The UPDATER 2019

Hey, I’d say long time no see but it hasn’t been that long since I posted something here, right?


Well, I know August has just started but if you notice my pattern of content right after I do Time of the SeasonI slow it down depending on what’s to come. I mean, sometimes We Bare Bears would have either weekly new episodes or a bear-bomb of new episodes but aside from their recent announcement of having a movie in 2020 and a spin-off with The Baby Bears (even though the recent output of WBB is mostly Baby Bears episodes!!), there hasn’t been any news on new WBB episodes in the future.

So, as what I’m saying, I often don’t put out much content (at least as of the last recent years) after the slew of looking at new anime of the season (BTW, Astra Lost in Space might be my potential anime of the season!). Well, one reason of this is….. well, I don’t have much desire to review everything as much as I did previous years.


Don’t let me wrong. I still love reviewing content but sometimes I like just watching stuff just to watch stuff. I thought about reviewing that show Wakfu, since I’ve owned the damn thing for 5 years and hasn’t touched it since. I’m probably going to take a look at it in the future but who knows? There’s still anime that I thought I was going to review in my hay day but hasn’t gotten to yet (looks at Last Exile).

Oh and of course, there’s me being more into music nowadays with me reviewing albums for Surreal Resolution and being part of Decibel Boost Podcast. I’m probably going to make a page of linking my past album reviews from there so you can check out the music reviewer side of me.


As for stuff I’m planning to review later on this year:

Attack on Titan S3 (The whole damn she-bang)
Amphibia (Part 1)
Infinity Train (the mini-series)
Steven Universe: The Movie
Carole & Tuesday

(subjects due to change tho)

Yes, the majority of what titles I’m planning to review are animated titles because I don’t have much live-action shows that interest me to give a full review. Movies….. well, I don’t always go to the theater but in case I do, there is a possibility that I might review it, if I’m feeling up to it.

As for the stuff I listed, some of those are (Hy)Lights related and yes, I plan on bringing that back after a long-ass hiatus and yes, gen:Lock is going on the HyLights pile. Anime on the other hand, while the three I listed (Yes, MFKZ counts as anime) are planned reviews, others will be what I can find on a short notice.


Oh and there is two more factors……

Yeah, as of now, I’m currently writing my next story, the first being my drama/thriller Caution hoping to release it in October and yes, I’m pulling a Naruto with making a next-gen of my previous long-running story series with my new series BK Squad: AFNG – Aura Faction Next-Gen coming later in the year, close to either November or December.

Oh….. and I got one more reason of why I just don’t pump out disposable content……. well, sometimes I need a break from it now and then. I don’t try to be inactive for a long period of time but sometimes you got to slow down or at least save your biggest stuff later on. Hopefully, I know y’all can be understanding about stuff like this; I’ve seen Anibloggers post this as well and they’re right. Sometimes taking a break isn’t so bad… long as people know you’re still active and all that.

So, that is all for the updater!!! What do you think of my current plans for the rest of the year? Oh and for any updates on any of this….. well, you know my Twitter.


I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and seriously, Astra Lost in Space is fucking awesome!!!

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