CAUTION / Chapter 5: X Marks the SPOT




Ronin and Lina are now driving to the high school to pick up Oz and while Ellie is joining them for obvious reasons, Wiley and Mari are with them as well.

“OK.” Ronin said, “I get why Ellie is here…. but why you two?”
“We’re bored shitless.” Wiley said.
“And sitting there all day is causing it.” Mari said.
“So… you think that tagging along with us while Ellie and Oz will make out will make your day better?” Lina said, “You’re that bored at home?”

“Look,” Wiley said, “I would love to have sex with Mari right now—”
“Well, we did.” Mari said, “About two hours ago on the kitchen.”
“THE KITCHEN!?” Ronin and Lina shouted.
“Dude, I just ate a scone there!!” Lina screamed, “I don’t want to think about you two fucking there. At least Oz and Ellie have the decency to fuck in their room.”
“Thankfully their moans blend in the night.” Ronin said.

“UH…..can you not talk about me and Oz’s love life?” Ellie said, “Kinda disturbing.”

“You better hope that girl doesn’t see us.” Wiley said.
“Oz isn’t going to let that girl know we’re here.” Ellie responded, “I have complete faith in him.”

The final bell has rung and Oz is the first one out of there and he quickly got inside the car.
“Well, damn, that was fast!!” Ellie said, “Either you missed me a lot or you wanted to make sure no one particular saw you get in!!”
“It was both.” Oz said.
“Then let’s get a move on!!” Ronin said, starting up the car and getting ready to move.

“WAIT!!” Lina shouted.
“What?!” Ronin yelled.
“We’re mostly boxed in at this point.” Lina said, “We’re sitting ducks!”
“FUCK!” Wiley said, “They’re going to see the license plate and shit!!”

it looks like trouble might come sooner than later.
They see someone coming into the car, tapping the window.
“Ay……” One guy said.

“Yes,” Lina said, “Is something the matter?”
“I was wondering if you were to have some jumper cables. My car won’t start.” the guy said. However, he was hiding a pistol on him.
“I’m sorry, sir.” Lina said, “I think we left ours at home. I wish I could help you out more.”

Then he said, “Well…..I got one other way.”
However, Ronin saw the guy pulled the gun from him and she also sneaks a pistol on her.
“Get down!!” Ronin shouted.
He was about to shoot Lina but Ronin interfered and shot him in the chest.
“AAAHHHH!!!!!” Ellie screamed as hard with everyone hearing and seeing the whole incident.

“OH MY GOD!!!” One bystander started a panic and everyone was either running from the commotion or driving out of there in a panic.
“Drive us out of here!!!” Wiley shouted.
Lina punched the gas and drove out of there in a hurry.

“Oh man. Oh no!! Oh shit!!” Ellie is in panic mode. “They were here…… about to kill us. Oh my God!”
“Oh shit…” Oz said, “There were actual goons sent to kill us.”
“Goon.” Wiley said, “It was just one person. That’s not a reason to pa–”
“SPEAK FOR YOURSELF!!!” Ellie screamed, “I thought I was about to get shot for a moment!! Don’t tell me to calm down!”
“Wiley, maybe you just need to shut up right now.” Lina said, “You aren’t exactly the best person to talk about stuff like this.”

Then another car sneaks up and they rammed onto them.
“AAAHHH!!!!” Oz and Ellie screamed.
“And there’s another one!!” Mari shouted.
“I’m on it!!” Ronin screamed.

Ronin got the pistol and Wiley decides to get a gun from the back with Oz and Ellie are covering from danger.
“Come on, you sons of bitches!!” Wiley screamed. He was shooting their tires out, causing them to crash into a hydrant.
The other one got someone climbing out of the car, jumping on them and punching out the window.

He then grabbed Ellie.
“Let her go!!” Oz got a knife and stabbed him in the fingers.
He wouldn’t let go of Ellie and neither did Oz.
“Lay off, bitch!!” He shouted, “Your girl is coming with me!”

Lina then saw another way and she make a hard turn left, causing the guy to lose his grip and as Oz continue to stab his fingers, he pushes him off Ellie while catching her and he pushed out of the car, tumbling down as they speed away.

“Baby, you OK?” Oz said, holding Ellie.
She pants in fear and exhaustion. “Back there….. no. But with you, I’m all OK.” She was holding on to Oz very tightly.
“Ellie….if something were to happen to me….” Oz said, “I want you to know that I love you so much. Ever since I met you, I never want to be with anyone else but you!”
“Oz…..” She said, “I love you, too!” Both hold each other in embrace.
“Fucking hell….” Mari said, “I hope that was the last of them.”
“Well….” Ronin said, “Thankfully we’re almost home.”
“They’ll have more coming.” Wiley said, “That felt like a sample compared to what’s going to happen in the future.”
“I’ll call Nik to warn her ahead.” Lina said.
“Let’s just get home without anyone else trying to kill us.” Mari said


“THEY WHAT?!” Nikky said.
They were back at the apartment, telling everyone about the hit that happened.
“Those fools were probably waiting their move when we picked up Oz.” Wiley said, “I’m telling you, man. We got to take down those fucks ASAP!!”
“They probably know where we live at by now.” Malcolm said, “We either need to hide or fight or….. shit, I don’t know.”

Then Rita moved her stuff in the basement. “Well, I know what I have to do. I’ll be in the basement hiding in fear and hoping one of them doesn’t shoot me in the head.”
“What you got to worry about?” Malcolm said, “They aren’t going to shoot you!!”
“They did the first time back at home!!” Rita said, “They’ll come here with guns blazing and who knows what they’ll do with the rest of us.”

“Is there room back there?” Adell said, trying to move but has trouble with the huge baby bump on her.
“And not to mention we got a pregnant woman here!!” Rita shouted, “I hope you girls got something to protect her and us with!!”

“OK, OK, OK!!” Yuli said, “Everyone, calm down!”
“We are very prepared for something like this to happen!!” Nikky said, “Alia and the rest of us will be watching on every radar, screen and whatever way they’ll come. All we need to do is stay away from windows, be out of sight and….. well, that’s it.”


X is seen preparing himself with a pistol, a chopper and a TEC-9.
Benz came in the room and sees…
“X, the fuck are you doing?”
“Preparing myself?” He said.

“The fuck you got those guns from?” Benz said.
“Uh….. HERE!!” He said sarcastically, “I got them from a storage closet downstairs. What? You got a problem?”
“YEAH!” Benz said, “You got one for me?”
He hands him two pistols.
“Here’s a couple. I got more on me.” X said.

As they were loading their guns, Malcolm then came in wondering this whole scene.
“So….. y’all got guns, too?”
“Too?” X and Benz said.
“Yeah…..Mom got a piece in her pocketbook.” Malcolm said.


4 cars pulled up at the apartments, all SUVs and it looks like the Howards have found their hiding place.
“So….. this is the spot?” Barry said.
“Well, those two assholes said that they were right here.” John said, “Must be it.”
“Then let’s get to it!!” Dustin shouted, “Time for them to fade to black!”

“HEY!!” Colleen shouted, “You dumbfuck!! We can’t give them any signs that we’re here!!”

“TOO LATE!!!!” Ronin shouted, watching them. She rang the alarm and now everyone knows they’re here.
“Fuck it!!” Dustin screamed.

He shotgun blasts the door open.
“Come on out, X, you fuck!!” Dustin screamed his lungs out.

He then proceeds to shoot out the windows among other things.

There were scurried feet as something was heard going for downstairs. The rest of the Howards came with guns blazin’.
Then something came upstairs.
“Look up!!” John shouted.

It was a bomb coming downstairs in the air, exploding shrapnel and hitting everywhere with them being blown back.
Dustin was blown back in and out of the window and into a trashcan.

“AAAHH!!! OW!!” Dustin screamed as he got some glass on his bleeding back.
“Damn, those girls are crafty.” Colleen said.
“A bit messy.” Barry said, “We got to find another way!!”

Meanwhile, the ones hiding downstairs were Milla, Rita, Adell, Lina, Oz, Ellie, Malcolm, Cora, Carly & Mari.
“Sshhh….” Lina said, “We should try and not make any sudden movements.”
“Unm, that’s what we’re doing.” Rita said, “I got a pistol in case they came down here.”
“Wait….” Cora said, “Oh no, we’re missing a few people. Where’s…..”

X is outside the hallway with a chopper and he spots one of the Howards with a machine gun.

X fires back, shooting at the roof.
“AAHH!!” It was Barry. “Are you Xavion Libra Cage?”
“Who wants to fucking know!?” X shouted.

“AH! It is you then!!” Barry fires back. “Oh, you cheeky motherfucker! I’m going to enjoy killing you!!”
“Oh, really?” X said, “Well, if anything for me, this will be a repeat like I did with your brother!!”
“Then maybe I’ll do your family like I did your friend!!” Barry said, “I know about your mom, your older sister, your girlfriend, your cousin, your best friend and his brother and his brother’s girlfriend— basically your whole circle of friends and don’t think I’ll get my brothers to kill them right in front of you just so you’ll suffer more…..”

X fired off a couple of rounds at Barry; he fell down some stairs with X about to stomp on him but Dustin fired a shot in the shoulder, propelling X down the hallway and Dustin on top of him.

“Gotcha, you big fucker!!” Dustin shouted, with a butcher knife.
Then suddenly, Nikky knocked him out, tumbling all the way downstairs.

“X!! You alright?” Nikky shouted.
“I had him. I almost…..had…. him…..” He said with doubt.

“Why are you out here? You need to take cover!!” Nikky shouted.
“No way in hell!!” X said, “I’m killing those motherfuckers tonight if it’s the last thing I do!!”
“That can be arranged, bitch!!” John shouted by the window. He grabs a shotgun, aimed at X but him and Nikky make a run for it.


X then fired back with his pistol and Nikky shooting out the lights, causing John to lose some light in his view.
“FUCK!!!” John said, “I lost him!!”
“Get the night vision!!” Dustin screamed, “Those two got to be somewhere.”


Dustin was still searching for X & Nikky in the hallway, fully armed and ready.
“HA! Gotcha!!” He spotted nothing behind the next room….but he found another person.

“KIYAH! BITCH!!” It was Benz, lunging forward and grabbed Dustin by the throat and threw him to the grandfather clock.
“Who the hell was that?!” Barry said.
Meanwhile, Yuli and the rest of the girls spotted the men and are ready to fire.

“Get ’em, girls!!” Yuli shouted.
They all laid suppressive fire on them as they kept running from the bullets.

“SHIT!!!!” John said, “These bitches ain’t playing!!! Wait, where’s—”


As for what Colleen is doing, she is going downstairs to see where the others have hidden themselves.
“Hmmm….. if I were a group of scared fucks, where would I be?”
She puts on these transparency googles and she sees them  hiding in the basement.

She tries to open the door, but it’s locked.

“You ain’t getting in, bitch!!” Rita shouted, “You need to get the fuck on! We just called the police!!”
“Liar!!” Colleen shouted.
“Well, I called them!!” Milla said.
“You bullshitting me!!” She screamed back.

Cora groans.
“Lady….. we got cell phones here and a cordless phone. We got time to call and have them here in less than a minute!!”

“Wait… a cordless phone?” Colleen said, “OK, 2003, nice throwback!!”
“Ah, people still need phones that aren’t just smartphones!!” Cora said, “Businesses still use those phones!!”
“OK, enough with this shit!!” Colleen shouted. She shoots open the door with her gun aimed at all of them for shooting.


“All right, which one of you back-talked me earlier?” Colleen shouted.
Cora decides to play dumb. “I don’t know.”
“It was you, wasn’t it?”
“SHIT!!!” She silently said.

“Get your big ass up here before I shoot your lover in his face!” Colleen threatened her.

“Bitch, I dare you!!” Malcolm shouted, pointing a gun to her.
She let off some bullets in the ceiling. The gun still smoking aimed to his head.
“You want to fuck with me now, boy?” Colleen said.

“Baby…I’ll be fine.” Cora said.
Colleen then grabbed Cora by force.
“I wouldn’t want that to be my last words to him.” Colleen said to her, “Who knows? Say the wrong thing and you could end up with your brains on the wall.”

However, Milla and Rita aren’t going to take this down.
“HEY!!” Milla said, “If you gonna rough up someone… might as well be me.”

“Ms. Milla, what are you doing?” Cora whispered.
“Yeah, what the fuck are you doing?” Rita whispered.
“Look, I got this.” Milla said, “Don’t worry.”

Colleen then let go of Cora in exchange for Milla.
“Well, well, well…. the mother of the son who executed one of my men! Never thought we would ge– OK, I did think we would get close. I know by the end of the night, you and your son and daughter and everyone here will be dead.”
“Fat fucking chance!!!” Rita said, “If anyone’s gonna die, it’s those bitches trying to shoot at our—”
Colleen then slapped Rita in the mouth.
“MOMMA!!” Malcolm said.
“If you talk…..” Colleen said, with the gun pointed at Rita’s head, “I will shoot your ass!!! For 2 fucking months, we planned on executing the man who shot our Joel and any witnesses there! We scoped out everything about all of you!! From where your daughter shops to where that boy goes to school to where Malcolm sneaks a couple of Nutty Bars at home.”
“You took my damn Nutty Bars?” Rita questioned, giving him suspicious eyes.
“Not the right time, Mom.” Malcolm said.

“And even taking care of this pregnant whale….” As she referring and insulting Adell.

“Oh, fuck you!!” Adell shouted, “Your sorry son of a bitch guy killed my husband and now you’re trying to kill me?! For what!?”
“Your husband owed us a lot of money!!” Colleen said, “Him and a bunch of other local vendors/owners had the balls to go against us! His death did made them think twice about fucking with us!!”

“So sending some fuck to kill a small businessman……” Carly said, “That’s just some low shit!”

“Well, I didn’t just send some fuck down there…..after all, he is my son.



Back in the battlefield (or up top), X, Benz, Nikky, Yuli and the girls are battling it out against the brothers in a gun battle.
“Shoot them bitches!!!” Dustin shouted, “COME ON!! TAKE ME ON!!!”

Ronin threw a grenade near Dustin. It exploded, sending him to another room as he bleeds all over from the shrapnel.

“We got the fucker!!” Benz shouted.
He rushes to shoot Dustin but then Barry jumped out of the closet and smacked Benz with his machine gun.
“Don’t move, punk!” Barry shouted, “You’re done!!”

But then, lurking from the shadows, X got a copper wire and used it to choke Barry.
He had a strong hold on his neck, choking the life out of him while punching him at that.
“You’re the one who’s done….. like your bitch brother!!” X said, “I should’ve filleted his balls and throw ’em out!!!”

Barry got out of his grip by knocking him on his chin.

“You shit-talking little fucker!” Barry said, “You ain’t got the balls to deal with me, you little bitch!!”
“DUCK!!” Aries shouted. She fired a bomb straight at Barry and X ducked out of the way as it explodes and he fell sideways from the fire.
Nikky and Yuli kept on firing at Barry until he scurried onto another room.

“Nik! Yuli!” X shouted.
“X?” Yuli and Nikky said.
“Over here, too, man!!” As Benz didn’t want to be forgotten.

“OK, you two need to be out of sight right about now!” Nikky said.
“What you mean? He got this!” X said.
Some more goons came in and Yuli shot them behind her back.
“NO… don’t.” Yuli said, “We got this handled. Just…. go downstairs with the others. They might need you more!”
“Honey, look, we got it from here.” Nikky said, “Go see if your mom and sister are OK. Benz, you too with both Carly and Oz.”
“On it.” Benz said, “X, you coming?”

X sighs. “All right, all right, I get to them.” Him and Benz runs off to the basement.


Back at the basement…..

“Yes…. your son killed my son…..” Colleen said, “So, I feel like what’s fair is fair and well, you know the rules.”
“Fair?” Milla shouted, “Your son killed one of my son’s friends for some stupid bullshit!”
“And trying to kill them and me as well?” Adell shouted, “And with an unborn child!?”

“Like that child will have a good life raised in that shit heap of a store.” Colleen said, “OK, you know what? I’m through wasting time. I’m just going to waste one of you and I’m picking….” She immediately grabs Ellie by the hair.
“AAAAHH!!!!” she screamed.
“Ellie!!!” Oz screamed, “LET HER GO! LET HER GO!!!”

“Well…..Little Oz must be worried that I’ll possibly fillet his girlfriend in front of him!”

“I will kill your ass!” Oz shouted.
“And then she’ll be dead, too, bitch!” Colleen shouted.

Then suddenly, X and Benz busted in on them.
“What the– THE FUCK ARE YOU?” X said.
“BENZ!!” Oz shouted, “This bitch is going to kill Ellie!! Don’t let her!!!”

“Or better yet…” Colleen pushes Ellie out of the way and proceeds to get Carly. “How about your own sister?”
“CARLY!!!” X, Benz and Milla shouted.
“Well, I’m sure you don’t want this young lady killed by your negligence.” Colleen said.

“Get off me!” Carly shouted.
“Wow, all of you really don’t like being held against your will… about……”
Colleen then grabs Mari by the collar.
“What the fu–” Mari shouted, “Will you stick with a target already and stop fucking us around!”

“So kill you? SURE!” Colleen suggested with a knife pointed to her throat.

Then….. *PUNCH!!!*

X punched Colleen down on the ground.
“Oh wow….you just decked a woman in the face.” Colleen said, “Is this how your mother raised you?”

X then got up to her face. “Well, I was raised not to hit a defenseless woman. You, on the other hand…..”
He then bum-rushes her to the laundry room, using the washer door to slam on her head. Colleen threw some dryer lint at his eyes and punched him right at his face.
“FUCKING CUNT!” He then tripped her down and body-slammed her to the ground. She then found a bat and decked X by his knees, falling to the ground and knocked unconscious.

Colleen was smacking him with the bat over and over.
“You are really making this easy for me!!” Colleen said, “I’m gonna enjoy beating the shit out of you!!”
All of a sudden, Wiley jumped in the way and slammed down Colleen.
“You ain’t smacking my homie around!!” He kept punching and kicking Colleen, “You a dead bitch!!”
Growing tired of this, Colleen got a knife and slit his Achilles’ tendon.
“AAAHH!!!” Wiley shouted.

“WILEY!!” Mari shouted.
“You fucking bitch!!” Wiley screamed, “You think you’re gonna leave with yourself intact?”

Colleen then smokes a cigarette and then she burned him with it in his face.
“You know, maybe you shouldn’t have turned down that offer.” Colleen said, “You know, that offer from Swifty Sammy and Rell.”
“The fuck you know about them?” Malcolm shouted.
“Because THEY’RE MY INFORMANTS!!!” she shouted, “And I knew this guy wouldn’t buy into them because his loyalty to those damn girls!!!”

“So sending them was another trick to find us!?” Wiley shouted.
“Correct you are, Mr. Wiley!” Colleen shouted, “But now….you know too much and just like any witness we found in 2 months.”
She loads her gun and violently shoots Wiley.

“AAAAHHH!!!!” Mari screamed, trying to get to him but Cora and the others had to hold her back.
“WILEY!!! WILEY!!!!”
“You little bitch!!” Malcolm screamed, “You fucking cunt!!”
She then shoots Malcolm in the shoulder.
“AAH!” Malcolm said, “DAMN!!”
“Malcolm!!” Rita screamed, aiming her gun to Colleen, “If you fucking dare…..”

“Or what?!” Colleen said, “Bitch, I dare you!”
More shooting is happening upstairs with the brothers vs. the Girls.
“Give ’em all you got!!!” Yuli shouted, firing back and throwing grenades at them.

“Damn, these bitches are throwing everything but the kitchen sink!!” Dustin shouted.
“THROW THE SINK!!!” Alia shouted.
Ronin launched the sink towards John and Barry. Both of them jumped out of the way before it landed on them.

“THE FUCK!? They actually throw sinks!?” Dustin shouted.
“Oh, fuck this!” John threw a tear gas bomb.

The spray got near Yuli’s eyes.
“AH! FUCK!” Yuli screamed, “It got me!”
“YULI!” Nikky yelled. “Fuck!”
“We got y’all now!!”
One of them shot at Yuli in her leg. “AAAHH!!!”
“You’re dead now, bitch!!” One of the goons shouted.

Alia came in with a life-saving move by shooting the goon in the eyes.
Nikky then shot the other two goons behind her.

However, the police are arriving as the sirens were getting louder and louder.
“Shit, we got to go!!” Barry said, “Someone, get Mom and tell her that it’s time to go!!”


Colleen did in fact hear the sirens and she lowers her gun and just decides to leave.
“You know what? We’re not done here.” she said, “Watch your ass next time…..” She fled into the darkness and disappears.


Soon the girls were coming from the battle upstairs to down.
Nikky was carrying Yuli down and as they got downstairs, first thing they see is Mari on the floor crying and screaming in front of Wiley’s lifeless body.
“What the—” Nikky said, “WHAT HAPPENED DOWN HERE!?”

She then looked to her right and see X laying down as well.
“No…… X!!!” she shouted, “What’s going on!?”

“It was Colleen!” Cora shouted, “She came in here, threaten to kill anyone here but then Wiley tried to attack her but—”
“NOW HE’S DEAD!!” Mari yelled and crying.

“Oh God…..” Nikky said, “What about X? What happened to him?”

“Colleen knocked him unconscious with a bat.” Benz said.
“And I got shot, too.” Malcolm said, holding his wound. “Oh, and worse of all……. you remember Swifty Sammy and Rell?”
“What? WHAT?” Nikky asked.
“They are her informants.”



X then woke up inside a hospital with all IVs hooked to him.
“What the? Where the hell am I?”
The people he sees before him are Detectives Declen and Bold and one of the nurses Melinda, another aunt he knows.
“Huh? Aunt Melinda?”
“Oh, thank God, you woke up!” Melinda said.

“Mr. Cage?” Declen said, “It’s Detective Declen and Bold once again.”
“You had quite the nasty hit in the head.” Bold said, “But you got worse matters on you and yours.”

“All I remember is that damn Colleen Howard hitting me in the head and shit!” he said, “How I–”
“Your mom brought you here when the police came.” Melinda said, “You were injured pretty bad but you managed to make it….although—”
“What?” he said.

He sees Milla coming in with bloodshot eyes and wiping tears from her face.
“Mom……what happened?” X asked.
She didn’t want to say anything to invoke his anger but she had no choice.
“X, it’s Wiley.”
“Wiley?” X said, “What happened to him? Is he alright? He’s in the other room?”
“He….. got shot.” Milla said, “By Colleen.”
The shocked look on his face as the news was told.
“What….. what….no. NO. It can’t be.” he said.


“Sadly, it’s true.” Declen said, “Mr. Bailey suffered from multiple gunshot wounds to the chest. His chances of survival were less than zero.”
He didn’t know what to say.
He was stunned that he was speechless.
Then a tear came from his eyes.
“Xavion…..” Milla solemnly said.
He was trying to hold himself together but the more tears came, he then….
“AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!” he screamed with anguish.
He then sob uncontrollably.
“NO! NOOOO! NOO!! Wiley!!!!! Oh GOD!!!” Milla then went over here to console him. “FUCK!! This was on me!!! This is my fault! Oh God!!! NO!!!!”
Melinda then had to help calm him down along with Milla.
“I vowed to protect everyone…… and I couldn’t!!!” He screamed. A few more nurses had to come in and they went on to sedate him.


As he was resting, the detectives have a talk with Milla.
“Ms. Cage,” Bold said, “We should advise you and the rest of your family to be under our protective custody.”
“Protective custody?” Milla said, “Under the police?”
“We think it would be wise to under our protection.” Declen said, “You’ve already lost one witness and several others have been injured in this, including your nephew.”
“And as for the ones who were protecting you,” Bold said, “…. Yeah, I’m not sure why you got these girls to protect you, especially someone like Nicole Astra Tavares aka Nikky the Gunner.”
“She isn’t known for any criminal activity,” Declen said, “But she and her crew are known to be wreckless and can put anyone in the line of fire.”
“Are you sure?” Milla said, “I mean, I knew her for almost 13 years. She’s one of my son’s closest friends.”
“So, both of them are knocking boots, then?” Bold inappropriately asked.
“DETECTIVE!!” Declen said, “I’m sorry about that rude remark but it seems like your son let his ego and his favoritism get in the way of a proper way to protect all of you.”

Speaking of Nikky, she just arrived to see X in his room while the detectives were leaving.
“Ms. Milla, how is he?” she asked.
“Well….” Milla said, “He calmed down a bit after screaming and crying after hearing about Wiley.”
“Ohh….” Nikky said, “I guess it’s not a good time to see him?”
Milla thought about it. “Well, he isn’t any stress right now.”
“Don’t worry, I’m not going to try and cause him any trouble.” Nikky said, “At least that’s what those detectives thought.”

She walks in the room and sees X sleeping.
“All right, I’ll be quiet.” Nikky whispered, “Besides, he does look peaceful when he’s asleep.”
However, she does see a few teardrops coming down his eyes.
“Although what goes on his mind isn’t peaceful at all.” She said, very worried for him.


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