Aura Faction presents – DARKSIDERS: Gang VOLITION

WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of violence, graphic language, and sexual content. This is meant only for MATURE AUDIENCES. Reader Discretion is advised.


In the start of the night, a group of guys are meeting in these apartment complexes in the South side of P.H.
They spot someone carrying a lot of cash into their place for him and their boys to split. Unknown to them, 4 young men taught of a plan to get that cash for themselves.

“You thought of a plan so far?” One guy said to them.
“Easy.” And who said that was none other than Lex Jaga. “We swooped in, armed to the teeth, shoot anyone that gets in the way and snatch the money…*snaps fingers*… like that.”

“That’s it?” the other guy said, “You make it seem like it’s easy to do. They probably have guns ready themselves.”
“Not from what I recall.” As one other person came out of the shadows and it’s Aron. “A source said that they have to show up without guns or no moolah for anyone.”

“What?” he said. “What type of dumb ass rule is that?”
“A genius rule….for us.” Said the muscle of the group Magnum.
“Don’t you think that’s too suspicious? I mean, showing up to collect your cash but no guns? This shit might be a set-up.” He said.
“Longtooth, Longtooth, Longtooth…..” Lex casually said. “How long have we been boys?”
Longtooth sighs at this. “Since 1st grade, man.”
“And if you know one thing about me, it’s that I got second instinct.” He said. “And I believe that if we show up with heat and by some consequence, some fool got a gun with them, we’ll be ready.”
“You sure?”
“If I were to be wrong, you can beat my ass all day long tomorrow.” Lex said.

Meanwhile, inside of his own home, Rolo was scoping around the area for any coming distractions.
“Guys, you’re clear to rush in anytime.” He said. “No one’s going to stop us.”

“No one?” Longtooth said. “Not a single person?”
“Yeah, I’m surprised, too.” Rolo said.

“Got it. Thanks Rolo.” Lex said.
e”OK, Rolo I can trust since he’s got one thing you three combined don’t always got.” Longtooth said.
“And that would be?” Aron asked.
“My point exactly.” As Longtooth answered him.

The guys moved their positions close to the building and they got a good visual of the meeting and the guys inside were about to do the cash exchange.
“Got a good sight.” Longtooth said. “They’re about to give the money. Yo, Lex, when should we attack?”
“Give a few more seconds.” He said. “On my mark.”

Rolo gave the clear signal to go guns blazing.
“FREEZE NIGGAS!!!!” As Longtooth bellows out the first thing as they busted in.
“…And I can’t say that because?” Aron said.
“Because shut your ass up!! That’s why!!”

“WHOA! WHOA! WHOA!!” One guy said, “Who in the fuck are these little bastards!? In the middle of the goddamn night. Shouldn’t your ass be in bed for school tomorrow or some shit?”
“It’s Friday night.” Magnum said. “So we got nothing to do.”

Then one guy was looking anxious like he was about to crack as he pull out a gun, too.
“Benny, what the fuck?” Another guy said. “We said no guns during this round.”
“And look what happened.” He said. “Some little motherfuckers come in here and bust our shit up!! Fuck that!! I WANT MY MOTHERFUCKING MONEY AND IF I HAD TO SHOOT SOME LITTLE BASTARDS TO GET TO IT, SO BE IT!!”
The guy aimed his gun to the guys, begin to shoot up the place and completely miss all of them while Lex got the drop on him, shooting him in the foot and Longtooth went and bite him on the leg, with his Hybrid powers as a panther.
“AAHHH!!!!” He screamed as he bleeds. “He’s a Panther Hybrid!!! One of those motherfuckers!! You filthy mongrel!!
“Man, fuck you!!” Longtooth then quickly shot the guy in the head, snatching his gun and grabbed the duffel bag.
“Well, shit, that was easy!” Aron said, pistol whipping one of them.
“And Longtooth was worried as fuck.” Lex said. “Got the money just like that.”

As soon as he got the bag, Longtooth went and took a look inside of what was in the bag and what he found out wasn’t as satisfying. A dye pack exploded in his face and that signaled the police coming here.

“OH SHIT!!!” Longtooth said. “This was a trap!!! I KNEW IT!! I FUCKING KNEW THIS PLAN WAS SOME BULLSHIT!! My eyes!”
Police sirens came as fast as soon as the pack was activated.
“This is the Parish Heights Police Department. COME OUT WITH YOUR HANDS UP!!”
“Guys, get the hell out of there!!” Rolo said. “Cops are everywhere!!”

All of the guys got out of there quickly through the back although Longtooth was left behind because of being temporarily blind from the dye-pack.
“Rolo, you got a visual on all of us?” Lex shouted.
“Lex, you’re safe. So is Aron and Magnum.” He said.
“Thank Chris—”
“WAIT!!!” Rolo shouted. “Where’s Longtooth!?”
“Oh shit!”

Longtooth was about to make his way out of there but as he did, he got stopped by one of the cops as one group of squad cars got him cornered. Longtooth had to quickly surrender or else they were going to put 100 bullets or so in his ass.
“So…’re the one that opened the bag?” an officer asked.
“Look, I just found the bag. That’s it. That’s all.”
“Found it, huh?” he said. “Well, you can explain it all down at the office, young man, and yes, I’m going to call your mother.”
“MY MOM!!?” He shouted. “But I didn’t do anyt–”

Then two vials of cocaine happened to fall from the duffel bag and it has gotten worse as Longtooth is now scared straight at that.
“Yeah……you’re going to have a long talk with us.”

Rolo spotted Longtooth getting arrested. “Oh no…..”
“What? Rolo, you read something?” Lex said.
“It’s Longtooth. He’s been caught.”
Aron and Magnum also heard the whole thing and how devastated they were.
“Shit.” Magnum said, “Should we go back to help him or something?”
“…We can’t.” Lex said, “We can’t put ourselves in jeopardy than we already have. I’m sure Longtooth will be fine in the end like a slap on the wrist. 2 weeks tops.”

The aftermath of that did not go well for him as they only have Longtooth as a suspect since the other guys immediately got shot and killed as they tried to escape and Lex and the others went off a clean escape.

No one else but them knows the real that went down and because of no other evidence and them not believing a word he says, he had to serve 10 years in the Parish Heights Penitentiary for theft and assault.

9 years have passed

It turns out that Longtooth is getting out of prison a year earlier than expected for good behavior. He was really reluctant to get an early release.
One person came to take him home and it was his now 17-year-old sister Noir.
“Long time no see, big brother.” She said as they went to hug each other.
“Noir……is that you?” Longtooth asked.
“Of course.” she said. “9 years will do a lot to ya.”
“Believe me……It did a lot to me.”

As they were driving home, Noir asked him a couple of questions. “So, I’m gonna get this out of the way–”
“No, I didn’t end up being someone’s bitch in there.” Longtooth said. “If anything, I held my own without having to get shanked or murdered.”
“Well, I know Mom’s going to be relieved you’re free.” She said.
“Yeah…..” As that thought lingered on to him about being gone for so long and then he thought about why he was in there in the first place.
“Yes, Longtooth?”
“You heard anything about…..old friends?”

Lex, now leader and top dog of the Parish Heights Darksiders or just Darksiders, is heading his way back to the DS Hideout after a long day of work and by work, I mean, keeping the streets of Parish Heights and the Society on lock now that they operate in different cities now.

He looks tired and proceeds to go to the couch.
“Hot damn.” Lex said. “I thought doing this shit would be a breeze.”

Then Aka Taiga, the second-in-command and Lex’s girlfriend, came into the room with her being just as tired as he was. “A breeze? As in this was going to be easy? Lex, we still handle Parish Heights, despite that we don’t live there anymore and now we watch the streets of the Society. We need to either give the reins of Parish Heights to someone else or we go back.”
“Then we’re not called the Parish Heights Darksiders or PhD’s. And I was really liking that nickname.” he said.

She got up to him and said, “Babe, we can’t ourselves that if we don’t live in Parish Heights. That’s Gang 101. Plus, that place we had was a shithole compared to this. I mean, there’s more room for us, better food and places, more friends around us and I won’t accidentally walk in on my sister fucking everywhere since she got her own room to do it.”

“Yeah. But that doesn’t stop her from doing it everywhere else.” He said.
“True.” Aka replied back to him and speak of the devil, Murasaki and Nola just happens to came in at that time.

“Hey guys!!” Murasaki said.
“Yo.” Nola said back to them.

“Hey!” Both Lex and Aka said.
“I thought both of you would be here later, like not until 6.” Saki said.
“We thought so, too.” Aka said. “But apparently, street crimes are at a low recently. I mean, it’s good for innocent people and all, but the rest of us are bored.”
“That and traveling back and forth to Parish Heights is a bitch.” Lex said.

“We still do business there?” Nola said.
“Kinda. Maybe. I’m not sure.” Aka said. “At this point, we need to sever our Parish Heights ties and stick to here where it wouldn’t be as exhausting.”
“Oh well…” Saki said, “If you need us, we’ll be….” Then she and Nola really start to feel very amorous at that moment. “…well, you know. And on second thought, wait for an hour or two to call us.” As Nola carried her to their room while kissing Saki to casually have sex.
“Oohh, Nola. I see you’re up for another like last night.” Saki said.
“Yes, I am, my sexy Saki.” Nola replied at the two closed and locked the door.

“Welp, I’m going to the other room to not hear them fuck.” Aka said.
“I’d go….but I’m tired as all hell.” Lex then continued to try to sleep.

Meanwhile at the Turner Express, Nanashi was seen beating some dudes for trying to dash out on paying Kati and Yuan for their drinks.
“OH SHIT!!” One guy quickly ran from there but Nanashi caught up to him and threw a glass to his head.

“You know… should’ve realized that this wasn’t going to end well.” Nanashi said. “Now do you have the money or not?”
He hands her the cash.

“Holy shit, you work fast.” Kati said. “Usually, I had to get the gun to settle it.”
“Yeah, good thing I didn’t get too drunk or I wouldn’t have caught him that fast.”
“Nanashi, you are a godsend.” Kati said. “The past week, no one hasn’t tried to steal from me and ones who do end up with their ass kicked.”

“Glad to be of help, Kati.” Nanashi said. “Can’t let my favorite bartender get fucked over by assholes.”
“That and the free drinks always help, doesn’t it?” She said to Nanashi.
“Yeah. But still….” Nanashi said. “I’ll see you around, Kati.”
“Later Nana!”

“So how many times guys tried to drink and dash us this week?” Yuan asked. “I lost count at 12.”
“I thought it was 12.” Kati said.

Then we see Devo driving to her. “So, you had a good time, sweetie?”
“Yeah, I had a good time.” She said. “I wish I didn’t have to beat those guys, ruining our fun.”
“I thought that was fun for you.” Devo said.
Nanashi give him a ‘Really?’ look at him. “Look, I know that all this week I promised we were going to spend some time together but–”
“–It seems like some drunk always get in the way of this.” As Devo concludes for her. “Wow, I sound like the woman in this situation.”
“I know, right?” Nanashi said in a chuckle. “But listen, we will eventually make our date, uninterrupted and no one else but the two of us.” As she kisses him. “And I do promise you that.”
“And I believe you.” Devo said back to her and kisses her back.

Back inside, we see Aron and Magnum trying to hit on some girls in there and so far, the latter has been doing well while Aron is bombing hard while drinks thrown in his face and multiple slaps from multiple girls.

Enjoying his pain from a view are Rolo and Sayuri, who’s been hanging out with each other for the past 3 months or so.
“Looks like I owe you another $5.” Rolo said.
“HA! 4th time this week.” she said. “I ought to feel bad for Aron and his dry streak but it’s making me some extra cash on the side.”
“That and pure karma for him ragging on me for not doing it with him.” Rolo said.
“I don’t know why.” Sayuri said. “Besides, you have a cool girl right here actually talking to you, not throwing drinks or slapping you. Isn’t this the better alternative?”
He smiles at her knowing he did the better thing. “Yeah….I did.”
“I will say at least Magnum is lucky.” Sayuri said, pointing at him walking out with 3 phone numbers in his pocket.

“YO!!!” Magnum said, walking to Rolo and Sayuri. “3 whole numbers!!! Hopefully real but still. Man, this is a good night for me!!”
“….Yeah, lucky for you.” Aron said coming back smelling like a cocktail and with a bruise. ” Remind me to make sure not to hit on a girl whose boyfriend may or may not be there.”
“That and you smell like rum and disappointment.” Sayuri said.
“So every other day?” Rolo joked and Sayuri burst out laughing.
“You know what? I’m going home.” Aron said, “I need to wash the smell of alcohol off me. I need it in my system, not on my face.”

Outside of the Express, there was a whole cavalcade of cars passing their way as if they were going to somewhere important and many people gazed and took notice on who’s passing by and as they got out of the car, a face appears and it happens to be….

“Hey, where in the hell are we?” the passenger said. “Kaos, you know where we are?”
“Sir, I’ve said where we are 5 minutes ago.” Kaos (the driver) said. “We’re still at Downtown Society.”
“Oh yeah, I keep forgetting this shithole exists.” He said. “Yeah, keep going until we get out of this damn town.”

Elsewhere, we see Longtooth in his hoodie and sweats getting some food for him and Noir at the store. He was about to cross the street to get to his car, he almost got hit by the same car caravan and pissed off, he yelled, “HEY!! Watch where the fuck you going!!! You small dick motherfucker!”
The car immediately stop as they heard him and back up to him.
“OH SHIT!!” He panicked as he grabbed the groceries and run for it but then the guy got his tazer and stun him easily.

“OW!!! Oh…..wait, wait, wait. PLEASE DON’T KILL ME, MAN!!!” Longtooth said. “I just got out of prison and I don’t want any problems or cause any, man!! I’m sorry!!! Just….PLEASE DON’T KILL ME, MAN!!!”

He got out of the car and want to him, thinking that he might do something to Longtooth but what happens next is…..he extends his hand and helped him up.
“Huh?” he questioned.
“Listen…..I don’t want to kill you but I do know you from somewhere from….another time?” the guy said. “Or at least I heard of you. It feels like….5, 6, 7 years ago. Somewhere in……Parish Heights.”
“I used to live there.” Longtooth said. “That is…..before I went to prison for 9 years.”
“9 years?”
“It would’ve been 10 but I got out early for good behavior.” Longtooth said. “I was accused of robbing some people and unfortunately no one believed I was innocent. Plus, my dumb-ass ex-friends left me to burn on that since it was their idea to rob these guys. Some common hoods and take it for ourselves.”
“So playing Robin Hood except take from the broke-ass and give to yourselves?”
“Well…..fuck it. You’re right.” Longtooth said.
“And who are your ex-friends?” the guy asked.
“Oh, just some dudes from a gang I was in when I was younger. Called the PHDs or some shit.”

“PHDs?” the guy said. “Meaning the Parish Heights Darksiders?”
“Yeah. Why you asked?” Longtooth said.
The guy smiled in a malicious way. “Well…….you just helped me in a problem that needed fixing, my boy. And I thank you.”
“OK…..” Longtooth said awkwardly. “Thanks…….”
“Mauricio Bevins. Or BBB as my friends call me.”
“Big Boss Bevins. Oh, and nice to meet you, too, today and the future.”
“Future?” Longtooth said as Bevins gives him his card to call him.

“Kaos, you can lead the way home.” He said as he got back into the car.
“Hopefully we’ll hear from you in 24 hours.” Kaos said before driving away.


Longtooth called him Bevins and they started to talk about that particular event that happened.
“So… knew the Darksiders, eh?” Bevins said.
“Yeah, me and the leader, Lex, used to be tight when we were growing up. Went to the same school and everything.”
“And the other three; Aron Ridge, Magnum Kita and Rolo Ford?”
“Aron’s the insider guy that knows what’s going on in places and people. Also guy’s got a big mouth. Magnum is the enforcer, the ‘big guy’ of the group and the strongest and we have Rolo and he’s the hacker of the group. Can access to any security camera in the city and could easily get us into anything…, he was the only guy aside from Lex I was cool with.”

“Hmmmm…..OK.” Bevins said. “You got us some good info on them. I will say that you got only half of the active Darksiders.”
“Wait, half?” Longtooth said. “There’s more?”
“Yeah……like these two.” He sends a photo of Aka and Murasaki to his computer. “Wait, I know that’s….Aka? She’s in there?”

“Yeah. She and Lex are a thing. He made her second-in-command.” Bevins said.
“I guess things didn’t work between him and that black/Japanese/Filipino girl.” Longtooth said.
“Yeah, that’s another story. They also let her little sister Murasaki in there, too.”

“Murasaki? That girl that dresses like a party girl from a rave?” Longtooth said.

“The same.” He said.
“And who’s that girl she got on her arm?”
“Her name is Noelle Neko but she goes by Nola.” Bevins said. “We don’t know of her profession in the gang. We know she’s quite friendly with the younger Taiga sister.”
“Friendly?” Actually, Longtooth knew what he was talking about. “Just say they’re fucking each other because it sounds so obvious.”
Then he shows him a pic of Nanashi and Devo.
“Um, who are these motherfuckers?”
“Oh, when Aka decides to join them, she got her friend Nanashi to be in there as a bodyguard for her and from what we seen, her ass is the strongest out of the group.”
“And the other guy?”
“Oh, that’s the latest recruit. Devo Lopatin and his cousin Cameron.”

“So, basically, since I was gone, he got new people.” Longtooth said. “Why are you telling me this?”
“Well, to honestly tell you the truth, I have a score to settle with your former buddies and since you turn heel on them.”
“THEY TURNED HEEL ON ME!!” Longtooth said. “Their asses escaped and now they got the good life!! Living with girlfriends and what other girls they’re fucking. Go ahead and do whatever you want to them!!! As far as I’m concerned, they are no friends of mine.”
Mostly shocked in his monologue, Bevins reluctantly accept it. “As you wish.”

He hangs up and while that was happening, his sister Noir was listening in the whole time but needed to make sure he didn’t spot her.

“Yo, Rolo, you got the specs to get inside that office?” Aron asked as they are about to do this little mission of getting stolen cash from this hustler.
“Yeah, right here.” As Rolo gave him the specs but then accidentally lets him see the messages him and Sayuri’s been exchanging.
“Oh wow…….you are really into her, aren’t you?” Aron chuckled a bit.
“HEY!!!” As he covers the computer screen. “That’s private.”
“This coming from a hacker?” Aron joked. “Look, you’ve been hanging with this girl for who knows long and yet you’re still in that friend zone.”
“I’m not trying to rush things!!” Rolo said. “Plus, you know Sayuri is going through some shit the past few months! You forget about Grand H? Especially…”
“OK, OK, OK!!” Aron said.
“Look, we are really good friends now and I like talking to her. I like hanging out with her and once you get to know her, she’s a cool person.”
“Damn, YOU are really into her, aren’t you?”
Then Cameron came in the room. “Yep, he is. You can see it in his eyes and other things, too.”
Rolo frantically cover his private area.
“What? I wasn’t looking.” Cameron said.

“FOR THE LAST FUCKING TIME, DO NOT FUCK IN MY ROOM!!” Nanashi screamed at Saki and Nola about last night. “There’s fucking sex stains all over my bed!!! Exactly what the hell you did in there?”
“We didn’t know it was your room.” Saki said, “We was drunk at the time!”
“And besides, it’s not like you’re doing anything with that bed.” Nola said and that immediately pissed off Nanashi.
“That’s it!!!” Nanashi was close to choking Nola but soon Aka had to get in between them and stop them from killing each other.
“ENOUGH! ENOUGH!! That’s fucking enough!!” Aka said.
“Tell me one thing!! Besides screwing her sister, what the hell do you do here? You come here and lounge here, eat and drink our shit, you fuck her EVERYWHERE in here except your room apparently–”
Then Nola threw down with this insult, “So because I’m not some girl that scares the shit out of everyone in here, including your boyfriend, I’m not useful?”
Nanashi need to calm down a bit before getting violent. That didn’t work.
“That’s it!!” And first thing she did was pounce on Nola, beating and choking the hell out of her.

“HEY! HEY! Stop this bullshit!!!” Lex shouted. “We got a job to do in about 10 minutes and I expect you to get your shit together by then!!”
The two girls got off each other and left in a furious huff.
“Freeloading bitch.” Nanashi silently said under breath.
Nola just looked pissed at her while Murasaki tried to calm her down.

The gang arrived at the place disguised as a UPS workers, pretending that they are delivering a package.
“OK, everybody got their role?” Lex said.
“Wait, what role?” Magnum asked him. “What? I had to go to the bathroom.”

“Me, Aka and you will go inside as electricians while you, Devo and Nanashi will be on watch for anyone. Cameron will play a man looking for his lost dog for one of the neighbors. Rolo will keep watch on any law enforcement and Saki and Nola will be the distraction for others. You got that?”
“Ah.” Aron said. “So like last time?”
“Yeah, only no one is naked this time and Cameron isn’t waving a pistol in his speedos.” Lex said. “MOVE OUT!!”

They all got into their positions as Cameron walked to one of the doors and one guy stopped him at the tracks and so Cam played his part.
“I’m sorry, gentlemen!! My poor dear dog is missing!! I think I saw him ran over here!! FAFALEL!!! Here, boy!! FAFALEL!”
“Fafalel?” Rolo said.
“He named it Falafel?” Nola repeated.
“It was either that or FluffyPuff.” Lex said.
“Oh, come on, that was a cute name.” And that was from Murasaki.

He got inside which gives the signal for Lex, Aka and Magnum to get inside the place before any of them got back.
Saki and Nola played as two girls pretending to listen to their MP3 and Devo and Nanashi are keeping close range focus on anyone. “Got anything on your end?” Nanashi said to Devo.
“Nope. I’m good.” He said back at her.
Then takes a look to see what’s Saki and Nola are doing and Nola gave Nanashi the finger for earlier.
“Well, fuck you, too, bitch.” Nanashi said.
“What?” Devo said.
“Not you, sweetie.” She said.

“Nola, what the hell you doing?” Saki said. “We can’t give ourselves away.”
“My bad, Saki.” Nola said.

“We’re in.” Lex said.
“Now we need to find that dough.” Aka said as Magnum got a flashlight and see there’s a box.
“Hey, a box.” Magnum said, “That was easy. The money must be in there.” And then he shined the light on hundreds of other identical-looking boxes.

“Easy……” Aka said. “Yeah, so easy we’ll spent a damn hour looking for it.”
So they spend a good 30 minutes opening up boxes and so far, there’s no cash in there.
“Does this guy owe a lot of money to people?” Lex said. “This guy don’t have shit! He probably owe more money than this guy. FUCK!!” He threw a box and it instantly opens with a ton of cash, about $50,000 worth.

“Well, shit!!” Magnum said. “Let’s get this money and get the fuck out of here!!”
“Rolo, who hear that?” Aka said.
“Got it. Now I need to disable–” Then suddenly something was making Rolo’s program lag.
“What the… ” Rolo spot his mouse not moving as fast as it did as he was trying to deactivate the alarm but it wasn’t clicking or highlighting on him.
“Guys….something is wrong here!!” Rolo said. “I think my computer crashed!!! I can’t deactivate the alarm!!! You’re fucked!!”
“SHIT!!” Lex said. “Restart and work it again!!”
“That might take too long to reboot!!” Rolo said. “You gonna have to do it yourself!!!”
“I’m sorry. I don’t know what’s going o–” Then on his computer, he sees someone on his screen with a shaved head looking directly at him and said, “Well, well, PHDs……it seems that you’re at the end. I really wish……you had more time.”
“What the—Who are you?” He screamed and then he shows himself and it was Longtooth. “An old friend.”
“Holy…..” As Rolo stared to the screen as it went blank and shut down. “Longtooth?”

Right then, an alarming amount of cars heading towards the building.
“Lex, we got company. A bunch of cars are pulling up and are about to approach Cameron.” Devo said. “We need to AMSCRAY!”
Then out of nowhere, Saki threw a brick at one of the cars and they immediately pulled over.
“HEY!!!! The fuck are you bitches doing?!”

“SAKI!!! The hell are you doing!?” Nola shouted.
“I’m buying them time!!” Saki screamed. “I hope you got the strength to RUN!!”
They immediately ran out of them on foot.
“The hell are those girls doing?” Nanashi said.
“I don’t know but they bought Lex and them more time.” Devo said.

Aron then left his post to check up on Rolo and see what problems he’s experiencing.
“Rolo, the hell is going on? Lex said you couldn’t hack into the systems to sneak them out!!”
“I don’t know what happened!!” He shouted. “It was working fine before I left and suddenly it was laggy and glitch and then out of nowhere, I hear a voice that said to us that they wish he had more time and then they stepped out of the shadows and……it looked like Longtooth.”
Aron’s eyes widened at that moment once the name is mentioned. “Longtooth?”

Rolo shook his head. “I’m sure or at least I swear that was him.”
“But why would he come out of the blue so sudden?” Aron questioned. “Last I heard of him, he got 10 years in the local prison and it’s been at least 9!!”
“I don’t know.” Rolo said. “But I think he could be a danger to us in some way.”

Lex, Aka and Magnum busted out of the window with Lex and Aka going first but as Magnum tries to get out, one guy came in, packing a pistol and shot Magnum in the arm as he tries to escape.
The guy went for another shot in the leg and it also got to him but Magnum got out of there and the rest began to run back to the van but the rest of the cars blocked their way and immediately got them cornered and trapped. To make matters worse, they caught Saki and Nola along with Cameron as he tried to make a run after they spotted him as a fake.

“So……you want be the Parish Heights Darksiders or PHDs.” As Bevins stepped out of the car with this long pistol in hand.
“Big Boss Bevins.” Lex said. “So you’re ripping off your customers again and cheating them off their cash?”
“And you and your motley crew of bitches are in my way…..again?” he said. “I know you got my money, Jaga.”
“You’re going to put it down nice and slowly and get the hell out of here.” Bevins threatened.
“And what if–”
“—You don’t? I’m putting a bullet in every one of your asses.” Bevins said. “And I know what you’re thinking….I might do your bitch in first……that’s Kaos’ job.” His right-hand woman came out of the car, with a gun aimed straight for Aka’s chest.
“Oh, real nice.” Aka said. “He told you to aim there?”
“Nope.” Kaos said. “All me.”

“Oh, and I’m sure your tech nerd already figured this one once his program died.” As he went on introduce a certain somebody to them.
“Hey…..Remember me, Lex?” As Longtooth made his first exchange.
Lex couldn’t believe his eyes that his former accomplice was out of prison and in the flesh standing face to face.
“Alive? Free? Out of prison? Lost weight? Yeah, good for you for noticing.”
“Yeah…’re that.” Lex said. “So 9 years….I thought it was going to be 10 from what I heard?”
“9 years……that’s 36 seasons…..81 months….3,285+ days of me doing hard time for shit that I told your dumbass I wanted no part of.”
“I told you it wasn’t a good idea then. You never would listen to me and think that your ideas would never fail.” Longtooth said.
Then Longtooth got Aron out front and center.
“HEY!! LET ME GO, MOTHERFUCKERS!!! Wait, your hand doesn’t go near there!!! Bad Touch!! BAD TOUCH!!”
“Aron…..still the big mouth of the group, aren’t you?” Then he went to see Magnum and Rolo as they were front and center.
“Big Magnum!!!! Man, I know you have gotten big and beefy over the years. I just wish your brain did the same and Rolo…….”
Rolo was looking a bit frightened at a vengeful Longtooth.
“You was one of the few people I can actually stand in that group but as much as I liked you, you were naïve and it hurts the most when you didn’t even appear in my trial!!!” Then he punched Rolo right at his face.
“ROLO!!!” Aka and Nanashi shouted but still held at gunpoint by Kaos.
“Wait…..actually, that was my bad, Rolo.” Longtooth said, “You didn’t deserve that punch.” And then went over to Lex and sucker punched him the hardest and kicked him while he was down. “Now you……..deserved that.”
“LEX!!” Aka shouted.

“Move and we beat the shit out of everyone!!” Kaos shouted as she starts aiming for the others, specifically Murasaki and Nola.
“You fucking bit–” Nola was ready to take shot at her but Kaos shots her in the arm.
“FUCK! AAHH!!!” Nola screamed.
“NOLA!” Murasaki yelled.

“See?” Kaos said. “Now try something else. Otherwise, a bullet is going to your head instead of your arm!!”
“I think we said enough.” Bevins said. “This shit isn’t over. There will be war coming for you and your crew and it wouldn’t be just us. Some people in Parish Heights aren’t too happy with you ruling there and in your cozy Society. They think you’re greedy and I don’t blame them. They want your land and even your part in the Society since gangs from there aren’t too happy with you either.”
“Gangs? What gangs?” Lex said.
“The Kentucky Rottweilers, the Willis Bushwhackers, The Walla-Walla Hustlers, The New Jacks of Eastin City…”
“EASTIN CITY!?” Lex said. “They expand but you don’t go after them?”
“They can manage their work and got more people on their side. You, on the other hand, do not.”

And so, Bevins and the rest of their crew got in their cars and went on their way, leaving the Darksiders in disarray and beaten.
“Oh, and Jaga?” Bevins said as he was driven away. “I’d be on watch if I was you.”

An hour or so later, they went back to HQ to tend their wounds.

“Damnit.” Aron said. “Who would’ve thought Longtooth would turn against us?”
“You mean after he said a deal gone wrong and he paid the price by going to prison for 10 years?” Devo said to him. “Yeah, I’d do the same thing if I was him.”
“DUDE!” Aron said.
“No, Devo’s right.” Nanashi said. “You screwed me over for something I didn’t want to, I’d get pissed too!”
“He was the one to run off with the money!” Aron said.
“Which ended up being a dye pack trap and if any of us got to it first, we’d be the ones in jail for 10 years.” Magnum said.

“It doesn’t matter now.” Aron said. “Longtooth may have been our boy back in the day but that was a decade ago. Now he’s working for someone hustling us out of Parish Heights.”
“A city we don’t live in anymore.” Nanashi said. “The important part is he might make his way to the Society and that’s more important because our friends live here and we can’t let Bevins get to them.”

“We still need Parish Heights to know we’re still the badasses that rep there!!” Aron said.
“BADASS!?” Magnum and Nanashi said in unison. “You?”
“Oh, FUCK YOU BOTH!” Aron screamed.
“And why? Traveling back and forth is a pain in the ass. Most of us are exhausted going there day after day in a 40 minute drive there.” Nanashi argued. “You know what? This isn’t even important now. I’m going to bed.”
“I’ll come with.” Devo following her.

Lex didn’t say much to this considering he was doing some long thinking on how he really fucked Longtooth over.

“Lex?” Aka said. “Hey, hold still for a minute.” As she puts some bandages on him and herself as well.
“We are definitely in some shit this time.” Lex said.
“You can say that again.” Aka said. “Especially since your former friend is now a part of that and he is really pissed at you.”
“I mean, we need to get this Bevins douche off our back but….if it means doing what I don’t want to do, well…..”
“Babe, I know you don’t want to do it but if you have no choice then…”
“I know, I know.” Lex said.

Meanwhile with Rolo, he was Skyping with Sayuri about what happened.
“Damn! And he knocked you out, too?” she asked.
“He did….” Rolo said covering his eye with a steak. “Although, he said his bad and I didn’t deserve that hit.”
“But he punched Lex in the face?”
“Yup and he meant that.” He said to her. “This Bevins guy sounds like a real threat.”
“If you want, I can look up that guy along with your friend on the Faction database so you’ll get more info on him.”
“Sayuri, I like to and I really do but they messed with my laptop last time and I can’t risk them going through your stuff.”
“Don’t worry.” She said. “I’ll print them and give it to you somewhere out of the open. That sounds good?”
“Good? That’s great!!” Rolo said. “Sayuri, you’re a lifesaver and a great friend!”
“As are you, friend.” She said and typed ‘hugs’ on the chat.

Nola was trying to heal her wounds by pouring the healing alcohol on it and it works because she screams every 2 minutes while bandaging herself.
“NOLA!!” Murasaki came to the bathroom and did the bandaging herself. “OK, that should be better.”
“Ow. The shit stings and I came still feel the pain from that bullet.” Nola said. “I need to shoot that bitch if it’s the last thing I do.”
“Nola, what are you trying to pull?” Murasaki asked.
“Going there myself, taking out Bevins and his crew and boom, no more problem!!” she said going to the bedroom with Saki.
“WHAT!?!” Saki screamed out but Nola had to cover her mouth. “Nola, what are you thinking? You can’t do this by yourself!!”
“Why not?” she said. “I can handle myself!!”
“YOU GOT SHOT TODAY!!” Murasaki said. “They might do worse next time and if something happens to you…..I……I…don’t know what I’ll do. I don’t want to lose people I love to some bullshit!! That happened before and I don’t want it to happen again.”

“Saki, baby….You have nothing to worry about. Yeah, I got shot but you know I’m a good fighter.” Nola said.
“I know you’re a good fighter!” Saki said. “I still worry about you because of that!!! I couldn’t bare seeing you hurt or worse.”
Nola knew that she needed to calm her down quickly and so she ended up kissing and pleasuring her for comfort.
“Saki….I promise you that I wouldn’t let myself get killed.” She said in between kissing her and taking her clothes off.
“You promise?” Saki said with her gleaming puppy dog eyes staring at Nola.
“I promise.” Nola said.
“OK. That does make me feel a little better.” Saki said. “Among other things…..” As she places Nola’s hand on her chest and got on top of her, about to have sex.

Back at Longtooth’s place, it was the middle of the night and he was just getting back from work looking tired as hell and when he plops down on the couch to sleep, he woke up Noir from her sleep as she wonder where he was hours ago.

“Longtooth…..did you….” She looks at the clock and see it’s 1 A.M. “HOW LONG YOU’VE BEEN OUT!?”
“A while.” Longtooth said. “I said it was going to be a long errand.”

“You told me at 6. That was 7 HOURS AGO!” She said, “Longtooth, you’re not anything that could land you back to–”
“NO!!!” He bellowed. “Look, Noir, I’m just in the middle of something that could get me into an easier life.”
“Easier?” Noir asked. “I thought not being in jail was an easier life.”
“Yeah, but I’m doing to do….is going to get us into the easiest life.” He said. “This guy named Bevins…..he could make our lives better, more worthy than what we have if we do one thing for him.”
“And that would be?”
“Taking out the Darksiders…..for good.” He casually said while drinking some juice.

“WHAT!?!?” She screamed. “So you’re going to help him take down your friends?”
“THEY ARE NOT MY FRIENDS ANYMORE!!” He said. “As far as I’m concerned, they aren’t worth a damn thing since that day!!! They’re the reason why I spent 9 years in jail!!” He shouted.
“So killing them is going to solve it?” She yelled at him.
Then he swiftly said, “Sure.”
“Oh, boy.” An irritated Noir said.
“Look, whether you support me or not, I’m doing this.” He said. “Most of the shit is justified anyway so I’m taking a chance.” Then Noir left in a huff, frustrated at her brother.
“Soon, you’ll thank me for this!!” He shouted. “You’ll see.” Longtooth then went on to bed with the thought of getting sweet satisfaction come tomorrow.
“And by the way, assface, you’re not–” Noir was about to curse him out for something but then she saw a USB drive that he left on the table and it says ‘BBB Game Plan’.
“The hell is this?” she said.
She took it to her room and look to see what was on there and what she saw was not good news.
“Oh no……oh damn!! Longtooth, why did you agree to this?”

Still into the late night, Lex was in the kitchen with a glass of vodka and pondering how he’s going to get out of this mess.
“Couldn’t sleep, huh?” Aka said.
He shook his head.
“Yeah, me neither.” She said. “Maybe we should call MAK and Kai to help us on this.”
“Nah. We don’t want them to be involved in our mess.” Lex said. “Besides, they’re probably busy with a lot of their work and school stuff.”
“Kati and Yuan then?”
“Kati maybe…..don’t know about Yuan.” Lex said.
“Damn, what are we going to do now?” Aka questioned him.
“We got no chance…….all of us are going to have to fight them.”

At that same moment, Nola was going to the bathroom when she overheard their conversation.
“WHAT!?!” Aka shouted. “Fight them? For real!! You forgot what happened there? We got our asses handed by them. Now imagine that with the rest of the gangs wanting our heads.”
“We can’t just do nothing!!!” Lex said. “Either way, we’re fucked…..unless we fight back.”
“And you meant everyone? Even Saki?” Aka questioned.
“She can handle herself and plus she’s got Nola to protect her.” Lex said.
“The same one who got her ass shot today?” She yelled at him and then Nola took offense.
“We don’t have a choice. When the time comes, we got to ready for it. You heard when Bevins said… on watch.”

Nola then immediately went back to the room to wake up Murasaki.
“SAKI! SAKI, wake up!!” Nola said, rocking her awake.
“Nola……I’m too tired for sex.” Saki said. “We can do it when I get up.”
“SAKI!!” Nola shouted. “This is serious!! We could be in danger!!! I overheard Lex and Aka talking about the whole Bevins thing and gangs going after us.”
“Wait. What happened with that?” she said.
“Sooner or later, all these gangs will come for us and they meant ALL OF US.” Nola said. “Including you, too.”
Murasaki hyperventilated for a minute, thinking what horrors might happen to them and how they can come for her any minute and she wouldn’t be prepare.
“SAKI!!! Look, I won’t let that happen to you!” Nola said. “If anything, I’ll probably die protecting you from it.”
“THAT’S WORSE!!!!” Saki shouted. “I told you before, I don’t want either of us to die from this, Nola. I know we should fight for our lives but the more I think about it, the more anxious I get.”
“Saki…..I promise you that nothing is going to happen to you.” She said. “But…..I can’t promise the same for us.”
Tears were beginning to form as that thought occurred.
“Saki, you know what everybody does here is life-threatening!! I know it, your sister knows it, and everyone knows it by now!”
“I KNOW! I KNOW!!” Saki said. “Still……When my mom died when I was younger, Aka’s been the only one to be my sister and mother. She protected me throughout the years from anyone trying to harm me and then comes people like Lex, Nanashi, Rolo and the others……and then there’s you.” Saki then grasped Nola’s hand and looked into her eyes. “All these guys aren’t just protectors for me. They’ve become my friends or better yet my family, the one that I needed the most and you….Noelle Neko, have been a big extension as not only my friend and protector, but as my girlfriend and soulmate.” She then kissed her on the lips.
“Wow….” Nola said. “Saki, I…..”
“I know you’ll do your best to protect me.” She said as she kissed her again.

The next morning, Bevins was meeting with the gangs about the extermination of the Darksiders. Two of the people he was meeting was Lazer, leader of the Kentucky Rottweilers and Talli Digga, leader of the The New Jacks of Eastin City.
“So you’re the man that could take down Lex and his crew?” Lazer said.
“Oh, that’s affirmative, baby.” Bevins said. “We can go and attack at him anytime.”
“We heard you beat their asses pretty bad.” Digga said. “And we want to get their land as well as the Society. We know it’s very swanky there and they are living the high life. I want that shit!! My boys want that shit!! You get my drift?”

Kaos said to her, “Be patient, little gangster. You’ll get something out of this.”
Bevins puts out 4 briefcases and we went on to open it and it turns out it’s $250,000 in each of them.
“That is $1,000,000 total of this and I got 4 gangs hired to take down the Darksiders. These are the rules. If one of your members kill all of them, they’ll get the whole million. People from 2 different gangs, they get half a million. You probably get the rest. If one of you kills any or all of them, you’ll get cash. You dig?”
“And that is your rules. Any questions?” Kaos asked them.
“Yeah.” Lazer said. “None of this is going to fuck any of us over, isn’t it?”
“Now, Lazer, why would you think that?” Bevins said. “Don’t always believe what those movies tell you. I am a man of my word.”
He puts the briefcases up and locked for safekeeping and went to see them on their way out.

Later on, he showed Officer William Burr and JaxKnife, the leaders of the Willis Bushwhackers and The Walla-Walla Hustlers the money and told them the same spiel he gave to Digga and Lazer.
“Got any questions?” Kaos asked them.
“Can we get your girl as a prize?” JaxKnife said.
Kaos pointed his sword at his private area. “Any other ones and ones that doesn’t involve me?”
“I think we’re good here.” Burr said. “Well, that and I hope none of the other police is aware of this.”
“Don’t worry, Burr.” Bevins said. “I got that covered.”

Later on, he showed a $100,000 to both Rick and Dice Cain, who have recently been healed from their injuries from their Parish Heights venture.
“And now the authorities know nothing about this.” Rick said.
“That’s the police, the DEA, CIA, FBI and that other fucking agency in there.” Dice said.
“The Faction?” Kaos said.
“Yeah. That shit.”

Later on, the Darksiders was at the Turner Express getting a drink or four…..or at least, that was the case for Aka.
She drowns her stress and sorrow with 4 drinks as she drinks along with Nanashi, Kati and Kai.
“Hey ….um…..uh…..I’m sorry. What’s your name again?”
“Sheena.” The bartender said. “Don’t worry, I’ve been working here for a month now and I do see you’re quite depressed.”
“You can say that again.” As Aka slurred her words. “Can I get another hard lemonade?”
“Coming up.” Sheena said.
“So… have to fight off every gang near here because one of Lex’s former buddies wants revenge?” Kati asking Aka and Nanashi.
“I don’t even know the motherfucker.” Nanashi said. “But now hearing about what happened, I don’t blame him. Hell, it makes me want to slap all those guys.”
“Even Rolo?” Kai said to her.
“Yes, even him.” Nanashi said. “Hey, I love him as a dear little brother but he needs tough love now and then, although Longtooth hit him hard.”

“Speaking of Rolo, where is he?” Kati said.
“He had to run something about Longtooth.” Aka said. “He’s with that Matsuda girl he always hangs out with.”
“Sayuri?” Kai said.
“Yeah.” Aka said. “I hope he does more on this than just cozying up to her.”
“Wow, all this stuff just happening to you recently from gangs coming for you.” Kai said to her. “I know that stress must be hell for you.”
“You sure you don’t need our help on this?” Kati asked.
“No…….” Aka said. “I can’t have you two mixed in this. You forget a while back you got shot in here and you….” As Aka points to Kai. “Actually, yeah….I know getting you in this would fuck you over again.”
“Huh?” Sheena asked as she got Aka her 5th drink.
“It’s a long story, Sheena.” Kai said. “For another time.”

Elsewhere in the bar, Yuan was talking to Lex, Magnum, Devo & Aron about the whole situation.
“So you motherfuckers got yourself into some shit again, didn’t you?” he said.
“HE CAME TO US!!” Aron shouted.
“Because he’s pissed at you!!” Yuan shouted back. “He took the fall for you!”
“He stole the money from us first!!” Aron said.
“And yet, you’re not in jail.” Yuan said to him.
“Wait, am I getting yelled for this, even though I don’t have shit to do with it?” Devo pointed out.
“No. That was before your time.” Yuan said. “Although I’m still pissed at all of you for getting me shot for that Pandora shit.”
“Fine. We know we’re not the upstanding citizens on this but some massive shit is going to happen and not the good type.” Lex said. “All these gangs, the Kentucky Rottweilers, the Walla-Walla Hustlers, The New Jacks of Eastin City and the Willis Bushwackers want our territory.”
“First off, the hell is a Bushwacker?” Yuan said. “Second, if they want Parish Heights, you might as well give it to him. What, you barely go there for anything anymore.”
“Except they don’t just want Parish Heights.” Magnum said. “They want the Society, too, and we know these gangs. You think we’re reckless? We’re the girl scouts compared to them motherfuckers. These fools will come in here, shoot you and Kati (again) and would take that new girl you hired for a gang-bang.”
“The New Jacks of Eastin City are the worst.” Lex said. “Especially their leader Talli Digga.”
“And they will wreck shit up.” Aron said.
“They’re bad news, man.” Lex said.
Yuan knew with what that said that he had nothing to retort other than, “OK…..I might provide you with something of use and me hoping you’re not dying after this and no gang-rape happening.”
“Deal.” Lex and Yuan shook on the deal.
“Once again, I deal with a stubborn motherfucker.” Yuan said. “Oh…..where’s Rolo? Shouldn’t he be here?”
“Is that them?” One person outside spying on them.
“Yeah, it’s them.”
“Get your guns loaded.”

Elsewhere, Rolo and Sayuri were at one of the Faction libraries looking up files on Longtooth and Bevins.
“So, what’s the guy’s government name?” Sayuri said.
“It’s Delroy Anthony Richards.” Rolo said.
“Delroy?” Sayuri questioned. “OK……Weird first name, tho.”
She finally got his name on there.
“Found him.” She said. “Born July 14, 1991….Father died when he was 9, mother alive and a younger sister.”
“Oh yeah, Noir.” Rolo said.
“Noir?” Sayuri said. “That’s her real name?”
“Yeah. Well, her middle name. Her full name is Chloe Noir Richards.” He said, “On the file right there.”
“Oh. Another thing I never got…..he serve 10 years for robbery. Most people we get serve 5 or less. I mean, a young kid like that shouldn’t serve that long.”
“Yeah….and it’s really our fault.” Rolo said.
At that point, Rolo replayed Longtooth hitting him in the face from yesterday. “And maybe I did deserve that hit.”
“OK, got his out of the way. Now, on to Bevins.” As Sayuri search records for Bevins and she found the first thing on him.
“GOT IT!!! Mauricio Bevins.” She said. “Wow, this guy definitely had some arrests back in the day from typical conman scams to–”
Suddenly they hear footsteps becoming louder as someone is at the door.
“OH SHIT!!” Rolo silently said. “Someone’s coming!!”
“Did I mention I’m not supposed to have access in this room?” Sayuri said.
“WHAT!?” Rolo shouted. “You know what? NO TIME!”
The two went to quickly escape out of the window only to notice that it’s a two-story window and they took a big fall landing on a bush.
“OW!” Sayuri shouted.
“You okay?” He said.
“I’m alright.” Sayuri said, “You got what you need?”
“I think so.” As he got it all in his USB Drive. “I just need to get my hands on something to print……and hopefully somewhere I don’t have to jump out a window. I’ll probably figure that out later. I’ll talk to you later, Sayuri!”
Rolo was about to run out of there.
“Hey, Rolo!!” She shouted. “Before you go, I know you’ve been feeling guilty and full of regret about the whole Longtooth thing and…..well… hard it is to fight someone you used to be close to.”
“The thing is…..I really don’t blame him for going against us.” Rolo said. “That day is a reminder of how shitty of a friend I was.”
Sayuri then hugged him for comfort and reassurance. “Rolo…’re not a shitty friend. Believe me, hanging with you showed me you’re a cool and sweet guy. You’ve always been there for the Darksiders and especially me when I was going through losing Jin. All of us have done messed up things in the past but it doesn’t always define who we are and I can assure you…..Rolo Ford, you’re an amazing friend.” With that said, Rolo embraced her back for an extended amount of time.
“Thank you, Sayuri.”
“No problem, buddy.” Then she kissed him on the cheek.
However, as Rolo and Sayuri parted ways, somebody in the shadows was watching him from afar.

Meanwhile in the middle of downtown, The Kentucky Rottweilers were traipsing around town searching for any active Darksider member and with them, there has been no luck for them.
“LAZER!!! What bar do they go again? The Turnbill Express? The Tammy Express?”
“TURNER!!” Lazer said. “The only one with a penguin owner!! And I think he got the wrong address.”
Out of the blue, he spotted Murasaki coming out of the mall.
“Wait……” He said as he checked the digi-dossier he got from Bevins. “That’s the second-in-command’s sister! We got a live one, fellas!!”
And then Nola was also spotted with her.
“Wait, 2 for 2!! That’s her fuck buddy!! QUICK!! Act normal like nothing’s going on.”

The girls are getting into the car to drive back home.
“So, you feeling good after today?” Nola asked.
“Good? More like great!! You took me shopping for new shoes, clothes, and of course….some new lingerie that is more of a gift to you if you know what I mean.” As Murasaki giggles.
“Well, I’m glad you enjoy your day, sweetie.” Nola said. “Told you this was something you needed today.”
“When you’re right, you’re right.” Murasaki said getting in the car.
“Hold on. I need to get us something to drink before we leave. Be right back.” Nola said as she kissed Murasaki and went ahead.

Lazer and his boys were hidden into the crowd as they kept going closer and closer towards them. However, as they got close, they accidentally bumped into the car and Murasaki heard something from outside.
“What the?”
She went to check outside to see what’s happening and she noticed someone dropped a key near her.
“SAKI, LOOK OUT!!” Nola screamed as one guy went to try and grab Saki but Nola threw rocks at them.
“What the hell?” Saki screamed. “Who are they?!”
“Seems like you have no idea who the hell I am now, do we?” Lazer said. “Well, don’t worry about it. The only thing you’re going to know is that you got a reward on you from Bevins and we just have to do is get your asses.”
“Dead or Alive?” Saki asked.
“Minus the alive part.” Lazer said.
“Wait a minute……I know who you are.” Nola said. “You’re Lazer from the Kentucky Rottweilers!!”
“DAMN RIGHT!!” Lazer said.
“I remember seeing you get your ass handed to you by a guy with crutches on him!!” Nola said as she laughed at the thought of that and the rest followed suit.

“HEY!!!” Lazer yelled. “Assholes, you forget our mission!! We need to execute these bitches to get our money!!”
“Like HELL!!” Nola said as she grabbed Saki and made a run for their lives and got her gun from the car and shot at them first.

Lazer and the Rottweilers began shooting at them and they weren’t afraid to do it out in the open as it caused a scare leaving lots of people scattering around to find safety, which wasn’t the best idea for Lazer since that meant the girls can easily escape from them.

They circled back to their car and as soon as they got in, they rode on out.
“FUCK!! There they go, Lazer!!” One Rottweiler screamed.
“Get the boys!!” Lazer said. “Find them!! Catch ’em and kill ’em!!”

“Oh no!!” Saki was getting anxious. “It’s the gangs!!! This is it!!! The warning that guy Bevins sent and they’re coming to kill us all!”
“Saki, baby, don’t worry!!” Nola said. “I promise I’ll get you safe and sound!! I won’t let anything happen to you!”
“And you? I told you already I don’t want use getting into this–NOLA, LOOK OUT!!” she screamed as she spots them catching up and they are aiming directly at their heads.
“Come here, BITCH!!” Lazer said with someone manning a shotgun to shoot out the windows.

Meanwhile at the Turner Express, some people are going into there and they are having some shady looks in their eyes.
“Hey, um…..what in the hell are you doing?” Kati said as they were blocking the door.
“You can’t block the entrance.” Yuan said. “People need to come in to drink or leave when they’re done.”
“What they said.” Sheena said.
“You’re closing shop early today.” A deep-voiced woman said. “You got some pests we need to exterminate.”
“Pests?” Nanashi said. “I don’t see any pests here.”
“Well, we do.” And then the woman revealed herself to be Talli Digga of the New Jacks of Eastin City. “And I’m looking right at her.”
“Talli Digga….” Nanashi said. “Let me guess…..your crew wants to kill us…am I right?”
“That’s right!! Bevins is going to pay us big money to execute your little crew.” She said. “Who knows? Some of them may be hunted right now…..particularity your little sister.”
Aka went up and point her gun at Digga. “You little bitch!! The hell you do to my sister?”
“Oh, I didn’t do anything……yet.” She said. “I hope she survives because I definitely want to be the one to cut her throat in front of you.”

Aka and Nanashi got out their guns. “Kati, Yuan….let me apologize for the damage that might happen here. Sheena…you might want to run out of here quick.”
“You don’t have to tell me twice.” As Kati and the rest ducked out of there as fast as they can.
“And I thought I was going to fight with the best of the best…..only now it’s with the lowly second-in-command bitch and her Gina Carano-wannabe buddy.”
“Wow, now I’m gonna enjoy beating your ass.” Nanashi said.

“THEN BRING IT BITCH!!” One of the girls said.
The next second, Nanashi punched her out clean.
“Well?” Nanashi said, “Anyone else?”
All of a sudden, every New Jack member pounced on Nanashi the second she said that and they really got her outnumbered as they got her cornered and immobile but then Aka got her gun and shot one of them with Nanashi getting a pocket knife and shivving a couple of them to get out of their way.
“The one time people actually jump in on a fight and it had to happen to me.” Nanashi said.
“Wait a minute, where’s Lex and the rest?”

At the back, The Walla-Walla Hustlers found out in the back and they happened to spot Lex and the rest.
They fired the first shot as their technique is ‘shoot first, shoot some more, keep shooting and then go home’.
“What the hell!?!” Aron shouted. “Who are they?”
“WALLAS!!” Cameron screamed.
Lex, Aron, Magnum, Devo and Cameron all made a run for it as the Wallas are getting closer.
“HEY!! We need to split!!” Lex said.
“Split? WHY!?” Magnum said.
“We can have one of them chase each of us and we take care of them our way.” Devo said. “I get what Lex is saying.”
“Except for one thing.” Aron shouted. “THERE’S 5 of US and 20 OF THOSE MOTHERFUCKERS CHASING US!!”
“We’re doing the split in 5…4….3….2….” And they break off into different directions but it looks like the majority of them went on to 5 while a few of them went on for the rest.
JaxKnife got the lead on Lex. “He thinks that splitting up shit is going to work…..fat chance, fucker.”
Jax directly rushes to get Lex but then he got in his bike to make a faster run for it.

Rolo, on the other hand, was walking his way home as it feel like he’s being watched. A slow car was coming towards his way and as the window rolls down, someone is pulling their gun out and slowly began to aim at Rolo walking and as he’s starting to suspect something is going to happen to him, someone on a bike grabbed him before the shot was made.
“WHOA!! What the–” he shouted. “What was that?”
“Did you forget you’re in danger?” The mysterious rider was a girl. “You can’t just walk in the streets like it’s a normal thing!!”
“Who in the hell are you?” he screamed.
“Let’s say I’m a friend of a friend who’s not that keen on you at this moment.” She said. “Oh, and those are the Willis Bushwackers attacking you.”
“BUSHWHACKERS!!?” Rolo shouted. “But that’s a cop!”
“Uh, not really.” She said. “Officer Burr is just a name. He’s not really a cop. He just dresses like one.”
The Bushwhackers keep shooting at him but the girl kept shooting back and got direct hits of shooting their tires out and one of the guys.
“DAMNIT!!” Burr said. “Get that bitch and kill that hacker dork!!”
“Dork?” Rolo sounded irritated from that comment. “You got an extra gun?”
“Be my guest.” The girl hands her gun to him and he shoots the front car, causing the rest of them to collision course crash into each other and they all explode on impact.
Only one car was left and Burr was the one driving it.
“FINE!! You may have kill them but I’m the last one left and I doubt your brain got enough skills to kill me!!”
“Oh, shit!” Rolo said.
“Don’t worry. I got this.” The girl said. She then stopped for a minute.
“WHO!! Why you stopped?” Rolo said.
She didn’t say a thing as she revved the engine faster and now they are heading to crash into Burr.
“HA-HA!! This girl is crazy…” Burr said. “And fucking stupid at that.”
The two vehicles are heading for a collision into each other and it seems like Burr has the advantage since that car can crush both Rolo and the girl but at the last minute, she pulls out a mini-bomb and as they were about to crash, she narrowly missed them and went on the other path.
“The hell?” Burr said, as he was confused at that and he heard a beeping sound in his car and as he turns around, he noticed 5 bombs attached to his car and immediately it blows up, killing him in a fiery rage.

“OH SHIT!!!” Rolo shouted.
The girl took off her helmet and it’s revealed to be Noir. “Yeah…..those bombs are a real mess.”
“Wait….do I know you?” Rolo asked her.
“You should. You and your cute little friend researched my brother and me today.” Noir said.
His eyes widened at the realization that it was Longtooth’s younger sister. “Noir?”
“Yup. Rolo, it’s me.” She said giving him a cuddle.

Back at the other chase, Lazer and the Rottweilers still chasing Murasaki and Nola on the highway.

“FUCK!! We’re at the highway!” Saki said. “And they are still gaining on us!!”
“Lazer, we got them on our sights!” One member said.

Nola zig-zagged across the highway to lose them or make them crash and two of them did into some other cars. Then Nola had to shoot the other ones out of the way with killing one of the drivers right in the head and making them crash into a gas tanker.

“OH MY GOD!!” Saki said. “That one guy is dead!!”
“GOOD!!” Nola said. “Now we just to make more of them dead. TAKE THE WHEEL, SAKI!!”
“WHAT!?” Saki screamed. “Nola, the hell are you doing?”
She busted the back window and got two more guns to take care of them. She shot out one coming to her left and it flipped out 6 times out of the highway and into the street.
“YEA!! FUCK YOU, MOTHERFUCKER!!” Nola shouted. “Don’t ever fuck with the Darksiders and that especially goes for me and my baby!!”
“You got one?” Saki said.
“YEAH!!” She said kissing Saki on the cheek. “Quick!! Take that shortcut here. We’ll lose him here!!”

So they took the shortcut under the bridge and they proceeded to lose him there in the barrage of traffic that cut him off.

“Huh? I can’t see them.” Lazer said. He tried to go faster but kept getting blocked and has no other way of getting to them.
“Looks like they are long gone, man.”
“GODDAMMIT!!” Lazer shouted.

“YESSSS!!!” Nola and Saki shouted.
“We did it!!” Nola said. “We’re alive!!! We escaped that asshole!!”
“Nola, we did it!” Saki said. “We’re safe and sound!!!” And then they stopped, parked and Saki gave Nola a big kiss on the lips.
“Now we just got to get somewhere safe until the whole thing blows over.” Nola said.
“What about the rest?” Saki said. “We might need to go back for Aka and the rest.”
“You think they are in some shit worse than us?” Nola asked.
“Oh, I like to think so.” The worse assumed as it was Kaos, Bevins’ right-hand woman, right in front of them.
“AAAHH!!!” Saki screamed.
“The fuck?” Nola shouted. “Where did you find us!?”
“Oh…you mean that plan to escape Lazer wasn’t a good plan at all?” Kaos said. “Oh, silly me. I guess you didn’t think enough of that.” Then she shoots the car while Saki and Nola escape out of there but Kaos grabbed Saki and smack her with her pistol. Nola got in a rage and chokes Kaos in a blind rage but it got the best of her as Kaos shoots her in the leg.
“AAAHHH!!!” Nola screamed in blood-curdling pain.
“NOLA!” Saki shouted but then Kaos grabbed her and put a gun to her head.
Nola tries to lump to get her but Kaos cocked the gun at her. “YO!! Unless you want your girlfriend’s brains on the desert ground, you stay your ass right there!!!”
A helicopter comes up and it is Bevins and Longtooth arriving to pick up Kaos.
“HEY!!” Kaos said. “Change of plans!! We got a prisoner transport!!” As she drags Saki to her.
“And you….” She points to Nola. “Deliver a message to your crew. There is no ransom, no time date or any bullshit like that. We’re just kidnapping the bitch.”

Longtooth looked hard at Nola and she glared back with a furious look at him.
“What in the fuck are you looking at?” she said to him.
“What?” he said. “I’m seeing the consequences you get hanging with the Darksiders.”
“NO.” she shouted. “What I see is some bitch that can’t let shit go and instead use it to attack other people that haven’t done shit to him. Fuck……you…..”
Longtooth began to shoot at her.
“Forget it.” Kaos said, “She is good as dead. Let nature take care of it.” They soon left on the way and with Nola stranded with a messed-up car and leg.

The chase with Lex and the Hustlers were going on all around the streets.
JaxKnife got him on his tail with him trying to shoot him but Lex turned left at the last minute with Jax almost crashing into a car but then went off-ramp as he got ahead of Lex so Lex had to turn back to get away.

As for the rest, Aron got a few of them with on him with machineguns and flamethrowers.
“AAHH!!! Why me!?” Aron shouted.
“Hell if I know.” Devo said as he fires back at them.
One of them was throwing blades at them and Magnum had to duck and dodge between riding and not crashing.
“OK, I had enough Blades for one day.” He then shoots them all in the head crashing into one car and other landing in a pole in their ass.

Aron was still riding to get them off his tail and as he kept escaping, he was about to enter the busy intersection and tried to make it there without crashing.
He enters it and zig-zags all the way without getting run over.
The 2 Hustlers chasing him went to catch up with him but soon after that, they were both hit by a 18-wheeler.
“Oh……..oh my damn.” Aron said looking at the brutal incident and makes a run for it.

“Yo, any luck on you guys?” Cameron asked.
“I’m good….” Aron said. “Better than the two guys that were chasing me.”
“Solid.” Devo said.
“Same here.” Magnum said. “Although I could use less blades.”
“Lex, you in? Lex? LEX?!”

Jax got side-to-side with Lex and he got close to where he can stab him there.
Lex pushed him off his way to make him crash but JaxKnife jumped on him, choking him and trying to make him crash as Jax is dragging along the road.
Jax got his knife out and he stabs Lex’s hand but then Lex got the knife out with him bleeding out and then he cuts Jax’s fingers off as he lost his grip on the bike and crashed and got run over by an incoming car. Lex pants from the adrenaline and the prolonged exhaustion from it.

“Lex, you in?” Cameron shouted.
“Yeah…….I’m in.” he said.

The New Jacks vs. Aka and Nanashi were still busy with their own fight.
“I’mma tear you apart, bitch!!” Digga screamed as she tries to smash two bottles to Nanashi’s head and then she grab a pool cue to hit her upside her head.
“Like hell you will!!”
Meanwhile, Aka is pinned against 4 of the New Jacks as they all jumped on her and they tried to overpower her in fighting and making her not land a punch. However, Aka still has a shiv in her pocket and again, she stabbed most of them in their sides and knees.

Aka kicked one of them outside and got a chain to beat her up with. She got the chain around her neck and threw her to a moving car.

Two more girls jumped on her and punched her senseless in a speedy motion but then Nanashi and Digga threw each other out through the glass outside with Digga having the upper hand.

“Oh fuck!” Aka strained trying to break free but couldn’t move from them.
“Don’t try to break free, bitch!!” they said. “We’re going to get that money from Bevins as soon as we get through with your ass!!”
Then Nanashi stabbed one of them right in the chest.
“I don’t think you’ll need that money anytime soon.”
“You fuckin–” One of them went to cut Nanashi but then she directly got punched straight in the jaw.
“Actually, scratch that, maybe you do from those hospital bills.” Nanashi said pushing one over to the ground.
Digga then got the shotgun and start firing at Aka and Nanashi and they take cover by hiding behind one of the cars.
“COME OUT!! Get your ass from there and fight me like a real woman!!” Digga shouted. “If not, I’ll just go ahead and kill that bartender, her dorky man and that busty waitress y’all seem to be friends with!!”

“That’s what you think!!!” Nanashi said firing a pistol directly at her but misses at the last minute and Digga fired back with her own pistol, shooting Nanashi in the side of her stomach.
“No, you shooting me is what you think.” Digga said.
“NANASHI!!” Aka screamed.
Digga then drops her gun. “You know what? I don’t need a gun to kill your ass!!” She picks up a glass shard and hold it against her neck.
“You faux tough girls are always the same. You think you’re as hardcore and rough as you’re one of the guys but we all know you’re weak as shit on the inside. Look at you, you could’ve been one of us, Nanashi, but instead you choose to hang with…..” She looks at Aka with disdain. “A bunch of punk ass boys with this little girl….as your second-in-command!” She then got close to Aka with the glass shard.
“You know…..I heard your little sister and that girl she’s always hanging – or fucking – with…….they are in some deep shit.” She said. “The Rottweilers attacked them and I do hope they survived because we want a piece of that ass and I want to make sure you see me fuck up your sister.”
With that furious face and the moment that she insulted her sister, Aka balled up her fist and strike Digga out with one punch then she grabbed her and punched her again and again and again and threw her at one of the windows of her car.

Aka went to get Nanashi up. “Oh, fuck….Nanashi! NANASHI!!” She got her propped and Sheena came out to check on the rampage.
“Uh….. Are they gone?” she asked.
“Most of them.” Aka said. “Hey, I need you to get Nanashi in there. Get Kati and Yuan and tell them the coast is clear.”
“Gotcha.” Sheena said.
Soon Lex and the guys (minus Rolo) arrived there in time.
“AKA!!” Lex said.
“LEX!” Aka shouted. “My god, did you get hit, too?”
“I think all of us did.” Lex said. “Fuckin’ Bevins sent out gangs to take us out. We almost got killed in this shit!”
“It was like a game of cat and mouse….or dog.” Magnum said. “Look, whether it is, it’s damn well dangerous out there.”
“No doubt.” Cameron said.
“Wait…1, 2, 3…..someone’s missing!!”
“I’M ALIVE!!” Aron shouted.
“Not you!!” Aka screamed, “What happened to Rolo? Or better yet Murasaki and Nola? Oh no, if something happens to them, I don’t know what I’ll do.”

Rolo then arrived there riding with Noir on the bike.
“ROLO!!” Aka shouted. “Thank God you’re safe! And….whoever the hell that came with you.”
“Don’t worry, I’m nothing but an ally.” Noir said as she took off her helmet.
“Wait……I think I remember you from somewhere…”Aron said.
“Do I need to put my hair in twin-tails for you to recognize me?” She said putting her hair in that.
“What……Noir? Little Noir?” Lex said.
“Yes, Noir but scratch the little part.” She said. “Anyway, I know all about what’s happening with you and my brother. I know he’s told me about how he went to jail for you….
“You mean for the shit he did?” Aron exclaimed.
“FOOL!!” Aka and Lex shouted at them.
“LOOK!!! He’s not going to stop until he gets rid of all of you!!” Noir said. “And it meant all of you!”
“And you’re helping us…?”
“He may be my brother but I know if he’ll do this, he’ll regret it.” Noir said. “Plus, even though some of you do deserve it, there’s a better way of doing it than this.”
“Believe us, Noir.” Rolo said. “Most of us have been feeling guilt for what we done to Longtooth. Even…..regret….”
“All of you?” Noir asked, “Even sore-ass here?”
“WHO!?” Aron shouted but then Rolo stomped on his foot.
“Yes, even sore-ass here.” Rolo exclaimed. “We were a bunch of dumb-ass teenagers back then and now…”
“We’re dumb-ass adults!” Cameron said. “IT ALL CONNECTS!!”
Nanashi then came stumbling out of the room groaning from the pain.
“Nanashi!” Devo said. “Babe, are you all right?”
“Ow….shit…….I’m not all that good, honey.” Nanashi said. “That damn New Jack bitch beat my ass bad.”
“And I beat her ass back!!” Aka said. “Next time she cracks at my sister and I…”
“Now’s not the time.” Noir said. “You need to plan a retaliation. Let them know you mean business and as for Longtooth, all of us will handle him together. Hopefully, he’ll wise up once I’m with you.”

All of a sudden, a cab was arriving and they dropped someone off there and… was a wounded and bloody Nola.
“Oh fuck….” Aka said as she looked to see where Murasaki was. “Oh god…..Nola…..what happened? What happened to you? Where’s Saki?”
Nola was breathing heavily and trying not to sob thinking what happened to her.
“Nola……please don’t tell me!! No, no, no, no!!! Is she….”
Nola shook her head ‘no’. “Saki……..was……kidnapped.”
“Kidnapped?!” Aka shouted.
“We were trying to escape from the Kentucky Rottweilers!!” she screamed out. “We did but that bitch Kaos, that bastard Bevins and your asshole ex-friend Longtooth came, shot up the car, shot me and took her away!!” As she hysterically sobbed.
“Holy shit!” Lex said.
“They didn’t even want a ransom.” Nola said. “They said just get her and you know with no ransom, they are just going to kill us there!!! I can’t believe it!! My baby is gone!! My baby is gone!! MY BABY IS GONE!!”

“My god, Nola….”
“Aka, you know I would put my ass on the line to protect her!!” Nola screamed. “I just wanted her to take her mind off this today but… didn’t work.” Aka went over to Nola and try to console her through it.
“I don’t think I have ever seen Nola like this.” Lex said.
“When you see someone you love in danger…’ll get like that, too.” Aka said. “And I know how she feels.”

“So…….most of you failed to kill any Darksider?” Bevins said. “For real, for some top gangs, most of you are pathetic as fuck!!”
“WHAT!?” Lazer said. “I would’ve gotten to that bitch if traffic didn’t cut me!!”
“Oh, you mean that bitch right…….” He then showed Murasaki tied up and gagged. “…..there?”

“Oh… got her?”
“Yeah.” Bevins said. “I do and just for failing, you get no fucking money what so fucking ever and you leave a broke and penniless man.”
“WHAT?!” He screamed. “No one else got to anybody and at least I’m alive!! Those other 2 got their ass wasted and that other bitch might need a hospital.”
“True. Very true.” Bevins said. “But let’s make this a little more equal.” He then got a pistol and shoots Lazer in the head, killing him.
“See, Lazer? I didn’t trick you. You’re just a shitty listener.” Then he shoots him again.

Longtooth came into the room where Murasaki is in holding.
“So you’re a mascot for the Darksiders?” he said. “A…..pixie dream cosplay girl or something?”
Murasaki tried to say something but Longtooth couldn’t understand what she was saying. He took off the gag.
“You little asshole!!” She shouted and then spit on him.
“OW!! In my eye, too!!”
“GOOD!” Saki shouted.
“Look!!! The reason I’m doing this shit because that fucking leader of yours and his crew fucked me over back in the day.” Longtooth said.
“So harassing the other ones that weren’t a part of this is better?” Saki shouted. “Terrorizing us around town? Trying to kill my sister and my friends?! Shooting my Nola in the leg!?”
“So be it!” he shouted.
“You bastard.” Saki said. “Those guys aren’t going to give up and die easily!! We fought more fucked-up people than that guy. Hell, we want through Grand H and we’re still alive.”
Kaos then walked in the conversation. “Longtooth, why you let the pink one talk? Bait doesn’t talk.”
“Bite me, bitch!” Saki cursed at her but Kaos punched her.
“Don’t think I won’t knock you out!! I could kill you right here right now.” She said. “But for now, you live….at least until we kill your pesky friends of yours and especially your girlfriend, who I will kill in front of you so you can experience that horror.”
“Fuck…you…..” Saki whispered to herself.

Back at the Darksiders HQ, they were preparing for war with Bevins and co. as they were getting weapons and themselves ready.
“I got a call from Longtooth and he said that he will be late coming home today.” Noir said. “Now he doesn’t know that I’m filling you in on this and I want to keep it that way.”
“I’ll look up any security cams/footage there.” Rolo said. “I can call Sayuri to look up something for me.”
“I’ll get the guns.” Magnum said. “Some I got are really needed for this.”
“I can get the intel on that location.” Aron said.

“Hey….Noir?” Lex said. “When we eventually get there, you know that choice I have to make when it comes to….well….”
“What?” Noir said, “You expect me to say ‘Oh no, please don’t kill my brother’ or ‘He has his head in the wrong place?’ Look, I mean, I love my brother and I hope it doesn’t come to that but….. Like you, I don’t know who to side with. Myself or my brother or you guys even though all of us got something to blame whether it’d be Longtooth stealing from you or you abandoning him as he got arrested.”
“We really were a bunch of dumbasses back then.” Lex said.
“No doubt about that.” Noir said.
“I do have one more question……..would you forgive us for that?” Lex asked her.
Noir was a bit silent for a minute. “Well……it depends. I probably slap you at first….or just hurt you…a lot.”

The girls were packing a lot of heat for the bust, especially with Nola who is very determined and anxious on getting Saki out of there safe and sound. Aka and Nanashi look concerned for her as it felt like she wanted to go all out crazy there.
“Nola……” Nanashi said. “Hey, I know that we don’t really get along that much and I see in your eyes that you are afraid of what’s going to happen next.”
Aka then came to speak. “I’m frightened, too, Nola. Like you, I’m scared of what they’ll do to Saki and I know I’m not gonna let them lay a finger on her but we can’t lose too much control on this or else, you’ll lose yourself and Saki, too.”
Nola stopped loading her clip for a second and look in the mirror, seeing herself with the bruises and scars on her and thinking that last moment of Saki being held at gunpoint. She then went to the girls, held close to both of them and said, “Thank you……..”

1 ½ hours later…..

“HEY!! Bevins!!” Longtooth shouted. “You offered a million or less to those damn gangs to take them out!?! I thought this was MY THING!! Darksiders are my prey!!”
Bevins had to slap him for a second. “Will you calm your ass down!!!? I don’t like your damn tone with me right now. I tricked them into browbeating them out of hiding and now they are coming for us.”
“Because we got one of their own?” Longtooth said.
“Well, duh.” Kaos said. “I know that blonde one is anxious to get her out of there safe but all of us know that once they come here, we’ll finish it.”

“Don’t worry. I got an ace up my sleeve when they come.” Bevins said.

In the distance, there was a huge truck coming through their way and it looked like it wasn’t going to stop at the light. It kept speeding and speeding its way towards the place and it finally crashed into the place, wrecking half of the building.

Murasaki was still locked up in that room as she heard that noise. “What the hell?”

“Who in the hell just rams through a damn building?” One guy said.
Then Magnum shot off the door, blowing it off and landing it on that guy.
“We just did.” Aron said.
“MOVE OUT!!” Lex shouted the war cry to attack the building.

Everybody got out of the truck guns ablazin’, shooting everywhere around the area making a ruckus where Bevins can hear them.
“See? Here they are.” He said. “And you worried for nothing….”
Longtooth then jumped into the fight with a gun to jump on any Darksider in there. First, he spotted Magnum and when to fight him one-on-one.

“Come on, big man!!” Longtooth said. “Let’s see what you got.”
Magnum hesitated at first, but then gripped his fists into battle.
The two threw the first punches at each other, both keep blocking every move they got. Longtooth then got the upper hand, knocking out Magnum and chipping his tooth.
“Ow!” Magnum said then he kicked him down the stairs. “Foul move, motherfucker!!”
He jumped down to Longtooth and started smacking and stomping him down then Longtooth got into his hybrid mode with his panther claws and clawed Magnum with bloody scratches.
“Oh fuck!!!”
“You forgot I can do that?” Longtooth snarled and then attacked. The two kept on fighting and scraping with each other that they brought the fight outside with incoming sirens coming in.
“You are not going to fuck up my good life again!!!” Longtooth shouted. “You, Lex, and the rest of them motherfuckers owe me!!!”
“You……..did……..this……to…….yourself!!!!!” Magnum screamed as he pushed Longtooth and slammed his head on the wall.

The rest of the henchmen was chasing after Devo and Nanashi as they were making their way on to Bevins.
“Devo, gun!!” Nanashi shouted.
He tossed her the gun and she shot out the lights, threw a sparkler bomb, blinding some of them and proceed to move to the next office.
“Bevins, where’s your bitch ass?” Devo shouted. He wasn’t in there.
“Apparently not there.” Nanashi said.
“I think he jetted out of there as soon as he heard us come.” Devo said. “Noir, Rolo, Aron, can you check any sign of him?”
Rolo is running any live footage of him. “Guys, he’s on the rooftop. I think he’s going to make a run for it!!”
“Dammit!!” Nanashi and Devo shouted.

“Attention!! Attention!! This is Chrome Hybrid of the Royal Hybrid League. We have been issued an arrest warrant for Mauricio Bevins!!” That came from one of the radios.
Noir contacted them for a brief yet urgent warning. “Guys….I got bad news. The RHL overheard of Bevins’ actions and are coming here in less than 20 minutes!!”
“20 minutes!?” Everybody shouted.

Nola was running throughout the building checking for Murasaki.
“Dammit, not there!! Shit!!” She kept running and running in any room until the last one to her left. She noticed it was locked, so she take out her gun and shoots the lock.
“NOLA!!” As Saki shouted. “Is that you?!”
“SAKI!!” Nola shouted back as she finally sees her and tries to untie her from the chair.
Saki genuinely caressed Nola as she got untied. “Nola, I knew you would come!”
“Saki, baby, I’m so glad you’re safe!!” Nola cried as she kept holding her. “Now we really got to go!!”
The two made a quick run to the door until more of the Rottweilers show up for revenge for what happened to Lazer.
“That’s the bitch that killed Lazer!!”
“What?” Nola said. Then she looked at that corpse next to her and it was him. “I……didn’t do that.”
“No matter. We killing you anyway!!” The Rottweilers got their guns out and begun to shoot. Saki and Nola jumped out of the window as that happen. They got there safely on the ground and went to run from the bullets and hopefully out of harm’s way.

Kaos spotted them running from the building.
“Oh, right on time.” Kaos said. “I’ll deal with this.” She jumps and glades from the top and into their way.
“Oh look, the blonde lesbian went back to save her little girlfriend.” Kaos said. “But guess what? I’m gonna beat the living shit out of you two now!”
Nola then gagged and threw Kaos to the wall. “Try that, bitch.”
Now really pissed off, Kaos leapt from the wall to throttle Nola and trying to stab her on her side. However, Saki got the knife away from that but Kaos backhand Saki and then grabbed her neck and got the knife on her.
“OK, you little pixie bitch!!! I guess I won’t cut your girlfriend yet. Besides, I want to see the reaction she gets when you’re bleeding from the jugular.”
“LIKE HELL YOU WILL!!” Nola bounced back from the ground, snatched the knife and stabbed Kaos in the back.
“AAAHHHH!!!!” Kaos shouted. “My back?” She pulls the knife from her back, bleeding and all.
“You better do more than that!!!”
Then Saki sees an ax laying down on the ground, she grabs it and then slices Kaos’ hand off.
“AAAAAHHHH!!! AAAHH!!! OOOOOHHHH!!! You bitch!!” Kaos shouted and screamed. “My damn hand!! My hand!!!!!OOOHHH!!!”
Saki dropped the ax with Nola staring at awe on how she did that. At that note, they ran out of there quick.

The rest of the Rottweilers were searching for the ones that killed Lazer. They were looking and shooting through every door.
However, Cameron was outside, arming the door with enough explosives to take all of them out.
“What the fuck?” One guy spotted Saki and Nola escaping. “There goes those bitches!!! Get them hoes!!”
“Hey, everyone out of there yet?” Cameron said.
Rolo check the security cams to make sure it was clear.
“Yeah, everyone is out of there.” Rolo said. “You can do whatever.”
“Perfect.” Cameron said as he pushed the button.
The door opens and it killed one Rottweiler causing a chain reaction to the other armed doors and result into the whole building exploding, killing all the Rottweilers inside in a fiery blaze.

“Holy shit!” Devo said.
“Good thing we left before that happened.” Nanashi said. “Goddamn, Cameron.”

“The hell?” Bevins shouted as he’s about to get in his place. “Whatever, take me out of here!!”
Then Lex and Aka showed up with guns, ordering the pilot too not take off.
“So you managed to–”
“Yes, we did.” Aka said. “Your pathetic attempts of killing us is done!!! You think you can take us out?”
“You’re done, Bevins.” Lex said. “Your gangs are done for. All of those you put against us is dead!!”
“Well, you’re forgetting about one more person.” Bevins said.
“And who is—Oh wait.” Lex then realized who was left and at that moment, Longtooth and Magnum dueling it out let out to hear.
“LEX!!!” Longtooth shouted. “It will end here!!! NOW!!!”
“Oh fuck……” Lex silently said.
“Ow, shit.” Magnum said as he is about to pass out from the fighting. “Lex….Longtooth can hold his own. We’re fucked, man.”
“Aka, get Magnum and yourself out of here!!” Lex shouted.
“WHAT!? I’ll get him out but I’m staying with you!!” Aka said. “We’re fighting this to the end!!”
“NO!!!” Lex screamed. “This is my mess I created and I don’t want anyone else to get hurt in this!!”
Aka did wanted to argue back with him but realized she needed to get everyone out of here. “OK, fine!! BUT YOU BETTER GET BACK TO US SAFELY OR I’LL KICK YOUR ASS!!!” She then got herself and Magnum off the roof.

“Let’s end this once and for all!” Longtooth screamed.
“Fine……let’s.” Lex calmly said.

“What the—what’s Lex doing?” Aron said. “He’s going to get himself killed!!”
“I guess he’s……trying to atone for his mistakes.” Noir said. “I…….don’t know what to do now. I can’t…..choose between those two!”
“Fuck that. I’m going up there!” Aron screamed as he got out of the van.
“WAIT, ARON, NO!!” Rolo shouted. “Noir, we have to stop him!!”

Longtooth threw the first punch to Lex and he knocked him out clean. Lex retaliated by doing a few fight moves on him by sucker punching him from behind and trip-slam him down.

The boys got up and make the first strike at each other, only having Lex go tumbling down the stairs and Longtooth jumped down there first to grab Lex, pin him to the wall and punch the wall then strangling him again but then Lex got a hold of his arm, trying to budge it off him but nothing will do.

However, Lex grabbed a bobby pin and then used it to stab Longtooth in his other arm and make a run for it but only gotten a little far.
“Motherfucker, are you going to keep running from me?” Longtooth asked.
“Well…..” Lex said as Longtooth is standing on a bullseye. “Maybe one more time.” Then Aron immediately jumped at Longtooth and started punching and beating the shit out of him.

“YOU MOTHERFUCKER!!” Longtooth shouted at Aron. “Oh…….you know as much as I despised Lex and everyone else……I hated you the most.”
“Wow…” Aron said, “Well, fuck it, to be fair, I didn’t like you that much either.” Then Aron head-butted him and punched him in the throat.
“You were always that guy that wanted to please everyone to fit in. It’s pathetic!!” Aron shouted. “I mean, you were just the fat kid from way back then and now that you’ve done hard time, now you’re hardcore!! I mean, for real?”
“Aron, what the fuck are you doing?” Lex whispered.
“We felt sorry for you. I mean, at least with Rolo, he was smart enough to work out our plans. You……..were just baggage.”
After all that, Longtooth got more and more vicious and angry at Aron and it was so much, he got into his partner hybrid mode and fully attacked Aron and strangled him some more.
“AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!! You’re basically that asshole that thinks we knows shit than everyone else!!! If that’s so, then why aren’t you the fucking leader of the Darksiders!!? Lex has leadership skills, Magnum is strong as shit and Rolo is smart. You just got a big fucking mouth!!!!! A mouth that’ll get you into some bullshit, much like this.”
He then straight up punched the hell out of Aron.

“LONGTOOTH!!” As Noir entered the room.
“What the……Noir?”
“Longtooth, you need to stop!” she said. “This has gone far enough!!”
“What the hell are you doing here?” Longtooth said. “Don’t tell me you’re with these motherfuckers!!”
“Look, I think they learned their lesson!!” she said. “They got beaten a lot, chased a lot, and almost lost their lives. They have regretted what they did to you since!!”
“REGRET!!?” he shouted. “A moment ago, he said to me that I was useless. BAGGAGE!!!”
“I told him to say that!!” Noir said.
“WHAT!?” Longtooth said. “Noir, did you–”
“I don’t think you’re baggage either.” She said. “You’re my brother, you silly fool!!! We’re family and they are, too.”
“Longtooth,” Lex said. “You know that every time I think about that day, I hated myself for what happened and throwing you into that plan when it wasn’t a good one. If I didn’t talk you into that, you would’ve lived a better life than this.”
Longtooth still had that scowl look on him and it was starting to turn into concern.
“You really felt regret? You hated yourself for what you did to me?”
“Yes…..” Lex said. “….I really do.”
“Holy shit, man.” Longtooth said.

However, the (almost) tender moment was ruined by Bevins as he came waving his gun around. “Well, well, well…….I see ‘ol Longtooth is having 2nd thoughts,” he said. “And I also see your little sister is here.” As he pulls his gun and aims it at her.
Everyone gasped and Longtooth reacted angrily at that. “Bevins, you motherfucker!!! Get that gun from my little sis!!!”
“Oh, no problem!!” Bevins said. “Just kill Lex and maybe that other fucker and I’ll put it down!!”
“BULLSHIT!!” Lex shouted. “This guy is not trustworthy!! He might kill her as soon as he puts a bullet in my head!!”
“Come on, Toothy, you trust your treacherous crew over your new benefactor?” Bevins said.
“Treacherous!?!” Aron shouted. “You scammed motherfuckers out of fake lottery tickets and real estate scams!!”
They keep going back and forth on this and then Bevins had enough and he decides to just shoot whoever we was aiming to and as he fires his gun, the bullet was headed towards Noir and as it went closer, Longtooth at the last minute jumps in front of her and the bullet went into him.
“OH SHIT!!” Lex and Aron yelled.
“LONGTOOTH!!!” Noir cried.
“Fuck!!” Bevins then made his escape out of the copter and flew away with what was supposed to be a million dollars in his briefcase and as he opens it to make sure, it was actually a bunch of receipts.
“What the hell!?” Bevins said. “The fuck is the money!?”

Back at the building, Lex, Aron and Noir were carrying a shot Longtooth out of there and getting out of there before the RHL gets there.
Rolo got out of the car and said, “Guys, Sayuri just alarmed that they are getting closer. WE NEED TO LEA—What the hell happened to him?”
“Long story. He got shot saving her ass.” Aron said.
“I checked the wounds. He wasn’t hit anywhere vital.” Noir said. “But we can’t go to a hospital. They might connect it to this.”
“We know someone that can heal him.” Rolo said. “I can give you directions to them.” He sent them the written directions to her and on her phone, too.
“Thanks, Rolo.”
“No problem.”
“OK, now, get his ass out of here, Noir.” Lex said. “Oh and take this briefcase with you.”
“Briefcase?” Noir said.
“Trust me……something in there is going to make you and your brother very happy.” He said.
She checked what was inside the briefcase and saw a glimpse of what’s inside it. “What the—Oh my god. But this is–”
“Yours and if anyone asks, it was an inheritance from an uncle or aunt you never knew.” Aron said.
“Besides, after the shit you’ve been into, you need something like this.” Lex said. “That and a second chance for Longtooth. Something he really needs and…….I think with that, he should be far away from us. We’re nothing but bad news and from the shit you saw back there…”
“I get ya.” Noir said. “But I know he should say out of trouble but next time we accidentally run into some, I can call you?”
“Well, I know you can call my number.” Aron trying to flirt with her.
“Aron, you’re my brother’s older friend and no offense, but you’re not my type.” Noir said.

Soon, the rest of the gang arrives at that moment.
“You’re flirting with a teenager… I’m not surprised.” Nanashi said. “Anyone all right?”
“Yeah.” Everyone said.
“Well, Noir…..” Lex said. “I hope this leads to something better for Longtooth.”
“I hope so, too.” Noir said.
“All of us here does.” Aka said. “Hopefully you can talk some sense into him in the future.”
“Oh, I know I will.” Noir giggled at that.
“And Noir…….” Lex said. “…..if you need us again, here’s our number in our only place – The Society.”
“Thank you, Darksiders.” Noir said as she took one of the cars, put Longtooth and the briefcase in there and drove away.

“Lex…….you don’t have any other friends you double-cross before, have you?” Aka joked.
“I really hope not.” Lex said. “At least it wasn’t as awkward as last time.”

Soon, the RHL was surrounding the area, looking for survivors.
“Hello, this is Winter Hybrid from the RHL.”
“And this is Rail Guard. I think we should take you in for questioning as you were in close range of the incident.”
“Well, shit…..” Saki and Nola said.


Longtooth was awake at his home, with some bandaging and he’s feeling a little groggy from last night.
“Ow…….” He said. “Damn, this shit hurt.”

He looked around and noticed something different about the room. He got up but not too sudden from the injury and saw a briefcase. The same one that Bevins was trying to get but mistakenly took the wrong one.
He opened it and it had over $500,000 in it.
“Longtooth, you awake?” Noir said. “I made you some breakfast and…..” She then notices him looking at the money.
“Oh…Noir…..” he said with tears. “What this come from?”
“A friend. A good friend.” She said.
“I’m gonna get the help I really need. I promise you that.” Longtooth said. “I won’t let anyone down anymore.”
Noir hugged Longtooth after that moment. “I’m sure you’ll do everyone proud.”

Later in the Turner Express, we see Aron, Magnum, Cameron and Rolo and Sayuri having a drink over surviving.
“So should I be expecting more people trying to kill you in here?” Yuan said. “It’s now beginning to turn routine.”
“Oh, don’t worry about a thing, Yuan.” Aron said, gulping his drink. “Those problems are now done for. At least until something new pops up.”
“And if that happens, keep it far away from the bar.” Yuan said.
“Another round of drinks?” Kati said.
“YO!!” Magnum shouted.
“HEAR HEAR!!” Cameron said. “I can use this.” As they drink, some girls were looking for a place to sit and that means Aron, Cameron and Magnum is going to work their charms (or somewhat of charms on them).

“Ah, back to our old times.” Aron said, “Looking for girls that are willing to have sex with us.”
“Or just me.” Magnum said. “And maybe Cam.”
“CAM!!?” Aron shouted. “You get some girls than me?”
“Hey, I got that charm in me that they like.” Cameron bragged to him.

Meanwhile, Rolo and Sayuri once again are enjoying each other’s company while watching the many attempts of the other guys getting girls.
“Damn, the last couple of days have been surreal.” Sayuri said. “And you managed to make someone’s life you messed up in the first place for the better.”
“Yeah.” Rolo said, “That money is going to be in good use.”
“See?” Sayuri said. “I told you before. Things in the past doesn’t always define who you are and that you are a good friend.” She puts her arm on his shoulder. “Oh, and I know you’re a good friend, too.”
“I’ll drink to that.” Rolo said.
“Oh definitely.” As both of them toast to that.

“Hmmmm…..” Yuan wondered. “Usually, Nanashi would be here for a drink or something.”
“She said that she was busy with Devo.” Kati said. “And I think I know why…..”

We cut to Nanashi and Devo under the bed sheets naked in a hotel room finally having their date after it being postponed. Nanashi was busy swarming Devo with lustful kisses and groping.
“Oh, wow.” Devo said in a blissful daze.
“You liked it when I’m all over you like this?” Nanashi said. “Or maybe when I put your hands way down….there?” As she is jerking him off.
“I love it!” Devo said.
“Babe, I’ll try to make sure to not delay dates like this again in the future.” Nanashi said. “You know I really do love you.”
“And I love you, too.” Devo said back to him. “And now it’s my turn to pleasure you.” As they switch positions and he is now giving her head.
Nanashi moaned with pleasure as he’s doing it. “Oh…..yeah……damn, maybe I should schedule these more often. Yes, Devo, yes!!”

Back at the HQ, Lex was looking at old photos of him, Longtooth, Rolo, Aron and Magnum from back in the day. He puts them up in a old shoebox he doesn’t use anymore and keep them in locked storage for sentimental reasons.
“Well, old friend, you may not be a Darksider anymore but you’re still family to us.”

Aka just got back from stating to the local gangs about their new territory. “Well, now it’s official. We are no longer the Parish Heights Darksiders.”
“So we’re the Society Darksiders then?” Lex asked.
“No. Just Darksiders.” Aka said. “I don’t think adding where we are really matters anymore since we go almost everywhere.”
“That and I think most of the gangs we were fighting against are dead or in the hospital.” Lex said.
“They’ll be more coming.” Aka said. “And when they do, we’ll be ready for them.”
“Yup.” Lex said.

Aka then close the blinds, lock the doors and turn her cell phone off. She soon began to undress herself in front of Lex.
“Sshhhh!!!” Aka slyly said. “There’s a girl undressing in front of you. Just let it happen.” She then kisses him softly. “Oh, and you can definitely touch.” She got on top of him and started making out.

They were really getting in the mood and as Lex was unhooking Aka’s bra off… interruption happen.
The door was kicked open.
“AAAHHH!!!” Aka shouted.
“What the hell?” Lex yelled.

However, it was Saki and Nola coming back from club hopping as they were about to do their own usual thing.
“We’re back!!!” They said out loud and they noticed Aka’s clothes on the floor and her hiding behind Lex.
“OOOHHH, I see big sister was about to get freaky tonight.” Saki said.
“I can see now where Sexy Saki got her lustful nature from.” Nola said kissing her and grabbing her ass.
“Ohh, my naughty Nola. Save that for…..a few more seconds.” She quickly got topless at that moment. “Well, good night, guys!!” She shouted.
“We’ll try not to be too loud tonight. Promise.” Nola said as they left.

“So………” Lex said.
“Yup, things are back to normal.” Aka said.
“Do you still want to….Aka…..”


We see Bevins stranded in the hot desert as he only got half his money along with Kaos, who’s missing a hand due to her fight with Nola.
However, one car was coming their way and it stopped at their tracks.
The guy opened the door.
“Well, well, well, Big Boss Bevins……you sorry motherfucker.”
“Oh fuck, it’s you Kiritsnagi.” Bevins said.
“In the flesh.” Kiritsnagi said. “I was told you got your asses handed by some little gang from Parish Heights. I mean, you got these big-ass bodyguards especially that damn girl but you can’t handle them?”
“Oh, shut the hell up.” Kaos said. “They got lucky….next time we see them, they are not going to survive this.”
“Whatever.” Kiritsnagi said. “I got a car coming for you in about 5 minutes or so. That way, your asses won’t die here. Don’t say I never did anything for you.”
“Oh, Kiritsnagi…..” Bevins said. “I was looking at the Darksiders’ files and everything and it turns out that they and you share a mutual friend.”
“Oh, really?” He said. “And what would they be?”
“See for yourself.”
Bevins gave Kiritsnagi the file and he took a look at every Darksider file along with friends and acquaintances and it turns out that MAK is listed under friends and acquaintances.
“I didn’t even knew you had a son.”
Kiritsnagi looked concerned and shocked at this.


“So……..y’all got into some shit a few days ago?” It was MAK at their house having a drink with Lex.
“Yeah, and my insides hurt thinking about that shit.” Lex said.
“Can’t be worse than when we met.” MAK said. “You forget I wanted to kill your ass and the fact you hooked with Kai back then.”
“Oh, those were the days.” Lex said. “Hey MAK?”
“Yeah?” He said.
“Remind me to never ever EVER have those days again.” Lex said.
“Sure.” MAK said as he got up to get another beer but then he felt something under the couch and as he pull it out and it was Aka’s bra.
“OH SHIT!!” He shouted. “NIGGA, did you and Aka fuck on this couch?”
“Oh……..yeah…..we did.” Lex said.
“Motherfucker, and you didn’t say anything?” MAK said, “Damn, I’m sitting in all kinds of sex juices and shit!”
“HEY!! To be fair, you and Kai fuck almost everywhere! Hell, you two and Saki and Nola do that shit everywhere!!”
“I……OK, touche.” MAK said. “And we don’t fuck everywhere, man.”
“I heard different.”

© 2016 KATANA+Plus / ARMY OF DARKSIDERS Production Committee. All Rights Reserved.

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