A New Guest Writer Approaches!


Hi, I’m The Spade of Trades, I’m here to inform ya’ll that I will be doing guest blog posts for Hybrid here, mainly concerning the upcoming and future seasonal anime, starting with the fall line up. I’ve read a couple of his posts talking about the previous seasons, and he takes on a lot, more than what I would watch to be honest (I pick up and drop too to count, but for the sake of this blog, I’ll do my best to keep trucking along). And covering a whole season would mean missing out on a lot of the seasonal offerings. For the moment, we’ve decided that I’ll be covering Terra Formars and Nanatsu no Taizai (The Seven Deadly Sins), two very anticipated anime titles, and if I don’t like them, oh you’ll know! We’ll decide what else I’ll cover soon enough, the season isn’t starting til next week.

But, a little more about myself, I’m a nerd that loves multi-media. Movies, comics, television, anime, and everything in between. I’m a newbie at the blogging world, but I’m hoping to at the very least entertain with my ramblings while I trash talk about everything (Myself especially) with a lot of snark with the occasional serious tone and actual attempt at being professional about it. But expect more professionalism with my contributions to The Mind of the Hybrid One.

Found me here at http://spadeoftrades.wordpress.com/