Anime Discovery XX: CAROLE & TUESDAY – #215 // More of an update than a review, TBH

So, yeah…… I know. I know.

“Why the hell would you make a review of this show when you already did a review on that in Surreal Resolution?”

Yeah, why would I? This is more of me saying that you can read the review on the site instead. I know this seems lazy but I am planning on telling you my plans of Anime Discovery this year in 2020.

Link should be in the image below you. Click there to read the review for yourself.

Image result for carole and tuesday


Anyway……you noticed that in recent years, my output of anime reviews has been getting less and less but that can be both of a good and a bad thing. It’s bad because it seems like I rarely do the thing I did often when I was starting out but on the other hand, I rather give you reviews that took some time and effort doing rather than pump out instantly like it’s instant ramen.

I have tried to get at least one or two reviews a month and that has worked a lot but I think I want to give you more than that a month or at least plan of giving you more than that every few months. Like give you 3 or 4 anime reviews every few months like maybe 4 in February and/or maybe 3 in March… somewhere in the line of that.

(As in, I write the reviews but don’t release them yet. Mostly like how I often release my story chapters.)

I’m planning on doing that later on this month.


Music reviews on Surreal Resolution…..yes, I’m planning on hopefully covering an album or two soon on Surreal Resolution. I don’t know what they’ll be but I’m hoping they’ll be interesting. Actually, there is that new Tame Impala album coming soon.

Stories……as of now, I’m writing episode 5 of Aura Faction Next Gen: BK Squad and soon after will be writing Episode 6.  Release dates for those will be TBD. After that, I’ll stop there for a while because after that my focus will be on Season 2 of Trap Game but this time, I’m doing the release schedule different than last time. Will be 12 episodes like last time? I……actually don’t know. I’m not even sure if it’s going to air in the Spring time like last year but I’ll keep doing updates on that.

As for everything else……(Hy)Lights is still a thing and We Ba[re-cap] Bears is still there since no new episodes have aired since……well, maybe May of last year and the movie is coming out later this year but no air date has been announced yet.


So, that’s the update for Mind of the Hybrid One and hopefully I don’t get too burned out on this.


I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and I hope y’all read this fully. 

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