WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 128: Episode 139 – Panda’s BIRTHDAY

HEY!!! There’s actually an episode where I can get clips or screenshots of!!

Then again, this one must be anticipated if you’re fans of the K-Pop (or a fan of K-Pop in general) boy band, MONSTA X as the episode does involve them in the plot of today’s episode.



It’s Panda’s birthday and Grizzly and Ice Bear plan to surprise him with K-Pop group Monsta XIce Bear stuffs himself in a luggage only to be met by the group.

As Panda is watching Monsta X videos, Grizz and Ice Bear do surprise him with a poster of the group…..only they got the wrong one that said Monsta S. He stated he did wanted to see them live but they are sold out; However, they know what they’re staying at for the day.

They go to the hotel where there is a swarm of fans waiting for Monsta X and the bears goes in, disguised as a bellhop and luggage. One bellhop got suspicious as he thinks Grizz is trying to take a big tip from MONSTA X and gets chased. As for Panda and Ice Bear, they were dropped off at the room….or at least Ice Bear is. Panda is stuck on the ledge, hanging for his life.

Meanwhile, Ice Bear is the one to meet MONSTA X. He told them about how Panda wants to meet them and they also want to avoid that large crowd of fans. Ice Bear, Grizz and MONSTA X later meet up and figure a way to escape the hotel. As they got outside, the fans were getting closer to them and Panda is still hanging from a ledge. His sweaty panda paws loosen his grip and he fell to a pit of fans and the group escapes while the fans chase them down.

BUT….. they appeared from the bushes.
It was a decoy bus to distract the fans (well, they got five buses). Panda got to meet them, that bellhop did get a tip from them and MONSTA X and the bears are all in a music video.

FINAL VERDICT: While I know next to nothing about MONSTA X or any K-Pop group in general (well, maybe a little thanks to friends who are K-Pop fans in general), this episode was cool. It’s in the case of where I’m not as big as what happening here but to those who really love this band and the show, they’ll get a big kick out of this.


I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and I can see people confuse Monsta X with S. Well, if they mumble the shit, that is.

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