WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of violence, strong language, and sexual content. This is meant only for MATURE AUDIENCES. Reader Discretion is advised. 




It is Friday morning. One man is starting to wake up as he took a look at his alarm on his phone and he’s getting ready for work.
“Another day for work….” he grumbled, “Fuck, I can’t wait for this week to be over.”

His cell phone rings.
He answers the call.

“Yo, X!!! I’m about ready for pickup, man!!” someone said on the phone, “You’ve been getting close to late all of this week. Don’t be fucking up today now!! Especially tonight!!!” The guy on the phone is his cousin Malcolm. “Man, I can’t wait to get in that club tonight!! And I think tonight’s the night I might get lucky with Cora!”
“Well, it should be that time already.” X said, “I couldn’t tell if y’all were dating or not! I mean, she’s cool and all but she never gave that hint of her wanting you to put your dick inside her–”
“Alright, smart-ass!” Malcolm said, “What about you and Nikky?”
“What about us?” he said, “We got a good thing going on! A great thing going on!! I won’t miss a notice whenever she wants some loving from me!”
“Won’t miss a notice, huh?” Malcolm said, “Like you almost being late every day this week?”
“A’ight, a’ight, man!” X said, “Besides, it’s like an hour til work. I’ll get there in time!!”
“But traffic is a bitch, man!!” Malcolm said.
“LIke I said, I’ll get there in time.” X said.
“Alright……but if someone pulls us over, I’m staying in the back as soon as the cops show up.” Malcolm said.
“Look, man, I’ll see you when I see you, peace.” X said, as both of them hang up.

He got out of the house and into his car.
“Hey, you……” One woman came out of the house as well.

“Huh?” X said, “Well, you’re up early. I thought it being one of your days off, you would sleep in.”
“You think that but you know I go on a walk every Friday morning.” she said, “You should come with me on these often, whenever you get days off.”

“I would….” he said, “Except that I already work to the bone at my job and adding more exercise to another day of the week makes me not want to do it as much.”
“Or at least do it with me once a week or something!” she said, “Xavion, I can’t force you to do everything but you’re making it seem like I am.”

“That’s because if I say no, an argument will come and I don’t do those well.” Xavion said, “Especially when yelling on top of me is how you and others win.”


“Look…maybe one of these days I’ll go along with you but now……I got to meet Malcolm.” X said, “I don’t want him on my ass on being late!”
“OK, drive safe!” she said, “Say hi to Rita for me!!”
“All right!!!”






2:34 pm

It was after work and Xavion got his crew ready for the night of their lives. Joining him was his cousin Malcolm and two of his friends Benz and Wiley. They’re on their way to pick up Benz’ now 18-year-old brother Oz from high school.
They were busy shooting the shit and having some conversation.

“Man, you bullshitting!!!” Benz shouted.
“I shit you not!!” Wiley said, “I spot some dudes trying to jack a porno store but the dumbasses run into an officer and one of them was holding a dildo. One lady was screaming ‘Thieves!! PERVERT THIEVES!’ and people starting to notice and shit and…. yeah, that shit was insane!”

“That is a weird-ass tale, man!” Malcolm said.
“And I thought the one with the Watermelon Lady and the Shih-tzu Owner was weird.” Xavion said.

“Man, I got stories like these for days, man!!” Wiley said, “But now, I just want to know that girl one of y’all set me up for tonight!”
“Us?” Malcolm said, “No, that goes to Carly!”
“Yeah, she and that girl X is fucking set up both you and Oz’s dates tonight.” Benz said, “I know Oz is going to be happy tonight, especially with him turning 18 tonight. He’ll have a taste of that adult night life.”

“Everybody is going to get some pussy tonight!!!” Wiley said, “And I know Benz is gonna get all the girls swooning for his ass!! Hell, I think Carly might want his to–”
Xavion did not take that lightly.
“Uh, nigga!!” He shouted, “Why you talking about my sister like that!? Like she’s some random ho or something? She ain’t no fucking ho!”
“What?!” Wiley said, “Malcolm isn’t tripping on it. Besides, you know I know Carly better than that.”

“X….” Benz said, “You know I wouldn’t do your sister like I do most of these girls coming at me. I’m not going to break that code, man.”
Xavion calmed down a bit.
“OK…..OK……OK…..” he said, “That was a bit much. I’m just protective of my fam, that’s all, man.” They arrived at the school to pick up Oz. “I didn’t mean to get super defensive and shit.”
“My man, I get it.” Wiley said, “Don’t sweat it but don’t let it get your ass kicked out in the streets!”


“Yo, OZ!!” Benz shouted, “Over here!!”
Oz was just saying bye to his friends.
“Well…… I didn’t think I’d get this much attention today!” Oz said, “Well, not counting the birthday shoutout, the numbers of girls in my locker and well……” He pulls out a huge wad of cash out of his pocket.
“OH SHIT!!!” Malcolm said, “Good catch, my man. But hide that shit from people! They will steal, even if it’s your birthday!!”
“Don’t worry, Mal.” Oz said, “I always keep an eye in case someone wants to do damage on me.”
“Smart thinking, kid.” X said, “But yeah, you should save that shit for something special. We got money to pay your way tonight!”
“We do!?” Wiley asked, unsure.
“Yeah, motherfucker!” Benz said, “He’s getting some good treatment with us tonight.” Then X’s phone ranged.
The Caller ID says that it’s Carly.

“And speaking of….” Wiley went on.
“Boy….” Xavion interrupted him and answered the phone.

“Hey, little bro!” As Carly answers.
“Yeah, sis?” he said.

“HEY, CARLY!!” As everyone else in the car greeted her on the phone.
“I hear the guys are there as well!” Carly said, “Nice to hear from y’all!”

“So, um…. Carly….” Wiley said.
“Yeah, Wiley?” As Carly already know what he’s going to say, “I bet you’re excited about tonight, right?”
“You damn right!!” he said, “I’m gonna get my crazy drunk than a motherfucker!!! Oh, and one of your friends as well. Is she cute? Got a nice ass?”
“Uh, I don’t look at— OK, yeah, she does.” Carly said.
“YEAHHH!!!” He said.
“Just don’t creep her out.” Carly said, “And I meant that. I’m not trying to mess up a good friendship with her.”
“I’ll be good!” Wiley said.

“And I hear someone’s brother just turned 18.” Carly said.
“That’ll be me.” Oz said, “I’m Oz, Benz’ younger and sharply handsome brother.”
“HEY! You know you got that from me, boy-o.” Benz said.
“Well, I know Nikky got you set up with a friend of hers.” Carly said, “You’ll really love her, OZ.”
“Yeah, I can vouch for her and Nikky.” X said, “I met Ellie before when she was at Nikky’s one time. You got it, mane! She’s a little older than you and you can’t drink in there…. but then again, most of us will be drunk so who’s….”
“Benz should do it!” Carly said.

“WHAT!” Benz shouted, “Carly! What the hell?”
“Look, it’s your little brother’s birthday!” Carly said, “You can spare getting buzzed and making sure your brother is safe…. Besides, you’re not the only one not drinking. I’m the designated driver of the girls, too. Maybe you and me could have some time to talk among ourselves…..”

“OOOHH!!!!” Wiley shouted.
“OOOH!! Shut your ass up!” X shouted.

“OK, I’ll sacrifice not having any drank.” Benz said, “Besides, I can go without it tonight.”
“Cool.” Carly said, “See y’all tonight!”



The guys were all at The Raider Room, where they have secured a VIP room just for them tonight. Wiley is getting wild with a bottle of liquor in his hands with Malcolm and X are just chilling, waiting on the girls to arrive.

“OK, shit….” X said, “They ain’t here yet?”
“X,” Malcolm said, “You know girls want to make an entrance whenever they come to the club.”

“Hey, this the VIP room?” One woman said, “We got access!”
The bouncer let them in.
One of them happened to be….
“Hello guys!” It was Carly and the rest of the crew appeared.

“I see you gotten into the sauce quick, have you, Malcolm?” Behind Carly, the one in the glasses and dark hair was Cora, Malcolm’s girlfriend.
“Hey, girl.” Malcolm said, “I was just getting the night started.”

“That bottle looks about half-done.” Cora said, “At least you can do is share…” As she snatches the bottle and got herself a swig.
“Well, hello, hello, hello, boys.” Then Nikky makes her entrance into the room, “And who do I spy in the back? A devastatingly handsome man with a full head of luscious hair.” She comes on to X.
“And for me….” X said, “A fine sly-ass girl that knows how to say the right things.” The two of them kissed.


“Wow……” Then another girl came in the room, “Just not introduce us to your new friends and bust a slob on your man’s mouth.”
“Hi.” As another girl came in.
“OH, my bad.” Nikky said. “Wiley, the girl to your right with the afro is your date for the night, Mari.”

“Oooh…” Wiley said, “I’m digging the fro look, girl.”
“Yeah, that’s just my regular-ass natural hair and all that.” she said, “I see you already sauced. Mind if I get some?”
She grabs the bottle and drinks some of it.

“And OZ…… meet my friend….. Ellie.”
“Hey, what u– I mean, yeah, nice to meet you, Ellie.” Oz said.
“Hi, Oz.” Ellie said, “I heard it’s your birthday from what Nikky told me.”
“Yup…… just turned 18.” Oz said, “I guess that means I’m practically an adult or something.”
Ellie had this inviting smile on her face.
“Well, speaking from experience myself….” she said, “It’s more of being an adult but with training wheels. You can now drive, go to R-Rated movies by yourself….and not sneaking in, getting caught by security.”
“Oh yeah, that’s just the worst.” Oz said.
“Hey, maybe we can see one together if you’re not busy.” she said, “I mean, I’m available whenever.”

“So…… wait, I thought I was supposed to ask you on a date.” Oz said.
“Times change, Ozzie…..wait, you mind if I call you Ozzie?” Ellie asked him.
“Sure.” Oz said, “It sounds cute when you say it.”

He noticed a tattoo on her shoulder.
“Hey, that’s a cool tattoo you got.” Oz noticed.
“Hmm?” she said, “Oh, thank you. I got plenty more on me….. just none I can show you here.”
“Oh……OOOOHHH!!” He immediately got what she was talking about.
“And don’t worry…. I can show you them in a more private place among other things.” she whispered and flirted in his ear.
He gave a pleasing smirk on his face.


Meanwhile, Benz and Carly are just chilling around, enjoying the scenery and each other’s time.
“I see Oz got that charm working on her.” Benz said, “Just like his older brother.”
“Braggy much?” Carly chuckled. “But yeah, it looks like they are hitting it off right…. Kinda like us when we met.”

“Yeah, I remember that day fondly….” Benz said, “That and you wore this pink bikini…”
“BENZ!!” Carly shouted, “Really? You know eventually you have to tell X about us.”

“I know, I know.” Benz said, “I’m just not trying to get on X’s bad side. You know how aggressive he gets with shit like this. Also didn’t he beat up your last boyfriend?”
“Oh, you mean Eko, my ex that tried to hit me when I caught him trying to fuck another girl?” Carly said.
“OK, that’s a good point.” Benz said, “Plus, X did fucked him up good. I’m just looking for the right time to tell him.”
“We’ll both tell him.” Carly said. “That OK with you?”
“Yeah, definitely.” Benz said, “I hope X doesn’t swing at my ass.”


Malcolm and Cora were busy getting drunk together, just dazed off the effects of it.
“Oh shit, Cora…..” Malcolm said.
“Wha?” Cora said.
“Are you seeing some weird bubbles in the air or dolphins swimming up there?” Malcolm exclaimed.

“Uh, Mal?” X said, “What the fuck you and Cora drank?”
Cora grabbed the bottle. “This little bottle with the unicorn on it.”
Mari then took a look at it. “Oh shit…..this is that special unicorn liquor I’ve been hearing about. It’ll make you be on a high unlike any other alcohol.”
“Oh shit….” Wiley said, “I got to try this shit. X, you want in on this?”

“Nah, I’m good. Enjoy yourself.” X said, downing another drink.
“You know they sell that around here, right?” Nikky said. “A friend of mine found it in that Mini-Mart from where I live at. A friend of yours run that store. His name is…..well, something Ton?”
“Danny Ton? My man Dan?” X said, “Oh, then we got the hook-up then!”
“You mean the counter guy?” Nikky said, “I didn’t know you and him were close.”
“OH, we go way back on some shit.” X said, “Shit, we can meet him afterwards in case you want more of that liquor.”
“YUP!!” Malcolm and Cora shouted.

Mari then read a label on it, “It also said that this can increase your sexual drive.”
Malcolm’s eyes widened. “Yeah, we getting it!!”

“Then it’s settled!! We going to Ton’s!!” X said.


Later on as Benz and Carly are driving each other’s cars to the mart….
“So we’re getting this special unicorn liquor from Ton’s?” Benz said, “I didn’t even know he had that shit!”
“Must be some special VIP shit!” Malcolm said, “And given that we’re VIP of his life, we should get it.”
“Yeah…. but we’re broke VIP.” X said, “You read about how much that shit cost?”
“About $85.” Nikky said.
“DAMN!!” X said, “I’m about….. half short of that.”
“I got about… $40 left.” Malcolm said, “Well, shit, we could put all of that in together.”

“Wait, wait, wait!” Nikky said, “I got this covered.” As she pulls out a big wad of cash.

“Ummmm….damn!” X said, “You got that much cash on you?”
“I got to be prepared for something like this!” Nikky said, “Although buying liquor wasn’t exactly on my itinerary.”

“Hopefully me and Benz will get some when we get home!” Carly said via phone.
“Same.” Benz said, “Y’all can’t have all the fun.”

In the other car, Oz and Ellie were busy making out a bit.
“And speaking of fun.” Wiley said, spotting the duo making out.

“Turn your ass around, Wiley!” Mari said, “The 2 kids in the car needs some time alone.”

Oz’s hands were lingering to her back, right down to her ass.
“Oooh, are you always this forward to the ladies?” Ellie said, seductively.
“Well…..” Oz bashfully said.
“Oh, don’t worry, I’m liking this.” she said, continuing kissing him.


They arrived at Ton’s place.
“And we’re here!!” Cora said, “So, you two going to get the liquor?”
“What? You not coming?” Malcolm asked.
“Malcolm, my feet are killing me from these heels.” Cora said, “I feel like they’re about to burst.”
“You two can go in there.” Nikky said, “I’ll keep Cora company when you get back.”

“Benz, you coming?”
“Yeah.” he said, “I want some of that Taffy we got.”

“Yo, Wiley, Oz, we going in!” X said.
“Alright, alright, I got to take a leak anyway.” Wiley said.
“Yo, Oz, you coming?” Benz said.
They see him and Ellie both kissing and feeling each other.
“Boy, get your horny ass here!!” Benz said, snatching him from the car.

“HEY, DAMMIT!!!” Oz shouted.


“Come on, dude.” Oz said, “I really liked that girl. We just connected *snaps fingers* like that.”
“Isn’t that what you said about Tanya, Leia and Tomoko?”  Benz said.
“Well, I did with them, too, but this is completely different.” Oz said.

“You mean that she’s older than you?” X said.
“She’s 21.” X said, “About 4 years younger than Nikky.”
“Aren’t you 3 years older than Nikky as well?” Malcolm said.
“And?” X said.

“Look…..” Oz said, “I like this girl. She seems really cool to me and I want to keep this thing going.”


“HEY! HEY!” A large man was coming out of the back room with a spiked bat, “Who are you spry motherfuckers out here?”
“Danny! You know it’s us, man!!” X said, “Stop messing around!”
“Xavion Cage, my man!!” As him and X exchange daps. “Yo, how you been kicking it these days? You always seem like to be a ghost or dropped out of the face of the earth.”
“What can I say?” X said, “I like to keep it low-key.”

“I guess your cousin and the crew dragged your ass out for a night out.” Danny said.
“Well, him and his girl.” Malcolm said, “Hell, we all got lovely ladies with us tonight, including the kid Oz and his new girl he’s getting cozy with.”

“But, anyway….. you got that unicorn liquor!?” Wiley said.
“Unicorn li– Oh, the Rainbow Surprise!” Danny said, “I got that shit here! Let me get that for ya!”

While he was getting the liquor, Benz and Oz are getting some snacks in the other aisles. There is also Ox spotting some condoms in the other aisle and he proceeded to grab a couple of them.
“Uh, Oz…..” Benz spotted him, “You planning on fucking tonight?”
“I mean,” Benz said, “At least you’re thinking of safe sex rather than raw-dogging it like other dumb-ass niggas that wanna fuck all the time but that quick tho.”
“Bro….” Oz said, “It isn’t for now…. when the time comes and I definitely want to get further with her.”
They bumped into someone that’s looking quite shady in a hoodie.
“Oh shit, my bad, dude.” Benz said.
The guy was looking quite disgruntled and sneering.

“OK, the fuck is his problem?” Benz whispered to Oz.
“Let’s just hurry up and go.” Oz said.


Danny got the liquor and the guys went and got some other things as well.
“Alright, some chips, some candy and this big-ass bottle of liquor that’ll get me and Cora all nice and horny.” Malcolm said.
“Hey, you…..” The guy from the back came into the line. “Buddy, can you let someone else in line first since you got a bunch of shit there and all I got is this one beer?”
Malcolm then mouthed off him, “Motherfucker, you can wait longer. You don’t have anywh–”

Danny then stopped him, “Mal, he got a point. Y’all still got stuff you’re adding on the list. Let the man go first.”
“All right, all right.” X said.

The guy then went on with his purchase.
“OK, that’ll be $5.49.” Danny said.
But then the guy pulled out a gun on the desk.
“Ah….. my guy, we got a problem?” Danny said, as he reaching for something underneath the counter.

“You better not grab that gun.” the guy said, “Don’t think I know what you got under there.”
“Alright, dude, if you want money, just–”
“It isn’t JUST money, bitch.” he said, “You owe a certain group of people some money and you’re not fulfilling that promise.”

“Yo, Dan, should we go?” Malcolm said, “It seems like you got some business to handle.”
Then the girls got out of the cars, seeing what’s taking them long.
“Yo, guys!!! You done buying that shit yet!?” Cora said, “I thought you desperately wanted to get that liquor so we can fuck like rabbits!”
“Oh……” Carly said, seeing the whole altercation. “Um, should we just go?”
“Maybe you should.” Danny said, “And maybe give a call to another friend of mine that I’m–”

“YOU AIN’T GONNA CALL SHIT!!!” The guy yelled, “Either you got our money or you just eat lead!”
“…..In front of all these people?” Danny said.

He then proceeds to shoot Danny.
Ellie and Carly screamed.
“AH! WHAT THE FUCK!!” X shouted. “DANNY!!!”
“Oh shit!!!!” Benz said.
“YOU WANNA DIE, TOO!?” The guy said, “Nobody steals from the Howard Brothers!! Especially from me, JOEL!!!”

He then shoots Danny again in the chest, as he wheezes in pain.
Someone else came from the back room and they see the horror.

“AAAAHHHH!!!” She screamed, “DANNY, NO!!”

“Welp…..” Joel said, “Now I got to kill her, too, along with the rest of you!!”
Benz grabbed some plastic wrap and wrapped it around his head, choking him with it.
“Like hell, you bitch!!” Benz said, “RUN!!!”

Everyone panicked and ran out of there.
“I gotcha back, bro!!” Oz shouted, smacking him with a bunch of liter sodas.
But Joel kicked him down.
“Fuck off!!” Joel said, pulling out his gun.
“OZ!!” Ellie screamed, pulling Oz out of the way and both making a run for it.

“Get your ass back here!!!” Joel said, grabbing Ellie and throwing her to the wall.
Benz stabbed him with a pair of scissors.
“RUN! GO!!” Benz shouted.
Ellie and Oz ran off with everyone else in the cars.
“Get in, quick!!” Carly said, “Where’s Benz?!”
“He’s trying to get out!” Oz said, “But he’s still fighting that guy!”
“WHAT!?” Wiley said, “Tell that motherfucker to get his ass back!”

Benz then got thrown to the car.
“AAHH!!” Benz shouted.
“Oh fuck!!” Malcolm said.
“Malcolm, help him!!” Cora yelled.
“Wiley, you too!!” Mari shouted.

“Come on, come on….” Nikky is trying to start the car without a key, “Wait…. where’s Xavion?!”
“Huh?” Malcolm noticed that X isn’t there. “What the — X!”

“You fuckers aren’t going to live to tell this story!!!” Joel said, aiming his gun to everyone
and threatening to kill them.
“Say your prayers.”

He was going to shoot them.
Then came a sudden stab.
A sword went through his body.
“What the–”

Joel then got slapped to the ground.
The person that stabbed him was—

“X!!” Benz said.
X was standing with a bloodied sword, holding it with a shaken grip on him.


“You…….” X growled, “YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT!!!” He stomped on his private parts.

“YOU HAVE THE FUCKING NERVE TO KILL MY HOMIE IN FRONT OF MY EYES!!!” he guttural screamed at him, “THEN YOU WANT TO KILL MY FRIENDS, TOO!!!? FUCK THAT!! The other person that got to die is you….. Joel Howard!!”

“Fuck you!!” Joel screamed, “You know who my brothers are!! They’ll kill you if you touch me!!”
“FUCK YOUR BROTHERS!!” X shouted, “If anything….. I’m giving them a message that if you fuck with me, you’ll end up the one dead. Now…..if you excuse me….”
X then shoots Joel in the stomach, the crouch and then…… the head.


He drops the gun slowly.
X is shaken over that he exactly killed someone…..after seeing someone get killed.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!” X let out a blood-curdled scream.



The police came and it was a crime scene that got the whole block wondering what went on.

“Holy shit….. ” One officer as he took a look at the crime scene. “Damn, I actually like that guy.”
“Oh, for fuck’s sake. Cover the body up!!” Another officer said, “People are already scarred for life here. No need to intensify that shit!”
“Why not?” he said, “Kids need to know about the harsh reality that’s our world.”
“They already do.”

The officers approached our group of survivors.


“So…… we heard that one of you killed the shooter.” First officer said, “We examined the body, got shot in the stomach, chest and in the crotch. OW!”
“To be fair, he deserved it.” Benz said.
“He almost tried to kill us.” Oz said, “We had to defend ourselves.”

“Wait, wait, wait….. we’re getting things off the wrong foot here. Let me introduce myself…. I’m Detective Ryu Declen and my partner beside me is Detective Bishop Bold.”
“Evening.” Bold said, “But our question stands….. who killed the shooter?”
X then stood up in front of them.
“Me.” he said.

“Hmm… brave dude, I see.” Bold said.
“So you’re the one?” Ryu asked.

“Look…..” X said, “All we were doing was having a night out. My friend’s brother birthday is today and no one counted on a random shooter to kill one of our friends in there and threatened to kill us as well.”

“So you shot ’em?” Bold said.
“You damn right.” X said, “And I’ll do it again.”
“…… Well, that’s bold of you to say, Mr…….”

“Cage. Xavion Cage.”

“Xavion?” Bold questioned.
“Yes, my name begins with an X.” X said, “Although that’s what my friends and close ones call me instead.”

“Mr. Cage….” Ryu said, “We’re going to take some questions from you and your whole crew here, in case we might missed something.”


First, they questioned the girls.

First, it was Cora. “Look, what all of we saw isn’t much. We went to check on our friends because we were going to get drunk….some more and suddenly, this guy got a gun out, shoots the cashier and I just took off running for my life.”

Then it was Ellie. “I literally thought my life was about to end. I’ve never been so scared in my life and…. that’s all I got. All of us were in there at the time of the murder. Can we go now?”

Mari: “Some crazy-looking motherfucker killed a cashier and tried to kill us, right? Then one of Wiley’s friends, X……he stabs the guy with a sword, like where the hell he found a sword like that!? Oh, and then he shot him!”
Ryu heard one thing that no one else mentioned, “Wait, stabbed?”
“Yeah, X stabbed him before shooting him.” Mari mentioned.


Then interviewed Carly. “Look, my brother can be very protective towards his friends and family. You see how he felt seeing his friend killed before his eyes? Don’t answer that….I did see that and he’s not known for going easy on people like that. Hell, I saw it before this happened.”

“You got what you want.” Nikky said, “The real bad guy is dead. Should you be happy that something like this doesn’t end with a bunch of people killed for no reason other than some mad man going insane for some bullshit!”
“Calm down, miss.” Bold said.
“Motherfucker, don’t tell me to calm down!” Nikky said, “We could all be dead if X didn’t kill that guy and the balls of that guy shouting about how his brothers will find us and avenge his death.”

“Brothers?” Ryu asked.
“I heard his name was……..Howard, I guess?”


As the rest were waiting outside the interrogation room, in comes the X and Carly’s mom, Milla and Malcolm’s mom, Rita.
Milla just rushed in there, seeing and hugging Carly and X.
“Oh my God, Carly!! Xavion!!” she exclaimed, “You’re OK! Thank God, you’re OK!”

“We were getting worried for a minute there!” Rita exclaimed, “I called Malcolm’s phone and all I was getting was his voicemail.”
“Hmmmm…” Malcolm checked his phone and saw that Rita called and messaged him 5 times.

“Oooh……” Malcolm said. “And it was during the time after that guy got killed.”
“Well, to be fair….” Cora said, “We were still in shock and we thought we were dead as YA Novel movies.”
“I heard about Danny.” Milla said, “Xavion, I’m so sorry.”
“Well….. it’s not every day you see a friend of yours get murdered before your eyes.” X gravely said.
“Not to mention poor Adell.” Rita said.

All of them seemed confused at that moment.
“Who?” Malcolm said.
“His wife.” Rita said, “His pregnant wife. She was there as well. You didn’t see her?”

“Wait….” X remembers the scream he hear from the back, “Oh fuck, she was in the back when that happened and she came to the counter and saw—”
“Oh…..” Milla said.
“I can tell she’s having a hard time dealing with this.” Rita said, “And she’s 7 months pregnant at that!!”
“I did notice a belly on her.” Wiley said, “I just thought she was–”
“WILEY, SHUT UP!” Cora, Milla, Mari and Rita shouted.


X and Benz then walked up to Oz and Ellie.
“Hey, man, I know this isn’t quite the night you wanted to have.” X said, “At least for the 2nd half. I hope this didn’t completely scarred you.”
“Yeah, bro.” Benz said, “I feel like this night got fucked.”

“Well…..” Oz said, “It’s not completely fucked. We’re not dead, so there’s that.”
Ellie then added in the conversation, “Plus, he got a new girlfriend with her number on his phone.”
“Yeah, I got a– wait, what?” Oz said, looking in his phone and sees that Ellie put her number in there.
“You did what most men were too chickenshit to do…. protect someone when they’re in danger.” Ellie said, “Plus, I still like you and all.” She kissed him.
“OK….. well, at least it ended well for you.” X said.

“Yeah… sorry about your friend tho.” Oz said, “At least you killed that guy. Not like it’s going to bite us back in the ass.”




We see three brothers counting out their payments from collecting rent from the local store owners.
“Hey, how long Joel’s been out?” The middle brother said.
“Eh. Fuck if I know.” The youngest one shouted.

“Man, he’s always late when it comes to us collecting.” The oldest one said, “He’s not exactly the smartest one in the bunch.”
“Hopefully he’ll get that money from that Ton guy and if Ton refuses, Joel better put the business to him.” The middle one said with a grave voice.
“What, Barry!?” Dustin shouted, “That Ton fucker need to learn his place. He refusing to pay us, trying to turn away our business and shit! We can’t show weakness to this guy!!”
“And by doing that shit….” Barry said, “He’ll send a message about us and you know people are easy to revolt.”

Suddenly the phone rings.
The youngest one, John, picks it up.

“Yo!” John shouted.
From what he got, it sounded urgent as he turned on the TV and sees the news.


“Tonight’s top story: A convenience story robbery took place earlier in the night and with 2 dead. First one being Daniel Seiji Ton, an owner of the convenience store, Ton’s. He was shot by the robber in place being Joel Howard, a member of the collective Howard family.”

“Wait, what?” Barry shouted.
“However, Howard has met his end when a witness of the robbery used a sword to stab him and then ended up shooting him three times.”

“WHAT!?!?” John screamed, “Oh, fuck! Joel!! DAMN!”
“Someone shot him!?” Dustin screamed, “Fuck that!! We’re going for their asses!”

“Now, due to the wishes and respect of the witnesses, their names will not be revealed to the public. They want to mourn the owner in peace as they knew him well and are quite saddened by his passing.”


“No names!!?” Dustin shouted, punching the wall. “So what? We got hunt every one in town to see who’s the dick that killed our brother!? We need to put a warning on those fucks!!!”
“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!!!” Barry shouted, “You know damn well we can’t move a muscle without any word from the top gun!!”
“And why we got to follow her rules all the damn time!?” Dustin screamed, “Our brother got murdered and we can’t just sit here and—”

Then, that said top gun entered the room.
“Who says you’re just sitting there?”

“…. And cue Colleen.” John said.


“Dustin…..” Colleen said, “You think that I wasn’t going to do a thing about our dear brother’s departure? Have you not known me all your life? We have a skill of finding our targets in a precise manner of time and attack them….. while their guard is down!!”

“Correct!” John shouted.
“And as soon as they aren’t worried about us anymore….” Barry said, “We go in and SMACK! BOOM! BANG! Buried in the ground just like the others!!”
“See? Barry knows what I’m talking about.” Colleen said.
“Alright, alright!!” Dustin said, “But as soon as we find him, I’m the first to shoot that fucker down!!”



A few days have passed and of course, a funeral was followed up by the murder. Many residents of the city from Danny’s friends, family, and close acquaintances have attended.
One of them speaking words about him is a co-worker and good friend of his, Atticus Lyle.
“Daniel Seiji Ton has always been a man of servitude. Working hard in his native town, making sure he gives each and every customer satisfaction every time they visit his store and before having his life cut short, he was working his way to be a family man with his long-time sweetheart, Adell Butler. If there’s anyone that’s in need of support right now, it is her.”


After the service, Adell was approaching X and his family.
“Hey…..” Adell said, “You’re the guy I saw that night. Xavion, right?”
“Yeah.” X said, “Adell, I’m so sorry about this. I wish I would’ve known that guy was going to–”

“You……..” She looked like she was going to cry but stop in time. “It was never your fault. Neither of you could’ve known it would go down like that. I hope you wasn’t blaming yourself for that.”
“She’s right, Xavion.” Milla said, “No one could’ve knew what that guy was up to.”
“And at least you put a stop to him.” Adell said.
Milla then asked her, “Hey….. you have any family here that you can stay with?”
“I don’t.” she said, “My parents passed away a few years ago. I’m practically on my own now.”

“By yourself?” Rita asked.

“Mind if Milla, the rest and I have a talk?” Rita said.


“Hey, Milla?” Rita said, “X? Carly?”
“Hmmm?” All three of them said.
“You thinking about…. maybe asking Adell to move in to your house?”

X seemed surprised. “Wait, our house?”
“Yes…..” Rita said, “I mean, y’all do have enough room there for one more person and besides, she’s lonely and pregnant! You can’t leave her all alone in the street!”

“Uhh…. I can hear everything you’re saying.” Adell said, who’s within earshot of all this.
“We’re not going to leave her like that!” Milla said, “Besides, Rita does have a point. I mean, our house is practically like a hotel.”

“Yeah, I don’t mind her staying with us.” Carly said, “Besides, Mom, you said you could use more company in the house, right? I know Xavion isn’t exactly talkative and–”
X got a bit annoyed at that remark.
“OK, OK.” Xavion said, “And for the record, I’m not against the idea of Adell staying with us and I think we’re all good with that decision.”

“NICE!” Rita said, “And with that said……me and Malcolm need to stay with y’all, too.”
“Wait, what the fuck?!” X softly said.
Milla slapped him for cursing. “Xavion, language! Especially towards your aunt and where I can hear it!”
“Look, the apartment building I’m at is being sprayed for exotic bugs.” Rita said, “And I don’t need to express that I don’t want bugs in my mouth as I sleep! I sometimes have my mouth open!”
“OK, OK, SH– I mean, OK.” X said.
“Hey, we’ll be one big family in there!” Rita said, “Just think of the good times we’ll have.”




Back at the Cage household, we see Milla fixing herself some breakfast but she has other guests.
First person coming out of a room is Adell, waking up.
“Morning, Miss Milla.” she said, “You’re cooking breakfast?”
“Why, yes, I am.” Milla said, “I’m betting you’re quite hungry after that good night rest.”

“I know I am.” As Rita said, “You got something cooking, sis?”
“And I see you’re hungry as hell, too, huh, Rita?” Milla asked.
“So….” Adell said, “Are we the only ones here today? I see Xavion and Malcolm aren’t here.”

“They must be at their girlfriends’ places.” Milla said, “I know Xavion has been staying the night at Nikky’s the past few weeks.”
“And as for Malcolm,” Rita mentioned, “Same thing with him and Cora. Although they’ve been coming here more than X.”
Carly then overheard the conversation, “I think when it comes to Nikky, X feels like she’s the only person that understands him about things…. at least from his point of view.”
“To me, she feels like the person that sides with him on most stuff.” Rita said.
“I wouldn’t say that….” Milla said, “But him and her always seem to have this connection.”


Set after X graduated from high school and attending college at the time, he was busy looking for a steady job. He was all down on his luck as it seemed like no one was hiring him.

He sat in his car, and he looked like he was on the verge of tears.

“Hey, stranger.” Someone said tapping at his window. That person was….
“Nikky?” X said, “You just tap on other people’s cars?”

“Well, no. Just yours.” Nikky said, “Why are you sad?”
“Huh?” He feigns, wiping the tears from his eyes. “I’m not sad. I’m alright. I’m cool.”
“Your eyes are all red, you look like any girl crying after they got stood up for prom.” she said, “Wanna talk about it?”

He unlocks the door and lets her in.
“OK… I’ve been applying to places all damn day.” he said, “And even to some interviews. I dressed up, I made sure I got the right references and all that….. and nothing! This is why I hate doing this shit!” As he sounds frustrated over what happened.

“Wow…. that sounds rough.” Nikky said, “I wonder if this’ll be me in a few years.”
“It won’t.” X said, “You’re a smart girl. You’ll probably get ahead of mine more than me. I always look like the dumb motherfucker that got lucky because he got help.”

“C’mon…” Nikky said, “Getting help doesn’t mean you’re weak. It just means you got people that care about you, like me and Yuli.”
“Yeah…..” he said, “Every time I’m always in trouble, you two manage to save my ass.”
“Among other things….” Nikky said, putting her arm on his shoulder.

X’s phone ring.
It was Milla.
“Hey.” he said.
“Hey, Xavion! So, how the interview went?” she asked.
“Oh no.” she said.
“Look, they said that I show diligence in being on time, wonderfully dressed and courteous… and still I didn’t get it.” he said, “And that was the fifth one this week.”
“I’m sorry, son.” Milla said, “You have been at this all week. You should probably just focus on your college work for now.”
“Yeah….I should.” he said.
Nikky is tustling with his hair.
“But anyway, I’m gonna….. actually, I’m going to Nikky’s place for a while.”
“HUH!?” Milla and Nikky both shouted.
“My place?” Nikky whispered.
“But isn’t she still at school?” Milla said.
“UH….yeah, she is.” X said, “But she wanted to meet me there after she got off. To help her with some math homework.”
“OK.” Milla said, “But at least be back before it gets dark.”
“All right. See you later. Love you.” X said before hanging up.

“Uh….. I don’t have any homework.” Nikky said, “In fact, I got no homework tonight.”
“Well, doesn’t us subtract our clothes plus a bed math?” X said, smirking suggestively.
Nikky laughs and exits the car. “So hopefully a good hour before you head back home? Sounds good to me.” She giggled.

Meanwhile, at Nikky’s place…..

Xavion and Nikky were in bed together, sleeping after what looks like a gratifying night of sex.

“Mornin'” Nikky said smiling, “You had a good night?”
“I did.” X smiled, “Although we had a lot to do that night. Like more than usual.”

She got out of bed and pulled him off it as well.
“Well, call it a good workout.” Nikky said, “The way you move up and down and carry me…. I swear you were craving my loving all night.”
“Well, your loving just does that to me.” X said, kissing her. “Especially when I caress your body.”
“Oh, I know you love it when our bodies touch.” Nikky said, kissing him back.
“That and y’all are loud.” Another person came on by.

“Well…. Yuli…..” X said, “Did you–”
“No, Xavion.” Yuli said, “I didn’t try to peek at you two. Hell, I didn’t have to. Nikky’s room is next to mine, remember?”
“I kept you up again?” Nikky asked.
“Well, you two weren’t the reason.” Yuli said, “It was the other couple that’s been non-stop fucking in their room and she squeals loud as hell!!”

Then the next minute, here comes Ellie walking in.
“Hello, guys!” She joyfully said, like she’s in a swooning trance. “Just here, picking up some things! Spending the night at Oz’s place tonight!”

“Ellie?” X said, “OH…….now I get it.”
“Yeah,” Yuli said, “Since her and that Oz guy you two help hooked her with, they have been spending a lot of time here, whether it’s watching movies, hanging out or just plain fucking… and yes, there’s a lot of that!”

“I think it’s sweet.” Nikky said.
“I get it.” Yuli said, “I’m not hating on her happiness and at least she’s going to his place tonight.”

“So….. does Yuli need somebody special of her own tonight?” X teased, “Does she need her ass spanked…..again?”
“Do you want me to slap you, Xavion?” Yuli back-talked.

“What?” he said, “Yuli, you know I’m just doing a little tease at you.”
“I know, I know.” Yuli said, “That’s my way of teasing you, too…. with physical force!!” Having a grip on his shoulder.

“Should I be afraid now?” X asked.

“You know,” Yuli said, “Since that whole incident happened, you have been less introverted than how you usually are and a lot more…..out there.”
“And more horny.” Nikky said, “But that’s not a problem with me.”

“Well,” X said, “Mom’s been keeping a lot of company back at home recently with Adell and sometimes Aunt Rita and Carly. It’s mostly a scene that I’m not trying to be a part of.”
“Why not?” Yuli said, “You need to spend time with your fam some more. That incident should’ve reminded you that life is short and you never know if you or someone you love might bite it!”

“I spend time with them a lot.” X said, “But I need a break from them every now and then. Especially around breakfast. Plus, I’m spending time with a loved one. Isn’t Nikky somebody I love?”
“Hmmmmm… he’s got a point there, Yuli.” Nikky said.
“So, should I expect you here later on tonight?” Yuli asked.
“Maybe.” X said, “But I better check on the folks.” He kissed Nikky goodbye. “Later.”


At Benz and Oz’s place


While Benz is at work, Oz and Ellie were in his bedroom, both half-naked, kissing and making out.
“I’m so glad I don’t have class today!” Oz said.
“Same here.” Ellie said, continuing making out with him.
“You have the softest lips…” Oz said, “It’s so divine.”
“You really know how to sweet-talk a woman.” Ellie said.

She then brought out something in her backpack.
“Hey, you pulling something out there?” He asked.
“Oh, I’m just showing you a demonstration of something.” Ellie pulled out a dildo. “It’s what I might do to you one of these days.”
She began to suck on it and moan sensually.
The more she moans, the more both of them are into it.
“Oh, Oz……” She continues to lick and suck, “I really wish this was you right now….”
She then unhooked her bra, took it off and insert the dildo in between her breasts.
“You heard of this before?” she said, “It’s called paizuri…. or tit-fucking if you want to get to basics.”
“Yeah.” He said.
“Then you know it’s where your dick is in between my tits and I massage it with them.” she said, “They said it’ll make a man explode at the sensation.”

“Wow…..” Oz said, “You know how to make someone happy.”
“Yes….” Ellie said, “And you know how to respect and satisfy that special someone.” She kisses him immensely. “You wanna try and suck on my titties? I know you want to.” She flirted and places his hand on her right breast.


Suddenly, the door opens.
“Hello!?” It was Benz coming in from work. “OZ! I’m back! I know you’re home!”
“Oh, damnit!!” Oz quietly shouted.
“Well, that’s too bad.” Ellie said, putting her bra and other clothes back on. “But it doesn’t mean the fun has to end today. We’ll pick up where we left off.”
He smiled.

“OK. I smell perfume so that means Ellie’s here….. again.” Benz said.
“And?” Oz said, “What’s wrong with that?”

“Hello Benz!” Ellie said.
“Ellie…. I see you’re busy loving up Oz again.” Benz said, “At least I didn’t catch up out in the open with his—”
“HEY!!!” Oz said.

Then someone else are coming up the room.
“Hey, Benz, you left your hat in the car and I–” It was Carly. “Oh, hey, Oz and Ellie! I thought you would be over at her house today!”

“And yet you brought Carly here.” Oz said, “The pot calling the kettle black much?”


“Hey, Carly!” Ellie said.
“Yo, Ellie.” Carly said, “You ran into X back at the house earlier, right?”
“Huh? Oh yeah!” Ellie answered, “Him and Nikky were spending the night yesterday.”

“Again, huh?” Carly said, “Me, Mom and Aunt Rita were talking about him this morning. He’s barely been at home for the past few weeks and he always coming over there.”
“Maybe he likes seeing his girl every now and then.” Oz said, “Believe me, I know the feeling. Plus, you see Carly all the time as well. Don’t be a damn hypocrite, bro.”

“He does have a point.” Ellie said, “Look, next time I see X, I’ll let him know y’all looking for him.”

Carly’s phone rings.
“All right. Sure. Hello?”

“But I should get going anyway.” Ellie said, “I’ll see you again tonight, my darling Ozzie!” She blows a kiss to him as she leaves.
Then Benz added on, “And make sure you don’t make any loud-ass noises later on…. MY DARLING OZZIE! The last thing I need to hear sleeping is your Oh! sounds.”

“And that was Mom.” Carly said, “She said that X is back home. I’m going to meet them there and you know what? We’re going to tell him all about us.”
“Welp, I—” Oz said, “Well, Ellie just left and I think I need some rest…..” He went back to his room.
“I hope you’re not beating it right now!” Benz shouted.
“NOT WITH YOU HERE!!!” Oz said, “Now scram!!”



“Hey, Declen?” Bold asked him something.
“You know the girls that came by the other night about the Danny Ton murder?” he said, “Well, one of them is someone we seen before.”
Bold gets to the digital files and looked up the person and it was a picture of Nikky.
“It says Nicole Astra Tavares.” Declen said, “And? What about her?”
“Her other alias.”
He looked under it and it says, “Nikky the Gunner”.

“Nikky the Gunner?” he said, “Wait, I think I’m familiar with her. Isn’t she the one that has a bunch of women patroling streets and taking out a bunch of small time robbers, sexual predators, etc. So she’s doing our job?”

“Yeah, but not as efficient.” Bold said, “I know she also got one right-hand woman of hers along and it’s…”
Declen is looking it up right now.
“All right, got her.” he said, “It’s Yuilana Lynn Beckford or as she’s known… Yuli. Says here that her and Nikky known each other since they were 10. They attended Maltese High School, both have been regarded as intelligent but tactical and they won’t let any injustice go under….. especially since they’ve been looking out for one guy.”
“And that guy happens to be….”
“X?” Declen added, “Bingo!”

“So does he have something with these girls?” Bold said, “Is he fucking them on the regular?”
“Pretty sure he doesn’t his business in the air like that.” Declen said, “He looks like he’s close with the two. Primary Tavares.”
“Him and his family’s business are already in the air.” Bold said, “They will find some info on him.”
“Shouldn’t we try and stop them?” Declen said.
“We will.” Bold said.



At the Fletcher Apartments, the Howard Brothers are looking into who was in the scene of the robbery.
“His name is X?” Dustin questioned, “X? As in X-ray? Xylophone?”
“Apparently, his name is Xavion Libra Cage.” Barry said, “Born July 17, 1990. Son of mother Milla Rose Cage. Father unknown and has only one sister in the immediate family….. Carly Ray Cage.”

“He got a good-lookin’ sister, tho.” John said, “She’s fine as hell. Mama looking fine, too, shit! She has some ass on her!”

“Some say that this is the dude that stabbed Joel before shooting him down.” Barry said, “The nerve of this motherfucker.”
“What about the others?” Dustin said, “There’s more witnesses to this shit and we got to get them, too!!”
“No….” Barry said, “We just need the killer. The others need to be warned about us!!!”

“Well, for the others….” John said, “The other guy beside him is his cousin Malcolm Davies, the pudgy looking dude right there. The tall motherfucker….. I got his name a while ago, it’s…”

“Benjamin Swain aka Benz and his younger brother, Oswald….or Oz for short.” Another person chimed in on this.
“And you know this because?”
“I’ve seen Oz in school. I know a couple of his other friends there.” she said, “He’s quite popular with everyone, especially with the girls.”
Dustin got a bit annoyed, “And yet….. you didn’t tell us because?”

“Because……. fuck you, that’s why.”
“Bitch!!!” Dustin was about to throw hands but Barry stopped him.

“Carrie!!” John said, “…… That’s perfect. Popular with the girls, huh?”
“Yeah.” Carrie said, “But he’s been seeing this other girl a lot recently. She always picks him up after school. She’s this older woman. Got long hair, sometimes wears either pink or black…”
“She got big titties?” Dustin asked her.
Carrie was disgusted. “UH……what make you think I looked at them?……But yeah, she got them.”

“Then that’s the girl with him that night!” Dustin shouted. “Someone said that one of the girls got some tig ‘ol bitties!!”
“I think her name is Ella……Evie… No, Ellie!!” Carrie mentioned, “I heard him mentioned it to a mutual friend or so.”

John then handed another file to them. “We got another one. He’s William Jefferson Bailey but he goes by Wiley.”
“Well, that’s 5 guys and 2 girls down.” Colleen said, coming in. “We got a few more and frankly, that’s already too many witnesses.”

“That’s why I suggest that we fuck them up as well!!” Dustin said, “So, who are the remaining people left?”
“Well….” Colleen added on, “We got this one plus-sized girl (Cora), some dorky-looking chick with glasses (Mari) and……” However, when Colleen saw the other girl….

“What the….” She silently shouted.
“Uh, Colleen….. you alright?” Dustin asked.

She sees the other girl in question and in the picture……. it was Nikky.


“She was in there?” As she pointed out her.
“OK…..and your point?” John said.
“You motherfucker.” Colleen said, “That is Nikky The Gunner!!!”


Nikky was making a call to someone.
“Hello, this is Nik. What you got for me?”

While she’s having a conversation on the phone, she goes inside to her office and Yuli just happens to drop by. Plus, she happens to be her assistant.
“Nikky, we got some clients coming in 10 minutes about their protection extension.”

“Look, I will get back to you as soon as I could!!” Nikky said, continuing her conversation on the phone, “I’m just backed up with clients for this month. I promise I’ll get to you ASAP!!” She hung up with a frustrated look on her face.

“You OK, boss?” Yuli asked.
“It’s 50/50.” Nikky said, “Between these clients I’m trying to put under my protection and dealing with my own and my boyfriend’s safety, I’m stressed out as hell! I’m just glad the new girls are coming in on their own so they can handle this shit!!”

“I hope the girls we pick are good enough.” Yuli said.



“Do you know about the shit she does in this city!?” Colleen said, “She’s like Charlie’s Angels except there’s no guy speaking from a speakerbox but she got a rotating crew of girls that can shoot your ass before you can even suspect it!!!”
“OH….. I see.” Barry said, “And looking at the photos again……. I think she’s with X.”
“OH!!! And she’s fucking the main guy we want to kill!!!” Dustin said, “So we definitely have to kill her ass as well!!!”

“Nikky The Gunner is not going to go down easily.” Barry said, “We have to do some cracking down to getting that motherfucker and his other friends!!”

“CARRIE!!” Colleen shouted.
“What?!” She said, eating some chips.
“You know that one guy, right? Name is Oz, right?

John then went on, “Then you know what to do.”



Back at the home, X was relaxing in his room, laying on his bed and he had DeBarge’s “Love Me in A Special Way” playing in his earbuds, mouthing off the words.

While he was into the song, Milla walked in there.

“Uh…. Xavion.” she said.
“Huh?” He then notices her. “Yeah? Wha?”

“Yeah, can you help us move some stuff in the living room?” Milla said, “Me and Rita need your help.”
“All right, all right, I’m coming.” X said.
“Oh, Malcolm and Cora are coming in a few as well.” Rita said, “They’ll get the heavier shit to carry with us!!!”

“So……” As Milla went inside his room, “You’ve been over at Nikky’s a lot recently.”
“Yes…..” X said, “And?”
“I mean, most of the time, you spend the night over there like more than usual.” Milla said, “Probably ever since Adell moved in here, you’ve been very distant from us…. especially since the whole—”
“The what?” X said, “That day? Look, most of the time you’ll talk and have me involved in a conversation is either how I need to change my job or go on about whatever shit I have to change. It’s not a topic I always want to visit….and no, don’t tell me I need to hear it. I heard too much of it and it’s getting annoying……I got shit straight with myself.”

“You’re still living home with me.” Milla said, sitting down and grabbing his collar, “Most of the time, you need me to help you with stuff you don’t even know what to do. You got shit straight?”
X then fired back, “You often need me to help you with the computer, especially logging on, since you can’t even remember your damn password!”
“You can’t even remember what bill you pay when filling out something!!” Milla argued.
“You mean something I do once a year while the password thing is something that frequently happens more?!?” X argued back, “I had other shit in my mind and more things that are worthy of my time and mind than whatever shit you drag me into that only serves to make me more miserable!!”
“WHY DO YOU THINK I’m just making you miserable?!” Milla said, “I’m just looking out for you!”
“Same thing Carly said to me or message me one time!” X said, “Except she had the fucking gall to act like I’m fucking up but when she does that even worse, she doesn’t anyone to say shit to her!!”
“I’D GET ON HER, TOO!!” Milla shouted, “WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY!? I’m not doing my job?!”
“……You just did it for me.” X said, leaving the room.
Milla looked pissed off.


When Malcolm and Cora arrived and helped with X taking the bed apart, they noticed some tension between X and Milla.
“UH…..X…..did something happen with you and Aunt Milla?”

“No.” X said.
However, Cora isn’t being fooled by him. “Yeah, something happened.”
“And by something you mean her treating me like a child about dumb shit?” X said.

“Oh no…. this again.” Malcolm said.
“Again?” Cora questioned.
“X and Milla always get in a fight about shit like this.” Malcolm said, “This always tends to happen.”
“Look,” X said, “I don’t always need to be told on what to do with my life. The shit will get annoying and it doesn’t always help anybody!!”

“You sure….” Cora said, “I mean, you’re still living with her and….”
“Most people my age still live with their parents!” X said in annoyance, “They also tend to forget that sometimes when they get older, they tend to forget shit time to time and they need us to help them with shit….but then they forget we forget shit sometimes in order to remember the shit we supposed to remember for them!!! Either way, we can’t win.”
“That or you never have that voice to win arguments.” Malcolm added.

X looked angry.
“Well, you don’t.” Malcolm said, “You never had that voice of speaking up.”
“Maybe because I don’t like yelling on top of people.” X said, “It doesn’t make anyone seem they’re right. It makes them less likely of me to take them seriously.”

“But, X, that’s your mom, tho.” Cora said, “I mean….you two are pretty much alike in that sense.”
“HOW?!” X said.


Meanwhile, Rita and Milla were moving some chairs into another room.
“You and Xavion at it again?”
“Your first clue was….” Milla went on with that.
“Ah, dammit, again?” Rita asked, “Let me guess? Him rebelling or something like that?”
“If you mean that he acts like he knows better than me and acts like a smart-aleck, then yeah, it’s something like that.” Milla said, “It’s like he thinks that I’m older, I’m useless at a few things.”
Rita went on with, “Well……”
“Oh, shut up!” Milla shouted.
“What?!” Rita said, “Remember back then when we first got taught fixing a flat tire? You panicked and got worried and cried and—”
“Well, you’re the one that made the tire flat in the first place!” Milla said.
Then Rita went on stating other things like, “And that credit card bill? That plumbing thing? That one thing you got pregnant with Carly?”

“I…..get……..” Milla said.
Then Adell was listening in, as she was sitting by, “From what you always say about yourself and X, you two seem all alike.”
“Alike?” Milla said.


“Yo!!” Carly announced herself and her and Benz finally arrived, “We’re here now!”
“Damn, I see y’all got a lot of stuff to move!” Benz said, “Good thing we arrived!!”

Outside, there were a couple of people 3 houses down from them and they were taking some shots of the Cage residence and the people inhabitating there.
“So…. that’s where Mr. X lives, huh?” It was John Howard watching them and he got some special forces with him. “Ishmael, Bones….. you know what to do… leave out of sight and out of mind.”

The two guys got in the car and they drove to the place.


“Easy… easy…. steady….” Benz said.
“Dude, I’m being steady.” X said, “Just don’t drop it or have me doing all the work.” Him and Benz are busy carrying a bookcase to the other room.
“You two men got it handled?” Malcolm asked, sitting down.
“And why the fuck you not helping?!” X screamed.
“Must you keep cursing in this house?” Milla shouted at him.

“It helps!!” X said.
“What the– HOW!?” Milla shouted.
“OK, are you two fighting again?” Carly questioned.
“YES THEY ARE!!” Malcolm and Rita simultaneously shouted.
“Oh shut up!!” Both X and Milla shouted.


Back outside, the car was pulling up to the place, rolling down the windows and all……

“Hey, who’s that car pulling up to us?” Benz asked.
They were pulling out a huge AK-47 out of there and…..
“Oh shit!!!” Benz shouted.
“DUCK!!!!” X screamed.

They begun firing all over the house and everybody ducking from the bullets with both Rita and Milla trying to protect Adell from the gunshots.
“OH SHIT!!! Who the hell was that?” Malcolm shouted.

“Fire more at ’em!!” Bones screamed.
“I got the heavy on them!!” Ishmael shouted. He brought out a chopper to finish the job. “Let’s get in there and just kill ’em on sight!!”
Carly spotted them getting out.
“Oh no….. we gotta run!!” Carly was crawling out of there.

“YOU!!!!” Ishmael spotted her, getting away. He goes over there to kill her but as he goes over there, Benz hiding behind the wall, punched him in the jaw and then kicked him back outside. Bones was still firing at him, with Benz ducking the shots.

X spotted a gun on the floor
He makes a run for it and grabbed it.
“X, what the fuck are you doing!!?” Malcolm shouted.
X got the drop on Ishmael.
“Hey, bitch!” X shouted, “Drop the fucking gun and I won’t put holes in your ass!!”

“Like you’ll do shit, bitch!” Ishmael said, “I bet that gun doesn’t have a damn thing in there!”

A gun shot was made.
“AAI!!” Ishmael shouted.
But it came from behind.
“That wasn’t me, bro!!” Bones shouted.

Then a couple of more sniper gun shots made, hitting the car and toward Ishmael’s way.
“Who the fuck was that!?” Bones shouted.
X then made a shot at the car as well, with Benz headbutting him out of the house. The two then retreated back to the car and droved off with the windows all shot up.

“Who the fuck shot them!?” X wondered.


“Y’all, it’s OK.” Benz said, “The guys drove off. You can come out now.”

“What the hell is going on!?” Milla shouted, “Why was there two guys shooting up my house? Why did you TWO do something stupid like try to fight them?”
“We won, did we?” X shouted.
“Carly, you OK?” Benz said, checking up on her.

“Yeah, yeah….” Carly said, “But, Benz…. you realize that was reckless of you to do?”
“I know, I know…” Benz said, “But the one thing I’m not letting happen is me losing you.” As both shared a tight hug and kiss.

“Where did those guys come from?” Malcolm said, “And why are we suddenly targets of them?”
“Does anyone owe money to the mob or something?” Rita jokingly asked.

X rolled his eyes at that. “No……but I think I know who and why.”
Suddenly there was a knock on the door.
“Hello.” X opened the door and sees 4 girls at his door.
“What the…..Uh, can I help y’all?” X said.

“Oh…..sorry to intrude you on this.” The first girl said, “You’re Xavion, right?”
“Who wants to know?” he said suspiciously.
“Well…..we have some mutual friends between us….. Nikky and Yuli?”
“Wait, what?”

First girl came up to him, “I’m Alia. One of Nikky’s girls.”
“Girls?” Milla said, “Wait, by girls….”
“No, we’re not whores and she’s not a pimp.” The one with blue highlights in her hair said, “BTW, I’m Aries, pleased to meet you.”
“Hi, I’m Lina!!” She said in a cheery voice.
“Oh and I’m Ronin.” The last one in a deep voice said, “I’m the sharpshooter and we’re sent by Nikky and Yuli to protect you from whoever’s trying to attack y’all.”

“Protect us?” Malcolm said, “So are y’all like some type of Charlie’s Angels squad except she calls the shots?”

“We get asked that a lot.” Alia said, “But we are called Shooters. We’re like hidden assassins but doing it for good and for the neighborhood…. and that sounded corny.”
“Corny but necessary!!” Lina shouted.

“OK….” Milla said, “So what you’re saying is that my son’s girlfriend runs a squad of assassins? And X…… did you knew about this?” she questioned him.
“Yeah.” He said without hesitation.

“WHOA! WHAT!?” Milla shouted.
“I knew about a few years back when me and Nikky started dating for real.” X said, “She didn’t want to scare you with that and she was nervous to meet you back then.”

“Uh…..X…” Malcolm said, “You could’ve told me! Or Benz, Oz, Wiley!! None of your boys?”


“Now, if I told your ass, Rita would know in an instant since you can’t keep a secret for less than a day!!” X said, “Remember the time you blabbed about sneaking to a R-Rated movie when we was 13?!”
“…… He got a point.” Rita said, “But then again, X, you kept your ticket stub for Long Riders in your pocket. You’re not exactly Mr. Covert Ops.”


“Look,” Alia said, “Nikky really cares about you guys and she doesn’t want any harm coming to you. All of you really seem like a caring group of friends and family from what she and X told us.”
However, Aries mentioned, “Not to mention, all the times we hear both of them in the night and—”
“HEY!!” X shouted, “They don’t need to know that far.”
“Look,” Ronin said, “Me and Alia are meeting her for something later on. You can come along as she got intel that you need to know! Oh, and your sister and other friends Wiley and Benz need to come, too.”

“Huh?” Carly and Benz seemed confused.
“Why me?” Benz asked.

“Two reasons.” Aries said, “One, this is important for you, too and two, your brother is already at the place with another one of our girls in there?”
“Wait, Ellie is a part of this shit, too!?” Malcolm shouted.

“She’s not a shooter!! Calm your ass down!” Ronin said, “She lives there, she pays good rent and she makes some damn good cookies that one time….. like, homemade shit! Ah, so good!”

“Look… I got to come, too.” Milla said, “I should know what the hell is going on.”
“We can’t have too many people coming.” Aries said, “We need to keep you safe and sound. Don’t you have a pregnant woman staying here?”

“I’m fine, by the way.” Adell said, with Lina keeping her company, offering her something to drink.
“Oh, thank you!” Adell accepted.
“Can we at least be part of it like video phone or something?” Rita asked.






“So……” Nikky said, “You all know, huh?” As she and Yuli are both talking to Benz, Carly, Malcolm, Wiley, Mari & Cora while X, Oz and Ellie are listening and also speaking to Milla, Rita, Adell and the rest of the girls via Skype at their home.

“We’re dead men…..” Wiley said, “Fuck it, we’re dead men! Whoever is trying for us, we can’t stand up to them.”
“Dude…..” Benz said, “We kicked one of the guys’ asses and fought off those shooters.”

“And what?” Wiley yelled, “They’re suddenly scared of us?”
“Wiley, calm down.” Nikky said, “We did some research about who might come after all and…. the results is that the Howard Brothers are looking to avenge their brother’s death.”

“Ah shit….” Malcolm said, hanging his head in doubt.

“Ah shit is right.” Cora said, “I heard about those guys. They collect from all the local businesses around the area as they own a majority of the block around here.”
“They’re spoiled rich fucks, huh?” X questioned.
“Well, rich for here.” Yuli said, “They’re not exactly millionaires but they consider themselves elite.”

“According to intel….” Nikky said, showing files in her computer, “The brothers consist of the leader and eldest Barry, the middle child Dustin, formerly the other middle and more aggressive brother Joel and the younger more tech-focused brother John.”

“And there’s one more but……not a brother but more of the head of the family…….” Yuli said, “Colleen Howard.”
“The Head Bitch herself.” Nikky said, “Barry may be the brains of the brothers but she…….she is the brains of the whole damn family.”
“Family?” X said, “There’s more of them?”

“Well, one more…..” Nikky said, “And this one is about Oz’s age.”
“Hey, Oz!!” Benz said, “Quit making out with Ellie!! This is important and your ass needs to listen!!”
“Hmmm?” Oz said.
“The youngest is a teenager. You heard of Carrie Howard?”

Oz tries to think of someone by that name.
“I think I do……wait. One of my friends is friends with a girl with that name.”

“Well, son of a bitch.” Wiley said, “She might try and seduce you, get close to her and then when the–”
“Wiley….” Oz said, “Have you seen me making out with Ellie recently? I haven’t thought of another woman since.”
“This is true.” Ellie said, “My Ozzie would never go astray for another woman.”

“Also true.” Yuli said, “They pleasure each other more than that one time me, Nikky and X–” However, that last part was very silent and X and Nikky got freaked out at her almost mentioning something taboo. “I mean, yeah, let’s go with that!”
Mari noticed that, “The hell you say?”
“NOTHING! SHUT UP!!” Yuli snapped.

“Anyway….” Nikky said, “I’m not saying we should cower in fear and have them rule our lives forever. Me and the girls will figure out a way to bring their asses down.”
X didn’t like the sound of that plan.
“So I just lie on my back and let you handle the business?” X said, “NO DICE. I want those fuckers and their heads!!!”
Yuli sighs, “Hold on, X….you just can’t go gung-ho on them!! They might be expecting it…. they always do whenever witnesses try to fight back. Did we mention every time this happens, some try to fight back and yet the Howards win and they end up dead?”
“Precisely.” Nikky said, “X, I know you feel it like your bones that you want to do anything to protect everyone but we have to come up with a plan that’ll keep everyone alive and safe.”
“Plus, jumping the gun too early might get you killed.” Alia said, “We can’t risk anything!”
Carly got very concerned but had a calm demanor on it.
“Xavion, I need a word with you.” She drags him to the other room. “Eh, we’ll be right back.”

“Yeah, sis?” X said.

Then calm went right out of the window.
“This isn’t the time to act like some dumb-ass action hero! You heard what they said!! These guys are nothing to fuck with and stop acting all hard in front of everyone!!”
“First off…” X said, “What the hell are you doing? Playing big sister now?”
“I AM YOUR BIG SISTER!!” Carly said.
“And I’m the one that stabbed and shot that fucker, remember!?” He silently said, “Don’t act like I’m just some scared little kid anymore. I grew up past that!!”
“No, you didn’t!!” Carly yelled, “You put up a facade like you got it handled! Especially when it comes to girls like Nikky and that other girl with her!”

“And what?” X said, “I should just bow to whatever shit you say even though most of the time you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about and whenever you fuck up, you act the same as me…. except worse because you’re under the guise of ‘Do as I say, not as I do’ and that statement is all full of shit!!”

“Why do you act like I can’t do anything right?!” Carly said, “You say that about me and Mom!!”

“Because I’m the one having to protect you from bullshit all the time!!” X said, “From every asshole ex-boyfriend you have to friend that eventually stabs you in the back, you’re practically a target!”
“And you!?” Carly said, “Always getting horny over some girl and–”
“AND NEITHER IS BENZ!!!” Carly yelled, but also revealed her secret.


“AH……Wait, what?” He said, “Benz? The fuck does….”

She sighs.
“I was planning on telling you for a while……but me and Benz……we…..have been dating for a while.”
X looked befuddled and confused at this reveal.
“So…’re dating Benz?”

“Yes…… I’m dating Benz.” Carly said, “For about 5 months now.”
“5 months?”

“Look…” she said, “At that time, it was like maybe half a year since me and Eko had that break-up and you decided to stomp him down.”


“You put your fucking hands on her, nigga!!!?” It was the time that X saw Eko at the street and he beats Eko with a brick he found and smacked him repeatedly with it.
“I heard you and your boys tried to jump me earlier!! I beat them fuckers up, too!!” He dragged Eko to a dealership and slammed his head to a display car’s window.

“He’ll pay for that.” X said, walking off.


“Well…. while you were doing that,” Carly said, “I was out doing a little shopping and I just happened to run into Benz…..”


“Carly!” Benz shouted as he saw her at the produce aisle.
“Benz! Hey!!” Carly said, “Nice running into you here.”
“Same here.” he said, “You doing your mom’s shopping again?”
“No, this is more solo shopping.” Carly said, “I wanted to try out this recipe I saw online.” She showed him what she was trying to make. It’s an apple rose tart.
“Hmm. Nice.” Benz said, “Looks tasty and cute…..”

“You talking about me or the dessert?” Carly flirted with him.
“If I say yes, will a fist be in my face?” Benz asked.

She gave a good hearty laugh at him, with a little snorting.
“Oh, Benz…..I needed a good laugh.” Carly said, “Sometimes you put me in a good mood these days. Hey, you don’t mind coming to our house later on? If you and maybe Oz would like to come for dinner?”

“Hmmmmm…..” Benz is thinking about it. “Well, I should give Oz a chance for a good meal tonight rather than instant ramen or fast food. I’d be delighted to come.”
“Nice!!” She shouted and hugged him a bit.

“Wait, so that one time he came over and you made that apple rose tart pie thang…..” X said, “That’s when y’all started–”
“I’m not finished yet.” Carly said.

It was after dinner and Carly decided to take Benz and Oz back home.
“Hey, thanks for driving us home.” Benz said, “I promise as soon as my car is fixed, I’ll pay you back.”
“Don’t worry!” She said, “You’re practically family to us….although family often cheap-skates their way out of shit often.”

“So, is that a ‘you’re good but don’t wait too long’?” Benz questioned.
“Yeah.” Carly said, “Let’s go with that.”


It was around midnight that she was still hanging around at his place.
Her and Benz were busy watching Netflix and she was getting very, very cozy to him.
“Carly, you alright?” Benz asked.
“Yeah…..” She said, “You’re not getting too bothered by me laying on you, right?”
“You feeling sleepy?” he asked.
“Not sleepy….. but more….” She put her arm around him.

“You can put your arm around me. I don’t mind.” Carly said.
He proceeds to do so.
His arm feels her back, spotting her bra strap.

“Hey….. it’s pink, by the way.” she whispered in his ear, “Wanna see?” Carly then kissed Benz as hard as she could.
He was left confused and smiling.
“Wow, Carly…..” Benz said, “I didn’t know you feeling for me like that. Oh shit…. X!!”

“Don’t worry about X.” Carly said, “I’ll take care of it. You just have to worry about….” Then she removed her clothes, all down to her pink bra and panties.
She then kisses him and soon both are making out on the couch.


“OK, I’m just going to stop at there.” X said.
“Yes, me and Benz are in love.” Carly said, “We were trying to tell you those months but you always either in your head or just not wanting anything to do with us.”
“Or maybe I have my own life not dependent on whatever you got going on.” X said, “Stop acting like I’m supposed to drop everything for you.”
“You wake up, you work, then come back home and sleep!!” she said, “That’s not exactly that exciting of a life.”
He walks off to the other room, “At least that’s more comforting than this shit………” Thus ending the conversation.




X woke up feeling groggy and aggravated after last night’s talk with Carly and was already in an annoyed mood.
He had some music playing on his phone with earbuds to clear his mind.
Nikky and Yuli spotted him on the bed laying down.

“He’s been like this all morning.” Nikky said, “Mainly playing that same song throughout.”
“What’s the song?” Yuli asked.
“‘I Just Wanna Stop’ by Gino Vannelli.” Nikky said, “A few months ago, he listened to it and he loves the fuck out of it. He says that it keeps him in a calming mood. I even spotted him singing it when he thinks he’s alone. He’s not that bad at it.”

“The guys got a singing soul, does he?” Yuli wondered curiously.
“He makes a lot of playlists on whatever he listens to.” Nikky said, “Hip-hop, R&B, some alternative pop/rock, synth type of stuff and whatever that other weird genre he listens to….something wave.”
“Vaporwave?” X shouted, as he heard their talk, “Also, hello there. I’m awake.”

“Had a good night’s sleep?” Yuli said, “You don’t…..want it to stop, don’t you?” Lingering on to those lyrics of that song.
“IT’S A DAMN GOOD SONG!” X shouted.
“I told her, I told her.” Nikky backed him up on that.
“No teasing but I didn’t know you got a soulful side of you.” Yuli said, “Usually you’re very cold and distant….at least from others besides Nikky and me.”

“I just open myself to the right people…..Nikky is one of them.” X said, “And you know what? You are, too.”

“Well…..” Yuli said, “Since we’re close, can you tell us what’s been bothering you this morning? You look….. bothered…..”
“OK, here’s this…..”


“You told your brother about us?” On the other spectrum, Benz was talking to Carly on the phone while he’s on break. “Oh shit, how much did he freak out?”

“He didn’t freak out.” Carly said, “He never even seemed bothered by it.”

“Huh?” Benz seemed confused, “Well… least it wasn’t in anger. Shit, here I am thinking your brother like he’s your daddy.”

“My problem with him is that…..” Carly paused as she sees some car slowly passing her by as she’s walking to the market.
“Huh? Carly?” Benz said.
“Oh…..sorry about that.” she said, “I swear I thought someone is tailing me or something.”

“Tailing y–” Benz got worried there. “You got one of Nikky’s girls watching you?”
“It’s just a walk to the store.” Carly said, “It’s not that crucial! Look, I got to run. I’ll call you later, sweetie. Bye-bye, love you!” She hung up.


“Wait….. you’re not mad at your sister for dating your best friend?” Yuli said, “That’s…. actually a supportive and mature thing to do.”
“Yeah…” X said, “But as always, she treats me like I’m too unstable to deal with shit. I hate that bullshit!”

“You should she said something like that?” Nikky said, “Babe, you know how you get when it comes to this.”
“She said something about how I’m always in my head and that I push people away.” X said.
“Well……” Nikky and Yuli said.

“Oh, COME ON!!”
“Xavion, listen!” Nikky said, “You know I love you with all my heart and soul but you are very distant towards people… well, excluding me and Yuli because we know you well.”
“Plus, we’re the best!!” Yuli bragged, “But you know we can’t be the only ones you confide to for every problem.”
“I don’t want to bother you with every problem!” X said.
“I get that.” Nikky said, “But sometimes you don’t k–”

The phone rings.
“Hello?” Nikky said, “UH? Benz? What are you doing calling this number?”

“Nikky, look.” Benz said, “I got a call from Carly. She said that she thinks someone is tailing her and I’m getting worried.”
“WHAT!?” Nikky said, “Why she didn’t get one of the girls to keep a good eye on her?”
“That’s what I said!” Benz said, “Wait! Is X there? Put him on!!”

“Hello!” X shouted, “Benz…..yeah, I heard. Look, where did she go?”
“The Market, down next to the convenience store.” Benz said, “The one Mr. Lyles’ daughter runs.”
“All right. I’ll be down there.” X said, “Along with some help……where that Aries girl at?”
As Carly was getting ready for checkout, she was lucky enough to be in Louise’s (Mr. Lyles’ daughter) aisle.
“Hey, Carly!” Louise said, “You shopping for your moms again?”
“Hey, Louise….” she said, “A little but mostly it’s all me.”
“AH, you doing you. That’s cool.” Louise said, “I heard that you’re dating that guy…… what’s his name…. Benz. Isn’t he one of your brother’s friends?”
Carly sighs, “Yeah, yeah, he is.”
“Oh… trouble in paradise already?” Louise asked.
“No, it’s not that.” Carly said, “Me and Benz are fine….but I think I pissed off my brother last night.”

While she’s talking to Louise, one person was suspiciously reading a magazine while having a close view on Carly.
That person had a knife on them.

“Wait, he’s not mad?” Louise said.
“I don’t think he cares enough!” Carly said, “You know him being mostly in his head and kind of a loner.”
“Well, he got those girls he loves to hang out with.” Louise said. “At least he isn’t some of my brothers or dad that always get aggro whenever a cute guy notices me.”
“At least they show they care…” Carly said, “Although probably not the best way….wait, why am I mad?”

The person then duck again as they await for her to get to the exit.
“We probably should talk it out whenever I see him again.” Carly said, “I’ll talk to you later, L.”
“Alright, see ya, Carly.” Louise said, “Tell your mom, Rita and Adell I said hi.”
“WIll do!” she yelled.

Carly is walking out the store. She is heading her way home but the person rushed out of the store, coming straight her with a knife aimed at her back and as they got closer and closer and closer…..


“OW!!” X said, “Fucking cunt!!” He then punched the pursuer.
“X?” Carly said, “The hell’s going on?”
Then Aries jumped in, “You’re being pursued! RUN!!!”

“YOU!!!” The pursuer shouted, “You’re the guy!!!” He pulls out a pistol to take a shot at X.
X dodged the shot, only to tackle the guy and wrestle with him and grapple for the gun.
“Gimme that shit!!” X stomped on his hands and then kicked him in the face.
The pursuer got back up, kicked X down, grabbed the gun and aims his sights at Carly and Aries.

“You watch as I take out your little sister!!” He shouted.
Aries got out her gun and shot back at him.
“AI!!” He got his hand shot. “How dare you!?”

He shoots back, with Carly trying to duck the shots and Aries getting a clear shot.
“AAAHH!!!” But Aries took a shot in the arm.
“Aries!” Carly said.
“Get back, Carly!!” Aries said, as she kept shooting him.

X then grabbed a knife, he quickly swiped it at his side and causing him to bleed all over the sidewalk.
“AAAHHH!!!” He yells as he falls down with X running to his sister’s and Aries’ side and made a run for it.


“The motherfucker think he had me, right!? Like he was going to kill my ass…. I grabbed that fucker’s knife and cut his ass, bleeding all over the ground!!!” X was telling Wiley, Mari, Malcolm, Cora and the rest the whole incident when they arrived at Nikky’s. “I should’ve stomped on his ass but I couldn’t risk getting Carly and Aries in more danger.”

“I’m just glad you got everyone out of there safe!” Yuli said, “Thankfully Aries is all right but might have to take it easy on her arm.”
“That was a close one.” Nikky said, “But we can’t rely on luck on situations like this. Carly, the next time you go out for an errand or something, you need to take one of the girls with you… and that goes to all of you as well.” She then especially eyes X as he sips his drink. “And X, that means you, too!”

“I’m just glad Carly is safe.” Benz said, “And at least Aries is OK.”
“OK I am.” Aries said, “But right now, my arm hurts like a bitch!”
“I’m sorry about that.” Carly said.
“Don’t worry about it.” Aries said, “I’m here for your protection along with everyone else’s.”

“You think they followed you here?” Mari said, “I mean, they know where you live at now. They might strike again at everywhere y’all go. I can’t imagine someone is out to get me while I’m either in the kitchen or watching streams or in the bathroom.”
“Yeah, that’s a fucked up way to die.” Wiley said.
“That or having sex.” Malcolm said, “I mean, think about it. The moment you decide to cum and then someone pulls a piece on you and shoots you dead.”

“….. Please don’t mention dying while fucking.” Cora said to Malcolm, “I don’t want that shit to happen.”
“Speaking of fucking….” Wiley said, “Isn’t Oz supposed to be here as well? Where is he?”

“Wiley….” Benz said, “See if Ellie is here first.”
“OK.” Wiley said, “Hey, Nik?”
“No, Ellie isn’t here, Wiley.” Nikky said, “That answers your question?”

“Well, damn……”



It was close to the final bell and the students are gathering their way to the buses and their rides home. Thus enter Ellie with Oz looking for the car in question.

Ellie texts Oz on his phone. “Yo, you see me?”
He sees her in an Orange Corolla.

Just then, as Oz’s friends are either getting on the buses or in their cars, one of them is flirting with Carrie.
“So…..we gonna talk more?”
However, Carrie was pretending to notice him as she sees Oz getting in the car.
“Yeah, just let me call my folks and I’ll warn them I’ll be a little late.” And by folks, she meant The Howards.

Back at the Howards’ place, Colleen got the call from Carrie.
“You see them?” she said, “6 for yes or 4 for no.”
“About 6.” she said.
“OK then.” Colleen said, “Do you see the girl he’s with?”
“Yeah, yeah.” Carrie said.
“And what car are they driving? And maybe go to a private room where no one can hear out this time?
“Oh….. ” Carrie said, then got back to the friend, “Excuse me, I got to take this.”
“No problemo.” he said, waiting on her.


“OK…” she said, “She’s driving an 2010 Orange Toyota Corolla. She’s seen wearing a red and white tye-dye shirt with some jean shorts. Really short judging by some guys staring at her ass.”
John then cued in, “Well, if I saw a girl like that, I’d stare, too.”
“All right.” Colleen said, “Nice work, Carrie. I got all I need for now.”

“So, what do I do with Oz, then?” she asked.
“Keep being fri– well, an acquaintance to him.” John said, “But don’t let him suspect you of being anything but friendly.”
“Got it.” Carrie said, “Talk to you later.”


“Hey, darling!” Ellie said, “Before we begin our fun time, we have to stop at my place with the girls. You know X’s sister Carly?”
“Yeah? What happened?” Oz asked.
“Well, she got a run-in with an assassin earlier this morning.” Ellie said, “I just got a message from Nikky and Yuli. They wanted to make sure I’m good, that’s all. Everyone’s there, right now. Even Benz.”
“Damn….” Oz said, “She’s alright, isn’t she?”
“Yeah, thank goodness.” Ellie said, “But to be safe, we should go there first…..besides, maybe we can do a little alone time before they’ll call on us.” She kisses him at the red light.
“That sounds awesome.” Oz said.


They arrived at the house.
“Hey, we’re back!!” Ellie said, “And yes, Oz is with me!!”

They quickly rushed to their rooms but then Alia stops them before they got there.
“Not so fast, you two!” Alia said, “The time for your fun time can wait! We still got a meeting!”
“AAAWW!!!” Oz and Ellie groaned.
“Rules are rules, you two.” Alia said. “I swear y’all are some horn dogs.”
“But I was loo–”
“Don’t worry, Ozzie.” Ellie said, “This won’t take long….. I hope.”

“OZ! ELLIE!” Benz said, “Good thing you got back in time!”
“Yeah, yeah….” Oz said, “And you just happened to bust m–”

“Let me guess?” X said, “We interrupted your sexy fun time? Well, sorry about that but we got important matters in our hands.”

“Speaking of which…..” Benz said, “You remember what we said about Carrie…. you noticed her lingering towards you lately?”



Well, I remember a couple of times that she approached me like in between classes when she ran into my locker.

“Hey….” Carrie said, standing near me, “You’re Ozzie Swain, right?”
I got mad confused at her for a moment.
“Yeah. Why you ask?”

She goes on and said, “Oh, I heard some things from a few friends of mine and they share a few friends of yours. I heard about you protecting this girl some months ago.”

I figure everyone would know about that. It’s not exactly a secret to anyone.

“Yeah. I had to do what I had to do to protect her.”
“Awww. that’s so sweet and cool of you, dude.” 


“Dude?” Wiley said, “Who the fuck says ‘dude’ anymore?”
“Hell if I know.” Oz said, “Anyway…..”


She and I are just making small talk but the bell was about to ring so I had to jet to class.
“Mind if we talk later?” She asked.
“OK, sure!!” I shouted as I ran to class.

While I was in the room, I was wondering to myself what has the Howards got her doing? Just keeping surveilliance on me? Studying me and my surroundings? For one thing, I hope she doesn’t ask me questions about me and Ellie.

“Hey, Oz.”
“Hey, Carrie.” Then out of nowhere, she’s right there!!! I have a class with her!!

“Seems like we got the same class, huh?” She said, “Nice! We can hang out some more.”
Normally when a girl talks to me, I get excited. But now with people trying to kill us and worrying for me, my bro, my girlfriend/best friend and….yeah, I was freaking out.

“Awww…” Ellie hugged him for support, “Your poor baby…. she wasn’t coming on to you, isn’t she?”

“I……..I’m not fully sure.” he said, “But you know I’m not going to fall for it, right?”
“I know, darling. I know.” Ellie said.

“So, you think she wants to fuck you, too?” Wiley said, “Damn, you pulling more pussy than–”
“WILEY, SHUT UP!!” Mari, Cora & Yuli shouted.

Then Yuli had to calm Oz down. “Oz…. I know you aren’t trying to get close to her but you need to watch her every move in case she tries something. If anything, we will keep you and Ellie, along with everyone else, safe.”
“What about back home?” Oz said, “Do we go back there? I mean, what if they’ll go over there, waiting for us?”

“You know, he’s right.” Cora said, “They manage to find where X stay. No doubt they know where all of us stays.”
“So what, all of us stay here then?” Malcolm said, “Wait, how can we convince Mom, Aunt Milla and Adell to stay here for a while?”


Ronin then showed up.
“We got it covered.” As behind the door was Milla and Rita enjoying some drinks and Lina helping Adell out with things.
“Hola!!” Milla shouted.
“Are there more free drinks like these?!” Rita shouted, “I can get used to comfort like this!!”

“It’ll be like one big happy family living here!!” Carly said, “Just like home!”
“Yeah….. just like home.” X sounded less enthused on that part. “But….if it means we’ll be safe, then we’re good.”




Everyone was getting used to their temporary rooms as they stay in the apartment building.

X was falling asleep to the TV with Nikky and Yuli finishing on installing security cameras all over the place.
“That should be the last one.” Yuli said.
“Finally.” Nikky said, “At least we got them there.”
They see X sitting there and they walked over there to join him.

“Hey, sleepyhead.” Yuli said.
“You feeling tired?” Nikky said, giving him a kiss.
“OH, um….” X said, “I mean, I was getting very sleepy.”

“Good thing we’re already at our bed.” Nikky said, “I…… well, I gave your mom and Rita my bed and Yuli gave Adele her bed.”
“UH……” X did not like the sound of that.
“We cleaned it by the way!!” Yuli said, “So she won’t know about the hot steamy sex you two had on there…..or that one time 3 of us—”
“YULI!” Nikky said. “OK, granted, that time was awesome.”
X smiled a bit.
“See? X agrees.” Nikky said.
“Well, of course, he does.” Yuli said.

“Does that mean that we can—”
“Really?” Yuli said, “For someone in deep shit, you got sex on the brain quick.”
“Well, he’s not the only one, remember?” Nikky mentioned.


Oz and Ellie are back in their own room, but this time, Ellie is receiving oral pleasure from Oz.
“Oh……..Oz……” She moans. “Yes….you are learning well, my dear Oz. You’re making me very wet but now……”
She pulls him under the covers.
“…. I want your lips and tongue on mine.” She said and both shared a deep tongue-kiss.
“Oh, OZ…..” Ellie gently whispered his name.


As those two were having their own brand of fun, the rest were in the living room as they’re trying to rest and chill for a bit… even though the sex in the other room was a distraction.

“Boy, those two are having fun in there.” Cora said.
“Yeah…” Malcolm said, “Maybe they have given someone in here a good idea of killing the bore–” But Cora stopped him there.

“Ahhh….Mal….” Cora said, “As much as I want to be in the mood, for a couple of things that are preventing that…..your mom is next to us, your family is right here and everyone in here heard you.”
“Hello!” Mari said.
“Yo.” Wiley shouted.

“And yet Oz didn’t give a fuck about that.” Benz said, “They do it a lot in our home and well….”
“He’s…. not lying.” Carly said, “Every time the last few weeks I came over, I always see them all lovey-dovey and junk…..and that’s not a bad thing, per se. At least X takes the loving with Nikky at…..her place…….”
“Well, knowing that his own family is here, I don’t think X is going to do that.” Benz said.
“I doubt it.” Malcolm said, “He’s known to masturbate when we’re asleep. He might sneak one fuck with her.”

“One what?” As Rita passing by the kitchen overheard them.
“Let me guess….” Rita said, “You’re talking about X and Nikky, right?”
“Well, we were talking about Oz and Ellie but now… yeah, it went to them.” Carly said, “I mean, X can’t be that horny right now especially in a situation like this.”
“Knowing him….” Rita said, “I see it.”
“How?” Malcolm and Carly shouted.


“So…….” X said, sitting on the couch in his boxers, “What are we doing, ladies?”
Alongside him are both Nikky and Yuli in their bra and panties, just…not doing much of anything except watching TV.

“What?” Nikky said, “You haven’t sat down with 2 girls in their underwear without doing anything involving your penis?”
“Well, it’s doing something.” Yuli said.
“What?” X said, “I can be this without resulting to me either sucking boobs or going down on y’all.”

“OK then.” Nikky said, “Mind I lay on you?”
“Same here.” Yuli said.
“Wait….. isn’t this a foldout couch?” X asked.
“Yeah, why?” Nikky said. He got up for a second and took off the pillows and unfolded into a bed.

“Oh yeah, there’s that.” Yuli said.
“Well, then.” Nikky said, plopping herself on the bed along with Yuli. “Still wanna join us? For a good night’s sleep?”
“Yeah, sure.” X calmly said.
He got in the bed with them, but mainly for sleep.

Nikky was still laying on X and complimented him, “You are really warm right now.”
“And you’re really soft.” Yuli added.
“Thanks.” X said, “Normally people would insult me with that. Like I’m weak or something.”

“Well, we’re not like that.” Nikky said, “We know we’re not weak….but you do get easily bothered by those types.”
“Remember Swifty Sammy and Rell?” Yuli said, “Those two always try to find a way to mess with you. That one time that they planted that stolen money on you? Framing you for sneaking into a girls locker room? Took a teacher’s car and joyriding?”
“Thankfully me and Yuli were always there to bail you out before you got in even more serious shit.” Nikky said.

“I know, I know.” X said, “I just get the constant reminders of being called soft or sorry…. something I wanted to leave behind after I left my old town and put myself, Mom, and Carly in a better neighborhood….. where I don’t have to pretend to be some tough guy stereotype and just have a breezy life.”

“Life isn’t suddenly going to be breezy all the time.” Yuli said, “I mean, you left some bad influences behind…. thankfully…. but them being ‘hard’…… they’re not. That’s stupidity and me, Nikky and I’m pretty sure Carly and your mom don’t want you to do any stupid shit with this.”

“We’re all in this together, Xavion.” Nikky said, “We need each other. Your mom and sister needs you…….I need you.” As she holds on to his hand hard.
“She’s right, you know.” Yuli said, “And…..I need you, too. You’re a good friend to us all.”

“Just….” Nikky said, “Don’t lose yourself in your anger.” She kisses him while Yuli hugs him.

But then comes Aries walking in.
“Hey guys, you think I mi—”
She sees the awkward trio kissing and hugging it out half-naked.
“Uhhhh….. I can came back when you’re not having a menage or something.”

“Oh……….shit……….” X said, embarrassed. “We wasn’t doing any—-thing…… Great. I hope Mom or Carly doesn’t hear about this.”
“Well, it’s not the first time for this.” Yuli said.
“Don’t remind me.” he said with a pillow in his face.
“Welp, time for bed!” Nikky said, “Good night, Yuli! Night, my sweet X!” She kisses him again.
“Nighty-night!” Yuli shouted.
“Yeah. Night.” He said, turning off the light.


X and Nikky are having sex at her apartment, kissing and feeling each other.
“Xavion….” she moaned his name, “You are definitely feeling my spot.” He’s caressing her thigh and is about to take off her shirt.
She takes it off for him, showing her red bra.
“You see what you like?” she said.
Then she removes her shorts, revealing red lacy panties.
However, someone came in the room, interrupting their fun time.

“AAAHH!!!” It was Yuli.
“DDAAAHH!!” X screamed.
“Something told me I shouldn’t have came in…..” Yuli said, “Or…. wait, did you…”
“Not yet!!!” he screamed.
Yuli is looking down at his boxers where she sees his notable erection.

“Uh….. am I about to get my ass kicked?” X said to Yuli.
However, Yuli and Nikky got to talking and they taught of something.

“Well…” Yuli said, “We have thought of something.”
Yuli then decide to strip off her clothes, only in nothing but a blue bra and panties, looking quite busty.
“Oh, shit!” X said, “Also….I didn’t know Yuli–“
“Had these girls?” Yuli said, “Why, yes, Xavion. I’ve been hiding this from the world….mainly because most guys wouldn’t handle all of this anyway or at least they think they can but can’t.”
“And you know us a lot, X.” Nikky said, “And I want to ask you this…. I mean, we often save your ass time to time and you do consider us as friends. Although by…well,” As she pointing out downstairs (again), “You do find us attractive, right?”
“Well…. yeah, I do.” X said.
“And I know you like big boobs, don’t you, X?” Yuli asked him.
“You like my boobs?” she said, “And Nikky’s as well?”
He shook his head ‘yes’.

Yuli smiled a bit.
“So… wouldn’t mind you, me and Nikky make out with each other?” she said, “And before you get skeptical, this isn’t a trick. We’re not trying to play you. We are just really horny.”
“I wouldn’t mind.” X smiled.
“Nice.” Nikky smiled. She removes X’s clothes and she tongue-kissed him while Yuli is giving him a handjob while licking and kissing his chest.
“Oooh, he loves it.” Yuli said.
Both of them are now taking off their bras with Nikky placing his hand on her breast and Yuli placing the other one on her breast.
“Ah……your hand feels good.” Nikky said.
“And both of you feel so soft.” X said, in delight of their topless presence.
He’s now sucking on Nikky’s tit and she moans whenever he was licking the areola part. He then gets to sucking on Yuli’s tit while massaging the other one.
“Oooh, that’s so good.” Yuli said.
X is now between them both, pressing their tits against him.
“You liking this?” Nikky said, “Sandwiched in between two women in heat?” She kisses him some more.

Nikky and Yuli are making out with each other while still giving X an handjob.
“Ah, you’re getting bigger and stiffer.” Nikky said, “You want to cum, big boy?”
“Not yet…..NOT YET!” Yuli shouted, “You know we have to do, right?” As they both have very naughty thoughts.

Both of them are tit-fucking him along with giving him a blowjob.
“Oh……Xavion……Yuli…..” Nikky panting in heat.
Nikky then takes off her panties and got on top of him, riding and fucking him while Yuli is sucking on her tits.
Then Yuli took off her panties with Nikky eating her out while X is fucking her.
“OH NIK!!!” Yuli shouted, “YES!!”
“X!!! Oh X!!” Nikky shouted in heat.
“Oh! Oh!! OHHH!!!!!” He pulled out at the last minute with both girls in position and he successfully came on their faces.
“Oh…..oh……..oh…….” Nikky and Yuli are panting.
“Oh shit….” X said.

“X… did good.” Yuli said, smiling, “And I see you made my girl happy.” As Nikky has a smile on her face even if she’s exhausted from the sex.
“I still can’t believe you let me do that to you.” X said.
“Well, we looked out for you since high school.” Yuli said, “You’re our special friend. Our best friend and we care about you. I also wanted to give you something special tonight…..but you can’t– and I mean, YOU CANNOT– under any circumstances tell anyone about us. Not to your friends, your cousin, ANYONE! You promise?”

“Yeah.” X said, “You know I’m not going to tell anyone about this.”
“And that’s why we fuck with you.”
Then Nikky got up and kissed him deeply on the lips.
“But….. please don’t expect this often.” Yuli said, “Again, we’re your friends but I don’t want you to take advantage of us. Can you promise us that, X?”
“Yeah…..yeah, I will.” X said.

“Good.” Nikky said, kissing him again. “I hope it doesn’t mean you’ll stop having sex with just me.”
“I still like having sex with you, Nik.” X said, “You’re an amazing person.”
She smiled. “And so are you, X.”
She keeps on kissing him all over thru the night as all of them slept soundly that night.



As it was the dawn of a new day, X was still asleep with Nikky and Yuli beside him, with both holding on to each arm.

However, the first to wake up is Milla. She had to use the bathroom and as she got out, she spies a door that’s ajar and it was that room with X and the girls sleeping.
X was beginning to wake up with a still blurry vision in his eyes, the first thing he sees is….. well, Milla on the couch, watching TV but with low volume.
“Huh? What the!?”
“Ssshhh….” She said, “Don’t want to wake the girls up.”

“Why are you—”
“Don’t mind me.” Milla said, “I didn’t think I had a player for a son. You got not only one but two girls sleeping with you.”
“Hey… HEY!” he said, “We didn’t do anything. We just slept. That’s all.”
“Then why are they in their underwear?”

“So, you didn’t have your fantasy in here?” Milla asked.
“NO!” X shouted quietly, “Why would I plan for a threesome with you here?”

“In other words,” Milla said, “If I wasn’t here, you’d be fucking those girls regularly.”
Then Nikky woke up as she heard the conversation.
“Oh… Ms. Milla, you’re awake.” Nikky said.
“NIkky.” Milla said, “Did you, my son and Yuli…. did you…..”
“What?” Nikky said.

“Nik… mom thinks that you, me and Yuli fucked last night.” X said.
“SLEPT TOGETHER!!” Milla said, “And what I tell you about cursing?”
“I am 28 years old.” he said, “That rule doesn’t apply here. We are at her place and there’s no rule saying I can’t curse.”
“And I’m still your mother.” Milla said, “That doesn’t mean you can disrespect me.”
“And what?” X said, “You disrepecting me all the time!? It’s fine if you berate me but the other way around, it’s selfish?”
“You acting like some pimp and all that bullshit!!” Milla argued back, “This is you acting like a damn child!”
Both X and Milla continue to argue back and forth with Nikky trying to calm both of them down.

“GUYS!!” Nikky shouted.
Then Yuli woke up.
“Huh?” She seemed confused as well. “Oh, hey, good morning, Miss Milla. How you liking the place so far?”

“Morning, Yuli.” Milla said.
“Yuli….. tell my mother that we didn’t fuck in these room last night.” X said.
“OK. We didn’t do anything here last night.” Yuli said, “We jus–”
“Let me say this one more time……why….are….. you….half-naked?” Milla sternly asked.
“You got nothing on that?” Milla asked them.
“I got nothing to say to you. Period.” He walked out.


Milla now looked pissed than ever. “OK, that’s it!” She storms out and stops him.
“What now?”
“Don’t what now me!” Milla said, “You going off on me like I’m one of your friends!! I’m your mother and you can’t keep disrespecting me like that!!”
“And you? Assuming that I was having a three way in there!?” X said, “I told you I didn’t.”

Then more people in the house heard the commotion.
“The hell’s going on?” Benz said.
“Mom? Xavion?” Carly said, “What happened?”

“Nothing happened!” X said.
“OK…. something happened.” Carly said, “Mom, what’s going on?”

“Oh, the usual.” Milla said, “X talking a lot of shit, especially after I caught him in bed with both Nikky and Yuli!”
“NOTHING HAPPENED, I SWEAR!!” Nikky said, “Look, Ms. Milla, me and Yuli didn’t do whatever you think we did in there.”

“Wait, wait, wait…..” Carly said, “Mom thinks X is fucking the both of you?”
“Hold up…” Benz said, “X, you fucking both of them? You and Nikky and Yuli?”
“Well?” Carly asked.
“Xavion?” Milla said.

X sighs in frustration and annoyance.
“You know what? This conversation ends now.” X just walks out of the door and went off somewhere. “Don’t follow me!!!”
“Wait, X….XAVION!!!” Nikky shouted.
“YOU CAN’T JUST WALK OUT OF HERE WI– XAVION! X!” Yuli shouted and gets frustrated.


He is walking down the street, all dressed in a blue hoodie and jeans. He’s muttering in anger about back there.
“I don’t believe this shit.” X said, “She acts like she can do what the fuck she wants like she’s on top of shit!”
But while X is stewing in his frustration, trouble comes within a few steps away.

“He WALKED OUT OF HERE!?” Aries said, “WHY?!”
“Apparently he was frustrated with an argument with his mom.” Lina said, “Something about him and the bosses in bed.”
Aries added on that. “Ooooh…… that thing.”
“Wait, what, you saw?” Ronin asked.

“I was wondering what the hell was going on between the bosses and him.” Aries said, “He said that he wasn’t doing anything with them.”

“We have to go after him.” Nikky said, “The Howards might get to X and he’s their number one target and they are gunning for him the most!! I should’ve gotten him back here!”
“Why would he just run out like that?” Alia asked Nikky and Yuli.

“You know what? Fuck it, I’ll go after him.” Benz said. “Someone just called that they saw him a few minutes from here.”
“Wait, Benz!” Carly said, “You sure you want to do this?”
“I need to see what’s up with your brother.” Benz said, “Besides, I can easily talk to him.”


X is walking down the old store and as he walks by, he sees the ‘in memoriam’ mural of Danny Ton.
He got a bottle of the unicorn liquor from a few months ago.
He got a shot glass, poured some in and left it at there.
“This is for you, Danny.” X said, “I would drink it for you, but I’m not trying to get pulled over for drunk driving. Much love, man. Hope you’re at peace.”
Then coming from the store, Mr. Lyles is spotted.
“I see you’re paying tribute.” he said.

“Ah, Mr. Lyles.” X said, “How are things?”
“Around the store or life in general?” he asked him.
“Either one.” he said.
“Well, the store’s been doing good the last few weeks.” he said, “We didn’t change much of what Danny’s been doing. I figure he didn’t want much to change… well, except for protection for the customers and employees.”
“I get it.” X said, “You want to honor the store in Danny. He wouldn’t mind a few changes here and there.”
“Well, we are getting some consultation from Adell.” Lyles said, “Or at least Adell is giving some to Louise and she’s the one that did the mural on the wall…..”
“Ah…. I see.”

The mural was Danny in a red background doing a sitting pose.
“I’ve heard Danny liking that pic.” That other voice was Louise. “He said it was his most inner-him.”
“Yeah…. that’s something he would say.” X said.

“Also, hello there, X.” Louise said, “Haven’t heard from you in a while. How’s the family going?”
“They’re…..they’re doing fine.” He said.
“I spoke to your sister earlier this week.” Louise said, “….. You sure you don’t got a problem with her dating one of your friends?”
“Yeah, I’m sure.” X said, “Look, Benz is somebody I trust a lot. I know he’s going to treat Carly well.”
“Hmmmm…. that’s really mature of you, X.” Louise said, “Usually, brothers, older and younger, would always get all macho and shit about the guy dating their sister but….wait, Carly did tell me about you beat up her last boyfriend.”
“That, too.” X said, “I wish them the best……I just hope to not walk in on them one day.”
“You mean that one time Carly and your mom caught you and Nikky—“
“HEY!!!” X said, “Don’t spread shit around.”
“Later, X!” Louise said, going on her break.
“Wait, where you going!?” Mr. Lyles said, “Don’t you got—“
“I’M ON BREAK!!” she said.
He checked his watch.
“Yeah, she’s right. Later, X.” As Mr. Lyles walked back to the store.



“X!!!” Benz finally got to X’s location and he’s sitting on a bench, eating a hot dog he bought.

“Oh, Benz.” X said, “What up?”
“Dude, what’s going with you, man?” he said, “You going off with your moms, storming out of the house….you know people trying to clap your ass, man!”
“I’ll take my chances.” X said, “Besides I need to get away from that house to calm me down and Moms and Carly don’t help with that….. No offense, I know you and her are dating and while I got no beef with you on that, know that she’s just as stubborn as her.”
“X…… I’ve known you for a long time, too.” Benz said, “You know sometimes you can be hard-headed, too.”

Then all of a sudden, Malcolm was coming up ahead.
“Wait, Mal’s here, too?” X sees him coming.
“Oh shit.” Benz said, “I’m betting either Milla or Rita might’ve sent him.”

“X! BENZ!!” Malcolm said, “The hell y’all doing in the middle of the city?”
“Chasing his ass down.” Benz said, pointing at X.

“OH…..” Malcolm said, “I’m guessing you and Aunt Milla got into a fight….. again.”
“You guessed it.” X said.
“For what?”
“For some STUPID SHIT!!” he said, “Or shit she thinks she knows but she jumps to conclusions like dumbasses do!”

“Damn, man!” Malcolm said.
“Damn nothing!” X said, “Right now, we are being hunted like a motherfucker and the last time she needs to be worried about is me and my love life.”
Malcolm then turned to Benz, “Can you tell me what happened here?”
“His moms thought he was fucking both Nikky and Yuli.” Benz said.
“And before you say shit…. no, I didn’t.” X said.

“So……that’s why you left?”

“I LEFT BECAUSE SHE ACTED LIKE A BITCH!” X said, “And even if I did, it isn’t any of your fucking concern!! What I do in the privacy of the bedroom is no one’s by me and whoever’s in there with me!!”

“Aunt Milla just concerned about you, cuz.” Malcolm said.
“Over Nikky?” X said, “Right now, she’s saving your asses and…..and I’m fucking it up! SHIT!!” It suddenly rang in his head that he should probably go back to the house.
“We got to go!” Malcolm said. “Like now!”

The trio ran back to the house. However……
Someone threw a knife at them.
“What the–”
The people behind them were two specific guys that X used to know.
“Hey….little ol’ Xavion.”
“I know those voices anywhere.”
It was…..

“You miss us?” It was Swifty Sammy and Rell.
“Long time no see.” Rell said.
“Fuck that.” X then made a run for it with Malcolm and Benz following him. Soon Sammy and Rell began chasing them as well.

“Why are you running!?” Malcolm shouted.
“Because I know danger when I see it!” X screamed, “Plus, you know why I’m running!”

They ran into a crowd of people coming out of a coffee shop.
As Benz bumped into someone there, “Sorry! My bad!!”,he didn’t realize who he bumped into.
“HEY! That’s a $7 latte!!” That person was Colleen Howard and she spotted the three running from something.
“Oh….” She smiled evilly.

“Quick! That large-ass crowd of people coming from investment banks!” Benz said, “BLEND!!” They each split and went on their separate ways, in the crowd of folks.

Rell went on, “I know this nigga didn’t just…” He was about to chase him but Sammy stopped him.
“Don’t worry, man.” Sammy said, “I think I know where he’s staying at.” He holds up a tracker that somehow got on to X.


X then got back to the apartment buildings with Malcolm and Benz following him.

“Hey, your boy is back!!” Ronin shouted.
“X, where the hell you been!?” Nikky questioned.

“NO TIME!” X said, “Someone spotted me!”
“Oh no… who?!” Yuli asked him, “FUCK! It’s one of the Howards, isn’t it? They saw you!!”
“Not them but someone worse!” X said.
“Who can be worse than the people we’re hiding you from?”

Malcolm then blurted it out. “Swifty Sammy and Rell just found us!”
“SWIFTY SAMMY AND RELL!?” Nikky and Yuli screamed.
“The fuck they doing here?” NIkky said, “And you just happened to run into them?”
“They found us…. for some reason.” Benz said, “I haven’t seen them since we graduated. I thought their asses would be dead or somethin’!!”

“Girls!!” Yuli said, “See about our incoming guests!!”
A sudden knock on the door, meaning that it’s them.
“Hey….. Mr. X!” Sammy said, “I know your ass is in there!”

Then the girls opened the door with guns aiming at them.
“Damn, we get the wrong house or something?” Rell said, “We got ourselves a bunch of strapped women in our mists.”
“Oh…. I know where we’re at.” Swifty Sammy said.

“Stand down!” Aries said, “Who in the hell are you fools!?”
Then Nikky and Yuli entered the frame as they saw the men.
“Nikky The Gunner.” Sammy said, “Well, well, well…..I see you got your girls all squad’d up and of course, you got your sidekick with you as well.”
Yuli then fired back, “Yeah, I see you’re the same, too.”

“UH, blondie, you wanna get slapped?” Rell said, “Don’t act like you can’t get one across the face.”
“ENOUGH!” Nikky said, “What the hell do you want with us?”
“Nik, Nik, Nik…..” Sammy said, “You know why I’m here and you know who I’m here for.”

X then came into the room.
“Alright…. Sam, what the fuck you want?” X said.
“I can’t say hello to a dear friend?” Sam said, “I’m hurt, X… but I heard that you and your people have gotten into some shit lately.”

“OK? And?” X questioned.
“We…..” Rell backed him up, “have come to offer our protection services to ya!”

“WHAT!?!?” Nikky and Yuli shouted. “Are you serious?!”
“Um…..” X said, “You’re offering me that when I’m in a house already guarded by these girls and they’re actually keeping us safe.”
“And also,” Yuli said, “Offering that in the apartment where we’re protecting them….yeah, kind of a dick move.”

“Look, your people are going to need more protection than just a bunch of action girl rejects,” Rell said, “And just because you’re fucking one of these girls—”
“EXCUSE ME!?” Nikky shouted.
“Well, it’s no surprise that since high school, you always had a thing for X.” Sam said, “And look at you now, you’re his white girl on his arm.”
“Well…. more like girls….” As Rell points out Yuli’s part of it.
“OK, THAT’S IT!!” Yuli was about to beat him with a plate but Nikky had to hold her back.

“Look…” X said, “I’d lie and said it was a nice offer but I know you and it isn’t. Plus, Nikky and Yuli look out for all of us and not get us in some bullshit!”
“Man, are you still on that shit!?” Sam said, “It’s been over 12 years!!”

“One doesn’t forget me conveniently being framed for peeping at the girl’s locker room.” X said, “I almost got hit by a medicine ball…. in the head!! Those fuckers are not soft!! I was called a creep by girls for a week!!”
“Hey, it got you those girls, didn’t it?” Rell said.
“Because we pointed out that he was delivering some files for another teacher and the locker rooms are en route there.” Nikky said.
Then Yuli added, “Plus, the video is proof enough. Now can y’all bounce your asses out of here?”

“A’ight, a’ight…. we’ll go.” Rell said, “But be warned. You can’t protect them forever. Those Howard motherfuckers probably know where you are anyway.”
“The offer is still on table.” Sam said, as him and Rell are about to leave. “Peace… bitches!” He slams the door as they left.

Nikky left out a long, exasperated and annoyed sigh.
“Fuck, I really loathe those assholes.” Nikky said.
“With you right there.” Yuli said, “And the nerve of them trying to say we can’t protect all of you!”
“That’s usually how they get you.” X said, “He insults and belittles you and then that little insecure part of you will challenge them, no matter how stupid it is. It’ll make you want to prove them wrong… while hurting yourself in the process.”

“I see you’re talking about Sammy, huh?” And then Milla appeared from the other room. “I heard that he was coming here and now he just left.”
“He was trying to offer us protection.” X said.
“Wait, he was?” Milla said, “But doesn’t he kn–”
“He knows about us.” Nikky said, “He doesn’t care. He was probably going to charge a lot for it.”

“And we’re broke as fuck.” X said, “Oh, I’m sorry. Am I not all—”
“Xavion…. I’m not looking for another fight.” Milla said, “….. The girls told me you didn’t do anything that night and I got out of hand. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you upset about this and Nikky and Yuli……I’m also sorry for thinking of you two like that.”
“X…..” Yuli said, “…. You have something to say to your mother?
He sighs.
“All right….. Mom, I shouldn’t talked to you like that.” X said, “I know you’re looking out for me and I know I talk back a lot and curse you out but you know I always care for you, right?”
“I know, Xavion, I know.” Milla said, “Right now, we just need to survive through this.”
“We will…..” X said, “We will……”

X and Milla are in the living room, thinking about the whole Swifty Sammy situation.
“I thought those dudes were gone from my life forever.” he said.
“So did I.” Milla said, “I remember hearing about those boys every time I went to Melinda’s house to get my hair done. If it’s not stealing a teacher’s car or trying to peak at the girls’ locker room, it’s something else.”
“That or trying to get me involved in that.” X said.
“Which you never bothered to tell me back then.” Milla said, “You know I found out about that incident from the school. Good thing Nikky and Yuli knew that you didn’t do it.”
“I know.” X said, “Every girl at school was calling me a pervert for at least two weeks.”

“Well, you are in a way.” Milla said.
X looked at her confused and insulted.
“What the—“
“OK, look.” she said, “You’re not a pervert in the traditional sense. I know you don’t peek at girls’ locker rooms but when it comes to some girls being friendly with you, you get quite infatuated and attached.”
“How? And when?” X said.
“Well, I can start out with that one girl in 2nd grade you liked, Aimee. Then there’s the girl you met one time when we went to Miami…..and of course, there’s Nikky and Yuli.”
“Oh God…” X got annoyed.
“OH GOD WHAT!?” Milla also got frustrated, “Look, nothing wrong with those girls but most of the time, you just go to them and act like we do nothing for you!!”
“Well, what have you done for me lately that didn’t annoy the fuck out of me!?” X said, “Because at least, they understand where I’m coming from! Not just shut me out of an argument!”
“Shut you out!?” Milla yelled, “You run away from arguments! You always just back out of—“

“YOU TWO FIGHTING AGAIN!?” As Rita came into the room.

“No…..” Both X and Milla said.
“OK, you’re lying.” Rita said, “You two have been arguing a lot and it’s getting kind of grating.”
“SHUT UP!!!” Rita said, “It’s both of your faults! See, I’ve been saying you two often think alike and that’s both the best and worst ways. Like you say that X is infatuated with those girls but Milla, you forget that one time that guy you had a crush on back in high school, Tega?”
“RITA!!” Milla shouted.
“Tega? Who the fuck is Tega?” X said.
“OK, short story short, he was this wannabe rapper that your mom…..yes, her right there…. had a super crush on!!” Rita said, “And all of a sudden, she turned into this super clingy girl that follows you like a dog. Not to mention one time, she showed off something and by something I mean a little white lacy num–“
“STOP!!!” X and Milla screamed.
“Please don’t tell me about my mom and sex with that guy!!” X screamed.

“I didn’t sleep with him, Rita!!” Milla yelled, “I was about to but then after the bastard lied to me about being single and almost saw me naked.”

“Then why was everyone spreading the fact you got naked for Tega back then?” Rita asked.

“I GOT NAKED!!” Milla said, “That isn’t code for I’m fucking him!!”
“Oh….. you mean like the other night with me and Nikky and Yuli?” X snapped back at her.
Milla knew that he had her. “Well, shit.”
“I wonder whatever happened to that guy.” Rita said, “Besides the fact his rap career never began…..also didn’t someone described the two of them laying down with you?” Rita said, now talking to X.
“They said I was soft and comfortable.” X said, “It felt good coming from them. Like laying down on a giant teddy bear.”
“Two girls in their underwear lying next or on top of you is like you’re a giant teddy bear?” Rita said, “Yeah…..sure. Gotcha. You are definitely your mother’s son.” She sarcastically quipped.


Morning has came and Milla was heading to the kitchen, seeing if there’s something to eat for breakfast.
“I wonder if they got– AAHHHH!!!”
The startling image she saw was Ellie in an apron and her underwear cooking.
“OH!!! Miss Milla!! I didn’t expect you to be here this early!” Ellie said, “I thought you would still be asleep.”
“Well, I didn’t think I’d see a half-naked girl in the kitchen!” Milla said, “I swear, you or either Nikky and Yuli love walking around in your underwear like no one’s here!”
Then come another thing that might makes things more awkward.
“Ellie!!!! I’m awaiting your delightful aroma of—- AAHHHH!!!!” As Oz screamed in getting caught. “Miss Milla!! I didn’t know that–“
“– I would be here and not catch you two making…. whatever the hell this is.” Milla said, “And I thought my son was the hormonal one and come to think of it, should I worry about Benz?”
Speaking of Benz…..

“Oh, what the fuck, Oz?!” As Benz came down from his room, “I thought you and Ellie would keep the shit to the bedroom and not where everybody eat!!”
Then sees Milla staring at him menacingly.
“And you knew your brother was doing this?” He turned around and sees Milla.
“AAH!! Miss Milla!!”
“Don’t Miss Milla me!!” she said, “So, what I’m hearing….you often see your brother and Ellie have sex in your house!?”

“We keep the door closed.” Oz said, “And I think me and Ellie are responsible adults to know that—“
“Boy, you just turned 18.” Milla said, “Don’t act like you’re smarter than me, dammit…..and you, Benz, I really hope you got on to him about this.”
“I DID! SEVERAL TIMES!!” Benz said, “But it always happens when I’m not home!”
“I can’t help it if the timing of us is be–” Ellie covered his mouth before he could finish that sentence.
Ellie whispered to him and said, “Just stay down, babe. This is a losing battle.”

“Look, I get you two are in love.” Milla said, “I also get that Oz is very respectful towards you, Ellie and he treats you like a queen.”
Ellie smiled back at him and give a peck on the cheek.
“But you know some of that shit will lead to one bun in the oven if you get my drift.” Milla said, “Ellie, you’re the oldest one in the relationship. You should know about these consequences.”

“I do….” Ellie said, “And I do have protection for that stuff. I had the talk before with my parents before they passed on and Oz respects that. He knows that I’m not trying to get pregnant at this time and both of us know that we’re the only ones for each other, so there’s no chance of us getting a STD….unless it’s from a toilet seat.”
“That’s why I wait until home to use the bathroom.” Oz said, “That and/or get one of those santi-seats.”
“But nevertheless…” Ellie said, “Oz and I are aware of what could happen and while we do have some fun together….we do have some smarts about this.”
“Then…..I’m all good then.” Milla said, grabbing some orange juice from the fridge. “And put some clothes on!! It’s like you walk around here naked for kicks!”

With Milla gone, Oz and Ellie looked around to see if the coast is clear.
“So….” Oz said, “Wanna play a naughty game? In our room, just to be clear.”
“Motherfucker, I’m still in here.” Benz said, “I’m taking my breakfast and go.” He leaves.

“Also, Oz, you got school today.” Ellie said.
“So….. that’s a no?” he said.


Ronin and Lina are now driving to the high school to pick up Oz and while Ellie is joining them for obvious reasons, Wiley and Mari are with them as well.

“OK.” Ronin said, “I get why Ellie is here…. but why you two?”
“We’re bored shitless.” Wiley said.
“And sitting there all day is causing it.” Mari said.
“So… you think that tagging along with us while Ellie and Oz will make out will make your day better?” Lina said, “You’re that bored at home?”

“Look,” Wiley said, “I would love to have sex with Mari right now—”
“Well, we did.” Mari said, “About two hours ago on the kitchen.”
“THE KITCHEN!?” Ronin and Lina shouted.
“Dude, I just ate a scone there!!” Lina screamed, “I don’t want to think about you two fucking there. At least Oz and Ellie have the decency to fuck in their room.”
“Thankfully their moans blend in the night.” Ronin said.

“UH…..can you not talk about me and Oz’s love life?” Ellie said, “Kinda disturbing.”

“You better hope that girl doesn’t see us.” Wiley said.
“Oz isn’t going to let that girl know we’re here.” Ellie responded, “I have complete faith in him.”

The final bell has rung and Oz is the first one out of there and he quickly got inside the car.
“Well, damn, that was fast!!” Ellie said, “Either you missed me a lot or you wanted to make sure no one particular saw you get in!!”
“It was both.” Oz said.
“Then let’s get a move on!!” Ronin said, starting up the car and getting ready to move.

“WAIT!!” Lina shouted.
“What?!” Ronin yelled.
“We’re mostly boxed in at this point.” Lina said, “We’re sitting ducks!”
“FUCK!” Wiley said, “They’re going to see the license plate and shit!!”

it looks like trouble might come sooner than later.
They see someone coming into the car, tapping the window.
“Ay……” One guy said.

“Yes,” Lina said, “Is something the matter?”
“I was wondering if you were to have some jumper cables. My car won’t start.” the guy said. However, he was hiding a pistol on him.
“I’m sorry, sir.” Lina said, “I think we left ours at home. I wish I could help you out more.”

Then he said, “Well…..I got one other way.”
However, Ronin saw the guy pulled the gun from him and she also sneaks a pistol on her.
“Get down!!” Ronin shouted.
He was about to shoot Lina but Ronin interfered and shot him in the chest.
“AAAHHHH!!!!!” Ellie screamed as hard with everyone hearing and seeing the whole incident.

“OH MY GOD!!!” One bystander started a panic and everyone was either running from the commotion or driving out of there in a panic.
“Drive us out of here!!!” Wiley shouted.
Lina punched the gas and drove out of there in a hurry.

“Oh man. Oh no!! Oh shit!!” Ellie is in panic mode. “They were here…… about to kill us. Oh my God!”
“Oh shit…” Oz said, “There were actual goons sent to kill us.”
“Goon.” Wiley said, “It was just one person. That’s not a reason to pa–”
“SPEAK FOR YOURSELF!!!” Ellie screamed, “I thought I was about to get shot for a moment!! Don’t tell me to calm down!”
“Wiley, maybe you just need to shut up right now.” Lina said, “You aren’t exactly the best person to talk about stuff like this.”

Then another car sneaks up and they rammed onto them.
“AAAHHH!!!!” Oz and Ellie screamed.
“And there’s another one!!” Mari shouted.
“I’m on it!!” Ronin screamed.

Ronin got the pistol and Wiley decides to get a gun from the back with Oz and Ellie are covering from danger.
“Come on, you sons of bitches!!” Wiley screamed. He was shooting their tires out, causing them to crash into a hydrant.
The other one got someone climbing out of the car, jumping on them and punching out the window.

He then grabbed Ellie.
“Let her go!!” Oz got a knife and stabbed him in the fingers.
He wouldn’t let go of Ellie and neither did Oz.
“Lay off, bitch!!” He shouted, “Your girl is coming with me!”

Lina then saw another way and she make a hard turn left, causing the guy to lose his grip and as Oz continue to stab his fingers, he pushes him off Ellie while catching her and he pushed out of the car, tumbling down as they speed away.

“Baby, you OK?” Oz said, holding Ellie.
She pants in fear and exhaustion. “Back there….. no. But with you, I’m all OK.” She was holding on to Oz very tightly.
“Ellie….if something were to happen to me….” Oz said, “I want you to know that I love you so much. Ever since I met you, I never want to be with anyone else but you!”
“Oz…..” She said, “I love you, too!” Both hold each other in embrace.
“Fucking hell….” Mari said, “I hope that was the last of them.”
“Well….” Ronin said, “Thankfully we’re almost home.”
“They’ll have more coming.” Wiley said, “That felt like a sample compared to what’s going to happen in the future.”
“I’ll call Nik to warn her ahead.” Lina said.
“Let’s just get home without anyone else trying to kill us.” Mari said


“THEY WHAT?!” Nikky said.
They were back at the apartment, telling everyone about the hit that happened.
“Those fools were probably waiting their move when we picked up Oz.” Wiley said, “I’m telling you, man. We got to take down those fucks ASAP!!”
“They probably know where we live at by now.” Malcolm said, “We either need to hide or fight or….. shit, I don’t know.”

Then Rita moved her stuff in the basement. “Well, I know what I have to do. I’ll be in the basement hiding in fear and hoping one of them doesn’t shoot me in the head.”
“What you got to worry about?” Malcolm said, “They aren’t going to shoot you!!”
“They did the first time back at home!!” Rita said, “They’ll come here with guns blazing and who knows what they’ll do with the rest of us.”

“Is there room back there?” Adell said, trying to move but has trouble with the huge baby bump on her.
“And not to mention we got a pregnant woman here!!” Rita shouted, “I hope you girls got something to protect her and us with!!”

“OK, OK, OK!!” Yuli said, “Everyone, calm down!”
“We are very prepared for something like this to happen!!” Nikky said, “Alia and the rest of us will be watching on every radar, screen and whatever way they’ll come. All we need to do is stay away from windows, be out of sight and….. well, that’s it.”


X is seen preparing himself with a pistol, a chopper and a TEC-9.
Benz came in the room and sees…
“X, the fuck are you doing?”
“Preparing myself?” He said.

“The fuck you got those guns from?” Benz said.
“Uh….. HERE!!” He said sarcastically, “I got them from a storage closet downstairs. What? You got a problem?”
“YEAH!” Benz said, “You got one for me?”
He hands him two pistols.
“Here’s a couple. I got more on me.” X said.

As they were loading their guns, Malcolm then came in wondering this whole scene.
“So….. y’all got guns, too?”
“Too?” X and Benz said.
“Yeah…..Mom got a piece in her pocketbook.” Malcolm said.


4 cars pulled up at the apartments, all SUVs and it looks like the Howards have found their hiding place.
“So….. this is the spot?” Barry said.
“Well, those two assholes said that they were right here.” John said, “Must be it.”
“Then let’s get to it!!” Dustin shouted, “Time for them to fade to black!”

“HEY!!” Colleen shouted, “You dumbfuck!! We can’t give them any signs that we’re here!!”

“TOO LATE!!!!” Ronin shouted, watching them. She rang the alarm and now everyone knows they’re here.
“Fuck it!!” Dustin screamed.

He shotgun blasts the door open.
“Come on out, X, you fuck!!” Dustin screamed his lungs out.

He then proceeds to shoot out the windows among other things.

There were scurried feet as something was heard going for downstairs. The rest of the Howards came with guns blazin’.
Then something came upstairs.
“Look up!!” John shouted.

It was a bomb coming downstairs in the air, exploding shrapnel and hitting everywhere with them being blown back.
Dustin was blown back in and out of the window and into a trashcan.

“AAAHH!!! OW!!” Dustin screamed as he got some glass on his bleeding back.
“Damn, those girls are crafty.” Colleen said.
“A bit messy.” Barry said, “We got to find another way!!”

Meanwhile, the ones hiding downstairs were Milla, Rita, Adell, Lina, Oz, Ellie, Malcolm, Cora, Carly & Mari.
“Sshhh….” Lina said, “We should try and not make any sudden movements.”
“Unm, that’s what we’re doing.” Rita said, “I got a pistol in case they came down here.”
“Wait….” Cora said, “Oh no, we’re missing a few people. Where’s…..”

X is outside the hallway with a chopper and he spots one of the Howards with a machine gun.

X fires back, shooting at the roof.
“AAHH!!” It was Barry. “Are you Xavion Libra Cage?”
“Who wants to fucking know!?” X shouted.

“AH! It is you then!!” Barry fires back. “Oh, you cheeky motherfucker! I’m going to enjoy killing you!!”
“Oh, really?” X said, “Well, if anything for me, this will be a repeat like I did with your brother!!”
“Then maybe I’ll do your family like I did your friend!!” Barry said, “I know about your mom, your older sister, your girlfriend, your cousin, your best friend and his brother and his brother’s girlfriend— basically your whole circle of friends and don’t think I’ll get my brothers to kill them right in front of you just so you’ll suffer more…..”

X fired off a couple of rounds at Barry; he fell down some stairs with X about to stomp on him but Dustin fired a shot in the shoulder, propelling X down the hallway and Dustin on top of him.

“Gotcha, you big fucker!!” Dustin shouted, with a butcher knife.
Then suddenly, Nikky knocked him out, tumbling all the way downstairs.

“X!! You alright?” Nikky shouted.
“I had him. I almost…..had…. him…..” He said with doubt.

“Why are you out here? You need to take cover!!” Nikky shouted.
“No way in hell!!” X said, “I’m killing those motherfuckers tonight if it’s the last thing I do!!”
“That can be arranged, bitch!!” John shouted by the window. He grabs a shotgun, aimed at X but him and Nikky make a run for it.


X then fired back with his pistol and Nikky shooting out the lights, causing John to lose some light in his view.
“FUCK!!!” John said, “I lost him!!”
“Get the night vision!!” Dustin screamed, “Those two got to be somewhere.”


Dustin was still searching for X & Nikky in the hallway, fully armed and ready.
“HA! Gotcha!!” He spotted nothing behind the next room….but he found another person.

“KIYAH! BITCH!!” It was Benz, lunging forward and grabbed Dustin by the throat and threw him to the grandfather clock.
“Who the hell was that?!” Barry said.
Meanwhile, Yuli and the rest of the girls spotted the men and are ready to fire.

“Get ’em, girls!!” Yuli shouted.
They all laid suppressive fire on them as they kept running from the bullets.

“SHIT!!!!” John said, “These bitches ain’t playing!!! Wait, where’s—”


As for what Colleen is doing, she is going downstairs to see where the others have hidden themselves.
“Hmmm….. if I were a group of scared fucks, where would I be?”
She puts on these transparency googles and she sees them  hiding in the basement.

She tries to open the door, but it’s locked.

“You ain’t getting in, bitch!!” Rita shouted, “You need to get the fuck on! We just called the police!!”
“Liar!!” Colleen shouted.
“Well, I called them!!” Milla said.
“You bullshitting me!!” She screamed back.

Cora groans.
“Lady….. we got cell phones here and a cordless phone. We got time to call and have them here in less than a minute!!”

“Wait… a cordless phone?” Colleen said, “OK, 2003, nice throwback!!”
“Ah, people still need phones that aren’t just smartphones!!” Cora said, “Businesses still use those phones!!”
“OK, enough with this shit!!” Colleen shouted. She shoots open the door with her gun aimed at all of them for shooting.


“All right, which one of you back-talked me earlier?” Colleen shouted.
Cora decides to play dumb. “I don’t know.”
“It was you, wasn’t it?”
“SHIT!!!” She silently said.

“Get your big ass up here before I shoot your lover in his face!” Colleen threatened her.

“Bitch, I dare you!!” Malcolm shouted, pointing a gun to her.
She let off some bullets in the ceiling. The gun still smoking aimed to his head.
“You want to fuck with me now, boy?” Colleen said.

“Baby…I’ll be fine.” Cora said.
Colleen then grabbed Cora by force.
“I wouldn’t want that to be my last words to him.” Colleen said to her, “Who knows? Say the wrong thing and you could end up with your brains on the wall.”

However, Milla and Rita aren’t going to take this down.
“HEY!!” Milla said, “If you gonna rough up someone… might as well be me.”

“Ms. Milla, what are you doing?” Cora whispered.
“Yeah, what the fuck are you doing?” Rita whispered.
“Look, I got this.” Milla said, “Don’t worry.”

Colleen then let go of Cora in exchange for Milla.
“Well, well, well…. the mother of the son who executed one of my men! Never thought we would ge– OK, I did think we would get close. I know by the end of the night, you and your son and daughter and everyone here will be dead.”
“Fat fucking chance!!!” Rita said, “If anyone’s gonna die, it’s those bitches trying to shoot at our—”
Colleen then slapped Rita in the mouth.
“MOMMA!!” Malcolm said.
“If you talk…..” Colleen said, with the gun pointed at Rita’s head, “I will shoot your ass!!! For 2 fucking months, we planned on executing the man who shot our Joel and any witnesses there! We scoped out everything about all of you!! From where your daughter shops to where that boy goes to school to where Malcolm sneaks a couple of Nutty Bars at home.”
“You took my damn Nutty Bars?” Rita questioned, giving him suspicious eyes.
“Not the right time, Mom.” Malcolm said.

“And even taking care of this pregnant whale….” As she referring and insulting Adell.

“Oh, fuck you!!” Adell shouted, “Your sorry son of a bitch guy killed my husband and now you’re trying to kill me?! For what!?”
“Your husband owed us a lot of money!!” Colleen said, “Him and a bunch of other local vendors/owners had the balls to go against us! His death did made them think twice about fucking with us!!”

“So sending some fuck to kill a small businessman……” Carly said, “That’s just some low shit!”

“Well, I didn’t just send some fuck down there…..after all, he is my son.



Back in the battlefield (or up top), X, Benz, Nikky, Yuli and the girls are battling it out against the brothers in a gun battle.
“Shoot them bitches!!!” Dustin shouted, “COME ON!! TAKE ME ON!!!”

Ronin threw a grenade near Dustin. It exploded, sending him to another room as he bleeds all over from the shrapnel.

“We got the fucker!!” Benz shouted.
He rushes to shoot Dustin but then Barry jumped out of the closet and smacked Benz with his machine gun.
“Don’t move, punk!” Barry shouted, “You’re done!!”

But then, lurking from the shadows, X got a copper wire and used it to choke Barry.
He had a strong hold on his neck, choking the life out of him while punching him at that.
“You’re the one who’s done….. like your bitch brother!!” X said, “I should’ve filleted his balls and throw ’em out!!!”

Barry got out of his grip by knocking him on his chin.

“You shit-talking little fucker!” Barry said, “You ain’t got the balls to deal with me, you little bitch!!”
“DUCK!!” Aries shouted. She fired a bomb straight at Barry and X ducked out of the way as it explodes and he fell sideways from the fire.
Nikky and Yuli kept on firing at Barry until he scurried onto another room.

“Nik! Yuli!” X shouted.
“X?” Yuli and Nikky said.
“Over here, too, man!!” As Benz didn’t want to be forgotten.

“OK, you two need to be out of sight right about now!” Nikky said.
“What you mean? He got this!” X said.
Some more goons came in and Yuli shot them behind her back.
“NO… don’t.” Yuli said, “We got this handled. Just…. go downstairs with the others. They might need you more!”
“Honey, look, we got it from here.” Nikky said, “Go see if your mom and sister are OK. Benz, you too with both Carly and Oz.”
“On it.” Benz said, “X, you coming?”

X sighs. “All right, all right, I get to them.” Him and Benz runs off to the basement.


Back at the basement…..

“Yes…. your son killed my son…..” Colleen said, “So, I feel like what’s fair is fair and well, you know the rules.”
“Fair?” Milla shouted, “Your son killed one of my son’s friends for some stupid bullshit!”
“And trying to kill them and me as well?” Adell shouted, “And with an unborn child!?”

“Like that child will have a good life raised in that shit heap of a store.” Colleen said, “OK, you know what? I’m through wasting time. I’m just going to waste one of you and I’m picking….” She immediately grabs Ellie by the hair.
“AAAAHH!!!!” she screamed.
“Ellie!!!” Oz screamed, “LET HER GO! LET HER GO!!!”

“Well…..Little Oz must be worried that I’ll possibly fillet his girlfriend in front of him!”

“I will kill your ass!” Oz shouted.
“And then she’ll be dead, too, bitch!” Colleen shouted.

Then suddenly, X and Benz busted in on them.
“What the– THE FUCK ARE YOU?” X said.
“BENZ!!” Oz shouted, “This bitch is going to kill Ellie!! Don’t let her!!!”

“Or better yet…” Colleen pushes Ellie out of the way and proceeds to get Carly. “How about your own sister?”
“CARLY!!!” X, Benz and Milla shouted.
“Well, I’m sure you don’t want this young lady killed by your negligence.” Colleen said.

“Get off me!” Carly shouted.
“Wow, all of you really don’t like being held against your will… about……”
Colleen then grabs Mari by the collar.
“What the fu–” Mari shouted, “Will you stick with a target already and stop fucking us around!”

“So kill you? SURE!” Colleen suggested with a knife pointed to her throat.

Then….. *PUNCH!!!*

X punched Colleen down on the ground.
“Oh wow….you just decked a woman in the face.” Colleen said, “Is this how your mother raised you?”

X then got up to her face. “Well, I was raised not to hit a defenseless woman. You, on the other hand…..”
He then bum-rushes her to the laundry room, using the washer door to slam on her head. Colleen threw some dryer lint at his eyes and punched him right at his face.
“FUCKING CUNT!” He then tripped her down and body-slammed her to the ground. She then found a bat and decked X by his knees, falling to the ground and knocked unconscious.

Colleen was smacking him with the bat over and over.
“You are really making this easy for me!!” Colleen said, “I’m gonna enjoy beating the shit out of you!!”
All of a sudden, Wiley jumped in the way and slammed down Colleen.
“You ain’t smacking my homie around!!” He kept punching and kicking Colleen, “You a dead bitch!!”
Growing tired of this, Colleen got a knife and slit his Achilles’ tendon.
“AAAHH!!!” Wiley shouted.

“WILEY!!” Mari shouted.
“You fucking bitch!!” Wiley screamed, “You think you’re gonna leave with yourself intact?”

Colleen then smokes a cigarette and then she burned him with it in his face.
“You know, maybe you shouldn’t have turned down that offer.” Colleen said, “You know, that offer from Swifty Sammy and Rell.”
“The fuck you know about them?” Malcolm shouted.
“Because THEY’RE MY INFORMANTS!!!” she shouted, “And I knew this guy wouldn’t buy into them because his loyalty to those damn girls!!!”

“So sending them was another trick to find us!?” Wiley shouted.
“Correct you are, Mr. Wiley!” Colleen shouted, “But now….you know too much and just like any witness we found in 2 months.”
She loads her gun and violently shoots Wiley.

“AAAAHHH!!!!” Mari screamed, trying to get to him but Cora and the others had to hold her back.
“WILEY!!! WILEY!!!!”
“You little bitch!!” Malcolm screamed, “You fucking cunt!!”
She then shoots Malcolm in the shoulder.
“AAH!” Malcolm said, “DAMN!!”
“Malcolm!!” Rita screamed, aiming her gun to Colleen, “If you fucking dare…..”

“Or what?!” Colleen said, “Bitch, I dare you!”
More shooting is happening upstairs with the brothers vs. the Girls.
“Give ’em all you got!!!” Yuli shouted, firing back and throwing grenades at them.

“Damn, these bitches are throwing everything but the kitchen sink!!” Dustin shouted.
“THROW THE SINK!!!” Alia shouted.
Ronin launched the sink towards John and Barry. Both of them jumped out of the way before it landed on them.

“THE FUCK!? They actually throw sinks!?” Dustin shouted.
“Oh, fuck this!” John threw a tear gas bomb.

The spray got near Yuli’s eyes.
“AH! FUCK!” Yuli screamed, “It got me!”
“YULI!” Nikky yelled. “Fuck!”
“We got y’all now!!”
One of them shot at Yuli in her leg. “AAAHH!!!”
“You’re dead now, bitch!!” One of the goons shouted.

Alia came in with a life-saving move by shooting the goon in the eyes.
Nikky then shot the other two goons behind her.

However, the police are arriving as the sirens were getting louder and louder.
“Shit, we got to go!!” Barry said, “Someone, get Mom and tell her that it’s time to go!!”


Colleen did in fact hear the sirens and she lowers her gun and just decides to leave.
“You know what? We’re not done here.” she said, “Watch your ass next time…..” She fled into the darkness and disappears.


Soon the girls were coming from the battle upstairs to down.
Nikky was carrying Yuli down and as they got downstairs, first thing they see is Mari on the floor crying and screaming in front of Wiley’s lifeless body.
“What the—” Nikky said, “WHAT HAPPENED DOWN HERE!?”

She then looked to her right and see X laying down as well.
“No…… X!!!” she shouted, “What’s going on!?”

“It was Colleen!” Cora shouted, “She came in here, threaten to kill anyone here but then Wiley tried to attack her but—”
“NOW HE’S DEAD!!” Mari yelled and crying.

“Oh God…..” Nikky said, “What about X? What happened to him?”

“Colleen knocked him unconscious with a bat.” Benz said.
“And I got shot, too.” Malcolm said, holding his wound. “Oh, and worse of all……. you remember Swifty Sammy and Rell?”
“What? WHAT?” Nikky asked.
“They are her informants.”



X then woke up inside a hospital with all IVs hooked to him.
“What the? Where the hell am I?”
The people he sees before him are Detectives Declen and Bold and one of the nurses Melinda, another aunt he knows.
“Huh? Aunt Melinda?”
“Oh, thank God, you woke up!” Melinda said.

“Mr. Cage?” Declen said, “It’s Detective Declen and Bold once again.”
“You had quite the nasty hit in the head.” Bold said, “But you got worse matters on you and yours.”

“All I remember is that damn Colleen Howard hitting me in the head and shit!” he said, “How I–”
“Your mom brought you here when the police came.” Melinda said, “You were injured pretty bad but you managed to make it….although—”
“What?” he said.

He sees Milla coming in with bloodshot eyes and wiping tears from her face.
“Mom……what happened?” X asked.
She didn’t want to say anything to invoke his anger but she had no choice.
“X, it’s Wiley.”
“Wiley?” X said, “What happened to him? Is he alright? He’s in the other room?”
“He….. got shot.” Milla said, “By Colleen.”
The shocked look on his face as the news was told.
“What….. what….no. NO. It can’t be.” he said.


“Sadly, it’s true.” Declen said, “Mr. Bailey suffered from multiple gunshot wounds to the chest. His chances of survival were less than zero.”
He didn’t know what to say.
He was stunned that he was speechless.
Then a tear came from his eyes.
“Xavion…..” Milla solemnly said.
He was trying to hold himself together but the more tears came, he then….
“AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!” he screamed with anguish.
He then sob uncontrollably.
“NO! NOOOO! NOO!! Wiley!!!!! Oh GOD!!!” Milla then went over here to console him. “FUCK!! This was on me!!! This is my fault! Oh God!!! NO!!!!”
Melinda then had to help calm him down along with Milla.
“I vowed to protect everyone…… and I couldn’t!!!” He screamed. A few more nurses had to come in and they went on to sedate him.


As he was resting, the detectives have a talk with Milla.
“Ms. Cage,” Bold said, “We should advise you and the rest of your family to be under our protective custody.”
“Protective custody?” Milla said, “Under the police?”
“We think it would be wise to under our protection.” Declen said, “You’ve already lost one witness and several others have been injured in this, including your nephew.”
“And as for the ones who were protecting you,” Bold said, “…. Yeah, I’m not sure why you got these girls to protect you, especially someone like Nicole Astra Tavares aka Nikky the Gunner.”
“She isn’t known for any criminal activity,” Declen said, “But she and her crew are known to be wreckless and can put anyone in the line of fire.”
“Are you sure?” Milla said, “I mean, I knew her for almost 13 years. She’s one of my son’s closest friends.”
“So, both of them are knocking boots, then?” Bold inappropriately asked.
“DETECTIVE!!” Declen said, “I’m sorry about that rude remark but it seems like your son let his ego and his favoritism get in the way of a proper way to protect all of you.”

Speaking of Nikky, she just arrived to see X in his room while the detectives were leaving.
“Ms. Milla, how is he?” she asked.
“Well….” Milla said, “He calmed down a bit after screaming and crying after hearing about Wiley.”
“Ohh….” Nikky said, “I guess it’s not a good time to see him?”
Milla thought about it. “Well, he isn’t any stress right now.”
“Don’t worry, I’m not going to try and cause him any trouble.” Nikky said, “At least that’s what those detectives thought.”

She walks in the room and sees X sleeping.
“All right, I’ll be quiet.” Nikky whispered, “Besides, he does look peaceful when he’s asleep.”
However, she does see a few teardrops coming down his eyes.
“Although what goes on his mind isn’t peaceful at all.” She said, very worried for him.



It’s been a few days since Wiley’s death as the police are watching over X, his family and the remainder of the survivors at the Cage’s home.
X is in his room, staring at the ceiling and staying silent and closed out from everyone and he meant everyone.

Everyone else in the living room was discussing this.

“Shit,” Malcolm said, “I’ve never seen X this fucked up over something.”
“Well, if you’re feel responsible for a friend’s death, you feel that way, too.” Cora said, “I mean, even though he got knocked out at that time, he feels like it’s his fault.”
“Well, we got the police protecting us now.”  Carly said, “We should feel safe.”
“How they’ll fare protecting us?” Mari said, “It’s not like the Howards won’t find a way to kill us even less.”

Ellie then came out of the kitchen.
“Plus, all the girls were pissed about the police interfering with their work and not to mention, they were really angry about Swifty Sammy and Rell, especially Nikky and Yuli.”
Benz and Oz came back from their run to the store.
“Is X still in there?” Benz said.
“Pretty much.” Malcolm said, “We hasn’t moved from his exact position since yesterday. Yeah, he tossed and turned but he still in that mode.”

“You talked to Nikky and Yuli and the others, El?” Oz asked her.
“I did with Nik and Yuli.” Ellie said, “They’re really concerned for him. They should be coming today to talk to him or something.”
A knock occurred at the door.
“That should be them.” Ellie said, “And if you excuse me, I have some cleaning to do…. Oz, care to join me?” She gave him a wink.
He knew what they meant. “Sure, Ellie, I love to.” They giggle as they head to her room.

“Even in times of doom, they’ll still want to fuck.” Benz said.


Nikky and Yuli arrived at the house later on, planning on retaliation.

“Guys, I don’t know about this.” Yuli said, “Is X still in his loathsome state of mind?”
“More likely.” Carly said, “But look, we’ll talk to you two!”
“OK, we’ll go.” Nikky said.

They enter the room and see X lying in bed with a vacant, depressed stare at the wall.

“X?” Nikky said.
He grunted and sees Nikky and Yuli approaching him. However, he slowly turned away.

“Can you just let me wallow in my self-pity and pathetic state?” X said, “I did enough to risk y’all safety.”
“Xavion….” Nikky said, “I get it. You feel like yo–”
“One of my friends died!!!” X shouted, “While I was got knocked the fuck out!!! I feel too ashamed to face anyone out there!!! I gave a big talk about myself on how I can take on the Howards and how much of a tough motherfucker I am!!! But that shit isn’t true!!! I was a foolish fuck!! I let that bitch get the best of me and even Swifty Sammy and Rell!! I’m nothing! I’m not shit!!”
He throws a liquor bottle to the wall.
“It got my homie killed! Now they’ll probably going to kill the rest of us for sure. I might as well lie down and let them kill me……”
Having enough of his self-pity party, both girls slapped him silly.

“Why… would you say that about yourself?” Yuli said.

“I get it…. we get it…..” Nikky said, “You have guilt over what happened and that’s fine. Owning your responsibility… that’s a mature thing to do but wallowing over it isn’t going to be better.”
“And neither is just giving up like that.” Yuli said, “You have too much to lose at this point! Your mom, aunt, Malcolm, Benz, Oz, Carly, Cora, Ellie, and Mari!!”
“I’m not even sure if I can make eye contact with her.” he said, “What do I say to the woman whose man got killed?”

“Well…. you can say that to me now.” Then Mari came inside his room.

“Mari.” Nikky, Yuli and X said.
“X…. I know that Wiley’s death hit hard for you as much as it did me and the rest.” Mari said, “I mean, when I first met y’all, you seemed like the one that was the most reserved out of you guys. Wiley was the wilder and crazier one of the bunch, Benz got that smoothness to him, Oz got that innocent charm, and Malcolm was always the funny motherfucker. You? You look like someone with more chill but unassuming.”

“Unassuming?” he said.
“You know… people underestimate you in something.” Mari said, “Like if someone said that you can’t fight or shoot, but then when they test you, they notice you got some skills no one else knows of.”

“Well, there’s that.” Nikky said, “When I met you the first time, I thought you would be like any other dumbass boy in school, but you have layers within you. You yearn to better yourself out of high school tough guy phase or at least, be tough without resulting to the usual stereotypes and do it to protect your friends and family. You’ve proven yourself that you’re above that bullshit even before this whole thing happened.”

“And another thing you got that most never think of?” Yuli said, “You got the help of good friends and a support team.”
Nikky and Yuli both embraced X in a very tight hug.
He again teared up but more in a relieved state of mind.
“You feeling alright now?” Nikky said.
“I’ll get that there.” He said smiling, “But thank you, you two. Y’all are like the guardian angels that were sent to watch over me…. and occasionally have sex with me.”
Nikky and Yuli giggle at that.
“So, you two do fuck him together?” Mari questioned.

“OK, I won’t mention it to your moms.” she said, “It’s safe with me.”
“Got it!”


Soon, all 4 of them came out of X’s room and X was swiftly dressed in black cargo pants, black t-shirt and black Nikes.

“X? You back?” Malcolm said.
“Right now…..yeah, I’m back.” X said, “And I’m not letting them get away with what they did to Wiley.”

“So you’re going to get the Howards?” Carly said.
“Yes….. but not yet.” X said, “I want to get the other guys responsible. Swifty Sammy and Rell.”

“OH HELL YEAH!!” Nikky and Yuli shouted in eagerness.
“Question is….. where could they be?” X said, “And how do we get them?”

“I’ll get the girls on it!” Nikky said.
“I’ll check the clubs!!” Yuli said.

But then X thought of another factor in this.
“Wait… there’s one more thing….and it involves you, Oz.” he said.
“Huh?” Oz seems confused.
“You said that Carrie girl has been watching you…..well, make her follow you in somewhere and the rest aka Benz, Malcolm, Carly, Cora & Ellie will be waiting!”

“WHAT!?!” Carly and Ellie shouted.
“THE HELL!?” Cora screamed, “You gone from broken to confident in a snap!”
“Look…..this is more about questioning her and trapping her at their own game.” X said, “Now listen…..” He then whispered the plan to them.


THE NEXT DAY, 5 minutes to the final bell

Coming in a jeep has Benz, Malcolm, Carly, Ellie and Cora waiting for Oz and keeping their eye on Carrie.
“I really hope this plan fucking works.” Malcolm said.
“And that we don’t get arrested for this shit!” Cora said.
“Relax….” Benz said, “From what X told us, we just need to be hidden in plain sight and when she’s all focused on Oz, we go for her!”
“I hope Ellie isn’t too afraid of this.” Carly said.

Outside of there, Ellie is entering the school grounds to meet with Oz after the bell rings.
“OK, Ellie…” As she’s talking to herself silently, “You’re going to be fine. No one is going to kill you…..Oz will be here in a minute… you’ll feel more safe around him.”
“I GOT MACE AND I’LL KNEE YOU IN THE CROTCH!!” She screamed out only to be relieved that it’s Oz. “Oh, Oz….it’s you!! I feel less afraid.”
“What? It’s just Carrie.” Oz said.
“Yeah…. and the people that follow us last time.” Ellie said, “I think the guys should be around any minute now. ”


As the bell rings, in come the students getting ready to head on the buses or their rides. Carrie was in the other building, doing her usual cover for her friends.
“Hmmmm…. I thought Oz would be right here today.” Carrie said.
“Yo, if you looking for Oz, he’s just leaving with his girlfriend, right over yonder!” She sees them exiting the school together.

“Hey, Carrie!!” One student shouted, “Someone says that you’re getting a different ride from usual today.”
“Different ride?” She wondered.
As the ride pulled up, she seemed confused at what’s going on.
“What the hell?” Carrie said, “Since when Mom send someone else to pick me up?”
She got a message from her.
It says, “Your ride is in the White Jeep.”
“OK.” she said as she hops in.

As she got in, she sees who’s next to her.
“Yo.” Benz said.
She instantly recognizes who he was.
“Oh shit!!” The doors were immediately locked.

“Good afternoon,” Malcolm said, “We’re going to a different route home today.”
Then from behind, Carly injected something in her neck and she fell fast asleep.
“Damn, that was fast.” Malcolm said, “You use that strong shit?!”

“It should knock her to sleep for an hour.” Carly said, “We just need to get her back to the location quick before she wakes up or if anyone is suspicious.”
“Good thing I know the location by heart.” Cora said. “Too bad it’s the alley where Malcolm and I first made out.”
“Hey, I didn’t have enough money that time!” Malcolm said, “That and someone ganked me for $30!”



Carrie then woke up in an unknown, unlit and grungey room.
“What the…..”
A flashlight was turned on.
“Wakey, wakey…..eggs and bakey…..bitch.” It was X all in black.

“What the hell? Cage?” Carrie said, “What you got me going on in here? You know they’ll come looking for me.”

“Nah, I doubt it.” X said, “From what I heard, you went to a distant friend’s house today. They won’t hear from you for a while.”
“So what?” Carrie said, “You’re going to threaten and beat down a high school girl!? That’s not going to look good on you!!”
“Well, you’re right about that…..” X said,  “But here’s the thing….. I’m not going to do anything with you.”
Then behind her as the lights turned on, it was Nikky, Yuli, Alia, Ellie, Aries & Ronin.
“They are.”

“Hello, Carrie…..” Nikky said.
“So you’re Nikky the Gunner….. and you got your whole squad all here for little ol’ me.” Carrie said, “And I see you know Oz’s girlfriend here.”
“Save it, bitch.” Ellie said, then gave her a sucker punch right in the mouth.

“Oh, wow….” Carrie said, “I never figure you for the punchy type. I guess you’re more than just a pair of big tits for Oz to fondle.”
“But I did figure you to be the bitchy type.” Nikky said.
“Or at least the type that’s a bitch in sheep’s clothing.” Yuli said.

“Well…..whatever you’re trying to do,” Carrie said, “I’m not telling you anything.”
“OK then.” Nikky said, “Alia, get the gun!”
Alia pulled out a shotgun and aimed directly at her head.

“WAIT! WHAT THE FUCK!? A SHOTGUN?” Carrie screamed.
“And we will use it!!” Alia shouted, cocking the gun.

“HOLD IT, GIRL!!” Nikky said, “We said that we’re scaring her with it. We can’t just shoot her.”
“Can I, then?” Ellie itching to grab the gun.
“ELLIE!!” Nikky and Yuli shouted.
“OK, OK….” she said, “I’ll stand here.”

Then Aries had the spotlight with Carrie.
“Look, you know you’re in deep shit. You’ve been keeping tabs on Oz for some time now and we know that because of what happened a week ago.”
“A week ago?” Carrie got confused.
“GOONS TRY TO KILL US!!” Ellie screamed, “Along with me!! And Mari! And…..well……”

“You know what we meant!!” Nikky said, “Now what you’re going to do… tell us where are they planning to do for the rest of the week. There’s where they are going, who are they meeting and what time we can show up to make an appearance.”
“You want me to snitch on my brothers?” Carrie said.
“You really don’t have a choice.” Yuli said, “If you’re thinking about escaping, you won’t survive getting out. We got weapons and can beat the shit out of you in a matter of minutes.”
“And one of us….” Ellie said, “Doesn’t have a problem with just killing you right here, right now.”

“So…. what’s it gonna be?” Aries questioned her.

Carrie actually thought about the repercussions to come.
“OK…..My bros are meeting those guys Swifty Sammy and Rell for payment down at the Metal Jackknife.”

“Ah…..The Metal Jackknife.” X said, “That nightclub at Downtown.”
“You know they aren’t just going to let anybody in.” Carrie said, “You have to make reservations 2 months in advance!!”
“We can make some rearrangements.” Nikky said, “I believe Aries knows someone from there.”
“Well, I can have a talk with someone there.” Aries said, “Probably take me……5 to 6…..minutes. Excuse me, got to make a call.” She reaches for her cellphone, getting in contact with the club.

“So, you just basically told me you’re going to kill my brothers in the club.” Carrie said, “I got one question: Why are telling me this? Won’t you be afraid that I might go back and tell them about your attack?”
“Nope.” X said.
Carrie seems confused.
“No? Well, why not?”
Then Nikky injected something in her neck.
“AAAHHHCK!” She shouted.
“Because we got a serum that’ll make you forget about the previous hour here, courtesy of Yuli.” he said, “We’ll drop you off at the nearest friend’s house and you’ll wake up all tired and forget all about this shit.”
“Oooh, you motherfuc–” She then suddenly fell asleep.

“She knocked out?” Nikky said.
X poked her to see if she responds. She doesn’t.
“Out like a light.” X said.
“And now we know what to do.” Yuli said, “That is, if Aries can get us in.”
“Oh, we’re definitely in.” Aries said, who just got off the phone.

“Good.” X said, “Then we’re set. We got something going on tonight!”
“So who’s going in there?” Aries said, “I know I have to.”

“The plan is this….” Nikky said, “Me, Yuli, Alia, Aries & Ronin will be on Swifty Sammy and Rell, along with the brothers. We have to be hidden in plain sight. Blend in with the crowd and attack when they least expected.”
“And where do I come in?” X asked.
“Good question, X.” Nikky said, “When they come outside, you have the floor on attacking them with everything you got and I mean, everything!”
X smiled viciously at that remark.
“Nice.” X said.

“Um….. what about me then?” Ellie said.
“Don’t worry, we’re dropping you off back at Benz and Oz’s place first.” Nikky said, “They’ll be extra protection for you once you get there.”
“Ah, thanks.” she said, “But just do all of us a favor…… please come back in one piece. We have enough trauma dealing with this.”
“Oh, we’ll get this done ASAP.” X said, “We’re putting an end to this shit once and for all.”



The nightlife was plenty high and rising down at the Metal Jackknife. The surroundings of everyone either drinking, getting drunk, flirting around with other people and dancing were high in the air for them.

“Hey, Sammy and Rell!!” The clubowner said, “You motherfuckers here to have a good time?”
“Hell yeah, motherfucker!” Sammy said, “Yo, I got some people with me tonight and I want that VIP room with some dancers and drinks for all of us.”
The owner sees that his friends are the Howard brothers.

“Yo….” The club owner said, “You know these white boys?”
“We’re potentially business partners with him.” Barry said, “We just want to discuss any future endeavors with these two.”

“Alright.” he said, “But lose them guns! I run a club and nobody better be shooting here!!”

“What?” Dustin said, “I’m not giving up my g–”
“DUSTIN!” John said, “OK, OK.” John hands him his piece, as did Barry.
Dustin seems like he doesn’t want to give it up.
“FINE!” he give up and gave him the gun.


Later on, during the meeting, they were discussing a bunch of talk but mainly about X.
“So, you know that X motherfucker was just all talk?” Barry said, “We thought it was going to be harder than we anticipated.”
“Look, mane.” Rell said, “We knew about him since high school and all…..but that dude always fronting and shit! Especially since he got those two girls with him.”
“Oh, you mean Nikky the Gunner and her assistant?” Dustin said, “Something told me those two probably slobbed on his knob, especially the Gunner from what I heard.”
“Well, those girls always had a thing for chocolate, if you get my drift.” Sammy said, “At least that’s the one thing I respect about that motherfucker. But now, he’s probably all broken and shit.”

“Didn’t your momma shot his homeboy down?” Rell asked.
“She did.” Barry said, “Good thing I wasn’t there. I would’ve shot him straight in the head, along with them other motherfuckers!”
“I probably would’ve took the mom with me.” Sammy said, “His momma got some ass on her. I mean, hot damn!!!”
“The women in that family are fine as fuck!!” Rell said, “Even that aunt that kinda drinks a lot!”


Back outside of the room, the girls just entered the club all dressed up and look stylish (Nikky in a glittery red tube top and jeans, Yuli in a plain white tee and black shorts, Alia in a pink and yellow miniskirt/top, Ronin all in black – jeans, shirt,etc. and Aries in some regular blue jeans and a light blue/teal shirt).

“Everybody see the VIP room section?” Nikky yelled.
“You mean that sign over yonder!!!?” Yuli yelled, signaling it over there.

“Aries, can your guy get us in there?” Alia said, “And do we have to do…..well, things to get in there?”
“OH…, don’t worry.” Aries said, “This guy is cool. He can get us in!”
“Good.” Ronin said, “As long as I don’t get some guy with a sudden goth girl interest that wants me to go down on him.”


“LADIES! LADIES!!!” Then comes the guy that Aries know, Troyis.
“Troyis!!” Aries said, “How’s it going, cuz?”
“It’s all good, it’s all good!” she exclaimed.
“Wait, he’s her cousin?” Ronin said, “OK, maybe he might be cool.”

Yuli is trying to see the VIP room if the guys were there.
“Yo, can I get some more of that Unicorn liquor!? Shit’s bangin!!” That was the cry of Swifty Sammy in there.
“BINGO!” Yuli whispered to herself.
“You see them?” Nikky asked her.
“In that room!” Yuli said, “How are we going to get them out?”

Alia went out for her cellphone for something.
“Hey, Alia!” Nikky said, “You still got that SFX app on there?”
“Yeah. And?” Alia asked.
“You got the gunshot effect?”
“Wh….oh no….” Alia got worried, “Then the whole club will be at a fr— It’ll drive them out.”
“Now you get it.” Nikky said, grabbing the phone.

She sees a bluetooth speaker and the app also connects bluetooth speakers, thus she pressed the gun shot sound effect.


Soon, the sudden screams and shouting arise as everyone was in a panic and they started running their asses out.
The VIP rooms were going faster as everyone was running out of there fast.
“Who the fuck is shooting at a club like this!?” John shouted.
“They better not blame it on us!!” Swifty Sammy said.
However, Rell did spotted the girls as everyone was leaving.

“OH SHIT!!!” Rell said, “It’s them bitches!!”
“WHAT!?” Sammy said.
“Nikky the Gunner and her fucking clique!!”

“What the fuck!?” Barry said, “They want war or something?”
“FUCK THAT! They’re getting war!!” Dustin then grabs their guns from the office.

“X?” Nikky called him on her phone.
As in, he is waiting in his car to make his move.
“You see any people leaving in droves?” she said.
He then sees the huge crowd leaving the club.
“Yep. I see ’em.” X said, “Wait……I don’t see our usual suspects there.”
“Huh? I thought they were going to–”
“I SEE YOU HOES!!!” Rell shouted. He got his gun, ready to shoot at them.

“SHIT!!!” Nikky yelled. The girls ducked down from the spray of bullets from Rell.


“What the fuck!? Nik? Yuli!?” X shouted.
“They spotted us!!” Yuli shouted, “We shoot back but we don’t have any guns on us!!”

“Shoot those bitches!!” Dustin screamed. He shoots all over the bar, mostly shooting every liquor bottle and glass right there.
Yuli jumped in the next tableset.
John spots her.
“I got her!!” John shouted.
But a falling light got in between him and Yuli got a chance to flee from him.
“GO! GO! GO!” The rest followed her lead and they were running to the exit, as they are still getting gunfire towards them.

“I’mma fuck them hoes up!!” Sammy screamed.
“Not if I do ’em first!!!” Barry said, “Dustin, you follow those girls! Me and John….. we’re getting Mom and we got some shit to settle!!!”

“You motherfuckers go do what you want!!” Rell screamed, “We’re hunting a bitch variety pack!”


X then sees the girls fleeing and following them is Dustin with his pistol to shoot them.
“I’mma get you!!!” Dustin shouted.
“You wish……”
X then peels off as he spots him coming at them.

However, Dustin then spots the car coming to him.
“What the…..”
X rolled his window and starts shooting at him.
“FUCK! It’s X!!” Dustin said.
“Oh, that boy here?!” Rell said, “Good. I’ll take care of that motherfucker!!!”

Rell grabbed a machine gun and he started shooting at the car.
“What’s he doing!?” Yuli said.
“Getting the attention to him!!” Nikky said.
“Does that mean we go and get the hell out of here!?” Ronin yelled.
“I don’t know.” NIkky said, “Y’all can go. I’m not leaving his sight!!!”
“Alright then!!” Ronin said as her, Alia and Aries fleed. “We’ll check on the family.”
“Good idea!!” Yuli said, “I’ll stay here with her! I got ya back, Nik!”

X then got out of the car, gun cocked and all.
Rell went on to slam the door with his arm intact. He moved it just in time and kicked opened it back to hit Rell’s arm.
“AAH!!” He then accidentally fired the gun to his knee. “OOOHH!!!”

“Fuck this!” Dustin shouted as he takes a shot at X, hitting him in his arm.
“AAAHH!!” Dustin then punched out X, having him at a chokehold.

“Hold his ass! HOLD…HIS…ASS!!” Rell got him lined up for a shot. “We got you now, motherfucker!! Truth be told, I’ve been wanting to kill your ass since high school and now look!!! All it took was somebody popping off your friends and shit!!”

Rell got the gun pointed directly at him as did Dustin.
“So, you think you’re going to get away with killing my brother?” Dustin said, “When I get through with you, we’re coming after everyone you love!!! Your girls, your cousin, your mother and sister!! We’re killing all of them!!! But then again, I can’t decide whether to kill you now and I let you watch them die!!”

Nikky got a wire and wrapped it around Rell’s neck.
“You motherfucker!!” Nikky shouted.
Yuli then grabbed Dustin from behind, trying to get a hold on him.
Dustin elbows Yuli in the stomach and Rell flipped over Nikky.

“I’m getting sick of you right now!” Rell said, “Time to fucking die!!”
He’s about to shoot.
The two duck out of the way but then….
“AAHH!!” Nikky screamed.
“NIKKY!!” Yuli shouted. He got her in the side.

“Here’s another one!!” Rell shouted.
Nikky then grabbed the gun. He still got the drop on her and then she pumps him full of bullets in him.
“Oh……oh, you little bitch!” Rell said in his last breath and he falls over.

“You still got me!!” Dustin shouted, “And I still got a pistol, ready to shoot both you and X!”
He looks over them and he notices that X isn’t present.
“What the— WHERE HE GO!!?”
A thud sheath went through Dustin’s stomach. He sees a knife sticking out of it and behind him…..was X.
“Just like…. your brother.” He pulls it out and lastly, he slits Dustin’s throat, bleeding everywhere.


He runs to see Nikky bleeding and quickly runs to her aid.
“Oh shit!!!” X said, repeatedly.
“X…X!!” Nikky said, “I don’t think he hit anywhere vital. I think I’ll be fine!”
“We need to get you patched up.” X said, picking up Nikky. “We’ll do it on the way back to the house!!”

Another shot has been made…. and it’s from Sammy.
“Oh shit….” X, Nikky and Yuli said.
“I know I’m not going to let some bitch nigga walk out of here alive with his 2 white girls!!” he bellowed, “You done fucked up, mane!!! You know the other two are on their way with their moms coming for your people.”

He pulls out his shotgun, aimed at the three of them.
“X, once again, you chose to side with some bitches because they’re fucking you!” Sammy taunted, “Thinking that they know what’s best for your ass!! They just want to keep your ass trained and obedient….. and I thought you hated that shit!! Look like I was wrong tho.”
“SHUT YO ASS UP!!” X said, “Trained? Obedient? Like what you’re trying with me!!? From what you describe, if I would’ve stuck with you, I’d be a real man, huh? Running the streets, taking names, getting every girl I see, huh? Fuck you, nigga! I know you only use me to pin the blame on other motherfuckers and I was stupid enough to fall for it.”

“It’s survival of the fittest in these streets, X!” Sammy said.
“Which is exactly like I LEFT those streets!!” X said, “And you know what I got out of it? A job that pays well, a house that my moms can live in peace, and guess what? Those white girls happened to help steer me in a better direction than I ever could with your ass!!!”
“And for the record, I’m 1/3 Japanese.” Nikky said, “Although I do pass as white, so I get that.”

“Wait….. then what the hell Tavares come from?” X said.
“OK, enough of this shit!!” Sammy shouted, blasting all over the area as X ducks shots from him. Yuli and Nikky ran out of the way as well….. but Sam has them covered.
“X!!!!” Nikky and Yuli shouted.
“I’m getting tired of this!!!” Sam said, “I’m just going to get this over with!!”
X then got the drop on him.
“You shoot and I’ll make sure it’s the last thing you do.” X said.
But then Sam elbowed X in the stomach and knocked him down with his shotgun. “Bitch, shut your ass up!”
He cocked the gun and aimed it at him.
“Hope you enjoy seeing your dead homie again.”
The shot was made…..but X didn’t get shot.
Sam, however…..

“Fuck…..” He falls down to his knees with Yuli holding the smoking gun.
“Please, shut the fuck up.” she said, “I’m tired of his bullshit.”
She goes over to help both Nikky and X.
“You two all right?” She got some gauze and place it on Nikky’s wound.
“Well, the bleeding stopped.” Nikky said, “So far, I’ll live.” X then helped her up to the car.

“Hey…… thanks for saving my ass there.” X said to Yuli, “I really owe you one.”
“Hey, don’t sweat it, man….” Yuli said, “You did had a good moment confronting Sammy earlier. Just know….. you are tougher than what people make you out to be.”
X made a good smirk with Nikky giving him a little kiss on the cheek. “Mmmhmm.”


Then his phone rings.
“Yo! You got me.” X said.
“MAN, GET YOUR ASS BACK THE FUCK HOME!!!” It was Malcolm panicky shouting at him, “We got word that you killed another Howard brother!!!”
“Wait, you heard…. already?” X said, “Damn, word travels fast like a motherfucker!”
“YEAH!!” Malcolm said, “So you better travel fast back home as well!! They’re coming for us!!”

“Hold up, aren’t the girls back with y’all?” X asked.
“Not yet!!” Malcolm said.
“And isn’t the police watching the house as well!?” X shouted.
“If you managed to escape from them, how can we trust them with those other guys about to kill us!?”

“OK….. we got to get back home.” X said, “Like immediately.”



“Mal, will you quit worrying over this and calm your tits!?” Cora shouted.
“You calm your tits!!” Malcolm shouted, holding a hammer and a saw.

“OK, first off….” Cora said, “Don’t tell me to calm my tits or you won’t see ’em again. Second of all…any minute now, either the rest of the girls and/or X will come back before they even get here.”
“So will you stop boarding up the house?!” Rita interjected as she watches him overreacting a bit. “You’re starting to act like Milla that one time she saw a lizard crawl into her underwear drawer once.”

Milla heard that within earshot.
“Hey, I thought I said to never mention that again!!” Milla said, “Also, any of you heard back from Xavion or the girls?”
“They should be back by now.” Benz said, “Hopefully quick.”
Carly is getting extra worried. “I just hope they’re still–”

“THEY’LL MAKE IT IN TIME!!” Mari said, “I hope…..”
A knock was made.
“See?” Mari said, “And you were worried for noth–”
Then a gunshot blast from the door indicated that it was not X and the girls. Worse news, it was Barry, John and Colleen.
“Miss me, boys and girls?” Colleen screeched.

“RUN!!!!” SCATTER!!!!” Benz threw a smoke bomb as the others were running off.
“Get his ass!!” Colleen shouted.

Barry smacked Benz’s face in the window, cracking it.
“Get that fucker!!”
They spotted Oz and Ellie running for the stairs.
“I spy the little brother and his squeeze!!” John said, “I’ll get them!!” He jumps up the stairs and pounced on Oz, grabbing him by his neck.
Ellie then kicked him from the stairs but he managed to grabbed her, too.

“You coming with me, too, dammit!!!” John yelled.
Ellie tripped backwards, flipping over John and Oz kicking him back downstairs.
“This way!!” Oz and Ellie ran into the nearest room they can find.

“BENZ!!” Carly yelled.
She’s over by the living room as Colleen got a hold of her again.
“Well, well, well…..”
“Carly….” Benz said.
“Well, your little brother isn’t here to do shit to us.” Colleen said, “So why not go for the big sister?”
“Bitch…. if you hurt her, I’ll—”
Colleen then shoots Benz in the arm.
“AAAHH!!!” He screams.
“Or what?” Colleen said, “I’ll shoot you everywhere and even her…. in the back while her mother watches as she thinks she’s going to attack me!!”
She spotted Milla with a knife coming at her.
“Put the knife down……or else.” Colleen bellowed.
“How about you let go of my daughter and I won’t stab you silly and cut your son’s dick off when I’m through with you!!” Milla screamed.
“Mom…..Benz……..Help….” As Carly cried out.

“Now…. you wouldn’t want your daughter to die because of your foolishness, would you?” Colleen teasing the knife close to Carly’s heart. “I expected that from your dipshit son but not from you…. or maybe he might’ve got it from you.”
Then another gun made a sound and……

“I don’t think you want to do that.” As X is behind her with Carly missing from her grasp, being rescued by the girls just in time.
“Go, go, go….” Lina said, telling Carly and Milla to run from here.

“Oh, Mr. X!!” Colleen said, “I see you’re still here and you brought your army of women with  you.”
“Your beef is with me!” X said, “I don’t know why you got to involve my people like this!!”
“To get through your target, you got to go to his heart…..” she said, “And your heart….. you have much of it in your friends and family, especially the women….especially you, Nikky Tavares.”

“If you want a gun fight, then they’re going to be one.” Nikky shoots first, distracting Colleen and then kicking her into the other room.
“You’re mine, X!!!” John shouted. He jumps towards him to the window and outside with Barry following them both.

“That’s right, John! Kick his ass!!” Barry shouted.
However, X’s attention transferred directly to Barry.
X slapped Barry with a broken window piece and kicked him to the side.
“HEY!” John said, “Aren’t you supposed to be fighting me?”
Then Benz sucker-punched him out of nowhere.

“Nah, nigga!!” Benz said, “I’m avaliable! COME GET IT!!!”

X got on top of Barry and starts punching him down. He kept beating him over and over withB Barry’s face getting bloodied.
“Get off me!!” Barry kicked X off him.
John was swinging an ax he found and tried to hit Benz repeatedly.
“Hold still!!!” John screamed.

Inside the house, Colleen and Nikky are busy having a duel of their own.
Colleen gets a machine gun and sprays all over the living room.
“Come on, Nik!!” Colleen said, “I heard how much of a bad-ass you are. Show me your shit, bitch!!”

Nikky shot off a piece of roof, falling on her head.
“That’s it!?”
Then Yuli pulled out a bigger shotgun and shot the roof again, only to have bigger portions fell on Colleen.
“Hope we didn’t shoot anyone up there!!” Yuli said.
“Nah, we’re good.” That was Malcolm up there. “So far, I’m not dead and neither is Cora.”
“Hi.” Cora casually said, waving up there. “LOOK OUT!!”

She sees Colleen pulling out a pistol and Yuli jumped on her, trying to take the pistol from her hands.
Colleen slaps Yuli and smacks her with the pistol.
Alia, Aries, Lina and Ronin all jumped in the fight, overpowering Colleen down to the ground. Colleen then raised her foot, lifting Alia all of its own and throws her to the roof.

“AAAHH!!!” Alia screamed. *THUD*
“Ow…..” She heads back to the ground.
“You’re next!!” She leans her attention towards Lena and snatches her by her hair.

“OWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!!” Lena screams as she’s being pulled hard, “Let go!!”
Colleen kicks her out of the way but Ronin is trying to hold her down and punch her as well.
She goes for the ear. “AAAHHH!!!!” Ronin screamed as Colleen bites her ear, having it bleeding all over.
Aries then got her gun and just shot Colleen in the leg.
Several times.

“I’m not out yet!!” Colleen said.
However, Ellie came out of the room and she sees a bookcase next to her.
“Oz! Come here! I got an idea!!” she whispered.
Carly, Cora and Mari then appeared behind them.
“What are you guys doing?” Carly said, “If she catches us, we’re–”
They whispered the plan to her and the others.
“You sure it’s going to work?” Cora said, “Hold on, let me get Malcolm.”
“We got one shot at this! We can’t mess up!!” Ellie said.

“Get your ass out of the way!” Colleen screamed, pushing Aries out of the way and getting to Nikky and Yuli.
She knocked them down and pinned them on the floor.
“I never thought I could take out the infamous Nikky the Gunner and her crew of inexperienced little girls!!”
She puts pressure on Nikky’s wound.
“AAAAHHH!!!!” Nikky screamed.
“Yeah…. scream, bitch!” Colleen is getting crazy in her state of power.

“Get off us!!” Yuli screamed in all her might, trying to move her off.
But Colleen put her weight against Yuli’s arm, having it stuck.
“AAAHHH!!!!” Yuli screamed in pain.

“Hey, you crazy bitch!!!” Carly threw a rock at her.
“Oh, you’re super dead!!” Colleen shouted.
She got off Nikky and Yuli as she charges toward Carly.
Cora and Malcolm quickly grabs them both.
As Colleen is about to stab her, Mari then pepper-sprayed her face and tripped her down where the bookcases were.
Together, Oz and Ellie push the bookcases down and they smack her right down at her.

“Is she down?!” Carly said.
“She isn’t moving….” Oz said, “That better be it for her!”

Outside, X and Benz were still battling on Barry and John, all fists bloodied and swollen.
“I’ll cut you!!!” John takes a swing by throwing the axe but X and Benz ducked that out of the way.
“FAT CHANCE!!” X grabbed the axe and strike John by cutting some fingers off.

“AAAHH!!!” John screamed, “My fingers!”
Barry then kicked him to the dirt but Benz threw some plant poison in his eyes.

“AAH!! MY EYES! MY EYES!!! DAMMIT!!!” Barry kept on screaming in pain, trying to see through the pain.
John is still in shock of having his fingers cut.
“Oh, you fucks are now dead than ever!!!” John said, “Me and my brother and our mom will kill you pathetic fucks!!”

A car approaches swiftly, the headlights got turned on at the last minute with John standing in the way.
“AAHHHH!!!!” The car then hit John, with the two passengers jumping out and it crashed into a tree, pinning and killing him.

“What the…..” X said, witnessing them.
“OK…. that solves one part of the problem.” Benz said, “Who was driving that car?!”

The person driving was none other than….

“Mom?” X said.
“…. Hey…. good thing we got insurance.” Milla said.
And the other person that jumped out of there was…..
“And I had extra padding.” It was Rita. “Fortunately in all places.”

“Y’all two ran over that guy?” Benz said, “I’m impressed and relieved.”

“YAAAHHH!!!!” Barry then came running back with hedge-clippers. “Come here, you motherfuckers!!!”
“XAVION!!” Milla ducked with him as Barry tries to cut them both. X and Milla both blocked his hits from cutting them.
Rita threw a gas can at him with gas still in there, but it spilled on him.
“OK, bad idea!!” Rita said, running from him.
“Come here, ya bitch!! I’ll fuck you up!!” Barry screamed.

“Yo, nigga!!!?” Benz said.
Benz threw a match at him and he quickly turn ablaze.
“AAAAHHHH!!!!!!! AAAIIIIII!!!!” Barry is now screaming in great pain as he’s burning up. “You sons of bitches!!! You motherfuckers!!! You—”
X then draws his gun and shoots him viciously and violently. He shot him clear in the head.

“A little hot under the collar?” X said, “Good.”

“OK…..” Milla awkwardly said, “The one-liner was kinda corny.”
“Really?” X said, “My own mother is critiquing this?”

“Look, I’m just glad we’re still alive.” Milla said, “Let’s not argue this time.”
“Yeah, you two argue enough as it is.” Rita said, “Then again, you two do think alike.”

“NO, WE DON’T!!” X and Milla shouted.


Soon, the police came and the rest of the guys went out to see what happened with X & Benz.
“BENZ! AUNT RITA! MOM! X!” Carly shouted as she runs out to them. “You’re alright! Thank God…..”
She sees the dead bodies of the remaining brothers.
“Whoa….. y’all did that to them?” she said.
“Well, your momma and aunt did that shit.” Benz said, “Me and X lit the other motherfucker on fire and shot him.”

“A fitting end for him, I say.” X said.

“DAMN!!!!” Malcolm shouted, “Y’all done went extra crispy on him and that shit with him look like a bizarre accident gone wrong.”
“I’ll say…” Cora said, “Thankfully I lost my appetite prior to this.”

“Little bro!!” Benz said, going toward Oz. “You’re all good!!”
“Benz, you should’ve seen us taking that lady out, man!” he said, “But I can’t take all the credit…. Ellie was the one with the plan.”
“Oh…..” he said.
“Yeah….” Ellie shyly said, “I had to think of something of the spot.”

“And it was impressive!!!” As Nikky said as her and the rest of the girls coming from inside to speak with police. “You really show yourself out there against them. We’re forever in your debt, Ellie.”
“Yeah!!” Ronin shouted but is still in pain, “Ow… side still hurts.”
“And Carly, too.” Ellie said, “I mean, she had to confront her before Mari smacked her down.”
“And Cora dragging our asses out of there, too.” Yuli said, “Yeah, everyone pretty much saved our asses.”
“Yeah…….” Malcolm said, “It’s great that all of us made it out—”
He paused before finishing that sentence, considering what previously happened.
“Guys,” X said, “What happened a while back…..Look, I really wish it didn’t want down like that. Right now, Wiley would joke about this and make us laugh a bit.”
“Yeah, he would’ve done that.” Mari said, “But, X….. you didn’t mess up this time. No one you know and love have died right now. All of us are safe and hopefully good for the future.”

“I’ve also been doing some thinking on a few things….” X said, “OK, maybe I should open up to more people and– wait, what happened to Adell?!”
“Don’t worry,” Milla said, “She’s at a friend’s house. She’s fine!! We figured she needed to be in a less hostile environment.”
“Ah…. OK, that’s good.”
X then see the bookcase down but no one underneath.
“Uh…. guys…..” X said, “Where’s Colleen?”
Nikky added, “Xavion, she’s right t–” She sees the bookcase minus her. “Oh shit!!”

“YOU MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!” As Colleen shouted from the rooftop. “You think you’re going to live after this!!! I’m definitely ending your pathetic lives!!!”
Police are scattering to get a clear shot of her.
They opened fire and one got a shot in her chest. She drops her gun and fall on the roof.
“Attain the killer!! Make sure she doesn’t kill anymore!!” As Bold commanded his officers to do.
“Let’s secure the area!” Declen said, “Get some medical assistant for our wounded!! I need them like yesterday ago!!! NOW!!!”



A few months have pass since the shooting with everyone moving on with their lives.


“Yo, Mari!!” As one Louise called her on the phone, “You down to hang with us tonight? I got some guy friends I can introduce you, too!”
“You know what? Yeah, I’m down.” Mari said, “I’m ready to get back on the horse.”
“OH yeah……” Louise said, “You sure you’re ready to get back in the dating world. I mean….after hearing about–”
“I know, I know….” Mari said, “But I don’t think he would want me to just mope over him. I do need to move on and his friends even advise that, too.”
“So you want to do it?” Louise said.
“Yeah, like I said, I’m down for it.” she said, “I don’t have work tomorrow anyway, so tonight’s a good night to mingle in the club and shit.”
“Thatta girl.” Louise said.


Malcolm and Cora are in bed after a morning quickie; in covers, naked and panting after what must be some good sex.
“Oh wow…..” Cora said, “I haven’t had sex this good since….. well, last night.”
“So, you loved it?” Malcolm said.
“Mal, I’m in bed naked with you and my hand is near your chest……” She said with a flirty smirk, “I think that indicates it.”
She goes in for another kiss.
“You want to go to Round 2, baby?” Malcolm said, “Because I can bring it and—”

“Please don’t!!!” However, someone from upstairs heard the whole thing and it was Rita. “The last thing I need to hear is my son’s moans from down there!”
“What the!?” Malcolm said, “She heard all that!?”
“Actually I did.” The other person was Adell. “I know because little Danny has been crying the whole time when y’all two were–”
“I thought we were being quiet!!” Malcolm said.
“Well…..” Cora said, “I admit I got a bit loud. Sorry, Adele. Sorry, lil Danny!”


Benz and Carly were also in bed but they are watching some internet videos before he had to go to work.
“Oh, that’s what I did wrong on that. I needed cilantro, not parsley.” Carly said.
“Yeah, but parsley isn’t as bad as cilantro.” Benz said, “That shit’s like green soap.”
“Aw, cilantro’s not that bad.” Carly said, “You like pico de gallo, right?”
“Yeah, but that’s because of the tomatoes, onions, jalapenos and other spices.” Benz said, “I know X likes it a lot and he doesn’t even like tomatoes that much.”
“Well, I can try again when we have dinner at Mom’s Sunday night.” Carly said.

“And we’ll be there!!” Oz shouted from his room.
“Count me in as well!!” Ellie shouted.

“You two still—”
“YES!” Oz and Ellie shouted.

Speaking of them, Oz and Ellie was still in his bedroom.
Oz has a very happy smile on his face while Ellie cozzing up to him after coitus.
“I told you would like that.” Ellie said, “You should see your face right now.”
“I can’t believe how messy it got.” Oz said. ”
“I wouldn’t say that messy.” Ellie said, “Even though I was the one that received it all over my body…. you naughty boy. I knew with my tits, you were going to explode.” She smiled and tongue-kissed him.
“And I would do it again.” Oz said, “But damn, it took a whole lot of me.”
“That’s OK.” Ellie said, “We can just play with each other’s chest and make out.” Both are kissing each other while touching their chests.



Lastly, at the public park……

Milla is busy doing her walk around the park, on her 5th lap.
“Hey, you keeping up with me?!” Milla yelled, “It seems you’re been going slower every time I pass you!!”
However, not far behind her is…..

“I think he’s still on lap 3.” That was Nikky behind her and Yuli following her as well.
“He also seems like he’s comfortable just walking.” Yuli said, “Maybe too much in his comfort zone.”

Right behind them both is, in fact, X and he has his phone listening to some music while he’s running.
“He must be in his singing zone.” Nikky said.
“Singing zone?” Milla questioned.
“Yeah.” Yuli said, “It’s whenever he gets into a song he really likes and seems like nothing else matters. He’s also really into 70s-80s soft rock for some reason.”


Joining behind them was X.
He was behind all of them as he was walking at his own pace, with a lot on his mind.

“Hey, y’all stop or something!?” He said loudly while still having earbuds in his ear.
Nikky then took them off for him.
“You sure like walking very slowly.” she said, “That and being distracted by 80s music.”
“I’m on my 3rd lap, same as you!”, X said.
“We came late!!” Yuli said, “We got an excuse!”

“They have a point, Xavion.” Milla said, “But at least it looks like you’re enjoying it more than before.”

“Maybe because we started to join y’all on this?” Yuli asked.
“That, too.” Milla said, “But he knows that he can’t talk what he usually say to y’all while I’m hear.”

“That’s why I whisper.” X said.
“I can hear that, too!!” Milla shouted, “I’m older, but I’m not stupid!! We’ll run for a few more minutes before going home.”
“All right, all right!!” X said, as he continues to walk but more faster. This time, Nikky is joining him.
“Hey…..” Nikky said, “Things with your mom going good?”
“Yeah, they have.” he said, “I mean, we still bicker every now and then but nothing ultra serious.”
“That’s good.” she said, “You coming over later today? I have the place to myself and you and me could play ‘Naughty Next-Door Neighbors’ and even spend the night….” She looks around if Milla heard any of that.
He made a satisfying smug smile.
“Oh, I love playing that game.” he said, “Sure thing.”
“Great!” Nikky said, “After this work week, I am in need of some pleasure.”
“All of us are.” X said.
“But for real, you need to walk a bit faster.” Nikky said, as she’s walking away faster than he does.
Then Yuli came along.
“I take it you two are going to be alone all day after this.” she said, “Yeah, I can read lips from you two. Good thing your mom doesn’t.” she said.

“UH…..yeah, I do, too.” Milla said, within earshot of her.

“OK, I’ve been wrong before.” Yuli said.
“Look, it’s fine you go to your girlfriend’s place after this. You’re an adult man.” Milla said, “But I do expect you back home soon. We got some moving things to do the next day! Remember, Carly moving in with Benz?”

“And Oz moving in with Ellie at her place and…..” X said, “Wait, should I just move in with Nikky and Yuli?”
“Uh……” Nikky and Yuli said, “We’re working on it.”
“Yeah, I’m not sure about my adult son living with two other women….” Milla said, “And believe me, girls, it’s not you I’m threatened about.” As she stares at X.
“Why you looking at me!?” X shouted.
“You know why!!” Milla said, “I know what goes on in your nasty mind with these two!!”

“MOM!!!” X shouted.
“Oh, come on!” Milla said, “Even if you didn’t do what I think you did a few months ago, you’d probably done it before!!”
“No, I haven’t!!”

As X and Milla is still arguing over that, Nikky and Yuli are walking alongside each other.

Yuli asked her, “So….. we don’t tell her you, me and him…..”
“We do not…..” Nikky said, “Besides, at least she doesn’t know what we do without X in our spare time.”
“That we will keep a secret for a long….long…. time.” Yuli said.
They continue to walk and talk as the sun sets on that day.


(C) 2019 KATANAPlus+ / Ctrl/Alt/Del Productions.

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