TRAP GAME: The Dangerous World / Episode 10 – NEXT Day OFF

WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of violence, graphic language, and sexual content. This is meant only for MATURE AUDIENCES. Reader Discretion is advised.  


“Oh….. it’s you.” Adion said.
“Something told me we would run into you.” Dwele said.
Then Katrina rushes in to see what’s going on.
She gasped without saying a word.  

That person was….. 

“Erol……” Katrina said.
“Kat…..” he said, “Never thought I would see you again.” 

“The feeling’s mutual.” Adion said with a concerned glare on him.
“Yeah…. OH.” Dwele said. 

Sleepy then came up to see what was happening along with Accel and the rest coming to the forefront. 

“Erol Ferg.” Sleepy said, “I haven’t heard that name in….. well, I’ve heard it a few times today but I didn’t think we would be within close distance.” 

“Kendrick Reed Hanley.” Erol said, “aka SleepyK.”
Accel looked confused.
“That’s your real name?”
“Yes…. Shori.” SleepyK said. 

“Anthony McKenzie and Darryl McClain aka Adion and Dwele.” Erol also added.
“OK, are you just going on people’s real names now?” Dwele said, “What’s next, you telling us Katrina’s real name?”
“Which is Katrina?” Erol added, “Or Katherine if we–“
Katrina shook her head in displeasure of saying that name. 

“I assume–“
“You assume right.” Nala said, “Oh and her last name is Ray.”

“A lot of introductions going on today.” Fiorella said, “But I think the real question we all got our minds is….. why are you here, Erol?”
“It seems suspicious that you’re here in our suite.” Sleepy said, “Don’t you got your own suite to go to with your fiance and everything?”
Speaking of his fiance….
“Erol!” Lipa shouted, “I got the champagne and–“
She walked down to get him.
“Honey, our suite is that way and…. Oh!” She sees Katrina, “You’re the girl I met earlier down there.”
“EARLIER!?” Nala and Mazi shouted, looking right at Katrina. 

“Yes, I met her earlier.” Katrina said, “Was you expecting me to crumble and get in a fetal position or something?”
“…… Kinda?” Nala and Mazi both said.
“OH FUCK Y’ALL!!” Katrina shouted, “I’m not that unstable towards him!!!” 

“Well, we don’t know what might happen with that!” Nala said.
“We remember that night way too well!!!!” Mazi said, “You can’t blame us thinking that!” 

“Actually, I thought she handled her cool with me.” Lipa said.
“THERE YOU GO!!” Katrina shouted. 


 “So….Miss Fawl….” Fiorella said.
“Miss Fiorella Gianna Castellano…..”
Fiorella looked stunned.
“Yes, I know your full name as well… Miss Cion over there.” As she’s pointing at Selene.

“WILL Y’ALL STOP WITH THE FULL NAMES AND SHIT!!” Sleepy shouted, “Just tell me why are y’all here.” 

Then Lipa pulled something out of her pocket.
“SHE GOT A HEATER!!” Deanna shouted, “DUCK!!”
She ducked and grabbed Darling at that. 

“I…..don’t have a weapon on me.” she said.
In actuality, it’s a badge.
“Huh? Wait, so you’re….you’re a cop?” Sleepy guessed. 

“OH FUCK!!! THAT’S WORSE!!” Deanna shouted.
“What weed?!” Adion said, “I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ANY BAG OF WEED!”
“Deanna!! Calm down!!” Darling said, slapping her silly. “She is not going to arrest us…. are you?” 

“No……” Lipa said, “But I do need to talk to Mr. Hanley and Ms. Castellano for a minute.”
Sleepy and Fiorella didn’t like the look of what’s going on.
“OK, we’ll talk with you.” Sleepy said. 



“OK, we’re not in more shit, are we?” Sleepy said.
“This better not be anything about what happened all those years ago.” Fiorella said. 

Lipa had the slight look of bad news for them on her face.
“Oh, now what?” Sleepy said, “I thought this nightmare was over!! I know I can’t un-do what I did with the incident but now it–“
“You got framed.” Lipa said.
–‘s going to haunt me a– WHAT?” He paused as soon as those words were mentioned. 

“Framed?” Fiorella said.
“The hell you talking about?” Sleepy said, “Framed?” 

Ferg puts down some photos on the table.
“You were set up.” There were pictures of the weapons being switched. “Turns out the weapons buyer we knew wasn’t exactly a good-hearted soul.” 

“So he planted those guns on us?” Sleepy said.
“And how do you know about this so much?” Fiorella questioned, “In fact, how is a famous actress like you is aware of this whole thing?”
“You see……” 



It was 2 years after the fallout between Erol and Team Speed and he was out, having a drink in celebration of his new deal with Air Cool Breeze, the shoe air freshener company. He had a dour look on him. 

However, a then-unknown-to-him Lipa came up to him.
“Hey, stranger….” she said, “I heard you made a deal that could make you rich beyond your dreams. Why so glum?” 

“Oh, um….. well….” he said, “I was just doing some thinking of past friendships…..mainly some that ended in a bad way.”
“Hmmm… how bad?” She asked him.
“Try having your team banned from the games for a year, having your leader arrested for the death of his opponent, and having said teammates kick me out for supposedly ratting on him and they now hate me.” 

“Ratting?” Lipa said.
“And I also hurt someone close to me…..” Erol said, “And it’s been eating at me since then.” 

“I’ve also been hearing about them being harassed by loiters wandering around their work place.” Lipa said, “But yet, I also keep hearing two girls kicking their asses.”
“Yep. That’s Nala and Mazi, all right.” he said.
“But why do you feel so bad?” Lipa said, “I mean, I know Rifts was an asshole but I didn’t think he deserved to die. They did have to pay the price.”
“Yeah….. ” he said, “But I feel that they were unaware of those weapons not being safe for the games. I didn’t think about that, too.  I shouldn’t even have these new deals I’m getting or even competing in the games anymore.” 

“Well, damn….feeling a lot of guilt with this, huh?” Lipa said, “I mean, it’s not like you can hire a special investigator to clear your friends’ name.” As she gave a subtle wink, taking a drink. 

“Wait, you can…..”
“Yep….” Lipa said, “It might take a few years or so but no case has ever ended swiftly. We will assure you that it will be taken care of…” 


“Wait…… so you’re a detective?” Fiorella asked, “But I thought you w–
“An actress?” Lipa said, “Yes, you’re right. But I do moonlight as a P.I. but I rather not let the paparazzi know shit about that.” 

“So….. how you and Erol hook up?” Sleepy said, “As in….. well, you know….” Then makes a sexual suggestion with his hands. 

“Sleep, come on, man,” Erol said, “That’s something I expect Adion to say.”
“And you’re damn right!” Adion just showed up in the room, “So y’all fuck?” 

They did.
After meeting at the bar, the two went to a hotel room and….
“Oh Erol…….” Lipa moaned with the bed springs squeaking and moving quick.
…well, you know the rest.
“Lipa……oh yeah……” Erol groaned and moaned in pleasure.

Erol and Lipa did not respond with an answer.
But Katrina slapped Adion from behind.
“And that’s a……” Selene said, looking at her watch and continue to say, “Shut the fuck up, Adion!” Then smacked him with a salami.
Then Deanna and Darling took that back.
“I need a sandwich.” Darling said, “Want one, Deanna?”
“Sure.” She replied. 

“So you were looking into what was really went on with that gun thing?” Sleepy said. 

“We’ve been going at this for a couple of years now.” Lipa said, “But so far, not enough to find out who was really the culprit.”
“Do you have some leads?” Fiorella asked.
“We did.” Lipa said, “But none of them came close.” 

“WELP……” Sleepy said, “Don’t I feel like a stupid motherfucker…..all this time I thought you did me dirty.”
“Damn…..” Adion said, “Yeah, I said a lot about you and….”
“The words ‘fucker’, ‘asshole’, ‘backstabber’ and ‘pussy boy’ were repeated when your name came up.” Dwele said.
“Yeah, I got a colorful vocabulary.” Adion said. 

“Knowing Adion……I get it.” Erol said, “Look, I didn’t know what to do at that time. I never wanted you guys to face shit like this.”
“Look,” Dwele said, “As far as all of us know, you’re no longer on our shit list….the guy who really did this…..oh, we have to find that motherfucker.”
“And kill him.” Adion gravely brought up.
The rest was looking at him with a WTF look on their faces. 

“I meant, bring that fool to justice.” Sleepy said, “Damn, A. You getting violent in here.” 

“I swear to you that if I ever find that person, your reputation will be restored to its former glory.” Lipa said, “….Or at least where no one calls you a murderer anymore.”
“That I can take!” Sleepy said. 


Then Katrina along with Accel, Nala and Mazi showed up in the room. With Erol and Lipa in the room, Katrina is sensing some awkward vibes between her and the couple.
“So….. should we leave?” Accel said, “I feel like the odd man out in this.”
“Well…..” Nala said, “Actually, nah, you have to see this, sweetie.”
“You got to see how this melodramatic tale concludes.” Mazi said, grabbing some chairs for themselves. 

“Oh great, my awkward tale is now turned into a telenovela.” Katrina said, “All its missing is a Spanish guitar and the guys with porn mustaches.”

“I take it you must be Accel.” As Erol comes forward to him.
“Yes, sir.” he said.
“You don’t have to call me sir, I’m in my late 20s.” Erol said, “I see you have made a name for yourself in Team Speed. That first round with you and Sleep was impressive. Your driving had me on the edge and it was a miracle you got 2nd place and making Rahdell and his crew come in 3rd.”
Both laughed thinking about that moment.
“Yeah….. that guy’s an asshole.” Accel said, “No, really, he’s just…. the worst.”
“Oh, you have no idea.” Erol said, “Used to call me the damn runt and almost rhymed it with–“
“WE GET IT!” Nala, Mazi, Katrina and Lipa said. 



After that encounter with Erol and Lipa, the group rounds will continue the day after tomorrow so the teams decided to have a day off and Team Speed are enjoying the day off, doing whatever to their heart’s content. 



“Ah….” Nala said, “This is more like it.”
Right now, both of them are at a beach, near the arena and Nala and Accel are having some quality time.
“Yeah. This is nice….” Accel said, “And needed.” 

“And we finally got some alone time.” Nala said, giving him a long tongue kiss.
Accel was really getting into the groove of Nala’s loving. 

He was smiling back.
“Hmmm… as soon as the games are over, me and you are going to be locked in a room doing whatever we want all night long!!” She continues kissing.
“But where at?” he said.
“My ho– well, my place when Mazi is asleep or not home.” Nala said, “Or even your place when everyone else is asleep. I can tell you have been wanting to do this for some time now. I mean, look at where your hand is.” It is near her side-boob and close to where her bikini top is tied. 

“Well……” Accel said, “So it’s right there.”
“You’re really horny, aren’t you?” Nala said, “I mean, that’s nothing to be ashamed about….as long as you don’t act on that by harassing a bunch of women for your own sexual gains. In other words, don’t be a Rahdell or any of his crew.” 

“Like here’s the thing….. most of the guys that often come down here from another world, they are either have this vision of being the strongest or smartest being ever all without even trying and thinks that all the girls will flock to them and have them being infatuated or in love with them.” 

“That….sounds about right.” Accel said, “I think I ran into some when I first got here. Although some of them did….well, die there.”
“Oh, yeah, that’s right.” Nala said, “But you seemed different from any of those guys coming here. You don’t seem like a raving pervert. Horny, yes, but completely understandable horny… I mean, come on…” As she was talking about herself. “Yet you’re not that milquetoast blah of a person or someone gets easily nervous at the mention of sex.” 

“OK… just how many of these guys who act like that keep coming here?” Accel asked. 

“Too many to count…” Nala said, “So……you want to rub this lotion on my back?” She lays down, unfasting her bikini top and sighs in relief.
“OK.” Accel said.
“Remember…..this is just a preview of what you might see later on.” She winked with a smile as he started applying lotion on her.
“Mmmmm…….” As she felt his touch, finding it quite comforting, “That’s oh so good.”
“Oooh, you like that, huh?” Accel said.
“Oh, yes, I do, Sho.” Nala said, “You got that golden touch. So calm and tender on my body……”
Accel gave a little smirk on his face, full of confidence and style. 



The two of them were having a little snack while taking a walk around the area. They were having a little talk.
“So…… it looks like you may not be labeled a killer anymore.” Fiorella said, “Why you looking so uncertain?” 

“I don’t know.” he said, “I just don’t want to get any hopes up in case the shit doesn’t go through.” 

“IT COULD!” she said, “Sleepy, we just got to figure out who would want you ruined.”
“There’s a lot of people!” Sleepy said, “From the obvious being Rahdell and Team Glass to all of Team Mono to….. practically every team we faced in the games. The list is endless!!” 

“You have more people going after you during high school.” Fiorella said, “Even when you graduated, they and their younger siblings would get on you.”
“Only because those guys were going after you and Selene!” Sleepy said, “You forget about that?”
“You won’t let me!” she laughed. 

“Sleep— no, Kendrick—I–“
“You usually call me Kendrick if we’re making love or….. if we got some shit to talk about and right now, you’re not naked and….oh damn…..” Both of them sat down on a bench to talk. 

“Kenny, we’ve known each other for a long time now.” she said, “Granted you’re older than me by…5 years but you were hard-headed when it comes to stuff like this. Is it because of you not wanting to trust Erol?” 

“I don’t know if I should trust him.” Sleepy said, “OK, he seems like he’s sorry for getting me in jail, getting us banned, having strangers throw shit at us, harassing anyone associated with us… Hell, he really put Katrina in a funk. Remember?”
“Yes, babe, I remember.” Fiorella said, “But what if he meant that apology?  What if he meant trying to right the wrongs that happened to us? I know with him and Katrina, it’s already awkward with the new wife and all.” 

Sleepy pondered on that thought.
“Well, what should we do by then?” 

“We keep doing what we do.” Fiorella said, “You do the games…. well, as soon as your arm and hands aren’t hurting as much anymore.”
“Now that I can do.” he said, giving her a kiss. 


However, two rowdy fans spotted the two having a moment. So, they decided to jump in and grab Sleepy’s cone to the ground.
“Uh…. what the hell, man?”  

“You Speed fucks are going down…..hard!!” Fan #1 said, “Wait until a couple of days when Rahdell and his team stomp your asses down and takes everything…EVERYTHING from you!” 

Fan #2 is sniffing on Fiorella. “Damn, baby, you smell good. You want to do something with me and my friend in the alley? You just got to be on the floor for 10 minutes or something….with something in your mouth and everywhere….”
Fiorella looked annoyed. “Well, when you say it like that….” She then elbows him in the face and then punches him. 

“WOAH BITCH!!” He pulls a knife on her.
“Whoa nothing, motherfucker!” Sleepy grabbed his hand and threw the knife on the ground. “You heard what the lady meant. Get the hell out of our sight!!” 

The other fan went on to try to grab him from behind. He pushed Sleepy to the ground and kicked him down.
“Don’t think you can hurt us!! Try something and we’ll have you beyond banned and fucked for life!!” Fan #2 shouted. 

“And what?” Fiorella pushed the mad fans down, “You clowns think that because he got a strike, you can do this shit to him?”
“We got our rights!!” Fan #1 said.
“Well, exercise your right to get your asses out of sight before I get on ya!” Fiorella yelled. 

“BITCH, YOU AIN–” Before he got finish that statement, she got a lone brick and smacked him with it.
“Oh, you fucking cu–” Before he could get Fiorella, Sleepy pushed him back. 

“HEY! You know you can’t attack us!!” they said, “We can have your head on trial and she’ll be forced to give us head!!”
But behind them, someone came behind them and smacked them with a napkin dispenser.
It was Selene.
“And you think you can do whatever you want to him, huh?” she said, “Oh, and trying to harass my friend for your sick thrills?” She then stomps on his chest. The two then run off while Selene goes with Sleepy and Fiorella. 

“You two alright?” she asked.
“Good save with that dispenser.” Fiorella said, “I was almost out of options. I was close to running from them.”
“I would’ve beat the shit out of them b–“
“But DON’T!!” Selene said, “You know they’ll use that against you and ruin your name even further. Don’t play into their game, Sleep.” 

“You know they’re getting to get to me by attacking Fiorella and I wasn’t about to have that.” he exclaimed.
“I know, I know.” Selene said, “It’s a dirty trick of trying to get to you by hurting Fio. But you know that me and her got this.”
“Yeah, you have a lot to risk on this.” Fiorella said, “I know you’re worried about me and all…” 

“I’ve been worried about you since I’ve been looking out for y’all most of your lives.” Sleepy said. “And I’m not saying you can’t take care of yourselves. I’ve seen you do some shit to people and I applaud that….. I just don’t want to see my friends get hurt. Or at least get hurt because of me.” 

Selene sighs.
She and Fiorella walks alongside him.
“Slee– Kendrick.” Selene said, “And yes, I used your real name this time because I can…..I get it. Since we were 18, you have been looking out for us like….. well, like a good friend in need. Yeah, we often fight about petty stuff like food…. although I think I do that with Adion and Dwele more, you three are still a part of our little strange family.” 

“Well……since Pops passed on,” Fiorella said, “You have been a bigger part of my life. We always got each other’s back, you’ve been my best friend for a long time and…..of course, my lover as well.” She kissed him.
“See?” Selene said, “You’re in good spirits….. speaking of family, we should check in with the others.” 



While Accel & Nala and Sleepy & Fiorella were spending some time together outside, the others were back at the room, playing a little game of pool as Deanna and Darling were playing with Adion and Dwele.
“HA! Got another one!” Darling said, “Adion, you’re down to your pants and bottoms now. You want to give up before we see your unmentionables?” 

“Oh, please…” Adion said, shirtless. “Even if I lose, I know you want to see all of this right here now, so both of us are winners.”
“Go Darling!!” Deanna shouted, mostly in her blue bra and panties.
“And you’re still cheery after losing a few rounds.” Dwele said, “But I can’t talk shit either.” As he is in his underwear as well. 

“It’s just some good fun is all.” Deanna said, “You see me like this most of the time. I’m not that bashful about it anymore.”
“4 ball, center pocket.” Darling called out the shot. She takes the shot…..and she misses. 

“DAMN!!” Darling said.
“HA!!” Adion shouted, “Now you take a little something off, girl!”
“Oh, shut up!” Darling took off her T-shirt and threw it on the ground. 

Mazi came in at that moment.
“Um, what the hell?” she said, “Are y’all doing some orgy shit here?”
“What?” Adion said, “It’s just me and Dwele, Deanna & Darling playing pool.”
“Strip pool?” 

“Yeah!” Deanna said, “It’s actually kinda fun!”
“Aren’t you naked right now?” Mazi asked.
“You get used to it.” Deanna responded. 

Then Katrina came, seeing what’s going on there.
“You know what? I’m just going to sit back and turn on the TV….. don’t say anything.”
“And for the record, Mazi….. I was beating these guys in pool.” Darling said, “You see Dwele almost in the buff and Adion is about to lose more as well.”
“And yet your shirt is on the ground as well.” Adion said. 


Then Deanna walked over to Katrina, clothed this time and she sat down beside her. “So how was your day, Katrina?”
“Huh?” Katrina questioned.
“Wha?” Deanna said, “I can’t make conversation?”
“Oh….no, I was just lost in my head most of the day.” she said, “But yeah, my day was OK.” 


KATRINA’S DAY- a few hours ago 

Elsewhere, Katrina was enjoying her time by attending the Trap Games Music Festival.
“Yo, give it up for Dora Da Gunna featuring Boots Wild’n and the Swippa God with the #1 hit of the country, ‘I’M THE PLUG!!'” 

She was about to join the crowd but she runs into a familiar face.
“Hey…. Katrina, right?” It was Infrared.
“Infrared?” Katrina recognized, “I guess you’re here just to chill.” 

“Yeah…” Infrared said, “Plus, one of my cousins is the DJ for one of the acts, Puppy.”
“Oh, Puppy!!” Katrina said, “I love her songs!! She always got that nice blend of 80s/90s pop with the right amount of retro feels.”
“You’re a fan?” Infrared said.
“VERY!” she exclaimed, “Her music really got me through some tough times and plenty full of vibes as well…” 

“Well, their set is up next.” Infrared said, “You want to stick around for that?”
“SURE!!” she said, “I got nothing else to do today!” 

Among the crowd attending the festival, it’s the two members of Team Mono, Kurumi and Masaki. 

“Oh shit, Puppy’s coming up next!!” Kurumi said, “She’s gonna premiere a new single here!! I’m so excited!”
Masaki was just as excited but then….
“Hey, Kurumi?”
“Yeah, M?” 

“I think I spotted someone we both know here.” Masaki said.
“OK, and….” Kurumi said, “This is the time of not looking for any trouble.” 

“I know…..It’s just that Katrina guy with one of the guys from Team Infra.” 

“WHAT!?” Kurumi exclaimed.
She spotted them having a conversation, just a few feet away.
“Her and Infrared?” Masaki said, “I remember hearing from Nishi that those two actually get along with each other.”
“Like she might be another—OK….but you know what?” Kurumi said, “We’re not here on Trap Game business. That’s Nishi if she wants to do that shit, but us….. we’re here to enjoy ourselves and I don’t care what Nishi says.”
“What about Jiri?” Masaki said.
“Her either!!” Kurumi shouted.
“Or Kimi?”
Then Kurumi remembered all about Kimi. “Oh shit….well, as long as she doesn’t have a gun on us, we’re good.” 


“Ladies and gentlemen, coming up to the stage for the first time in the Trap Games MusicFest….please your hands together….for Puppy!!!!”
The loud cheers and applause went wild for her as she appears on stage. 

*15 minutes later* 

“Damn, that was so good….” Katrina said, “… I’m definitely buying her album when it comes out.”
“Sweet. I’ll let my cousin know about it.” Infrared said.
“Man, that was fun.” Katrina said, “You know….you’ve been really cool with me today.” 

“Yeah…I mean,” he said, “Look, I know we’re competition and we’re supposed to be enemies or some shit but I’m not going for that shit. I don’t mean any harm on you or your team and I know you don’t mean any harm on me and my team.”
“True.” Katrina said, “Besides we’ve been getting enough bullshit thrown at us since…..fuck….”

“Look, I don’t want to spoil our good time.” Katrina said, “We had some fun today. Hey, you wanna get something to eat?”
“I can eat.” Infrared said. 

As Katrina and Infrared are heading to one of the food stands to get something to eat, surprisingly enough, they run into Kurumi and Masaki.
“Oh shit!!” Katrina said.
“WHOA!!” Kurumi said.
“Oh fuck.” Infrared shouted.
“HEY!! What up!!” Masaki trying to play down the mood. 

“Kurumi, Masaki…..” Katrina said, “So far, I don’t see Nishi here.”
“Look, she’s not here.” Kurumi said, “We didn’t think we would run into you here as well…..or that you and Infrared here are getting friendly.”
“Friendly?” he said, “We’re just enjoying the concert with Puppy on stage.”
“OH MY GOD! HOW GOOD WAS THAT?!?” Masaki shouted, “I can’t wait to get her album!”

“See?” Kurumi said, “An excited Puppy fan, just like you two and me included. Nothing to do with you two personally.”
“Well……OK then.” Katrina said, “There’s pleasing to know.”
“Oh and one more thing….” Masaki said, “Is that cute boy Accel still single?”
That question got Katrina all fucked up.
“He has a girlfriend now.”
“AWWW!” Masaki said.
“And there goes your chance for a threesome now.” Kurumi said, “Unless…..”
“You should stop now.” Infrared said. 


“Oooh…. it sounds like you got a new friend.” Deanna said, “And I’ve seen what Infrared looks like. He’s pretty damn fine. All rugged and hairy but has a lot of chill and style to his technique…..almost like me when it comes to stripping….minus the hairy part.”
“He’s pretty cool tho.” Katrina said, “I’m not trying to easily get with someone at this time but… I like his company.” 

“That’s good.” Deanna said, “There’s no need to rush a good thing.”
“Thanks, Deanna.” Katrina said, both of them hugging it out. 

Then, Accel and Nala came back inside.
“YO, We’re back!!” Nala said, “And…..why is Adion damn near nekkid?” 

“I’m beating his ass in pool.” Darling said.
“I’m just down to my drawers!” Adion said, “I still got a chance!!”
“She still got her everything bottom on.” Dwele said, “Just give it up and pay her the money.” 

“Shut up, Dwele! I got a chance!!” Adion makes another shot with the 8-Ball. He makes another shot…. but he completely misses.
“HA HA!” Darling said, “You might want to cover your eyes, people!”
“Oh, hell….” Adion said. 

As soon as Adion was in the buff, here comes Sleepy, Fiorella and Selene after their day.
“HUH? WHAT THE!?” Selene shouted, staring at Adion and his downstairs.
“Well, you like what you saw?”
“OK….why is he-“
“Won a bet.” Darling said, “He had to strip down to nothing.” 

“…..Oh.” Selene said, “Well, at least you won, Darling.”
“That’s right!” She high-fives Selene.
“Oh, fuck off!” Adion said.
“Yeah, she got me, too.” Dwele said, “Darling plays a good game of pool.”
“And I appreciate that you show some grace while losing.” Darling said, “Not fucking with you. I’m pleased and yet Adion grinned hard as fuck when Deanna was losing…. the game and her clothes.” 


“OK then…..” Sleepy said, “So I take it everyone had a good time with their day today?” 

“…… Yeah. Pretty much.” All of them said in unison while simultaneously shouting things about their day.
Sleepy was about to go to the bedroom to relax for the rest of the day. However, Accel saw that his hand was darker than usual.
“Hey, Sleep…..your hand.”
“Yeah?” Sleepy said.
“It looks darker than usual.” Accel said.
“Accel, I’m a black man.” Sleepy said, “What’s unusual about it?” 

Fiorella then took a look at it.
“Oh no…..I think it was when those guys attacked us.” she said. 

“ATTACK!?” All of them exclaimed. 

Selene then went on to explain it all. “Two asshole fans tried to get Sleepy to fight him so he’ll be in trouble while trying to harass Fiorella.”
“OH NO!” Deanna shouted.
“Dirty motherfuckers!!” Mazi said. 

“Look…..everything is all good now.” Fiorella said, “I held my ground and fought off those dicks with Selene knocking them out with a napkin dispenser.”
“Damn fans trying to get us fucked over again!!” Adion said, “I would’ve attacked them and killed them fucks for messing with us!!!”
“That’s what they want you to do!!” Selene said, “I’m not letting you guys get your pride in the way for people like that!!! You got people depending on you to win and to recover what dignity we have left!!” 


“So what are we going to do?” Accel said, “We’re going to have to bandage that hand up and we might have to get an alternate for the next round.”
“An alternate?” Sleepy said, “You mean put Adion and Dwele in place of me? But when that final round comes and all 5 of us are needed—“
“I’m sure your hand will be good-by then.” Accel said, “I did go through the rule book Katrina gave me a month back…..” 



“So……much….. reading……” Accel said, as he stares at the big book of rules in the Trap Games.
He kept reading…and reading…. and reading….
“OK, I think I got it.”
He falls asleep. 


“Wow, you read all that?” Katrina asked.
“Well….. I couldn’t do anything else so reading was the best alternative.” Accel said, “And no, don’t ask what other thing I wanted to do.”
“I’m with it.” Nala said, “You do need someone that’s good with a weapon in their hand and can run like hell.”
“But where are we going to find someone in our aid like this?” Adion said.
“Nala, I hope you know someone like that.” Dwele said, “Because we need something and we can’t lose while we’re so far ahead.”
“But who has enough skill and talent to beat those—” As Mazi said but then she thought of someone to do it. “Actually….I think I know who….”
She then turns her attention to Nala.
“Well, who, Ma–z—i……Wait…….” It was clear that Mazi was thinking that Nala should join them. 

“Oh no….I’m not the—really?”
“Nala, look at you.” Mazi said, “You know you’re a damn natural when it comes to being athletic and endurance. The paintings we do on city walls are proof of that!!” 

“YEAH!!” Nala said, “Except I was doing that because I enjoy it and also I might get some cash for it.”
“And you will here!!” Mazi said.
“With those other trained cliques out there?” Nala shouted, “I’m not sure about it, guys.” 

Then Katrina got into the conversation.
“OK, N…..the next round is the shooter/archer/runner event and that means me and Accel are going to be with you for it. You’ve seen us doing that round a million times.”
“Yeah….but then I remember the raging weasels hurled at Accel.” Nala said.
Accel was having flashbacks of the training sessions. “So…..many….weasels…..and they were horny ones.” 

“Look, Nala….” Sleepy said, “I never ask you much for anything…, at all now you think about it.”
“You want me to take your place at the next round?” she said. Then she follows that up with, “Wait….that means that Rahdell is participating in this event?” 

“Yeah, pretty much.” Adion said, “He’s the main shooter.” 

“And Team Mono? Nishi?” Nala added on. 

“Yep.” Katrina said, “And the two girls that want to fuck your boyfriend hard.”
“Oh….. those girls……” Nala said.
“One of them did mention wanting a threesome with him…..”
All the men did a spit-take on that.
“You lucky motherfucker!!” Adion said.
Then that is proceeded by getting slapped by Nala and Selene. 

“OK…… I’m in.” Nala said. 

Everybody cheered in excitement for Nala’s agreement to do the next round.
“I’m doing this round….but Sleepy…” Nala said, “Make sure you don’t get into some shit during that time.”
“Noted.” Sleepy said.
“We’ll keep an eye on him.” Fiorella said, “I know that day, we’re staying right here to watch y’all beat the shit out of everyone!”

While they were busy talking about in the room, someone was walking past by their room and they overheard everything they were talking about.
“Oh….we got someone covering for ‘ol Sleep, huh?” It was Laker Bullet. “I think it’s best to let Rahdell know.”
He gets on the phone and calls him. “Yo, Boss…..” 


Episode 10  – NEXT DAY OFF 

Next Episode  TRAPENULT 

© 2019 Katana+ / Ctrl/Alt/Del Productions. 

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