CAUTION / Chapter 6: Getting the JUICE



It’s been a few days since Wiley’s death as the police are watching over X, his family and the remainder of the survivors at the Cage’s home.
X is in his room, staring at the ceiling and staying silent and closed out from everyone and he meant everyone. 

Everyone else in the living room was discussing this. 

“Shit,” Malcolm said, “I’ve never seen X this fucked up over something.”
“Well, if you’re feel responsible for a friend’s death, you feel that way, too.” Cora said, “I mean, even though he got knocked out at that time, he feels like it’s his fault.”
“Well, we got the police protecting us now.”  Carly said, “We should feel safe.”
“How they’ll fare protecting us?” Mari said, “It’s not like the Howards won’t find a way to kill us even less.” 

Ellie then came out of the kitchen.
“Plus, all the girls were pissed about the police interfering with their work and not to mention, they were really angry about Swifty Sammy and Rell, especially Nikky and Yuli.”
Benz and Oz came back from their run to the store.
“Is X still in there?” Benz said.
“Pretty much.” Malcolm said, “We hasn’t moved from his exact position since yesterday. Yeah, he tossed and turned but he still in that mode.” 

“You talked to Nikky and Yuli and the others, El?” Oz asked her.
“I did with Nik and Yuli.” Ellie said, “They’re really concerned for him. They should be coming today to talk to him or something.”
A knock occurred at the door.
“That should be them.” Ellie said, “And if you excuse me, I have some cleaning to do…. Oz, care to join me?” She gave him a wink.
He knew what they meant. “Sure, Ellie, I love to.” They giggle as they head to her room. 

“Even in times of doom, they’ll still want to fuck.” Benz said. 


Nikky and Yuli arrived at the house later on, planning on retaliation. 

“Guys, I don’t know about this.” Yuli said, “Is X still in his loathsome state of mind?”
“More likely.” Carly said, “But look, we’ll talk to you two!”
“OK, we’ll go.” Nikky said. 

They enter the room and see X lying in bed with a vacant, depressed stare at the wall. 

“X?” Nikky said.
He grunted and sees Nikky and Yuli approaching him. However, he slowly turned away. 

“Can you just let me wallow in my self-pity and pathetic state?” X said, “I did enough to risk y’all safety.”
“Xavion….” Nikky said, “I get it. You feel like yo–“
“One of my friends died!!!” X shouted, “While I was got knocked the fuck out!!! I feel too ashamed to face anyone out there!!! I gave a big talk about myself on how I can take on the Howards and how much of a tough motherfucker I am!!! But that shit isn’t true!!! I was a foolish fuck!! I let that bitch get the best of me and even Swifty Sammy and Rell!! I’m nothing! I’m not shit!!”
He throws a liquor bottle to the wall.
“It got my homie killed! Now they’ll probably going to kill the rest of us for sure. I might as well lie down and let them kill me……”
Having enough of his self-pity party, both girls slapped him silly. 

“Why… would you say that about yourself?” Yuli said. 

“I get it…. we get it…..” Nikky said, “You have guilt over what happened and that’s fine. Owning your responsibility… that’s a mature thing to do but wallowing over it isn’t going to be better.”
“And neither is just giving up like that.” Yuli said, “You have too much to lose at this point! Your mom, aunt, Malcolm, Benz, Oz, Carly, Cora, Ellie, and Mari!!”
“I’m not even sure if I can make eye contact with her.” he said, “What do I say to the woman whose man got killed?” 

“Well…. you can say that to me now.” Then Mari came inside his room. 

“Mari.” Nikky, Yuli and X said.
“X…. I know that Wiley’s death hit hard for you as much as it did me and the rest.” Mari said, “I mean, when I first met y’all, you seemed like the one that was the most reserved out of you guys. Wiley was the wilder and crazier one of the bunch, Benz got that smoothness to him, Oz got that innocent charm, and Malcolm was always the funny motherfucker. You? You look like someone with more chill but unassuming.” 

“Unassuming?” he said.
“You know… people underestimate you in something.” Mari said, “Like if someone said that you can’t fight or shoot, but then when they test you, they notice you got some skills no one else knows of.” 

“Well, there’s that.” Nikky said, “When I met you the first time, I thought you would be like any other dumbass boy in school, but you have layers within you. You yearn to better yourself out of high school tough guy phase or at least, be tough without resulting to the usual stereotypes and do it to protect your friends and family. You’ve proven yourself that you’re above that bullshit even before this whole thing happened.” 

“And another thing you got that most never think of?” Yuli said, “You got the help of good friends and a support team.”
Nikky and Yuli both embraced X in a very tight hug.
He again teared up but more in a relieved state of mind.
“You feeling alright now?” Nikky said.
“I’ll get that there.” He said smiling, “But thank you, you two. Y’all are like the guardian angels that were sent to watch over me…. and occasionally have sex with me.”
Nikky and Yuli giggle at that. 
“So, you two do fuck him together?” Mari questioned. 

“OK, I won’t mention it to your moms.” she said, “It’s safe with me.”
“Got it!” 


Soon, all 4 of them came out of X’s room and X was swiftly dressed in black cargo pants, black t-shirt and black Nikes. 

“X? You back?” Malcolm said.
“Right now…..yeah, I’m back.” X said, “And I’m not letting them get away with what they did to Wiley.” 

“So you’re going to get the Howards?” Carly said.
“Yes….. but not yet.” X said, “I want to get the other guys responsible. Swifty Sammy and Rell.” 

“OH HELL YEAH!!” Nikky and Yuli shouted in eagerness.
“Question is….. where could they be?” X said, “And how do we get them?” 

“I’ll get the girls on it!” Nikky said.
“I’ll check the clubs!!” Yuli said. 

But then X thought of another factor in this.
“Wait… there’s one more thing….and it involves you, Oz.” he said.
“Huh?” Oz seems confused.
“You said that Carrie girl has been watching you…..well, make her follow you in somewhere and the rest aka Benz, Malcolm, Carly, Cora & Ellie will be waiting!” 

“WHAT!?!” Carly and Ellie shouted.
“THE HELL!?” Cora screamed, “You gone from broken to confident in a snap!”
“Look…..this is more about questioning her and trapping her at their own game.” X said, “Now listen…..” He then whispered the plan to them. 


THE NEXT DAY, 5 minutes to the final bell 

Coming in a jeep has Benz, Malcolm, Carly, Ellie and Cora waiting for Oz and keeping their eye on Carrie.
“I really hope this plan fucking works.” Malcolm said.
“And that we don’t get arrested for this shit!” Cora said.
“Relax….” Benz said, “From what X told us, we just need to be hidden in plain sight and when she’s all focused on Oz, we go for her!”
“I hope Ellie isn’t too afraid of this.” Carly said. 

Outside of there, Ellie is entering the school grounds to meet with Oz after the bell rings.
“OK, Ellie…” As she’s talking to herself silently, “You’re going to be fine. No one is going to kill you…..Oz will be here in a minute… you’ll feel more safe around him.”
“I GOT MACE AND I’LL KNEE YOU IN THE CROTCH!!” She screamed out only to be relieved that it’s Oz. “Oh, Oz….it’s you!! I feel less afraid.”
“What? It’s just Carrie.” Oz said.
“Yeah…. and the people that follow us last time.” Ellie said, “I think the guys should be around any minute now. “ 


As the bell rings, in come the students getting ready to head on the buses or their rides. Carrie was in the other building, doing her usual cover for her friends.
“Hmmmm…. I thought Oz would be right here today.” Carrie said.
“Yo, if you looking for Oz, he’s just leaving with his girlfriend, right over yonder!” She sees them exiting the school together. 

“Hey, Carrie!!” One student shouted, “Someone says that you’re getting a different ride from usual today.”
“Different ride?” She wondered.
As the ride pulled up, she seemed confused at what’s going on.
“What the hell?” Carrie said, “Since when Mom send someone else to pick me up?”
She got a message from her.
It says, “Your ride is in the White Jeep.”
“OK.” she said as she hops in. 

As she got in, she sees who’s next to her.
“Yo.” Benz said.
She instantly recognizes who he was.
“Oh shit!!” The doors were immediately locked. 

“Good afternoon,” Malcolm said, “We’re going to a different route home today.”
Then from behind, Carly injected something in her neck and she fell fast asleep.
“Damn, that was fast.” Malcolm said, “You use that strong shit?!” 

“It should knock her to sleep for an hour.” Carly said, “We just need to get her back to the location quick before she wakes up or if anyone is suspicious.”
“Good thing I know the location by heart.” Cora said. “Too bad it’s the alley where Malcolm and I first made out.”
“Hey, I didn’t have enough money that time!” Malcolm said, “That and someone ganked me for $30!” 



Carrie then woke up in an unknown, unlit and grungey room.
“What the…..”
A flashlight was turned on.
“Wakey, wakey…..eggs and bakey…..bitch.” It was X all in black. 

“What the hell? Cage?” Carrie said, “What you got me going on in here? You know they’ll come looking for me.” 

“Nah, I doubt it.” X said, “From what I heard, you went to a distant friend’s house today. They won’t hear from you for a while.”
“So what?” Carrie said, “You’re going to threaten and beat down a high school girl!? That’s not going to look good on you!!”
“Well, you’re right about that…..” X said,  “But here’s the thing….. I’m not going to do anything with you.”
Then behind her as the lights turned on, it was Nikky, Yuli, Alia, Ellie, Aries & Ronin.
“They are.” 

“Hello, Carrie…..” Nikky said.
“So you’re Nikky the Gunner….. and you got your whole squad all here for little ol’ me.” Carrie said, “And I see you know Oz’s girlfriend here.”
“Save it, bitch.” Ellie said, then gave her a sucker punch right in the mouth. 

“Oh, wow….” Carrie said, “I never figure you for the punchy type. I guess you’re more than just a pair of big tits for Oz to fondle.”
“But I did figure you to be the bitchy type.” Nikky said.
“Or at least the type that’s a bitch in sheep’s clothing.” Yuli said. 

“Well…..whatever you’re trying to do,” Carrie said, “I’m not telling you anything.”
“OK then.” Nikky said, “Alia, get the gun!”
Alia pulled out a shotgun and aimed directly at her head. 

“WAIT! WHAT THE FUCK!? A SHOTGUN?” Carrie screamed.
“And we will use it!!” Alia shouted, cocking the gun. 

“HOLD IT, GIRL!!” Nikky said, “We said that we’re scaring her with it. We can’t just shoot her.”
“Can I, then?” Ellie itching to grab the gun.
“ELLIE!!” Nikky and Yuli shouted.
“OK, OK….” she said, “I’ll stand here.” 

Then Aries had the spotlight with Carrie.
“Look, you know you’re in deep shit. You’ve been keeping tabs on Oz for some time now and we know that because of what happened a week ago.”
“A week ago?” Carrie got confused.
“GOONS TRY TO KILL US!!” Ellie screamed, “Along with me!! And Mari! And…..well……” 

“You know what we meant!!” Nikky said, “Now what you’re going to do… tell us where are they planning to do for the rest of the week. There’s where they are going, who are they meeting and what time we can show up to make an appearance.”
“You want me to snitch on my brothers?” Carrie said.
“You really don’t have a choice.” Yuli said, “If you’re thinking about escaping, you won’t survive getting out. We got weapons and can beat the shit out of you in a matter of minutes.”
“And one of us….” Ellie said, “Doesn’t have a problem with just killing you right here, right now.” 

“So…. what’s it gonna be?” Aries questioned her. 

Carrie actually thought about the repercussions to come.
“OK…..My bros are meeting those guys Swifty Sammy and Rell for payment down at the Metal Jackknife.” 

“Ah…..The Metal Jackknife.” X said, “That nightclub at Downtown.”
“You know they aren’t just going to let anybody in.” Carrie said, “You have to make reservations 2 months in advance!!”
“We can make some rearrangements.” Nikky said, “I believe Aries knows someone from there.”
“Well, I can have a talk with someone there.” Aries said, “Probably take me……5 to 6…..minutes. Excuse me, got to make a call.” She reaches for her cellphone, getting in contact with the club. 

“So, you just basically told me you’re going to kill my brothers in the club.” Carrie said, “I got one question: Why are telling me this? Won’t you be afraid that I might go back and tell them about your attack?”
“Nope.” X said.
Carrie seems confused.
“No? Well, why not?”
Then Nikky injected something in her neck.
“AAAHHHCK!” She shouted.
“Because we got a serum that’ll make you forget about the previous hour here, courtesy of Yuli.” he said, “We’ll drop you off at the nearest friend’s house and you’ll wake up all tired and forget all about this shit.”
“Oooh, you motherfuc–” She then suddenly fell asleep. 

“She knocked out?” Nikky said.
X poked her to see if she responds. She doesn’t.
“Out like a light.” X said.
“And now we know what to do.” Yuli said, “That is, if Aries can get us in.”
“Oh, we’re definitely in.” Aries said, who just got off the phone. 

“Good.” X said, “Then we’re set. We got something going on tonight!”
“So who’s going in there?” Aries said, “I know I have to.” 

“The plan is this….” Nikky said, “Me, Yuli, Alia, Aries & Ronin will be on Swifty Sammy and Rell, along with the brothers. We have to be hidden in plain sight. Blend in with the crowd and attack when they least expected.”
“And where do I come in?” X asked.
“Good question, X.” Nikky said, “When they come outside, you have the floor on attacking them with everything you got and I mean, everything!”
X smiled viciously at that remark.
“Nice.” X said. 

“Um….. what about me then?” Ellie said.
“Don’t worry, we’re dropping you off back at Benz and Oz’s place first.” Nikky said, “They’ll be extra protection for you once you get there.”
“Ah, thanks.” she said, “But just do all of us a favor…… please come back in one piece. We have enough trauma dealing with this.”
“Oh, we’ll get this done ASAP.” X said, “We’re putting an end to this shit once and for all.” 



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