TRAP GAME: The Dangerous World / Episode 11 – TRAPENULT

WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of violence, graphic language, and sexual content. This is meant only for MATURE AUDIENCES. Reader Discretion is advised.  



In the late night city, the rest of Team Glass was having drinks at a strip club, Cash and Ass, and they were trying to get their mind off losing to Team Sleep. 

“Come on, girl!! BEND OVER!!” Azil said, “YEAH! SHOW DAT ASS!!!” 

Glasso was making it rain with dollar bills with lap dancers showing up for his cash and Rahdell was having his own private dancer with a bottle of Hennessy on one hand and his junk on another.
“You gonna bust a nut over me?” The lap dancer said. 

“Shit, baby. I just might.” Rahdell said, “I’m hard all day and I need so–” Then the phone rings.
He answers it.
“Yo, Boss.” It was Laker Bullet.
“Laker Bullet, the fuck you still doing down there?” Rahdell said, “Brah, you should be with us with these strippers and shit.” 

“I know, I know….” LB said, “But it’s also on Team Speed. They got an alternate going in the next round.”
“An alternate?” He wondered, “I get I fucked up Sleepy big time if he’s not competing in that round. Who the hell they got for those games?”
“It’s the Runner’s girl. That mouthy-ass one. Name’s…….Nala.” 

He spit out his drink, coughing at the mention of that name.
“HEY!!!” The lap dancer yelled. 

“Her!?” Rahdell said, “How is she eligible to get in this shit!?”
“Fuck if I know!!” LB said, “Is she a shooter as well?!?”
“I don’t know but knowing Sleepy and them, she’ll be on that range.” Rahdell said, “But you know what? I don’t give a fuck!!! I’m beating the shit out of that bitch along with the rest of that damn crew!!!”
“So now what?” LB asked.
“We do what we do!” Rahdell said, “But, tomorrow…… we are definitely getting 1st place on that round and we’ll fuck up everybody up!! AND I MEAN EVERYBODY!!”
“Damn, brah….it is that serious?” As Glassio was coming through to see what he’s up to. 

“YES, IT IS!!” Rahdell said grabbing Glassio by the neck, “We have come too far in this life, only to get showed up by some damn project rejects!!! Come tomorrow, they will not have a leg to stand on!!” 



(Speed: Nala [filling in for Sleepy], Accel, Katrina
Infra: Infrared, Eno, Sammo
Odyessy: Sir Delize, Takata, Roque
Glass: Rahdell, Azil, Glasso
Mono: Nishi, Kurumi, Masaki) 


“Folks, we are back in action with our team sports!!! We have 5 teams competiting for one mega-big hybrid round!!! In fact, this counts as 2 Rounds to be honest!!!” 

The people ready on the starting line are the runners and the archers. 

“Well, well, well…..” Sir Delize said, “We’re so close to the finale round. It’s not even funny.”
“Well, for you, it is.” Azil said, “I’m amazed your dumb ass is still here after that arrow fiasco!!”
“Both you fuckers should be ever so lucky!!” Nishi said, “With your less than stellar archer asses!!” 


“OK, things were getting heated here.” Accel said.
“Don’t let that bog you down.” Katrina said, “Look, they always got that mode of them getting aggro as it starts! You can’t show them weakness at a time like this.” 

Then all of a sudden, Infrared shows up.
“Your friend is right.” he said, “However, while we show our competitive aggressive spirit out there, remind yourself to don’t be a total dick about it. I’ll see you out there.” Then he walks away. 

“Well, that was convenient.” Accel said.
“Yeah, it was.” Katrina said, “Also kinda weird.” 

“Hello, cutie boy Accel!!!” And that was Kurumi, “You missed me…’s been such a long time since we competited together in the first round.”
“Oh no….” Accel said.
“So……I heard you’re spoken for.” she said, “I can see why….you’re quite a catch.” As she was checking him out.
“I don’t know who’s more uncomfortable. Me or you.” Katrina said, “Actually…. this might be more uncomfortable for you.”
Then comes Nishi slapping her in the back of the head.
“Hello there, Kat Girl.” Nishi said.
“And speaking of uncomfortable……”
Nishi then grabbed her tail.
“BITCH!!” Katrina hissed at her. 

“You better land on your two feet when you fuck up…..” Nishi said, “After all, it’s gonna happen.” 


“STARTERS, YOU READY!!” The Mirai announced as she is taking over from the previous announcer.
The runners are getting in position.

Takata got a switchblade out.
“Guess who’s getting it fast?” She whispers enough that Accel hears her.
“….GET SET….” 

“Not if I get him first!!” Glassio yells.
The buzzer rang and the runners took off with Takata throwing her knife as Accel. He ducked but Glassio tries to punch him while running.
Glassio shoved Sammo to get to him.
Sammo didn’t seem too pleased.
He then took out a pellet gun and shoots Glassio in the ass.
“AAHHH!!! You prick!!” Glassio shouts. 

Accel kept running in the field to get to the signal to advance Katrina in the next section.
Then he looked up and notice something was coming his way…..
A loud, screeching sound was coming from the sky and it was RAINING BABOONS!! 

“AAAHHH!!! THEM AGAIN!!?” Accel shouted.
“Yes, motherfucker!!” A baboon shouted, “And just for that, I’m ripping your face like I did that cocky kid way back!!”
Accel slowly remembers that first day he came here….. 

FFFFUUUUCCCCKKKKK……..” He remembered that scream of that guy that got ripped apart. 

“Oh no…..oh, man……OH SHIT!!!” Accel panicked. 

The first baboon landed and directly went to attack Accel first.
Accel pulled out a gun and shoots the baboon in the face.
“Get your paws off me, you damn dirty baboon!!”
Another one in the background shouted, “OK….fuck you for that line! At least you switched it up and not call us apes!!”
Accel got back up and keep on running to the line. 

Kurumi was blasting the baboons before they could even land.
“WHO IS THIS BITCH!?” One of them shouted and then got shot in the ass. “AAAHHH!!!!” The baboon landed on a tree, falling over many branches before their death. 

Kurumi loaded more ammo in her guns for the next wave. 

A dozen couple of baboons were heading towards Glassio’s direction and he was panicking.
“AAAHH!!! OH!! DAMN!! EEP!!!”
The chaotic shouting of the baboons were getting louder.
Takata is quickly running her ass off.
“Get the loud-ass bitch!!” One baboon shouted. 

“DDAAHHH!!” Takata screamed.
She sees something red on the ground. She runs close to the item and it was a jump boost she picked up.
She jumped up and lunges herself to a tree.

“She got a boost!!!” Baboon shouted, “Really fuck her up!!!”


Meanwhile, Glassio got out a GPS and he sees that he is close to getting to Rahdell.
“FUCK YEAH!!” Glassio said, “We are gonna be on the high again!!”
However, Sammo is reaching towards his signal to get to Infrared yet Glassio sees him coming.
“Oh, no you don’t!!” 

He threw a rock to his eye to slow him down.
“OWWW!!” Sammo said, “You little shit!!”
Sammo was reaching to his position but Glassio was keeping him from going there.
“GET BACK, FUCKER!!” He shouted. “Need to contact Rahdell…..”
But then in comes Accel, Kurumi and Takata running from more baboons, this time ones that got pistols. 

“Yes, we can handle guns!!!” A baboon shouted, “I’m gonna enjoy shooting you fucks!!”
But one shot himself in the ass.
“OWW!! MY ASS!!!”
“Oh, fuck it.” The other baboon runs off with the others with packing heat. 


“OUTTA MY WAY!” Glassio shouted as he rushed into the finishing line and pushes the others to get into an incoming gondola lift.
He quickly jumps into it.
“HA!!! I’m first, bitches!!!” Glassio screams and he guns it to meet with Rahdell.
“Hell yeah, I got here first!! Rahdell is going to be thrilled and…” But, what Glassio didn’t know is that as he looked behind him.
“Who in the hell….”
A blood thirsty baboon was there and he jumped and attacked him.
“AAAHHH!! NO!!!! EEEEE!!!!! AAAIII!!!! DAMMNNNNNN!!!!!!!” He ended up being attacked. 

By the time the lift reaches to Rahdell’s turn, Glassio passes out.
“Ow…..” He looks all bloody and defeated.
“OH hell….” Rahdell said, “Dem monkeys fucked him up. Oh, well……” He gradually grabs his gun and jets out of there. 

Meanwhile, the others crowded in coming into another ski lift, getting their signal to the other players as well.
“Come on, Nala….” Accel whispered to himself as he pushes his button and now she along with the other gunners are live. 


Gunners Rahdell, Eno, Nala, Masaki and Roque are making their move as they all got the greenlight.
That also means more incoming animals…. this time, it was the weasels. 

“Hah, this will be easy.” Rahdell said, running to his target and directly aiming and shooting one of the weasels.
One is shot dead.
However, the other one beside him got a throwing star and threw it on his leg. 

“Little bitch….” One weasel shouted. 


Eno got out his handgun, firing at them as they get too close to him.
One weasel got inside his pants and punched him in the dick.
“OOHH!!!” He then punched the weasel, while end up punching his own dick in the process.
“Damn it….” 

Nala and Masaki were cornered with armed weasels aiming at them.
Some are making a jump at Nala.
“Semper fi, bitch!!” One shouted.
But Nala then shot him in the air. 

Then comes another one charging at her like he was Sonic the Hedgehog with a big butcher knife.
“YAAAHHH!!!” The weasel shouted.
Immediately, Masaki shoots the Sonic-esque weasel and went down, crashing harder than most of Sonic’s mid-2000s videogames. 

“You’re welcome.” Masaki said.
“I didn’t say thank you.” Nala said, “And don’t think I didn’t hear about you and your friend pushing up on Accel.”
“OH? Wherever did you hear that?” Masaki said in a sarcastic tone.
“You mean around everywhere!?” Nala said, mocking her tone. 

“Hey, I can’t help it if that guy is cute.” Masaki said, “I didn’t even know before that you suddenly snatched him for yourself!”
“WHOA!!! I didn’t snatch him.” Nala said.
“And yet you’re feeling him, aren’t you?” Masaki said, “Did you…… well, you know….” She then the suggestion of her legs being open and something being inserted.
Nala looked annoyed.
“For real?” 

“What?” Masaki said, “You were probably thinking of it right now.” 

“MOVE HOS!!” Roque shouted as he was running furiously shooting at the weasels. One of them came down on his knee and the weasel bit down hard on his leg. 

“AAAHHHH!!!! MY LEG!” He takes out his gun and shoots it….. then ended up shooting his own leg.

“You lose again, Odyessy bitch!” Rahdell shouted, shooting a bunch of weasels. 

Soon afterwards, the rest were close to signaling the other player for the last part of the round.
“Oh shit….” Rahdell sees Nala signaling Katrina. He then tries to jump her.
“YAHH!!” He charged at her but she dodges his move and run into a wall. 

“OH DAMMIT!!” Rahdell said.
“Don’t try to fuck with me, big boy!” Nala said, “Your bitch ass doesn’t stand a chance.” She shoots the flare and from afar at the Stadium a few miles ahead is Katrina seeing the flare, and she’s making her move. 

“What the f–” Rahdell shouted, “You fucking—-” He then shoots his flare in the air as well as everyone else’s signaling them to move on. 


“The archers have started and it looks like Team Speed is shaping the one to take the whole round!!” The Mirai announced.
“Not for long.” As Nishi was thinking.
“DIE BITCH!!!” Sir Delize took his arrow and he quickly aims it for Katrina. 

“WHAT THE HELL!!?” She ducked and dodged the arrow. 

“Hit that target before time runs out!!” The Mirai shouted, “Good luck to all of you….as for the rest of you…..FREE FOR ALL!!!!!!” 

“WHAT!?” Accel said.
She announced the Free for All for the gunners and runners as the barrier between the first two stages are coming closer.
“NALA!” Accel said.
“SHORI!!” Nala shouted. 

“Get these damn baboons off me!!!” Sammo said with one baboon on his back.
Then Eno beats the baboon with a shotgun, smacking him repeatedly.
“Thanks, man…” Sammo said.
“I got you.” Eno said. 

“You had to fight them?” Masaki said, “I can tell that it was going to be rough.”
“At least you fought animals that got class.” Kurumi said. 

“BITCH, YOU CAN KISS MY BRIGHT RED ASSHOLE!!!!” As the injured baboon shouted, “Like y’all so special. Fuckin’ hate you humans!” 

Glassio was still injured in the fight but as Rahdell came closer to him.
“Oh, thank God!!! I’m in need of some first aid! I think those baboons fucked me up really bad and–“
Rahdell covered his mouth.
“Look…..I’ll handle the gunners and runners for you while you get help and I will personally take care of a few people here.” As he’s directly going for Accel and Nala. 


Meanwhile, Katrina is dodging arrows left and right from Sir Delize. However, Infrared was speeding through with a triple shot coming right at her.
“DAAHH!!!” She yelped and fires back at her adversaries. 

She got Sir Delize in the shoulder and Azil in the knee.
Nishi and Infrared kept on chasing and shooting her. Then they got to running on top of the buildings while shooting at her. 

“I got you now, Kat Girl!!” Nishi said.
“BULLSHIT!!” Katrina shouted. She kept shooting for that goal but to no avail. 


Rahdell then bumrushes everyone in the field except for Kurumi, Masaki, Nala and Accel.
“AAH!!” Roque shouted.
“Prick!” Takata shouted, throwing a knife at Rahdell’s knee.
“AH, YOU BITCH!!” He jumps at her, kicks her in the face. She rebounded and charges at him with a broken bottle.
But Rahdell got the upper hand, he picked her up, lifts her to the sky and slams her to the ground.
“KA-POW!!!! Fuckin’ trick!!”
Kurumi then straight up shoots him.
“AHH!” He got shot in the ass, “OOH!!” 

“HA! It never disappoints me.” Kurumi said.
Then comes Rahdell charging at her.
He pounces and pinning her down, punching her.
“OH, I’m going to enjoy this!” Rahdell was on top of her, smacking and punching her. Masaki jumped on him, screaming “GET OFF HER!” at him and spraying him with pepper spray. 

“Kurumi, Kurumi, you okay?” Masaki panicked.
“Don’t worry, I’m all good.” Kurumi said. Then he saw Rahdell got back up and grabbing Masaki.
“MASAKI!!” Kurumi shouted.
“OK, you really shouldn’t jump on big guys.” Rahdell said, “We’re more likely to kill you even more….” He then throws her off the edge of a cliff.
“AAHH!!” Masaki screamed but she’s hanging on.
Kurumi then grabbed her, pulling her up at the last minute.
“I GOT YOU!!” 
“Shit, we gotta run!!” Masaki shouted, “I think that guy is just focused on those other two!!”
“Well, those guys need the luck in all the world!” Kurumi said, “Then again, if the girl di– You know what, not the right time to think about that.”
The girls both ran but Rahdell still caught their attention.
“Hey, you little bitches!!!!” 

All of a sudden, Nala sucker-punched him, making him bleed from the lip.
“Oh….. I’ve been waiting for your ass.” Rahdell said, with a mischievous look. 


Back at the other side, Infrared loaded arrow after arrow at either the top spot or at his opponents.
Nishi grabbed a stray arrow and shoot it back at him.
“AAH!!” He shouted.
“I’m geting that first place, fucker!!” Nishi said. 

“LIKE HELL!!” Azil got to his arrow and he kept shooting at the two archers. “I’m getting that first place!!” He then jumps up in the air, and he pulls down Katrina to rough her up.
“Come on, bitch!” Azil shouted, “GIVE IT UP! GIVE IT UP!!” 

Katrina got an arrow and she stabbed him in the side of his stomach.
“AAAAAAHHHH!!!” Azil screamed. She pushed him aside but then Sir Delize kept firing at the spot, getting his chance to win but then Nishi shot an arrow to his ass….. again.

Infrared fired another arrow but directly to Nishi.
“OW!!” she screamed, “You magical mystical wannabe!!”
Out of nowhere, he grabbed a notepad and made a mark.
“It’s the amount of times I’ve been called that.” Infrared said, “This is number…196. 4 more and I reach a record!”
“OUT OF MY FUCKING WAY!!” Nishi pushed him out of the way and made the shot. 


Rahdell sees Nala and she’s just had enough of his shit.
“You wanna fight, big boy?” Nala said.
“Oh……you wanna mess with me, girl?” Rahdell said, “I’ll break you in half, bitch!!”
“Come on!!” Nala yelled. 

Both of them rushed into each other, Rahdell threw the first punch at Nala. However, Nala kicked him in the face while Accel speeded towards him and kept punching the daylights out of Rahdell.
“MOTHERFUCKER!!” Rahdell slapped Accel, “Oh, I am not going to be beat by some Sonic the Hedgehog-ass motherfucker!!!” He then threw Accel in the air, jumps up and slams him down. 

“KIIYAAAHHHH!!!!!!” he shouted. 

“SHORI!!” Nala shouted.
He threw Accel to the wall and choke-slams Nala along with him. 

“Well, well, well….. you two lovebirds should be happy you’re together like this!!” Rahdell shouted. He throws Nala on the ground.
“But first, you need to watch your girl get her ass handed to her!!”
However, Nala pulled something from her pocket and release some needles aiming at Rahdell.
It hit directly at his face. 

“AAAHHH!!!” Rahdell screamed.
More needles flew but this time, in his balls.

Accel got up, sees that Rahdell is down for the count.
He gets up.
He gets a wrench, swings and deliberately knocks him out with it. 

“……Ow……” Accel said.
Nala is limp-walking to Accel.
“You OK?” She asked him.
“I think I’m about the same as you…” he chuckled.
Both soon chuckled after that.
“HA!” Nala said, “Yeah…. everything hurts.”
Both of them carry on each other and when to see via big screen with what’s going on with Katrina. 


“AAAAHHHH!!!!” Katrina screaming while being choked by Nishi.
“You think you’re going to get that place? FAT CHANCE!!” Nishi bellowed. 

Katrina elbowed her in the face.
“HYAWK!!” Katrina shouted in the air.
Nishi kicked her face and scurried to get her arrow.
“I’m getting this shot, motherfucker!!!” Nishi shoots the arrow. The arrow is going higher and higher into the air, getting closer to the top shot.
But as it was getting close to the top….. the arrow was losing momentum. 

It was slowing down.
“What the—“
The arrow was heading on down.
“NO!!!!! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!NO!!!!” Nishi kept on screaming and the arrow has landed in the trees.
Then suddenly, another arrow is shot up and breaks Nishi’s arrow by its speed. 

“What the…”
That arrow is going……going….. going…..GOING and…..

“YES!!!!” YESSSSSS!! YES!!!!!!!!” That scream comes from Sir Delize.
“Oh yes!!”
It was his blade that reached up to the top spot. 


“AND IT IS OVER!!” The Mirai said, “Team Odyessy takes the win for this round!! Delivered by Sir Delize of Lembourg!!!!”
“I DID IT!!!” Sir Delize said, “I’m not a joke anymore!!!!!” 

“Oh boy…. Rahdell is going to be pissed at me.” Azil silently said. 

“As judges are looking over the scores of this and previous events, we are determined to see who is leading the pack!!” 


Scores — 1st,2nd,3rd,4th 

TEAM MONO — 20, 15, 12, 13
TEAM SPEED — 18, 20, 18, 15
TEAM GLASS — 15, 10, 15, 10
TEAM ODYSSEY — 10, 5, 5, 20
TEAM INFRA — 12, 18, 20, 14 

MONO – 60 points
SPEED -71 points
GLASS – 50 points
ODYSSEY – 40 points
INFRA – 64 points 

“While Team Odyssey make a comeback as of now, they are still now in the bottom and Team Glass should be worried!” The old announcer coming back to the mic. “However, it seems that comeback kids of these Trap Games are TEAM SPEED!! Even though that only came 1st place thanks to archer Katrina in the 2nd round, they manage to keep up and steal the momentum, especially from GLASS this year.” 

“Ah, yes.” The Mirai said, “GLASS’ reign over the last few years may start to crumble….that is, if the finale round can boost their points up as whoever takes first place gets 1000 points added to their final tally!!!” 

“And yes, that even means last place teams like Odyssey and Glass still have a chance!!” the announcer said. 


Accel, Nala and Katrina were heading back to the suite.
“Ow…..feel like hammered shit….” Accel said.
“And not to mention what’s coming next. Holy shit…” Katrina said, “I thought I was going to be in there forever.”
“Y’all got hard out there!!” Nala said, “I’m just glad I finally dropkick Rahdell like the bitch he is today.” 


“Damn…..” Darling said as they entered the room, “I know y’all got fucked up today….but FUCK!!!! You got fucked up out there!!”
Deanna then catches Accel from fainting. “Oh my….. you guys good?”
“It’s just a few bruises and beatings.” Katrina said, “We’re…. well, we’re not dead.”
“You guys need some first aid.” Selene said, “Like immediately.”
“I see what I got!” Fiorella said. 


a few minutes later 

“Maybe it was a good thing you didn’t go out there, Sleep.” Adion said, “Maybe Nala should take your place ag–“
“No.” Sleepy said, “Besides I think my hand should be healed now. I don’t wanna Nala to get my ass-whoopings for me again.”
“Who said I got my ass whooped?” Nala said, then heard a crack. “OW…..” 

Aegis-F said, “My readings show that you have some bruising in 50% of your body, Ms. Nala. Mr. Sleepy is actually all recovered and should be able to fight.”
“Good.” Sleepy said.
“My readings on Katrina show bruising as well.” Aegis-M said, “Just like Ms. Nala’s, her body has suffered damage to 50%.” 


“And from here on out, it’s going to get worse.” Dwele said, “You know that big round where you get 1000 points if you get first place?”
“Glass could easily steal that from us.” Adion said, “We can’t pussyfoot around this time. We got to make sure we get that shit!!”
“Or at least make sure Team Glass gets nothing.” Katrina said, “I don’t even care if we win or not….just not him. Anyone but those guys. Hell, I rather let Team Mono win instead of them!” 

“Damn….. this is it…..” Accel said, “This is that battle that determines whether we’ll win it all or get fucked and get nothing.”
“Pretty much.” Sleepy said, “This is what we’ve been training for. This is the major endurance challenge where all of us. This is it…..” 

“Hey, Sleep….” Nala said, “Is there anything against having 6 players on a team versus others that only have 5?”
“Well, they said we got to have 5 people on a team.” Sleepy said, “I doubt they’ll care about one more on ours.”
“Nala….” Accel said.
“Shori,” she said, “Look, I’m going out there with y’all. I’m not just fighting for the sake of dealing that dick Rahdell. This is for our home. This is for everyone that had to live with assholes coming in our neighborhood, harassing us, hurling flaming things at us and just a bunch of foul shit.”
“So you’re fighting with us?” Katrina asked.
“Hell yeah….” Nala answered, “I do hope if there’s a way to put me in there.” 

“So I see Nala is in with us. Any objections?” Sleepy asked around the room. 

Mazi walked to her and what she did is…. handed her a switchblade. “Kiss their asses down there, sis.”
Nala smiled.
“Thanks, sis.” Both did a special handshake. 

“So…. we are all in agreement?” Sleepy said.
“Oh yeah, we are.” Accel said, “I’m ready……” 

“All right then……  we’re war ready.” 


Episode 11 – TRAPENULT 

Next Episode — DANGEROUS TRAP 

© 2019 Ctrl/Alt/Del Productions / Katana+ 

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