Hmmmm, I actually saw a preview of this  and you know what, this looks actually pleasing and kinda funny reading the premise of this.

This is Kakushigoto.

Director: Yūta Murano

Series Composition: Takashi Aoshima

Music: Yukari Hashimoto

Original creator: Kōji Kumeta

Character Design: Shuuhei Yamamoto

Art Director: Kohei Honda

Chief Animation Director:

Emiko Endo

Shuuhei Yamamoto

Yuki Nishioka

Sound Director: Ryousuke Naya

Director of Photography: Teppei Satō


Animation Production: Ajiado


Internet Streaming:

AnimeLab (Australia and New Zealand)

FUNimation Entertainment

Wakanim (Nordic countries)

Licensed by: FUNimation Entertainment


Plot Summary: Kakushi Goto is a weekly manga artist known for ecchi action titles like Balls of Fury and Tights in the Wind, but he decided when his daughter Hime was born that he would be mortified if she ever found out, so he has always disguised his true occupation from her. 

First Thoughts: We have another father-daughter relationship anime and it’s very clear that he adores his daughter very much and he also doesn’t want her to know that he wrote a lot of raunchy shit as a manga artist. I mean, he wrote something called Balls of Fury, not relating to that one ping-pong Dan Folger movie in 2006 (?) and if you don’t know who he is….I don’t blame you.

But his daughter does eventually find his work but she doesn’t know what they really are…. and for then, you’re in for some fun times. It’s basically Hime and her friends looking into her dad’s work while he’s trying to cover that shit up. We are in for some funny moments, especially with that one Starbucks thing where their orders are spells….which is plausible. You try saying vendi vetti somethin– I never ordered anything from a Starbucks, are you want from me?

So, this turned out to be decent.



I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and I wonder if I ever have a child, they’ll know about my work and— oh no.

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