WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of violence, strong language, and sexual content. This is meant only for MATURE AUDIENCES. Reader Discretion is advised. 




It is Friday morning. One man is starting to wake up as he took a look at his alarm on his phone and he’s getting ready for work.
“Another day for work….” he grumbled, “Fuck, I can’t wait for this week to be over.”

His cell phone rings.
He answers the call.

“Yo, X!!! I’m about ready for pickup, man!!” someone said on the phone, “You’ve been getting close to late all of this week. Don’t be fucking up today now!! Especially tonight!!!” The guy on the phone is his cousin Malcolm. “Man, I can’t wait to get in that club tonight!! And I think tonight’s the night I might get lucky with Cora!”
“Well, it should be that time already.” X said, “I couldn’t tell if y’all were dating or not! I mean, she’s cool and all but she never gave that hint of her wanting you to put your dick inside her–”
“Alright, smart-ass!” Malcolm said, “What about you and Nikky?”
“What about us?” he said, “We got a good thing going on! A great thing going on!! I won’t miss a notice whenever she wants some loving from me!”
“Won’t miss a notice, huh?” Malcolm said, “Like you almost being late every day this week?”
“A’ight, a’ight, man!” X said, “Besides, it’s like an hour til work. I’ll get there in time!!”
“But traffic is a bitch, man!!” Malcolm said.
“LIke I said, I’ll get there in time.” X said.
“Alright……but if someone pulls us over, I’m staying in the back as soon as the cops show up.” Malcolm said.
“Look, man, I’ll see you when I see you, peace.” X said, as both of them hang up.

He got out of the house and into his car.
“Hey, you……” One woman came out of the house as well.

“Huh?” X said, “Well, you’re up early. I thought it being one of your days off, you would sleep in.”
“You think that but you know I go on a walk every Friday morning.” she said, “You should come with me on these often, whenever you get days off.”

“I would….” he said, “Except that I already work to the bone at my job and adding more exercise to another day of the week makes me not want to do it as much.”
“Or at least do it with me once a week or something!” she said, “Xavion, I can’t force you to do everything but you’re making it seem like I am.”

“That’s because if I say no, an argument will come and I don’t do those well.” Xavion said, “Especially when yelling on top of me is how you and others win.”


“Look…maybe one of these days I’ll go along with you but now……I got to meet Malcolm.” X said, “I don’t want him on my ass on being late!”
“OK, drive safe!” she said, “Say hi to Rita for me!!”
“All right!!!”






2:34 pm

It was after work and Xavion got his crew ready for the night of their lives. Joining him was his cousin Malcolm and two of his friends Benz and Wiley. They’re on their way to pick up Benz’ now 18-year-old brother Oz from high school.
They were busy shooting the shit and having some conversation.

“Man, you bullshitting!!!” Benz shouted.
“I shit you not!!” Wiley said, “I spot some dudes trying to jack a porno store but the dumbasses run into an officer and one of them was holding a dildo. One lady was screaming ‘Thieves!! PERVERT THIEVES!’ and people starting to notice and shit and…. yeah, that shit was insane!”

“That is a weird-ass tale, man!” Malcolm said.
“And I thought the one with the Watermelon Lady and the Shih-tzu Owner was weird.” Xavion said.

“Man, I got stories like these for days, man!!” Wiley said, “But now, I just want to know that girl one of y’all set me up for tonight!”
“Us?” Malcolm said, “No, that goes to Carly!”
“Yeah, she and that girl X is fucking set up both you and Oz’s dates tonight.” Benz said, “I know Oz is going to be happy tonight, especially with him turning 18 tonight. He’ll have a taste of that adult night life.”

“Everybody is going to get some pussy tonight!!!” Wiley said, “And I know Benz is gonna get all the girls swooning for his ass!! Hell, I think Carly might want his to–”
Xavion did not take that lightly.
“Uh, nigga!!” He shouted, “Why you talking about my sister like that!? Like she’s some random ho or something? She ain’t no fucking ho!”
“What?!” Wiley said, “Malcolm isn’t tripping on it. Besides, you know I know Carly better than that.”

“X….” Benz said, “You know I wouldn’t do your sister like I do most of these girls coming at me. I’m not going to break that code, man.”
Xavion calmed down a bit.
“OK…..OK……OK…..” he said, “That was a bit much. I’m just protective of my fam, that’s all, man.” They arrived at the school to pick up Oz. “I didn’t mean to get super defensive and shit.”
“My man, I get it.” Wiley said, “Don’t sweat it but don’t let it get your ass kicked out in the streets!”


“Yo, OZ!!” Benz shouted, “Over here!!”
Oz was just saying bye to his friends.
“Well…… I didn’t think I’d get this much attention today!” Oz said, “Well, not counting the birthday shoutout, the numbers of girls in my locker and well……” He pulls out a huge wad of cash out of his pocket.
“OH SHIT!!!” Malcolm said, “Good catch, my man. But hide that shit from people! They will steal, even if it’s your birthday!!”
“Don’t worry, Mal.” Oz said, “I always keep an eye in case someone wants to do damage on me.”
“Smart thinking, kid.” X said, “But yeah, you should save that shit for something special. We got money to pay your way tonight!”
“We do!?” Wiley asked, unsure.
“Yeah, motherfucker!” Benz said, “He’s getting some good treatment with us tonight.” Then X’s phone ranged.
The Caller ID says that it’s Carly.

“And speaking of….” Wiley went on.
“Boy….” Xavion interrupted him and answered the phone.

“Hey, little bro!” As Carly answers.
“Yeah, sis?” he said.

“HEY, CARLY!!” As everyone else in the car greeted her on the phone.
“I hear the guys are there as well!” Carly said, “Nice to hear from y’all!”

“So, um…. Carly….” Wiley said.
“Yeah, Wiley?” As Carly already know what he’s going to say, “I bet you’re excited about tonight, right?”
“You damn right!!” he said, “I’m gonna get my crazy drunk than a motherfucker!!! Oh, and one of your friends as well. Is she cute? Got a nice ass?”
“Uh, I don’t look at— OK, yeah, she does.” Carly said.
“YEAHHH!!!” He said.
“Just don’t creep her out.” Carly said, “And I meant that. I’m not trying to mess up a good friendship with her.”
“I’ll be good!” Wiley said.

“And I hear someone’s brother just turned 18.” Carly said.
“That’ll be me.” Oz said, “I’m Oz, Benz’ younger and sharply handsome brother.”
“HEY! You know you got that from me, boy-o.” Benz said.
“Well, I know Nikky got you set up with a friend of hers.” Carly said, “You’ll really love her, OZ.”
“Yeah, I can vouch for her and Nikky.” X said, “I met Ellie before when she was at Nikky’s one time. You got it, mane! She’s a little older than you and you can’t drink in there…. but then again, most of us will be drunk so who’s….”
“Benz should do it!” Carly said.

“WHAT!” Benz shouted, “Carly! What the hell?”
“Look, it’s your little brother’s birthday!” Carly said, “You can spare getting buzzed and making sure your brother is safe…. Besides, you’re not the only one not drinking. I’m the designated driver of the girls, too. Maybe you and me could have some time to talk among ourselves…..”

“OOOHH!!!!” Wiley shouted.
“OOOH!! Shut your ass up!” X shouted.

“OK, I’ll sacrifice not having any drank.” Benz said, “Besides, I can go without it tonight.”
“Cool.” Carly said, “See y’all tonight!”



The guys were all at The Raider Room, where they have secured a VIP room just for them tonight. Wiley is getting wild with a bottle of liquor in his hands with Malcolm and X are just chilling, waiting on the girls to arrive.

“OK, shit….” X said, “They ain’t here yet?”
“X,” Malcolm said, “You know girls want to make an entrance whenever they come to the club.”

“Hey, this the VIP room?” One woman said, “We got access!”
The bouncer let them in.
One of them happened to be….
“Hello guys!” It was Carly and the rest of the crew appeared.

“I see you gotten into the sauce quick, have you, Malcolm?” Behind Carly, the one in the glasses and dark hair was Cora, Malcolm’s girlfriend.
“Hey, girl.” Malcolm said, “I was just getting the night started.”

“That bottle looks about half-done.” Cora said, “At least you can do is share…” As she snatches the bottle and got herself a swig.
“Well, hello, hello, hello, boys.” Then Nikky makes her entrance into the room, “And who do I spy in the back? A devastatingly handsome man with a full head of luscious hair.” She comes on to X.
“And for me….” X said, “A fine sly-ass girl that knows how to say the right things.” The two of them kissed.


“Wow……” Then another girl came in the room, “Just not introduce us to your new friends and bust a slob on your man’s mouth.”
“Hi.” As another girl came in.
“OH, my bad.” Nikky said. “Wiley, the girl to your right with the afro is your date for the night, Mari.”

“Oooh…” Wiley said, “I’m digging the fro look, girl.”
“Yeah, that’s just my regular-ass natural hair and all that.” she said, “I see you already sauced. Mind if I get some?”
She grabs the bottle and drinks some of it.

“And OZ…… meet my friend….. Ellie.”
“Hey, what u– I mean, yeah, nice to meet you, Ellie.” Oz said.
“Hi, Oz.” Ellie said, “I heard it’s your birthday from what Nikky told me.”
“Yup…… just turned 18.” Oz said, “I guess that means I’m practically an adult or something.”
Ellie had this inviting smile on her face.
“Well, speaking from experience myself….” she said, “It’s more of being an adult but with training wheels. You can now drive, go to R-Rated movies by yourself….and not sneaking in, getting caught by security.”
“Oh yeah, that’s just the worst.” Oz said.
“Hey, maybe we can see one together if you’re not busy.” she said, “I mean, I’m available whenever.”

“So…… wait, I thought I was supposed to ask you on a date.” Oz said.
“Times change, Ozzie…..wait, you mind if I call you Ozzie?” Ellie asked him.
“Sure.” Oz said, “It sounds cute when you say it.”

He noticed a tattoo on her shoulder.
“Hey, that’s a cool tattoo you got.” Oz noticed.
“Hmm?” she said, “Oh, thank you. I got plenty more on me….. just none I can show you here.”
“Oh……OOOOHHH!!” He immediately got what she was talking about.
“And don’t worry…. I can show you them in a more private place among other things.” she whispered and flirted in his ear.
He gave a pleasing smirk on his face.


Meanwhile, Benz and Carly are just chilling around, enjoying the scenery and each other’s time.
“I see Oz got that charm working on her.” Benz said, “Just like his older brother.”
“Braggy much?” Carly chuckled. “But yeah, it looks like they are hitting it off right…. Kinda like us when we met.”

“Yeah, I remember that day fondly….” Benz said, “That and you wore this pink bikini…”
“BENZ!!” Carly shouted, “Really? You know eventually you have to tell X about us.”

“I know, I know.” Benz said, “I’m just not trying to get on X’s bad side. You know how aggressive he gets with shit like this. Also didn’t he beat up your last boyfriend?”
“Oh, you mean Eko, my ex that tried to hit me when I caught him trying to fuck another girl?” Carly said.
“OK, that’s a good point.” Benz said, “Plus, X did fucked him up good. I’m just looking for the right time to tell him.”
“We’ll both tell him.” Carly said. “That OK with you?”
“Yeah, definitely.” Benz said, “I hope X doesn’t swing at my ass.”


Malcolm and Cora were busy getting drunk together, just dazed off the effects of it.
“Oh shit, Cora…..” Malcolm said.
“Wha?” Cora said.
“Are you seeing some weird bubbles in the air or dolphins swimming up there?” Malcolm exclaimed.

“Uh, Mal?” X said, “What the fuck you and Cora drank?”
Cora grabbed the bottle. “This little bottle with the unicorn on it.”
Mari then took a look at it. “Oh shit…..this is that special unicorn liquor I’ve been hearing about. It’ll make you be on a high unlike any other alcohol.”
“Oh shit….” Wiley said, “I got to try this shit. X, you want in on this?”

“Nah, I’m good. Enjoy yourself.” X said, downing another drink.
“You know they sell that around here, right?” Nikky said. “A friend of mine found it in that Mini-Mart from where I live at. A friend of yours run that store. His name is…..well, something Ton?”
“Danny Ton? My man Dan?” X said, “Oh, then we got the hook-up then!”
“You mean the counter guy?” Nikky said, “I didn’t know you and him were close.”
“OH, we go way back on some shit.” X said, “Shit, we can meet him afterwards in case you want more of that liquor.”
“YUP!!” Malcolm and Cora shouted.

Mari then read a label on it, “It also said that this can increase your sexual drive.”
Malcolm’s eyes widened. “Yeah, we getting it!!”

“Then it’s settled!! We going to Ton’s!!” X said.


Later on as Benz and Carly are driving each other’s cars to the mart….
“So we’re getting this special unicorn liquor from Ton’s?” Benz said, “I didn’t even know he had that shit!”
“Must be some special VIP shit!” Malcolm said, “And given that we’re VIP of his life, we should get it.”
“Yeah…. but we’re broke VIP.” X said, “You read about how much that shit cost?”
“About $85.” Nikky said.
“DAMN!!” X said, “I’m about….. half short of that.”
“I got about… $40 left.” Malcolm said, “Well, shit, we could put all of that in together.”

“Wait, wait, wait!” Nikky said, “I got this covered.” As she pulls out a big wad of cash.

“Ummmm….damn!” X said, “You got that much cash on you?”
“I got to be prepared for something like this!” Nikky said, “Although buying liquor wasn’t exactly on my itinerary.”

“Hopefully me and Benz will get some when we get home!” Carly said via phone.
“Same.” Benz said, “Y’all can’t have all the fun.”

In the other car, Oz and Ellie were busy making out a bit.
“And speaking of fun.” Wiley said, spotting the duo making out.

“Turn your ass around, Wiley!” Mari said, “The 2 kids in the car needs some time alone.”

Oz’s hands were lingering to her back, right down to her ass.
“Oooh, are you always this forward to the ladies?” Ellie said, seductively.
“Well…..” Oz bashfully said.
“Oh, don’t worry, I’m liking this.” she said, continuing kissing him.


They arrived at Ton’s place.
“And we’re here!!” Cora said, “So, you two going to get the liquor?”
“What? You not coming?” Malcolm asked.
“Malcolm, my feet are killing me from these heels.” Cora said, “I feel like they’re about to burst.”
“You two can go in there.” Nikky said, “I’ll keep Cora company when you get back.”

“Benz, you coming?”
“Yeah.” he said, “I want some of that Taffy we got.”

“Yo, Wiley, Oz, we going in!” X said.
“Alright, alright, I got to take a leak anyway.” Wiley said.
“Yo, Oz, you coming?” Benz said.
They see him and Ellie both kissing and feeling each other.
“Boy, get your horny ass here!!” Benz said, snatching him from the car.

“HEY, DAMMIT!!!” Oz shouted.


“Come on, dude.” Oz said, “I really liked that girl. We just connected *snaps fingers* like that.”
“Isn’t that what you said about Tanya, Leia and Tomoko?”  Benz said.
“Well, I did with them, too, but this is completely different.” Oz said.

“You mean that she’s older than you?” X said.
“She’s 21.” X said, “About 4 years younger than Nikky.”
“Aren’t you 3 years older than Nikky as well?” Malcolm said.
“And?” X said.

“Look…..” Oz said, “I like this girl. She seems really cool to me and I want to keep this thing going.”


“HEY! HEY!” A large man was coming out of the back room with a spiked bat, “Who are you spry motherfuckers out here?”
“Danny! You know it’s us, man!!” X said, “Stop messing around!”
“Xavion Cage, my man!!” As him and X exchange daps. “Yo, how you been kicking it these days? You always seem like to be a ghost or dropped out of the face of the earth.”
“What can I say?” X said, “I like to keep it low-key.”

“I guess your cousin and the crew dragged your ass out for a night out.” Danny said.
“Well, him and his girl.” Malcolm said, “Hell, we all got lovely ladies with us tonight, including the kid Oz and his new girl he’s getting cozy with.”

“But, anyway….. you got that unicorn liquor!?” Wiley said.
“Unicorn li– Oh, the Rainbow Surprise!” Danny said, “I got that shit here! Let me get that for ya!”

While he was getting the liquor, Benz and Oz are getting some snacks in the other aisles. There is also Ox spotting some condoms in the other aisle and he proceeded to grab a couple of them.
“Uh, Oz…..” Benz spotted him, “You planning on fucking tonight?”
“I mean,” Benz said, “At least you’re thinking of safe sex rather than raw-dogging it like other dumb-ass niggas that wanna fuck all the time but that quick tho.”
“Bro….” Oz said, “It isn’t for now…. when the time comes and I definitely want to get further with her.”
They bumped into someone that’s looking quite shady in a hoodie.
“Oh shit, my bad, dude.” Benz said.
The guy was looking quite disgruntled and sneering.

“OK, the fuck is his problem?” Benz whispered to Oz.
“Let’s just hurry up and go.” Oz said.


Danny got the liquor and the guys went and got some other things as well.
“Alright, some chips, some candy and this big-ass bottle of liquor that’ll get me and Cora all nice and horny.” Malcolm said.
“Hey, you…..” The guy from the back came into the line. “Buddy, can you let someone else in line first since you got a bunch of shit there and all I got is this one beer?”
Malcolm then mouthed off him, “Motherfucker, you can wait longer. You don’t have anywh–”

Danny then stopped him, “Mal, he got a point. Y’all still got stuff you’re adding on the list. Let the man go first.”
“All right, all right.” X said.

The guy then went on with his purchase.
“OK, that’ll be $5.49.” Danny said.
But then the guy pulled out a gun on the desk.
“Ah….. my guy, we got a problem?” Danny said, as he reaching for something underneath the counter.

“You better not grab that gun.” the guy said, “Don’t think I know what you got under there.”
“Alright, dude, if you want money, just–”
“It isn’t JUST money, bitch.” he said, “You owe a certain group of people some money and you’re not fulfilling that promise.”

“Yo, Dan, should we go?” Malcolm said, “It seems like you got some business to handle.”
Then the girls got out of the cars, seeing what’s taking them long.
“Yo, guys!!! You done buying that shit yet!?” Cora said, “I thought you desperately wanted to get that liquor so we can fuck like rabbits!”
“Oh……” Carly said, seeing the whole altercation. “Um, should we just go?”
“Maybe you should.” Danny said, “And maybe give a call to another friend of mine that I’m–”

“YOU AIN’T GONNA CALL SHIT!!!” The guy yelled, “Either you got our money or you just eat lead!”
“…..In front of all these people?” Danny said.

He then proceeds to shoot Danny.
Ellie and Carly screamed.
“AH! WHAT THE FUCK!!” X shouted. “DANNY!!!”
“Oh shit!!!!” Benz said.
“YOU WANNA DIE, TOO!?” The guy said, “Nobody steals from the Howard Brothers!! Especially from me, JOEL!!!”

He then shoots Danny again in the chest, as he wheezes in pain.
Someone else came from the back room and they see the horror.

“AAAAHHHH!!!” She screamed, “DANNY, NO!!”

“Welp…..” Joel said, “Now I got to kill her, too, along with the rest of you!!”
Benz grabbed some plastic wrap and wrapped it around his head, choking him with it.
“Like hell, you bitch!!” Benz said, “RUN!!!”

Everyone panicked and ran out of there.
“I gotcha back, bro!!” Oz shouted, smacking him with a bunch of liter sodas.
But Joel kicked him down.
“Fuck off!!” Joel said, pulling out his gun.
“OZ!!” Ellie screamed, pulling Oz out of the way and both making a run for it.

“Get your ass back here!!!” Joel said, grabbing Ellie and throwing her to the wall.
Benz stabbed him with a pair of scissors.
“RUN! GO!!” Benz shouted.
Ellie and Oz ran off with everyone else in the cars.
“Get in, quick!!” Carly said, “Where’s Benz?!”
“He’s trying to get out!” Oz said, “But he’s still fighting that guy!”
“WHAT!?” Wiley said, “Tell that motherfucker to get his ass back!”

Benz then got thrown to the car.
“AAHH!!” Benz shouted.
“Oh fuck!!” Malcolm said.
“Malcolm, help him!!” Cora yelled.
“Wiley, you too!!” Mari shouted.

“Come on, come on….” Nikky is trying to start the car without a key, “Wait…. where’s Xavion?!”
“Huh?” Malcolm noticed that X isn’t there. “What the — X!”

“You fuckers aren’t going to live to tell this story!!!” Joel said, aiming his gun to everyone
and threatening to kill them.
“Say your prayers.”

He was going to shoot them.
Then came a sudden stab.
A sword went through his body.
“What the–”

Joel then got slapped to the ground.
The person that stabbed him was—

“X!!” Benz said.
X was standing with a bloodied sword, holding it with a shaken grip on him.


“You…….” X growled, “YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT!!!” He stomped on his private parts.

“YOU HAVE THE FUCKING NERVE TO KILL MY HOMIE IN FRONT OF MY EYES!!!” he gutturally screamed at him, “THEN YOU WANT TO KILL MY FRIENDS, TOO!!!? FUCK THAT!! The other person that got to die is you….. Joel Howard!!”

“Fuck you!!” Joel screamed, “You know who my brothers are!! They’ll kill you if you touch me!!”
“FUCK YOUR BROTHERS!!” X shouted, “If anything….. I’m giving them a message that if you fuck with me, you’ll end up the one dead. Now…..if you excuse me….”
X then shoots Joel in the stomach, the crouch and then…… the head.


He drops the gun slowly.
X is shaken over that he exactly killed someone…..after seeing someone get killed.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!” X let out a blood-curdled scream.



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