TRAP GAME S2: S K Y G U N — Chapter 2: BODY of Work

WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of violence, graphic language, and sexual content. This is meant only for MATURE AUDIENCES. Reader Discretion is advised.  

“So….. am I doing the right thing with this and Kiiara?” Sleepy asked Fio and Selene in the other room.
“Why you ask us that?” Selene said, “I think she just wants to help out more with us. There’s nothing wrong with that.”
“Yeah.” Fio said, “You’re helping her out with this and it would be best to upgrade her before she eventually—“
“Eventually what?” Sleepy said.
“Becomes obsolete.” Selene said, “You know that tech like this phases out every few years and you have grown attached to her. It’s like she’s your daughter or something. Would that make Fio the mother?”
Fio looked at Selene real strange. “Really, Selene?” 

“Well, he does take care of her like she’s a baby or kitty or puppy.” Selene said. 

Sleepy replied, “Well, I was always told to clean my electronics after using. And Kiiara has been with me through the rough shit the past few years, almost like a friend.”
“Yeah,” Fio said, “A friend that happens to play your favorite music, looks up a lot of info on everything and yet sounds like what would any of us would be.” 

“So where are you going to have her upgraded?” Selene said.
“There’s an Eazy L Tronics about 6 miles from here.”  Sleepy said, “I read more about it. The installation process should be a breeze. There’s some advance computer talk and technicians that knows that shit more than me but it should be a snap.” 

Fio then hands him some money for the process.
“Huh? Wait, Fio, I already got the money covered.” he said.
“That’s….. for the internet bill.” Fio said, “We got the payment notice today. I thought you can do that while you’re out.”
“Oh….OH!” Sleepy said, “Alright. I wonder if Katrina and Aegis-M are planning to go over there today.” 



“Oh yes!!!” Aegis-M said, “I can’t wait to get in this new body!! And it’s going to be identical as human!!! I’m gonna get all the spots tonight, mane!!!! No longer will I be immobile and go out on my free will!!!”
Katrina then had to put the breaks on his joy.
“WHOA! WHOA!!” Katrina said, “So, you’re just going to act like a party boy all night long? Look, I get it. You want to do whatever you want but it doesn’t mean you’re human.” 

“No, it means I won’t get the downsides of being human!” Aegis-M said, “I’ll be invincible! Maybe I should have a name change like Aegis-F…Oh, I mean Kiiara! Except my name wouldn’t sound like a hooker you met outside a gas station.”
“Oh, come on now.” Katrina said, “Kiiara just wants to be her own person….just like you! But you love picking on her all the time!” 

“Look, she may be a older model than me, but she’s naive as hell.” Aegis-M said, “Plus, I think if she does become mobile, she might make a move on Sleepy…. depending on what body she chooses.” 

“Aegis!” Katrina said, “Look, Kiiara is loyal to both Sleepy and Fio. She wouldn’t do that shit to her! Now, please, stop talking about that! Also, I’m doing this considering you might be outdated in a few months, then those newer models will be talking the same shit as you!”
“WHAT?!” Aegis-M said, “There’s no way I’m getting replaced any time soon!”
“You keep thinking that…..” Katrina said, “But when it eventually happens, don’t come bitching to me about it!” 



Later on, Sleepy and Katrina with their respective Aegis systems are en route to Eazy L Tronics to get their upgrade.
Kiiara was very eager to get into a new body.
“Mr. Sleepy, do you know who is going to design our physical being appearance?” Kiiara said, “Because I have some good ideas of how I want to be design!” 

“I better have some good features on mine.” Aegis-M said, “Some muscle and maybe even something bigger below downstairs.”
“You know the bigger those ‘extensions’, the more they cost, right?” Sleepy said. 

“In that case, Sleepy, I hope you don’t decide to give Kiiara some foolishly big anime titties.” Katrina said, “But then again, that would seem something Adion would do.” 

“Oh, I have complete trust that Mr. Sleepy will give me a good design.” Kiiara said. 

“Then maybe he should give you some big knockers.” Aegis-M said, “It’ll give you something to balance that child-like attitude of yours.”
Kiiara scoffs in irritation.
“Then maybe Katrina should give you an attitude adjuster to be less of a dick.” Kiiara said, “Or at least a tolerable person!” 

However, Katrina responds, “I hope there’s something to make you two stop fighting all the time.”
“That or get a spray bottle.” Sleepy said.
“Do we look like cats to you?” Aegis-M sassed back.
“Maybe.” Katrina responded, smirking at him. 



They arrive at the store and as soon as they came in, they see some representatives from SkyGun in a booth.
The two approached them.
“Oh, hello!” The woman said, “I see you’re here for the Aegis upgrade! My name is Michelle Myers and right next to me, she’s Jade Voorhees.”
“Hello, lady and gentlemen.” she said, “I see you got your Aegis system on you.” 

“Yes, we are.” Sleepy said, “I have an Aegis 7.5 and she has a 8 system.” 

“Ahhh.” Michelle said, “Our recent models! Lucky for you, they are easier to upgrade than the past models. You have no idea how many people kept on with their older models.”
“Hey…..don’t I recognize you both from somewhere?” Jade said.
Sleepy and Katrina do not want to attract any unwanted attention.
“WAIT!!” Michelle said, “You’re one of the guys from Team Speed. You’re SleepyK and Katrina! The cat girl!!”
“OH!!!” Jade said, “Oh my! We’re big fans of yours!!”
“Wait, really?” Sleepy seemed surprised, “Of us? Like—“
But Katrina stopped him at his talk. “Sleepy!!” 

“Yes, I know you seem shocked but you are part of my favorite team on the Trap Games.” Jade said.
“Wow….thank you!” Sleepy said.
“Yeah, this is very appreciative of you.” Katrina said. 

“Now, both of us are going to take you in for different inspections and body changes.” Michelle said, “Mr. Sle–“
“Oh, you just call me Mr. Hanley. I rather go by that.” Sleepy said.
“OK….Mr. Hanley, you go with me.” Michelle said, “And Miss Katrina, you’ll go with Jade for your inspection.” 


“So, Mr. Hanley?” Michelle asked, “Is there any specific body changes you’re looking for your Aegis?”
“Well, that’s really up to A– well, Kiiara here.” he said, “Yes, she gave herself that name.” 

“Oooh. Pretty name!” Michelle said.
“Thank you!” Kiiara said. 

“So, we have the first item to your right and it is our hard drive for the body.” Michelle said. The hard drives on display are shaped like men and women’s private parts. Sleepy noticed them walking inside to the showroom.
“Um….why is–“
“Our hard drives shaped like boobs and a penis?” she guessed, “That’s our designer’s idea. Granted, it doesn’t look too graphic. Shiny, yes.” 

“I also see that the most expensive ones were sold out quick.” he noticed. 

“We have encounted a lot of horny and lonely nerds during our sale.” Michelle said, “Like…. I’m pretty sure they want to—well, you know.”
“OK then…..” he said. 

“Wait….. you can choose your Aegis’ private parts?” As Katrina asked Jade as she was very confused at the concept.
“Yeah…” Jade said, “One of the developers thought it was a good idea to have the hard drive stored in private parts of the bodies.”
“So, is that why the larger female hard drives are sold out?” Katrina said, “And the large men ones, too?”
Jade nodded.
“Yeah, people like big things.” Jade said, “Although there was one person that bought both male and female hard drives. They only had one Aegis model tho.” 

“Oh, come on!” Aegis-M said, “They’re out of the bigger ones?!”
“We don’t have enough for those anyway.” Katrina said.
“Then at least give me something in large.” Aegis-M said, “I got to make them think I’m packing down there.”
“WOW! Your Aegis is quite the showman!” Jade said.
“And one with a mouth, too.” Katrina said. 


“Well….” As Sleepy decides on what hard drive size he should get, “On one hand, I like more space on hard drives but–“
“If you pick the one with the largest boob, you might be branded as a lonely pervert.” Michelle said.
“Well, Mr. Sleepy does have a loving girlfriend so there’s no perversion here.” Kiiara said, “I’m 100% sure he wants the best size for me!” 

He took a longer look at the hard drives.
“The largest you had was 20TB, right?”
“Yes.” Michelle said, “Those won’t be back until next week. How much space your Aegis has?”
He checked her system storage. It noted that she can carry to 5TB but has 989.9 GB of space left. 

“About 5.”
Michelle pondered on that. “Hmmmmm…..20 would’ve been good for you but I think 10 is just about right for ya.”
“Kiiara?” As he asked her.
“Why, yes, that is more than enough.” Kiiara said.
“Yeah, we’ll take it!” Sleepy said. 



“It cost over $120 for new Aegis equipment!” As Sleepy lamented on his way home with Katrina and the Aegis systems on board. “Good thing we got the cash for it!”
“I wish you gotten me the bigger hard drive!” Aegis-M said, “I mean, Sleepy got her a big hard drive and it can do her wonders for her–“
“WATCH IT!” Kiiara said, “As we said before, Sleepy isn’t trying to build some sex robot! He’s getting more data space for me.” 

“And I got you a big hard drive, too!” Katrina said as she looks at the phallic looking hard drive, “One that… going to be weird to install.”
“Well…” Aegis-M said, “Imagine the process like if you and Infrared are–“
“SHUT UP!!!” Katrina shouted, startling Sleepy and Kiiara in the car. 

But then Kiiara proceeds to ask about that.
“Miss Katrina, are things between you and Infrared good?” 

However, Katrina isn’t bothered by her question.
“Yeah, we’re on good terms.” In fact, she seemed comfortable.
“It seems you two have been getting quite acquainted after the Trap Games last year.” Kiiara went on, “I often noticed you blushing whenever he gets mentioned.”
“Kiiara…..” Katrina blushes again, “It’s just…..”
“AAAH! You do like him!” Kiiara said.
“KIIARA!!” Katrina shouted. 

“Oh, boi!” Aegis-M said.
“But it’s so sweet!!” Kiiara said, “I think it’s kinda cute.”
And now they’re home. 

“OK…..time for y’all to get into your new bodies!” Sleepy said. 


As they got inside to install the parts, the crew wondered the weird hard drive and assorted attachments with it. 

“Is that supposed to be tits?” Adion asked, gazing at the hard drive on the body that Kiiara is going to be transferred to.
“It’s her new hard drive.” Sleepy said.
“I see that.” Dwele said, “But it look like the robot has tig ‘ol bitties.”
“Yeah, I see it, too.” Fio said.
“Whose idea was it for these robot titties?” Selene said, “They’re basically saying that they are lonely.”
“They made it for dicks, too.” Adion said, “I’m surprised you weren’t salivating on that. I mean, don’t you have something like that in your room, Selene?”
She got freaked out, grabbing his neck.
“And what the hell were you doing in my room, Adion?” Selene said, with a furious tone in her voice.
“HELP!!” Adion said.
“Yeah, you on your own.” Dwele said.
“I know nothing about the things Selene keeps to entertain herself.” Fio said, “I do hear it a lot back then!”
“FIO!!” Selene shouted. 

“OK, look!” Sleepy said, “I picked that up because I like the extra space. You know I like having a lot of hard drive space, especially with music and video and it even has a higher RAM/CPU processor for better video footage for her to pick up.”
“I assure you that those items are not for me to be ogled at.” Kiiara said.
But Fio already knew that.
“Oh, come on, guys.” Fio said, “Yes, the body and its parts might be a bit weird but he is going through this to make sure Kiiara is in a better system.”
Sleepy smiled a bit.
“That and he knows I’ll smack him if he was thinking of that.” Fio mentioned with a smirk.
“Yeah! And– what?” He was caught off-guard. 

“Katrina, how are you coming along?” Accel asked her.
“Trying to attach this hard drive at the lower part.” She said, “And I have to ask…. do I need these two balls for something?”
“Yes, you do!” Sleepy, Adion and Dwele shouted.
“Add ’em in!” Aegis-M said.
Accel got the manual.
“According to this, it’s for keeping them from…..overheating.” Accel said, “So, they are there to keep it cool?”
“I guess….” Katrina said, “You should know more about your male genitalia than me, Shori.”
“IT’S A ROBOT!!” Accel said, “This is not like……well….”

She installs the hard drive on him along with the rest of the accessories on him.
“OK, got it ready.” Katrina said. 

“I’m ready, too!” Kiiara said.
“Welp…..Kiiara, it’s been great having you by my side all these years and while this isn’t the end, it’s a new beginning for you.” Sleepy said, “And I know you want to do us proud in helping us.”
“Thank you, Mr. Sleepy.” Kiiara said. 

“And Aegis-M…” Katrina said, “Actually, do you have a name you want to be called once you’re in a body?”
“Well…..Quinn would sound nice.” Aegis-M said. The rest were……puzzled. 

“Quinn?” The guys said.
“Yes, Quinn!!” Aegis-M said, “I know you guys aren’t saying anything! I know your real names!”
“OK then, Quinn. There you go.” Adion said.
“Let us begin!!!” Sleepy said. 

They plug in the Aegis systems into the hard drive in the bodies and it uploads to their core.
“It’s happening….”
The data is loading into both bodies.
It is now undergoing the appearance change.
The first body Kiiara’s in is changing its form. The metallic look is changing into one more of a human appearance as it goes thru the look of human anatomy with the organs and skin forming.
The same is going on with Quinn’s body with some differences. 

“Body has the appearance of human.” The simulation is near completion and it shows the now-nude bodies of both Kiiara and Quinn.
“And now they’re naked. Buck-ed naked!” Adion said.
“Oh shit, I forgot to add in the rear cushion on Kiiara!” Sleepy said. He quickly slides in the cushion at the back of her behind panel (or yeah, it’s basically her ass). 

“You know what you did, right?” Adion questioned, “My man, up top!” As they both gave each other dap. 

“Installation is complete!” The simulation said, “Now re-starting……”
It restarts.
The welcome music is being played (ala Windows XP Startup Sound). 

First comes a pulse in the system.
The eyes opened.
It was Kiiara that came alive first.
She looks around and see the surroundings around her.
“Where…….am I?” 

“Kiiara?” As Sleepy called her.
She looks around to see where Sleepy is coming from and she sees everyone in the room. 

She gasps in excitement. “WAIT….. I’m……I CAN……YES!!!! YES!!!!”
She screams happily as she is no longer an immobile item. “I can move!! I’m a h–well, not a human but I’m somewhat of a human!”

“She’s excited, isn’t she?” Fio said.
“Very!” Sleepy said. 

She then runs over to Sleepy and gives him the biggest hug.
“Oh, Mr. Sleepy, thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” She kept on thanking him even though right now, she is all naked and close to him.
“Um…Kiiara….?” He said, “You know you’re naked, right?”
She looks in a mirror and she sees her facial features are short jet black hair, blue eyes, a mole on her nose with a bit of a belly on her.
“Oh…..I need some clothes.” she said.
“Yes, you do.” Fio said, “And while I got no qualms of you hugging Sleepy, you don’t hug your friends while you’re in the buff….like what you’re doing to me now.” She’s now hugging Fio.
“Sorry… do feel soft tho.” Kiiara said, “And you have a pleasant scent.” 

And then in comes Quinn.
“OOOOOHHHH……….Ow.” As he spoken his first words, “Damn, it’s chilly in here. Y’all must have good AC.”
He stands up in awe.
“Damn, it feels good to stand up!”
Then everyone is staring at…. 

“Oh man…..” Selene staring hard at his…..package.
“Really?” Adion said, “That’s not even the biggest one.”
Then Dwele interfered, “Dude, we have a naked robot girl over yonder.” 

“Maybe we should get them some clothes.” Accel mentioned, “Before anyone gets the wrong idea and—” Then Kiiara got up close to Accel to examine him.
“AW! You look so soft and cuddly.” Kiiara said, “No wonder why the girls here find you so adorable.” 

Cue Nala and Mazi coming in the door.
“Yo, Fio! We’re here early!” Nala said, “We got a few minutes to make that pie crust and— WHY IS THERE A NAKED WOMAN ON SHORI!?”
“Nala!!” Accel said.
“He’s not cheating!!” Sleepy said, “Let’s get that shit out of the way now!! He is not thinking of any other woman than you!!” 

“Oh. it’s Nala! HEY NALA!!” A cheerful Kiiara said. 

“Wait…..” Mazi said, “I recognize that voice…..isn’t that voice service girl Sleepy always has?”
“Huh?” Nala said, “Aerith? Aeris? Idris? Elba?”
“AEGIS!!” Accel said.
“But…..I don’t go by that anymore.” Kiiara said, “I’m known as Kiiara.” 

“And I’m Quinn!!” As he stood posing in view of everyone.
“Man, put some pants on!!” Mazi said, “No one wants to see your junk! And girl, you do the same!! You got enough horny guys in here!!” 

“One of you got something for her?” Nala said, “And judging by her size…..” As Nala is staring at her physique.
“Yeah, me and her don’t got the same size in things…” Then she stares straight at Katrina, “But I know someone who d–“
“I GET IT! I GET IT!” Katrina said, “Kiiara, come with me. I’ll get you something!”

“And what about Quinn?” Sleepy said, “My clothes can’t fit this dude!” Both Dwele and Sleepy went directly to Adion.
“What the— why not Accel!?” he shouted, “They look like they got the same size and height in clothes!”
“What about Sleepy!” Accel exclaimed. 

“I’m the bigger guy.” Sleepy replied, “We wouldn’t fit what I got! They would fall off his ass!” 

“Wait!” Accel butted in, “I got some old clothes I don’t wear as much that he can wear!”
“Um……” Quinn said.
“They’ve been washed.” Accel said.
“Well, that’s one thing down.” Quinn said, “And OK, we do have some similarities in sizes but….I don’t know about sharing clothes with you.”
“I’m not sharing them with you!” Accel said, “They’re ours to keep!” 

“So they’re hand-me-downs?” Quinn shouted, “I know what things are! Y’all got beaucoup cash! You can’t take me shopping!?”
“Well…. you have anything in mind?” Sleepy said.
“I have a few things…..” As Quinn was thinking something greedy. 


Meanwhile in Katrina’s room, her, Nala and Mazi are helping Kiiara on what she’s going to wear.
She’s now going through Katrina’s underwear drawer, looking for a bra.
“Miss Katrina, you sure these would fit me?” Kiiara said.
“Uh. Kiiara, you can just call me ‘Katrina’ and I’m sure I have something in your size.” Katrina said.
“Yeah, I mean…” Mazi said, “Judging by your bust size, you have the same size as most of the girls in this house. I mean, and that’s not counting people like Deanna, who comes here a lot.” 

“So, you’re saying I have a big bust like them?” Kiiara said, with a smiling face. 

“Yeah, you do.” Nala said, “But don’t let that get to your head.”
“You may be a robotic human now,” Katrina said, “But sometimes these girls isn’t all glamorous. There’s back pain, having to find the right cup size, and yeah, there’s superficial assholes always trying to hit on you and feel on you like you’re some plush toy.” 

“Hell, that happens to girls that either have big tits or a big ass even.” Nala said, “Or even just any type of girl, no matter how big or small in whatever you are. Kiiara, you need to learn some things about being a human in this world. Especially being a woman around here.” 

“You mean, like defending myself from creeps and all that?” Kiiara asked. 

“She’s learning fast.” Mazi said, “But more importantly, you can’t be a pushover to anyone and that includes to people you personally know.”
“Even the guys here.” Nala said. “Yes, we know they’re good people. We’ve seen that in person but sometimes they might slip up.”
“Even Mr. Sleepy?”
“Well……” Nala said, “OK, he’s gone through enough shit and he never mess with us anyway. i mean, just for harmless laughs and giggles. And Accel, too. Oh, and please…..never, ever ever ever (!!!) hug him naked again. Hugging him, I got no problem with but realize you never do that shit in the buff.” 

Kiiara then finally got on some underwear on with a basic white bra and panties.
“You got a top and some pants for her or something?” Nala said, “Yeah, we got to take you clothes shopping this week.”
“It’s manageable.” Kiiara said, “A little snug but it fits.”
Katrina then tosses her a black t-shirt and some sweatpants.
“And now she is clothed!” Nala said.
“These clothes feel comfy!” Kiiara exclaimed. 


Now we’re at Accel’s room as he looks for temp clothes for Quinn while the guys (Sleepy, Adion & Dwele) were helping.
“Yeah, all of us have to go clothes shopping after this.” Adion said, “Especially me. I need some new fly shit to get anyway!” 

Quinn browsed around his clothes. “Hmmm, you have a lot of dark color clothes. I mean, that’s a good color scheme but nothing a little light?”
Accel said, “I just got too busy to get new stuff.” 

“Busy!?” Quinn said, “Dude, you’re one of the rising stars of the Trap Games! You got deals coming at you and shit! That money had to be put up for treating yourself!! Come on, man!”
“Hey, I have!” Accel said, “I’ve changed up my room a bit! I got a bunch of posters, a new TV–“ 

“OK, that’s not bad.” Quinn said, “I mean, you got some luxury things on ya.”
“But—” Then Sleepy interjects, “He knows not to overspend anything on frivolous and superfluous shit! The money is needed to pay off bills for this place!” 

“What about Nala?” Quinn said, “Surely, you and her have used that money to spend some time together?”
“We went out on dates….. a lot!” Accel said.
“And did they end up with you and her in a room where clothes fall off, especially Nala?” As Quinn went on. 

“Uh….why you must know?” Accel asked him, “You saying that my love life isn’t doing as good?”
“No, I’m not saying that at all.” Quinn said, “But you make it seem like its tiring. Like you’re frustrated.”
“That’s not it.” Accel said, “It’s not that complicated. I’m just overwhelmed at everything that’s been happening lately!”
“Quinn….” Sleepy said, “You know you just got to being a ‘human’ but don’t act like you know what the hell you talking about. Accel is doing fine in his personal life. In fact, he’s doing better than ever…..but I have noticed the constant calls for ads and promo and I get it. You want a break of that and we are getting close to the season ending so hopefully it’ll come. I wouldn’t want you to stress out, man.” 

“Sleepy…..” Quinn retorts to him as he puts on some pants, “I’m just helping out the dude, that’s all. Besides, you don’t got to do this shit anymore. You’re busy just enjoying your retirement and all and getting your lovin’ by your girl and former robot now ‘human’ waifu. I know you’ve been through some shit but trust me that I know about shit like this, too.” 

“Yo, what shirt you want?” Dwele digging through some of Accel’s clothes, “I feel like the black and red goes with them black jeans you got on.”
“Hmmm…good choice, Dwele.” Quinn said. 

“Come on, Sleepy.” Adion said, “To be fair, Quinn has been helpful when Katrina was going through some shit. Like you with Aeg– Kiiara.”
“OK, OK.” Sleepy said, “Alright…. shit.” 

“I’m digging the look of this.” Quinn said, “Red and black has a certain flair to it.” He also added a cap and a chain.
“It does screams ‘I’m kinda dangerous but not really’.” As Selene entered the room with Fio, “Y’all just about done in here?”
“Just about.” Dwele said, “Quinn was just getting adjusted to his new look.” 

“HI!!!” Then Kiiara stepped in as she along with the rest of the girls. 

“And she looks like she’s got a date with the couch and a pint of double fudge swirl.” Quinn said.
“She looks fine.” Sleepy said, “She’s comfy. She looks happy in clothes.”
“So, basically you.” Adion said, “Only shorter and no y chromosome.” 

“I think I’m pulling it off.” Kiiara said as she lays back on the couch. “HA!! That felt soft! Soft like you, Fio!”
“OOoh….. wait, I’m like a couch?” Fio wondered. 

Then Kiiara glazes at Quinn and his new look. “Why do you look like a wannabe soundcloud rapper?”
“You look like you’d be a threat but you’re really not.” Kiiara said, “Also, you’d be the type that would act like you’re hard but in reality, you would fall apart.” As she chuckles.
“OH wow!!” Quinn said, “Even when you’re in a moderately attractive body, you’re still a know-it-all bitch!!”
“Hmmm… moderately attractive, eh?” Kiiara got smug at that and has the biggest grin on her face. “So, you admit that something about me caught your attention? I wonder how you are when I was nude earlier.”
“Please, you’re a 7 at best.” Quinn said.
“7 isn’t that bad of a score.” Kiiara said, “You know you feel bad being mean to a cute face like this!” As she did the akanbe look (the eyelid pull and tongue sticking out move) and still continued to laugh at him.
“Cute?” Quinn said, “HA! By cute, you mean you act like a 14-year-old moving in a married 30-year-old, then yeah!” 

“Wow, even when you’re in physical form, y’all still bicker and fight.” Sleepy said.
“Except it’s going to be worse.” Fio said, “And before you ask how…” 

“You’re calling me jailbait!?” Kiiara said, “That’s the pot calling the kettle black! You keep spouting how you’re younger than me and now you’re saying I’m childish!” 

“We should leave.” Sleepy said.
“Yup.” Fio said, “My room?”
“Please?” Sleepy made a gleeful grin.



Sleepy and Fio lay in bed under covers after an extensive hour of love-making.
“Damn, that took a lot out of me….” Sleepy said.
“A lot of us…” Fio added, “Both of us did switch positions. I think my thighs chafed from moving too much.”
“Yeah, me too.” Sleepy said, “So–“
Then Fio just went straight to sleep.
“Well, you read my mind.” Then he went to sleep as well. 

The phone rings.
Fio answers it.
“We ain’t here.”
Then hangs up. 

The phone rings again but this time, Sleepy answers it.
“We’re not home!!” 

However, as it was silent in the bedroom, Selene then decides to bust in on the door.
“YOU GOT A PHONE CALL!!!” She shouted but the two are still asleep. 

“Ah….of course.” Selene said, “Those two always go to a deep sleep after this….”
She then decides to get the spray.
“Oh well!”
“WAKE YOUR ASSES UP!!!” She screams, causing them to shout and panic. 

“What the hell, Selene!?” Fio shouted.
“And what was in that spray!?” Sleepy said, “It don’t feel like water.”
“It’s vodka!!” Selene said, “Mixed with coffee!” 

“Look, you have a phone call for you, Sleepy.” Selene said, “They say it’s important!”
“Important?” He grabbed the phone. “Hello?”
“Yo, Sleepy, you there?”
“Long time no see… well, hear.” Ferg said. 


30 minutes later. 


Sleepy met up with Erol Ferg at a disclosed location.
“Uh… have something to tell me, man?” Sleepy said, “I knew this time you’re not pulling some bullshit.”
“Believe me, this is urgent.” Ferg said.
“Urgent how?” Sleepy said. 

They entered the building.
“You heard about the recent news of Rifts being captured, right?” 

“Yeah.” Sleepy said, “The fucker that played everyone and one of the causes of that incident? Isn’t he going to face some jail time? Hopefully for life with a big nigga named Timmy to shank him to sleep?”
“Damn, man!” Ferg said, “That sounds harsh.”
“I don’t give a fuck. Fuck him and fuck his little bitch crew at that, too.” Sleepy said, “I read how his crew went down. Most of them are probably locked up like he is.” 

Then comes in Lipa.
“Hi, honey!” She says as she gives him a kiss.
“Hey, babe. I got Sleepy here like you said.” 

“HEY!” Lipa said, “Kenny!”
“Kenny?” Sleepy said with an awkward look, “Um…. OK?” 

“What?” Lipa said.
“Well….no one really calls him that.” Ferg said, “Maybe Fiorella but that’s it.”
“Anyway…..” Lipa went on, “Sleepy.. I’m sure Erol told you about the Rifts situation.” 

“Yes….” he said.
They were going down on an elevator and they eventually reached a low-level floor. 

“Well, what if we told you that……” They turned on the lights and as they went all the way on, one light shine on Rifts handcuffed to a table.
“Sleepy…… long time no see.” As Rifts uttered his first words to him in years. 


(C) 2020 Katana+ / Ctrl/Alt/Del Productions 


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