MAK2.0’s Anime of the 2010s: Part 2, The Top Supreme Cuts

Now we are at the part where everything is all sunshine and sparkles and positivity and….honestly, this decade has gotten me more into anime than ever.

Hell, at the start of the 2010s, I couldn’t afford many anime DVD singles or had a card to afford subscription services like Crunchyroll, Funimation, etc. but now…. well, I keep a paying job to afford monthly subscriptions of those services and sometimes dabble in anime sales and while I don’t have a big enough collection to fit a bookcase, it’s still a good collection of stuff that I actually like.

Also, it also gave me a good chance to see what anime outside of what I usually see on TV, I would like and I happen to like some anime that I wouldn’t usually give the time of day. These are the titles that I love and someday want to own to put on my shelf, that is if I can afford them or wait until a sale happens.

But anyway, let’s get it!! This is the best shit I watched all decade!!




Sometimes the type of anime that captures my eye are the ones that doesn’t have that traditional ‘anime’ aesthetic and reminds me of something I did used to watch back in the Adult Swim Action days. It also helps that the material is created by the guy that did Trigun?

BLOOD BLOCKADE BATTLEFRONT // Spring 2015 & Fall 2017 // BONES // Funimation

This show did everything I often love in an anime and that is combining fast-paced comedy, kinetic action, investing drama and emotion swirled in the jazzy New York vibe and the sci-fi surroundings in all one show and for two seasons, at that. This show is gateway anime material here and I hope later on more people will discover this show. It deserves some recognition.



This is another show that fits into that non-traditional anime aesthetic, well in terms of content and while this may not be up to everyone’s cup of tea, this show absolutely knows how to do some gritty material and keeping it grounded.

BANANA FISH // Summer-Fall 2018 // MAPPA // Amazon

On the last list, I talked about how some anime were too immature to handle some mature content with taste and rather be ridiculous in an awful way. Banana Fish does have material that’ll make you uncomfortable and by that, I meant the thing with sexual assault, grooming by powerful men that can and will harm you but it works in its advantage because it doesn’t romanticize or paint it as overly dramatic. It also works as an interesting LGBTQ romance with the leads Ash and Eiji and the trauma of being involved in the gang life in the 1980s and just trying to not get killed. I really hope someone get the license from Amazon and dub this and according to some people/podcast I know/follow, one certain ADR director and/or studio would fit right in.



I keep forgetting that this was something on Shonen Jump and at first, I wasn’t feeling it as much but later on…..this series really got to me.

Image result for assassination classroom

ASSASSINATION CLASSROOM // Winter-Spring 2015 (s1)/Winter-Spring 2016 (s2) // Lerche // Funimation

So in order to make sure the world doesn’t end, you have to kill this teacher…..who’s nickname is Koro-Sensei aka Unkillable Teacher and at first, the show seem like it’s a lot of fun with some crazy antics now and then but nothing to brag about but as soon as we got to Season 2, everything just elevated this show up from the backstory and the end……it’s enough to make a man cry. We didn’t want it to end but at some point, it made a wonderful conclusion.



Revenge is a best dish served cold…..and probably with some liquor to wash it down with.

91 DAYS // Summer 2016 // Shuka // Crunchyroll/Funimation

I love revenge stories. I love the tale of infiltrating into a mob family, cozying up to them and destroying them from the inside without any notice. This show is what if Baccano! was just a straight-up mafia story but without the comedy and it works from the on-edge tense situations to the characterization into each character, especially the opposing side and it got that cinematic magic working for it. This anime needs more love from people.



Speaking of shows that need more love…..

Image result for wotakoi amazon

WOTAKOI: LOVE IS HARD FOR OTAKU // Spring 2018 // A-1 Pictures // Amazon

It’s a damn shame that no one picked up this show to license and Amazon’s the most to blame as they don’t know how to promote anime right. This is rare to see an romance anime about your life as an otaku into your adult years and how it affects your relationship with your significant other and friends as well. While I did like a show like My Love Story (think of that as a HM), this is something more for anime fans in their late 20s/early 30s.



A lot of things have been re-awakened that decade: my love of music and me expanding my taste in different genres and the fact that Shinichiro Watanabe still remains as one of the best anime directors in the game. Example #1….

Image result for kids on the slope

KIDS ON THE SLOPE // Spring 2012 // MAPPA/Tezuka Pro // Sentai Filmworks

At this point, it’s been a while since he directed a show and was curious to check it out. I mean, it’s a show set in the 1960s but in Japan and it’s a nice coming-of-age story with the focus of jazz, the friendship among our three leads and the drama that often comes with it but remains grounded throughout the whole series, even though the pacing could be better. Out of his works, this is probably his most low-key out of his work but it’s still worth checking out.


I heard of “Nature, you scary”…..well, this is “Nature, you violent and fucked up!!”

Image result for made in abyss

MADE IN ABYSS // Kinema Citrus // Summer 2017 // Sentai Filmworks

Despite that this show has a rocky start in the beginning (not the show itself, but the way the streaming rights were handled), this show ended up being one of the surprising best shows of the year. Hell, it won at the CR Anime Awards when no one thought it would win. This show is a gripping adventure series that took a lot of risks at these two kids get into some real shit exploring these woods and yeah….it’s really effective and dramatic and some moments got me fucked up. I’m just glad I know own this on Blu-ray and hopefully I might review it some day here.


Let’s take a trip to Ikebukuro and make sure to not run into any gangs or flying refrigerators in the sky.

Image result for durararaImage result for durarara

DURARARA!! (the whole series) // Winter-Spring 2010 (S1), Winter 2015, Summer 2015, Winter 2016 (S2) // Brain’s Base (S1), Shuka (s2) // Aniplex of America

Yeah, here’s a hot take: I like this show way better than Baccano! to be very frank.  I think the characters in here are more interesting, even the non-supernatural characters here (yes, I mean the three high school characters). I love following every character in whatever situation they are in from the antics/adventures of Celty & Shinra, Shizuo, the Dollars…..I’m always so intrigued whenever I watch this show and I’m glad to see this through the end.



One of my favorite anime from 2019 is about some kids lost in space and they managed to not annoy me….. Hell, I really gave two fucks about them.

ASTRA LOST IN SPACE // Lerche // Summer 2019 // Funimation

I said it before and I’ll say it again…. this show went above and beyond my expectations. Hell, I said it before that it manages to grab it even with the first episode being 45 minutes (hell, the last episode was that long, too!) and the rest of the series got better and better and better with so many twists about each character and with 12 episodes, it will forever be a classic.


Are you upset……
…….. I am not upset.

Are you upset……
…….. I am not upset.

Are you— You know what it is.

POP TEAM EPIC // Winter 2018 // Kamikaze Douga // Crunchyroll/Funimation

A masterpiece!! Yes, I am calling this a masterpiece! To some, it may be mostly shitposting and memes but this is something that a lot of people put time and effort with every different sections in this show from the different animation styles, the music videos, the puppetry and even something like Bob Epic Team that looks like some Adult Swim show you seen in the past. It is still one of the funniest anime of the decade and they were still killing it with that OVA released last year as well.


Now…. the TOP 10!!!!



Let’s talk about monster girls…..and no, it’s not that show and no, that wasn’t a diss to that one. I like that one but this one knew how to make the topic on it so intriguing.

INTERVIEWS WITH MONSTER GIRLS // A-1 Pictures // Winter 2017 // Crunchyroll/Funimation

Monster girls were among the rage happening this decade and while it’s not the one show with monster girls that’ll make you horny, at least it’s not the one that looks like the K-Mart version of it. This show goes through what it’s like being a monster girl in your life and sometimes it can be frustrating, depending on what type of monster girl you are and how they are depicted. Now this is one of those titles that can easily mess up but in the end, this show got all the charm, wit, and insight in this slice-of-life series.



Yes, it’s TRIGGER Time!!! This decade, I anticipated what this studio has made in anime. While there have been some misses, there were more good hits and while I think I rank this a bit more than some others, it deserves the high praise.

LITTLE WITCH ACADEMIA // Winter-Spring 2017 // Trigger // Netflix

I still believe that this is the higher echelon of projects made by Trigger and the magical feeling from the ONA and the movie still carries on into TV format and yes, I know for 24 episodes, it has plots that are basically for one cour each but that’s not a complaint from me. It is anime’s answer to the Harry Potter franchise…except this show is less problematic. Although, seriously, I wish Netflix would give home video rights to someone so we can own it.



You heard the words “Pimpin’ ain’t easy?” Well, never say that to a magical girl. They’re probably curse you out….or show you why that statement is bullshit.

Related image

PUELLA MAGI MADOKA MAGICA // Winter 2011 // Shaft // Aniplex of America

Look, no matter what your opinion of this show is, you know that it brought back a lot of attention for magical girl anime, right? Even if some of the magical girl anime this decade have been dreck to shit, (some shows were still good, tho!) this show is now considered iconic and inspirational but I will say it’s probably not the most accessible to show any new anime fan. You could try but I wouldn’t bet on it. The show itself…. it’s a damn good deconstruction of the magical girl genre that turned a lot of anime heads and while I don’t want to say it’s the New Evangelion but it’s up there. Still, pretty amazing show…..and don’t accept contracts from weird cat-like creatures.



I’m still not much of a sports fan in general and that meant I really don’t care much for sports anime. But when something like this hits for me….. you got my attention.

MEGALO BOX // Spring 2018 // TMS Entertainment/3xCube // Viz Media

There are a lot of things I love about Megalo Box. The classic underdog come up story with nothing but his strength (like, literally, his name is Gearless Joe and he fights without gear) with his crew to battle on the biggest names in boxing with the visual aesthetic of watching something you would see on Toonami back in the day (and by now, that went full circle). Other things I love about this include the animation/presentation and the music. Oh, man, I love that opening so much! And since then, there has been news of more of this coming and I can’t wait for that!



Adulting is hard, pt.1 — hey, this part has dragons, so here you go.

Hisone to Masotan First Visual.jpg

DRAGON PILOT: HISONE & MASOTAN // Spring 2018 // BONES // Netflix

I just gave this a re-watch a few days ago and this show is still so damn good and under-the-radar. Mixing the elements of something from a fantasy anime to working in the military and one of my greatest fears, interacting with other people although unlike myself, Hisone does have a weird way of saying some rude shit that others shouldn’t hear. However, this show does have some creativity with the dragon riders and of course, I love the mix of comedy, drama and adventure in here. Plus, I said it once and I’ll say it again, that ED song still slaps!


Adulting is hard, pt. 2 – Now with you as an anthropomorphic character designed by Sanrio and you use death metal to let all your thoughts out.

AGGRETSUKO // Spring 2018/Spring 2019 // Fanworks // Netflix

Aggretsuko is the most reliable anime of….. well, the 2010s because dealing with your job, sexist pig bosses, your parents telling you how to deal with your life and how annoying it can be and of course, your dating life is probably the many things that’ll make you tear your hair out….or in Retsuko’s case, scream your lungs out and rocking hard to it. You have cute, chibi animal characters doing some satirical humor and it works.



This decade, I had one drama anime that just stuck with me this entire decade. Granted it can around the latter half of the 2010s but this one…..I’m so glad that I tuned in to this one.

MARCH COMES IN LIKE A LION // SHAFT // Fall 2016-Winter 2017(s1)/Fall 2017-Winter 2018(s2) // Aniplex of America

HOLY SHIT!!! This show really just got to me when this premieres and yes, I know this is technically a sports anime since shogi (aka Japanese chess) is involved and that aspect is good as well, but the more dramatic elements, especially the themes of anxiety, depression, bullying, loss, just over all being a wreck (not just a nervous wreck but a full blown wreck)– all of that shit got to me! I feel so much for our main character Rei and even with the Kawamoto Family, they’re not immune to this shit since the Season 2 ready got the spotlight on them with the bullying sub-plot with Hinata and man, talking about this show just got me teary-eyed a bit. Did this do well enough to get another season? Because I hope this continues on. Shows like this are very needed.



Yep, the next two are going to be centered on one director, yet again and if you guess who that director is….. OK, you know my taste by now.

Image result for space dandy anime

SPACE DANDY // BONES // Winter 2014 & Summer 2014 // Funimation

Yes, Watanabe strikes again! Well, him with the help of one Shingo Natsume, future director of such 2010s shows like One Punch Man (S1), ACCA-13 Boogiepop and Others and this show is just stellar as a comedy/sci-fi with a loose narrative that ties it all together in the end with the help of our band of….well, idiots of Dandy, QT & Meow. Not to mention, this is also a part of anime history considering it was the first simuldub (well, the first successful one) to happen by Funimation that kick-start the whole simuldubbing business, whether it be for better or for worse. Still, Space Dandy is still a dandy show….in space.



Yeah, yeah, I know this show is still fairly recent and I’m still going to write about it soon but it immediately earned the spot not only the year but the 2010s as a whole.

Image result for carole and tuesday

CAROLE & TUESDAY // Spring-Summer 2019 // Bones // Netflix

Maybe it’s just that my love of music has grown more ever since I decided to do it right in 2016 but this show got it done in all the right areas. You do have the underdog story of someone trying to make it in the music business, that being the titular characters and yet while not that, you also get the story of someone (aka Angela) who has made it big but faces a lot of pressure and drama. You got that, great music from all around especially those who added contributions to the soundtrack and another fine show from a director that I admire a lot.


And before we go to #1, some honorable mentions for ya…..


MY HERO ACADEMIA – I thought about adding this to the list but the show is still airing right now and could be a staple in the 2020s as well. Anyway, this might be the one shonen series airing now that’s just always gets it for me. Watching this every time a new episode premieres feels like watching Saturday Morning shows all over again. Best of all, I don’t get easily burnt out on this because the show does take breaks now and then.

SWORD ART ONLINE ALTERNATIVE: GUN GALE ONLINE – I said it before and I’ll say it again…. this is SAO done right and actually lets you have fun with its characters, story and surroundings. Plus, get an actual emotion out of this that isn’t out there just to tear-jerk ya.

O MAIDENS IN YOUR SAVAGE GARDEN – While very recent in my mind, this show handles topics like sexuality, purity, awkward emotions through the POV of these high school girls and yeah, it did an excellent job of it.

FATE/ZERO – Probably the one show from that franchise that I really fond of. Maybe not one I would re-watch every time but still a good one.

LUPIN III: THE WOMAN CALLED FUJIKO MINE – I’ve been enjoying a lot of Lupin-related stuff lately with the recent Part 4 and 5 series but this spin-off helped me ease into that. Plus, another good work from Sayo Yamamoto.





And now…..




Now come on, if you know me for the past 8 years or so, you know what show I’ve been championing a lot or at least, since 2013-2014, I have been saying that this show is amazing and one of my top favorites of all time.

It got me into doing more looking into simulcast anime, more into looking what shows this studio is making….. even if one of them was on my worst of list a day ago.


Come on, you know what it is……

KILL LA KILL // Fall 2013-Winter 2014 // TRIGGER // Aniplex of America

Come on…….. this show defines how crazy, energetic and passionate anime can be this decade and Kill La Kill is a beast with that. You get awesome characters like the duo of Ryoko Matoi & Mako Mankanshoku, epic sounds courtesy of Hiroyuki Sawano, a couple of twists that you didn’t think of at first but love at the end and best of all, this show knows how to have fun with itself and/or not take itself way too seriously. Too much anime tries to be so hard and serious and edgey that it never becomes enjoyable or even remotely entertaining to sit through or even go back to. I went back to this show after the simulcast with the two Toonami runs and watched it on Crunchyroll. Yes, I want to own it so bad, even though it cost an arm and a leg to get it thanks to Aniplex USA’s pricing. As of this writing, I still go by and say that this is the top-tier show made by Trigger—

Yep and I will stand by that statement!!!

Although I do hope to see Promare soon but I’m talking about TV shows, that’s a movie. Kill La Kill is still one of the best Trigger shows to date, the best anime of 2013, the best anime that aired on Toonami (the present era) and now….. it’s the best anime of the 2010s.



And there we go.


Now we wonder what the 2020s will bring us.


I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and well….I see no controversy to come to this.


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