WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of violence, graphic language, and sexual content. This is meant only for MATURE AUDIENCES. Reader Discretion is advised.


PREVIOUSLY (or here’s the tl;dr version) ON: AFaction


A guy was killed protecting a Hybrid Being despite her being captured.

Introducing characters all around including re-introducing the Aura team (Tomoki, Loyuka, Cassie, Cyan & Seiki)

Knowing all about Coren Ramsey and what he plans to execute in the Grand “H” War.

Meeting Hybrid X and seeing him berate Cassie and Tomoki, even so far to bring up their tragic pasts (Cassie: her getting roofied and almost raped; Tomoki: her witnessing her mother’s death)

Both Tomoki and Cassie having a secret relationship unknown to the others.

During the shootout, an unknown assailant helped out with Cyan by shooting Ichitaka and while he was on his way to prison, he notices him walking out of the station delivering Cyan her wallet and ID.


And now……..



“What the fuck?” Ichitaka said as he spots a somewhat familiar face while being escorted into the police van in shackles. “Hey!!” he shouted at the guy. “HEY!!!”


“Boy, you need to calm down.” One of the guards said.


“HEY, I’M TALKING TO YOU!!” Ichitaka said in a different angrier tone.


“Boy, you move another step and I’ll tranq your ass now. You hear now?!?!” And also the guards were getting more pissed off than he is and of course, Ichitaka didn’t listen to them and as he continued to run towards the guy, even as he’s still in shackles.


“You got some balls coming here….and shooting me before!” and as he got towards the guy about to strike, the guards’ tazed him and they started to use their nightsticks on him.


“You shot me!! YOU BITCH!!” Ichitaka said, “You’re the son of a bitch that shot me at that warehouse!! I know it was you, motherfucker!!”


The guy looked like Ichitaka was crazy, “Man, I don’t know what you talking about. This fool must be crazy.”


“Sir, are you okay? This man harm you in any way?” One of the guards asked.

“I’m fine, gentlemen. You did a good job controlling this loose motherfucker here.” He said. “No problem, sir, we’re just doing our job. Protecting the everyday civilians and all that shit.” The guard said, “All right, let’s take this fool in.” As they carried him unconscious, the guy went on with his way but however, as he left, there was a stray bullet coming out of his pants and luckily got it before the police saw it.

“That was close…….mainly too close.”

Aura Faction Story 2

“Miss Barrett. Miss Barrett!” One of the secretaries said as she ran to Cyan and the rest of the girls (sans Tomoki and Cassie) “Hey, some guy came in here earlier to give you back your wallet. You must have dropped it or something?”

“OK.” Cyan said, “Anybody didn’t steal anything from it, didn’t they?”


“The guy seem trustworthy enough and he told me he didn’t steal anything.” The secretary said.


“Guy could be lying to you.” Seiki said, “He might put some fake money in there to—“But Cyan checked her wallet and she confirmed it, “No, money’s all there and everything.”

“Well, there’s one decent guy in this dank city.” Seiki said.


“I didn’t get quite a good look at the guy but I know that he was black…….he had an afro but not ridiculously big but more of a low cut…..and he wore all black.” Suddenly when the secretary was describing that, Cyan suddenly thought of something….or more like someone. “You didn’t notice anything else from him…..any scars, something on his fingers, any other evidence?”


“No, nothing else really.” She asked.

“Cyan, why did you needed to know that?” Seiki said.

“I think……..I think……I think that guy that brought back my wallet…..I think he’s the one that saved me.” Cyan said. “SAVED YOU?!?!” Seiki and Loyuka shouted in unison. “That can be anyone,” Loyuka said, “As far as you may know, that could’ve been MAK.”


“No, first off, MAK is a bit shorter than him and slimmer and kinda lankier…..” Cyan said, “And second of all, how can he make it all the way here while he’s back at home with my sister? And no, Loyuka, he can’t teleport this far from here to Kakurega.”

“Could it mean another Hybrid is around here?” Loyuka said. “Hell, with all that Grand “H” War crisis going on, we need a few good people on our side……and hopefully not be dickheads like Hybrid X.”


Then the girls got a call from Jiro and said that Jin needs to see them in her office in about 15 minutes or so. She needed to talk to the girls about something involving Coren Ramsey and the Anti-Hybrid Movement and speaking of Ramsey…….



Meanwhile in tronic isles

“Well, that was a fucking blast.” Ramsey said, “Most of my guys down at Bulletstorm are either shot to shit or in prison, but then again, that’s what I get for relying on that damn Ichitaka.” Now, Ramsey is in hiding at a secret location somewhere downtown at Tronic Isles. No one exactly knows where in that city is he hiding at but local Hybrid Society Factions are checking every district around town.


“Coren”, said the words of his most trusted inside man, Hiroyuki T’Carv, “There’s been some talk that every Hybrid Faction is looking for you and they might have a tip that someone ratted you out.”


“Well, Hiroyuki, most of our boys either gotten blown up, hacked with a machete and even his own, shot or gotten their asses handed to them. The only one jailed is Ichitaka and yet I have every reason to suspect it’s him.” Ramsey was very weary of that and knowing if Ichitaka snitched on him, they could be hell to pay. “I don’t know why you trust a ruffian shithead like him,” Hiroyuki exclaimed, “Those guys are the exact opposite of soldiers for the Grand “H” War….We need grown men and women ready to fight with us, not a bunch of wannabe thugs, cokeheads, socialite airhead bitches, wretched ratchet whores and so-called gangsters who just want to play Scarface because they’ve seen the movie too many times.”


“Hiroyuki,” Ramsey said, “We live in an age where the shallowest of people value each other by their wealth, their beauty, and use that as an advantage in life while the intelligent citizen get pushed aside, having them think they’re meaningless just because you don’t measure up to their standards.”

“And what this has to do with The Grand “H” War?” Hiroyuki said.


“Hiroyuki, my friend, it has everything to do with the Grand “H” War.” Ramsey said, “How are we going to make those who oppose us fear us when all we got is just….well, what you said a few seconds ago? Point is, we need to find more people on our side and teach them our way of life.”

Hiroyuki noted, “But what about the Fact—“, but Ramsey interrupted him saying, “Oh, I can escape from the Faction at any time….oh, and don’t worry about Ichitaka, He’ll get his……soon enough if he squeals.”




Back at Faction HQ

“Well, everyone,” Jin said as she begun the meeting, “It seems that—Wait, where are Miayama and Lyles? Aren’t they supposed to be here?” Jin didn’t know that both of them went home after the hospital and…. (Well, you read the last story, right?)


“Both of them went on home and they actually need it after what happened.” Loyuka said.

“Well, that’s fair enough for them.” Jiro said, “And besides, I don’t think we need those two for a while considering this next mission involves you two girls.”


Looking puzzled at that, Cyan and Seiki couldn’t believe for the first time since they joined the Faction that they are headlining a mission on their own. “Wait, you serious?” Seiki asked, looking at Jin.

“Oh, I’m positive.” She said, “I think you and Barrett are ready for this one.” Jin then explained to them that with Ramsey hiding out in Tronic Isles, both of them need to investigate his usual hangouts and certain spots where people experienced what he’s done with either Hybrid or Human.


“Now, usually I don’t put our human forces behind this but with you two and the fact that with The Grand ‘H’ War is targeting both Hybrids and humans, we got to put our best efforts in this, no matter what being you are because that involves all of us. You got me, ladies?”

“Yes, Jin.” Cyan said, “I get ya.”

“We’ll get right on that.” Seiki said and as they’re about to walk out but Jin then added, “Also, there is going to be one more person to join you on this. Someone to navigate you through the Hybrid parts of the city.”

Then Seiki said, “Oh, no sweat, just tell Loyuka to meet us in—“but Jin interrupted her with, “Actually, Zaki isn’t going with you. I already got her on something else at Tronic Isles. It’s actually someone a bit new to this.”

“Oh, then who’s coming with us?” Cyan asked.


And with that, we cut to Sei outside the office and then comes Sayuri walking down there without much of a damn care, that is, until she asks Sei, “Hey Sei, what’s going on in there?”


“Oh, Jin is talking with the girls about this mission they’re about to go into.” Sei said. “Oh, and I did talk to her earlier about that mission and sending a Hybrid to help them with and…….well….” Then come Seiki bursting out of the door, looking furious as if she heard the dumbest news ever.


“SAYURI!?!” Seiki screamed. “You want us to investigate and search for clues about Ramsey with SAYURI!?!” She re-affirmed that again. “You have got to be fucking with me if you think I’m going with your sister, who I’ve heard you said is the female version of the rape sloth, except she’s too lazy to do that?”


Then Sayuri got into the fray but with Jin first, “OK, first off, when the hell did I become a rape sloth—actually, no, just a sloth? You really think I’m that useless? My older sister?”


“Sayuri, I don’t think—“, Jin said before being interrupted, “No, you didn’t think….at all.”

And then Sayuri turns her attention to Seiki, “And second, what makes you think that you’re the judge of who’s capable of doing what you do?”

“Easy! You forgot what happened a few hours ago?” Seiki said, “Even if you are a Hybrid being, you’re still inexperienced when it comes to crime. For fuck’s sake, you already reveal you’re a Hybrid to some of your friends, which is a very dumb-ass thing to do!!”


However, Sayuri left out of there in a furious huff at both Jin and Seiki and then Jiro saw her passing by as he looked concerned, “Hey, what the hell happened?”, and Sei was the first to respond, “Well, once again, I try to suggest something that might be meaningful to the mission but yet (as she looked at Seiki with displeasure) one dumb bitch doesn’t like what I’m suggesting and—“, And the feuding begins again. “Dumb BITCH!!?”


“YES!!” Sei said, “Because you didn’t hear the whole plan about her just giving you the basic locations. She’s the go-to girl for club spots, either human or Hybrid, and most of them Ramsey and his crew go to. YOU FORGET TO MENTION THAT?”


Seiki did pondered about that but she refuted with, “OK, she can get us in those places but you can’t expect us to use her with real shit gets laid down because sometimes these things called shootings happen there.” But Sei was getting more irritated with that, “One thing, did you and everybody else during that last mission started a shooting and guess what? SAYURI WAS WITH ME THE WHOLE TIME, GODDAMMIT! So, that argument is pointless.”


“Oh, sure, of course you side with Sayuri on this. You always do this shit whenever it involves her!!” And now, both Sei and Seiki are continuing arguing with each other about this with Jin trying to interject into the argument that Sayuri could be a best bet, but Seiki still rejects the idea of that.


Meanwhile, Sayuri was lying face down at the office, either frustrated and/or sad but then Jiro and Cyan went to find her there. “Sayuri?” Cyan said, “Sayuri, it’s just only me and Jiro. We just want to talk to you.” They went to see how she is and her eyes looked a bit red and judging from the tear stains on the pillow and actual tears streaming down her face, she was genuinely upset about this.

“Sayuri?” Jiro worryingly said.


“Again.” Sayuri softly said, “Again, people think I’m not the right person for the job. Again, Jin doesn’t believe I can do a damn thing right. And again, I can’t…….I can’t……I—“, She couldn’t bring herself to finish that sentence. Jiro then tried to comfort Sayuri, “Look, Sayuri, you know Jin doesn’t really mean that. We all know you’re not useless; you just be a little…..unconventional sometimes.”


“Jiro…..just stop.” Sayuri said, “I know this shit to be too true. You don’t need to hide it from me anymore. I know no one actually wants me in this mission.” But Cyan really didn’t object to the idea, she was just unsure. “Well, Sayuri, I never thought it was a bad idea to use you in this mission….Actually, I don’t mind you coming with us but you are my boss’s younger sister and I don’t want to intentionally screw up and putting you in danger.”




Then Jiro had to calm her down… telepathically pinching her nerves into a non-frantic state and then he said to her, “First off, Cyan has a point and she also looks out for everyone here, including you and plus, I think she has a little experience to what you and Jin are going through.”


“That doesn’t mean she can act like a know-it-all bitch. You think just because her sister is involved with a Hybrid being that she instantly knows this shit? “, Sayuri said to both Jiro and Cyan.


Then he slapped the back of her head and said, “And what? That means you get to act like a rebellious teenager….when you’re 23? Look, we know this shit because we’re the ones to actually experience it!! If anything, we have to right to be a know-it-all because we knew this from the beginning and it’s something you should learn about before doing this if you just listen to us!”


Sayuri then got up from the ground but didn’t want to look at Jiro but she did anyway but heads toward Cyan and said, “OK, since you’re not against me going with you two, do you want me on the mission?”

“Sayuri, I’d actually be pleased if you joined us.” Cyan said, “I just got to convince Seiki first. Besides, I’m sure you’d give me the same chance as well.”


Meanwhile, where Jin, Seiki and Sei are still at it about the whole mission status.

“Look, I don’t know why you look at me like I’m a bad example at this considering one time I heard you said that Cyan was ‘Super-Save-A-Hybrid”, you’re basically calling her Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side.” Seiki said to Sei, as she brought up that Sei was a bit judgmental when Cyan was first new to the Faction. “Frankly, you’re no better than me, especially since Cyan’s an experienced cop while Sayuri is some fucking slacker and the fact you always stick up to her.”


Then Sei really got pissed off at that remark, “Said the girl who had to keep comforting Barrett about her sister and her boyfriend and trying to not bring up being beaten by a former officer.”


“Hey, I was shot by that asshole, too. In the fucking knees!!” Seiki said. “You fucking bitch!!” and that is where both Seiki and Sei are about to kick each other’s asses but Jin intervene and stop it before it begun.


“Officer Argento!! Lt. Goto!!” Jin said, “Now, both of you stop this malfeasance as once!” Then she went to Seiki first and said, “Look, like it or not, Goto was a point about using Sayuri as someone to locate the clubs where Ramsey hangs out. She’s a valuable asset to that and (as she turns her attention to Sei) Goto, I know you want Sayuri to get far ahead of life as I do but she still needs to start slow. I do want her to branch out but I don’t want to put much risk on her. Everybody got that?”


Everybody else just stood silent and while both Sei and Seiki aren’t looking too happy about that but they nodded their head in acceptance. “OK, I suppose one mission with her isn’t going to kill us.” Seiki said in agreement but then as Jin left, she concluded with, “Oh, and another thing….Sei is joining you as well.”

“WHAT!!!” Both Seiki and Sei reacted in unison. “Have fun!” Jin said as she left the office.



During the mission rundown, Jin stated that Ramsey always go to either 5 or 6 regular hot spots around the local areas of Tronic Isles, Eastin City, Parish Heights, LaFeyette, McAllister, and 727 Lands. It was layered down to McAllister and 727 Lands with this local strip club called The Twisted Tit down at McAllister in the corner between The Fill and Kill Gas Station and down at Cobb’s Liquors (yeah, it’s that popular around McAllister.) and there’s also this classy joint at 727 Lands called Destination 409. Some bar patrons down there are quite tight with him and the fact the guy is a big spender, bringing in a lot of business for those clubs and he did worked in a bank once.

So now, it’s Cyan, Seiki, Sei, and Sayuri leading on their mission to find info on Ramsey and so far…….


“So, any word on your contacts, Sayuri?” Cyan said in the car with Seiki and Sei while Sayuri was inside looking out for any clues and questions. “So far, no dice.” Sayuri said, “Most of the regulars who know him aren’t exactly here. I’ve seen one of them but he was a newcomer. Didn’t know much of Ramsey but love to get free drinks from him.”


But Seiki chimed in on the conversation and said, “Then he should at least know something about him. All he did was just bum out drinks from him?” But before Sayuri say anything else, Sei filled in her question, “Did the guy’s breath smell like cheap beer, wine and maybe a little vomit?”


“Yeah, he did….” Sayuri said, “And I think the guy tried to hit on me and he looks like a Ninja Turtle crossed with 2 Chainz. Wait, Sei, what does that got to do with anything?”

Sei wondered, “I think we might be bullshitting you. If he bum out free drinks when he’s here, then why would he be here tonight if Ramsey isn’t here?”


“Maybe he decided to finally pay for his drinks.” Sayuri said.

“From what I’m saying, I don’t think he even pay for his drinks or anything as a matter of fact; how the fuck someone like him get in a club like this?” Seiki said, “I know a lot of high rollers roll in this joint.”


Then as Sayuri was about to leave the club, she saw someone walk inside to get himself a drink. “Hey, Leon, the usual, baby?” One of the bartenders said to the stranger. “Yeah, Betty,” he said.

“Goddamn, man!! Someone decide to mess with you again?” She asked.


“Nah, nah, its cool”, he said, “I did almost got shot for this shit and one guy tried to beat me while he was in chains. Good thing the police stomped a mud hole in his ass.”


“Once again, Mr. Leonard Garret, the Live or Die decider, patrols the streets of whatever because he does what the fuck he wants to!” Said the bartender, but in a playful way but reverts into being serious the next, “Are you sure that no one else is trying to kill you while you’re at it?”


“Kill me? PLEASE!!” He said with a scuff, “Most of them guys down at the Bulletstorm Warehouse got earlier arrested or killed.” That one word “Bulletstorm” brought the attention to Sayuri and soon she got the rest of the girls interested in this, especially Cyan. “Hey, Sayuri, whoever saying something about that Bulletstorm job, keep an eye on that and be aloof. Don’t let them spot you!”

“Wait, wait, wait!!” Seiki said, “Why does that matter right now?” And then Sei butted in, “And why does Sayuri has to keep track of that? That Bulletstorm shit is in th—“


“Look, that guy might know something there!!” Cyan exclaimed, “He could know more of Ramsey, anything else about him….” And then she said in a silent voice, “And maybe who was that guy that saved me from being shot.” But Seiki and Sei heard it anyway.


“WHAT!?!?!” both of them said in unison. “You’re still on that shit, C?” Seiki said.

Sei then screamed at her, “Barrett, you’re not wasting any of our time looking for your savior. WE ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF SOMETHING!! AND I DOUBT IT’S LESS IMPORTANT THAN WHAT YOU”RE GOING THROUGH!!” And then goes directly at Seiki, “And you thought Sayuri was gonna fuck it up!”


“WAIT, WHAT!!?” Sayuri unintentionally screamed at them while everyone in the club heard her but tries to play it cool. “Oh, sorry, just some things at home. Don’t let me bother you.” She soon begin to distance herself from the bar but not too far to listen to rest of Leonard’s conversation but turned her attention to the girls. “OK, if anything, the three of you are the ones fucking it up with this bickering bullshit. I almost got made during that and also…..Cyan may have a point about that guy. I think I’ve seen him before, too.”


“HA!! Fuck you, I was right!” Cyan said.

“I didn’t say all that, Cyan.” Sayuri said, “Unless you got a full description of that guy who saved you, I can’t give a full say if it’s him or not.”


Meanwhile at the bar…….

“Those Bulletstorm fools still came here?” Leonard said.

“What?” Betty said, “No or at least I doubt it now since I heard them going to jail or half of them being dead. Why are you asking about anyway?” Then she really thought of why he was asking that and took a good look at him, his clothing and some scars. “Oh no…….No….No….dammit, Leon!”


“Did you took down the whole—“


“Not the whole group.” He said, “Just some guys in there plus this one guy that got a girl held hostage. Well, girls.”

“Did the girl survived?” she asked while got him looking a bit annoyed, “Yes.”

“And the thing is……I thought those girls were just some strippers but…”

“But what?”

“I found one of the girls’ wallet and it turns out that…..she’s actually a cop. Her and her friends as it turns out to be.”

“Wait…..anybody else saw you, Leon?” Betty asked.


“Aside from that guy that saw me earlier? No, that’s it and he’s probably in jail right now, about to get his salad tossed by some big dude named Pinky.” He said with a relieved look on his face and as that happen, he spotted Sayuri again and was beginning to become suspicious of her.

Sayuri then turned to the bluetooth, “Well, you happy now, Cyan? That’s your guy.”


“OK, Well, we got that out of the way.” Sei said, “Unless you got more questions about him like: where does he live at? How he makes a living? Does he have any enemies? Is he single?”

“NO…” Cyan said directly to Sei’s face. “That’s not it at all.”

“The reasoning behind this is that……I actually want him to be in the Faction with us.”




Meanwhile back at Tronic Isles, the phone rang at Ramsey’s place and he went to pick up the phone and it was calling from the Future Institute for the Criminally Violent and it was Ichitaka on the line.

“Ramsey! RAMSEY!!” He shouted, “Ramsey, you gotta get me out of here!! I can’t survive in this shithole! Come on, you got money up the ass. Bail a man out. SHIT!!”


“Wait… Mr. Badass Tough Gangsta here is afraid of a little jail time?” Hiroyuki said in the background, “Sounds like another punk who’s showing his true colors.” And then he proceeded to laugh at his misfortune.

“Man, go fuck yourself!!” Ichitaka said, “Ramsey, man, can’t you post bail on me? Or plan to get me out of there? Escape? The file in the cake type of deal? That bullshit?” His pleas of wanting to get out was making Ramsey amused as he now looks at him very differently than before.


“YOU!!! Phone check, nigga!!” he heard someone said to him in the background.

“I’m just talking on the phone, man. Wait a damn minute!” he said.

“Fool, you had time to be on there!! It’s past your time!!” The prisoner said.

“LOOK, I’m talking to somebody! So why don’t you—“. Then the prisoner grab Ichitaka’s neck.


“Your name Ichitaka or something?” Then he pinned him against the wall. “MAN, I don’t give a fuck about your needs, motherfucker!!!” Then he proceeded to clock Ichitaka in the head. “He gonna have to call you back.” Then hangs up the phone and Ichitaka is now getting his ass kicked.

“Not so tough now, you bitch-ass motherfucker!” One felon said as he kept kicking and stomping his ass in.


“Well, Hiroyuki, you’re right about one thing. We do need more well-minded men in our group…..but as far as I’m concerned with Ichitaka, he’s not gonna squeal. He’s too busy trying to not die in there.”


“I still don’t trust him though. I can tell the weak ones by a wide mile.” Hiroyuki said. “You didn’t hear that ass-kicking in the background? I knew a fucker like him wouldn’t last long without getting into a fight.”


“It’s prison.” Ramsey said, “Of course, he was gonna get in a fight. Hell, soon, he might get into an orgy, whether he wants it or not.”

“So……you want this guy to be in the Faction with us?” Seiki said.

“Yes.” Cyan said.

“Wait, so one guy come and saves your ass at the last minute and all of a sudden, you expect him to join us like it’s gonna be instant?” Sei said. “What if he’s not who he say he is? Ever thought about that?”

Then Sayuri come in the car, “The guy seems pretty harmless to me. He’s just a bit chaotic in some doses……..He’s actually be perfect for Cy- I mean, us.” Cyan briefly heard what Sayuri meant to say. “What did you mean, perfect for me? You think I’m in love with this guy or something?”


“I mean, what kind of person who think I am? Some hopeless bitch who bases anything from fairy tales?”

“Well, I think you are way smarter than that.” Leon said, as he stood outside the car eavesdropping on their conversation.

“Exactly, thank you–“

Then she noticed him outside and yelped as he saw him.


“So……I noticed you ladies were looking for me.” Leon said. “I mean, your girl was a bit too subtle at first when she came in here. I mean, she did give yourself away when I first spotted you.”

“Well, Sherlock Holmes, I guess you figure out everything.” Seiki said sarcastically. “But I bet that—“

“That I don’t know your names? Well, you’re right but I do know one Cyan Barrett….being that young lady right there.” And of course, Cyan blushed a little bit at that.


“Yes. And it’s nice to meet the guy that saved my ass back there.” Cyan said. “Anyway, the redhead sassy girl behind me is my friend/partner Seiki Argento and to my right, this is Sei Goto and the girl that spied on you…Sayuri Matsuda.”


“Nice to meet you ladies.” He said. “I never would’ve guess you were cops but sometimes looks can be deceiving for a few.”

“Yeah, I get all the feel—Wait, did you say we were cops?” Cyan questioned. “I mean, yes, we are but we’re not affiliated with the McAllister P.D. or any police department around the state.”


“Wait, wait, wait,” Leon said, “So….you’re not cops? Alright, that’s fine by me but then again, I did knew all of you are a part of that agency The Faction.” Seiki’s eyes widened at that remark. “Wait, if you fucking knew, then why would you guess that we were cops or some shit like that?”

“It’s elementary, my dear Seiki.” Leon said.

“Wait, is it?” Sayuri asked. “I got no clue whatsoever.” Said Sei.


Then on the other side of the street, there comes two guys and some hookers passing on by but one of the hookers instantly recognize one of the girls from the Bulletstorm raid and also that she got shot from the incident and now has a bullet wound in her shoulders. She told one of her suitors that and the other one were faking being one of Tony’s girls from the Tarantula Palace.


“So, what is basically the Faction again?” Leon asked.

Then Sei went to explain to him, “What we are is a group of hybrid beings like myself and Sayuri and humans like Barrett and Argento who sworn to protect the rights of both humans and hybrids everywhere.”


“So you’re a super Save-A-Hybrid squad?” Leon asked and the others look puzzled, especially Cyan.

“Well, it isn’t the first time someone said that.” Seiki said under a hushed breath (mainly referring to Sei) then said to Leon, “No……let me repeat myself. We’re from the Faction!! We’re the good guys!!! All we’re doing is the work most regular cops don’t do…..hell, or even notice. We keep this shit hidden under the world you’re used to mainly because trust to us is more than just a 5-letter word and we can’t just let anybody into this world and once you’re in here, the only way out……well, you can guess that yourself now, can you?”


After that little talk, Leon then responded with, “Look, I have no reason to trust anyone no matter what side they’re on but if–” But then that is interrupted when a gun is being aimed at him and the girls. “Oh, I’m sorry, is my talk less important than whatever the hell you got pl—. “

He said sarcastically just before being pistol-whipped.

“Man, shut the fuck up!” It was the two guys and their hookers that was spotted earlier. “That guy, we can just fuck up last but now, let’s focus on these bitches right here.” One of the guys snatched Cyan from the car and had her restrained as one of the girls grabbed her and said, “So…’re one of the girls that got me shot at Bulletstorm, aren’t you?” Then she landed some blows in her stomach and punched her square in her face.


“HEY!! Leave the girl alone!! Come on, shit!” Leon said but then the two guys knocked him down again. “Hey, this is between me and the girl.” She said to him, “Plus, I knew for a second that she wasn’t hired by Tony. You got me shot and almost killed, you dumb bitch.” She clutched on Cyan’s neck but then Seiki got out of the car to try and stop her but the other woman got her in gun check, too. “Oh, don’t think we forgot about you, too. Wait, weren’t their 3 other women with you?”

“They’re not here.” Seiki said. “Look, we get it, we have put all of you in danger while doing our mission but that was to rescue a Hybrid girl from captivity and—“

“And to do it, you have to play SHOOT ‘EM UP around us?” Hooker #1 said.

“That doesn’t seem very logical to me.” Hooker #2 said.

“We didn’t meant for it to happen.” Cyan said as she was gaining consciousness. “We never expect our escape plan to go all wrong. We wasn’t trying to harm any innocents around.”

Sei then got out of the car, walk to the guys with guns and easily disable them by doing a crippling hand technique on them, unable for them to grip their guns and walk to the girls and said to them, “Look, we understand that you want revenge, even though all we try to do is rescue someone. You got want you wanted—-“


“Revenge? By killing them?” Sei said. “You think that’s going to make your shoulder heal again?”

“It might.” But then Sei slapped the hell out of her but then the other girl tried to fight her back by switchblade, but she was blocked by Seiki as she put the girl in a sleeper hold, just to render them unconscious and just as Seiki was going to permanently put them to sleep by shooting them, Sei stopped her at the last minute. “Really? You were going to shoot them?”


But then she went to check out Cyan with her now visible black eye on her. “Oh shit……Cyan, are you okay?” Sayuri asked her, “You really took a beating out there. “ Then Sei checked on her and examined her face, “Well, all you got from that was a black eye and possible swelling on your cheek.”


Cyan didn’t felt like saying anything for a while. That punch to the eye was quite something.

“Ow.” Leon said getting up from beating pistol-whipped then ends up stomping on the boyfriends and ended up grabbing their guns, shooting them in their legs. “Pistol-whip me, motherfucker?” Then shoots him again in the hand.


The girls looked at him frighteningly as he dropped the gun, “Relax, he’s not dead but he had it coming- No, they had it coming.”

Seiki protested, “The fuck do you mean had it coming? I get the guys attacked us but you didn’t have to that to them!”


“LOOK!” he said, “Your girl just got sucker-punched by some bitches and I got beat up by some janky looking motherfuckers. Don’t expect me to show forgiveness to anyone that does that. EVER!” He picked up the gun and wipes his prints of it in case someone looks for them and then went to pick up Cyan and put her in the car.


“You guys really need to get her some rest. She probably had enough for the day.” Leon said, “I know what I did what heinous but—“

“Leon.” Seiki said and sighed, “We’re not pissed off at you shooting the guy but you just flew off the coup with that shit, man.”


“You get that when they see some unconscious bodies lying down, the first people they’ll lay blame on is Hybrids.” Sei said. Then she walks up to him and said, “You know what it’s like being accused of something you had nothing to do with?”


Leon took a good hard look at Sei, “Do you really think I know nothing of this? I live that every day of my entire life and by the way….” He felt a slight pain in his side and then he checks to see what’s wrong as he inject some strange looking substance in there. “….You thought I wasn’t a hybrid?” All stood in silent after that as it implicates that Leon is a Hybrid and his past wasn’t exactly a pretty one.


“Leon…” Cyan said. “I might need your help later on. Can you come by my apartment?”

“Yeah, sure.” He said, “Get some rest though, you need it…….” Then he walked off into the darkness as the girls drove back to the apartment.


Very late at Tronic Isles, a bunch of birds was circling around the area where it looks like Ramsey’s been hiding as a team of Faction officers led by Loyuka was searching high and low to bring him in, but they were being extra stealth about it, so they don’t want to alarm anybody that might be on his side.


However, Hiroyuki was lookout for the city and he soon spotted the Faction coming down for Ramsey and immediately ran to him.


“What the hell are you talking about?” Ramsey said.

“The FACTION!! Faction guys are on their way!! HERE!” he said, “We need to get the hell out of here, fast!”


However, Ramsey figured that someone was going to look for him and what he planned is that his Tronic Isles people were strapped and ready to attack Faction forces. “Hiroyuki, you got too much shit to worry about but you got a right to be worried though. If any of the Faction guys comes in this house, they won’t get in…at least, alive.”

What he meant is he has got the place armed and alarmed in case of intruders, and those with arms are designed to kill on sight.


“All of that……installed right here?” Hiroyuki said, “But who in the hell gave out our location? I still say it’s Ichitaka. He’s the only one that interrogated in there. He needs to be taught a lesson.”

“Damn, you worry too much.” Ramsey said, “Like I said, I got that shit taken care of…..”


As of the Faction officers was closing in at the hideaway, one security camera spotted him and as soon as that happen, the first shot was fired. “AAH! The fuck was that?” Then the first round of gunfire commenced.

“Captain Zaki!! We are being barraged with gunfire!!” One officer said. “I think they know we were coming!!”


“FUCK!!” She said, “We can’t let them escape!! Bridges, try to find their escape vehicle. Logan, go with Bridges and shoot them down with no hesitation.” However, the fight only gotten worse as it went from gunfire to grenades blowing up most of the place, taking down a lot of fatalities on the way. By the time both Bridges and Logan found Ramsey, he already escaped out of there without a scratch.


“Bridges to Zaki! Bridges to Zaki!! Bad news, he got out clean. We didn’t have a clear shot of him!!” he said, “We need to back out of here now before we lose any more guys.”


“Shit!” she silently said. “Back out! Back out!” And soon they rushed out of there in a flash before anything else happens to them but then a bunch of locals went and shot up even more of the officers and even clipped Loyuka in the shoulder but she shot one of them point blank in the head and managed to get some reinforcements from locals.

“Tronic Isles Police Force!! Put your weapons down or we will shoot!”

One of the locals didn’t abide the rule and tries to shoot Loyuka but her and one of the Tronic officers shot back at him dead. “Are you Captain Zaki of the Eastin City branch of the Faction?” one of the officers asked.


“Yes, sir.” She said. “But who are you?”

They showed their badges and they are with the Tronic Isles branch of The Faction; undercover division.

“Men, check her for any injuries on her and the rest. I want perimeters all around McAlister and to see where those suspects are heading to. Get some medics out here and make sure the police doesn’t get a whiff of this!”

Back at Cyan’s apartment……..

She was getting a raw steak to put on her black eye to reduce the swelling, while pondering about that earlier spat with those people. “What the hell has happened to me the past few months?” She asked herself. She was feeling less confident as of recently and after that, it was blatant that she was getting very frustrated with the transition of from being a cop to being an agent of Faction.


At the other room, Seiki, Sei and Sayuri was calling Jin and Jiro about the Ramsey situation but the two informed that the search for him was a bust, leading to no clues and trails to his whereabouts after hearing a callback from Zaki and said that the 5 officers were dead and 3 were seriously injured from the attempted raid.


“Well, this just fucking sucks.” Seiki said. “We got no info on Ramsey, we got assaulted (again) and now, this shit. We can’t get a fucking break, can we?”

“On the other hand, I didn’t suck at my first time on the job?” Sayuri said.

“Yeah, be lucky you didn’t fuck up the first time.” Seiki said. “It takes more than just one day to establish yourself in a position.”

Then Sei got in the conversation as well, “Point is, you did alright for your first day, Sayuri.”

Seiki said, “OK, yeah, you did okay there, kid.”

And then Sei continued, “Well, good thing Zaki’s still alive but that info on Ramsey was definitely some bullshit. I told her about our end of the situation and said even if we did find something, it wouldn’t have mattered in the end.”


“Maybe tomorrow we could do it again but get Miayama and Lyles to help us.” Sayuri said.

“Oh, speaking of those girls, are they coming back in tomorrow from whatever the hell they’re doing?” Seiki said. Then Cyan walked out of her room and sat down with the steak taped to her face, covering her eye. “Cyan, you’re doing alright?” Seiki asked her.

“No, I’m not.” Cyan said, “I just got sucker-punched by a ratchet-looking girl and yet that was somebody who got shot at that Bulletstorm raid. I’m tired. I’m broken down and I just want to rest my ass for about……12 hours.”


“12 hours?” Sei said, “It’s 2:00 A.M. and work starts about in 7 hours.”

“And all of a sudden, you care, Sei? Because I thought I was a type of Super-Save-A-Hybrid to you.”

“Wait, wait, wha—“

“Seiki told me, Sei.” She said, “I know all about it earlier and especially when I first joined.”

The room stood silent for that.

As Cyan was going tell Sei off with, “You know the shit I went throu—“

Sei interrupted her with, “Yes, Barrett, I know the shit you went through back at Parish Heights and the Bulletstorm raid and tonight but guess what? You don’t get to pull rank on me about this shit. I live that shit you experience all the time. Hell, even worse than you can imagine!!”

“WHOA! The fuck’s going on?” Seiki said.


“Your friend was gonna try the old, ‘Oh, woe is me, my life was hard and all that’ bullshit about what happened and I get that. Most of us live through that shit!! HELL, Miayama and Lyles got that the most, before we even knew of your ass existed!! This isn’t just some police force you’re working with considering you are associated with Hybrids, especially somebody who is known to be the most powerful being, despite being born a human and of course, your sister. Yes, she and I know, you know, Seiki know and the rest knows that.”


Cyan responded with, “And yet, you gotta put the fuckin’ pressure on me that much? You thinking I can’t do this? Like I doubt myself? Yes, I doubt myself but dammit, I’m not gonna quit. I do this job because of maintaining the relationships between Hybrids and humans; because of you guys; because I want to protect my sister from guys like Ramsey….and I do anything to protect the ones I love.”


“Like you, I think of the people that I work with as family…Jin, Jiro and Sayuri are like family to me. Hell, I think of Sayuri like a little sister to me and knowing that situation with that girl yesterday and her friend being dead, you don’t want that same shit to happen to her, now do you? But you can’t always think of them whenever you’re on the job, Barrett. Considering that might effect—“


“EXCUSE ME FOR HAVING PEOPLE THAT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT ME AND CARING ABOUT MY LOVED ONES!! You don’t think I know that? Of course it’s gonna affect me. I can’t be some emotionless Robocop on the streets, exceling at everything I do like it’s no sweat. I’m not like—“


“Like who?” Sei said, “What…..Oh….Like me? I never said you had to be like me and believe me, you don’t want to be me….ever. I never think of myself as the perfect cop. Hell, I fuck up back in my earlier days but experience does help later on but you gotta understand….you can’t let all those bad experiences get the best of you. You get what I’m saying?”


Cyan then took the stake off her face and the swelling has gone down a little and said, “Yeah, Sei, I understand.”

“Maybe I acted like a bitch before but now, with all this happening, we need to stick together on this.” Sei said. “And that’s more than ever.” Then they heard a knock on the door and they went to see who it is and it was Leon at the door.


“Hey, Cyan said that I can come up here to check on her. Is she doing okay?” he asked.

“She’s feeling a bit better and managing to recover a bit of herself.” Seiki said, “You can see her if you want.”

He walked in the room and sat beside Cyan. “Hey, I wish I could’ve help out more on your mission and not get you hurt that much as you are already.” She then responded and said, “I don’t blame you, Leon, at least not as much but I think I’ll live.”


“Leon, I have been meaning to ask you something.” She said, “This may be a little personal to you so forgive me if I come a little like that….but I’ve noticed that when you shot those guys, you seem to show a lot of rage in you. Then again, I barely know you for that long so I can’t say anything about it.”


Then Leon took a long silence at what Cyan said and he took a long look at her.


“Cyan, if I told you about my past and all the shit I went through to get where I am… may not look at me as your savior as much. I’m a hybrid that deflects bullets when people shoot me….I’m a metal Hybrid being, probably the rarest breed of Hybrids in Cashis City…..there used to be more like me but after what happened back then…after the Purge….those riots way back then…I was one of the few that survived but more of us kept getting killed since humans started to attack us. I had to struggle to survive it here, including seeing one of my closest family being…..well, you know.”


“Whoa.” Cyan said, “I’m sorry for all that happened to you. See, this is why the Faction was created; to help Hybrids in dire need and do what the local police can’t do.”

“What are you trying to say, Cyan?” Leon said.

“Well—“, then Sayuri interrupted her and said, “What she’s trying to say is that she wants you!!”

“WHAT!!?” Cyan said blushing in embarrassment, insinuating that she might have a slight crush on Leon.

“—to be a part of The Faction.” Sayuri continued to say. “That is what you was going to say, right, Cyan?”

“YES!!” she shouted without a slight hesitation but with some irritation.


As they gave him a position of that, Leon thought about being a part of the Faction. “You want me to be in your agency? Me? But I’m not much of a stealth-type, James Bond agent. I’m a bit noisy when it comes to fucking up bad guys. You’ve seen it up close and personal.”

“True.” Seiki said, “But we do need all the help we can get especially since we’re going after Ramsey and before the whole Grand ‘H’ War goes public.”


“I guess I got a lot of looking up on who’s Ramsey and this whole Grand ‘H’ War, do I?”

“Well, we got a lot to look at in the upcoming days.” Seiki said, “But I think it’s time for all of us to get some sleep. It’s been a long fucking day here.”

“Yeah, I better head on home, too.” Sei said.


“Ditto” Sayuri said. “If you need me, I’ll be on my sister’s couch, sleeping the day away.”

Soon the rest of the girls and Leon went on home as Cyan went to sleep off more of that black eye and when she went to bed, she looks at a picture of her, Kai, Seiki and MAK in a framed photo, thinking about them but remembered Sei’s words from that talk earlier and as for Sei when she got home to her apartment, she also questioned her about what she said to Cyan and reflecting upon her past before going to sleep. “I hope that girl doesn’t pull some of the same shit as me.”

Meanwhile at Parish Heights Hospital…….

A phone rings at the office and all we see is a two guards knocked out unconscious and the silhouette measuring a dose of morphine to inject in his neck. The person answers the phone and it was Ramsey on the phone.


“Ramsey here. Remember that deal about the Cain brothers? Well, you are going to have to wait longer for that. I got a mission that’s on high priority. I need you to take care of a snitch for me….I’ll pay you more on that and listen to me carefully, I can do either dead or alive but you can do whatever you want with him.”

“As long as I get paid, it can work. Where is he again?”

“Future Institute for the Criminally Violent.”


“Who is this guy?”

“It’s not good to keep a secret from a close confidante.”

“Dude, you got no idea who are you fucking with.”

“Hybrid X does not need to heed advice from the daughter of an out-of-control Faction Agent and a failed wolf-girl!”

“What you do want from me, MAN?”

“Coren Ramsey doesn’t like to deal with fucking snitches!!”

“It’s just our little secret for now.”

“I think those two agents have something on the side.” // “Who?” //“Miayama & Lyles.”

“we just need more henchmen….well, some with brains.”

“You can tell me anything.”

“Why are you naked and sweaty and why do you got the scent of sex on you?”



©2014 K2 / Studio Katana / The FACTION project.

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