Time of the SEASON Spring 2021 Edition: Odd TAXI

Hmmmm…… so we have another one of these anime with anthropomorphic characters? Again, I did see a clip or teaser of this during the CR anime awards. I figured….. yeah, I’m giving this a shot.

This is OddTaxi.

Director: Baku Kinoshita (P.I.C.S.)

Script: Kadzuya Konomoto





Character Design:

Baku Kinoshita

Hiromi Nakayama

Art Director: Kenji Kato

Sound Director: Kohei Yoshida

Director of Photography: Miyabi Amada

Animation Production:



Internet Streaming: Crunchyroll

Plot Summary: Kotogawa is an eccentric, reticent 41-year-old taxi driver who has no relatives and does not have much to do with others. He does have conversations with his customers, including a college student who wants to go viral, a nurse hiding a secret, an unsuccessful comedian, a street rough, and an up-and-coming idol. These conversations lead him to a girl who has disappeared.

First Thoughts: One episode in and man, I’m really looking forward to the next episode. I mean, I like how this starts off with this taxi driver going into his routine then comes all about the missing girl and a customer or two talking about it. It goes into that more with someone suspecting that he might have something to do with it and I was thinking it might be a possibility. He was talking weird in his home before he left to his doctor appointment but then again, he is eccentric so he might be weird but more low-key weird. There’s that, the alpaca nurse that might have a liking of him and a bunch of other shit going on. I’m really getting into this show and it’s just the first one. Yep, this one is going to be a……

HIGH PRIORITY WATCH for me. Yes, from the weird animation and art, it knows how to get me interested.

I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and I hope this show gets a dub. It probably won’t but it should.

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