Kati said, “And I brought the All Mighty…..FLAMETHROWER!!!”
“I never thought I’d be glad to see you with a weapon in your hand!” Joanna said.
“Then you’ll love me with I use it!!” Kati said, pointing it around.
“Just don’t point it at me!!” Joanna said.

More police and Faction are coming quick to the already heavy situation there.
“You’re fucked, Flowne!!” Tomoki said, “You’re not going to get away with this.”
“Oh, you think so?” he said. He then pulls out a pistol, aiming at Tomoki.
“You stupid bitch!!!! I worked my ass off to get to where I am today and my plan was working until you, your wolf bitch, that Blue Hybrid and his bitches just had to get in my way!!! I was going to rule this city in the name of the PPP…..or even in my name!! FUCK THE PPP! I deserve to be the top dog of the city!!!”
“He’s gone mad with power!” Loyuka said.
“I’d say drunk but he seems very sober at the moment.” T.K. said.

“In fact, fuck all you motherfuckers!!!” He starts shooting everywhere and everybody had to duck from the coming gunshots he’s busy making while he’s screaming and hollering.
“Come here, damn bird!!” He was pointing to Gina.
“Oh shit!” Gina shouted. She flew downward to escape him. One of the goons tried to grab Gina by the wings but she kicked him square in the balls and threw him to Alon.
More goons are coming at everyone but Kati fired up the flamethrower and they were running away from the incoming flames.

A few gang members got charred and screaming their way out of there.
“You want some of this shit, too!!!” Kati shouted as one tried to shoot her in the back.
He dropped the gun and ran away as well.
“And this is why I fear you with weapons.” Joanna said.

Talli got out the way and decide go after the Barrett sisters.
“Now I’m getting you bitches!!” she shouted.
Kai and Cyan quickly ran off from her and as Talli tried to capture them, Loyuka fired off a warning shot to her to get her distracted.
“Oh, you sneaky fuck!!” Talli said.
“You right about that!!” Tomoki and Cassie joined in on the gunfight with Loyuka.
“You girls aren’t going anywhere!” Flowne shouted.
But MAK sucker-punched him into the wall.
“And neither are you!!” MAK shouted as he went after Talli. “Rolo, Sayuri, you want in on this!?”
“COUNT US IN, TOO!!” Nola shouted with her and Murasaki running to her as well.
Meanwhile, Gina grabbed Sheena and Joanna out of harm’s way and flew them to a roof of another house.
“OK, they can’t find us here!!”
“YEAH, WE CAN!!” one gang member shouted.
But Gina just shoots him back.
“Again……we should be good here.” Gina said.
“For how long!?” Joanna said, “We have every gang member within the city, police are ganging up tonight, every Faction unit is here and all of our friends are fighting like motherfuckers for their life!!”
“Any of you got a plan?” Sheena said, looking at both of them.
“Hell you looking at me for?” Gina said, “Your lady’s the planner here or at least does that better than I do.”
Joanna then took a deep look into the fight down there.
“I got it!!!”

“Come here, bitch!!!” Talli grabbed Kai from running but Cyan kicked her in the face. She then kept jumping towards them but MAK bum-rushed her into a wall and kept beating her to the wall. However, she punched MAK in the side of his stomach and threw him to the side.
But not before Kai beat her with a broken sharp tree branch.
Talli then snatched and broke the branch. “A branch? Well, I’m about to snap you like a twig!” Then Cyan punched her in the throat. “And you just keep barking!!”
Talli then punched her back.
“Prepare to get knocked out again but this time, I’m putting you to permanent sleep!!”
Rolo and Sayuri then came at her with a pipe and smack her in the face with it.
“Oh… two again!!” Talli shouted. She got Rolo’s leg and tripped him down, beating him with the same pipe.
“You bitch!!!” Sayuri shouted in anger and threw a brick at her face.
Talli then choked her and hold her up in the air.
“You know, I thought I would get tired by the Darksiders eventually but the more I think about it, it’s basically you, you fucking degenerate pot-smoking gangbang fucking bitch!!”
Then T.K., Longtooth and Jaye immediately took a shot at her but then Talli throws Sayuri at them but T.K. catches her in time.
Longtooth jumps at her.
“You fuck with us for the last time, bitch!!!” Longtooth shouted. He brought out his claws and clawed her leg, scratching and bleeding everywhere.

As for Flowne, he was escaping from the house and fled into the night but as he was riding out the city, he got stopped by none other than…..
“Going somewhere?” Tomoki said.
“Yeah, you should be heading towards the court the other way.” Cassie said.
“And possibly the jail next to it!” Loyuka said.
But then Flowne got out and he instantly shoots them down, scattering around.
“If anyone should be in jail, it should be you bitches!!!” he shouted, “Tampering with PPP material and having outside help that crossed you before!!!! That isn’t good in anyone’s book!! WHO IN THE FACTION WOULD HELP YOUR ASS!!”
He keeps shooting at them but then someone swooped in and got his gun.
“There’s me, motherfucker!” That was Gina that appeared.

Then Collins and Garret appeared from the shadows.
“Oh, and there’s us, too.” Collins said.
“Yeah, after hearing that the so-called head of the PPP did this shit, Oh…..we wanted to whoop your ass.”
Then behind him……there’s Joanna and Sheena.
“Oh, and we’re here, too.” Joanna shouted.
“HI!” Sheena screamed.
“Huh……so, Faction agents, ex-Faction agents and a cocktail waitress is going to kick my ass?” Flowne said, “You fucks don’t have a chance in hell of turning me in!”
“Well, in that case…” Collins then jumped in the fight.

Back at the house fight, Longtooth and Talli was fighting hand by hand combat and she was kicking his ass….hard.
She punched him hard in the stomach only to have T.K. come behind her and threw her at the ground, suplexing her and keeps punching her down until Talli threw some dirt in her eye and smacked T.K.
Then MAK jumped at her and pummeled Talli but flipped on him and kicked him down.
Talli got to the gun and tries to shoot Longtooth and MAK but then Murasaki pushed her from the shot and tries to take it from her but it went wrong as Talli was trying to aim the gun right at Murasaki.
“You just give me a reason to shoot you, bitch!!”
She then shoots Murasaki in the shoulder.

“AAAHH!!!” That resulted in a kick from her and for Murasaki to frantically kicked the gun from Talli’s grasp. Talli instead puts pressure in Murasaki’s wound.
“AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!” She kept screaming for mercy.
“Hurts, don’t it, bitch!!?”
Sayuri then got a wire and choked Talli with it, followed by being whipped by MAK.
“I’MMA–KNOCK YOU STUPID ASS, BITCH!!” He then throws her out of the window and into the pool.
He then jumps in the pool, trying to drown her while punching her in the stomach.
“Where’s MAK going!?” Jaye shouted.
MAK kept shouting ‘bitch’ and ‘whore’ at her while she’s drowning and he was very furious and vicious doing it.
“Choke on my fury, bitch!!” He kept pushing her down underwater and slapping her down but she got a sharp piece of glass and stabbed him in the leg.
“AAAHHH!!!” he screamed.
She kept stabbing them in the leg, trying to move up to the torso but he got pulled away by Jaye and T.K.
“Motherfucker, you crazy!?” T.K. said.
“Like a motherfucking fox!!!” MAK shouted.
“BITCH NIGGA!!!!” Talli screamed at the top of her lungs, jumping out of the pool. “You think you’re done with me!? You punk motherfucker!!!! After I get through with you, first thing I’m doing is killing your bitch and her sister slowly and then that damn barmaid bitch and I know I’m going to enjoy killing that big titty cop afterwards! I’m going to kill all your women, MAK!!! And then….” She then jumps on Rolo.

“YOU!!!!! I should finish your ass off easily!!!!! After all, you’re not exactly that tough to begin with or that fast to begin with!! You’re just some tech nerd that got lucky by getting with some tough guys to protect you from the even bigger tough guys from killing you!! And of course, you got your mouthy girl with you and she’s just as big as a loser as you are!! You were nothing your whole entire life, you little bitch. YOU ARE EQUAL TO OR LESS THAN SHIT!!!”
At the moment, Rolo just snapped and straight up punched Talli in the face.
“Shut…….the…….fuck…….up…… bitch.” Rolo coldly said.

Back at the other fight, Flowne immediately jumped on Collins and the two fought instantly, pounding each other brutally.
“Come on, you fucked-up freak!!” Flowne said.
“Get fucked!” Collins shouted but then he got bitten. “AAH!!”
Cassie got into her wolf mode and brought the claws out. She then bite his leg down.
“FUCK!!!” he shouted.
Cassie then had to spit his blood out. “OK, that tasted terrible.”
“You’re going to tasting worse things in prison!!” Flowne said, smacking her with a tree branch.
Gina then flew, grabbing him and carrying him up in the sky and then immediately dropping him down to the ground.
“AGAIN!!” She repeats it again.
“AGAIN!” and again.
“AGAIN!!” and after the 5th time, Flowne got tired of that. He yanked her wings and got her to crash into another tree. He kept running towards the river downward to a boat parked somewhere.
Then Tomoki surprise-jumped him in her panda mode and pimp-slapped him.
“You’re not going anywhere, you traitor bitch!!!” she growled at him.
“Out of my way, WHORE!!!” Flowne screamed at her.
The two brawled and punched and wrestled with each other down there. Flowne still tries to run to the boat but Tomoki kept dragging him back to land to finish him off.
“You’re going to face your punishment like a man, you fuck-up!!” She punched him in his stomach.
“Like HELL!!!” Flowne said, “I’m going to make you and your wolf bitch and all of your Faction friends suffer if it’s the last thing I do!!!”

Talli got up after being sucker-punched by Rolo.
“Did this motherfucker just punched me in the face?” She thought, “He fucking did!!!”
“You just fucking punched her.” MAK said. “Which…..I’m all for.”
“Well, that’s going to be the last thing you’ll do.” Talli yelled and charged back from the floor but MAK pushed Rolo out-of-the-way and he got hit instead and those two landed near the same river as well as the others with Flowne and Tomoki fighting in the background.
“Foolish move you did there.” Talli said, punching MAK. “You know I’m going back for that fucker as soon as I kill you and you look like you’re on your last legs.”
Flowne sensed that Talli and MAK are there.
“Oh, looks like my partner is about to kick the shit out of your friend there.” he said.
MAK looked like he was coughing blood from the blows he took.
“Oh, good… to see you get your ass kicked.”
She continued to kick him in the stomach.
“Hey, losers and dipshits….” Flowne shouted but then Tomoki smacked him with a blunt piece of wood.
“You’re not going anywhere tonight!!” Tomoki shouted but then she sees MAK and Talli fighting it out. MAK tries to get up but he’s struggling to stand up without feeling dazed.
“You look like you had enough.” Talli said, “How about I just put you out of your misery already?”
Then comes a punch heading for Talli and Cassie was the one to throw it.
“How about you get it first?” Cassie shouted.
Talli spit out more blood.

“Oh great…..more of MAK’s fucking friends coming….but you know what?” she said, “I do need an audience so you’ll see him die in my hand and then I’m killing each and every one of you!!!”
“Bitch, how!!!” Gina said, “You look just as bloody and beaten as he does and if you think after that, you’ll go after us? We’ll fuck you up in 5 minutes and have dinner afterwards.”
“Talli…’s over.” Rolo said, “You have nothing. You’re close to death and–”
“SHUT UP!!” She cocked her gun at them and then points it at the incoming Kai, Sheena and Joanna.
“Your man is not gonna make it out of here alive!!! But I know it will kill him if I shoot one of his waifus in the face right about now!”

Then Cyan fires a shot to her.
“How about you lay the FUCK off my family, bitch!?” she shouted.
“OOOHHHH… that’s some brass balls I see here.” Talli said, “Especially from somebody I ended up fucking up before. I can do it again and this time, I’m not sending a message. Your ass is just going to be dead as shit!!”
“No, that’s you, bitch!!!” Seiki got the drop on her as well.
“Oh, great!” Talli said, “More family friends of Barrett that wants to shoot me. Any more takers? Huh, come on. I got all night!”

Then a drone shows up, armed with a minigun and targeting system.
“Don’t forget about me.” And that was Noir.
However, as Talli got distracted by the drone, Rolo snatches one of T.K.’s guns and then he point-blank shoots Talli in the stomach.
“You…….” Talli looked down to see the wound in her stomach.
“This is for my dead friends, my friends that was far away and the ones with me now, you soulless skank.” He then shoots her in the chest and stomach again and landed on the floor dead.
He gives the gun back to T.K.
“Sorry.” he said.
“Oh, it’s…’s fine.” T.K. said, “But hot damn, Rolo.”

“Wow……” Flowne said, “All that and for your worthless gang friends. Well….I know one thing. You can join them.”
Flowne pulls out his pistol and is about to shoot Rolo but MAK grabbed him and phased him from there to the river.
He looked like it was about to shoot MAK but he grabbed the pistol away from Flowne and beats him with it. Flowne attacked MAK by hitting him in his wounds but MAK got the upper hand and slice his leg as it was bleeding everywhere.
“AAAHHHH!!!!!” Flowne yelled.
MAK then punched him in the legs and upper-cut him.
“You thought you were smarter than me about this shit, aren’t you?” MAK said, “You thought that you was going to have me attack everything all over the place and YOU kill me!? And have the remaining New Jack to off me, my crew and the remaining left of the Darksiders?! So you can run the Society with an IRON FIST!?” He slapped him again in the water and brought him back up.
“You’re a piece of shit!!!” He punches him again and then he dunks him in the river, drowning him but Flowne threw water at his face to distract him.
“Why are trying to drown me!?” he said, “You know if you kill me, they’ll put your ass deep in the jail that you won’t see your girl until you’re 60, if you happen to make it to that age!!!” Flowne slapped him.
“I was doing the right thing if I put down a Hybrid dog like you and as for your family and friends…..well, if they were to go down, then the problem would just lessen for me. Hell, Talli wanted Cyan to die at first and maybe her partner as well. Killing your wife, that Faction officer you’re chummy with and the barmaid she’s with…..that’s icing on the cake if we get to them.”
That last statement really pissed MAK off.
He got a knife hidden on his person and he stabbed Flowne clear in the leg.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!” He screamed and hollered in pain and MAK phased him back to dry land while he didn’t have enough to get himself back there.
Flowne laid there on the ground and now he is surrounded by Faction agents and cops as they got him up, cuffed him, arrested him and read his rights…..but not before this.
Loyuka came up to him and socked him in the eye.
“Alon Flowne, you are under arrest for attempt to overthrow a government, attempted murder and endangering citizens in that regard.”
Then Joanna came and punch him as well, “And that’s just for being an asshole.” And lastly, it was followed by Tomoki and Cassie with a knockout punch from the both of them.
“You know what that’s for.”
They took him away en route to jail. Then as Jiro and Sei are clearing out people, they see Sayuri putting bandages on Rolo.

“You doing OK?” she said, holding his hand, “That moment back there…..”
“Yeah. It got me shaking.” Rolo said, “Usually I don’t have to shoot people but–”
Rolo stopped as he saw Jiro and Sei behind back.
“But what?” Sayuri said, “Rolo, why you stop?” He then points behind her.
“Hey, little sis.” Jiro said.
“OOOOOH!!!! Jiro!! Sei!!” Sayuri shouted, “Um…..well. OK, I can’t bullshit my way out of this.”
“No, you really can’t.” Sei said, “You know you had us worried sick.”
“I thought I lost another sister.” Jiro said, “You know I couldn’t deal with that again.”
“Wait….” Rolo said, “Look, please don’t be too hard on her, you guys.”
“Rolo, no…..they should be hard on me.” Sayuri said, “And well, you, too. I mean, you keep telling me to not get involved in this so I’ll be safe from harm and I…..”
“Look, I understand if you don’t want me to see her anymore.” Rolo said, “Me and my crew caused enough trouble for you and we wouldn’t want to darken your door an–”
“Rolo.” Jiro said, “Look, if it was any other guy that treated Sayuri like shit, I would instantly kick his ass and booted him out. Now, you told her that you didn’t want her involved in the shit you and your crew are in but she insisted anyway?”

“Yes.” Sayuri said, “I know you’re worried about me and all but you know I can take care of myself and can handle myself in these situations. I just wish I told you about it earlier although you would’ve tracked me anyway.”
“Rolo,” Sei said, “Even though both of you disobeyed us, you have shown that you two do look out for each other a lot and well….you’re not dead. Although…..Rolo…..I’m sorry about your friends and the bullshit that went through.” Sei then hugged the two of them.
“Sei…..we promised to never do anything like that again.” Sayuri said, “And we meant that shit. We’re not going to get involved in this type of bullshit anymore.”
“Good.” Sei said with a tear coming down her face.
Jiro then joined in on the hug.
“Rolo…..Sayuri….I’m glad you two are back in our arms but we do need to settle some things.”
“Like what?” Sayuri asked.
“Seeing what we can do about Lex.” Jiro said.
Rolo looked surprised at that. “Huh?”
“Look, I had he’s serving about 15 years there….maybe I can pull some strings and get him a shorter sentence. There could be a chance if he could go free in less than time but I don’t want to get your hopes up.”
“But what about the others?” Sayuri said, “Aka, Nanashi and Devo are still missing and we don’t know where to find them.”
“I believe that’s for us to do.” As Murasaki and Nola volunteered to do that search.
“Wait, you want to do the search?” Rolo said.
“You sure about this, Murasaki?” Sayuri said, “Are you with this, Nola?”
“Well….” Nola said, “We got no one on our asses anymore and that’s pretty definite from today.”
“But how long will that take though?” Sayuri said, “Won’t both of you be tired and maybe broke going through a lot of cities?”
“We’ll find a way to get by.” Murasaki said, “Besides, I think you two need to focus on….well, yourselves more.”
“Yeah, you two need some alone time after all that. I know you two have been aching to love each other up.” Nola said, but forget that Jiro and Sei were watching.

“I hope by that, you meant 2 weeks from now.” As Jiro dropped the punishment on them.
“OH! AGAIN!?” Sayuri said.
“Look, it’s just 2 weeks of you two not touching each other.” Sei said, “How bad can it be?”
“And I know Rolo isn’t going to break this rule…..right?” Jiro said, staring at them with daggers coming at him.
He gulped in fear.
“Right…..” Rolo said, “Jiro.”
Then Sei followed it up with this, “Oh, and just so you won’t get the urge, both of you can’t masturbate either.”
Both Rolo and Sayuri got their mouths wide open to that reaction.
“So we can’t even think about touching each other at that time period?”
“Nope.” Sei said, “Think of it was No-Nut November. Only the period of 2 weeks…..have fun with that!” As she chuckled.

MAK was floating in the middle of the river as using up his Blue Leaf on sending Flowne back.
“Shit……..I can’t move…..” he said, “Fuck, I should’ve just left his ass here and let them get him!!!”
He was trying to move himself but it hurts doing so.
“Is this how it’s going to end for me? I fucked up this time……There’s no going back……..I let my secrecy get in the way of protecting my loved ones. Kai, Sheena, Joanna……I’m so sorry. I should’ve control my anger and thought about all of you and everyone else that cares for me and loves me. Am I that oblivious to that? Do I actually deserve love at all?”


Then, he hears something at the water and it was Kai swimming at the river to get him back.
“MAK, I got ya!!” Kai shouted.
Then someone else was coming to him and it was Sheena and Joanna.
“You got him?” Sheena asked.
“Is he breathing?” Joanna said.
“I don’t know. He looks dazed.”
They swiftly swam all the way back to land and got him laying down on the ground.
“Hey, he’s breathing?” Joanna shouted.
Sheena checked on him. “I got a little something but not enough.”
“He probably got some water in him.” Kai said, “We need to get it out! I’m doing some CPR!”
Kai put some pressure on his chest and giving him mouth-to-mouth. She kept doing that until she got something.
“Oh no! I’m getting shit!”
“I’ll try!” Sheena then took over and give him mouth to mouth. “I think I’m getting something.”
“I’ll do one more for you!!” Joanna then give MAK mouth-to-mouth and then he started coughing up water and he’s now breathing.

“MAK!!!” Kai, Sheena and Joanna shouted.
He’s breathing and panting for air, while still coughing up that water. “OK…..I can move…and I’m not drowning anymore.”
The three women immediately gathered to him and hugged him, while crying with tears of joy.
“For a second there, I thought it was over for you.” Joanna said.
“MAK, please don’t ever scare us like that again.” Sheena said, “You know we need you around here.”
“Guys…..I fucked up big time.” MAK said, “If I wasn’t so gung-ho on killing Talli Digga and getting the PPP off our backs, this shit wouldn’t happen.”
“MAK….” Kai said, “If you didn’t do that, all of us would be dead right about now.”
“We know you’re protecting us because you love us.” Joanna said, “And we love you, too.”
“Even if we get heated when we talk about it.” Sheena said.

“I still should consider your feelings on this though.” MAK said. “The last thing I want to do is make you upset.”
“MAK….you know with you I can’t be upset with you unless you fucked up big time.” Sheena said.
“Ah, then how upset would you be if Kai told me about you and Joanna’s crush on me?”
Then Sheena and Joanna’s faces turn red and immediately turned towards Kai.
“YOU TOLD HIM!?” Both girls shouted.

“Hey, it was at the heat of the moment.” Kai said, “And he would go along with it.”
“Hey, I was flattered.” he said, “I mean, I would’ve seen the signs with you two show some feelings for me and Kai and I know it’s more than sexual with us. It’s that with emotional, mental and spiritual with us. You make me feel like a special man and I want to cherish every moment with all of you.”
“MAK…..if there’s one guy in the world that I’m happy to call my friend and more, I’m glad it’s you.” Sheena said.
“And I know that we’ll be friends for years to come.” Joanna said, “Who knows? Me and Sheena could be godparents to your kids someday.”

MAK and Kai stared at them.
“What?” Joanna said, “You two would make cute kids. I wonder how you’ll name them.”
“Well, what about you and Sheena having kids someday?” MAK said, “Hmmm?”
“Uhhhh……MAK….” Sheena said, “Me and Joanna need something that you have that we don’t to make one.”
“There’s adoption.” Joanna said.
“That, too.” Sheena said, “At least you won’t risk having saggy boobs since both of us already got big breasts and the awkwardness of meeting your donor.”
“Wait, why I got to be the one getting pregnant?!” Joanna said.
“You’re the better mothering type than me!!” Sheena said, “Besides, it makes sense you than me.”
“I’m a Faction agent!” Joanna said, “Something might happen to me if I’m the one pregnant!”
“Oh what, because I’m some barmaid, I got to be the one barefoot and pregnant?” Sheena yelled.

While those two argued, Kai said to MAK, “So which one would be the pregnant one?”
“Hmmm….I think Sheena would be the one because she would be the unconventional choice and Joanna’s got a point about her with the Faction and how stressful it can be.” he said, “But don’t tell her I said that.”
“Gotcha.” Kai said.
“SAID WHAT!?” Sheena and Joanna said, looking suspiciously at them.
“That you got a nice glow in the moonlight.” Kai said, “And that’s coming from me and MAK.”
“AWW!!” Both girls said as they hug both MAK and Kai.
“You are really a sweet guy.” Joanna said.
“Yes, you are.” Kai said, “But you’re still getting a punishment for lying to us in the first place… in no sex for a week.”
“Ooohhh….” MAK’s voice sounds deflated and stunned.
“That sounds fair.” Sheena said.
“Very.” Joanna said, “Oh, and me and Sheena get your computer for 2 weeks as well.”
“WHAT!?” He shouted.
“We know the password anyway.” Sheena said, “And I know you keep a lot of wanking material in there in case you get the fix to do it.”
Then Joanna added, “And remember, we’re doing this because we love you. Also, in a week, you and Kai can get back to fucking in an instant.”
“Hell, we might even contribute to that.” Sheena said, “That is…..if it’s OK with you two.”
“So, if I abstain from sex for a week, I’ll get a—”
“YEP!!!” Kai, Sheena and Joanna said.
“OK then. I’m down for that.”
“I knew it!” Sheena shouted.

They see the police approaching them.
“Ah shit…now we got to answer some shit with them.” MAK said.
“MAK, don’t worry.” Joanna said, “They know that Flowne is responsible for everything. We’re going to be fine.”
“I just hope they don’t slap the cuffs on me.” he said.



“Well…..never thought we would team up again.” Loyuka said to Tomoki and Cassie.
“Yeah….” Cassie said, “I do actually miss us three together like this. Just fighting crime, kicking ass and taking names.”
“True.” Tomoki said, “But we know a lot of shit changes, especially right now.”
“Hopefully those changes don’t involved us being shot at, at least not as much.” Seiki said.
“Well, we already experiencing those changes.” Cyan said, “I thought I wouldn’t live to see Kai and MAK get married and thank God I did. It also looks like they’ll try to keep themselves low-key after all of this.”
“Yeah, just like us.” Tomoki said.
“And given that everyone major we fought is either dead or…..well, dead, it should be simple, right?” Cassie said.
“I think…..” Loyuka said, “I wonder what’s going to happen to the PPP.”
“I hope a new leadership or something.” Tomoki said, “Someone you can actually be outstanding without being a total dickhead to everyone…the question is who would be that person?”
“As far as I know, I just hope they don’t have a grudge with us if we run into them.” Cassie said.
“Yeah, we’re still keeping ourselves low-key for a while.” Tomoki said, “Again but hopefully to some normalcy.”
Loyuka said, “Until then, if you two need some help or someone to talk to, you know you always have my number.”
“Will do.” Tomoki said.
“Yeah, we have lost some touch but maybe we should start hanging out more.” Cassie said, “At least when we’re not doing date stuff or hanging with MAK and the others.”
“Hey, maybe we can join on that, too.” Cyan said, “Be like a girls’ night out or something.
“I can do with that.” Seiki said.
All 5 girls agreed with that.


A few minutes later after MAK had a talk with the police, he went over to Longtooth and Rolo.
“Hey!” he shouted to them.
“So you got let off easy?” Longtooth asked.
“Yeah, kinda.” MAK said, “I got myself a slap on the wrist….and the face. Just another probation thing I got to follow but other than that, it’s all good. You guys?”
Longtooth explained his case, “Well, we got out of the clear and no one knows who the hell we are.”
Then Jaye and T.K. entered the conversation.
“Because I’m that damn good.” T.K. said, “Most of the gangs out here know not to mess with you now and with Talli dead, it’s going to be permanent.”
“But who knows?” Longtooth said, “There could be a new threat waiting for us someday.”
“Yeah, but that’s someday, sweetie.” T.K. said, “Right now, it’s a damn good day to be alive. I’m going to take a long vacation out-of-state. I suggest you take one yourself… maybe some alone time with Jaye.” As she winked at both of them while Longtooth looked annoyed at her remark.
“Wait, hold up, what’s the deal with you two again?” MAK asked him, “You two dating or something?”
Longtooth is just going to leave that blank. “If you have to ask……you’re never going to know.”
MAK seemed confused at that.
“I’m wearing him down.” Jaye whispered to him, “He’s just a bit secretive.”
“Oh….I understand that front.” MAK said.
“I should probably get back with him right now.” Jaye said, “Talk to you later, bud. OK?”
“All right, later, Jaye.” he said as Jaye left with Longtooth back to his place.
“So, Rolo…..” MAK went on to him, “You got any plans after this?”
“Well,” Rolo said, “Turns out I can’t make love to my girlfriend for 2 weeks because of punishment, not to mention we can’t even masturbate as well.”

“Oooh, damn.” MAK said, “That’s a fucked up punishment…but I get why. I mean, they’re glad that both of you are alive but you did give them quite a scare.”
“Yeah, I know, I know.” Rolo said, “Wait, didn’t you lie to everyone a bunch of times before, including this situation?”
“Hell, I know. I’m getting a punishment for that, too.” MAK said. “You heard about that?”
“Oh yeah…..Noir watched you from her droid.” Rolo said.
“Oh great, I put on a show for her.” MAK said.
“Uh-huh.” And then there goes Noir behind him again.
“AAHHH!!” He shouted, “You’re everywhere today.”
“Yep.” Noir said, “I’m just about to get this one home and work on it some more. But I think everyone is about to go back home or something.”
“Yeah.” MAK said, “Take care, Noir. Hopefully I’ll see you and your brother again some day.”
“Oh, you will.” Noir said, “And I might tell you about the deal with him and Jaye, when he’s asleep or something.”
“A’ight. Later.” he said as the droid went on home.


Now he’s left standing, looking at the moonlight as he’s deep in his thoughts about everything that just went on tonight from the attacks, the reveal from Sheena and Joanna and pretty much everything else.
“I’ve been getting lucky too much nowadays.” he said to himself, “I can’t keep relying on that. I got too much to lose.”
“Hey…” As Kai called him out, “You’re still outside?”
“My bad, I just got a lot of my mind right now.” MAK said, “All of you are right. I can’t keep relying on luck while doing this Hybrid shit. I really want to build a life with now and the girls. I do want to have some kids someday. Maybe even be a better parent to them than my own did for me.”
“Well, judging by your experiences around us….I know you’ll be a better parent than your dad.” she said, “And if we get a son and/or daughter, you can teach them all about respect.”
“I just hope they don’t discover the other things we did back then.” MAK said, “I mean…we just agreed with a foursome with Sheena and Joanna.”
“Um, MAK….we don’t ever tell them that.” Kai said. “Like, ever. No child wants to think about their parents having sex.”
“True……but what if they get my idea of sex?” MAK said.
“MAK….that’s something for later.” Kai said, “And speaking of sex, you forget you get none for a week? Besides, we need to clean up around the place. We’re almost done with the place and I know we got to pay big for the damages.”
“Oh, damn, that’s right.” MAK said, “Good thing we still got that money hidden.”
“Oh…..yeah….” Kai said.
“Oh no, don’t tell me that money is gone.”
“No. It’s still there.” Kai said, “It’s just that……I told Sheena and Joanna about that.”
“Oh shit…..wait, we paid them back.” MAK said.
“Yeah, but they want to borrow a few bucks.” Kai said, “Mostly $50.”
“Oh, all right then.” He said as they walked back into the house and carry on with the rest of the night.



We go into the Society Max.Sec prison where it is visiting time for prisoners and one particular prisoner who might be receiving some good news.
“Well…..long time, no see.” It was Lex. “MAK2.0.”
“Hey, man. Good to see you, too.” he said, “Not to mention hopefully this’ll be the last time I’ll see you in here once you heard the good news.”
“Oh you mean that I’m finally getting out of here?” Lex said, “Yeah, thank God for that.”
“I know.” MAK said, “It took us about a year to convince you to have a early release out of here and I’m amazed we manage to knock out 13 and a half years off. I thought it would be like 5 or some shit.”
“Yeah, I know it must’ve been hard to convince the higher courts to let me go.” Lex said, “Good thing Jiro and Sei pulled a miracle there.”

“Rolo, too.” MAK said, “Him and Sayuri have been pulling for you as well for early release. They told them to not overdo it and spend more time with themselves and they did….they fuck more than me and Kai do.”
“Well, they earned it.” Lex said, “They need some peace and quiet in their lives. Especially after……well, you know.”
He was referring to what happened with the gangs a while back.
“Oh….yeah….” MAK said in a broken tone, “So, how are you dealing with–”
“You mean dealing with the deaths of some of my crew?” Lex questioned, “MAK, it’s been a year now. Look, I had the thoughts of them dying over and over and over every time I sleep and no matter how much I want to get it out of my mind and me having tears fall down every time the thought occur….I can’t.”
“Oh….” MAK sees Lex with this sorrow look. “I’m sorry that I brought it up.”
“Don’t be.” Lex said, “I can handle the fact that they aren’t around anymore. It’s still tough to swallow but I got to keep my head up…..for everyone else that’s still alive. Speaking of which….”
“Oh, that.” MAK said, “Well, Murasaki and Nola are still searching for them. They said that they are getting close to locating them. They did leave without a trace and just got off the grid.”

“Then they must be good at what they do.” Lex said.
Then Kai came into the room and she’s looking radically different than she was a year ago.
“Hey, Lex!” Kai said.
“Oh, hey, Kai!” Lex exclaimed and he noticed her big belly showing as she is 6 months pregnant. “So how long your little bundle of joy comes to the world?”
“Bundle, yes. Joy, um……yeah, I’m at the end of my second trimester and I’m ready for this baby to pop out of my belly.”
“Yeah….we still got 3 months to go.” MAK said, “And I’m definitely preparing myself for when you grab my hand in pain.”

“Pain?” Kai said, “I’m the one about to have someone crawl out of my belly and maybe my v–”
“WHOAA!!!” Lex said, “OK, damn! Pregnancy must be a bitch. Still happy for you but yeah and all that.”
“It is.” Kai said, “But now we’re going to our next stage in life and….well, it should’ve expected this a long time ago.”
“True.” Lex said, “You two do…..well, you know…a lot. Also, is it true that you two and Sheena and Joanna–”
“WE DID NOTHING!!!” A startled MAK and Kai said.
“–share a house together?” As Lex was actually going to say.
“Oh…..” Both of them said.
“Yeah, we live together with them.” MAK said.
“And it’s been good having our good friends with us 24/7.” Kai said.
“Ah……so you two aren’t fucking them that one night?” Lex knew what they were avoiding mentioning. “The night you got a foursome, which… nice.”
MAK and Kai are hoping that no one else heard them.
“Welp… you know something and if you tell a soul, I’ll kill ya.” MAK said.
“Ditto.” Kai said.
“All right, all right. Your secret is safe with me.” Lex said. “I do want to keep my life when I’m close to getting release.”

“It should be soon and hopefully things will be all right with you like it is with us.” MAK said.
“Yeah……hey, thanks for not forgetting about me.” Lex said, “Who would’ve thought that I ran into a guy, dating my ex and he turns out to be a better man than I was and I can easily say he’s one of my best friends?”
MAK smiled a bit, “And who’ve thought that an ex of my girlfriend’s ended up being a cool dude…..and I hope to see more of you in our lives.”
Then Kai added, “I never would’ve thought my husband and ex would be like this and not killing each other. This is really a sweet moment.” Then her stomach growled. “And that ruined it. Now I’m craving pickles and cheesecake.”
“OH SHIT!” MAK said, “We should probably get running! We got some baby class to do or something like that!”
“All right, take care now!” Lex said as they left.

“A’ight, you good?” MAK asked her as he adjusted her seat in the car as they drive away to class.
“Yeah, yeah, I’m good.” Kai said, “Just because my stomach is bulging, doesn’t mean I can’t do shit. Or at least much shit.”
“You good with the baby hearing you cuss a lot?” MAK said.
“HA! Said the guy who curses like it’s a part of the English language and uses the N-word regularly!” Kai said.
“I’ve been working on not saying it as much….or at least around you.” MAK said.
“Remind me to handcuff you to my bed when I go into labor.” Kai said, “Well….Kati will because she’s like that.”
“You know I can–”
“I will steal your Blue Leaf and have Joanna drink it.” Kai said, “Or maybe Sheena since at least I’m not doing this pregnancy thing alone.”
They banter, joke and argue as they drive away as they go on with their new life ahead of them, wondering how in the next years of their life will go.



EPILOGUE – a few months later at Lex is released.

Lex is leaving the prison at last with all his essentials and first person he sees is Rolo, now sporting a mohawk and Sayuri, now with green and purple-dyed hair, with him.
“HEY!!!” Rolo shouted.
“LEX! We’re here!” Sayuri said.
“Hmmm……OK, I thought I would see more people out here but I guess people must’ve been too busy or something.”
“Well……I wouldn’t say that.” Sayuri said.
One car door open and he sees not only Longtooth, Jaye, Noir, T.K., Murasaki and Nola getting out of their cars, but he sees….
“Nanashi? Devo?”
“Nice to see you again, boss.” Devo said.
“Welcome back to the outside, L.” Nanashi said, now having longer blue hair.
“Wow……can’t believe it’s been just 2 years. I thought I would never see any of you again.” Lex said, “Wait….is this everyone? So….that means…..”

One more person step out of the car. “I know you didn’t forget about me, did you, honey?”
That person was Aka.
“It is you……” Lex said, “Aka….”
“Lex….” she said.
“I must be dreaming.” he said.
“No….you’re not. It’s actually me and you’re alive….” Aka was sounding overwhelm with tears of joy to see Lex alive.
The two immediately hugged and hold each other to embrace themselves from being gone.
“I know it’s 2 years but it really felt like an eternity.” Aka said, “I’m just glad you didn’t end up being killed in prison.”
Both of them kissed immensely on the lips.
“How did you two find them?” Lex said Murasaki and Nola.
“Like we said, it took us some time.” Nola said.
“And travel and money and a lot of shots.” Murasaki said, “And no, not those kind of shots.”
“We had a hand in help along the way.” Longtooth said, “Me and Noir and Jaye had to work on re-tracing a lot of steps….meaning re-calling a lot of memories and bringing up some painful ones.”
“Longtooth….man, I wish things with us hadn’t gone like that so many years ago.” Lex said.
“Lex, man…that’s now all in the past.” he said, “You already paid our sins for that, but now I want to offer a drink.” As he brought out a bottle of liquor and he began pouring the liquor in shot glasses.
“For Aron……for Magnum…..for Cameron…….the homies that aren’t with us today and how we miss them every damn day. We hope you’re chilling up there, trying to get girls’ numbers and all that. I know I haven’t been that keen with you all the time, especially Aron, but you three have always been real with me. May we say you rest in peace and in power. DRINK!”
All of them took a shot.
“So……I see the Darksiders are in fact, no more.” T.K. said.
“Yeah, every gang is done and so are we.” Lex said, “We’re just going to be regular-ass people for the remainder of our lives. Aron, Magnum and Cameron would want it that way.”
“Ah….OK, I get that.” T.K. said.
“I know we are.” Sayuri said.
“Ditto.” Murasaki and Nola said.
“We’ll still hang out and shit.” Devo said, “You know….when we’re not living our lives, fucking all day with our significant other.”
T.K. said, “Well, me and Noir are single…..but I do know that two people we know have been making some noise lately….” As she is turning her attention to Longtooth and Jaye.
“Wait, what?” he said.
“OH, we know!!” Noir said, with a smirk.
“All of us know.” Rolo said, “Especially since Jaye had a good smile coming out of your room that one time.”
“I didn’t tell a soul….but they knew.” Jaye said, “And well….what’s so bad about them knowing that we got a thing going on?” Then she kissed him.
Then T.K. and Noir squealed a bit.
“Well, that.” Longtooth said, “But hey, it’s no harm.”



We need a group of teenagers lurking around in some abandoned house. “Come on, guys, we got a little further to go.”
“Oh my God!!! You said that 5 minutes ago! How much more room is in this damn house!?” Another person shouted.
“It’s not that much in here, Ari.” one girl said.
“Really, Jas?” Ari said, “I think Niko and the others beg to differ.”
“Ow……..this is pretty far.” Niko said.
“And I think it’s getting darker.” One girl holding Niko’s hand said.
“And stankier.” Another person close to Niko said.
“Don’t worry, Megumi and Taro, you got Niko to protect you.” Jas said, “After all, we’re the kids of a Hybrid bad-ass apparently.”
“So does that mean Niko can fight whoever might be in here?” Taro said.
“HUH!!?” Niko confusely said.
“I think Niko can protect us if something happens. I have trust in them.” Megumi said with sparkles in her eyes and Niko immediately got into his mode and said, “A’ight. Let’s see who I have to face off against.”
“Atta boy!” Jas said.
Then she whispered to Ari, “That boy will do anything for that girl Megumi.”
“Well, she is cute.” Ari said, “I don’t blame Niko for being into her.”
Then something just do happen to make noise.
“AAAHHH!!” Megumi and Taro screamed, holding on to Niko for dear life.
“Who was that?” Taro asked.
“That’s…..” Jas reach out her pocket and it’s her phone. “That’s Mom texting me, saying that we better get our asses home before dark and also that Ari, your moms are expecting you back home as well.”
“Oh, so I can get out of this place?” Ari said, “I’m good with that.”
“OK, I guess next time then.” Taro said, “But hey, we’re still alive and kicking!”
“Let’s go!” Megumi said, gripping on Niko’s hand as the others follow suit on running out of there.

Back at the house…..
“Mom, we’re back!!” Jas said.
Then we see 40-something Kai, Sheena and Joanna in the living room.
“You two are still exploring that old house down at Belcher Street?” Sheena said.
“Don’t blame me, it was Jas’ idea!” Ari said.
“Ah, so the usual move from my daughter.” Kai said, “You get some crazy ideas in your head.”
“Who do you think I got them from?” As Jas was pointing to her.
“HEY!! That’s more your father than me!” Kai said, “I just… well, went along with it. And Niko, I guess you did, too, huh?”
“I see Niko got his squad behind him all the way.” Joanna said as she saw them huddled up.
“Well, he is our protector after all.” Megumi said.
“And cue him blushing.” Taro said, “Like now. See right now…”
Niko then continue to blush.
“Aww, that’s so noble of you, Niko.” Joanna said, “You sound like your father when he’s around us when we was younger.”
“Wait, so you, Mom and Aunt Kai were a part of his harem?” Ari asked.
That cued Joanna and Kai to look at her with a WTF look.
“What? I didn’t tell her anything else about that.”
“So, you managed to tell that damn thing to your child now?” One voice could only said that and it was……
“Honey….I’m home.” It was an older, wiser but bald MAK.




2018 B-Equinox Productions / Studio Katana / Ctrl/Alt/Del Productions. All rights reserved.


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