CAUTION / Chapter 4: The GIRLS





“So……” Nikky said, “You all know, huh?” As she and Yuli are both talking to Benz, Carly, Malcolm, Wiley, Mari & Cora while X, Oz and Ellie are listening and also speaking to Milla, Rita, Adell and the rest of the girls via Skype at their home.

“We’re dead men…..” Wiley said, “Fuck it, we’re dead men! Whoever is trying for us, we can’t stand up to them.”
“Dude…..” Benz said, “We kicked one of the guys’ asses and fought off those shooters.”

“And what?” Wiley yelled, “They’re suddenly scared of us?”
“Wiley, calm down.” Nikky said, “We did some research about who might come after all and…. the results is that the Howard Brothers are looking to avenge their brother’s death.”

“Ah shit….” Malcolm said, hanging his head in doubt.

“Ah shit is right.” Cora said, “I heard about those guys. They collect from all the local businesses around the area as they own a majority of the block around here.”
“They’re spoiled rich fucks, huh?” X questioned.
“Well, rich for here.” Yuli said, “They’re not exactly millionaires but they consider themselves elite.”

“According to intel….” Nikky said, showing files in her computer, “The brothers consist of the leader and eldest Barry, the middle child Dustin, formerly the other middle and more aggressive brother Joel and the younger more tech-focused brother John.”

“And there’s one more but……not a brother but more of the head of the family…….” Yuli said, “Colleen Howard.”
“The Head Bitch herself.” Nikky said, “Barry may be the brains of the brothers but she…….she is the brains of the whole damn family.”
“Family?” X said, “There’s more of them?”

“Well, one more…..” Nikky said, “And this one is about Oz’s age.”
“Hey, Oz!!” Benz said, “Quit making out with Ellie!! This is important and your ass needs to listen!!”
“Hmmm?” Oz said.
“The youngest is a teenager. You heard of Carrie Howard?”

Oz tries to think of someone by that name.
“I think I do……wait. One of my friends is friends with a girl with that name.”

“Well, son of a bitch.” Wiley said, “She might try and seduce you, get close to her and then when the–”
“Wiley….” Oz said, “Have you seen me making out with Ellie recently? I haven’t thought of another woman since.”
“This is true.” Ellie said, “My Ozzie would never go astray for another woman.”

“Also true.” Yuli said, “They pleasure each other more than that one time me, Nikky and X–” However, that last part was very silent and X and Nikky got freaked out at her almost mentioning something taboo. “I mean, yeah, let’s go with that!”
Mari noticed that, “The hell you say?”
“NOTHING! SHUT UP!!” Yuli snapped.

“Anyway….” Nikky said, “I’m not saying we should cower in fear and have them rule our lives forever. Me and the girls will figure out a way to bring their asses down.”
X didn’t like the sound of that plan.
“So I just lie on my back and let you handle the business?” X said, “NO DICE. I want those fuckers and their heads!!!”
Yuli sighs, “Hold on, X….you just can’t go gung-ho on them!! They might be expecting it…. they always do whenever witnesses try to fight back. Did we mention every time this happens, some try to fight back and yet the Howards win and they end up dead?”
“Precisely.” Nikky said, “X, I know you feel it like your bones that you want to do anything to protect everyone but we have to come up with a plan that’ll keep everyone alive and safe.”
“Plus, jumping the gun too early might get you killed.” Alia said, “We can’t risk anything!”
Carly got very concerned but had a calm demanor on it.
“Xavion, I need a word with you.” She drags him to the other room. “Eh, we’ll be right back.”

“Yeah, sis?” X said.

Then calm went right out of the window.
“This isn’t the time to act like some dumb-ass action hero! You heard what they said!! These guys are nothing to fuck with and stop acting all hard in front of everyone!!”
“First off…” X said, “What the hell are you doing? Playing big sister now?”
“I AM YOUR BIG SISTER!!” Carly said.
“And I’m the one that stabbed and shot that fucker, remember!?” He silently said, “Don’t act like I’m just some scared little kid anymore. I grew up past that!!”
“No, you didn’t!!” Carly yelled, “You put up a facade like you got it handled! Especially when it comes to girls like Nikky and that other girl with her!”

“And what?” X said, “I should just bow to whatever shit you say even though most of the time you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about and whenever you fuck up, you act the same as me…. except worse because you’re under the guise of ‘Do as I say, not as I do’ and that statement is all full of shit!!”

“Why do you act like I can’t do anything right?!” Carly said, “You say that about me and Mom!!”

“Because I’m the one having to protect you from bullshit all the time!!” X said, “From every asshole ex-boyfriend you have to friend that eventually stabs you in the back, you’re practically a target!”
“And you!?” Carly said, “Always getting horny over some girl and–”
“AND NEITHER IS BENZ!!!” Carly yelled, but also revealed her secret.


“AH……Wait, what?” He said, “Benz? The fuck does….”

She sighs.
“I was planning on telling you for a while……but me and Benz……we…..have been dating for a while.”
X looked befuddled and confused at this reveal.
“So…’re dating Benz?”

“Yes…… I’m dating Benz.” Carly said, “For about 5 months now.”
“5 months?”

“Look…” she said, “At that time, it was like maybe half a year since me and Eko had that break-up and you decided to stomp him down.”


“You put your fucking hands on her, nigga!!!?” It was the time that X saw Eko at the street and he beats Eko with a brick he found and smacked him repeatedly with it.
“I heard you and your boys tried to jump me earlier!! I beat them fuckers up, too!!” He dragged Eko to a dealership and slammed his head to a display car’s window.

“He’ll pay for that.” X said, walking off.


“Well…. while you were doing that,” Carly said, “I was out doing a little shopping and I just happened to run into Benz…..”


“Carly!” Benz shouted as he saw her at the produce aisle.
“Benz! Hey!!” Carly said, “Nice running into you here.”
“Same here.” he said, “You doing your mom’s shopping again?”
“No, this is more solo shopping.” Carly said, “I wanted to try out this recipe I saw online.” She showed him what she was trying to make. It’s an apple rose tart.
“Hmm. Nice.” Benz said, “Looks tasty and cute…..”

“You talking about me or the dessert?” Carly flirted with him.
“If I say yes, will a fist be in my face?” Benz asked.

She gave a good hearty laugh at him, with a little snorting.
“Oh, Benz…..I needed a good laugh.” Carly said, “Sometimes you put me in a good mood these days. Hey, you don’t mind coming to our house later on? If you and maybe Oz would like to come for dinner?”

“Hmmmmm…..” Benz is thinking about it. “Well, I should give Oz a chance for a good meal tonight rather than instant ramen or fast food. I’d be delighted to come.”
“Nice!!” She shouted and hugged him a bit.

“Wait, so that one time he came over and you made that apple rose tart pie thang…..” X said, “That’s when y’all started–”
“I’m not finished yet.” Carly said.

It was after dinner and Carly decided to take Benz and Oz back home.
“Hey, thanks for driving us home.” Benz said, “I promise as soon as my car is fixed, I’ll pay you back.”
“Don’t worry!” She said, “You’re practically family to us….although family often cheap-skates their way out of shit often.”

“So, is that a ‘you’re good but don’t wait too long’?” Benz questioned.
“Yeah.” Carly said, “Let’s go with that.”


It was around midnight that she was still hanging around at his place.
Her and Benz were busy watching Netflix and she was getting very, very cozy to him.
“Carly, you alright?” Benz asked.
“Yeah…..” She said, “You’re not getting too bothered by me laying on you, right?”
“You feeling sleepy?” he asked.
“Not sleepy….. but more….” She put her arm around him.

“You can put your arm around me. I don’t mind.” Carly said.
He proceeds to do so.
His arm feels her back, spotting her bra strap.

“Hey….. it’s pink, by the way.” she whispered in his ear, “Wanna see?” Carly then kissed Benz as hard as she could.
He was left confused and smiling.
“Wow, Carly…..” Benz said, “I didn’t know you feeling for me like that. Oh shit…. X!!”

“Don’t worry about X.” Carly said, “I’ll take care of it. You just have to worry about….” Then she removed her clothes, all down to her pink bra and panties.
She then kisses him and soon both are making out on the couch.


“OK, I’m just going to stop at there.” X said.
“Yes, me and Benz are in love.” Carly said, “We were trying to tell you those months but you always either in your head or just not wanting anything to do with us.”
“Or maybe I have my own life not dependent on whatever you got going on.” X said, “Stop acting like I’m supposed to drop everything for you.”
“You wake up, you work, then come back home and sleep!!” she said, “That’s not exactly that exciting of a life.”
He walks off to the other room, “At least that’s more comforting than this shit………” Thus ending the conversation.




X woke up feeling groggy and aggravated after last night’s talk with Carly and was already in an annoyed mood.
He had some music playing on his phone with earbuds to clear his mind.
Nikky and Yuli spotted him on the bed laying down.

“He’s been like this all morning.” Nikky said, “Mainly playing that same song throughout.”
“What’s the song?” Yuli asked.
“‘I Just Wanna Stop’ by Gino Vannelli.” Nikky said, “A few months ago, he listened to it and he loves the fuck out of it. He says that it keeps him in a calming mood. I even spotted him singing it when he thinks he’s alone. He’s not that bad at it.”

“The guys got a singing soul, does he?” Yuli wondered curiously.
“He makes a lot of playlists on whatever he listens to.” Nikky said, “Hip-hop, R&B, some alternative pop/rock, synth type of stuff and whatever that other weird genre he listens to….something wave.”
“Vaporwave?” X shouted, as he heard their talk, “Also, hello there. I’m awake.”

“Had a good night’s sleep?” Yuli said, “You don’t…..want it to stop, don’t you?” Lingering on to those lyrics of that song.
“IT’S A DAMN GOOD SONG!” X shouted.
“I told her, I told her.” Nikky backed him up on that.
“No teasing but I didn’t know you got a soulful side of you.” Yuli said, “Usually you’re very cold and distant….at least from others besides Nikky and me.”

“I just open myself to the right people…..Nikky is one of them.” X said, “And you know what? You are, too.”

“Well…..” Yuli said, “Since we’re close, can you tell us what’s been bothering you this morning? You look….. bothered…..”
“OK, here’s this…..”


“You told your brother about us?” On the other spectrum, Benz was talking to Carly on the phone while he’s on break. “Oh shit, how much did he freak out?”

“He didn’t freak out.” Carly said, “He never even seemed bothered by it.”

“Huh?” Benz seemed confused, “Well… least it wasn’t in anger. Shit, here I am thinking your brother like he’s your daddy.”

“My problem with him is that…..” Carly paused as she sees some car slowly passing her by as she’s walking to the market.
“Huh? Carly?” Benz said.
“Oh…..sorry about that.” she said, “I swear I thought someone is tailing me or something.”

“Tailing y–” Benz got worried there. “You got one of Nikky’s girls watching you?”
“It’s just a walk to the store.” Carly said, “It’s not that crucial! Look, I got to run. I’ll call you later, sweetie. Bye-bye, love you!” She hung up.


“Wait….. you’re not mad at your sister for dating your best friend?” Yuli said, “That’s…. actually a supportive and mature thing to do.”
“Yeah…” X said, “But as always, she treats me like I’m too unstable to deal with shit. I hate that bullshit!”

“You should she said something like that?” Nikky said, “Babe, you know how you get when it comes to this.”
“She said something about how I’m always in my head and that I push people away.” X said.
“Well……” Nikky and Yuli said.

“Oh, COME ON!!”
“Xavion, listen!” Nikky said, “You know I love you with all my heart and soul but you are very distant towards people… well, excluding me and Yuli because we know you well.”
“Plus, we’re the best!!” Yuli bragged, “But you know we can’t be the only ones you confide to for every problem.”
“I don’t want to bother you with every problem!” X said.
“I get that.” Nikky said, “But sometimes you don’t k–”

The phone rings.
“Hello?” Nikky said, “UH? Benz? What are you doing calling this number?”

“Nikky, look.” Benz said, “I got a call from Carly. She said that she thinks someone is tailing her and I’m getting worried.”
“WHAT!?” Nikky said, “Why she didn’t get one of the girls to keep a good eye on her?”
“That’s what I said!” Benz said, “Wait! Is X there? Put him on!!”

“Hello!” X shouted, “Benz…..yeah, I heard. Look, where did she go?”
“The Market, down next to the convenience store.” Benz said, “The one Mr. Lyles’ daughter runs.”
“All right. I’ll be down there.” X said, “Along with some help……where that Aries girl at?”
As Carly was getting ready for checkout, she was lucky enough to be in Louise’s (Mr. Lyles’ daughter) aisle.
“Hey, Carly!” Louise said, “You shopping for your moms again?”
“Hey, Louise….” she said, “A little but mostly it’s all me.”
“AH, you doing you. That’s cool.” Louise said, “I heard that you’re dating that guy…… what’s his name…. Benz. Isn’t he one of your brother’s friends?”
Carly sighs, “Yeah, yeah, he is.”
“Oh… trouble in paradise already?” Louise asked.
“No, it’s not that.” Carly said, “Me and Benz are fine….but I think I pissed off my brother last night.”

While she’s talking to Louise, one person was suspiciously reading a magazine while having a close view on Carly.
That person had a knife on them.

“Wait, he’s not mad?” Louise said.
“I don’t think he cares enough!” Carly said, “You know him being mostly in his head and kind of a loner.”
“Well, he got those girls he loves to hang out with.” Louise said. “At least he isn’t some of my brothers or dad that always get aggro whenever a cute guy notices me.”
“At least they show they care…” Carly said, “Although probably not the best way….wait, why am I mad?”

The person then duck again as they await for her to get to the exit.
“We probably should talk it out whenever I see him again.” Carly said, “I’ll talk to you later, L.”
“Alright, see ya, Carly.” Louise said, “Tell your mom, Rita and Adell I said hi.”
“WIll do!” she yelled.

Carly is walking out the store. She is heading her way home but the person rushed out of the store, coming straight her with a knife aimed at her back and as they got closer and closer and closer…..


“OW!!” X said, “Fucking cunt!!” He then punched the pursuer.
“X?” Carly said, “The hell’s going on?”
Then Aries jumped in, “You’re being pursued! RUN!!!”

“YOU!!!” The pursuer shouted, “You’re the guy!!!” He pulls out a pistol to take a shot at X.
X dodged the shot, only to tackle the guy and wrestle with him and grapple for the gun.
“Gimme that shit!!” X stomped on his hands and then kicked him in the face.
The pursuer got back up, kicked X down, grabbed the gun and aims his sights at Carly and Aries.

“You watch as I take out your little sister!!” He shouted.
Aries got out her gun and shot back at him.
“AI!!” He got his hand shot. “How dare you!?”

He shoots back, with Carly trying to duck the shots and Aries getting a clear shot.
“AAAHH!!!” But Aries took a shot in the arm.
“Aries!” Carly said.
“Get back, Carly!!” Aries said, as she kept shooting him.

X then grabbed a knife, he quickly swiped it at his side and causing him to bleed all over the sidewalk.
“AAAHHH!!!” He yells as he falls down with X running to his sister’s and Aries’ side and made a run for it.


“The motherfucker think he had me, right!? Like he was going to kill my ass…. I grabbed that fucker’s knife and cut his ass, bleeding all over the ground!!!” X was telling Wiley, Mari, Malcolm, Cora and the rest the whole incident when they arrived at Nikky’s. “I should’ve stomped on his ass but I couldn’t risk getting Carly and Aries in more danger.”

“I’m just glad you got everyone out of there safe!” Yuli said, “Thankfully Aries is all right but might have to take it easy on her arm.”
“That was a close one.” Nikky said, “But we can’t rely on luck on situations like this. Carly, the next time you go out for an errand or something, you need to take one of the girls with you… and that goes to all of you as well.” She then especially eyes X as he sips his drink. “And X, that means you, too!”

“I’m just glad Carly is safe.” Benz said, “And at least Aries is OK.”
“OK I am.” Aries said, “But right now, my arm hurts like a bitch!”
“I’m sorry about that.” Carly said.
“Don’t worry about it.” Aries said, “I’m here for your protection along with everyone else’s.”

“You think they followed you here?” Mari said, “I mean, they know where you live at now. They might strike again at everywhere y’all go. I can’t imagine someone is out to get me while I’m either in the kitchen or watching streams or in the bathroom.”
“Yeah, that’s a fucked up way to die.” Wiley said.
“That or having sex.” Malcolm said, “I mean, think about it. The moment you decide to cum and then someone pulls a piece on you and shoots you dead.”

“….. Please don’t mention dying while fucking.” Cora said to Malcolm, “I don’t want that shit to happen.”
“Speaking of fucking….” Wiley said, “Isn’t Oz supposed to be here as well? Where is he?”

“Wiley….” Benz said, “See if Ellie is here first.”
“OK.” Wiley said, “Hey, Nik?”
“No, Ellie isn’t here, Wiley.” Nikky said, “That answers your question?”

“Well, damn……”



It was close to the final bell and the students are gathering their way to the buses and their rides home. Thus enter Ellie with Oz looking for the car in question.

Ellie texts Oz on his phone. “Yo, you see me?”
He sees her in an Orange Corolla.

Just then, as Oz’s friends are either getting on the buses or in their cars, one of them is flirting with Carrie.
“So…..we gonna talk more?”
However, Carrie was pretending to notice him as she sees Oz getting in the car.
“Yeah, just let me call my folks and I’ll warn them I’ll be a little late.” And by folks, she meant The Howards.

Back at the Howards’ place, Colleen got the call from Carrie.
“You see them?” she said, “6 for yes or 4 for no.”
“About 6.” she said.
“OK then.” Colleen said, “Do you see the girl he’s with?”
“Yeah, yeah.” Carrie said.
“And what car are they driving? And maybe go to a private room where no one can hear out this time?
“Oh….. ” Carrie said, then got back to the friend, “Excuse me, I got to take this.”
“No problemo.” he said, waiting on her.


“OK…” she said, “She’s driving an 2010 Orange Toyota Corolla. She’s seen wearing a red and white tye-dye shirt with some jean shorts. Really short judging by some guys staring at her ass.”
John then cued in, “Well, if I saw a girl like that, I’d stare, too.”
“All right.” Colleen said, “Nice work, Carrie. I got all I need for now.”

“So, what do I do with Oz, then?” she asked.
“Keep being fri– well, an acquaintance to him.” John said, “But don’t let him suspect you of being anything but friendly.”
“Got it.” Carrie said, “Talk to you later.”


“Hey, darling!” Ellie said, “Before we begin our fun time, we have to stop at my place with the girls. You know X’s sister Carly?”
“Yeah? What happened?” Oz asked.
“Well, she got a run-in with an assassin earlier this morning.” Ellie said, “I just got a message from Nikky and Yuli. They wanted to make sure I’m good, that’s all. Everyone’s there, right now. Even Benz.”
“Damn….” Oz said, “She’s alright, isn’t she?”
“Yeah, thank goodness.” Ellie said, “But to be safe, we should go there first…..besides, maybe we can do a little alone time before they’ll call on us.” She kisses him at the red light.
“That sounds awesome.” Oz said.


They arrived at the house.
“Hey, we’re back!!” Ellie said, “And yes, Oz is with me!!”

They quickly rushed to their rooms but then Alia stops them before they got there.
“Not so fast, you two!” Alia said, “The time for your fun time can wait! We still got a meeting!”
“AAAWW!!!” Oz and Ellie groaned.
“Rules are rules, you two.” Alia said. “I swear y’all are some horn dogs.”
“But I was loo–”
“Don’t worry, Ozzie.” Ellie said, “This won’t take long….. I hope.”

“OZ! ELLIE!” Benz said, “Good thing you got back in time!”
“Yeah, yeah….” Oz said, “And you just happened to bust m–”

“Let me guess?” X said, “We interrupted your sexy fun time? Well, sorry about that but we got important matters in our hands.”

“Speaking of which…..” Benz said, “You remember what we said about Carrie…. you noticed her lingering towards you lately?”



Well, I remember a couple of times that she approached me like in between classes when she ran into my locker.

“Hey….” Carrie said, standing near me, “You’re Ozzie Swain, right?”
I got mad confused at her for a moment.
“Yeah. Why you ask?”

She goes on and said, “Oh, I heard some things from a few friends of mine and they share a few friends of yours. I heard about you protecting this girl some months ago.”

I figure everyone would know about that. It’s not exactly a secret to anyone.

“Yeah. I had to do what I had to do to protect her.”
“Awww. that’s so sweet and cool of you, dude.” 


“Dude?” Wiley said, “Who the fuck says ‘dude’ anymore?”
“Hell if I know.” Oz said, “Anyway…..”


She and I are just making small talk but the bell was about to ring so I had to jet to class.
“Mind if we talk later?” She asked.
“OK, sure!!” I shouted as I ran to class.

While I was in the room, I was wondering to myself what has the Howards got her doing? Just keeping surveilliance on me? Studying me and my surroundings? For one thing, I hope she doesn’t ask me questions about me and Ellie.

“Hey, Oz.”
“Hey, Carrie.” Then out of nowhere, she’s right there!!! I have a class with her!!

“Seems like we got the same class, huh?” She said, “Nice! We can hang out some more.”
Normally when a girl talks to me, I get excited. But now with people trying to kill us and worrying for me, my bro, my girlfriend/best friend and….yeah, I was freaking out.

“Awww…” Ellie hugged him for support, “Your poor baby…. she wasn’t coming on to you, isn’t she?”

“I……..I’m not fully sure.” he said, “But you know I’m not going to fall for it, right?”
“I know, darling. I know.” Ellie said.

“So, you think she wants to fuck you, too?” Wiley said, “Damn, you pulling more pussy than–”
“WILEY, SHUT UP!!” Mari, Cora & Yuli shouted.

Then Yuli had to calm Oz down. “Oz…. I know you aren’t trying to get close to her but you need to watch her every move in case she tries something. If anything, we will keep you and Ellie, along with everyone else, safe.”
“What about back home?” Oz said, “Do we go back there? I mean, what if they’ll go over there, waiting for us?”

“You know, he’s right.” Cora said, “They manage to find where X stay. No doubt they know where all of us stays.”
“So what, all of us stay here then?” Malcolm said, “Wait, how can we convince Mom, Aunt Milla and Adell to stay here for a while?”


Ronin then showed up.
“We got it covered.” As behind the door was Milla and Rita enjoying some drinks and Lina helping Adell out with things.
“Hola!!” Milla shouted.
“Are there more free drinks like these?!” Rita shouted, “I can get used to comfort like this!!”

“It’ll be like one big happy family living here!!” Carly said, “Just like home!”
“Yeah….. just like home.” X sounded less enthused on that part. “But….if it means we’ll be safe, then we’re good.”




Everyone was getting used to their temporary rooms as they stay in the apartment building.

X was falling asleep to the TV with Nikky and Yuli finishing on installing security cameras all over the place.
“That should be the last one.” Yuli said.
“Finally.” Nikky said, “At least we got them there.”
They see X sitting there and they walked over there to join him.

“Hey, sleepyhead.” Yuli said.
“You feeling tired?” Nikky said, giving him a kiss.
“OH, um….” X said, “I mean, I was getting very sleepy.”

“Good thing we’re already at our bed.” Nikky said, “I…… well, I gave your mom and Rita my bed and Yuli gave Adele her bed.”
“UH……” X did not like the sound of that.
“We cleaned it by the way!!” Yuli said, “So she won’t know about the hot steamy sex you two had on there…..or that one time 3 of us—”
“YULI!” Nikky said. “OK, granted, that time was awesome.”
X smiled a bit.
“See? X agrees.” Nikky said.
“Well, of course, he does.” Yuli said.

“Does that mean that we can—”
“Really?” Yuli said, “For someone in deep shit, you got sex on the brain quick.”
“Well, he’s not the only one, remember?” Nikky mentioned.


Oz and Ellie are back in their own room, but this time, Ellie is receiving oral pleasure from Oz.
“Oh……..Oz……” She moans. “Yes….you are learning well, my dear Oz. You’re making me very wet but now……”
She pulls him under the covers.
“…. I want your lips and tongue on mine.” She said and both shared a deep tongue-kiss.
“Oh, OZ…..” Ellie gently whispered his name.


As those two were having their own brand of fun, the rest were in the living room as they’re trying to rest and chill for a bit… even though the sex in the other room was a distraction.

“Boy, those two are having fun in there.” Cora said.
“Yeah…” Malcolm said, “Maybe they have given someone in here a good idea of killing the bore–” But Cora stopped him there.

“Ahhh….Mal….” Cora said, “As much as I want to be in the mood, for a couple of things that are preventing that…..your mom is next to us, your family is right here and everyone in here heard you.”
“Hello!” Mari said.
“Yo.” Wiley shouted.

“And yet Oz didn’t give a fuck about that.” Benz said, “They do it a lot in our home and well….”
“He’s…. not lying.” Carly said, “Every time the last few weeks I came over, I always see them all lovey-dovey and junk…..and that’s not a bad thing, per se. At least X takes the loving with Nikky at…..her place…….”
“Well, knowing that his own family is here, I don’t think X is going to do that.” Benz said.
“I doubt it.” Malcolm said, “He’s known to masturbate when we’re asleep. He might sneak one fuck with her.”

“One what?” As Rita passing by the kitchen overheard them.
“Let me guess….” Rita said, “You’re talking about X and Nikky, right?”
“Well, we were talking about Oz and Ellie but now… yeah, it went to them.” Carly said, “I mean, X can’t be that horny right now especially in a situation like this.”
“Knowing him….” Rita said, “I see it.”
“How?” Malcolm and Carly shouted.


“So…….” X said, sitting on the couch in his boxers, “What are we doing, ladies?”
Alongside him are both Nikky and Yuli in their bra and panties, just…not doing much of anything except watching TV.

“What?” Nikky said, “You haven’t sat down with 2 girls in their underwear without doing anything involving your penis?”
“Well, it’s doing something.” Yuli said.
“What?” X said, “I can be this without resulting to me either sucking boobs or going down on y’all.”

“OK then.” Nikky said, “Mind I lay on you?”
“Same here.” Yuli said.
“Wait….. isn’t this a foldout couch?” X asked.
“Yeah, why?” Nikky said. He got up for a second and took off the pillows and unfolded into a bed.

“Oh yeah, there’s that.” Yuli said.
“Well, then.” Nikky said, plopping herself on the bed along with Yuli. “Still wanna join us? For a good night’s sleep?”
“Yeah, sure.” X calmly said.
He got in the bed with them, but mainly for sleep.

Nikky was still laying on X and complimented him, “You are really warm right now.”
“And you’re really soft.” Yuli added.
“Thanks.” X said, “Normally people would insult me with that. Like I’m weak or something.”

“Well, we’re not like that.” Nikky said, “We know we’re not weak….but you do get easily bothered by those types.”
“Remember Swifty Sammy and Rell?” Yuli said, “Those two always try to find a way to mess with you. That one time that they planted that stolen money on you? Framing you for sneaking into a girls locker room? Took a teacher’s car and joyriding?”
“Thankfully me and Yuli were always there to bail you out before you got in even more serious shit.” Nikky said.

“I know, I know.” X said, “I just get the constant reminders of being called soft or sorry…. something I wanted to leave behind after I left my old town and put myself, Mom, and Carly in a better neighborhood….. where I don’t have to pretend to be some tough guy stereotype and just have a breezy life.”

“Life isn’t suddenly going to be breezy all the time.” Yuli said, “I mean, you left some bad influences behind…. thankfully…. but them being ‘hard’…… they’re not. That’s stupidity and me, Nikky and I’m pretty sure Carly and your mom don’t want you to do any stupid shit with this.”

“We’re all in this together, Xavion.” Nikky said, “We need each other. Your mom and sister needs you…….I need you.” As she holds on to his hand hard.
“She’s right, you know.” Yuli said, “And…..I need you, too. You’re a good friend to us all.”

“Just….” Nikky said, “Don’t lose yourself in your anger.” She kisses him while Yuli hugs him.

But then comes Aries walking in.
“Hey guys, you think I mi—”
She sees the awkward trio kissing and hugging it out half-naked.
“Uhhhh….. I can came back when you’re not having a menage or something.”

“Oh……….shit……….” X said, embarrassed. “We wasn’t doing any—-thing…… Great. I hope Mom or Carly doesn’t hear about this.”
“Well, it’s not the first time for this.” Yuli said.
“Don’t remind me.” he said with a pillow in his face.
“Welp, time for bed!” Nikky said, “Good night, Yuli! Night, my sweet X!” She kisses him again.
“Nighty-night!” Yuli shouted.
“Yeah. Night.” He said, turning off the light.



As it was the dawn of a new day, X was still asleep with Nikky and Yuli beside him, with both holding on to each arm.

However, the first to wake up is Milla. She had to use the bathroom and as she got out, she spies a door that’s ajar and it was that room with X and the girls sleeping.
X was beginning to wake up with a still blurry vision in his eyes, the first thing he sees is….. well, Milla on the couch, watching TV but with low volume.
“Huh? What the!?”
“Ssshhh….” She said, “Don’t want to wake the girls up.”

“Why are you—”
“Don’t mind me.” Milla said, “I didn’t think I had a player for a son. You got not only one but two girls sleeping with you.”
“Hey… HEY!” he said, “We didn’t do anything. We just slept. That’s all.”
“Then why are they in their underwear?”

“So, you didn’t have your fantasy in here?” Milla asked.
“NO!” X shouted quietly, “Why would I plan for a threesome with you here?”

“In other words,” Milla said, “If I wasn’t here, you’d be fucking those girls regularly.”
Then Nikky woke up as she heard the conversation.
“Oh… Ms. Milla, you’re awake.” Nikky said.
“NIkky.” Milla said, “Did you, my son and Yuli…. did you…..”
“What?” Nikky said.

“Nik… mom thinks that you, me and Yuli fucked last night.” X said.
“SLEPT TOGETHER!!” Milla said, “And what I tell you about cursing?”
“I am 28 years old.” he said, “That rule doesn’t apply here. We are at her place and there’s no rule saying I can’t curse.”
“And I’m still your mother.” Milla said, “That doesn’t mean you can disrespect me.”
“And what?” X said, “You disrepecting me all the time!? It’s fine if you berate me but the other way around, it’s selfish?”
“You acting like some pimp and all that bullshit!!” Milla argued back, “This is you acting like a damn child!”
Both X and Milla continue to argue back and forth with Nikky trying to calm both of them down.

“GUYS!!” Nikky shouted.
Then Yuli woke up.
“Huh?” She seemed confused as well. “Oh, hey, good morning, Miss Milla. How you liking the place so far?”

“Morning, Yuli.” Milla said.
“Yuli….. tell my mother that we didn’t fuck in these room last night.” X said.
“OK. We didn’t do anything here last night.” Yuli said, “We jus–”
“Let me say this one more time……why….are….. you….half-naked?” Milla sternly asked.
“You got nothing on that?” Milla asked them.
“I got nothing to say to you. Period.” He walked out.


Milla now looked pissed than ever. “OK, that’s it!” She storms out and stops him.
“What now?”
“Don’t what now me!” Milla said, “You going off on me like I’m one of your friends!! I’m your mother and you can’t keep disrespecting me like that!!”
“And you? Assuming that I was having a three way in there!?” X said, “I told you I didn’t.”

Then more people in the house heard the commotion.
“The hell’s going on?” Benz said.
“Mom? Xavion?” Carly said, “What happened?”

“Nothing happened!” X said.
“OK…. something happened.” Carly said, “Mom, what’s going on?”

“Oh, the usual.” Milla said, “X talking a lot of shit, especially after I caught him in bed with both Nikky and Yuli!”
“NOTHING HAPPENED, I SWEAR!!” Nikky said, “Look, Ms. Milla, me and Yuli didn’t do whatever you think we did in there.”

“Wait, wait, wait…..” Carly said, “Mom thinks X is fucking the both of you?”
“Hold up…” Benz said, “X, you fucking both of them? You and Nikky and Yuli?”
“Well?” Carly asked.
“Xavion?” Milla said.

X sighs in frustration and annoyance.
“You know what? This conversation ends now.” X just walks out of the door and went off somewhere. “Don’t follow me!!!”
“Wait, X….XAVION!!!” Nikky shouted.
“YOU CAN’T JUST WALK OUT OF HERE WI– XAVION! X!” Yuli shouted and gets frustrated.


He is walking down the street, all dressed in a blue hoodie and jeans. He’s muttering in anger about back there.
“I don’t believe this shit.” X said, “She acts like she can do what the fuck she wants like she’s on top of shit!”
But while X is stewing in his frustration, trouble comes within a few steps away.

“He WALKED OUT OF HERE!?” Aries said, “WHY?!”
“Apparently he was frustrated with an argument with his mom.” Lina said, “Something about him and the bosses in bed.”
Aries added on that. “Ooooh…… that thing.”
“Wait, what, you saw?” Ronin asked.

“I was wondering what the hell was going on between the bosses and him.” Aries said, “He said that he wasn’t doing anything with them.”

“We have to go after him.” Nikky said, “The Howards might get to X and he’s their number one target and they are gunning for him the most!! I should’ve gotten him back here!”
“Why would he just run out like that?” Alia asked Nikky and Yuli.

“You know what? Fuck it, I’ll go after him.” Benz said. “Someone just called that they saw him a few minutes from here.”
“Wait, Benz!” Carly said, “You sure you want to do this?”
“I need to see what’s up with your brother.” Benz said, “Besides, I can easily talk to him.”



“X!!!” Benz finally got to X’s location and he’s sitting on a bench, eating a hot dog he bought.

“Oh, Benz.” X said, “What up?”
“Dude, what’s going with you, man?” he said, “You going off with your moms, storming out of the house….you know people trying to clap your ass, man!”
“I’ll take my chances.” X said, “Besides I need to get away from that house to calm me down and Moms and Carly don’t help with that….. No offense, I know you and her are dating and while I got no beef with you on that, know that she’s just as stubborn as her.”
“X…… I’ve known you for a long time, too.” Benz said, “You know sometimes you can be hard-headed, too.”

Then all of a sudden, Malcolm was coming up ahead.
“Wait, Mal’s here, too?” X sees him coming.
“Oh shit.” Benz said, “I’m betting either Milla or Rita might’ve sent him.”

“X! BENZ!!” Malcolm said, “The hell y’all doing in the middle of the city?”
“Chasing his ass down.” Benz said, pointing at X.

“OH…..” Malcolm said, “I’m guessing you and Aunt Milla got into a fight….. again.”
“You guessed it.” X said.
“For what?”
“For some STUPID SHIT!!” he said, “Or shit she thinks she knows but she jumps to conclusions like dumbasses do!”

“Damn, man!” Malcolm said.
“Damn nothing!” X said, “Right now, we are being hunted like a motherfucker and the last time she needs to be worried about is me and my love life.”
Malcolm then turned to Benz, “Can you tell me what happened here?”
“His moms thought he was fucking both Nikky and Yuli.” Benz said.
“And before you say shit…. no, I didn’t.” X said.

“So……that’s why you left?”

“I LEFT BECAUSE SHE ACTED LIKE A BITCH!” X said, “And even if I did, it isn’t any of your fucking concern!! What I do in the privacy of the bedroom is no one’s by me and whoever’s in there with me!!”

“Aunt Milla just concerned about you, cuz.” Malcolm said.
“Over Nikky?” X said, “Right now, she’s saving your asses and…..and I’m fucking it up! SHIT!!” It suddenly rang in his head that he should probably go back to the house.
“We got to go!” Malcolm said. “Like now!”

The trio ran back to the house. However……
Someone threw a knife at them.
“What the–”
The people behind them were two specific guys that X used to know.
“Hey….little ol’ Xavion.”
“I know those voices anywhere.”
It was…..

“You miss us?” It was Swifty Sammy and Rell.
“Long time no see.” Rell said.
“Fuck that.” X then made a run for it with Malcolm and Benz following him. Soon Sammy and Rell began chasing them as well.

“Why are you running!?” Malcolm shouted.
“Because I know danger when I see it!” X screamed, “Plus, you know why I’m running!”

They ran into a crowd of people coming out of a coffee shop.
As Benz bumped into someone there, “Sorry! My bad!!”,he didn’t realize who he bumped into.
“HEY! That’s a $7 latte!!” That person was Colleen Howard and she spotted the three running from something.
“Oh….” She smiled evilly.

“Quick! That large-ass crowd of people coming from investment banks!” Benz said, “BLEND!!” They each split and went on their separate ways, in the crowd of folks.

Rell went on, “I know this nigga didn’t just…” He was about to chase him but Sammy stopped him.
“Don’t worry, man.” Sammy said, “I think I know where he’s staying at.” He holds up a tracker that somehow got on to X.


X then got back to the apartment buildings with Malcolm and Benz following him.

“Hey, your boy is back!!” Ronin shouted.
“X, where the hell you been!?” Nikky questioned.

“NO TIME!” X said, “Someone spotted me!”
“Oh no… who?!” Yuli asked him, “FUCK! It’s one of the Howards, isn’t it? They saw you!!”
“Not them but someone worse!” X said.
“Who can be worse than the people we’re hiding you from?”

Malcolm then blurted it out. “Swifty Sammy and Rell just found us!”
“SWIFTY SAMMY AND RELL!?” Nikky and Yuli screamed.
“The fuck they doing here?” NIkky said, “And you just happened to run into them?”
“They found us…. for some reason.” Benz said, “I haven’t seen them since we graduated. I thought their asses would be dead or somethin’!!”

“Girls!!” Yuli said, “See about our incoming guests!!”
A sudden knock on the door, meaning that it’s them.
“Hey….. Mr. X!” Sammy said, “I know your ass is in there!”

Then the girls opened the door with guns aiming at them.
“Damn, we get the wrong house or something?” Rell said, “We got ourselves a bunch of strapped women in our mists.”
“Oh…. I know where we’re at.” Swifty Sammy said.

“Stand down!” Aries said, “Who in the hell are you fools!?”
Then Nikky and Yuli entered the frame as they saw the men.
“Nikky The Gunner.” Sammy said, “Well, well, well…..I see you got your girls all squad’d up and of course, you got your sidekick with you as well.”
Yuli then fired back, “Yeah, I see you’re the same, too.”

“UH, blondie, you wanna get slapped?” Rell said, “Don’t act like you can’t get one across the face.”
“ENOUGH!” Nikky said, “What the hell do you want with us?”
“Nik, Nik, Nik…..” Sammy said, “You know why I’m here and you know who I’m here for.”

X then came into the room.
“Alright…. Sam, what the fuck you want?” X said.
“I can’t say hello to a dear friend?” Sam said, “I’m hurt, X… but I heard that you and your people have gotten into some shit lately.”

“OK? And?” X questioned.
“We…..” Rell backed him up, “have come to offer our protection services to ya!”

“WHAT!?!?” Nikky and Yuli shouted. “Are you serious?!”
“Um…..” X said, “You’re offering me that when I’m in a house already guarded by these girls and they’re actually keeping us safe.”
“And also,” Yuli said, “Offering that in the apartment where we’re protecting them….yeah, kind of a dick move.”

“Look, your people are going to need more protection than just a bunch of action girl rejects,” Rell said, “And just because you’re fucking one of these girls—”
“EXCUSE ME!?” Nikky shouted.
“Well, it’s no surprise that since high school, you always had a thing for X.” Sam said, “And look at you now, you’re his white girl on his arm.”
“Well…. more like girls….” As Rell points out Yuli’s part of it.
“OK, THAT’S IT!!” Yuli was about to beat him with a plate but Nikky had to hold her back.

“Look…” X said, “I’d lie and said it was a nice offer but I know you and it isn’t. Plus, Nikky and Yuli look out for all of us and not get us in some bullshit!”
“Man, are you still on that shit!?” Sam said, “It’s been over 12 years!!”

“One doesn’t forget me conveniently being framed for peeping at the girl’s locker room.” X said, “I almost got hit by a medicine ball…. in the head!! Those fuckers are not soft!! I was called a creep by girls for a week!!”
“Hey, it got you those girls, didn’t it?” Rell said.
“Because we pointed out that he was delivering some files for another teacher and the locker rooms are en route there.” Nikky said.
Then Yuli added, “Plus, the video is proof enough. Now can y’all bounce your asses out of here?”

“A’ight, a’ight…. we’ll go.” Rell said, “But be warned. You can’t protect them forever. Those Howard motherfuckers probably know where you are anyway.”
“The offer is still on table.” Sam said, as him and Rell are about to leave. “Peace… bitches!” He slams the door as they left.

Nikky left out a long, exasperated and annoyed sigh.
“Fuck, I really loathe those assholes.” Nikky said.
“With you right there.” Yuli said, “And the nerve of them trying to say we can’t protect all of you!”
“That’s usually how they get you.” X said, “He insults and belittles you and then that little insecure part of you will challenge them, no matter how stupid it is. It’ll make you want to prove them wrong… while hurting yourself in the process.”

“I see you’re talking about Sammy, huh?” And then Milla appeared from the other room. “I heard that he was coming here and now he just left.”
“He was trying to offer us protection.” X said.
“Wait, he was?” Milla said, “But doesn’t he kn–”
“He knows about us.” Nikky said, “He doesn’t care. He was probably going to charge a lot for it.”

“And we’re broke as fuck.” X said, “Oh, I’m sorry. Am I not all—”
“Xavion…. I’m not looking for another fight.” Milla said, “….. The girls told me you didn’t do anything that night and I got out of hand. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you upset about this and Nikky and Yuli……I’m also sorry for thinking of you two like that.”
“X…..” Yuli said, “…. You have something to say to your mother?
He sighs.
“All right….. Mom, I shouldn’t talked to you like that.” X said, “I know you’re looking out for me and I know I talk back a lot and curse you out but you know I always care for you, right?”
“I know, Xavion, I know.” Milla said, “Right now, we just need to survive through this.”
“We will…..” X said, “We will……”


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