Anime Discovery XX: Why the HELL are You Here, TEACHER – #219

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They have been many times when we were younger, we might developed a crush on our teacher(s) whether they can be a hard-ass on you or they play too much. They might be the shyest yet sweetest person you met or you wonder what the hell is with that person.

The other thing you never thought of happening if you’re within each other is how awkward things got…..and by awkward, I mean, how the hell did this shit happen!? Airing…. well, last Spring season and we got another 12-minute format anime to talk about.

And there’s some things to talk about this show.


High school student Ichirō’s female teacher Kojima-sensei is famous for being a “demon teacher.” However, in front of Ichirō she seems to be air-headed and clumsy, and he keeps finding himself in perverted situations with her in places like the in men’s bathroom, in the men’s bathhouse, in the pool, at the school infirmary, and elsewhere.

Yeah, that’s just the start of the series following this guy Ichiro and his run-ins with that specific teacher Kojima and of course, the moments happened there went from “well, this is awkward” to “what the hell? REALLY? HOW CAN THIS SHIT HAPPEN!?” from running into her in the bathroom, the laundromat, his own home because his mom knows her and she even tries to hook them both up. Yeah, they don’t have much of an age difference between them but the whole student/teacher thing doesn’t have a good look to them but hilarity ensues whenever they are caught in an compromising position aka them clothes be coming off……or in a worst case, you have to insert a suppository in her ass. Also, I hope no one finds the bathroom situation sexy because it’s not.

But wait, he isn’t the only male student/female teacher pairing we got……

You also have Rin Suzuki and Mayu Matsukaze aka Lady Matsukaze and they are quite the opposite of each other with Rin is tall and scary-looking and you have Matsukaze, who is petite and kind and yes, she got them tig ‘ol bitties. Rinse and repeat, only one awkward moment happened in the train and almost ended up showing them thangs.

Takashi Takahashi & Hikari Hazakura – the former is a first-year student and student council treasurer and the latter is the P.E. Teacher. Their relationship is basically Hikari treating Takashi like a little kid and never went past that…..well, until that one moment and yeah, you know the drill. I think there was one scene where she falls asleep on him and her titty was near his mouth and __________. (Yeah, you fill in the blank there.)

And finally (for now), we have Ko Tanaka & Chizuru Tachibana – 3rd year student about to graduate and the school nurse. I’d say this one has some of the weirder moments since Tachibana doesn’t have any issue changing clothes in front of him. But he’s like “Uh, the hell are you doing?”

Again, there isn’t much to discuss about this show but I’ll say this: those teachers are pretty hot, ngl, but if you thought you were going to see some parts of there while it was simulcasting, you’re shit out of luck since it was censored so you don’t see no teacher titty (well, maybe a side-boob or so) and you get censor buttons of chibi teachers, even though the chibi version of them was cute as well. Lady Matsukaze really does remind me of teachers I had during school or college that were genuinely kind and sweet and Hikari will remind me of that one friend that will mess with you but eventually you developed a lot of feelings for that person and you will feel weird as fuck.


Oh, and since I mention the loads of censoring when this aired, um……..remember when I said this and Takunomi share some things in common?

Well, aside from being licensed by Sentai, it having a 12-minute episode format and features cute women in their 20s……the animation studio is now defunct but with this, this is from Tear Studio and…. they didn’t make much noteworthy anime to be honest. I mean, any of you fans of Lord of Vermillion: The Crimson King or the movie The Royal Tutor (as opposed to the series animated by Bridge)? I mean, maybe for the latter, they might be fans of that specific show but….any of y’all fans of Lord of Vermillion? Anyway, the animation overall is standard of what to expect from a show like this.

Also, the opening song is basically saying “You know you got a stiffy thinking about me…..darling….” while saying their body parts and yeah, that is all I remember about that song and the ending song is some fluff as well but nothing worth noting much. For the dub, we got a good cast of most known VAs in the Texas region like Austin Tindle, Bryson Baugus, Andrew Love, Maggie Flecknoe, Monica Rial along with one name I’m not familiar with, that being Melody Spade, the English voice of Lady Matsukaze and she was decent in that role and the other actors did a good job of it as well. Another fun fact…… the pairing Ko Tanaka & Chizuru Tachibana…….both voiced by actual couple IRL Amber Lee Connors and Howard Wang.

FINAL VERDICT: This screams guilty pleasure to me mainly because….well, some of you saw the show and all and yeah, the situations played in here are really “HTHTSH (How the Hell This Shit Happened?)” but apart from the nudity, I did enjoy some of the characters here and while the teacher/student thing could be sketchy, at least there isn’t any LeTourneau shit going on so there’s that. This is one of those anime that I would watch….I just won’t blab it to you as much. It’s perfectly fine cheesecake…..that’s it.



At the time of this writing, WHY THE HELL ARE YOU HERE, TEACHER? will be on Blu-ray May 5th and it will be UNCENSORED so you can see anime tiddy. Other options, streaming on Crunchyroll & HiDive (along with VRV) in both sub and dub….still censored but it’s there.


I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and I hope she washed her fucking hands after using the bathroom.


But for real, you should really wash your hands and keep yourself clean during this time of crisis.


WHY THE HELL ARE YOU HERE, TEACHER? – animated by Tear Studio / licensed by Sentai Filmworks

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