TRAP GAME: The Dangerous World / Episode 12 – DANGEROUS Trap

WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of violence, graphic language, and sexual content. This is meant only for MATURE AUDIENCES. Reader Discretion is advised.  




The teams are readying themselves for that final event, from getting armed to the teeth to having body armor and protective gear and the tension is getting thick in the air.

Team Glass is assembling their arsenal and packing the big heavy weapons.
“Oh, yeah…. this will put a hurtin’ on ’em.” Rahdell said, “Them motherfuckers are going down…..”
“Damn, these are the bullets that’ll put a hurting on ’em.” Glassio said, “Isn’t this the shit we tricked Sleepy into using it on–“
“Yes…..” Rahdell said, “But those bullets didn’t kill anyone. It just gives you the appearance of death.”
“Are these made specifically for…..well, you know?” Laker Bullet asked. 

“Oh, you mean….” Rahdell said, “Well, yeah, specifically for those motherfuckers. We got something for them…..” 


The rest of the teams are going through the emotions. 

At Team Mono, Nishi is sharpening her arrows super fine and ready while Jiri and Kimi are piling on the guns.
“We’re taking no prisoners on this.” Nishi said, “We are blasting on everyone and I mean, EVERYONE! Don’t spare anyone there!” 


“Everyone,” As Infrared is rallying their team for what’s to come.
“It has come to that time. We got to deliver our best and win this.”
“AMEN!!” The team roared. 


Odyessy was definitely in need of a miracle as they gathered around.
“OK, team…..we got lucky during that last round.” Roque said, “But right now, if we get those 1000 points, we can easily win this!!! We go hard or get fucked!!”
“RIGHT!!” The team shouted. 


Team Speed is also going through the emotions for this final round.
“Damn….” Sleepy said, “We are actually close to either winning it all…..or just fucking it all up.”
“It’s do or die time.” Accel said, “But it’s more do for us.”
“It ain’t going down like that.” Adion said, “Not again. Not this time….. we are going to take that first place or die trying!”
Katrina added, “You know we don’t actually die in the–“
“You get my point.” Adion added on. 

“We got about 10 minutes until it begins….” Dwele said, “Should we get our asses moving?”
“We probably should.” Sleepy said, “Or at least bef-“
“WAIT!!!” As Fiorella shouted with Selene, Deanna, Darling, Maziline & Nala coming forward to them. 


“Did we forget something?” Accel said.
“We shouldn’t.” Katrina said, “Aegis, did we forget–“ 

“NO…..” Aegis-M said, “Well, except one thing.”

“Our good vibes and wishes of luck from us.” Aegis-F said, “Mr. Sleepy, you and the others have come far in these games and all of us are really proud of all of you, especially dealing with some new changes in your despair from years ago.” 

“You have a chance to regain what was lost a long time ago.” Fiorella said, “Only this time, no one is trying to fuck with y’all or there’s some mole trying to get you in some shit or….I’m getting off track. YOU….. CAN DO THIS!!” As she pulls Sleepy towards her and then she kisses him dearly and long. 

Now he has a big smile on his face. 

“But whether you win or lose…..” she said, “I will still love you……”
“As will us.” Deanna said, “Only Fio loves you in another way than us. You’re just really good people we know.” Deanna then hugged him.
“Thank you, Fio and Deanna.” Sleepy said.

Then Selene comes up to both Adion and Dwele.
“Look, we do fight a lot and I think that’s going to continue in the future…. but one of the few things that I stand with you is y’all kicking ass out there.”
“Especially if it’s that damn Team Glass.” Darling said, “As much as you guys or mostly Adion…”
“HEY!!” Adion shouted.
“She got a point.” Dwele replied.
“… often stiff me on cash but eventually you’ll paid me back or I have to slap it out of you.” Darling said. 


“WHERE MY MONEY!” Darling shouted, slapping Adion back and forth. “MOTHERFUCKER, WHERE MY MONEY AT!?”
“Help!!!” Adion shouted, “Some crazy white girl is beating me!!” 

Meanwhile, Dwele is just sitting in the sideline, eating a sandwich.
“No. Stop. Don’t do it.” He unenthusiastic-ally said.
“He’s eating a sandwich!!” Darling said, “So are you!! KNUCKLES!!!”


Darling then said, “Hey, at least it wasn’t the one time Deanna dyed your hair pink.”
“It was red!!” Deanna said, “Well…..until it got into the light and went lighter.” 

But then Selene went on.
What I’m trying to say… is good luck out there and of course, kick some ass!” 


Then both Maziline and Nala went over to both Accel and Katrina. 

“Well, Accel…… this has been a wild ride for you the last few months, huh?” Nala said, “I mean, you’re into a whole new world, meet a bunch of new people including us, doing these games and…..well….” 
“Doing you?” Adion added.
Then Nala proceeds to throw something at him.
“OK, yes….. ” Accel said, “This new world has been quite a fascinating turn in my life and weird as well. I came in with animals attacking me and having to go through dangerous objects in order to live a better life but then….. I have some really cool and caring people right here as friends and even a stunning, beautiful woman that would want to be my girlfriend.”
Nala kisses him.
“This is my good luck to you…..” she said, “And also that I can still be added into there in case you need some assistance kicking ass…. again.” She smiled.

“And Katrina….” Maziline said, “It has been a long time coming in these games. For the past few years, everyone in these teams have been coming at you with all sorts of slander and bullshit about you and now that you and everybody else have these games on lock…. I mean, you own that round a couple of days ago!!!”
“Mmmhmm.” Katrina responded.
“You show those archers you got the juice and they’re not going to take your shit anymore, right!?”
“RIGHT!!” Katrina yelled.
“You definitely show that damn Nishi something there!” Maziline encouraged her.
“And those dudes on Odyessy, Glass and Infra….. they got nothing on you!!!”
“RIGHT!!” She also yelled, “Those dudes don’t have shit on me!!!! Even if that one guy got it on that last round but we’re ahead anyway!!” 

“Fuck yeah!!” Maziline said, “And y’all have the lead. You five can do this!!! WE BELIEVE IN THE TEAM SPEED THAT BELIEVES IN US THAT BELIEVES IN YOU!!!”
Everyone looked confused.
“What?!” Everybody shouted. 

“It…. sounded better in my head.” Mazi said. 


“As weird as Mazi made that sound,” Nala said, “She’s right!! Everyone in this room believes in you!!! All of you got take on those guys not only with your skills and strength but with—“
“The power of friendship?” Sleepy added.
“I– Damn, is this speech that cliche?” Mazi asked. 

“It was helpful.” Katrina said, “And needed. Definitely needed……you did it well, Mazi!” 


“On 3…..” Accel said, “We do this…. for our friends, our lovers, our livelihoods and the fact that we need to kick their asses!”
“Yeah, let’s just go!!” Sleepy said.
“See y’all!!” Accel shouted as him and the others had to run off.
The rest runs off to the stage for the finale event.
“Hey, one more thing, Accel!” As Nala ran to tell him something. However, she whispered it to his ear.
“Mmmhmm. Will do.” Nala said, walking off. 

“What was that?” Mazi said.
“Something I might need your help later on.” 



All 5 teams are now face to face with each other. 

“Well, well, well…..” Sleepy shouted at every one of the opposing teams. “All of you fuckers thought that we were going to be the big losers of these games.”
“We got one more to do.” Nishi said, “Everything can happen, Sleepy….. even us tripping your pathetic asses.” 

Rahdell then barged in the conversation, “Sleepy, how many times are you going to it through your head? You’re not going to win this.” 

Infrared scoffed at that, “And what, you are?” 

“Like your pathetic ass is going to win this, Rahdell!” Roque shouted, “At least our team won an event while you have won squat! Watch our team take home the gold and leave your dusty ass behind!!”
Rahdell didn’t seem too thrilled with that response.  

He then punches Roque.
“Oh, shut your ass up!” Rahdell said, “I’m still ahead of you fucks!”
“And so are we!” Miltalia said, “It’s going to take a lot more than your empty threats to make us go easy on you.”
“Like some big bitch like you is going to kick my ass!!” Rahdell said. 

“I did a round back, didn’t I?” Miltalia teased.
“Bitch, you got lucky!”
“And you got cocky, you fucking cock.” Andrezj shouted, “And your ass got beated 4 times. Now what, bitch?” 

“The only team that’s going to take it all….” Nishi said, “Are me and my girls!! You motherfuckers don’t have shit on us!!!”
“Oh, please!!” Roque shouted, “We can definitely take on all you bitches down!!”
Then comes the rest of the Mono crew on Roque, with Kimi pointing a shotgun at him, Jiri having two pistols aimed at him and Kurumi and Masaki with knives at his throat and his privates. 

“You were saying?” Masaki said. 

“All of y’all are going down!!” Rahdell shouted, “I SWEAR IT!!!” 



It is finally starting.
“Ladies and gentlemen…… it is TIME!!” The Mirai proclaimed, taking over announcing duties. “We are in the final stretch where all teams and every member is participating in this massive event!!” 

We’re at the starting line and we have the runners on line, ready to go. 

“This is it.” Takata said.
“I can’t lose to them again.” Laker Bullet said.
“Do or die time!” Kurumi said.
“Let’s get it!” Sammo said. 

“It’s time!!” Accel said. 


The runners take off, charging away from the line. 

“Come on, motherfucker!!!” Laker Bullet shouting, trying to ram the others out of the way.
Kurumi pushes him back in the wrong way and he runs into a tree. 

“OW!!” LB shouted, “Bitch!!”
Accel is sprinting his way into getting to the finishing checkpoint that’s 8 minutes away from where Katrina and the other archers are waiting in her position for the second part of the race with him. 

“GGRAAAHHH!!!” Sammo screamed, speed-running and right next to Accel.
Sammo tries to push him over. Accel ducks over and over, then he started to run backwards. 

“BACKWARDS?!” Sammo yelled. 

Out of nowhere, Takata is throwing sharp pieces of glass at him.
“AAHH!! The hell?!” Accel said.
“You think you’re going to get ahead!?” She shouted, “Your ass is mine!!!” She threw some more and he got some in his hand.
“AH!!” He shouted. 

Kurumi got a hold of a branch and smacked Takata with it one time.
“AAH!” Takata shouted.
Kurumi then took a swipe at Accel.

“Now, sweetie, remember this is just a game!!” Kurumi said, “I don’t want to hurt that pretty face but I’m not costing myself a win from this!!”
“OK, unlike you, I’m not trying to fuck some unknown dude!!” Takata said, “Move or get fucked!!”
“Wrong choice of words, bitch!!” Kurumi shouted. She jumps up and springs herself further from the pack. 

“WHAT THE FUCK? She can fly?!” Takata shouted.
“Or jump and fall in style!!” Accel screamed. He then transported himself right in her space.
“Oh, hell no, you don’t!!” Takata grabbed on to Accel and she got transported alongside him. 

Accel was in the air and he alongside Takata collided with Kurumi.
“YYAAHH!!!!” Accel and Takata screamed.
“What the hell?” Kurumi shouted. 

All three stumbled, tripped and fell into a bush of thorns.
However, Laker Bullet grabbed a branch and kept swinging it at Sammo.
“GET BACK, FUCKER!!” Laker shouted.
Sammo didn’t give a damn and he grabbed the branch from LB and stuck it in his leg. 

“AAAHH!!!” LB screamed. He did pushed Sammo out of the way and kept running while limping. 

He winced when he moved his leg.
“Oh…. fuck…..” 

Accel got up from the thorn bushes as he sees Laker Bullet running off.
He immediately got on his feet.
But then, he got caught on something.
“Where you going!?” Takata shouted as she covered in thorns with some cuts of blood.  She grabbed him by the neck, slamming him down. 

But then Kurumi jumped in, attacking them both.
“I should ask you the same damn thing!!!” Kurumi was wrestling with them, however, she got closest to Takata.
Accel soon took off.
“Gotta run….” he silently said. 

Elsewhere, Laker Bullet was closest to reaching the archers and finding Azil before the others could get to him.
“Come on, come on, come on! SHIT!!!!” he screamed. 

Accel is gaining on them as fast as he could.
“You’re back!!?” LB said.
“Hell yeah!!” Accel shouted.
Then Takata and Kurumi immediately appeared behind him.
“You forgot about us, sweetie!?” Kurumi shouted.
“I WILL KILL YOU, BITCH!!” Takata screamed.
“SAME!!” Sammo said, “But more on the other guy but you, too!!” 


Soon, the archers just arrived at the checkpoint.
Katrina sees the runners coming in along with the other archers next to her.
“What the— RUNNING BOY!?” Nishi said.
“LB, beat that motherfucker!!” Azil shouted.
“RUN FASTER, TAKATA!!!” Sir Delize screamed. 

Accel speeded up even more and as he got closer to the checkpoint. He jumped high in the air and throws something down, deploying what’s to be a….
“Is that a bike?” Infrared questioned.
“DAMN RIGHT!!” Katrina shouted. She jumped on the bike with Accel joining her behind. “HANG ON TIGHT!!” 

The duo speeded out of there ASAP.
“That thing was actually a bike!?” Accel shouted.
“Yep!” She said, “It’s amazing what technology can do in this world!! Now please, just hang on to me and you won’t die!!”
“OK!!” Accel said, as he hang on to her.
“Good….” Katrina said smiling. 

As the others got to their checkpoints, they all deployed vehicles of their own. 

“I’m getting those fuckers!!!” Nishi got on the front seat. “Come on, K. You’re riding bitch!!”
“ME!?” Kurumi said, “But you drive like a mad woman!!”
“NO SHIT!!” Both hopped on and the chase begins as the others pursue for the next checkpoint. 


Now the chase has progressed into a mobile one.
“How far are we to the next checkpoint!!?” Accel yelled.
Katrina checked the GPS on the bike. “OK, we got about 10 miles until the next checkpoint with some turns ahead. That’s where the shooters should be…..we should get there, beating the others in a matter of a few minutes!”
“That’s a damn good plan!!” 

Thus come the rest of the riders and Team Mono ramming them from behind. 

“NOT IF I WRECK IT FIRST!!” Nishi shouted. 

“BItch, you gonna die!!!” Azil shouted waving a machine gun with arrow bullets, as he fires.
Katrina put it in high gear and she and Accel high-tail it from their range. However, they kept getting closer to the two.
“Grab the boy!!” Kurumi shouted.
“WHAT!?” Accel shouted.
“SHANK THE FUCKER!!” Takata screamed.
The guys kept throwing rocks, sticks, whatever they can find on the ground or laying around at him.
Accel is getting pelted by those things.
“OW! OW!! SHIT!”
“You fine back there?!” Katrina asked.
“I got rocks and other shit thrown at me! I’m super!!!” Accel sarcastically said. 

“I’m getting the fire torch!!!!” Sir Delize screamed.
“BURN ‘EM!!” Takata yelled. 

“And apparently about to be flamed…..literally!!” Accel screamed. 

They are coming to a hard turn.
Sir Delize throws the torch towards Accel’s way.
“KAT!!!!!” He screamed.
She made the hard turn, the torch barely touched Accel and he almost slid out of the seat.
“WHOA!! SHIT!” He kept on hanging on Katrina’s waist and his hand nearly got near her ass. 

“OK! WHOA BOY!!!” Katrina said.
“It isn’t like that!!” Accel said.
“I know!!! Just don’t do any shit like this!! That’ll make things more awkward!!” 

In comes Infrared on their tail.
He does a little ramming with them.
Him and Sammo eventually got past them.
Katrina then drove faster and now they are neck-in-neck. 

“Come on… come on……” 

Sammo then grabbed his belt and as they are close, he tries hitting the duo.
“The fuck!!” Accel said, “Did he hit me with a belt!?”
“Now the girl!!!”
*D-WAP!* Katrina then got licked.
“AAAH!!” Katrina said, “The hell!?” 

“I’mma whip you bitches!!” Sammo shouted. 

Accel and Katrina swerved out of the way from getting hit and sped forward.
“DAMN!!” Sammo shouted.
“What? I was on them!” Infrared said.
“Well, not quick enough!!” 


“FASTER! FASTER! FASTER!!!” Nishi shouted. Her and Kurumi were speeding faster getting close to the top spot.
“Out of the way, bitch!!” Takata screamed, swinging a machete she found passing by.
“When did you find a machete!?” Nishi said, “And why didn’t we get one!?”
Suddenly, one just appeared in her had.
“Welp…” Nishi had a devious grin.
“BRING IT, BITCH!!” Takata yelled. 



“The race is getting intense!!!” The announcer shouted, “The runners and archers together are fighting neck-to-neck, fist-to-fist, ass-to-ass—“
“WHAT!?” The Mirai shouted.
“But it is too close to call!!! Speed and Infra are neck to neck and then there’s Odyssey and Mono fighting each other but look at below, Glass is heading out speeding like a demon high on molly!!”
Team Glass immediately knocked out Team Infra into a side 

“GET ON IT!!!” Glassio shouted as he and LB are taking first place for them. They grabbed Accel by his collar.
“AAHH!!! WHAT THE!? HELP!!!” Accel shouted.
“Shut up, bitch!!” Glassio yelled.
YOU SHUT UP, BITCH!!” Katrina screamed, transforming herself in her cat form and scratching LB’s face.
“AAAHH!!! You little pussy!!!” LB said.
But then Glassio grabbed Katrina by her collar.
“You ain’t going anywhere, kitty cat!!” 

She digged her claws into his hand, bleeding profusely but he still got a grip on her.
“AAAH!!! You ain’t getting away easily.” Glassio shouted.
“GRAB HER BY THE TAIL!!” LB shouted. 

He did that specific thing…… 

Katrina did the loudest meow screech that almost broke the dome in this place.
She transformed back into her human form.
She proceed to head-butt LB while kicking Glassio in the face. 

She jumps out from their ride before they would come to a crash.
“WATCH OUT!!!” LB shouted.
“OH FUCK!!” Glassio shouted.
The guys crashed into a warehouse, swerved into an incoming pile of pillows……
“Pillows?” LB shouted, “At least we’ll crash softly.” 

Until they moved it and it was a pile of sharp needles.
They crashed into the needles.
“OH GOD!!! These needles hurt like hell!! HELP!!” LB shouted.
“My ass got needles stuck in it!!” Glassio shouted. 

As Katrina got back with Accel, they proceeded to speed on in the race.
“Let that be a lesson to you, young Accel.” Katrina said, “Never, ever ever grab a lady’s cat tail without her consent!”
“NOTED!” Accel said. “You OK?”
“Yeah, I’m all good.” Katrina said, “….But are you OK? You were a bit panicky back there.” 

“Well, I did almost got grabbed by those guys.” Accel said, “They were not messing around, especially with us.”
“It’s the final round and everyone is gunning for that first place points!” Katrina said, “I get why and we got to get to those points before they do!!” 

“NOT! THOT!!” Then comes everyone else on their asses…. again. 

“Who the fuck said thot?” Katrina yelled.
All of them pointed at Sir Delize, even Takata.
“Well, you did.” Takata pointed out. 

However, they were getting closer to the next checkpoint as the shooters are on a bridge, awaiting for their teammates to get there.
Masaki took out her binoculars and see Team Glass way, way behind the others.
“HEH HEH!” she snickered, “Those fuckheads from Team Glass are falling on their asses…again.” 

“What did you say, bitch?” Rahdell shouted.
“Your team ain’t shit!!” Miltalia said, “That’s what the fuck she said! She’s not wrong, tho.” 

“Oh, you better get ready to eat your words…. among other things.” he said in a slimy creeper way. 

They see Accel and Katrina being in the lead.
“OK……Accel and Kat are going good so far.” Sleepy said.
“I hope we can continue that momentum.” Dwele said.
“I’m getting a lump in my throat just thinking about this.” Adion said. 

“Come on, Nishi!!” Jiri shouted.
“Just a few more seconds…..” Kimi whispered. 

“I see Infrared coming!!” Miltalia said.
“Delize and Takata, too!!” Roque shouted. 

All the riders except Team Glass are approaching the checkpoint and the first one to reach it is……
Team Mono.
“WHOA! What the hell!?” Accel said.
“Hello, Sweetie!!!” Kurumi said, “Mind if we take your place!?”
“Bye-bye now!” Nishi said, flipping them off. 

“You see why I’m not fond of them?” Katrina said, “Yeah, that’s why.” 


They did get second place as they arrived at the place.
“Now you know how we feel during that first race.” Sleepy said. 

“And we got the whole crew now.” Dwele said, “……So how do we do this shit?!” 

Then Adion opened up and said, “Well, when Katrina and the other girls fight, we get a big pool of whipped c–“
“It better ends with me getting pudding with that cream and nothing else….” Katrina said.
“Never mind.” He backs off. 

“Look,” Sleepy said, “There’s five of us and five of….. well, everyone on each team we’re facing!”
“Wait….so in other words…..” Accel added on.
“Yes, Accel….you’re going to have to fight someone from Mono.” Sleepy said, “And since you know half of them wants to fuck you and half wants to kill you. Plus, I know Nishi is squaring off against Katrina, so there’s that.”
“Then there’s Odyessy….” Katrina said, “That girl Takata definitely wants to kill you….you really have a way with most women, do you?” 

“Oh damn……” 

“It’s time…….” The announcer shouted. “Everybody is now here and we are about to enter…… THE FREE-FOR-ALL ROUND!!! If any sole member of your team is the last man standing, their team is the victor and winner of the Trap Games. People…… choose your opponents wisely.” 

Then they showed spotlight around different players, highlighting a color and those with that color in the opposing team.

And the list is:
RED HIGHLIGHT – Sleepy, Rahdell, Miltalia, Roque & Masaki 
BLUE HIGHLIGHT – Accel, Laker Bullet, Kurumi, Takata, Sammo
YELLOW HIGHLIGHT – Katrina, Azil, Infared, Nishi, Sir Delize
GREEN HIGHLIGHT – Adion, Kimi, Dira, Andrezi, Ralieri
ORANGE HIGHLIGHT – Dwele, Eno, Riviera, Glassio, Jiri 


“Aw fuck, I got to fight Kimi!?” Adion said, “That bitch will kill my ass!! Dwele, you want to switch?”
“Uh… fuck no.” Dwele said. 

The rest of the teams took a look at their opponents based on highlights.  

“As expected.” Rahdell said, “I’m moping the floor with your motherfuckers….. especially you, Sleepy…..” 

“Well, well….” Nishi said, “This is….”
“Very expected.” Jiri said, “Of course you were going to fight Kat Girl.”
“Pretty much.” Masaki said, “I’m bummed about not fighting Speed Boy….. again but not surprised.” 

“Hey, I get to beat Rahdell’s ass again.” Miltalia said. “And hopefully that other guy will put up a fight and not die on me this time.” 


“Everyone, FIGHT!!!”
“DAMN!!” Adion said.
“You’re mine.” Kimi said, holding a shotgun.
“FUCK THAT!!” Dira, Andrezi and Raileri screamed and first thing they do is jump on Kimi by grabbing her shotgun.
Dira tried biting her hands for her to loosen the grip she got on it.
“WRONGIE!” Kimi kicked him in the teeth.
Then she turned the shotgun on him and…..
“AAAHH!!OOHH!! EEEEE!!!! AAAWWW!” Dira’s dying screams of getting shot over repeatedly made Adion hide in the corners. 

“If you hide out, you’re a bitch!!” Kimi shouted.
“DAMN…..” Adion silently said.  


The orange section got Jiri and Glassio each ganging up on Dwele, shooting at him. Riviera bumrushed Glassio, throwing him in the glass window.
Eno threw a punch at Dwele. He blocked it, kicking him in the face.
“Where you going!?” Jiri grabbed him by his privates but he kicked her in the face, running. 

“OK, that was a low blow.” Dwele said.
“YA THINK!?”Jiri shouted. 


“COME ON, SLEEPY!!!” Rahdell said, “This is the rematch and I’m definitely fucking you and this bitches up!!!”
Sleepy went in silent.
Rahdell threw the first punch. He ducked and chin checked him, kicking him in the balls. 

“OOHH!!” Rahdell groaned.
Sleepy escaped out of that to immediately get rushed by Miltalia.
“You didn’t forget about us, right?” she asked. She threw him in the air and slammed him down.
Rahdell grabbed her from behind, pinning her to the ground to subdue her. She kicked in his knee and slapped him again.
“Fight me like a man and not like a bitch!” Miltalia shouted.
Roque found a butcher knife. He charged into Sleepy, swiping and trying to cut him.  

“HOLD STILL, FUCKER!!!” Roque shouted.
Sleepy swiped the knife from him, headbutting him as well.
“Oh…. ow!!” Unfortunately, head-butting didn’t agree with Sleepy. 

“HI-YA!!” Masaki jumped on Sleepy but then Rahdell grabbed her and he threw her to the wall.
He pinned her down, punching her stomach.
“Stay down, bitch!” he shouted, “You don’t want this shit!!”
Masaki then kicked him in the balls as well.
“Weak shot….fool.” Masaki said. 


Nishi went straight in for Katrina, shooting arrows at her in every corner and turn.
Katrina jumped in the air, turning into her cat form. She jumped in the rails and ran fast from her as she could.
Azil climbed on top of the rails to grab Katrina.
Infrared got out his arrow and shot Azil in his ass.
“AAAHHH!!!” Azil screamed.
Sir Delize pushed him out of the way.
“Move, bitch!!” He said, “I’m going to be the one to shoot that pussy.”
He took out three arrows and used them all at once. 

All three arrows were heading to her direction.
“AAAHHH!!!” Katrina screamed as the first arrow is heading for her. She jumped way down while flipping and landing on every rail she can find. She deflected the first arrow to a rail, exploding. The 2nd arrow hit a rail, exploded and causing her to lose her balance.

“Grab her!!” Azil shouted as he went in to snatch her.
Katrina changed back into her human form while Azil grabbed her.
“GOT HER ASS!!!” Azil shouted.
“LET ME THE FUCK GO!!!” Katrina said.
“Shut your ass up!!” Azil screamed, “After I get through the others, I’m saving you for last!!” 

Nishi grabbed Azil by his hair, slamming him on the ground.
But then Sir Delize bulldozed his way, crushing and slamming Nishi to the wall.
“Your turn, boy….” As Delize turned to Infrared.
He charged at him, only for Infrared to slide out of the way, grab an arrow and shoot Delize in the ass. 

“AAAHH!!! YOU MOTHERFUCKER!!” Delize screamed. 

“Oh, please, you’re about as fair game as the girl y’all trying to corner.” Infrared said, “But with that said, I will win this round.”
Katrina got up with a sword.
“Oh, you’ll win, huh?” Katrina shouted.
She throws a sword to Infrared.
“Wouldn’t be fair to fight an unarmed man.” Katrina said, “Besides, I might respect your skills and all, but be warned that I’m taking this shit.”
“Bring it!!” Infrared said.
The two rushed and charged with swords with all their might. 



“DAMN!!!!!!!” Accel screamed. He is currently got explosives hurled at by Takata.
“Run, you little bitch!!” Takata screamed, “I will fuck you up!!!”
He keeps on running with a few obstacles in his way.
He jumps over a cactus.
“OW!!!!” Accel said, “Ya prick!!” 

“Fuck you!!” as the cactus shouted.
“Wait, cacti can talk?” Accel asked.
“Hell yeah, motherfucker!!!” 

Laker Bullet and Sammo are doing their own chase in the sky with guns.
“YAKKA!!!!!” Sammo screams in the air, shooting at LB.
“The fuck you say…..” LB throws a flash bomb at him.
“MY EYES!!!!!”
“BBBIIITTTCCCCHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” LB has the ultimatum to stab Sammo and get to the others. He makes his move in the air, he goes in for the kill…… but he misses.
Eventually falling into a sewage plant.
“OH NO!!!!!!!!” Then go splash into the disgusting water. “AAAHHH!! SHIT WATER!!!” 


Kurumi jumps into Takata, who also did the jump on Accel.
“AAHH!!!” Accel shouted.
“Shut up!!!” Takata screamed, holding a syringe.
Kurumi punches Takata repeatedly.
“Will you shut up!!” Kurumi said, “I had enough of your mouth!!”
“Well, I had enough of you and your team of bitches!!” Takata shrieked.
“I can say the same for you and your loser-ass team!” Kurumi shouted. 

Accel is trying to flee while the two girls were getting catty.
A swift kick to the chest from Sammo stopped that. “You aren’t going anywhere….” 

LB has risen from the sewage water in time.
“I’m going to FUCK YOU UP!!!” LB shouted. 

“….. OK, you stank.” Kurumi said, “Not just stink…. stank!!
Kurumi then threw a lost syringe in his knee.

Accel is now running into another field.
“Oh, no, you don’t!!!” LB screamed. He throws a dart at Accel. He dodged it. 



Katrina and Infrared are in the middle of a sword battle dueling it out.
The grunts and shouts were getting more aggressive at every turn.
“HHAAAHH!!!” Katrina shouted, deflected a hit from Infrared. He then moved upstairs and coming down with a strike against her.
Only she blocked it but the force with him weaken her down some. 

Then another sword came across them.
“Oh no….” Nishi said, “If you think I’m staying in the sidelines of this, you’re wrong!”
She thrust her large sword towards Infrared.
“I knew you wanted to stick your sword into her.” As she made that crudely sexual comment. 

Katrina made a strike towards Nishi. She predicted the move from her so Nishi blocked it. 

“Nice try….” Nishi snarked.
But then Sir Delize bumrushed her into a pile of needles.
He sheath his sword at Katrina. “How about you fight someone that gets to the point!?” 

Katrina swiftly grabbed her sword and blocked his move.
“Sure, where is he?” she joked. 


Kimi is blasting away at whoever is coming at her while Adion ducking and dodging the shots.
“Come on, big man!!!” Kimi screamed, “Show me what you got!!!”
Adion then spots a gun on the floor.
“Eat this, bitch!!!” Adion come running, firing right at her. 

She shoots back at him and bullets were flying everywhere.
Andrezi and Raileri then grabbed him and punched him down afterwards.
Both fought for the gun he got in his hand. Adion kicked him in the shin and got back the gun, shooting Andrezi in the eye.
“AAAH!!! SHIT!!!!” Andrezi screamed.
Ralieri then pushed him out of the way, struggling to get the gun from Adion.
“Come on, bitch!!” Ralieri shouted.
“Your mama!!!” Adion screamed.
“FUCK YOU!!” A gunshot was made.
Adion pushed him from himself and check for wounds. He doesn’t have any but as for Ralieri. 

“Oh, shit….” he falls down with bullet holes in his back. 

“Hi……” Kimi said.
“AAAHHH!!!!” Adion screamed. 


Dwele is climbing up a building while ducking shots from Jiri.
“FOUND YOU!!” Jiri screamed.
“Shit…” He ducked into the window of the building. 

“He went in!!! I’m getting the bazooka!!!” Riviera said.
“Bazooka!?” Dwele said.
“GIMME THAT SHIT!” Glassio shouted, “I’m shooting down that Speed fuck!!” 

“Oh, damn….” Dwele is running a way to escape the building before they could use the thing; However, Glassio and Riviera are fighting over it.
“My damn RPG!!” Glassio said.
“I found it first, fucker!!” Riviera said.
“Gimme that shit!!” Eno snatched it from them and immediately fired at the building. The hit was made and the building exploded, coming down to pieces and reduced to being ash. 

But…… as it explodes, Jiri spotted someone fleeing from the spot.
It was Dwele.
“FUCK!!” Jiri said, “There he is!!! I’m gettng that bitch!!” 


Miltalia is choking Sleepy while he is budging to escape.
Rahdell then bumrushed them again so he can choke them as well. 

“First off, I choke this fucker down!!” Rahdell said.
Sleepy then threw a rock at his eye.
He then punched Miltalia to flee.
Masaki then jumped and knocked him down to a roof of another house. 

“What the– When did we get to the roof?” Sleepy said.
“Beats me.” Masaki said, still choking him.
Sleepy pushes Masaki off of him and he was running from roof to roof. Rahdell landed firmly on the roof Sleepy was about to jump on.
“It isn’t over yet, Sleepy.” Rahdell shouted. 

In the other side, Miltalia was fighting with Masaki two houses over where Sleepy was.
Masaki kept throwing herself to Miltalia by clawing her.
“OW!!” Miltalia said, “You’re like a drunk cat fiending for catnap.”
“You mean that girl on Team Speed?” Masaki said, as she got thrown into another house. Miltalia jumps into the same house and she body-slams her into a brick chimney wall.
“OW…..” Masaki said.
“Had enough, ya pint-sized assassin?” Miltalia said.
Masaki got pissed. “What….the FUCK YOU CALL ME, YOU AMAZON PRIME BITCH!?”
Then Miltalia got pissed as well. “Oh…. I really got to kill you now.” 


Accel sees a button that’s labeled Combine Stages and he was about to press it…. until….
“Come here, you!!!” Takata grabbed him and slammed him in the ground. “I’m not through with you yet!!”
“And neither am I!!!” Kurumi shouted. She collided with them both. She got Takata in a chokehold and Accel being choked by her legs.
“My, my, cutie.” Kurumi said, “I didn’t expect you to be in between my legs soon…..”
“Oh, God….” Takata said.
Accel sees the button on the ground but he sees another button on there marked Lifeline. He soon presses it. 

“Additional player!! Additional player!! Additional player!!” 

“Additional player?” Takata said, “Who the fuck has th—” She then notices someone coming from the darkness and guess who it is.
“You……” Takata said.
“….You’re the….” Kurumi mentioned.
It was Nala.
“Miss me, sweetie?” Nala said. 

“The fucking girlfriend!?!” LB shouted.
“You’re damn right!!!” Nala said, “And I understand some of you either want to threaten, kill or fuck my boyfriend.”
She turns to both Takata and Kurumi.
“OH, um….” Kurumi whistled nervously.
“What?” Takata said, “I can admit to wanting to kill the fucker and just because his waifu is here to help him doesn’t mean shit!!” 

“IT DOES LOOK LIKE I’M FUCKING UP ANOTHER SPEED FREAK!!!” LB shouted, “EAT THIS!!” He swings a blade at Nala. She pulls out her weapon of choice: two big machetes.
“Oh….. you didn’t think I came prepared?” she snarked.
She kicks LB to the wall.
“GO! GO! GO!” Nala said, “Get to that finishing line!!!” 

“FUCK THAT!!” Takata shouted, swinging her blade at Accel but Nala blocked it.
“Move, bitch!”
“You first!!” Nala screamed and attacked Takata at the spot. Accel kept running through that line.
“Dammit!!” LB followed suit. 

Dwele sees the finishing line as well and he’s swiftly running his way towards it as well.
“We’re getting it, baby!!” 


“NO, THE FUCK YOU DON’T!!” Jiri blood-curdlingly screamed.
“YAAHH!!” Dwele said, “Shit!” He wrestled with her trying to get to the checkpoint. She elbows him in the face.
“You’re getting left in the dust, bitch!!”
Then Jiri got slapped by Glassio.
“NOPE!!! That’s on you and that land… all mine!!!!” Glassio speeds his way towards there. 

“What the—” Rahdell shouted, choking Sleepy as they see the finishing line. “That’s it!! I’m getting that prize, nigga!!! I’ll see you in the unemployment line, getting everything you know and love!!!”
He runs rapidly to that line.
“I’m gonna get even richer as fuck!!!!” he bellowed to the heavens. 

However, his chances are in danger as Accel is the closest to getting to the line.
“What the….. YOU!!!” Rahdell then turn his attention to Accel as he raced towards him. Accel sees him speeding towards him with no intention of slowing down, holding a knife to stab him.
Rahdell went in for the stab.
He misses.
“Get back here, bitch!!!” Rahdell screamed, going for Accel at every turn. 

“I… AM… NOT… GOING… TO… LOSE… TO SOME SPEED FUCKER FROM THAT TEAM!!” Rahdell said, “Hold still, bitch!”
In comes someone kicking him in the face, and it’s….
“If you say ‘hold still’ while fighting, you can’t fight worth a shit!!!”
It was Katrina.
Then Nala shows up behind her.
“HEY!! He didn’t knock you over!” Nala said, “Good, cause I was just straight murder his ass…” 

“Nala, you’re here!?” Katrina said, “I didn’t you can participate in this event.”



“Hey, one more thing, Accel!” As Nala ran to tell him something. However, she whispered it to his ear.
“There’s an additional player button in the field. I’ll buzz you when we’ll need your help.”
“Mmmhmm. Will do.” Nala said, walking off. 

“So that’s what you whispered her earlier?” Katrina said.
“That and Mazi got me inside the stage a while ago.” 

“Hey, I see you’re still in one piece?” Mazi said, via talkie.
“I’m here!! And so are Accel and Kat!” 


“OH, FUCK THIS!!!” Rahdell shouted.
“Who was that?” Mazi asked. 

“HIM!” Accel, Katrina and Nala said.
“I’m so sick of your Team Speed motherfuckers, it’s not even funny!!” Rahdell said, “Now stand still…” He rushes to the trio and grapple Accel down. He got on top of him, punching him in the stomach.
“I work too hard to get where I’m at only for it to be taken by you freaks!”
Nala then shoots him with a dart gun. However, he turned his attention to her. 

“Oh, and you!!!” Rahdell said, “You’re not even on the immediate team and you get on my nerves as well!!!”
“You wanna fight me again?” Nala threatened, “Remember the last time?”
“That’s why!!!” Rahdell jumps in the air, grabs Nala by the neck, slams her to the wall and punching her in the stomach. 

“NALA!!” Accel and Katrina shouted.
“Bitch, you can’t do shit to me!!” Rahdell said, “Even without my crew with me, I can still knock your ass out! Hell, I took you bitches down a few years back without you even noticing!!” 

“WHAT!?” Katrina said.
“That shit with your team thinking Ferg was traitor!? Bitch, he was never that all along!!! I’M THE ONE THAT FRAMED SLEEPY!!!” 

Katrina’s eyes widened at the reveal.
“That’s right!!!” he said, “I’m the one to got that original gun dealer to set Sleepy up!! Ferg was the one that was completely innocent in all this!! You threw out your homeboy for nothing!!!” He laughed evilly. “And I know you must be heartbroken with your former boyfriend now being someone else’s husband and you…..still lonely….. still a joke….. and still won’t matter to shit!!” 

“You……..” Katrina said, “…….you fucking asshole!!!”
“The fucking dipshit!!” Nala said.
“And what about it!?” Rahdell said, “Those cameras won’t know. They don’t pick up sound so no one knows anything!!! But now, they’re going to witness me kicking your ass!!! You got any last words before you have a humiliating defeat!!?”
Rahdell picks up Accel.
“But how about I beat up this motherfucker, just to have you witness another partner you lost!?” He throws Accel in the air, jumps up and punches him down. 


“What are you going to do now, bitch!?” Rahdell shouted.

The sounds of an unsheathing sword and three swords stabbing Rahdell from behind. 

The three swords, however….
“So… was you.” It was Sleepy at that moment.
Then Adion aside him. “You are definitely going to pay for that.”
And last but not least, Dwele. “You sorry-ass motherfucker!!” They pull their swords off him. 


“Well, well, well….” Rahdell said, “I guess y’all heard the whole thing, huh? I had y’all fooled, huh?”
“You son of a bitch….” Sleepy said.
“I knew your ass is shady but to go this low…” Dwele said. 

“Well,” Rahdell said, “I figure since at that time, your biggest competition was Rifts and let’s face it, he was the competition and he had beef with y’all and the rest is history. You were out of the way with your team all fucked up and we ended up being the kings of this shit!!!!” 

“And what about Rifts?” Adion said.
What about him?” Rahdell said, “He had to go and we figured that the best way to leave a game is have his worst enemy responsible for his death…sorta.”
“SORTA!?” Sleepy said, “You mean the nigga is still alive!?” 

“To the world, he’s dead as Vine…” Rahdell said, “But in case you wonder about him, he did get a kick out of you guys being crushed, harassed and humiliated by his fans everyday.”
Katrina walked up towards her with a menacing look on her face. 

“Oh….you walking up to me means I’m supposed to get scared or something?” Rahdell said, “What? You not getting any from any random dude got you tense? Maybe you should try to smil–“
She kicked him in his jaw and stomp him right in his groin.
“That…… was for causing one of our dearest friends to quit our team.” She then put her foot on his stomach and stomp on it.
“That’s for the unnecessary drama and bullshit all of us, including me, had to go through!!!” She then keeps punching him in his face.
“That’s for Accel and the guys!”
And then she grabbed a sequel and keeps beating him repeatedly.
“And that’s for us women that you constantly hit on, knowing you got no chance in hell with us…. EVER!!!”
She land the final blow and smack him down. 


“Well, damn….” Accel said, “He isn’t getting up from that.”
“She went harder on him than we did.” Adion said.
“Girl, are you OK?” Nala asked, “I mean, good on you for beating the shit out of him.” 

“Nala, I’m good.” Katrina said.
However, Rahdell got up and he was about to make a move with a gun near him. He grabbed it and it looked like it was going to shoot Accel in the bank.
However, Sleepy noticed him and he shot him several times. 

“Yeah…… never have your back turn on someone that might not be dead yet.” Sleepy said, “Also… far are we to the finishing line?” 

“About a few feet.” Nala said. 


Few minutes later, they were running fast and furious to get to the finish.
“QUICK!!” Sleepy said, “We’re almost there!!! We can win this shit!!!”
“Don’t jinx it!!” Katrina said, “You might get the rest behind us!!” 

Soon, the other teams were furiously gaining their way and trying to stop Team Speed. 

“Now, who jinxed us!?” Adion said, sarcastically.
“SHUT UP!!” Katrina shouted.
They were firing guns and cannons at them, ducking and dodging each hit from them. 

“ACCEL!! DO YOUR THING!!!!” Dwele said, “I’ll keep them busy!!”
Dwele throws a couple of grenades. They exploded, propelling some of the opponents flying towards the goal even more.
“GRAB ‘EM!” Jiri shouted.
She grabbed Dwele by his privates and wrestled him down. 

“Well, D is down.” Adion said, “And they’re getting closer than ever!!”
“You’re mine, bitch!!!” Kimi shouted, aiming for Adion.
“AAAAHHH!!!!” Adion screamed, launching a dust bomb that blurs the vision of everyone back there. 

“We’re getting closer!!!” Sleepy said.

Accel got into his mode and……he speeded and speeded his way to the line, sliding and getting thru various obstacles and he sticks the landing and…… 

The announced then bellowed, “AND IT’S OVER!!!! IT’S OVER!!! TEAM SPEED WON THE GAMES!!! OH MY GOD!!!! Talk about a comeback for your asses!! Team Speed won the Trap Games!!!” 

“OH SHIT THEY WON!!!” The cheers of an excited Fiorella and the girls witnessing their win. 

As Accel is slowing down rapidly as he got to the finishing line, he tripped and landed on his ass.
“OW……. we win?” He said with a smile on his face. 

Nala and Katrina got him up.
“OH yeah… we won alright.” Nala said, “But more importantly……we get to do something like this.”
They both share a deep tongue kiss.
Accel was grinning hard after that.
“Hmmmm…..I can tell you like that, huh?” she said. He shook his head in satisfaction.
“And I know after that….” She whispered to him some very intimate details about what’s coming soon.
He smiled some more.
“HEY….” Katrina then butted in, “I don’t mean to interrupt whatever you got planned for him….but what about the things Rahdell said to us earlier? We can’t let that asshole get away with what he did to us.”
“OH…..I got that covered.” Nala said, “Let’s just say I accidentally left a function on my phone.” 

Sleepy was still in awe over the fact that the team won.
“Wow…. I never thought I see the day.” Sleepy said, “Holy shit, guys, we won….WE WON THE TRAP GAMES!!”
Adion added in, “Man, this feels like a wonderful dream. A dream that I never wanted to end…..but if this dream can add some bikini girls feeding me grapes and massaging me, then it’s a hot dream for me!!” 


An angry and vengeful Rahdell walked up to the two guys.
“You sons of bitches!!!” Rahdell said, “You motherfuckers beat me!?!?” 

“HELL YEAH WE DID!!”  Dwele coming from being beaten by Jiri, “All that smack talk for nothing!!! Your ass lost!!! BIG TIME!!!”
“And you get nothing and nobody out of this….” Nala said. 

“You think this is over?” Rahdell said, “Come next year when I take the games back in fashion!! Me and my team will k–“
“Yeah, you forget.” Sleepy said, “The winning team of this round don’t have to be in next year’s games and….we’re gone. That’s it. We’re not doing anymore of this shit.” 

“You think this is over?” Rahdell said, “Nah, it’s far from over, Sleepy!!! I will get your team to do this again and we will beat your asses!!” 

Nala then got to her walkie, “Mazi, hit it!!”

Soon, the screen turned into the earlier footage of Rahdell and Team Speed with the dialogue he exchanged from them. 

“Bitch, you can’t do shit to me!!” Rahdell said, “Even without my crew with me, I can still knock your ass out! Hell, I took you bitches down a few years back without you even noticing!!” 

The crowd seemed confused on what’s going on.
“What the fuck?” Rahdell shouted. 

“That shit with your team thinking Ferg was traitor!? Bitch, he was never that all along!!! I’M THE ONE THAT FRAMED SLEEPY!!!” 

The crowd got into shock and awe on this new development. Words of them murmuring around Rahdell.
“NO! WAIT!” Rahdell said, “That was fake!! I did nothing to them motherfuckers!!”

More footage keeps playing.
“That’s right!!!” he said, “I’m the one to got that original gun dealer to set Sleepy up!! Ferg was the one that was completely innocent in all this!! You threw out your homeboy for nothing!!!” He laughed evilly. “And I know you must be heartbroken with your former boyfriend now being someone else’s husband and you…..still lonely….. still a joke….. and still won’t matter to shit!!”  

“Those cameras won’t know. They don’t pick up sound so no one knows anything!!!” 

“Well, well, well…..” Ferg said, “It seems like Mr. Rahdell doesn’t know how to play fair, doesn’t he?”
“Looks that way, Ferg.” Lipa said.
“Why, Mr. Rahdell, this is a disgrace!!!” The Mirai said, “You abused your position in the games and sabotaged a team for your own self-serving greed?” 

“Well, he took down Rifts!!” Rahdell shouted. 

“And what about Rifts?” Adion said.
“What about him?” Rahdell said, “He had to go and we figured that the best way to leave a game is have his worst enemy responsible for his death…sorta.”
“SORTA!?” Sleepy said, “You mean the nigga is still alive!?” 

 And that did it. 

The crowd boos all around Rahdell for his betrayal and dastardly ways.
“HEY! HEY!!!” Rahdell said, “I entertain you with my incredible skills and badassery and you’re going to turn on me like that!!?? Fuck you!!!!” 

“Rahdell of Team Glass, you are under arrest for framing an opponent team, gun racketterring and assisting with the false murder of a player.” The security were coming down hard on him. They cuff him while holding him down.
“HEY! HEY! HEY! EASY, DAMMIT!!! I serve these games well!! I’m a veteran of this shit!!! You can’t treat me like this!!! FUCK YOU!!” They drag him away while questioning his teammates for anything about his behavior. 


The team got back to the suite, with the buzz all about Rahdell’s arrest. 

“Wait…. you recorded the confession down there!?” Selene asked them. “How did you manage to get some clear audio of that?”
Nala added, “Well, I had my phone on recorder and I just happened to got it all, sending the file to Mazi…”
Mazi then added, “And then I sent it to the computer working on the screen in the A/V department.” 

“You done pulled the bust of the decade!!” Darling said.
“And best of all, you made every strip club safe again!” Deanna said, “Or at least won’t have to deal with his shit anymore.” 

“Who would’ve thought that douchebag was responsible for all this shit?” Fiorella asked, “…OK, maybe some might did know but we would do some shit like this.”
“According to my statistics,” Aegis-F said, “It would be a 90% probability of him doing it.”
“90%?” Aegis-M said, “Last time I checked, it was 95%.” 

“Oh, bite me!!” Aegis-F said, “He was still in the 90th percentile!!” 


“EITHER WAY!!!” Sleepy said, “The motherfucker is about to be locked up and we…. we are now winners of the Trap Games!! We can finally live the life we have been wanting all these years…..and….. Wow, I never thought it was going to happen.” 

“We thought it was going to be some pipe dream that’ll never come true.” Adion said, “Hell, most dudes we know would quit around the 3rd year of doing this but here we are.” 

“And not only that…” Katrina said, “We did it with a new friend in need. Acc– Shori, you may not know how you got here but all of us are glad you’re here with us in this moment. I’m proud to call you my good friend.”
She hugged him.
“Wow…. thanks, Kat.” Accel said, “I admit….I was scared and nervous going into this new world because…. well, I didn’t know how I got here but being here surrounded and adored by new friends and a girlfriend is worth being here.”
Both Kat and Nala went “AAAWWWW!!” over his little speech and got into a group hug with him. 

“Accel…..” Katrina said, “Is that a banana in your pocket or are you really comfortable with us?”
He actually pulls out a banana in his pocket.
“Oh… actually is a banana.” Katrina said, “At least it wasn’t in any perverted way.” 


Then comes a knock on the door.
“We expecting company?” Selene said.
“I’m hoping strippers.” Adion said.
“ALREADY!?” Deanna said, “And we’re no– I’m not finishing that sentence.” 

Accel answered the door and it was….. the teams Mono, Odyessy and Infra at the door.
“Um….OK.” Accel said.
“I know what you’re thinking of now.” Infrared said, “And no, we’re not here to kill you and/or your crew.”
“Although we should.” Takata said, “But I’m tired and my arms are killing me…..” 

“That was some ultra next level shit you pulled with Rahdell.” Nishi said, “Shit, it made me want to put some respect on all of y’all.”
“Plus, while all of us are competition and all,” Miltalia said, “Rahdell just wanted total control and reign over the games and this year….. he lost it all.”
“Hopefully the next time we participate in these games, they’ll be less perverted assholes in there.” Kurumi said, “Although it’ll be a shame that your team isn’t likely going to return….unless you’re trying t–“ 

“Yeah, we’re not doing that.” Sleepy said, “We’re one and done once we win. We’re not trying to be Rahdell’s crew. We just want to make it in the world and all.” 

“Well…” Infrared said, “It’s been a pleasure being your opponent through these games.” He extends his hand in good sportsmanship.
“Same here, man.” Sleepy said.
He went by and shook everyone’s hand….especially Katrina.
“You really have a good skill down, Katrina.” Infrared said, “If you ever need a sparing partner in archery, you can give me a call.”
“Hmmm…….you know what? Yeah.” she said, “Maybe I can show you some moves of my own.” She playfully laughs and he laughs along with him.
“We’ll see, Kat. We’ll see.” 

Then Team Mono came up to them.
“OK……I know we aren’t exactly on terms…” Nishi said.
“Basically.” Katrina said.
“But I will give you this……you held your own out there, despite me dissing you about everything.”  

“You showed some spunk out there.” Kimi said, “You and your team…..”
“Especially Speedy here.” Masaki pointing at Accel.
“And your other partner there, Nala, isn’t so shabby herself.” Kurumi said. 

“True. True.” Nala said, “Are you and your partner still going to hit on Accel, tho?”
“You mean me and my sister?”
SISTER!?” The guys shouted.
“What?” Masaki said, “You didn’t know both of us were related? I’m the youngest and she’s the oldest.” 

Adion added, “Well, that explains….”
Kurumi stared at him with daggers.
“Never mind.”
“Usually that’s my job to do that to people.” Jiri said, “But I needed a break. Continue.” As she took a glass of rum with her. 

“Look, as cute as Accel is, I’m not going to steal anyone’s man. That’s not my style.” Kurumi said, “However……” She whispers to both of their ears about something…. something very confidental.
“Wow……I didn’t know that about you.” Nala said.
“So, you’ll think about it?” Kurumi said.
“I didn’t say that!!” Nala shouted. 


Then Team Odyessy had their piece to say.
“OK.” Roque said, “While we didn’t win…. yet again….I’m just glad we’re not dead last or close to it like Team Glass.”
“Thank God.” Takata said, “And that means next year, the competition won’t be the same ‘ol, same ‘ol.” 

“So….. no hard feelings?” Accel was about to shake hands.
“Well……” Takata said, reaching for a sword.
“TAKATA!!” Everyone on Odyessy on her.
“OK, OK!” Takata said, “No hard feelings….but it doesn’t mean I’m going soft on you.” 



“So…..” Deanna said, “With the festivies still going on, I’m going to check out the spots in town before it’s over.”
“I’m coming with,” Darling said, “So that way, no one will try to do that hot dog shit with you….again.”
“I should come with.” Selene said.
“Same!” Maziline and Katrina said. 

“Well, I’m going to hit the bar to celebrate our win!!” Adion said, “I’m drinking that high class liquor tonight!!”
“And…. I got to help him in case he throws up that high class liquor.” Dwele said. 

“So that means…..” Fiorella said, “Wait, Accel, why don’t you take yourself and Nala on the night of the town?”
“Isn’t this like $100?” Accel said.
Sleepy looked at that cash. “Where you get that?”
“Revenue from Spicy Jack. Remember?” she added. 

“OK then.” Accel said, “Nala–“
“I know where to go.” Nala said in a hurry as she’s getting giddy with excitement. 


“So, that leaves you and me then, Fio.” Sleepy said, “And I–“
At that moment, she deeply kissed him.
“I…. lost my track of thought.” He smiled. 

“But I thought of something.” she said, “This room, that couch, our clothes off and….you know the rest.”
She took off each other’s clothes.
“Oh, I love the way you think, Fio.” Sleepy said.
“Then you’re going to love the way of this.” She turns off the lights and smacks her own ass.
“Oh, Fio…..” 


“Hey…… you remember that fool Rahdell?” one guy said.
“What about him?” 

“Look at this!!!” He showed him the news of Rahdell being outed as a cheater at the games and banned from the Trap Games for life.
“Wow…. I knew this guy was too stupid to keep this hidden. Now we got to move…..” 

“And where will we go now…….RIFTS?” 


It was the middle of the night, back at Spicy Jack’s and within Accel’s room……he and Nala finally had sex.
They panted and panted after what seemed like a hot night of breakthrough intense sex. 

“So…..” Accel said.
“HmmMmm….” Nala happily nodded.
“Everyone probably heard that, right?” 

“Well……” Both Aegis said within their door.
“We did.” Katrina said, standing outside their window in cat form.
“And Accel is a naughty boy from when we heard.” Fiorella yelled from her room.

“OH DAMN……” Accel hid under the covers in embarrassment.






© 2019 Ctrl/Alt/Del Productions / Katana+  

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