Anime Discovery – TIME OF THE SEASON Fall 2019 Wrap-Up

This is it…..

The last season of the year and of the decade.

Even though I’ve been doing simulcast coverage since 2014, it feels longer but here we are. I wish I could say that things this season ended with a bang but that’s with a little percentage of the anime because the majority is….. well, very, very meh.

It also doesn’t help that the best anime of the season is…. well, a returning anime that was destined to be good in the first place and a leftover from the Summer season that gotten a whole lot better in its 2nd cour. There is also that isekai really had a presence in the season and while I’ll get a little tired of running into these same ‘ol shit I always see in these shows, most of them were not terrible. Average for sure, but nothing that would be on worst of list coming up.

As for Netflix anime….. look, Carole & Tuesday part 2 comes in a few days and I’m going to get on that immediately before the end of the year and probably re-watch the whole thing again because it’s awesome. Also, having watched other shows like Kengan Ashura, Levius, Teasing Master Takagi-san S2 & Ultramarine Magmell on the platform and I haven’t got much to say about those shows. Well, I got some things but not enough for a whole paragraph each of them.

There’s the whole thing with Takagi-san being on Netflix instead of CR/Funi controversy but that show is still cute and charming as ever. While Ultramarine may have been all over the place, it didn’t do much for me to put on the worst of list and as for Kengan and Levius, both are fine sports shows about boxing with the former having an hardcore tournament anime vibe and the latter being more steampunk-ish in a way and looking CG-ish because of Polygon Pictures and yeah, that’s all I got for them.

Oh, and since Crunchyroll launched their own version of simuldubs this season with Isekai Cheat Magician and to the abandoned Sacred Beasts among the other CR shows that got dubs, I’ll say for ICM is…….wow, I guess you want to test the waters with this show because fuck, that one was BORING as hell and I mean, bad and boring and probably a candidate for worst anime of the year!

As for shows continuing into the new year, My Hero Academia & Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-Kun are going in 2020 and my opinions on both shows….. well, hell, you know MHA is still my shit and Demon School is just a delightful show to watch.


So for the final time in the 2010s…. let’s get it on!!


Dr. Stone screenshot

DR. STONE // TMS Entertainment/8PAN // Funimation

So this went from being “Alright, this is kinda cool” to “Oh man, that was some good shit right there!!”. Any moment from the comedic chops, the emotional moments when we saw Senku’s dad and company tried to keep civilization alive and of course, the scientific moments of Senku recreating the modern things we know where resources are limited as hell. As he said, this anime has been exhilarating to watch every Friday and like MHA, this is another shonen show that manages to keep me on my toes to watch comes next and with Season 2 coming up…… GET EXCITED. (9/10)


The title is what the show implies because it is some basic isekai shit but with more instantly skilled teenagers instead of one and the tropes from saving kingdoms from corrupted governments, crushes galore to the one guy with the different-colored iris and them being badass because they’re being badass. It’s very typical, predictable and yet I didn’t mind watching it but it’ll be in dub form since CR actually got this dubbed. Still….a very meh show overall. (5/10)

Null & Peta screenshot

NULL & PETA // Shin-Ei Animation // Crunchyroll

So I thought for 12 weeks, I was getting some cute hi-jinks from these two characters and it’s been a good experience but I did not expect shit like the last 2 episodes of this to happen. I mean, it didn’t deter what I still like about it and plus, it was only 5 minutes an episode so there isn’t much to complain here but if you haven’t checked this out, it’s worth a watch. Like an hour and some change….yeah, you got time for this. (7.5/10)

FIRE FORCE // david production // Funimation

Y’all, I wanted to give this show a chance despite the shit I heard about one specific thing that keeps recurring there and before any of you jump on me…..look, I’m down with fan service elements but you can’t just shove the shit in the most awkward moments like in a fight scene. In more of the comedic scenes….sure. Downtime…. you got it but anyway, most of these anime is just cliche shonen element after element that we know what the hell is going to happen and yet we don’t care. (Someone betrayed their group!! We got some crazy fuck with us!! One department might be shady as fuck!) There is definitely some good in this show and for the record, I actually like Tamaki but the way she’s written is just not good or it has pockets of good but is outweighed by the bad. Maki, however, is best girl of the show and I know we can agree to that, right? (6/10)

NO GUNS LIFE (cour 1) // Madhouse // Funimation

OK, I’m not gonna lie. I thought this would a 2-cour that would run into the Winter Season and while it’s still 2-cour, it’s split-cour so it’s coming back in April but hey, I can’t say I have a good time with this show with its neo-noir setting and the fact the main character is a guy with a gun for a head!!! Shit, if they were to make a waifu pillow from him, he’d be a GRIMY WAIFU! Still, this is a decent action series to check out and can’t wait to see how it concludes in April. (8/10)

After School Dice Club screenshot


I probably should’ve did a first impression of this and while I’m just watching the dub at this moment, this show is just charming, cute and very informative of board games. You know, the things you probably have stored in your attic gathering dust? It’s so sweet with its characters from the shy Miki, the determined Midori and the eager Aya and their moments here either it be overcoming some of your shyness, meeting new friends and just hilarity, especially with Aya (oh and I just love Dani Chambers in the dub. She is amazing here!). It is worth the watch. (8.5/10)

Assassins Pride screenshot

ASSASSINS’ PRIDE // EMT Squared // HiDive/Sentai Filmworks/Crunchyroll

Yeah, I probably should’ve dropped this one because the more I watched it, the less interested I was getting in the plot or whatever happened here. The characters were a bigger no-sell, especially since I think they’re hinting a relationship between the Kirito-lookalike and the 13-year-old MC. I wanted to give this a chance but you’re better off skipping this, as I said before. (5/10)

Val x Love screenshot

VAL X LOVE // Hoods Entertainment // HiDive/Sentai Filmworks

At least you know what you’re getting into and the fan service is actually somewhat part of the show and not just thrown in there for random reasons and I say that is because it’s the only thing that’s worth talking about. As an action show, it’s mostly bland and unmemorable and if you’re here just for the action, yeah, you’re going to be disappointed. Fan service, however……yeah, you’ll be alright with this. (5.5/10)

We Never Learn! screenshot

WE NEVER LEARN SEASON 2 // Silver/Arvo Animation // Aniplex of America

Second verse, same as the first!! I mean, not much has changed with more hi-jinks and awkward shenanigans ensue and seeing what girl our MC will fall in love with and it’s still enjoyable to watch time to time. Yeah, that’s all I got for this one and I’d say I hope this gets a dub but I hope Kaguya-sama got one and look where we are now.  (7/10)

Fairy gone Part II screenshot

FAIRY GONE S2 // P.A. WORKS // Funimation

Speaking of not having much to say here, this still continues to be kinda boring. I don’t even think many people tuned in for this cour and again, I couldn’t care much about anything in this show, not even for moments I slightly care at first but gave up at that point and I’m definitely relieved that once it’s over, I’m done. (4.5/10)

Africa Salaryman (2019) screenshot


I joked about this is basically another Aggretsuko and I was indeed wrong……this is just lame as fuck. Like, oh my, this is so unfunny. “Oh look, the pelican’s a womanizing douche!! The lizard’s tail always get broken! The lion is such as a dad!! The lion girl and the gorilla girl does things human women do here!” It sounds like material written by a hack sitcom writer and it shows. I hope whenever BEASTARS hits Netflix, it can be funny and more interesting than this and with Aggretsuko, it already proved that it can be funny and clever. This is just as lame as most current adult animation shows. (4/10)

Special 7: Special Crime Investigation Unit screenshot


Now this and the last couple of shows I mentioned got some things in common like they aired every Sunday on Funimation this season and out of all those shows, this is the better one by comparison. By itself, it’s a very average crime procedural show that got some backstory on one of the main characters that might be interesting sometimes but in the end, it’s doing what it needs to do. I wish we gotten more mileage with the vampire samurai character tho. However, this show is still watchable. (7/10)

Chidori RSC screenshot

CHIDORI RSC – RIFLE IS BEAUTIFUL // Studio 3HZ // HiDive/Sentai Filmworks

Well, it’s a very cute girls doing cute things show but with rifles…not ones that can actually kill you. More like airsoft rifles and there’s also competitive shooting and the usual banter and wit you get with something like this. It’s K-On! but with rifles. Not bad at all but nothing mind blowing or in an rush to watch. (6/10)


Didn't I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?! screenshot


I forgot that this was the 2nd project Project No. 9 did this season alongside the other isekai anime I mentioned earlier and this is clearly the better one. It’s a blend of both slice-of-life elements with some notable action/adventure moments in there. The 4 main girls share wonderful chemistry and some comedic chops with each other. I thought I was getting bored of this but watching this in both sub and dub, I really come to liking this more than I did before. (7/10)

Kandagawa Jet Girls screenshot

KANDAGAWA JET GIRLS // TNK // HiDive/Sentai Filmworks

If you just came here for the races, yeah, you’re not going to have a good time but like many others, if you came for the fan service and especially the uncensored episodes shown every week, you came to the right show and you get a kick out of that. Storywise, it’s very 50/50 with the competition, meeting new friends, stuff about whoever’s past especially the MC’s mom and this is very, very blatant with the fan service. As in, we know what you’re here and again, at least it doesn’t put it in places where it isn’t needed. In short, I fuck with this. (6.5/10)

ORESUKI: Are you the only one who loves me? screenshot


Well, I thought I was getting into some good shit and I did….for the first half of this or at least the initial 3 episodes of this. After that, it just became another rom-com that occasionally loves to pokes fun at itself and I can get with the latter. I’m also 50/50 with the characters and I do like that Pansy keeps torturing Joro since she’s the one that wants his fuckboi ass although he is starting to progress a bit as a character. I wanted it to be better than it already is and I’m probably not going to remember it after it finished airing. (6.5/10)

Ascendance of a Bookworm screenshot

ASCENDANCE OF A BOOKWORM // Ajia-Do // Crunchyroll

OK, I admit that watching has been a slow burn for me but yet I never felt like I’m just wasting time here. The pace is very relaxed and knowing about how this girl is trying to make her own book while inventing modern everyday items like shampoo and trying not to die since the body’s she in is a sick girl. There is more to this story coming in the next year, probably the spring season and yeah, definitely a show to check out. (7/10)

Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious screenshot


You sure that he’s overly cautious and not overly insane? Because that’s the vibe I get with him, like he doesn’t give a damn about you if you’re not doing your job right…..and that’s the point of this show. A bit crazy, yes, but he’s the guy that can get the job done alongside the goddess Rista, who is a grand highlight of the show just by her expression every episode and whoever runs into him….. well, it’s like the feeling I got when watching the first season of One Punch Man of how absurd and funny it can be and while not up to that level (more like the 2nd season), it’s still a fun show. (7.5/10)




And I believe that’s it.

Yeah, 2019 for the anime season has ended on an average note and as per usual, after Christmas, I’m getting them anime lists good and ready for y’all!!

And for new anime coming in the start of the new decade….. well, Isekai Quartet 2 and a new Madoka Magica anime based off that mobile game, a 2nd season of Quintessential Quintuplets and hey, Heya Camp, the successor to Laid-Back Camp is here but as for any other work….well, I’ll look for what’s popping then.

Now, I need downtime for now and until then…..


I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and I’ll see you in the next decade…. well, in a few days or so.


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