Anime Discovery 2019: DOG & Scissors – #209

Image result for dog and scissorsSO…… I’ve been gone and by gone, I meant, not posting anything for two weeks.

Then again, posting Time of the Season will do that to ya.


Anyway, once again, there was a sale going on earlier in the month. Namely the Sentai Filmworks Summer Sale with select titles that were 90% off and I had to get on that shit there. Thankfully, I got paid during the remaining few days of it and got 2 titles.

One I already covered and reviewed positively and the other….. yeah, this is on that. I mentioned it on this week’s Decibel Boost about it. I admit I was curious to check out this show in particular as I remember that this did not have much good reception upon its simulcasting/airing debut.

Why did I buy it for $10? And what show is this?

There’s nothing in the world more enjoyable than reading for Harumi Kazuhito. He spends his days with his head buried in books. But one night when he was enjoying a good story in a café, a violent robber comes in and threatens the people inside. Kazuhito is not the hero type but something came over him and he tried to subdue the robber only to get killed. When he came to, he was reborn as a dog under the care of one of the customers who was in the café that night, Natsuno Kirihime. Through some kind of connection, Kirihime can hear Kazuhito’s thoughts as a dog. Unfortunately for Kazuhito, Kirihime has a bit of a sadistic personality and a thing for scissors.


OH NO………Oh no……..

Well, I’ll say this right now, if you are a dog lover or just any pet owner, you will hate this. No, really, you will outright hate the fuck out of this. Mainly due to the treatment Kazuhito (as the dog) gets from Kirihime and yeah, that is basically the show for most of it. She treats the dog like shit from throwing him around, using them scissors to cut mostly his fur off and threatens to kill his ass on a regular basis.

Not only that but shit just gets crazier as more episodes go on from having a dedicated sister in the form of Madoka that gets very obsessed with him to the Kirihime’s editor being into the sadistic side of her…. I wonder if she likes E.L. James…. and then some flashy idol/author with her own henchmen and I….. I just……

I know this is somewhat of a dark comedy and all but its comedy……. yeah, it got annoying and boring after a while. From the random attacks to the threats and of course, the constant teases of Kirihime being flat-chested. Yeah, we get it from the opening to the many times Kazuhito insulted her with that. It’s honestly not doing much for me. It’s just a bunch of nonsense shoved in there and I can deal with nonsense time to time. I love nonsense shit but if it’s shit that doesn’t gel well or I’m not interested in anything in that, you’ve failed.

Now on to the characters and I’m going to be frank…… I don’t care about any motherfucker in there. Yeah, Kirihime is all abusive towards Kazuhito as a dog and she should never own a pet…..yet I really don’t care for Kazuhito as a character at all. At least Kirihime got an interesting side of her even if it’s not all that favorable. Even after he got his ass shot, he’s a boring character. Oh, he likes books and not interested in 3D girls……yeah, that sounds like a cliche as fuck character. I want to say I get why Madoka is caring for her brother but it almost borders into incest-type behavior but I can’t say it is to justify it.

Oh, and there’s this girl named Hami, who’s also trying to be an author, and she’s just as a cliche, stereotypical character as well from being very, very shy and apologetic and that shit also gets eye-rollingly dumb. Oh, and her schtick is she contemplates suicide…….FUNNY HUH? (Of course, it isn’t!)

Again, the majority of these characters either suck or I just don’t give two shits about ’em.

The animation is a little rough when it comes to some action/action-adjacent scenes and then I remember that Gonzo did the animation for this. Ah, Gonzo……a name I haven’t heard in a while or at least half a year since their recent output hasn’t been that great (at least from what I saw….. No, I didn’t see or have any desire to see that Sumo anime they did) and it is a meh look.

The music is just as meh in both openings and endings with it being that cheery J-Pop sound and it never clicked with me. They just seem like bland songs that could’ve fit in any other anime.

Oh, and yes, this was released sub-only back in 2014 but later on would get an English dub the following year and yes, names like Jessica Calvello and Luci Christian attracted me to it and the dub is…. it’s average level. It’s not unlistenable and I like some of the performances of the aforementioned actresses and even Blake Shepard as Kazuhito.

FINAL VERDICT: Yeah……it’s not good. Granted, I’m not exactly over the edge on how awful this is. I mean, it’s nothing insultingly bad like Akame ga Kill or Taboo Tattoo but everything on this just ranges at a stupid level that’s just pointless. In fact, this show is just that…… stupid and pointless. Not to mention the whole dog torture shit isn’t going to win anyone.

But, yeah, I don’t recommend this one unless you got a thing for sadistic anime girls with scissors.



DOG & SCISSORS is available on DVD and Blu-ray via Sentai Filmworks and streaming on HiDive, VRV and Crunchyroll


I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and PSA: DON’T RUN WITH SCISSORS OR USE THEM TO TORTURE YOUR PETS! Or just that. Don’t torture your pets.



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