TIME of the SEASON Summer 2019 Edition: Dr. STONE

Hey, this anime got its own Crunchyroll logo popping up first thing into the show. Also, if you were to suddenly turn into stone, make sure you’re not up in the air or on a plane, a car, in the middle of the road, or just standing in general.

Hey, if that shit turns, I rather be sitting or laying down than anything else.

This is Dr. Stone.


Director: Shinya Iino

Series Composition: Yuichiro Kido

Storyboard: Shinya Iino (ep 1)

Episode Director: Shinya Iino (ep 1)


Hiroaki Tsutsumi

Tatsuya Katō

Yuki Kanesaka

Original creator:

Boichi (art)

Riichirou Inagaki (story)

Character Design: Yuko Iwasa

Chief Animation Director: Yuko Iwasa(ep 1)

Animation Director: Takashi Muratani(ep 1)


Animation Production: TMS Entertainment


Internet Streaming: FUNimation Entertainment (SimulDub) / Crunchyroll

Plot Summary: Taiju is about to confess to the girl he loves when a mysterious force hits the Earth and turns every human into stone. Taiju and his friend Senku wake up thousands of years later and begin to rebuild society.

First Thoughts: So…… who is supposed to be about again? The guy who’s in love with some girl but missed his chance to confess his love before being stoned? Also, saying “I’ll protect you” as he turns into stone doesn’t mean shit. She’s still gonna be stone. I get him as a character…. he’s not all that right in the head but got a lot of heart and yet I’m liking Senku more into the series. Yeah, he got something a bit smug about him but he knows what the hell he’s doing.

I know a lot of people are excited about this show given off what some read from the manga and for me, this show made a good impression.

Not great, but good. I mean, it’s no Astra Lost in Space but I’m willing to watch more of this.

In other words, definite CONTINUE WEEKLY.


I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and imagine being frozen into the year 5XXX…..yeah, that’s terrifying.

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