The police came and it was a crime scene that got the whole block wondering what went on.

“Holy shit….. ” One officer as he took a look at the crime scene. “Damn, I actually like that guy.”
“Oh, for fuck’s sake. Cover the body up!!” Another officer said, “People are already scarred for life here. No need to intensify that shit!”
“Why not?” he said, “Kids need to know about the harsh reality that’s our world.”
“They already do.”

The officers approached our group of survivors.


“So…… we heard that one of you killed the shooter.” First officer said, “We examined the body, got shot in the stomach, chest and in the crotch. OW!”
“To be fair, he deserved it.” Benz said.
“He almost tried to kill us.” Oz said, “We had to defend ourselves.”

“Wait, wait, wait….. we’re getting things off the wrong foot here. Let me introduce myself…. I’m Detective Ryu Declen and my partner beside me is Detective Bishop Bold.”
“Evening.” Bold said, “But our question stands….. who killed the shooter?”
X then stood up in front of them.
“Me.” he said.

“Hmm… brave dude, I see.” Bold said.
“So you’re the one?” Ryu asked.

“Look…..” X said, “All we were doing was having a night out. My friend’s brother birthday is today and no one counted on a random shooter to kill one of our friends in there and threatened to kill us as well.”

“So you shot ’em?” Bold said.
“You damn right.” X said, “And I’ll do it again.”
“…… Well, that’s bold of you to say, Mr…….”

“Cage. Xavion Cage.”

“Xavion?” Bold questioned.
“Yes, my name begins with an X.” X said, “Although that’s what my friends and close ones call me instead.”

“Mr. Cage….” Ryu said, “We’re going to take some questions from you and your whole crew here, in case we might missed something.”


First, they questioned the girls.

First, it was Cora. “Look, what all of we saw isn’t much. We went to check on our friends because we were going to get drunk….some more and suddenly, this guy got a gun out, shoots the cashier and I just took off running for my life.”

Then it was Ellie. “I literally thought my life was about to end. I’ve never been so scared in my life and…. that’s all I got. All of us were in there at the time of the murder. Can we go now?”

Mari: “Some crazy-looking motherfucker killed a cashier and tried to kill us, right? Then one of Wiley’s friends, X……he stabs the guy with a sword, like where the hell he found a sword like that!? Oh, and then he shot him!”
Ryu heard one thing that no one else mentioned, “Wait, stabbed?”
“Yeah, X stabbed him before shooting him.” Mari mentioned.


Then interviewed Carly. “Look, my brother can be very protective towards his friends and family. You see how he felt seeing his friend killed before his eyes? Don’t answer that….I did see that and he’s not known for going easy on people like that. Hell, I saw it before this happened.”

“You got what you want.” Nikky said, “The real bad guy is dead. Should you be happy that something like this doesn’t end with a bunch of people killed for no reason other than some mad man going insane for some bullshit!”
“Calm down, miss.” Bold said.
“Motherfucker, don’t tell me to calm down!” Nikky said, “We could all be dead if X didn’t kill that guy and the balls of that guy shouting about how his brothers will find us and avenge his death.”

“Brothers?” Ryu asked.
“I heard his name was……..Howard, I guess?”


As the rest were waiting outside the interrogation room, in comes the X and Carly’s mom, Milla and Malcolm’s mom, Rita.
Milla just rushed in there, seeing and hugging Carly and X.
“Oh my God, Carly!! Xavion!!” she exclaimed, “You’re OK! Thank God, you’re OK!”

“We were getting worried for a minute there!” Rita exclaimed, “I called Malcolm’s phone and all I was getting was his voicemail.”
“Hmmmm…” Malcolm checked his phone and saw that Rita called and messaged him 5 times.

“Oooh……” Malcolm said. “And it was during the time after that guy got killed.”
“Well, to be fair….” Cora said, “We were still in shock and we thought we were dead as YA Novel movies.”
“I heard about Danny.” Milla said, “Xavion, I’m so sorry.”
“Well….. it’s not every day you see a friend of yours get murdered before your eyes.” X gravely said.
“Not to mention poor Adell.” Rita said.

All of them seemed confused at that moment.
“Who?” Malcolm said.
“His wife.” Rita said, “His pregnant wife. She was there as well. You didn’t see her?”

“Wait….” X remembers the scream he hear from the back, “Oh fuck, she was in the back when that happened and she came to the counter and saw—”
“Oh…..” Milla said.
“I can tell she’s having a hard time dealing with this.” Rita said, “And she’s 7 months pregnant at that!!”
“I did notice a belly on her.” Wiley said, “I just thought she was–”
“WILEY, SHUT UP!” Cora, Milla, Mari and Rita shouted.


X and Benz then walked up to Oz and Ellie.
“Hey, man, I know this isn’t quite the night you wanted to have.” X said, “At least for the 2nd half. I hope this didn’t completely scarred you.”
“Yeah, bro.” Benz said, “I feel like this night got fucked.”

“Well…..” Oz said, “It’s not completely fucked. We’re not dead, so there’s that.”
Ellie then added in the conversation, “Plus, he got a new girlfriend with her number on his phone.”
“Yeah, I got a– wait, what?” Oz said, looking in his phone and sees that Ellie put her number in there.
“You did what most men were too chickenshit to do…. protect someone when they’re in danger.” Ellie said, “Plus, I still like you and all.” She kissed him.
“OK….. well, at least it ended well for you.” X said.

“Yeah… sorry about your friend tho.” Oz said, “At least you killed that guy. Not like it’s going to bite us back in the ass.”




We see three brothers counting out their payments from collecting rent from the local store owners.
“Hey, how long Joel’s been out?” The middle brother said.
“Eh. Fuck if I know.” The youngest one shouted.

“Man, he’s always late when it comes to us collecting.” The oldest one said, “He’s not exactly the smartest one in the bunch.”
“Hopefully he’ll get that money from that Ton guy and if Ton refuses, Joel better put the business to him.” The middle one said with a grave voice.
“What, Barry!?” Dustin shouted, “That Ton fucker need to learn his place. He refusing to pay us, trying to turn away our business and shit! We can’t show weakness to this guy!!”
“And by doing that shit….” Barry said, “He’ll send a message about us and you know people are easy to revolt.”

Suddenly the phone rings.
The youngest one, John, picks it up.

“Yo!” John shouted.
From what he got, it sounded urgent as he turned on the TV and sees the news.


“Tonight’s top story: A convenience story robbery took place earlier in the night and with 2 dead. First one being Daniel Seiji Ton, an owner of the convenience store, Ton’s. He was shot by the robber in place being Joel Howard, a member of the collective Howard family.”

“Wait, what?” Barry shouted.
“However, Howard has met his end when a witness of the robbery used a sword to stab him and then ended up shooting him three times.”

“WHAT!?!?” John screamed, “Oh, fuck! Joel!! DAMN!”
“Someone shot him!?” Dustin screamed, “Fuck that!! We’re going for their asses!”

“Now, due to the wishes and respect of the witnesses, their names will not be revealed to the public. They want to mourn the owner in peace as they knew him well and are quite saddened by his passing.”


“No names!!?” Dustin shouted, punching the wall. “So what? We got hunt every one in town to see who’s the dick that killed our brother!? We need to put a warning on those fucks!!!”
“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!!!” Barry shouted, “You know damn well we can’t move a muscle without any word from the top gun!!”
“And why we got to follow her rules all the damn time!?” Dustin screamed, “Our brother got murdered and we can’t just sit here and—”

Then, that said top gun entered the room.
“Who says you’re just sitting there?”

“…. And cue Colleen.” John said.


“Dustin…..” Colleen said, “You think that I wasn’t going to do a thing about our dear brother’s departure? Have you not known me all your life? We have a skill of finding our targets in a precise manner of time and attack them….. while their guard is down!!”

“Correct!” John shouted.
“And as soon as they aren’t worried about us anymore….” Barry said, “We go in and SMACK! BOOM! BANG! Buried in the ground just like the others!!”
“See? Barry knows what I’m talking about.” Colleen said.
“Alright, alright!!” Dustin said, “But as soon as we find him, I’m the first to shoot that fucker down!!”

A few days have passed and of course, a funeral was followed up by the murder. Many residents of the city from Danny’s friends, family, and close acquaintances have attended.
One of them speaking words about him is a co-worker and good friend of his, Atticus Lyle.
“Daniel Seiji Ton has always been a man of servitude. Working hard in his native town, making sure he gives each and every customer satisfaction every time they visit his store and before having his life cut short, he was working his way to be a family man with his long-time sweetheart, Adell Butler. If there’s anyone that’s in need of support right now, it is her.”


After the service, Adell was approaching X and his family.
“Hey…..” Adell said, “You’re the guy I saw that night. Xavion, right?”
“Yeah.” X said, “Adell, I’m so sorry about this. I wish I would’ve known that guy was going to–”

“You……..” She looked like she was going to cry but stop in time. “It was never your fault. Neither of you could’ve known it would go down like that. I hope you wasn’t blaming yourself for that.”
“She’s right, Xavion.” Milla said, “No one could’ve knew what that guy was up to.”
“And at least you put a stop to him.” Adell said.
Milla then asked her, “Hey….. you have any family here that you can stay with?”
“I don’t.” she said, “My parents passed away a few years ago. I’m practically on my own now.”

“By yourself?” Rita asked.

“Mind if Milla, the rest and I have a talk?” Rita said.


“Hey, Milla?” Rita said, “X? Carly?”
“Hmmm?” All three of them said.
“You thinking about…. maybe asking Adell to move in to your house?”

X seemed surprised. “Wait, our house?”
“Yes…..” Rita said, “I mean, y’all do have enough room there for one more person and besides, she’s lonely and pregnant! You can’t leave her all alone in the street!”

“Uhh…. I can hear everything you’re saying.” Adell said, who’s within earshot of all this.
“We’re not going to leave her like that!” Milla said, “Besides, Rita does have a point. I mean, our house is practically like a hotel.”

“Yeah, I don’t mind her staying with us.” Carly said, “Besides, Mom, you said you could use more company in the house, right? I know Xavion isn’t exactly talkative and–”
X got a bit annoyed at that remark.
“OK, OK.” Xavion said, “And for the record, I’m not against the idea of Adell staying with us and I think we’re all good with that decision.”

“NICE!” Rita said, “And with that said……me and Malcolm need to stay with y’all, too.”
“Wait, what the fuck?!” X softly said.
Milla slapped him for cursing. “Xavion, language! Especially towards your aunt and where I can hear it!”
“Look, the apartment building I’m at is being sprayed for exotic bugs.” Rita said, “And I don’t need to express that I don’t want bugs in my mouth as I sleep! I sometimes have my mouth open!”
“OK, OK, SH– I mean, OK.” X said.
“Hey, we’ll be one big family in there!” Rita said, “Just think of the good times we’ll have.”

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