CAUTION / Chapter 3: HOMEWARN Bound




Back at the Cage household, we see Milla fixing herself some breakfast but she has other guests.
First person coming out of a room is Adell, waking up.
“Morning, Miss Milla.” she said, “You’re cooking breakfast?”
“Why, yes, I am.” Milla said, “I’m betting you’re quite hungry after that good night rest.”

“I know I am.” As Rita said, “You got something cooking, sis?”
“And I see you’re hungry as hell, too, huh, Rita?” Milla asked.
“So….” Adell said, “Are we the only ones here today? I see Xavion and Malcolm aren’t here.”

“They must be at their girlfriends’ places.” Milla said, “I know Xavion has been staying the night at Nikky’s the past few weeks.”
“And as for Malcolm,” Rita mentioned, “Same thing with him and Cora. Although they’ve been coming here more than X.”
Carly then overheard the conversation, “I think when it comes to Nikky, X feels like she’s the only person that understands him about things…. at least from his point of view.”
“To me, she feels like the person that sides with him on most stuff.” Rita said.
“I wouldn’t say that….” Milla said, “But him and her always seem to have this connection.”


Meanwhile, at Nikky’s place…..
Xavion and Nikky were in bed together, sleeping after what looks like a gratifying night of sex.

“Mornin'” Nikky said smiling, “You had a good night?”
“I did.” X smiled, “Although we had a lot to do that night. Like more than usual.”

She got out of bed and pulled him off it as well.
“Well, call it a good workout.” Nikky said, “The way you move up and down and carry me…. I swear you were craving my loving all night.”
“Well, your loving just does that to me.” X said, kissing her. “Especially when I caress your body.”
“Oh, I know you love it when our bodies touch.” Nikky said, kissing him back.
“That and y’all are loud.” Another person came on by.

“Well…. Yuli…..” X said, “Did you–”
“No, Xavion.” Yuli said, “I didn’t try to peek at you two. Hell, I didn’t have to. Nikky’s room is next to mine, remember?”
“I kept you up again?” Nikky asked.
“Well, you two weren’t the reason.” Yuli said, “It was the other couple that’s been non-stop fucking in their room and she squeals loud as hell!!”

Then the next minute, here comes Ellie walking in.
“Hello, guys!” She joyfully said, like she’s in a swooning trance. “Just here, picking up some things! Spending the night at Oz’s place tonight!”

“Ellie?” X said, “OH…….now I get it.”
“Yeah,” Yuli said, “Since her and that Oz guy you two help hooked her with, they have been spending a lot of time here, whether it’s watching movies, hanging out or just plain fucking… and yes, there’s a lot of that!”

“I think it’s sweet.” Nikky said.
“I get it.” Yuli said, “I’m not hating on her happiness and at least she’s going to his place tonight.”

“So….. does Yuli need somebody special of her own tonight?” X teased, “Does she need her ass spanked…..again?”
“Do you want me to slap you, Xavion?” Yuli back-talked.

“What?” he said, “Yuli, you know I’m just doing a little tease at you.”
“I know, I know.” Yuli said, “That’s my way of teasing you, too…. with physical force!!” Having a grip on his shoulder.

“Should I be afraid now?” X asked.

“You know,” Yuli said, “Since that whole incident happened, you have been less introverted than how you usually are and a lot more…..out there.”
“And more horny.” Nikky said, “But that’s not a problem with me.”

“Well,” X said, “Mom’s been keeping a lot of company back at home recently with Adell and sometimes Aunt Rita and Carly. It’s mostly a scene that I’m not trying to be a part of.”
“Why not?” Yuli said, “You need to spend time with your fam some more. That incident should’ve reminded you that life is short and you never know if you or someone you love might bite it!”

“I spend time with them a lot.” X said, “But I need a break from them every now and then. Especially around breakfast. Plus, I’m spending time with a loved one. Isn’t Nikky somebody I love?”
“Hmmmmm… he’s got a point there, Yuli.” Nikky said.
“So, should I expect you here later on tonight?” Yuli asked.
“Maybe.” X said, “But I better check on the folks.” He kissed Nikky goodbye. “Later.”


At Benz and Oz’s place


While Benz is at work, Oz and Ellie were in his bedroom, both half-naked, kissing and making out.
“I’m so glad I don’t have class today!” Oz said.
“Same here.” Ellie said, continuing making out with him.
“You have the softest lips…” Oz said, “It’s so divine.”
“You really know how to sweet-talk a woman.” Ellie said.

She then brought out something in her backpack.
“Hey, you pulling something out there?” He asked.
“Oh, I’m just showing you a demonstration of something.” Ellie pulled out a dildo. “It’s what I might do to you one of these days.”
She began to suck on it and moan sensually.
The more she moans, the more both of them are into it.
“Oh, Oz……” She continues to lick and suck, “I really wish this was you right now….”
She then unhooked her bra, took it off and insert the dildo in between her breasts.
“You heard of this before?” she said, “It’s called paizuri…. or tit-fucking if you want to get to basics.”
“Yeah.” He said.
“Then you know it’s where your dick is in between my tits and I massage it with them.” she said, “They said it’ll make a man explode at the sensation.”

“Wow…..” Oz said, “You know how to make someone happy.”
“Yes….” Ellie said, “And you know how to respect and satisfy that special someone.” She kisses him immensely. “You wanna try and suck on my titties? I know you want to.” She flirted and places his hand on her right breast.


Suddenly, the door opens.
“Hello!?” It was Benz coming in from work. “OZ! I’m back! I know you’re home!”
“Oh, damnit!!” Oz quietly shouted.
“Well, that’s too bad.” Ellie said, putting her bra and other clothes back on. “But it doesn’t mean the fun has to end today. We’ll pick up where we left off.”
He smiled.

“OK. I smell perfume so that means Ellie’s here….. again.” Benz said.
“And?” Oz said, “What’s wrong with that?”

“Hello Benz!” Ellie said.
“Ellie…. I see you’re busy loving up Oz again.” Benz said, “At least I didn’t catch up out in the open with his—”
“HEY!!!” Oz said.

Then someone else are coming up the room.
“Hey, Benz, you left your hat in the car and I–” It was Carly. “Oh, hey, Oz and Ellie! I thought you would be over at her house today!”

“And yet you brought Carly here.” Oz said, “The pot calling the kettle black much?”


“Hey, Carly!” Ellie said.
“Yo, Ellie.” Carly said, “You ran into X back at the house earlier, right?”
“Huh? Oh yeah!” Ellie answered, “Him and Nikky were spending the night yesterday.”

“Again, huh?” Carly said, “Me, Mom and Aunt Rita were talking about him this morning. He’s barely been at home for the past few weeks and he always coming over there.”
“Maybe he likes seeing his girl every now and then.” Oz said, “Believe me, I know the feeling. Plus, you see Carly all the time as well. Don’t be a damn hypocrite, bro.”

“He does have a point.” Ellie said, “Look, next time I see X, I’ll let him know y’all looking for him.”

Carly’s phone rings.
“All right. Sure. Hello?”

“But I should get going anyway.” Ellie said, “I’ll see you again tonight, my darling Ozzie!” She blows a kiss to him as she leaves.
Then Benz added on, “And make sure you don’t make any loud-ass noises later on…. MY DARLING OZZIE! The last thing I need to hear sleeping is your Oh! sounds.”

“And that was Mom.” Carly said, “She said that X is back home. I’m going to meet them there and you know what? We’re going to tell him all about us.”
“Welp, I—” Oz said, “Well, Ellie just left and I think I need some rest…..” He went back to his room.
“I hope you’re not beating it right now!” Benz shouted.
“NOT WITH YOU HERE!!!” Oz said, “Now scram!!”



At the Fletcher Apartments, the Howard Brothers are looking into who was in the scene of the robbery.
“His name is X?” Dustin questioned, “X? As in X-ray? Xylophone?”
“Apparently, his name is Xavion Libra Cage.” Barry said, “Born July 17, 1990. Son of mother Milla Rose Cage. Father unknown and has only one sister in the immediate family….. Carly Ray Cage.”

“He got a good-lookin’ sister, tho.” John said, “She’s fine as hell. Mama looking fine, too, shit! She has some ass on her!”

“Some say that this is the dude that stabbed Joel before shooting him down.” Barry said, “The nerve of this motherfucker.”
“What about the others?” Dustin said, “There’s more witnesses to this shit and we got to get them, too!!”
“No….” Barry said, “We just need the killer. The others need to be warned about us!!!”

“Well, for the others….” John said, “The other guy beside him is his cousin Malcolm Davies, the pudgy looking dude right there. The tall motherfucker….. I got his name a while ago, it’s…”

“Benjamin Swain aka Benz and his younger brother, Oswald….or Oz for short.” Another person chimed in on this.
“And you know this because?”
“I’ve seen Oz in school. I know a couple of his other friends there.” she said, “He’s quite popular with everyone, especially with the girls.”
Dustin got a bit annoyed, “And yet….. you didn’t tell us because?”

“Because……. fuck you, that’s why.”
“Bitch!!!” Dustin was about to throw hands but Barry stopped him.

“Carrie!!” John said, “…… That’s perfect. Popular with the girls, huh?”
“Yeah.” Carrie said, “But he’s been seeing this other girl a lot recently. She always picks him up after school. She’s this older woman. Got long hair, sometimes wears either pink or black…”
“She got big titties?” Dustin asked her.
Carrie was disgusted. “UH……what make you think I looked at them?……But yeah, she got them.”

“Then that’s the girl with him that night!” Dustin shouted. “Someone said that one of the girls got some tig ‘ol bitties!!”
“I think her name is Ella……Evie… No, Ellie!!” Carrie mentioned, “I heard him mentioned it to a mutual friend or so.”

John then handed another file to them. “We got another one. He’s William Jefferson Bailey but he goes by Wiley.”
“Well, that’s 5 guys and 2 girls down.” Colleen said, coming in. “We got a few more and frankly, that’s already too many witnesses.”

“That’s why I suggest that we fuck them up as well!!” Dustin said, “So, who are the remaining people left?”
“Well….” Colleen added on, “We got this one plus-sized girl (Cora), some dorky-looking chick with glasses (Mari) and……” However, when Colleen saw the other girl….

“What the….” She silently shouted.
“Uh, Colleen….. you alright?” Dustin asked.

She sees the other girl in question and in the picture……. it was Nikky.


“She was in there?” As she pointed out her.
“OK…..and your point?” John said.
“You motherfucker.” Colleen said, “That is Nikky The Gunner!!!”


Nikky was making a call to someone.
“Hello, this is Nik. What you got for me?”

While she’s having a conversation on the phone, she goes inside to her office and Yuli just happens to drop by. Plus, she happens to be her assistant.
“Nikky, we got some clients coming in 10 minutes about their protection extension.”

“Look, I will get back to you as soon as I could!!” Nikky said, continuing her conversation on the phone, “I’m just backed up with clients for this month. I promise I’ll get to you ASAP!!” She hung up with a frustrated look on her face.

“You OK, boss?” Yuli asked.
“It’s 50/50.” Nikky said, “Between these clients I’m trying to put under my protection and dealing with my own and my boyfriend’s safety, I’m stressed out as hell! I’m just glad the new girls are coming in on their own so they can handle this shit!!”

“I hope the girls we pick are good enough.” Yuli said.



“Do you know about the shit she does in this city!?” Colleen said, “She’s like Charlie’s Angels except there’s no guy speaking from a speakerbox but she got a rotating crew of girls that can shoot your ass before you can even suspect it!!!”
“OH….. I see.” Barry said, “And looking at the photos again……. I think she’s with X.”
“OH!!! And she’s fucking the main guy we want to kill!!!” Dustin said, “So we definitely have to kill her ass as well!!!”

“Nikky The Gunner is not going to go down easily.” Barry said, “We have to do some cracking down to getting that motherfucker and his other friends!!”

“CARRIE!!” Colleen shouted.
“What?!” She said, eating some chips.
“You know that one guy, right? Name is Oz, right?

John then went on, “Then you know what to do.”



Back at the home, X was relaxing in his room, laying on his bed and he had DeBarge’s “Love Me in A Special Way” playing in his earbuds, mouthing off the words.

While he was into the song, Milla walked in there.

“Uh…. Xavion.” she said.
“Huh?” He then notices her. “Yeah? Wha?”

“Yeah, can you help us move some stuff in the living room?” Milla said, “Me and Rita need your help.”
“All right, all right, I’m coming.” X said.
“Oh, Malcolm and Cora are coming in a few as well.” Rita said, “They’ll get the heavier shit to carry with us!!!”

“So……” As Milla went inside his room, “You’ve been over at Nikky’s a lot recently.”
“Yes…..” X said, “And?”
“I mean, most of the time, you spend the night over there like more than usual.” Milla said, “Probably ever since Adell moved in here, you’ve been very distant from us…. especially since the whole—”
“The what?” X said, “That day? Look, most of the time you’ll talk and have me involved in a conversation is either how I need to change my job or go on about whatever shit I have to change. It’s not a topic I always want to visit….and no, don’t tell me I need to hear it. I heard too much of it and it’s getting annoying……I got shit straight with myself.”

“You’re still living home with me.” Milla said, sitting down and grabbing his collar, “Most of the time, you need me to help you with stuff you don’t even know what to do. You got shit straight?”
X then fired back, “You often need me to help you with the computer, especially logging on, since you can’t even remember your damn password!”
“You can’t even remember what bill you pay when filling out something!!” Milla argued.
“You mean something I do once a year while the password thing is something that frequently happens more?!?” X argued back, “I had other shit in my mind and more things that are worthy of my time and mind than whatever shit you drag me into that only serves to make me more miserable!!”
“WHY DO YOU THINK I’m just making you miserable?!” Milla said, “I’m just looking out for you!”
“Same thing Carly said to me or message me one time!” X said, “Except she had the fucking gall to act like I’m fucking up but when she does that even worse, she doesn’t anyone to say shit to her!!”
“I’D GET ON HER, TOO!!” Milla shouted, “WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY!? I’m not doing my job?!”
“……You just did it for me.” X said, leaving the room.
Milla looked pissed off.


When Malcolm and Cora arrived and helped with X taking the bed apart, they noticed some tension between X and Milla.
“UH…..X…..did something happen with you and Aunt Milla?”

“No.” X said.
However, Cora isn’t being fooled by him. “Yeah, something happened.”
“And by something you mean her treating me like a child about dumb shit?” X said.

“Oh no…. this again.” Malcolm said.
“Again?” Cora questioned.
“X and Milla always get in a fight about shit like this.” Malcolm said, “This always tends to happen.”
“Look,” X said, “I don’t always need to be told on what to do with my life. The shit will get annoying and it doesn’t always help anybody!!”

“You sure….” Cora said, “I mean, you’re still living with her and….”
“Most people my age still live with their parents!” X said in annoyance, “They also tend to forget that sometimes when they get older, they tend to forget shit time to time and they need us to help them with shit….but then they forget we forget shit sometimes in order to remember the shit we supposed to remember for them!!! Either way, we can’t win.”
“That or you never have that voice to win arguments.” Malcolm added.

X looked angry.
“Well, you don’t.” Malcolm said, “You never had that voice of speaking up.”
“Maybe because I don’t like yelling on top of people.” X said, “It doesn’t make anyone seem they’re right. It makes them less likely of me to take them seriously.”

“But, X, that’s your mom, tho.” Cora said, “I mean….you two are pretty much alike in that sense.”
“HOW?!” X said.


Meanwhile, Rita and Milla were moving some chairs into another room.
“You and Xavion at it again?”
“Your first clue was….” Milla went on with that.
“Ah, dammit, again?” Rita asked, “Let me guess? Him rebelling or something like that?”
“If you mean that he acts like he knows better than me and acts like a smart-aleck, then yeah, it’s something like that.” Milla said, “It’s like he thinks that I’m older, I’m useless at a few things.”
Rita went on with, “Well……”
“Oh, shut up!” Milla shouted.
“What?!” Rita said, “Remember back then when we first got taught fixing a flat tire? You panicked and got worried and cried and—”
“Well, you’re the one that made the tire flat in the first place!” Milla said.
Then Rita went on stating other things like, “And that credit card bill? That plumbing thing? That one thing you got pregnant with Carly?”

“I…..get……..” Milla said.
Then Adell was listening in, as she was sitting by, “From what you always say about yourself and X, you two seem all alike.”
“Alike?” Milla said.


“Yo!!” Carly announced herself and her and Benz finally arrived, “We’re here now!”
“Damn, I see y’all got a lot of stuff to move!” Benz said, “Good thing we arrived!!”

Outside, there were a couple of people 3 houses down from them and they were taking some shots of the Cage residence and the people inhabitating there.
“So…. that’s where Mr. X lives, huh?” It was John Howard watching them and he got some special forces with him. “Ishmael, Bones….. you know what to do… leave out of sight and out of mind.”

The two guys got in the car and they drove to the place.


“Easy… easy…. steady….” Benz said.
“Dude, I’m being steady.” X said, “Just don’t drop it or have me doing all the work.” Him and Benz are busy carrying a bookcase to the other room.
“You two men got it handled?” Malcolm asked, sitting down.
“And why the fuck you not helping?!” X screamed.
“Must you keep cursing in this house?” Milla shouted at him.

“It helps!!” X said.
“What the– HOW!?” Milla shouted.
“OK, are you two fighting again?” Carly questioned.
“YES THEY ARE!!” Malcolm and Rita simultaneously shouted.
“Oh shut up!!” Both X and Milla shouted.


Back outside, the car was pulling up to the place, rolling down the windows and all……

“Hey, who’s that car pulling up to us?” Benz asked.
They were pulling out a huge AK-47 out of there and…..
“Oh shit!!!” Benz shouted.
“DUCK!!!!” X screamed.

They begun firing all over the house and everybody ducking from the bullets with both Rita and Milla trying to protect Adell from the gunshots.
“OH SHIT!!! Who the hell was that?” Malcolm shouted.

“Fire more at ’em!!” Bones screamed.
“I got the heavy on them!!” Ishmael shouted. He brought out a chopper to finish the job. “Let’s get in there and just kill ’em on sight!!”
Carly spotted them getting out.
“Oh no….. we gotta run!!” Carly was crawling out of there.

“YOU!!!!” Ishmael spotted her, getting away. He goes over there to kill her but as he goes over there, Benz hiding behind the wall, punched him in the jaw and then kicked him back outside. Bones was still firing at him, with Benz ducking the shots.

X spotted a gun on the floor
He makes a run for it and grabbed it.
“X, what the fuck are you doing!!?” Malcolm shouted.
X got the drop on Ishmael.
“Hey, bitch!” X shouted, “Drop the fucking gun and I won’t put holes in your ass!!”

“Like you’ll do shit, bitch!” Ishmael said, “I bet that gun doesn’t have a damn thing in there!”

A gun shot was made.
“AAI!!” Ishmael shouted.
But it came from behind.
“That wasn’t me, bro!!” Bones shouted.

Then a couple of more sniper gun shots made, hitting the car and toward Ishmael’s way.
“Who the fuck was that!?” Bones shouted.
X then made a shot at the car as well, with Benz headbutting him out of the house. The two then retreated back to the car and droved off with the windows all shot up.

“Who the fuck shot them!?” X wondered.


“Y’all, it’s OK.” Benz said, “The guys drove off. You can come out now.”

“What the hell is going on!?” Milla shouted, “Why was there two guys shooting up my house? Why did you TWO do something stupid like try to fight them?”
“We won, did we?” X shouted.
“Carly, you OK?” Benz said, checking up on her.

“Yeah, yeah….” Carly said, “But, Benz…. you realize that was reckless of you to do?”
“I know, I know…” Benz said, “But the one thing I’m not letting happen is me losing you.” As both shared a tight hug and kiss.

“Where did those guys come from?” Malcolm said, “And why are we suddenly targets of them?”
“Does anyone owe money to the mob or something?” Rita jokingly asked.

X rolled his eyes at that. “No……but I think I know who and why.”
Suddenly there was a knock on the door.
“Hello.” X opened the door and sees 4 girls at his door.
“What the…..Uh, can I help y’all?” X said.

“Oh…..sorry to intrude you on this.” The first girl said, “You’re Xavion, right?”
“Who wants to know?” he said suspiciously.
“Well…..we have some mutual friends between us….. Nikky and Yuli?”
“Wait, what?”

First girl came up to him, “I’m Alia. One of Nikky’s girls.”
“Girls?” Milla said, “Wait, by girls….”
“No, we’re not whores and she’s not a pimp.” The one with blue highlights in her hair said, “BTW, I’m Aries, pleased to meet you.”
“Hi, I’m Lina!!” She said in a cheery voice.
“Oh and I’m Ronin.” The last one in a deep voice said, “I’m the sharpshooter and we’re sent by Nikky and Yuli to protect you from whoever’s trying to attack y’all.”

“Protect us?” Malcolm said, “So are y’all like some type of Charlie’s Angels squad except she calls the shots?”

“We get asked that a lot.” Alia said, “But we are called Shooters. We’re like hidden assassins but doing it for good and for the neighborhood…. and that sounded corny.”
“Corny but necessary!!” Lina shouted.

“OK….” Milla said, “So what you’re saying is that my son’s girlfriend runs a squad of assassins? And X…… did you knew about this?” she questioned him.
“Yeah.” He said without hesitation.

“WHOA! WHAT!?” Milla shouted.
“I knew about a few years back when me and Nikky started dating for real.” X said, “She didn’t want to scare you with that and she was nervous to meet you back then.”

“Uh…..X…” Malcolm said, “You could’ve told me! Or Benz, Oz, Wiley!! None of your boys?”


“Now, if I told your ass, Rita would know in an instant since you can’t keep a secret for less than a day!!” X said, “Remember the time you blabbed about sneaking to a R-Rated movie when we was 13?!”
“…… He got a point.” Rita said, “But then again, X, you kept your ticket stub for Long Riders in your pocket. You’re not exactly Mr. Covert Ops.”


“Look,” Alia said, “Nikky really cares about you guys and she doesn’t want any harm coming to you. All of you really seem like a caring group of friends and family from what she and X told us.”
However, Aries mentioned, “Not to mention, all the times we hear both of them in the night and—”
“HEY!!” X shouted, “They don’t need to know that far.”
“Look,” Ronin said, “Me and Alia are meeting her for something later on. You can come along as she got intel that you need to know! Oh, and your sister and other friends Wiley and Benz need to come, too.”

“Huh?” Carly and Benz seemed confused.
“Why me?” Benz asked.

“Two reasons.” Aries said, “One, this is important for you, too and two, your brother is already at the place with another one of our girls in there?”
“Wait, Ellie is a part of this shit, too!?” Malcolm shouted.

“She’s not a shooter!! Calm your ass down!” Ronin said, “She lives there, she pays good rent and she makes some damn good cookies that one time….. like, homemade shit! Ah, so good!”

“Look… I got to come, too.” Milla said, “I should know what the hell is going on.”
“We can’t have too many people coming.” Aries said, “We need to keep you safe and sound. Don’t you have a pregnant woman staying here?”

“I’m fine, by the way.” Adell said, with Lina keeping her company, offering her something to drink.
“Oh, thank you!” Adell accepted.
“Can we at least be part of it like video phone or something?” Rita asked.



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