We are now back at Tomoki and Cassie’s place where Sheena, Joanna and Kai are coming for a visit, although they don’t know Kai is with them.
Kai was about to knock on the door furiously but Sheena had to calm her down before she scares them off.
Joanna then went on to knock on the door.
Someone was coming and it was….
“Oh, Jaye!” Joanna said, “I didn’t think you answered the door.” Completed with the nervous look of being caught in the act in front of Kai.
“Wait…who!” As Kai came up front.
“Oh….um….” As Jaye stuttered, “I didn’t know you’re bringing a friend.”
“Did she said your name was Jaye?” Kai grilled her, “As in Jaye Ruff? As in the same one that was in that warehouse shooting in Kala?”
“Um……” Jaye got frightened there a bit. “Guys, who is she again?”
“This is MAK’s girlfriend…..” Sheena said, “Kai.”

“Oh, so you’re KAI.” Jaye said.
“Yes……is Tomoki and Cassie here?” Kai said in a dark and gravely tone.
Then comes the two of them coming from downstairs and sees them at the door.
“KAI!!!!” Cassie said. “I didn’t know you were coming here today.”
“Yeah…..” Kai said, “The feeling’s mutual. I need to talk to you two for a second.”

For the next 20 minutes, Kai was loudly arguing with Tomoki and Cassie about hiding the truth from her about the whole warehouse shooting/MAK missing scenario.
She was still fuming with anger.
“Why in the hell would you hide all of this from me?” she said. “You got info on who might kidnapped MAK and you couldn’t bring that up to me?!! You forgot all the times I fought for your ass!”

“And you forgot the ass-beating you took for us!!?” Tomoki said. “You know, that whole incident I really want to forget?”
“We were just looking for answers about MAK and where we was.” Cassie said, “We don’t know how it’s going to turn out.”
“And now because of that, the whole Faction is in trouble!” Kai shouted.
“We didn’t do any of that shit!!” Joanna yelled at Kai. “Like I said, I don’t know anything about that!”
“Then what happened?” Kai calmly said so she wouldn’t get more upset.
“And also, where’s Kati on this? I know she’s involved, too.”
“As far as I know,” Tomoki said, “She went to the Darksiders for help and–”

“And I know Sayuri might be involved in this, too.” Kai said, “Since Cyan told me she wasn’t there when that shit happened and she was with them at the time it happened. Oh, and I saw them running from something when I was heading back home. I figured something weird was going on.”

Tomoki then went on, “And I guess you know about…..”
She was going to mention Kiritsnagi but Kai already knew what she was going to say.
“Oh… do.” Tomoki said.
“Yeah…” Kai said, “That part I’m not all that keen about.”
“You do understand why they have to keep him alive?” Cassie said, “He could help us with getting MAK back.”

“All of us know how much you want to beat this guy and get MAK back.” Jaye said, “From what he told me about you back at the warehouse, he definitely loves you very much and shows a lot of care for you and everyone here as well.”

“Kai……” Sheena said walking towards her, “OK, we did fuck up on not telling you about this and trying to hide it from you was not helping things either.”
“You know you didn’t have to tiptoe it around me.” Kai said, “I know all of you meant well but you know I don’t want to stand on the sidelines while you’re putting your lives at risk.”

Joanna asked her, “So does that mean….”
“I’m joining y’all.” Kai said, “But first…..we’re going to the Darksiders’ hideout and tell Kati to meet us there.”

“I get her on the phone!” Tomoki said.
“I’ll bring the heat.” Cassie said.
“And……”Jaye said, “Wait, what the hell do I do?”
“I don’t know.” Sheena said, “Just go with the flow, I guess.”

While everyone was doing their planning, Kai needed to see Joanna about something that bothered her about Kiritsnagi.
“Hey, Joanna?”
“Hmmmm?” Joanna said.
“I know you said that you didn’t want to talk about it and I don’t blame you if you don’t…..but what made you not want to be around Kiritsnagi One?” she asked, “I mean, the way you said that your encounter with him was not all that pleasant seems like there is more to it.”

Joanna swallowed hard with that question.
“Let’s just say….it involved a death of someone who I used to know and loved and Kiritsnagi felt like he toyed that with me when he called me a naïve cop. Basically, it’s what Rick Cain said to me a few months back only this hit harder now than before. If I ever see him again, I would throttle him…..and to think that’s MAK’s dad…..a dickhead like him is father to somebody who is sweet and cool like MAK….” Joanna once again trying to not shed a tear and then gives Kai a hug to keep her from crying and tries to muffle the few cries that happened.
“For real, I’m really sorry we had to hide this from you.” Joanna said, “I mean, we never had an intention to—Well, to trick you or something.”

“Joanna….” Kai said trying to get her off of her and said, “As far as me and you and Sheena and the rest goes….we’re cool. It’s Kiritsnagi that’s going to face me and I’ll definitely hit him for the both of us.”
Joanna smiled and hug her again.
“Thank you, Kai.”

Back at the Darksiders’ hideout, the crew were cleaning up after the damage done by Bevins and his crew and cue Rolo and the rest running back here with Aron screaming “SHIT!!” in panic mode.

“HEY! HEY! HEY!” Kiritsnagi said, “Why is your man screaming all over the room?”
“Hey, you shut the fuck up!” Aron said, “We just got attacked by Bevins not too long ago! We got a right to be worried as hell!!”
“Why are you threatened by him?” Kiritsnagi said, “You kicked his ass before and now you’re running scared shitless!?!”

Lex then got in on the conversation. “And second of all, we are NOT scared shitless!”
“Speak for yourself.” Aron said, “That new girl he got Liberty strike like a pro assassin. Hell, I’m lucky she didn’t get her hands on me.”
“I’m just glad she didn’t kill any of us.” Rolo said tending to Sayuri’s bruises.

“OW!” Sayuri said while still twitching from that stun gun run.
“Sorry.” Rolo said, “Didn’t know you were still hurting.”
“Don’t worry. It’s not you.” Sayuri said. “I still feel the shock in my arms.”
“At least you didn’t get choked by a mechanical hand!!” Nola said. “My neck still hurts from that shit.”
“You can say that again.” Murasaki said, “I think she really wanted to kill me on the spot. Her eyes say it all. If Bevins haven’t told her to stop, we would’ve been dead.”
“We’re really fucked this time, aren’t we?” Sayuri said to them.

Aka is on the phone with Kati, discussing the whole incident to her.
“Yeah, he came here busting in, got some new girl who shocked the hell out of Sayuri and Rolo, not to mention he broke our door!”
“Great….so now what?” Kati said.
“What do you think now what?” Aka shouted, “We got to bring the fight to his territory, break MAK out of there and finish his ass off!”
“You know where they’re going?” Kati asked.
“Devo put a tracker on their truck and thankfully, he isn’t going to Kai’s place as he said he would.” Aka said, “Good thing, too. We don’t want to get her wrapped up in this shit, too.”
“Yeah….” Kati said, “Anyway, I’ll meet with you in a few. Tomoki and Cassie told me to come there anyway and Sheena and Joanna are coming, too.”
“Great.” Aka said, “We can really use the help we got.”

However, things were about to change quickly as the girls got here and see the devastation of the Darksiders’ hideout.
“Hot damn, what happened?” Tomoki said.
“Looks like a hurricane came and just blew that door away.” Cassie said.
“Guys.” Kai said, “You need to make sure that they don’t know I’m actually here, which is why I’m going to keep myself covered for the time being.”
“Covered?” Sheena questioned, “But won’t they know it’s you?”
“Don’t worry.” She said, “I’ll reveal myself later on.” As she covers herself in a large comforter and assorted laundry.
“Wow that looks stupid.” Jaye said.
“Yeah, I know.” Kai said, “That is mostly our thing here.”
“It is?” Joanna asked.
“Kinda…” Kai said, “Look, just go with the flow!”

They eventually got inside the place.
“Things have gotten bad, haven’t they?” Cassie said to Aka and Lex.
“Bad?” Lex said, “Bad is when Kiritsnagi was just fucking with us. This is now just plain worse! Not to mention, he might plan on doing an attack on Kai whenever he can.”
“Also why is there a big basket of laundry here?” Aka asked them as a big basket of dirty clothes is on the ground.

“I need to do laundry.” Cassie said, “Our shit doesn’t work.”
“And you brought it here because….”
However, Kai was getting tired of waiting to surprise them and just come out of the basket.
“What the hell!?” Lex said.
Then Kai appears. “OK, surprise surprise! I was in the basket!”
“KAI!” Lex and Aka said.
“Um…” Lex said, “I didn’t know you was here today.”
“Yeah…..” Kai said, “There is a lot of things I didn’t know for the past week….starting with you having Kiritsnagi One here!! In your place!! And yet you never bothered to tell me about this!?”

Lex then walked up to her and said, “HOW DO WE TELL YOU THAT GUY THAT SHOT YOUR DAD AND THE FATHER OF THE MAN YOU’RE IN LOVE WITH IS HERE!? We know you would go ballistic over that! We know you had enough shit to go through and with this?! It adds more stress!”
“Yes, I would!” Kai said, “And more stress…..Lex, waiting to hear if MAK is either alive or dead is stressful, hoping that MAK isn’t dead is stressful….either way, I’m stressed as hell and trying to live my normal life hasn’t been all that great. In fact, it’s been awful and you know what? I’m ready to face Kiritsnagi for what he did!!”

“Someone say my name?” As he walked into the room. “I see we got some company…..or at least more.”
Kai immediately spotted him as she approached Kiritsnagi.
“HEY! So Kai is finally here!” Kiritsnagi shouted, “I’m surprised you didn’t get here sooner. I mean, you heard the news and all and I thought you would act on that quick as the very concerned g–”
Unexpectedly, Kai just sucker-punched him right in the jaw and knocked him down clean on the ground.
At that moment, Kati has just arrived.
“HEY! What the hell is go….ing…..on?” As she sees a red-hot furious Kai about to pick him up. “Oh….shit….”

“Ow…..I guess it’s another woman mad at me?” Kiritsnagi snarked.
“SHUT UP!” Kai shouted and smacked him again. “You pathetic asshole……you were the cause of all this.”

He got up again and wiped the blood off his mouth.
“Well, if I had a dollar every time I heard that.” Kiritsnagi said, “So… know about everything here, do you?”
“You damn right.” She said, “And I mean everything.”
“Ah… you know about MAK is actually kidnapped by this guy named Mauricio Bevins?”
“I’m aware of his existence.” Kai said, “I’m also aware that you got a cool stolen $120 million from this guy you robbed part of an Underground MOB that runs most of the Society and MAK is being held at a facility run by Bevins.”
“AH….impressive.” He said. “I guess you got it all figured out.”
“Oh and there’s one more thing I forgot to mention.” She said.

She grabs him by the neck and pushed him to the couch. “Do you remember Patrick Barrett?”
“Wait, you mean your dad?”
Kai had to repeat herself but more angry than before. “DO YOU REMEMBER PATRICK BARRETT!?”
“Yes, I remember him.” He said, “Why you asked?”
“You mean you don’t remember that night?” she said, “The night that when you and Pandora were casing a joint….an officer made a stop that day.”

“Stop, Parish Heights PD!! You’re under arrest. DO NOT MOVE!!!” Patrick shouted at Pandora.
Pandora eyes out of her goons to do the trick.
“What are you doing? You better not.”
One of the goons quickly phased out of there, moved to his left side and shot him twice in the leg.
Patrick hollered out in pain and the goon then shoot him again in the other leg and was thinking about ending him but at the last-minute, he put his gun down and got up his face and said, “You never seen my face….”

“Well?” Kai shouted.
“Oh what…” he said, “So this is about the time I shot your daddy? You forgot that all I did was just shoot him? Be lucky I didn’t kill the dude and all–”
She slapped him again.
“YOU SHUT UP!!” She screamed. “You have caused a lot of shit to everyone you met from my family to your ex-wife to your dealers, friends and now your SON! Your own fucking flesh and blood, you sick bastard!!”
“HEY!” Kiritsnagi said, “I had to do what I had to do to survive this long in the game. You wouldn’t understand the shit I go through. You think I wanted to shoot your pops? Leave my family?”
“OH PLEASE!” Kai said, “Spare me your ‘woe is me’ bullshit! You made your choice when you and MAK’s mom were arguing day and night all the time, having him stressed out and crying to me whenever that happened.”
“Oh, that’s right.” Kiritsnagi said, “He always go to you whenever shit between me and the missus happened. You two are always close. Maybe too close….”
“It’s called being a friend.” Kai said, “You may be his father and all, but me and MAK have always been close.”

“You mean even when y’all moved?” Kiritsnagi said. “Because if I can remember, you didn’t talk to each other for 8 years. Not even contacted each other and when things like Facebook or Twitter was on the rise, you didn’t even bother to try to find each other. That’s being close? At least I talk to him in some occasion or so.”
Kai got a bit angry at that.
“Both of us had to move on. We couldn’t be sad and mopey all the time so we just did that…” She said, “Besides, when you two talk, does he feel a bit uneasy whenever it’s about the split up or divorce and having to side with one another? At least I make him feel comfortable talking to me.”
“That’s life.” Kiritsnagi said, “Just because he doesn’t get all infatuated with me like he does you, doesn’t mean the conversation wasn’t always good. Also…..I bet it was uneasy when you found out about him being a Hybrid.”
Kai’s eyes widened directly to that.
“Yeah, you remember?” he said, “And the thing is…he never told you. You had to find out from his worst enemies and then when he did tell you….he just had to kiss you on the lips.”

“That’s…..different….” As Kai trembled saying that but Kiritsnagi directly stomp that defense.
“Different how?” Kiritsnagi said, “You’re that forgiving of him after he hid that huge thing from you? You’re that forgiving of him!? Then again, you lied to him about who shot your daddy. Hell, both of you lie to each other all the time. Y’all seem like the perfec–”
She got more and more shaken. That quickly turned into more anger as she had enough of his mouth.
“YOU SHUT UP RIGHT NOW!!” Kai screamed. “OK, yes….me and MAK lied to each other before!! But guess what? Unlike you, we don’t do it because we wanted to save our asses but rather to protect the one we love and care about! You think just spilling out a secret is easy!? I get why MAK didn’t tell me about him being a Hybrid and he gets why I didn’t tell him about you….and….we get why it will sometimes blow up in our faces. OK, you win on that but does that mean we love each other less? No. I still love him with all my heart as the good he always does to his friends, his family and me outweigh the bullshit he pulls.”

The rest still stand in what’s going on.
“He’s my best friend……my boyfriend…..” And then she is going to reveal something that she’s been holding for a long time, “And…hopefully… husband.”
With that said, that last part got wondering eyes and surprised faces from everyone, excluding Kati.

“So…..I’m going to help get MAK back from Bevins, that money is going back to Stark and as far as you and I are concerned…..” As Kai walked out of the room, “I never want to see your face ever again. You are a fucking disgrace not only as a father but as a human being as well.” She then walked outside to calm down a moment.

Kati then ran outside to see if Kai is all right. She sees her leaning on the car just staring at anything.
“KAI!” Kati shouted.
Kai then turned out and directly looked at Kati, “So when was you going to tell me all this?”
“Oh damn?” Kai repeated, “Like ‘Oh damn’ as in I don’t know how to tell you this or ‘Oh damn’ like damn it, I got to tell this bitch something?”
“Kai….” Kati said, “I didn’t know how to break something like that to you. I mean, MAK has been in some shit but never shit like this!”
“I’ve broken down crying to you how we were about to get married.” Kai sternly said.
“Look, when we saw the footage of what happened in Kala–”
“KALA!?” Kai shouted, “Dammit, so it is you!?”
“Me what?” Kati yelled.
“You got the whole Faction down here suspended from looking into it!!!” Kai said, “Wait… wasn’t just you or you at all. In fact…..get Aka out here.”

A moment later, Aka was out here and Kai asked her this.
“Did you and the Darksiders broke into Kala Faction and stole property from them?” Kai questioned her.
“Well, Kai, you see–” However, Kai looked like she didn’t want to hear any bullshit.
“OK, we did it and got Sayuri to help us as well.”
“I KNEW IT!” Kai shouted. “Y’all got everyone down at the Faction into some deep shit!!”
“We don’t know that shit would come back to them!!” Aka shouted.
“IT ALWAYS DOES, AKA!!” Kai said, “Everything we do always come to bite us in the ass!! You forgotten the last few years of us?!” She walks back to the house to discuss what to do now. “So now what?”

“What do you think now what?” Kiritsnagi said, “We make the plan to get MAK back, that’s what!”

“MOTHERFUCKER, HOW!?” Kai shouted.
He got up and opens his briefcase of a schematic of the hideout. “Well……I got the inside of what his fortress looks like. We can sneak in there, trick them somehow, and find where they’re hiding MAK and bingo! Your man is free and hopefully safe and sound.”
Kati jumped in the conversation, “So what plan we got for this?”
“Well….” Kiritsnagi said, “I know what part of it isn’t: You.” As he points at Kati.
“What?” Kati shouted.
“And neither are most of you either.” He pointed out Sheena, Joanna and Jaye.
“WHAT?!?” Joanna and Sheena shouted.
“Why the hell not?” Jaye said.
“MAK is our friend!” Joanna said, “We owe it to him to save his ass!”

“Um…..I already got the Darksiders with me.” He said, “As amateurish as they are, they’re the only backup I got and needed.”
“Amateur?” Aka said, “We kicked your ass. A lot and really…after all that?”
“Have you even dealt with shit this monumentally big before?” he asked.

The rest of the Darksiders overheard the conversation and Murasaki interjected it with, “We were in a damn city war a year and some months back. We fought a gang called THE BIRDBRAINS and won!! Does that shit sound amateur to you?”
“Right now, we’re the best help you got.” Lex said. “And….as much as I hate to admit it, he might be right with not letting you tag along with us. I mean, we got enough people with us…”

“That and 15-16 people front and center of a battle is a clusterfuck.” Kiritsnagi said. “We’re good with them.”
“Well, if you can’t get us in…” Kati said, “Kai is definitely joining y’all.”
“Wait, say what?” Kiritsnagi objected.
“YOU HEARD US!” Joanna said, “At least let her fight alongside them. You owe her that…..”

“Exactly.” Kai said, “Also I should come with in case you decide to play tricks on us during the mission.”
“That part, too!” Sheena said.
“Oh….and just because they can’t go, it doesn’t mean they aren’t part of the mission.” Kai said, “Does Rolo still got those mini-cams from last time? We’ll need them.”
“So….” Jaye said, “What do we do?”
“We keep watch.” Joanna said, holding a gun and pointing to Kiritsnagi, which he seems disturbed by. “We can monitor everyone’s moves and in case Kiritsnagi tries to do some dirty shit.”
“Um… want to point that other way?” he said.
“No.” Joanna said bluntly, “My gun.”
“Where did you even get a gun?”
“You’ll never know.” She smirked.


Back into the underground prison, MAK and Levi were still sitting down, counting the days of how long they have been here.
“I know it’s been about 3-4 days here but fuck this feels long.” MAK said.
“You think that’s bad?” Levi replied, “Just about 20 years or so. Or at least how long since your dad fucked me over on that last heist.”

“Last heist 20 years ago?” he replied.
“Yeah….it was back in you were 6 and you and your family came to visit Ernie….”

(Now entering flashback in Levi’s POV)

Your family was staying with me and Ernie for about a week and y’all were planning on leaving in a couple of days but your dad had other plans.
He got a call from Pandora.
“Hello?” he said.
“I see you’re finally here.” Pandora said, “You know about the latest score of the decade?”
“Score of the decade?” MAK asked, “The hell is that?”
“I’m getting to it!!” Levi said.

Anyway, the score of the decade as she referred it to is that the Calico Coffee Exchange was holding over $5 million in cold, hard cash and everybody and their mama was planning on robbing the hell out of them.

“This is practically our one last score here. Besides, if your family ask, say just a friend owed you some money…..very big money.” She said, “So….are you in?”
And of course, like a greed-driven man he is, Kiritsnagi accepted.
“Oh fuck YEAH!” he shouted but had to keep quiet as everyone else is asleep.

“You think your brother wants a piece of that action?” she said, “I know him and his bitch definitely needs it. All he does is sleep and fuck her constantly all day.”
Did I mention I hated Pandora and thought she was some sleazy bitch that fucked up all of our lives? Because there you go.

Anyway, me and your uncle were in the bed tal—OK, you know what? You’re old enough to know what we usually do.
“I know and I don’t want to mention it.” MAK said as he knows what she is talking about.
“OH, come on!” Levi said, “It’s a very beautiful thing me and Ernesto do. I mean, I imagine you and Kai do it constantly.”
That got awkward real fast.

So, I and your uncle were making love in our room and of course, Kiritsnagi knocked on the door to tell us about the plan.
“Yo, Ernesto! Open up!!” Kiritsnagi said, “Got some news for ya! As in, get off your girl. I got some good news for ya!”
“HOLD UP! Shit! I’m coming….and not in the way I wanted to be!” Ernesto yelled. “I’ll be right back, baby.”
“I’ll be waiting.” Levi said laying down.

So Kiritsnagi told Ernesto all about the exchange holding all that money in place.
“5 MILL!?” Ernesto said, “Holy shit!! That’s some good-ass dough!”
“I know!” Kiritsnagi said, “And this could be our biggest break….”
Ernesto kept dreaming on what to do with the money, “Hell, man, Levi and I could live the high life for ages! For drinking champagne every morning to having the nicest cars to just me and her fucking all day LONG!!”
“You do that last thing already.” Kiritsnagi said.
“Not when you’re here.” Ernesto said. “And hey…with that money, your kids get to live good as well. I’m definitely in.”
“Excellent.” Kiritsnagi said, “…..But will Levi approve of this?”


“WHAT!?!” I shouted as Ernesto told me the news, “The Exchange got 5 Mill in stock and Pandora and Kiritsnagi wants us to rob them?”
“Yeah,” he said, “This could be our one last heist and one that got us set for life!!”
I argued with, “That place is heavily guarded with armed forces. We could get caught or worse, killed in action!! What the hell was your brother thinking?”
“Well, it was also Pandora’s idea, too.” Ernesto said.
“I expected this stupid idea from her.” I retorted, “Ernie…..I don’t know about this. I couldn’t bear to lose you if something happens there.”
“Levi, Levi, Levi….” As he kept calling my name, “I swear things are going to go smooth without a hitch. I promise….by the end of this, the only thing happening to us after this is we get richer…” He smiled and then hold and kissed me.
“OK.” I easily replied, “Just promise me you’ll be careful.” I kissed him back and hold him but I felt in my heart that something is bound to go wrong.

The day of the robbery came and all 4 of us were near the Exchange planning our move.
“OK, the plan is this….” As Pandora leads us on, “Levi, you pretend to be lost and distract the guards for us until Ernie and Kiritsnagi come guns blazing and take out the guards. Make sure they don’t draw their guns for anything and I’ll get the code to break open the safe and steal as much money as we can.”

“As much?” Kiritsnagi said.
Pandora then replied, “No shit! We can’t possibly steal all that money but it helps to get what we can!”
“This is the heist of the decade?” I joked.
“Just do your damn job.” Pandora ordered me.

“So how did that thing turn out?” MAK asked.
“That’s the thing….” Levi said, “We didn’t know what we was in for….”

So Ernesto and Kiritsnagi knocked out the guards and even had to shoot one in the kneecap.
“OOOWWWW!!” One guard shouted.
“Move again and I’ll put one in your ass!” Ernesto shouted.
“So basically what you say to Levi every night.” Pandora joked.
Yeah, I got annoyed with that shit quick.

“You got the safe open yet?” Kiritsnagi shouted. “Come on, Pandora!! We got little time as it is!!”
“HEY, SHUT YOUR ASS UP!” Pandora yelled, “You just do your job and make sure no cops are coming!”
Pandora kept cracking on whatever code it has and got it to unlock.
“YES! It’s OPEN!” She shouted.
We all went in to see inside….and only to find out…..

“What the fuck?” Kiritsnagi said, “Where’s the money?”
We see nothing but an empty safe.
“The hell?” Ernesto said, “Where’s the 5 Mill?”
They got one of the wounded guards to talk.
“Hey, you motherfucker!” Ernesto shouted, “You better talk! Where’s that damn m–” His badge fell off and it wasn’t actually one for guards.
“What the—Hold the fuck on.” He got a closer look at the badge. “THIS SHIT IS FAKE!! THEY AREN’T REAL GUARDS!!”
Then police sirens came.
“But that’s the real police.” One of the ‘guards’ said. “You are fucked!!!”

“DAMN!!” I shouted, “Oh, god!! We got to go!!! The plan is a bust!”
Then Pandora just disappeared out of nowhere and took the car.
“FUCK!” Ernesto shouted, “That bitch left us!!! We got to get the fuck out of here!”

We had to hightail it out of there but we had no ride.
Ernesto spotted some bikes parked at this nightclub and they rushed to grab them but the owner got some words for them.
“HEY! That’s my ride, punk!” The biker shouted.
“Move, bitch!!” Ernesto punched him in the throat and immediately grabbed his keys and speeded away.
Kiritsnagi went for the other bike but I had no other ride.
“HEY WAIT!!!” I shouted and then Ernesto returned to me and I had to get on with him.
“GET MOVING!!” Kiritsnagi shouted.

“All of you escaped?” MAK asked.
Levi looked a bit down, “Well, we thought that at first…..”

We thought that the coast was clear since no cops were chasing us at that point.
“Well, that plan went to shit!!” Ernesto said, “You got me excited for NOTHING!!! Thanks a lot, motherfucker!”
Kiritsnagi got a little pissed off, “The fuck you yelling at me for?”
“Well, that bitch Pandora flew the fucking coop!” Ernesto yelled, “And since she isn’t here, you the closest person to yell at since this is your idea, too!!”
“Oh, fuck off!!” Kiritsnagi said, “At least I still got my head in the game…rather that than just fucking around, doing nothing but fucking all day!”
“HEY!” I shouted, “At least we’re happy doing that. You just seem miserable all the damn time!”

“Miserable?” MAK said, “Wait…..what did you mean by that?”
“Don’t worry,” Levi said, “I’m not directing that towards you or your family. It’s just that he was so eager of doing it like he had nothing to lose. He almost forgot that he got a family waiting on him.”

Suddenly, the police were on our asses and they immediately begin shooting at us.
I probably screamed the hardest, holding on to your uncle and hoping they missed but we kept on swerving from them.

“JUMP!” Kiritsnagi shouted as they are approaching a huge ramp coming from this incoming turn and they jumped the bike up into the other lane, trying to avoid passing cars to get to the other lanes and they kept riding on.

“Holy fuck!” I screamed.
“Maybe I should keep this bike if we survive!” Ernesto said.
“Baby, please don’t jinx us!” I shouted. However, another police car came very close to us.
“FUCK!” We had to ride closer to Kiritsnagi but the cop car kept getting closer and ready to shoot us.

“MARCO!” Ernesto said, “You need to get Levi for me!! I’ll keep them distracted!”
“WHAT!?” And that’s when I was freaking out. “NO! I’m not leaving you! We’re in this together!!”
“Look, you don’t need to get involved in this shit!!” Ernesto yelled, “I got no strikes on me! I can handle this!!”
“I don’t want you to!!”
“Bro, you wanna do this!?” Kiritsnagi shouted, “I’m not leaving your ass!!”
“SEE!?” I said, “He said no! I SAID NO!!”
“If we keep riding like this, we’ll die any way!!!” Ernesto said, “In fact….” He speeded up, grabbed a pole from this truck and threw it towards the cop car but had to throw me out-of-the-way.
“Wait! What are you—NO! STOP!”
He directly guns it to the car and shoots him but immediately crashed into there.
“ERNESTO!!!!!!” Kiritsnagi winds up grabbing me at the last-minute and we had to rush out of there……while I was still staring back there to see if he’s OK.

“Shit, that’s right…..” MAK said, “The morning we heard that Uncle Ernesto got into an accident. They said that he was brain-dead in arrival of the hospital for an hour. ”
“Yeah…” Levi said, “You came into my room and wondering why I was crying so much. I always said to Ernesto that you were a sweet little boy.”

“You came into my room and I was just crying in my pillow like some high school girl who just broke up with her boyfriend.” I said. I can tell you was worried about everything I’m going through….but I know that you didn’t know the whole truth…….until now.

After he woke up from that, Ernesto woke up to a pair of handcuffs to an officer.
“Ernesto Aaron Kiritsnagi, you’re under arrest for assault, attempted robbery, and grand theft auto!!” The officer then had to escort him to the paddy wagon.
They ended up putting him in county for a few months before moving him to jail for the next 4 years.

The day following that, Pandora met me behind an alley about that mission and I got a few words with her.
(And by words, she meant she grabbed Pandora’s throat and threw her to the ground.)
“Wow, I can see you’re mad.” Pandora said.
“MAD?!” I yelled, “Ernesto is going to jail and it’s thanks to you and your shit scheme!! You fucked his life up!! You and Kiritsnagi!!”
“Oh, what? You mad because now your man is going to have to be someone else’s bitch?” Yup, I got pissed at that and went to punch her out but….she ducked and elbowed me to the stomach.
“That’s a wrong fucking move.” Pandora said, “As far as we concerned, I’m done with you and your man. Well, then again, so are you. I hope you enjoy your last years alone.” That was all she said before she left and I stood there all in tears, both angry and sad at her, her dad and myself…..

“So….Pandora just got you on a chase then leaves you behind?” MAK said.
“Yup.” Levi said, “I wonder how that bitch is living.”
“Well…..not much.” MAK replied.
“Huh?” Levi wondered.
“Yeah….long story short, I got her ass.” MAK said, “Hell, she was threatening me and my girl way back and….like I said, this is a long story.”
“I got time…” Levi said, “In case you forgot, we’re stuck here for the rest of our lives.”
“It may seem that…” MAK said, “But once the Darksiders get in here and bust me out, I can get you out, too!! You can finally be free of this hell!”

“You sure about that?” Levi said, “This place is heavily guarded at all times! I heard they have stopped a cat from entering.”
“OK, that doesn’t sound so b–”
“With a machine gun.” She finished.
MAK made a sad face. “That fucker…..that poor cat…..”
“I know.” Levi said, “Poor soul.”

“But I’m serious….” MAK said, “I know somewhere they’re planning a big rescue mission…..and I hope I don’t end up costing them their lives while they’ll at it.”
“They must be some great friends to risk their lives for you.” Levi said.
“Yeah……they are.” MAK said, “They really are.”



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