AURA FACTION Season 2: COLORS Story 14 – (3-in-1) – Side A / Set ADRIFT on SEXUAL Bliss

WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of violence, graphic language, and sexual content (especially for the first third of this). This is meant only for MATURE AUDIENCES. Reader Discretion is advised.

Previously on COLORS….

So….a lot has happened during the last two stories. Rick and Dice are brought into the Faction to solve a case of who burned down Collins’ car. They suspected it was MAK because of reasons, they harassed Kai, Sheena and Kati and three of them plus MAK fought them off but retaliated and place all of them under 3 strikes or they’ll go to jail.

Oh, and Laila got Sayuri roped into being in a threesome with Rolo.

All that and figuring out what the BIRDBRAINS are all about in……these next 3 stories.
That’s right. You get 3 stories for the time of 1. I would say price but I’m not getting any money from this.



Rolo was getting back from Mr. Tso’s with the food he got.
“HEY ROLO!!! You got my Fried Rice and Sweet and Sour Wings?” Aron loudly asked for his meal. “I’ve been working like a bitch and I need some food!!!”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” Rolo said, “Got your order right here.” He slides it down to him.
“And my stir fry beef?” Magnum said.
“Egg rolls?” Devo said.
“Orange chicken?” Nanashi said.
“Sweet and sour pork?” Saki and Nola said.
“Beef and noodles?” Cameron said.
“General Tso’s chicken with steamed vegetables?” Both Aka and Lex said.

“Oohhh………” Rolo said with a hint that he might’ve forgot about them.
“WHAT THE–” All of them shouted with much expletives.
“PSYCH!!” he said, “I got them in the car. I was going back for them!! Besides, I’m actually in a good mood today.”

“Hmmmm….how’s that?” Aka said.
“Well….I GOT A DATE!!” Rolo said.

The gang all looked surprised at him. “OH MY GOD, Rolo! That’s great!” Aka said to him, giving him a hug and congrats.
“Yo, man, that’s good.” Magnum said.
“So, I guess you finally got the balls to ask Sayuri out?” Aron said, “I mean, you’ve been doing this ‘friends’ thing for 6-7 months now and let’s hope it pays off of you and her between closed doors.”

“Well, you can say that…..along with something else, too.” Rolo said.
“Something else?” Lex said, “Like what? She’s bringing a friend with her?”
“Wait, you knew?” Rolo surprisingly said.
“HUH!?” Nanashi said, “A friend? Rolo, what shit you gotten into?”
“Ummmm……well……” he kept stalling at that answer. “OK…it’s gonna be me, Sayuri and her friend Laila.”

“Wait, LAILA?” Lex said, “So you…and Sayuri….and her….” Lex and the guys then get the idea that Rolo is going to have a threesome.
“You’re fucking both these girls?” Nanashi said.
“HELL YEAH!!!!” Aron said, “My motherfucking man!! This is gonna be the best experience you’re getting in a lifetime!! Man, you have never lived until you’re in a threesome.”
“DUDE!! You are gonna come out one lucky motherfucker!” Magnum said, “I remember the first threesome I’ve been in. These 2 girls I met in Cashis said I got the sexual prowess of 6 men and they enjoyed every part of that.”
“Hell, I remember my last one a month ago.” Aron said, “And me and those two girls did our thing over there, in the couch, the shower and even where Nanashi is sitting right now.”
Nanashi jumped out of there. “The fuck?” Nanashi and Aka slapped Aron for that. “FOOL!!”
“Rolo, do you even know anything about this girl?” Aka said. “I mean, I get you and Sayuri but…Laila, whoever the fuck she is, and you sure this isn’t some scheme to fuck you over or something.”

“Aka, I’m positive on this.” Rolo said, “Even Sayuri said she wanted to do this and like me, she’s nervous about this, too.” That last part he whispered into her ear to avoid that with the guys. Aka then talked to him in private about that.

“OK….I know I’m adjusting to you and Sayuri being close and that’s good. It’s nice that you’re a good friend to her especially after the shit she’s been through but I’m hoping you’re not rushing into this.” Aka said. “Nothing fucks up a good thing like unnecessary sex.”
“Aka, don’t worry.” Rolo said, “I got things handled here. I’m sure Sayuri is worried about this, too.”
Aka sighs a bit. “I hope so, too.”



Sayuri was breathing heavily and is a bit nervous as her and Laila were in route to get Rolo.
“You got goosebumps, don’t you?” Laila said.
“Let’s see. You and me and Rolo are about to fuck each other’s brains out.” Sayuri said, “Yeah, I mean, me wanting to fuck Rolo. I’m excited but with you? Nervous as fuck.”
“You sure you wanna do this tonight” Laila asked, “Because I can turn back and–”
“NO!! No. I’m good.” Sayuri said, “Just nervous, that’s all.”
“Ah, don’t worry about it.” Laila said, “We said we’ll take turns. You fuck him, I fuck him, and we fuck together while he watches and all 3 of us collide into our own sexual bliss and explode.”

They arrived at the Darksiders’ place to pick up Rolo. Then Laila’s phone rang. “Oh, go ahead, I’ll meet up in there.”

Sayuri got in there to meet Rolo.
“Sayuri!” he said, “You made it! Hey, where’s your friend?”
“Oh, she’s coming. She got a call before we came up.” Then Laila came out of the car, yelling at the phone. “Look, what I do behind closed doors is really none of your fucking business!! Well, fine, we’re not going to your place! I got an apartment, too, and…” After that, it looked like someone hung up on her.
“Fine, bitch.”

“Laila?” Rolo awkwardly said to her, “You OK?”
“Oh, Rolo.” Laila said, “It’s nothing. It’s just my sister on the phone but hey, it’s so good to see you again.”

“Same here.” Rolo said. “Can’t wait for our date tonight.”
“Ooohhhh….see, Sayuri?” Laila slyly said, “Rolo is very excited for our date. I mean, who wouldn’t be, especially with two young and attractive ladies like us? And I know Sayuri is very excited, aren’t you, Yuri?”

“I’m gonna hit you, you know that, right?” Sayuri said to Laila but then turned her attention to Rolo. “But yeah, I’m excited for this date, too, Rolo.” She said smiling at him.

“So where are we going to go? Movies? Park? Eat somewhere?” Rolo said.
“Well…..we figured we skip through that and go straight for the…” Then Laila whispered something in his ear which is basically her telling him about the impending threesome.

“Oh….oh.” Rolo said, “So….”
“Oh, don’t worry. We don’t have to do the whole dinner and show thing with us.” Laila said. “Sayuri and I just want to show you a good time and we aim to please each other. Don’t you agree?”
“Yeah, I’m good with going straight into the…well, you know.” Rolo said.
“GREAT!!” Laila said, “We’ll be on our way!!” As they left the DS place but not before the guys cheered on Rolo for good luck.

“He’s in for a good time, all right.” Lex said.
“I can finally say to myself….I’m proud of the boy.” Aron said, “Well, for this.”
“He left a young man and soon, he’ll be come back as a guy who did it with 2 girls.” Magnum said. “I might cry at that. I’m so proud.”
“Dude is doing well for himself.” Devo said, “I hope he’s at smart at this as he is on computer hacking.”

30 minutes later

The two girls and Rolo got into the apartment and the evening started with Laila and Sayuri kissing and feeling up on him and Sayuri was deeply kissing on him as she took his shirt off and starting to go down kissing on his chest.
“See? I told you she likes you.” Laila said as she was also kissing him and starting to loosen his belt.

Rolo didn’t say anything as he was too occupied with them and he felt like saying anything would slow things up.
“Wait, Sayuri!” Laila said.
“Huh?” she said. “I think something is missing here.”
“Really? Like what?”
Then the two of them stripped out of their clothes and in their lingerie. “You comfy now?” they asked Rolo.
“Oh, yes.” He cleverly said.

They started taking turns with each other with Sayuri and Rolo being first as she went down to perform oral sex on him while Laila watches and pleasures herself. Soon after, it was Laila and Rolo and then the two girls with Rolo enjoying himself.

Then Sayuri got up close with Rolo, kissing him again but this time she let him unhook her bra off for her and told him to lick and grope her tits so gently. She moaned softly at his touch to her repeatedly and even Laila got into the mix, licking on her tit as well and even fingering her down there.
Laila even took off her bra and then the two got Rolo’s pants completely off and took turns doing titjobs to him.

Rolo’s moans was enough proof that he was really enjoying himself.
“So, you like this, don’t cha?” Laila said teasing him with her body by putting his hand on her boob and Sayuri continuing massaging his dick with her breasts.
“YES…..I DO!!” He said with a strained voice that he might climax.
“Sayuri, he likes it!” she said. “DO IT HARDER!!”
She kept on massaging harder and Rolo kept calling out their names. “SAYURI!! LAILA!!”

“Wait, let me get on this!!” Laila got off him and jerk him off a bit to help off.
Rolo was getting close to ejaculation and Sayuri and Laila kept on jerking him off and soon….he came and it was all over them.
“Well, hot damn.” Laila said. “You was saving a lot of that now, aren’t you?”
“Rolo, you all right?” Sayuri said while she was rubbing his head (as in, actual head). “Feeling sleepy?”
“Nah, I’m good.” Rolo said with a smile in his face. “Actually, pretty damn good right now.” And with that said, the girls knew that this was a success.
“See? I knew this was a great idea.” Laila said. “And you were nervous!! He loves the idea.” Laila then got her phone ringing and she needed to answer it right away. “Hold up, I got to take a call. Sayuri, Rolo, enjoy each other’s company.”

Soon the both of them got to talking while she is laying down next to Rolo. “So….Sayuri…..”
“Yes?” Sayuri said.
“Can I ask you something quick?” Rolo said.
“Sure. You know you can tell me anything.” Sayuri told him.
“OK…..this whole threesome thing today….was this really your idea?”  Rolo said,
“I mean, I do appreciate the fact someone out there thinks of me like that but it felt like you didn’t want to do it in the first place.”
She felt like he knew what she was thinking about this. “Well……it wasn’t at first but I…” She looks around to see if Laila wasn’t in distance. “OK, fine. It wasn’t my idea. I didn’t even know about it until she set it up.”

“So……your friend set us up…on a threesome? OK, should I thank her or lash o–”
“Wait, no.” Sayuri said, “Look, for some time now, I…….well….I have a crush on you. I mean, ever since Jin died, you’ve been one of the few people in my life aside from Laila, Sei & Jiro and you actually care. I mean, you call me almost every night to make sure I’m fine. You cook for me sometimes and you genuinely seem to care about me. Rolo, I appreciate all the things you’ve been doing for me and I never want to take what we got for granted.”

She got up with only her pants on, “I knew we shouldn’t have done this! As much as I wanted do and I did….it would complicate things and well…..”
“Sayuri….” Rolo said. “I do want us to still be tight with each other and yet I don’t know after–”
“After you put your dick in between my boobs?” she said. “Same here.”
“I must admit….I did like that, though.” He said.
“I know you did.” She said back with a slick smile on her face and laugh. “I saw you smiling at that.”
She then gave him a good night kiss. “That made me smile, too. Good night, Rolo.” As she fell asleep on his lap and snuggle with him. He then does the same and slept the night away.



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