Time of the SEASON Spring 2021 Edition: FULL Dive

Another day, another anime season, another time where some random isekai… or video game anime shit is upon us and looking at this one….. Hmmmmm…..

You know what? From the premise from what I read, I think I’m gonna give this a shot.

This is Full Dive…… aka Full Dive: This Ultimate Next-Gen Full Dive RPG Is Even Shittier than Real Life! So, the typical long-ass title is still here.

Director: Kazuya Miura

Series Composition: Kenta Ihara

Script: Kenta Ihara

Original creator: Light Tuchihi

Original Character Design: Youta

Character Design: Yūta Kevin Kenmotsu

Animation Production: ENGI

Internet Streaming:

AnimeLab (Australia and New Zealand)

FUNimation Entertainment

Wakanim (Scandinavia)

Licensed by: FUNimation Entertainment

Plot Summary: Dull high school student Hiro Yūki is tricked into joining a fully immersive VR role-playing game. The game, Kiwame Quest is promoted as “more real than reality” with mind-blowing graphics, impressive NPC behavior, and even the scent of foliage and the sensation of wind blowing against your skin. Unfortunately, the game is already a virtual ghost town after being flooded with player complaints that the game is little too realistic for its own good. Its quests are nearly impossible to clear, since players have to be as physically fit to complete them as they would in real life. Players feel actual pain when they get hit, and puncture wounds takes days to heal. The only reward is the mere sense of accomplishment. It is the complete opposite of a casual pick-up-and-play game, but Hiro vows to beat this most realistic and most stressful game ever.

First Thoughts: Welp……. this is another case of male lead fed up with real life shit and uses video games as an escape and that part is a bit typical if not played out and then we get to the actual game section of the episode and…. man, is this kid full of himself and a stupid motherfucker at that! “i WaNnA eXpLoRe ThE cItY!”-ass motherfucker and then the motherfucker stabbed his in-game best friend and the girl who was looking mighty cute at you wants to beat your ass. Maybe you should’ve listen more to that girl that sold you the shit before you did anything. But I’ll say this…. I want to continue on with this. Granted, I think the MC here has the IQ of a Taco Bell hard taco going soft but I like the idea of this game designed to just make what’s supposed to be your escape to bliss into more hell. A bit fucked up but needed in these kind of anime because it’s more unique in its way than the standard shit.


I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and remember, players, don’t stab the childhood friend’s brother in the mouth!

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