DORAEMON Review: Can a Japanese Robo-Cat Succeed in America?

Straight from Another Castle, I review Doraemon and see how this anime holds up with its debut in the U.S. and also how the edited English dub turns out to be.

Another Castle

Ready to get in some super crazy antics with a talking robot cat from the future? Doraemon has been a large part of Japan’s pop-culture and beyond since its 1969 manga incarnation by Fujiko F Fujio. As for its anime adaptations — 3 versions spanning the past 40 years, over 1,000+ episodes, from the ineffective 1973 version to its more prosperous successor in 1979, and now 2005’s most recent, on-going incarnation. In 2014, Disney XD acquired the show to air in the United States, with a few changes to appeal to American viewers, and an edited English dub from Bang Zoom Entertainment.

The Plot

Doraemon, a cat-like robot from the future goes back to the present to steer Nobita (Noby in the U.S. version) in the right path to a better or hopeful future. The premise is straightforward to the point that once you get into the show, it does get…

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