Time of the SEASON Spring 2021 Edition: The WORLD Ends with YOU – The Animation

So I went from video game anime to anime based off a video game….. which has been a thing since the dawn of time. Granted, some might find it either good, bad or blah but this is from the POV of someone who hasn’t played this shit.

This is The World Ends With You – The Animation.

Director: Kazuya Ichikawa

Series Composition: Midori Gotou

Music: Takeharu Ishimoto

Character Design:

Gen Kobayashi

Tetsuya Nomura

Animation Production:


Shin-Ei Animation

Internet Streaming:

AnimeLab (Australia & New Zealand)

FUNimation Entertainment


Wakanim (Nordic countries and the Netherlands)

Licensed by: FUNimation Entertainment

Plot Summary: Neku has died but doesn’t remember what happened. He joins the Reaper’s Game in The Underground, a contest for the dead where he fights to be brought back to life because…losers are erased from existence. No matter how stacked the odds may be in each round, he must overcome every obstacle in order to survive.

First Thoughts: OK, from the plot synopsis, this seems like an interesting premise for the game and you can say it’s a death game since you’re fighting for your life or you’re erased forever. I’m kinda see the anticipation of this one based off some people’s reactions and I’m somewhat alright with this. I do get the confusion of the MC wondering where the hell is he at and why there are powerful frog-like creatures killing a bunch of people and all that. I do like what I saw and hope it’ll be entertaining. I’m not really expecting much but I just hope it’s all good and entertaining.

CONTINUE on a Low-medium priority.

But you know what? Y’all think this might be good based off your first impressions, if you played the game or not?

I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and I’d be worried if I see someone disappeared before my eyes.

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