TRAP GAME: The Dangerous World / Episode 9 – SHOTS

WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of violence, graphic language, and sexual content. This is meant only for MATURE AUDIENCES. Reader Discretion is advised.



SleepyK, Adion & Dwele – Speed
Ralieri, Miltalia, Eno – Infra
Roque, Andrezi, Riviera – Odyessy
Rahdell, Glasso, Dira – Glass
Nishi, Jiri, Kimi – Mono)



In the locker room, Sleepy sits with a pistol in his hand and put it besides him.

Adion and Dwele, on the other hand, are arming themselves to the teeth for this round. Many thoughts were on Sleepy’s mind as the third round approaches.

“Sleepy…..” Dwele said, “You good, kid?”
“Oh…. Um, yeah.” Sleepy said.
You sure, man?” Adion said, “You look spaced out? You’re not still high on that Purple Haze?”

“Nah, man, I’m good.” Sleepy said, “I just…… you know, got some shit to think about.”
“Still?” Adion said, “We got about 20 minutes until Shooters Round. We got to be focus if we want to beat Rahdell’s ass.”

Aegis-F was on his wristwatch and she responded with, “I sense you are feeling anxious and worrisome.”
“You guess right, Aegis.” Sleepy said.
“It’s not unusual to feel this way towards facing a familiar foe of yours.” Aegis-F said, “Especially since it’s…”
“Yup…..” Sleepy said.
“Mr. Sleepy….. if I were to be human like you, I’d slap him and his crew for everything he’s worth.” Aegis-F said.

“Wait….. did the wristwatch said that she would beat the shit out of Rahdell?” Adion questioned.
“And his crew.” Dwele said, “Damn, Aegis as a human would be a ride or die chick. I’m not mad at that.”

“Around my time here….” She goes on, “I do see the good in you and your surrounding friends and family, especially with your relationship with Fiorella.”



It’s been about 2 months since the incident and Sleepy has been cooped up in the house, avoiding the public at all costs.
He was waking up from a nap, with a very bushy beard on him as he hasn’t shaved since then.

Fiorella then came in to see what he was up to.

He grunted and turned and tossed from her.
“Sleepy, no.” she said, “It’s been 2 months… you can’t keep living like this. I know you feel responsible for what happened and I don’t blame you but this….. it’s not going to make it better.”

“Fiorella…..” he said in a gruff and craggily voice, “I know, I know, I know….. but you know no one is going to let me live it down. I killed an enemy of mine and I’ve been accused of cheating and banned from the games for a year. I’m fucked.”

“Sleepy, don’t worry about us.” she said, “Everyone is doing alright for themselves. People are still buying my food and drinks, Selene is still making some meets end along with Adion going back to stripping.”
“Isn’t Selene going back to stripping?” he said, “I hate that my negligence caused that to happen.”

Then Selene came in the room.
“Oh damn….it’s a mess in here.” Selene said.
“I’m gonna clean up soon.” Sleepy said, “I just gotta…” He stumbled upon getting up with a bunch of junk on the floor.

“Oh shit…..” Selene walk up to him, “Sleepy, I know you’re still…. very depressed about what happened and Fiorella told me that you feel responsible for what everyone in here is going through and blaming yourself and– look, not everything is your fault. Oh and no, I’m not stripping again. I’m bar tending down at the Chicken Strip.”

“See?” Fiorella said, “She’s doing alright.”

“I bet down there, a lot of people are talking a lot of shit about me.” Sleepy said.

“No, no…..maybe.” Selene said, “But look, those are just random passersby. People like me, Fiorella, Darling, Deanna and the rest of the guys are very concerned about you and they offer to console you in your time.” Selene said, “I told them to come down there to give you a talk or something.”

“There you go.” Fiorella said.

“That’s good to know.” he said, “But I just hope no one will talk shit to you or them because the only thing worse than me getting shit-talked is all of you having to endure it as well.”

“Sleepy, we’re big girls.” Selene said, “You know we got our shit handled if someone tries to mess with us.”
“Yeah, you should’ve seen Nala and Mazi dealing with them.” Fiorella said, “They send them punks running back home.”


Sleepy then got a chuckle out of that with a little smile coming out.
“*gasp* It’s that a smile I see?” Fiorella got wide-eyed. “You’re finally smiling at something!! I DIDN’T EVEN HAVE TO FORCE IT ON YOU!”
As she hugged him and he hugged her back, smiling even more.
“Sleepy…. you seem to like this hug to hold on for a long time.” Fiorella said.
“I think I know why.” Selene said, “But you don’t need to hear it from me.” Selene then left the room.

“Oh….. sorry….” Sleepy said, “I’ll let go. It’s just…. the first time in a while I didn’t feel lower than garbage.”
“Oh, you don’t have to let go yet.” she said, “I actually like this feeling right now.”
Fiorella then leaned on Sleepy, kicked the door shut and turned on the lamp to see better.

“In fact, I think I want your hand to move a bit forward up.” His hand was at her side.
She moves it close to her left breast.
“I think this is better.” she said.


She then leaned forward to gently kiss him on the lips.
Sleepy looked stunned, surprised and pleased.

“Yes….. Kendrick?”
“You felt this way about me?” he said.

She then got up, took off her T-shirt and shorts and she got on top of him again. “Does this tell you anything?”
He smiled, “Oh, yes, it does.”
The two have a very intimate kiss between each other.
“I also see your other hand is moving towards my ass.” she said with a smirk, “And don’t think I notice you took a liking of it.”
She then smacked her ass.
“Oh my, Fio….” Sleepy said.
“Oh yes…. Sleepy…” She continued to kiss him passionately. “Sleepy……. Sleepy……”


“SLEEPY!!!” Dwele kept shouting out his name to snap him from sleeping.
“Damn, man. You sure you’re not high again!?”
Adion checked his vitals.
“He’s good.”

“Oh…. my bad.” Sleepy said, “I was just thinking of some good memories… at least one I had a few years ago.”

“You mind telling me what it was?” Adion asked.
“I would…. except this is more of a personal level.” he said, “It was about someone that got me through some tough times.”
“I think I know what it is.” Aegis-F said, “And I think he should keep it private to himself.”

Sleepy got up, grab and equip his guns.
“Alright…… It’s not even about winning the prize anymore. I just want to see Rahdell’s face when he lose.”
“My boy!!” Adion shouted, giving him dap.
“That means you ready?” Dwele said, with a smirk.
“I was born ready, motherfucker.” Sleepy cocked his gun, “Let’s do this!!”





“Ladies and Gentlemen, the Shooter Round is starting in a minute!! Players, get to the line!!”

The teams are being placed right now.
All of them looking at each other with determined faces and yet for Team Glass and Team Speed, it was all malicious towards one another.
“Glasso….. I want you to check-chin one of them Speed fucks. Particularly the one called Adion.” Rahdell said, “Dira…. you get Dwele. As for me…. I’m about to give Sleepy a wake-up call.”
“How about the rest?” Dira asked him.
“Please… we can take these fucks easily.” Rahdell sniped.

However, the dialogue exchanged among Team Glass was not as subtle as they think it is. One person from another team had good hearing from the other way and they suspect something.


The teams are being placed in different areas of starting positions as the announcer went off.

“Attention, teams, in order of you to win the round, you must have one remaining teammate on your team to win. If two of you go down, one must survive until everyone else goes down. If all three of you go, then game over! Plus, all 3 teammates must contribute into battle. None of that ‘let the rest do the work for you’ shit!! If you don’t help your crew, you’re nothing but a bitch-made punk motherfucker and if you’re on the verge of losing/dying and you want to give up, you can plead mercy to end your turn. YOU WILL LOSE but you’ll have less bullet wounds. NOW THEN, LET THEM GAMES BEGIN!!!”


The round starts……

Each team is searching around for someone near them, keeping a sharp eye in case anyone does something sneaky.
Team Odyessy were the first to snoop around for any intruders.
Roque signaled Riviera to cover him from behind and got Andrezi to lead him.

“You seen everyone yet, Riviera?” Andrezi said.
“I got nothing, man.” Riviera said, “It’s all clear from the back.”

They kept going and going into another path.
Then there was a snap.
“What was that?!” Roque shouted.

Then Team Mono jumped out of the bush and Kimi slams them with a shotgun.
“BITCH!!!!” Kimi shouted.
“SHOOT ‘EM!!” Team Odyessy fired back with their special-made AKs at them. Mono quickly ducked and dodged the bullets while Kimi unpacks her shotgun and let it rip.

The gun go off and went “BANG!!”
Roque was screaming as his foot was shot off.
“OH GOD!!!”

“WHHOOO!!!” Kimi shouted, “You punk-ass!!”
“Get that bitch!!”

Andrezi and Riviera fired on Kimi. She ducks the shots coming towards her but then come Jiri with two pistols firing at them, hitting Andrezi in the throat.
He was choking blood and falling down to his knees.
“OH FUCK!!” Roque shouted.

“One bitch down!!” Nishi shouted, “It’s shoot the others!!”
Nishi finished Andrezi by stabbing his throat.

“OH!!!! Andrezi of Team Odyessy is down…..and quite fucked up from that attack from Nishi of Team Mono!!”
Soon, Andrezi’s body disappears and he is brought back to the loser’s circle.
“Oh, damn!”

“Bye-bye, fuckers!!” Kimi screamed.
However, there was a ticking noise before she could shoot.
“What the fuck?”
Team Mono looks down and they see a bomb on the floor.
“RUN!!!” Nishi shouted.
It explodes, with shrapnel flying all towards the area, hitting Roque in his ass.


“Who the fuck was that?!” Nishi said.
Someone came swinging on the trees and as they were coming down, they striked and kicked Nishi in the face.

“ME, BITCH!!” Adion shouted at her face.

“Ante up, ho!!” Sleepy screamed, shooting at them and running to the right side.
Dwele fired off a shot and he hit Kimi in the kneecap.
“AAH!! FUCK!!! YOU DICKHEAD!” Kimi shouted.
“HA-HA!!” Adion shouted.
“Gun it, men!!” Team Speed then run off in different directions to take on the others.

“Oh, fuck this!” Nishi got pissed off and she shoots Roque and Andrezi in the face, “Girls….”
Kimi is still wincing over being shot in the kneecap.
“OH…..Well–fuck it. All of us, we’re getting those motherfuckers!!”

“OHH!!! That is an ugly sight as Team Odyssey is the first one out of there!!!”


Meanwhile at the other side, Team Glass and Team Infra are fighting face to face combat with them ducking and shooting and throwing bombs everywhere.
“CHARGE!!” Rahdell shouts.

“YYYAAAHHH!!!!” Miltalia shouted swinging a giant blade at Dira and Glasso.
“Shoot her!”
Glasso draws a pistol at her.
Ralieri then shoots Glasso’s hand, knocking the pistol off but Rahdell slams Ralieri to the ground.

“I’m not letting some ranky-ass team with that big bitch play me!!!” he shouted.
Miltalia did not take too kindly of that.
She grabbed a laser pistol, aimed it right at Rahdell. She fires…..

“RAHDELL!!!!” Glasso shouted and instead he took the bullet to the groin.

“Well, damn!!” The announcer shouted, “Glasso is not going to be jerking it any time soon. Someone really has to treat that wound!”
“Scatter!!” Miltalia tells her teammates as they split up.

Rahdell is spraying his bullets all around the area.
Eno stayed behind as the covers ran to another area as he’s shooting Rahdell, trying to get a hit out of him.
“Stay still!!! FUCK!!” Eno shouted.

Rahdell noticed Eno trying to get a shot from him.
He then got a branch off, breaking and it fell right on top of Eno.
“AAAHH!!!” Eno shouted.
“You little shit…..” Rahdell raised the gun to him, he aimed it right at his head and BLAM!!!!

“And there goes Eno……”


“NOOO!!!!!!” Ralieri shouted.
“We got to keep moving!!!” Miltalia yelled, “We got two other teams to take care of!!!”


As for those other teams….
“CATCH ME, BITCH!!” Sleepy is zig-zagging his way throughout as he’s being chased by Nishi and Jiri. “YOU CAN’T CATCH ME!!”
But they were firing back rapid, wild and mostly angry.
Nishi being the angry part.

“COME BACK HERE, YOU ASS!!!” Nishi shouted, shooting in every way possible. “I will throttle your ass hard….and I’ll do the same to the rest of your fucking teammates!!!”
“Aaawww, you mad?” Sleepy teased.
Jiri just got annoyed and grabbed a bazooka. “OK, I’m sick of your shit!!”
She launched the rocket and it caused Sleepy to stumble while running.
“OH SHIT!!!” he was clumsily trying not to slip or trip.

He caught on to a tree to avoid planting his face on it.


As Sleepy is running from them, he runs into another person he wish he didn’t run into.

“Team Speed!!” Ralieri shouted.
Him and Miltalia locked their guns and aimed at him.
“SHIT!!” He ducked out at the last-minute and the bullet hit Kimi’s other leg.

“OH!!!! FUCK Y’ALL!!” she shouted.
Kimi shoots back at Infra with her remaining gun.
She grabbed her chopper but when she pull the trigger, it was empty.
Miltalia pumped her bullets in her and just like that….

“Kimi is out!!!!” Her body quickly disappears and went on into the loser’s circle.

“SLEEPY!!!” Dwele shouted from over the corner.
Sleepy run as far as he can while the other two teams are distracted by each other.
“Hey, anything happen over there?” Sleepy asked.
“Check your rankings!!” Adion said.
They looked at who was out of the game and at listed: Team Odyssey as a whole, Kimi, Glasso, Eno.

“OK, so far so good…..” Dwele said.
“Is Rahdell out?” Sleepy said with joy.

“I guess no?” Sleepy asked.
“You thought right.” Adion said.

The sounds of gunplay and firing has Team Speed to hide a bit.
“Well….. we can’t just hide all day.” Sleepy said, “Besides, they look down upon that shit.”

“I agree….”
That agreement didn’t came from one of them.
“Yo.” Rahdell said, as he fired off some shotgun rounds as the trio rapidly ran off. Sleepy then threw some dirt on Rahdell’s eyes.
“AAH!! BITCH!!!” He fires a shot as it was heading to Sleepy.
However, Sleepy slipped down and fell on his ass.
But the bullet hit Dira.

“I fucking hate you, Rahdell….” He was then out.


“OH!! Rahdell just did the dumbest thing of shooting his own teammate. They might cost him some points down the line!!”
“AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” Rahdell screams full of red-hot fury and anger. “You dumb niggas!”

“Methinks we pissed him off too far.” Sleepy said.
“And you’re worried?” Adion said.
“Hell no! Fuck him!” Sleepy responded.

“MOTHERFUCKER!!” Rahdell fires his gun towards Sleepy and Adion.
“DUCK!” Dwele jumped in at the last-minute, pushing the two out-of-the-way. “AAAHH!!!”

Dwele got hit on his side stomach.

“I’m getting you fuck ni*****!!” Rahdell screamed. He is blasting his machine gun venomously towards the trio and they had to run out of that spot while Dwele had to limp away from the gunfire.

“Come here, bitch!!” He lined up his shot and shot Dwele in his ass.

“Dwele!!” Adion shouted.
Rahdell then stomped on Dwele.
“AAAAHHHH!!!!!!” Dwele was screaming in agony as Rahdell’s foot was firm pressing on his arm.
Dwele then got kicked in the face.

“Oh….. I’m going to enjoy this!!” Rahdell pulls out a pistol and he straight shoots him in the head.
“DWELE!!!” Sleepy shouted.

“OH SHIT!!!” Selene screamed as the others were watching the event.
“Oh damn, Dwele.” Accel said.
“From the looks of this,” Aegis-M said, “I don’t think they are going to last one more minute.”
“That’s not true!!” Aegis-F said, “Have some faith in them!! All Mr. Sleepy and Adion has to do is survive the game!!”
“Yeah, she’s right.” Fiorella said, “We can’t write them off as dead meat now!! Even if we’re nervous about them try to survive!”

“OH MY GOD!!” The announcer shouted, “Dwele from Team Speed is out and what a terrifying way to go!!! Looks like Rahdell is not playing around with everyone this round!!!:

The rest of Team Mono and Infra were firing heavy on Rahdell as he’s gone mad with rage.
“Get that fucker!!” Nishi shouted.
“I’m giving it all I got!!” Jiri screamed.

Rahdell then jumped up in the air, slamming the ground and making the girls lose balance.
He then threw some bombs to them and the rest of Team Infra and he ducks out-of-the-way.


A cavalcade of explosions were blowing everyone out-of-the-way along with Rahdell doing random gunshots at whoever’s left standing.
He sees someone crawling out of there.
“Gotcha bitch!!” He then shoots them.

“Rahdell is going mad!!! Now he’s annihilated the rest of the teams as the only players left are him and 2/3rds of Team Speed!!!”

“Come on out, bitch!!!” Rahdell hollered.
A cracking noise was made.
Adion then appeared right at his face and he sprays pepper spray on his face.

“AAAAHH!!!! YOU REJECT STRIPPER MOTHERFUCKER!!” Rahdell screaming in fury, “I’m gonna kill you and your boy!!”
Adion was sprinting out of his way, trying to lure him into something.
Sleepy was hiding in the bushes with a sniper rifle, waiting for the shot.

Rahdell was running quick with a large knife, like he was going to gut Adion.
“Sleepy, hurry your ass up! He got a big-ass knife!!” Adion shouted.
“YAAAAHHH!!!!” Rahdell jumped in the air about to attack and gut Adion. Sleepy got his gun and aimed it quick to Rahdell.
He took the shot.
The bullet speeds through but it hit something….

“My knife!!” The knife was shot out of his hand.
Sleepy took another shot and at his leg, no less.

Adion then run off to where Sleepy was at.
“I think you got him!!” Adion shouted, “Oh shit, we might have a chance!!! All we got to do is wait for 10 seconds and soon they might announce his def–”
Adion stopped in mid-sentence for some reason.
“His death?” Sleepy said, “Adi, I think he’ll be—” He turned around and he sees Adion with a knife through his stomach…..and that Rahdell is behind him.

“Oh shit…. Adion!”
“Sleepy, I don’t feel so goo– AAAHHHH!!!” Rahdell tossed Adion out of the way and into the ground.

“And Adion is out!!!!”

Rahdell then grabbed Sleepy by the neck. He threw him in the air, grabbed him again and slammed him down the ground.
“SLEEPY!!!” Fiorella and Aegis-F shouted.
“Oh no!!!” Selene & Darling shoted.
“No!! Come on, Sleepy!!” Accel shouted clutching onto Nala’s hand.

Sleepy was breathing and choking dirt as Rahdell rubbed his face into the ground. He picked Sleepy up again and he punches him in his face, his chest, his stomach and drop-kick him again to the ground.

“You know…..” Rahdell cocked his pistol, “Beating you over and over again is fun and all but I’m starting to get tired. I’m just going to shoot you to end this.”
He aimed the gun at Sleepy.
“I know this round is mine!!” Rahdell said, “I will get first place! I WILL KEEP WINNING UNTIL I DON’T NEED TO ANYMORE!!! YOU LOSERS WILL NEVER…. NEVER….EVER GET WHAT I’LL GET!! Enjoy losing everything you own and love!!”

As Sleepy embraced certain defeat, a shot was made.


But as he was embracing the pain, he didn’t felt anything.
In actuality, Rahdell was the one shot.
“What the…….Who……how…….”

One person lept from the bushes and it is….
“HOLY SHIT!!! It’s Miltalia!! She’s survived the bomb spread!!”

“You….big….. bitch…..”
Miltalia then shoots him point blank and he was out.
“And Big Rahdell is gone!!!!”


Sleepy then feared what’s to come next since Rahdell is out. He knows that Miltalia isn’t going to be a simple feat and he’s always down on his health and nothing left in sight.
“Hey….” Sleepy said.
Miltalia noticed him.
He tries to get up. He’s also putting his weapons down to show he means no harm.

“Are you trying to wave the flag?” she said.
“I’m damn near close to the red right now.” Sleepy said.
“You can still win.” Miltalia said, “Or at least try to. I don’t want a charity case. I just want a fair fight between us.”

Sleepy coughs up blood.
“Oh shit….” Miltalia said, “Damn, maybe I should put you out of your turn.”
Sleepy then faints and collapsed on his feet.
“Mr. Sleepy?” she said.
He is pretty much out of the game.

“And Sleepy is the last to go!! Our winner and champion is MILTALIA of TEAM INFRA!!!!”
Crowds and cheers were high for Miltalia winning.


“I think we need to check on Sleepy and the others.” Accel said, getting up to go to the arena.
“I’m coming, too.” Katrina said, “In case you need some help.”
They’re heading their way there, but then they see Nala and Mazi going with them.
“Yeah, we’re coming with you, too.” Mazi said.
“You might need our help.” Nala said, “Also, if Rahdell’s petty ass tries to come at us, I’ll be ready.”


As we go into the Loser’s Circle, a bunch of paramedics are rushing in to get Sleepy into the first aid tent right away.
“HEY! This dude is beyond fucked up!! Get the bandages, IVs, medicine, gauze, Robitussin, you name it!!!” They carried Sleepy away to the room and all the others were heading their way out of the arena.

Accel, Katrina, Nala and Mazi just got down there and they just seen Sleepy heading to intensive care.
However, Rahdell was close near-by. He then walked towards them.
“You know….. he’s lucky he’s not close to death. I would’ve killed his ass on the spot.” He sneered at them.

“And yet you got your ass shot and you lost.” Katrina said.
“Those are big words coming from a guy whose crew hasn’t been that lucky in the games today.” Accel said, “You lost the race. Your friends lost the straight arrow and now you lost this round.”
Rahdell then get close to Accel, having his hands around his neck.
“Oh, you think you’re funny, huh?” he threatened him, “Imagine how much I’ll fuck you up at the next round, motherfucker!!”

Katrina then got her claws out.
“How about you…. get fucked?”
Then Nala added in, “Hard.”
“And rough.” Mazi said as well.


“Oh wow…..” Rahdell chuckled, “I keep forgetting you got your little harem to protect your pathetic ass. You pussy of a–”
“OH FUCK YOU!!” Nala said, slapping him. “If anyone is a pussy, it’s your bitch ass!! Especially you talking about how you’re going to own me and the girls like we’re some prizes!! You ain’t shit!!!”
“And if anything is going to happen to us…. it will involve us kicking your ass.” Mazi said, “And taking your shit, leaving you broke and useless.”

“WOW……you girls sure got some balls, don’t you?” he said, “And yet…..only two of you are not in the team, but I will talk to cat girl here.” He said with his hand going directly to her shoulder.
“Just so you know…. you try something funny–”
“What? Your little friend is going to stop me?” Rahdell referring to Accel, “Me and my boys will fuck y’all up.”
However, two other people were behind him.

“You know you forgot about us, right?”
That came from Adion, standing behind him alongside with Dwele.
“This shit isn’t over yet.” Dwele said, “We got 3 more rounds to do in a couple of days!”
“Don’t think we’re giving up.” Adion said, “So far, even when you shooting our asses, we’re still ahead of your fucks!!”

“Your reign is going to come at an end.” Nala said, “And you and your crew will stop harassing our friends. Y’all need to learn to humble your damn selves!!”
“You think they’re going to win!!?” Rahdell said, “You better have some moving boxes ready…. even if I don’t win, you’re damn sure going to lose…. BIG!!!”




After some healing from the wounds and beatings he took at the shooters’ round, Sleepy is resting in the suite.
He looks around and his vision is coming back, looking a bit blurry.
He heard one voice. He slowly looks to his left.


It was Fiorella and Aegis-F.

Then the others (Selene, Deanna & Darling) came to see him awaken.
“Ow…. how long I was out for?”
“Maybe an hour or so.” Darling said.
“I’m just glad you’re safe and alive.” Fiorella said, giving a small hug to him.

“Aww, you were worried about me?” He said with a flirting tone.

“NO SHIT WE WAS WORRIED!!” Selene shouted, “We saw what happened!! We saw you three go down!! We thought you were done for!! I SAW ADION GOT STABBED AND THROWN!!”
“You know that the effects that happens to us aren’t that real?” Sleepy said, “They hurt like a bitch but not close to death. At least the weapons used didn’t kill us…..”
“Selene got really worried as well, especially for Adion….” Deanna mentioned.

“…..OK. Yeah. Why is that weird for you?” Selene added.
“Well……” Darling said, insinuating something between the two.

“Mr. Sleepy, we were very worried about your team’s safety.” Aegis-F said, “We’re glad that you’re still good but also glad that Rahdell did lose…..because fuck that guy.”
“I concur with that.” Aegis-M said, “He is a douche.”

“And we agree on something!” Aegis-F said.
“YAY!!!” Both Aegis’ shouted.

“Finally….”  Sleepy said, “You two agree on something without arguing about it.”

“A FIRST!!” Aegis-M said, “Although–”
Sleepy looked at him annoyed.
“OK, I’ll stop.” Aegis-M said.


Then Adion, Dwele, and the rest came back from the arena.
“SLEEPY!!! You’re here!!!” Accel said.
“Yeah…. ” Sleepy said, “Those doctors and staff work well in wonders. Although my arm still kinda hurts a bit whenever I move it left.” He tries to move it left. “OW!! Shit!”

“DON’T MOVE IT SO MUCH!!” Fiorella said, “I can’t have you being more in pain than you already are!”
“Fio, I’m pretty much healed up at this point.” Sleepy said, “Besides, I know I’m healed if I can do….” He jumps out of the bed, slides and holds her with a suave look.
“Well…..” Fiorella seems charmed, “May I ask you this? Is your hand still hurting?”
“No.” Sleepy calmly said although in his eyes, he’s wincing at the arm pain.

“You’re hurting, aren’t you?” Fiorella figured it out.
“OK, OK, damn.” Sleepy said, “But I can’t back out of this now. We come so far in this!!”

“We’re 3 rounds in and it’s just the first day.” Dwele said, “We got another set of rounds in a couple of days.”
“Your arm should heal by then.” Adion said.
“Yeah,” Dwele said, “Just rest up, don’t strain yourself too much and everything will be all good.”


While that was going on, someone came up knocking on the door.


“I’LL GET IT!!” Deanna shouted.
She answers the door.
“Oh……Hey, guys….” she said.
Dwele and Adion came to the door and they saw who it was.


“Oh….. it’s you.” Adion said.
“Something told me we would run into you.” Dwele said.
Then Katrina rushes in to see what’s going on.
She gasped without saying a word.


Episode 9 – SHOTS

Next Episode – NEXT DAY OFF



© 2019 Katana+ / Ctrl/Alt/Del Productions.

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