CAUTION / Final Chapter: SHOWDOWN at the Metal JACKKNIFE



The nightlife was plenty high and rising down at the Metal Jackknife. The surroundings of everyone either drinking, getting drunk, flirting around with other people and dancing were high in the air for them.

“Hey, Sammy and Rell!!” The clubowner said, “You motherfuckers here to have a good time?”
“Hell yeah, motherfucker!” Sammy said, “Yo, I got some people with me tonight and I want that VIP room with some dancers and drinks for all of us.”
The owner sees that his friends are the Howard brothers.

“Yo….” The club owner said, “You know these white boys?”
“We’re potentially business partners with him.” Barry said, “We just want to discuss any future endeavors with these two.”

“Alright.” he said, “But lose them guns! I run a club and nobody better be shooting here!!”

“What?” Dustin said, “I’m not giving up my g–”
“DUSTIN!” John said, “OK, OK.” John hands him his piece, as did Barry.
Dustin seems like he doesn’t want to give it up.
“FINE!” he give up and gave him the gun.


Later on, during the meeting, they were discussing a bunch of talk but mainly about X.
“So, you know that X motherfucker was just all talk?” Barry said, “We thought it was going to be harder than we anticipated.”
“Look, mane.” Rell said, “We knew about him since high school and all…..but that dude always fronting and shit! Especially since he got those two girls with him.”
“Oh, you mean Nikky the Gunner and her assistant?” Dustin said, “Something told me those two probably slobbed on his knob, especially the Gunner from what I heard.”
“Well, those girls always had a thing for chocolate, if you get my drift.” Sammy said, “At least that’s the one thing I respect about that motherfucker. But now, he’s probably all broken and shit.”

“Didn’t your momma shot his homeboy down?” Rell asked.
“She did.” Barry said, “Good thing I wasn’t there. I would’ve shot him straight in the head, along with them other motherfuckers!”
“I probably would’ve took the mom with me.” Sammy said, “His momma got some ass on her. I mean, hot damn!!!”
“The women in that family are fine as fuck!!” Rell said, “Even that aunt that kinda drinks a lot!”


Back outside of the room, the girls just entered the club all dressed up and look stylish (Nikky in a glittery red tube top and jeans, Yuli in a plain white tee and black shorts, Alia in a pink and yellow miniskirt/top, Ronin all in black – jeans, shirt,etc. and Aries in some regular blue jeans and a light blue/teal shirt).

“Everybody see the VIP room section?” Nikky yelled.
“You mean that sign over yonder!!!?” Yuli yelled, signaling it over there.

“Aries, can your guy get us in there?” Alia said, “And do we have to do…..well, things to get in there?”
“OH…, don’t worry.” Aries said, “This guy is cool. He can get us in!”
“Good.” Ronin said, “As long as I don’t get some guy with a sudden goth girl interest that wants me to go down on him.”


“LADIES! LADIES!!!” Then comes the guy that Aries know, Troyis.
“Troyis!!” Aries said, “How’s it going, cuz?”
“It’s all good, it’s all good!” she exclaimed.
“Wait, he’s her cousin?” Ronin said, “OK, maybe he might be cool.”

Yuli is trying to see the VIP room if the guys were there.
“Yo, can I get some more of that Unicorn liquor!? Shit’s bangin!!” That was the cry of Swifty Sammy in there.
“BINGO!” Yuli whispered to herself.
“You see them?” Nikky asked her.
“In that room!” Yuli said, “How are we going to get them out?”

Alia went out for her cellphone for something.
“Hey, Alia!” Nikky said, “You still got that SFX app on there?”
“Yeah. And?” Alia asked.
“You got the gunshot effect?”
“Wh….oh no….” Alia got worried, “Then the whole club will be at a fr— It’ll drive them out.”
“Now you get it.” Nikky said, grabbing the phone.

She sees a bluetooth speaker and the app also connects bluetooth speakers, thus she pressed the gun shot sound effect.


Soon, the sudden screams and shouting arise as everyone was in a panic and they started running their asses out.
The VIP rooms were going faster as everyone was running out of there fast.
“Who the fuck is shooting at a club like this!?” John shouted.
“They better not blame it on us!!” Swifty Sammy said.
However, Rell did spotted the girls as everyone was leaving.

“OH SHIT!!!” Rell said, “It’s them bitches!!”
“WHAT!?” Sammy said.
“Nikky the Gunner and her fucking clique!!”

“What the fuck!?” Barry said, “They want war or something?”
“FUCK THAT! They’re getting war!!” Dustin then grabs their guns from the office.

“X?” Nikky called him on her phone.
As in, he is waiting in his car to make his move.
“You see any people leaving in droves?” she said.
He then sees the huge crowd leaving the club.
“Yep. I see ’em.” X said, “Wait……I don’t see our usual suspects there.”
“Huh? I thought they were going to–”
“I SEE YOU HOES!!!” Rell shouted. He got his gun, ready to shoot at them.

“SHIT!!!” Nikky yelled. The girls ducked down from the spray of bullets from Rell.


“What the fuck!? Nik? Yuli!?” X shouted.
“They spotted us!!” Yuli shouted, “We shoot back but we don’t have any guns on us!!”

“Shoot those bitches!!” Dustin screamed. He shoots all over the bar, mostly shooting every liquor bottle and glass right there.
Yuli jumped in the next tableset.
John spots her.
“I got her!!” John shouted.
But a falling light got in between him and Yuli got a chance to flee from him.
“GO! GO! GO!” The rest followed her lead and they were running to the exit, as they are still getting gunfire towards them.

“I’mma fuck them hoes up!!” Sammy screamed.
“Not if I do ’em first!!!” Barry said, “Dustin, you follow those girls! Me and John….. we’re getting Mom and we got some shit to settle!!!”

“You motherfuckers go do what you want!!” Rell screamed, “We’re hunting a bitch variety pack!”


X then sees the girls fleeing and following them is Dustin with his pistol to shoot them.
“I’mma get you!!!” Dustin shouted.
“You wish……”
X then peels off as he spots him coming at them.

However, Dustin then spots the car coming to him.
“What the…..”
X rolled his window and starts shooting at him.
“FUCK! It’s X!!” Dustin said.
“Oh, that boy here?!” Rell said, “Good. I’ll take care of that motherfucker!!!”

Rell grabbed a machine gun and he started shooting at the car.
“What’s he doing!?” Yuli said.
“Getting the attention to him!!” Nikky said.
“Does that mean we go and get the hell out of here!?” Ronin yelled.
“I don’t know.” NIkky said, “Y’all can go. I’m not leaving his sight!!!”
“Alright then!!” Ronin said as her, Alia and Aries fleed. “We’ll check on the family.”
“Good idea!!” Yuli said, “I’ll stay here with her! I got ya back, Nik!”

X then got out of the car, gun cocked and all.
Rell went on to slam the door with his arm intact. He moved it just in time and kicked opened it back to hit Rell’s arm.
“AAH!!” He then accidentally fired the gun to his knee. “OOOHH!!!”

“Fuck this!” Dustin shouted as he takes a shot at X, hitting him in his arm.
“AAAHH!!” Dustin then punched out X, having him at a chokehold.

“Hold his ass! HOLD…HIS…ASS!!” Rell got him lined up for a shot. “We got you now, motherfucker!! Truth be told, I’ve been wanting to kill your ass since high school and now look!!! All it took was somebody popping off your friends and shit!!”

Rell got the gun pointed directly at him as did Dustin.
“So, you think you’re going to get away with killing my brother?” Dustin said, “When I get through with you, we’re coming after everyone you love!!! Your girls, your cousin, your mother and sister!! We’re killing all of them!!! But then again, I can’t decide whether to kill you now and I let you watch them die!!”

Nikky got a wire and wrapped it around Rell’s neck.
“You motherfucker!!” Nikky shouted.
Yuli then grabbed Dustin from behind, trying to get a hold on him.
Dustin elbows Yuli in the stomach and Rell flipped over Nikky.

“I’m getting sick of you right now!” Rell said, “Time to fucking die!!”
He’s about to shoot.
The two duck out of the way but then….
“AAHH!!” Nikky screamed.
“NIKKY!!” Yuli shouted. He got her in the side.

“Here’s another one!!” Rell shouted.
Nikky then grabbed the gun. He still got the drop on her and then she pumps him full of bullets in him.
“Oh……oh, you little bitch!” Rell said in his last breath and he falls over.

“You still got me!!” Dustin shouted, “And I still got a pistol, ready to shoot both you and X!”
He looks over them and he notices that X isn’t present.
“What the— WHERE HE GO!!?”
A thud sheath went through Dustin’s stomach. He sees a knife sticking out of it and behind him…..was X.
“Just like…. your brother.” He pulls it out and lastly, he slits Dustin’s throat, bleeding everywhere.


He runs to see Nikky bleeding and quickly runs to her aid.
“Oh shit!!!” X said, repeatedly.
“X…X!!” Nikky said, “I don’t think he hit anywhere vital. I think I’ll be fine!”
“We need to get you patched up.” X said, picking up Nikky. “We’ll do it on the way back to the house!!”

Another shot has been made…. and it’s from Sammy.
“Oh shit….” X, Nikky and Yuli said.
“I know I’m not going to let some bitch nigga walk out of here alive with his 2 white girls!!” he bellowed, “You done fucked up, mane!!! You know the other two are on their way with their moms coming for your people.”

He pulls out his shotgun, aimed at the three of them.
“X, once again, you chose to side with some bitches because they’re fucking you!” Sammy taunted, “Thinking that they know what’s best for your ass!! They just want to keep your ass trained and obedient….. and I thought you hated that shit!! Look like I was wrong tho.”
“SHUT YO ASS UP!!” X said, “Trained? Obedient? Like what you’re trying with me!!? From what you describe, if I would’ve stuck with you, I’d be a real man, huh? Running the streets, taking names, getting every girl I see, huh? Fuck you, nigga! I know you only use me to pin the blame on other motherfuckers and I was stupid enough to fall for it.”

“It’s survival of the fittest in these streets, X!” Sammy said.
“Which is exactly like I LEFT those streets!!” X said, “And you know what I got out of it? A job that pays well, a house that my moms can live in peace, and guess what? Those white girls happened to help steer me in a better direction than I ever could with your ass!!!”
“And for the record, I’m 1/3 Japanese.” Nikky said, “Although I do pass as white, so I get that.”

“Wait….. then what the hell Tavares come from?” X said.
“OK, enough of this shit!!” Sammy shouted, blasting all over the area as X ducks shots from him. Yuli and Nikky ran out of the way as well….. but Sam has them covered.
“X!!!!” Nikky and Yuli shouted.
“I’m getting tired of this!!!” Sam said, “I’m just going to get this over with!!”
X then got the drop on him.
“You shoot and I’ll make sure it’s the last thing you do.” X said.
But then Sam elbowed X in the stomach and knocked him down with his shotgun. “Bitch, shut your ass up!”
He cocked the gun and aimed it at him.
“Hope you enjoy seeing your dead homie again.”
The shot was made…..but X didn’t get shot.
Sam, however…..

“Fuck…..” He falls down to his knees with Yuli holding the smoking gun.
“Please, shut the fuck up.” she said, “I’m tired of his bullshit.”
She goes over to help both Nikky and X.
“You two all right?” She got some gauze and place it on Nikky’s wound.
“Well, the bleeding stopped.” Nikky said, “So far, I’ll live.” X then helped her up to the car.

“Hey…… thanks for saving my ass there.” X said to Yuli, “I really owe you one.”
“Hey, don’t sweat it, man….” Yuli said, “You did had a good moment confronting Sammy earlier. Just know….. you are tougher than what people make you out to be.”
X made a good smirk with Nikky giving him a little kiss on the cheek. “Mmmhmm.”


Then his phone rings.
“Yo! You got me.” X said.
“MAN, GET YOUR ASS BACK THE FUCK HOME!!!” It was Malcolm panicky shouting at him, “We got word that you killed another Howard brother!!!”
“Wait, you heard…. already?” X said, “Damn, word travels fast like a motherfucker!”
“YEAH!!” Malcolm said, “So you better travel fast back home as well!! They’re coming for us!!”

“Hold up, aren’t the girls back with y’all?” X asked.
“Not yet!!” Malcolm said.
“And isn’t the police watching the house as well!?” X shouted.
“If you managed to escape from them, how can we trust them with those other guys about to kill us!?”

“OK….. we got to get back home.” X said, “Like immediately.”



“Mal, will you quit worrying over this and calm your tits!?” Cora shouted.
“You calm your tits!!” Malcolm shouted, holding a hammer and a saw.

“OK, first off….” Cora said, “Don’t tell me to calm my tits or you won’t see ’em again. Second of all…any minute now, either the rest of the girls and/or X will come back before they even get here.”
“So will you stop boarding up the house?!” Rita interjected as she watches him overreacting a bit. “You’re starting to act like Milla that one time she saw a lizard crawl into her underwear drawer once.”

Milla heard that within earshot.
“Hey, I thought I said to never mention that again!!” Milla said, “Also, any of you heard back from Xavion or the girls?”
“They should be back by now.” Benz said, “Hopefully quick.”
Carly is getting extra worried. “I just hope they’re still–”

“THEY’LL MAKE IT IN TIME!!” Mari said, “I hope…..”
A knock was made.
“See?” Mari said, “And you were worried for noth–”
Then a gunshot blast from the door indicated that it was not X and the girls. Worse news, it was Barry, John and Colleen.
“Miss me, boys and girls?” Colleen screeched.

“RUN!!!!” SCATTER!!!!” Benz threw a smoke bomb as the others were running off.
“Get his ass!!” Colleen shouted.

Barry smacked Benz’s face in the window, cracking it.
“Get that fucker!!”
They spotted Oz and Ellie running for the stairs.
“I spy the little brother and his squeeze!!” John said, “I’ll get them!!” He jumps up the stairs and pounced on Oz, grabbing him by his neck.
Ellie then kicked him from the stairs but he managed to grabbed her, too.

“You coming with me, too, dammit!!!” John yelled.
Ellie tripped backwards, flipping over John and Oz kicking him back downstairs.
“This way!!” Oz and Ellie ran into the nearest room they can find.

“BENZ!!” Carly yelled.
She’s over by the living room as Colleen got a hold of her again.
“Well, well, well…..”
“Carly….” Benz said.
“Well, your little brother isn’t here to do shit to us.” Colleen said, “So why not go for the big sister?”
“Bitch…. if you hurt her, I’ll—”
Colleen then shoots Benz in the arm.
“AAAHH!!!” He screams.
“Or what?” Colleen said, “I’ll shoot you everywhere and even her…. in the back while her mother watches as she thinks she’s going to attack me!!”
She spotted Milla with a knife coming at her.
“Put the knife down……or else.” Colleen bellowed.
“How about you let go of my daughter and I won’t stab you silly and cut your son’s dick off when I’m through with you!!” Milla screamed.
“Mom…..Benz……..Help….” As Carly cried out.

“Now…. you wouldn’t want your daughter to die because of your foolishness, would you?” Colleen teasing the knife close to Carly’s heart. “I expected that from your dipshit son but not from you…. or maybe he might’ve got it from you.”
Then another gun made a sound and……

“I don’t think you want to do that.” As X is behind her with Carly missing from her grasp, being rescued by the girls just in time.
“Go, go, go….” Lina said, telling Carly and Milla to run from here.

“Oh, Mr. X!!” Colleen said, “I see you’re still here and you brought your army of women with  you.”
“Your beef is with me!” X said, “I don’t know why you got to involve my people like this!!”
“To get through your target, you got to go to his heart…..” she said, “And your heart….. you have much of it in your friends and family, especially the women….especially you, Nikky Tavares.”

“If you want a gun fight, then they’re going to be one.” Nikky shoots first, distracting Colleen and then kicking her into the other room.
“You’re mine, X!!!” John shouted. He jumps towards him to the window and outside with Barry following them both.

“That’s right, John! Kick his ass!!” Barry shouted.
However, X’s attention transferred directly to Barry.
X slapped Barry with a broken window piece and kicked him to the side.
“HEY!” John said, “Aren’t you supposed to be fighting me?”
Then Benz sucker-punched him out of nowhere.

“Nah, nigga!!” Benz said, “I’m avaliable! COME GET IT!!!”

X got on top of Barry and starts punching him down. He kept beating him over and over withB Barry’s face getting bloodied.
“Get off me!!” Barry kicked X off him.
John was swinging an ax he found and tried to hit Benz repeatedly.
“Hold still!!!” John screamed.

Inside the house, Colleen and Nikky are busy having a duel of their own.
Colleen gets a machine gun and sprays all over the living room.
“Come on, Nik!!” Colleen said, “I heard how much of a bad-ass you are. Show me your shit, bitch!!”

Nikky shot off a piece of roof, falling on her head.
“That’s it!?”
Then Yuli pulled out a bigger shotgun and shot the roof again, only to have bigger portions fell on Colleen.
“Hope we didn’t shoot anyone up there!!” Yuli said.
“Nah, we’re good.” That was Malcolm up there. “So far, I’m not dead and neither is Cora.”
“Hi.” Cora casually said, waving up there. “LOOK OUT!!”

She sees Colleen pulling out a pistol and Yuli jumped on her, trying to take the pistol from her hands.
Colleen slaps Yuli and smacks her with the pistol.
Alia, Aries, Lina and Ronin all jumped in the fight, overpowering Colleen down to the ground. Colleen then raised her foot, lifting Alia all of its own and throws her to the roof.

“AAAHH!!!” Alia screamed. *THUD*
“Ow…..” She heads back to the ground.
“You’re next!!” She leans her attention towards Lena and snatches her by her hair.

“OWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!!” Lena screams as she’s being pulled hard, “Let go!!”
Colleen kicks her out of the way but Ronin is trying to hold her down and punch her as well.
She goes for the ear. “AAAHHH!!!!” Ronin screamed as Colleen bites her ear, having it bleeding all over.
Aries then got her gun and just shot Colleen in the leg.
Several times.

“I’m not out yet!!” Colleen said.
However, Ellie came out of the room and she sees a bookcase next to her.
“Oz! Come here! I got an idea!!” she whispered.
Carly, Cora and Mari then appeared behind them.
“What are you guys doing?” Carly said, “If she catches us, we’re–”
They whispered the plan to her and the others.
“You sure it’s going to work?” Cora said, “Hold on, let me get Malcolm.”
“We got one shot at this! We can’t mess up!!” Ellie said.

“Get your ass out of the way!” Colleen screamed, pushing Aries out of the way and getting to Nikky and Yuli.
She knocked them down and pinned them on the floor.
“I never thought I could take out the infamous Nikky the Gunner and her crew of inexperienced little girls!!”
She puts pressure on Nikky’s wound.
“AAAAHHH!!!!” Nikky screamed.
“Yeah…. scream, bitch!” Colleen is getting crazy in her state of power.

“Get off us!!” Yuli screamed in all her might, trying to move her off.
But Colleen put her weight against Yuli’s arm, having it stuck.
“AAAHHH!!!!” Yuli screamed in pain.

“Hey, you crazy bitch!!!” Carly threw a rock at her.
“Oh, you’re super dead!!” Colleen shouted.
She got off Nikky and Yuli as she charges toward Carly.
Cora and Malcolm quickly grabs them both.
As Colleen is about to stab her, Mari then pepper-sprayed her face and tripped her down where the bookcases were.
Together, Oz and Ellie push the bookcases down and they smack her right down at her.

“Is she down?!” Carly said.
“She isn’t moving….” Oz said, “That better be it for her!”

Outside, X and Benz were still battling on Barry and John, all fists bloodied and swollen.
“I’ll cut you!!!” John takes a swing by throwing the axe but X and Benz ducked that out of the way.
“FAT CHANCE!!” X grabbed the axe and strike John by cutting some fingers off.

“AAAHH!!!” John screamed, “My fingers!”
Barry then kicked him to the dirt but Benz threw some plant poison in his eyes.

“AAH!! MY EYES! MY EYES!!! DAMMIT!!!” Barry kept on screaming in pain, trying to see through the pain.
John is still in shock of having his fingers cut.
“Oh, you fucks are now dead than ever!!!” John said, “Me and my brother and our mom will kill you pathetic fucks!!”

A car approaches swiftly, the headlights got turned on at the last minute with John standing in the way.
“AAHHHH!!!!” The car then hit John, with the two passengers jumping out and it crashed into a tree, pinning and killing him.

“What the…..” X said, witnessing them.
“OK…. that solves one part of the problem.” Benz said, “Who was driving that car?!”

The person driving was none other than….

“Mom?” X said.
“…. Hey…. good thing we got insurance.” Milla said.
And the other person that jumped out of there was…..
“And I had extra padding.” It was Rita. “Fortunately in all places.”

“Y’all two ran over that guy?” Benz said, “I’m impressed and relieved.”

“YAAAHHH!!!!” Barry then came running back with hedge-clippers. “Come here, you motherfuckers!!!”
“XAVION!!” Milla ducked with him as Barry tries to cut them both. X and Milla both blocked his hits from cutting them.
Rita threw a gas can at him with gas still in there, but it spilled on him.
“OK, bad idea!!” Rita said, running from him.
“Come here, ya bitch!! I’ll fuck you up!!” Barry screamed.

“Yo, nigga!!!?” Benz said.
Benz threw a match at him and he quickly turn ablaze.
“AAAAHHHH!!!!!!! AAAIIIIII!!!!” Barry is now screaming in great pain as he’s burning up. “You sons of bitches!!! You motherfuckers!!! You—”
X then draws his gun and shoots him viciously and violently. He shot him clear in the head.

“A little hot under the collar?” X said, “Good.”

“OK…..” Milla awkwardly said, “The one-liner was kinda corny.”
“Really?” X said, “My own mother is critiquing this?”

“Look, I’m just glad we’re still alive.” Milla said, “Let’s not argue this time.”
“Yeah, you two argue enough as it is.” Rita said, “Then again, you two do think alike.”

“NO, WE DON’T!!” X and Milla shouted.


Soon, the police came and the rest of the guys went out to see what happened with X & Benz.
“BENZ! AUNT RITA! MOM! X!” Carly shouted as she runs out to them. “You’re alright! Thank God…..”
She sees the dead bodies of the remaining brothers.
“Whoa….. y’all did that to them?” she said.
“Well, your momma and aunt did that shit.” Benz said, “Me and X lit the other motherfucker on fire and shot him.”

“A fitting end for him, I say.” X said.

“DAMN!!!!” Malcolm shouted, “Y’all done went extra crispy on him and that shit with him look like a bizarre accident gone wrong.”
“I’ll say…” Cora said, “Thankfully I lost my appetite prior to this.”

“Little bro!!” Benz said, going toward Oz. “You’re all good!!”
“Benz, you should’ve seen us taking that lady out, man!” he said, “But I can’t take all the credit…. Ellie was the one with the plan.”
“Oh…..” he said.
“Yeah….” Ellie shyly said, “I had to think of something of the spot.”

“And it was impressive!!!” As Nikky said as her and the rest of the girls coming from inside to speak with police. “You really show yourself out there against them. We’re forever in your debt, Ellie.”
“Yeah!!” Ronin shouted but is still in pain, “Ow… side still hurts.”
“And Carly, too.” Ellie said, “I mean, she had to confront her before Mari smacked her down.”
“And Cora dragging our asses out of there, too.” Yuli said, “Yeah, everyone pretty much saved our asses.”
“Yeah…….” Malcolm said, “It’s great that all of us made it out—”
He paused before finishing that sentence, considering what previously happened.
“Guys,” X said, “What happened a while back…..Look, I really wish it didn’t want down like that. Right now, Wiley would joke about this and make us laugh a bit.”
“Yeah, he would’ve done that.” Mari said, “But, X….. you didn’t mess up this time. No one you know and love have died right now. All of us are safe and hopefully good for the future.”

“I’ve also been doing some thinking on a few things….” X said, “OK, maybe I should open up to more people and– wait, what happened to Adell?!”
“Don’t worry,” Milla said, “She’s at a friend’s house. She’s fine!! We figured she needed to be in a less hostile environment.”
“Ah…. OK, that’s good.”
X then see the bookcase down but no one underneath.
“Uh…. guys…..” X said, “Where’s Colleen?”
Nikky added, “Xavion, she’s right t–” She sees the bookcase minus her. “Oh shit!!”

“YOU MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!” As Colleen shouted from the rooftop. “You think you’re going to live after this!!! I’m definitely ending your pathetic lives!!!”
Police are scattering to get a clear shot of her.
They opened fire and one got a shot in her chest. She drops her gun and fall on the roof.
“Attain the killer!! Make sure she doesn’t kill anymore!!” As Bold commanded his officers to do.
“Let’s secure the area!” Declen said, “Get some medical assistant for our wounded!! I need them like yesterday ago!!! NOW!!!”



A few months have pass since the shooting with everyone moving on with their lives.


“Yo, Mari!!” As one Louise called her on the phone, “You down to hang with us tonight? I got some guy friends I can introduce you, too!”
“You know what? Yeah, I’m down.” Mari said, “I’m ready to get back on the horse.”
“OH yeah……” Louise said, “You sure you’re ready to get back in the dating world. I mean….after hearing about–”
“I know, I know….” Mari said, “But I don’t think he would want me to just mope over him. I do need to move on and his friends even advise that, too.”
“So you want to do it?” Louise said.
“Yeah, like I said, I’m down for it.” she said, “I don’t have work tomorrow anyway, so tonight’s a good night to mingle in the club and shit.”
“Thatta girl.” Louise said.


Malcolm and Cora are in bed after a morning quickie; in covers, naked and panting after what must be some good sex.
“Oh wow…..” Cora said, “I haven’t had sex this good since….. well, last night.”
“So, you loved it?” Malcolm said.
“Mal, I’m in bed naked with you and my hand is near your chest……” She said with a flirty smirk, “I think that indicates it.”
She goes in for another kiss.
“You want to go to Round 2, baby?” Malcolm said, “Because I can bring it and—”

“Please don’t!!!” However, someone from upstairs heard the whole thing and it was Rita. “The last thing I need to hear is my son’s moans from down there!”
“What the!?” Malcolm said, “She heard all that!?”
“Actually I did.” The other person was Adell. “I know because little Danny has been crying the whole time when y’all two were–”
“I thought we were being quiet!!” Malcolm said.
“Well…..” Cora said, “I admit I got a bit loud. Sorry, Adele. Sorry, lil Danny!”


Benz and Carly were also in bed but they are watching some internet videos before he had to go to work.
“Oh, that’s what I did wrong on that. I needed cilantro, not parsley.” Carly said.
“Yeah, but parsley isn’t as bad as cilantro.” Benz said, “That shit’s like green soap.”
“Aw, cilantro’s not that bad.” Carly said, “You like pico de gallo, right?”
“Yeah, but that’s because of the tomatoes, onions, jalapenos and other spices.” Benz said, “I know X likes it a lot and he doesn’t even like tomatoes that much.”
“Well, I can try again when we have dinner at Mom’s Sunday night.” Carly said.

“And we’ll be there!!” Oz shouted from his room.
“Count me in as well!!” Ellie shouted.

“You two still—”
“YES!” Oz and Ellie shouted.

Speaking of them, Oz and Ellie was still in his bedroom.
Oz has a very happy smile on his face while Ellie cozzing up to him after coitus.
“I told you would like that.” Ellie said, “You should see your face right now.”
“I can’t believe how messy it got.” Oz said. ”
“I wouldn’t say that messy.” Ellie said, “Even though I was the one that received it all over my body…. you naughty boy. I knew with my tits, you were going to explode.” She smiled and tongue-kissed him.
“And I would do it again.” Oz said, “But damn, it took a whole lot of me.”
“That’s OK.” Ellie said, “We can just play with each other’s chest and make out.” Both are kissing each other while touching their chests.



Lastly, at the public park……

Milla is busy doing her walk around the park, on her 5th lap.
“Hey, you keeping up with me?!” Milla yelled, “It seems you’re been going slower every time I pass you!!”
However, not far behind her is…..

“I think he’s still on lap 3.” That was Nikky behind her and Yuli following her as well.
“He also seems like he’s comfortable just walking.” Yuli said, “Maybe too much in his comfort zone.”

Right behind them both is, in fact, X and he has his phone listening to some music while he’s running.
“He must be in his singing zone.” Nikky said.
“Singing zone?” Milla questioned.
“Yeah.” Yuli said, “It’s whenever he gets into a song he really likes and seems like nothing else matters. He’s also really into 70s-80s soft rock for some reason.”


Joining behind them was X.
He was behind all of them as he was walking at his own pace, with a lot on his mind.

“Hey, y’all stop or something!?” He said loudly while still having earbuds in his ear.
Nikky then took them off for him.
“You sure like walking very slowly.” she said, “That and being distracted by 80s music.”
“I’m on my 3rd lap, same as you!”, X said.
“We came late!!” Yuli said, “We got an excuse!”

“They have a point, Xavion.” Milla said, “But at least it looks like you’re enjoying it more than before.”

“Maybe because we started to join y’all on this?” Yuli asked.
“That, too.” Milla said, “But he knows that he can’t talk what he usually say to y’all while I’m hear.”

“That’s why I whisper.” X said.
“I can hear that, too!!” Milla shouted, “I’m older, but I’m not stupid!! We’ll run for a few more minutes before going home.”
“All right, all right!!” X said, as he continues to walk but more faster. This time, Nikky is joining him.

“Hey…..” Nikky said, “Things with your mom going good?”
“Yeah, they have.” he said, “I mean, we still bicker every now and then but nothing ultra serious.”
“That’s good.” she said, “You coming over later today? I have the place to myself and you and me could play ‘Naughty Next-Door Neighbors’ and even spend the night….” She looks around if Milla heard any of that.
He made a satisfying smug smile.
“Oh, I love playing that game.” he said, “Sure thing.”
“Great!” Nikky said, “After this work week, I am in need of some pleasure.”
“All of us are.” X said.
“But for real, you need to walk a bit faster.” Nikky said, as she’s walking away faster than he does.
Then Yuli came along.
“I take it you two are going to be alone all day after this.” she said, “Yeah, I can read lips from you two. Good thing your mom doesn’t.” she said.

“UH…..yeah, I do, too.” Milla said, within earshot of her.

“OK, I’ve been wrong before.” Yuli said.
“Look, it’s fine you go to your girlfriend’s place after this. You’re an adult man.” Milla said, “But I do expect you back home soon. We got some moving things to do the next day! Remember, Carly moving in with Benz?”

“And Oz moving in with Ellie at her place and…..” X said, “Wait, should I just move in with Nikky and Yuli?”
“Uh……” Nikky and Yuli said, “We’re working on it.”
“Yeah, I’m not sure about my adult son living with two other women….” Milla said, “And believe me, girls, it’s not you I’m threatened about.” As she stares at X.
“Why you looking at me!?” X shouted.
“You know why!!” Milla said, “I know what goes on in your nasty mind with these two!!”

“MOM!!!” X shouted.
“Oh, come on!” Milla said, “Even if you didn’t do what I think you did a few months ago, you’d probably done it before!!”
“No, I haven’t!!”

As X and Milla is still arguing over that, Nikky and Yuli are walking alongside each other.

Yuli asked her, “So….. we don’t tell her you, me and him…..”
“We do not…..” Nikky said, “Besides, at least she doesn’t know what we do without X in our spare time.”
“That we will keep a secret for a long….long…. time.” Yuli said.
They continue to walk and talk as the sun sets on that day.


(C) 2019 KATANAPlus+ / Ctrl/Alt/Del Productions.

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