Well, here we are in the future and it’s…….

Yeah, I rather not finish that part but hey, we are in a new decade and there is always new anime to explore whether it be some returning franchises or some new ish making their debut and the changes do keep on coming, especially on one anime distributor having some exclusivity on a platform for a month.

But that’s for a later show.


For our first show……. wait, it’s a fantasy that’s not an isekai or some wannabe dark bullshit? OK, that’s actually promising and oh, the first episode of this is up before the Japanese Broadcast debut. Oh, and it’s a Crunchyroll co-pro.

This is Somali and the Forest Spirit.

Director: Kenji Yasuda

Series Composition: Mariko Mochizuki

Original creator: Yako Gureishi

Character Design: Ikuko Ito

Art Director: Vincent Nghiem

Sound Director: Takatoshi Hamano


Animation Production:




Internet Streaming: Crunchyroll


Plot Summary: In a world ruled by spirits and monsters, humans are persecuted and driven to the brink of extinction. In a certain forest, a golem – the guardian of the forest – and a little girl meet. Their journey as surrogate father and daughter to each other begins.

First Thoughts: Something about this show is just so calm but still has that sense of a low-key adventure. Of course, the golem is like this stoic traveler and you have this little girl who was once alone and scared, but now she’s safe and sound with him and the whole parent/child relationship is pretty solid at first glance. It isn’t as overbearing as the “Look at my adoptive daughter!! LOOK AT HER!”  type of shit we got from another show two seasons ago and it’s better for it.

Starting off the season with a breezy traveling adventure anime is always welcome here and I’m giving this a CONTINUE WEEKLY.

But if CR does decide to dub this, they better let us know about it. (That or hire someone that can promote their dubs better than whoever they got now.)


I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and notice I didn’t make one reference to that one show y’all knew for a couple of months now.

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