TRAP GAME: The Dangerous World / Episode 8 – SHOOT ‘EM UP

WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of violence, graphic language, and sexual content. This is meant only for MATURE AUDIENCES. Reader Discretion is advised.   


(Challengers: Katrina – Speed; Infrared – Infra; Sir Delize – Odyessy; Azil – Glass; Nishi – Mono) 

The second round is coming up involving archery and are located the next stage as it transitions into forest mode.
“Straight shot is coming in 15 minutes. Get ready, contestants.” 

Katrina is getting her equipment ready and heading on the set.
Then she sees Infrared coming up behind her.
“You the girl from Team Speed?” he said.
“Yes….. and you are?” Katrina said, “Oh wait, you’re the leader of Team Infra….and I see you’re an archer as well.” 

“Ahhh… good eyes….” he said. 

“I’m guessing you’re going to say that you’re going to beat my ass or some macho bullshit everyone seems to do here.” she said, “You might as well just say it.”
However, Infrared started to chuckle a bit.
“Really…..” he said, “Look, I know we’re competitors and all but I’m not trying to start a fight. I’m not Rahdell or any of those guys looking to do any damage to people. I’m just trying to support myself and my team from starving.” 

“Wow…..” Katrina said, “So like us…. except we have a bad past attached to us.” 

“Bad past….” It wasn’t clear to Infrared until he remembers it clearly. “Oh…..oh yeah. Shit, I remember that. It…..well…..”
Katrina then continued, “It was hell…” 



“MOTHERFUCKING N*****!!!! You killed the motherfucking champ!! You killed RIFTS!! All of you Team Speed motherfuckers are gonna die!!!” An angry fan of Rifts along with a bunch of his fans were rioting outside of Spicy Jack’s a few weeks after deciding Speed’s ban from the games for a year. 

“All you fucks get is a year!?”
“I’ll beat the shit out you N*****s!!”
“Justice for RIFTS!!!!” 

Dwele sees someone throwing a Molotov cocktail at the window but Adion grabbed it in time and threw it back to the guy.

“And that was the fourth one today.” Adion said, “Damn, I can’t take this shit anymore!”
“The last time we ever get weapons from that asshole.” Dwele said, “And speaking of asshole…”
On the TV, they see Erol doing a lot of interviews about ‘exposing the truth about Team Speed’.
“So, the one called Adion was a former stripper?” the interviewer said.
“Yes….” Erol said, “He often walks around naked, drinking orange juice in 5 in the morning.” 

“Little fuckhead….” Adion said, “We treated that motherfucker like family and he does this shit? I should’ve beat the shit out of him when I had the chance.”
“As much as I don’t like ‘ol dude,” Dwele said, “He got a point about you drinking orange juice with your dick out. Shit’s got me weirded out every time I eat sausage.” 

“You didn’t complain when Selene walks around in her underwear getting juice!!” Adion shouted.
“NEITHER DID YOU!” Dwele shouted.
“I know.” Adion said, “But she stopped doing it because of those idiots….” 


Speaking of Selene, here she comes, overhearing the conversation.
“I’d stopped doing it because of you two as well.” she said, “I’d say Sleepy but he’s been holed up in his room for weeks now.”
“Can you blame him?” Fiorella said, walking in the room. “Him and Katrina have been sulking around here, away from the windows ever since…. well, you know….”
“Since what?” The gang then see a melancholic Katrina appeared. 

“OH FUCK!” Fiorella thought.
“KAT!” Selene said, “I didn’t know you were up.” 

“It’s 1 in the afternoon.” she said, “Unless you worked the late shift, what’s the point of sleep at this time?”
She sees those angry fans shooting their usual expletives.
“Oh….. just them again, huh?” she seems unfazed. “Well, looks like I have to sneak around the back again.” 

“Wait, Kat!!” Fiorella said, “You’re about to go somewhere?”
“To just get something from the mini-mart.” she said, “It’s just a few minutes away. I’ll be back safely.”
“You need Nala and Mazi to go with you?” Fiorella mentioned.
“Fiorella, I’m good.” Katrina said, “I don’t need everyone to look over me. Like I said, I’ll be back.” She went over the back door and left. 

However, the gang overheard some guys going for the back.
“QUICK! One’s going the back way!! GET HER!!”
Fiorella sighed.
She got to her cell phone.
“Mazi? It’s me…. yeah, you got it? OK!” 

“Hey, bitch!!” One guy shouted at Katrina but then Mazi and Nala jumped them at the last minute.
“Hey, yourself, fuckface!!” Nala shouted.
“Mess with our friend and I’ll fuck your ass up, bitch!” Mazi screamed.
The sounds of a bat landing blows to a guy’s face commenced while the gang looked outside and see Katrina walking to the store. 

“Well, she’s safe.” Fiorella said.
“At least safe from those tools out there.” Selene said, “You know there’s more as she goes to the store.”
“Oh… shit, that’s right.”
Fiorella was going to call Nala and Mazi to tag along.
“Nala, Mazi–“
“Tag along with her?” Nala said.
“We got it.” Mazi confirmed. 



“Yeah, Fio has always been like the mother of our little family…” Katrina said, “Even though I’m like 4 years older than her.”
“Huh?” Infrared said, “She’s younger than you?”
“I’m 27. She’s 23.”
“Well, damn….” Infrared said, “I swear I thought she was, like in her late 20s, early 30s.” 

“Taking care of 5 older strangers plus 2 other people next door can mature you.” Katrina said. 

“True.” Infrared said. 

The other competitors are just heading their way to the stage.
“Hmmmm….” The one making an observation to everyone is Sir Delize of Team Odyessy, “So, I see competition is a little stiff this year.”
“What? You watched your practice run?” Azil (of Team Glass) joked. 

“He must’ve seen yours, too.” Nishi ragged on him as well. 

“Well, well, well…..” Infrared said, “The infamous teams, I presume….. Sir Delize, Azil and Nishi.”
“Infrared.” Nishi said, “I see you’re hanging around with the Speed riff raff. Careful, you know if you’ll get close, she’ll wrapped your legs around you quick.” 

Katrina flipped her the bird.
“I see you’re still doing that shit, Nishi.” he said.
“Save the small talk when I win this round.” Nishi said, “Don’t miss a thang.” 

With that, the rest leave with Azil doing the “I got my eyes on you” eyes thing and the announcer goes, “2 minutes untl Straight Shot! Get pumped, contestants!”
“We should go.” Infrared said, “May the best person win.”
“I’m counting on it.” she said. Both of them chuckled on the way out. 



Sleepy and Accel were resting after the last event with Sleepy and Fiorella getting close together in the other room, and Accel falling fast asleep.
“Accel….. hey…..” Nala said, “You’re getting sleepy?” 

“Oh…” he said, “Sorry, I guess that event must’ve took more out of me today.” 

“Well, you were on a race trying not to get blown up.” Nala said, “I get ya…. but you know Katrina’s up next. You don’t want to miss that.”
“Oh shit, that’s right.” Accel said, “Can’t miss that!!”
“I wonder if there’s more champagne in the other room.” Mazi sald, going there to get it.
As she was there, Fiorella immediately handed it to her.
“Thanks….” Mazi said, “What the….”
“HEY!! They said we can’t fuck!! They didn’t say shit about making out!!” Sleepy yelled.
“We’ll be out in a few sec– minutes.” Fiorella shouted, with the sound of her smacking her own ass. 

Everyone else was still passed out from drinking.
“WAKE UP!!!” Selene was shouting at a still-drunken Deanna and Darling. 

“STOP SAYING SMEE DAMMIT!!” Selene said, “Wake your ass up!!!”
“Chill out…..” Darling said, “And I thought Fiorella was the mom of the group.”
“And yet she was the youngest person in here until Accel came about.” Deanna said. “Oh, and also smee.”
Selene threw a mini-pie at Deanna but instantly ate it.
“Oh, cherry. MY FAVORITE!” she said. 


“The Straight Shot is beginning as we speak!!” The announcer bellowed, “Our five contestants have arrived and the first one to take the first target shot is Infrared of Team Infra!” 

Infrared takes a good look at what targets to hit. 
He grabs his made arrow, he takes aim……. 

“Come on…..” he whispered to himself,  “LATCH……” 

He makes the shot……the arrow is heading to something but… 

The arrow is starting to split.
RIght down to half.
And it goes off in different directions. 

“What the!?” An audience member shouted. 

Then the split arrow split into another half as it detected another target place behind the bushes and first fourth of the arrow landed a direct hit. The 2nd one got super close to the target but nearly missed it due to a leaf. The 3rd one got an instant bullseye and the last fourth of that arrow….. completely flew off, hitting the birdhouse next to it. 

“SQUAWK!!!! Hey fucker!!!” An angry bird shouted, “That’s not your target!! That’s my house!”
“Wait, why is there a bird there?” Infrared said. 

“And with that, Infrared landed 2 out of the 4 targets with one arrow, let’s go to the judges to make a ruling!” 

The judges all huddled together to make their decision and Lipa whispered to the Mirai as soon as they got it.
She raised a thumbs up.
“And Infrared get the points!!! While that last shot may have cost him some, he made it up on sheer technique.” 

“HA!” Sir Delize said as Infrared comes back inside, “Is that it!? Sure, you got your 2 shots but…. I can beat that easily.”
“Well, do it then.” Infrared just handed him the arrow and bow.
“Gladly!” Sir Delize shouted. 

“Up next…. from Team Odyessy, Sir Delize!!!” 

Delize bowed and embrace the cheers like he was royalty.
“HA! This shit will be easy squeegee lemon peasy!!” He lines up his shot, takes aim at the highest target available and he makes the shot, instantly just leaving after that. 

“OOH!!! That is the sound of me winning this!!”
However, that shot he made gaining the highest altitude was starting to lose any speed and is going down and a sensor near it, kicked the arrow away from its target. 

“Um, you might want to look behind you.” Katrina said.
“Why?” Delize shouted, “To see more of my victory?” 

In actuality, the arrow was coming back and it was heading straight towards his….. 

“AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!” Delize screamed.
“Oh shit!” Nishi said.
Infrared and Katrina merely stepped back from any more injuries. 

“OH!! SON OF A BITCH!!!” Delize screamed, “MY ASS!!! DAMN!!!” 

“OH DAMN!!!” Sleepy said, “Right up the ass meat!!”
The rest looked at him strangely and disturbingly for saying that.
“Don’t ever say ass meat again!” Selene said, “Like not even in your own head, you are no longer allowed to say that!” 

“But yeah….. ow!” Accel said, referring back to the injury.
“No shit…” Nala said, “He’s feeling a lot of pain and maybe blood the next morning.”
Darling then added, “Wow, that arrow penetrated him like when I–I—Uh, I’ll leave it at that.” She then stopped before she can say anything else.
“Bad time?” Sleepy said.
“STOP!!” Darling shouted.
Deanna was about to whisper to him but she shouted, “Tell him and I’ll slap you with this lobster!!”
“I’m eating that lobster, dammit!!” Selene snatched it before Darling could use it. 


“Next up…. from Team Mono…. NISHI!!!” 

Nishi steps up on the spot, readies her arrow and bow and she takes her aim to the corner target where that stump is located.
She shoots into the air.
Her arrow is going dynamically fast and like Infrared’s arrow, it was splitting…. but only into two this time. 

They split off into two different directions and both of them got…. 

“INSTANT BULLSEYE!!” They landed a direct bullseye hit.
“GOTCHA!” Nishi shouted. 


“OH SHIT!!” Sleepy said.
“She got the hit?” Nala responded.
“Come on, Kat. Beat that damn girl!” Nala cheered, “I’d punch her ass if I was down there.”
“And then she beats your ass like last time. Remember?” Mazi said, “And if you were down there, I have to be there with you.” 

“No, you don’t.” Nala said, “You know I can take care of things on my own.”
“I’m your older sister, it’s my job to protect you from anyone that messes with you.” Mazi responded. 

“Mazi….. I get it.” Nala said,  “But I’m 24 and you can’t be treating me like some little kid….. and yes, Accel, you’re dating an older woman.” As she smiled at him.
“Well, I’m 29 going on 30.” Mazi said, “And judging by years apart….. I’m still your sister.” 

Then Sleepy shouted, “And I’m a hazy motherfucker in his late 20s and he’s in a room with a bunch of booze and food and enjoying the company of you girls…. also what was in that drink….”
“OH NO….” Fiorella shouted, “Who gave him the Purple Haze!?” 


“Beat this, girlie.” Azil was up next and he took aim at the top target and as it was heading straight towards it, the speed of it was decreasing a bit and it was falling down. 

“Oh….. fuck!!” Azil shouted.
The arrow was about to get into a target next to the tree and it said, “DAMN, MAN!!” 

“OOOH!!! Azil did not get the tops!!! HE FUCKED UP!!!”
“HAHA! Bitch!” Nishi shouted.
“Fuck you, whore!!” Azil screamed.
“Everyone knows you won’t!!” 


Last but not least, Katrina is up for the shot.
“And there she is!!” Sleepy said, “Come on, Kat!”
“GO KAT!!” Nala and Mazi shouted with everyone else cheering for her. 

Katrina is lining up her shot.
“OK… OK…” 

The judges, especially Ferg, was keeping their attention at her all times.
“So…. this is the ex you mentioned to me before.” Lipa quietly mentioned to Ferg.

Katrina launches the arrow to her target, the bullseye to the spider web and as it launches…. the arrow is starting to break and the split…. 


The arrow is now heading off to 8 different directions and it landed on one target and the next and the next and the NEXT. The cameras are closing up on the hits and all of them have hit a bullseye.
“BULLSEYE!!!” Mirai shouted, “Team Sleep is the head victor!” 

“The arrow hits all its different targets!! Katrina from Team Speed has hit all the targets, and that immediately put Team Speed up on top!! What a turn of events!!” 

“WOAH!!” Lipa shouted, “She’s amazing!!”
“Yeah…..” Ferg said, “She really nailed those hits.” His tone seemed a bit worrisome after that strike. 


“YEAH!!! SHE DID IT!!” Nala and Mazi cheered.
Everyone else cheered loudly for her win.
“Hell yeah, Kat!!” Sleepy said still in his hazy voice, “We’re up at the total score now!! Oh man…. this is a feeling I haven’t experienced since…. since…..”
He remembered what past he’s talking about.
“Yeah, since then.” Sleepy said. 

“Hey, Sleep…..” Fiorella said, “We didn’t ask but… where did Adion and Dwele went to? I didn’t see them after following you.”
“They must be doing some shit.” Sleepy said, “Hopefully something with the games.
“Fuck it. I’ll check on them.” As Selene volunteered to look for them. 




Adion and Dwele were at the locker room, training for the third round following the Straight Shot. 

“Your piece loaded?” Dwele said.
“Hell yeah.” Adion cocked the gun. “Lock and loaded, motherfucker.” 

“Now you sound like something from a B-list action movie.”

They were exiting the room but then they walked into a fuming Rahdell and seeing that Azil blew it at the Arrow games and his performance didn’t go too well, he was not in the mood to be ridiculed. 

“Damn, last place, huh?” Adion loudly mentioned.
Obviously, they didn’t care.
“I hate to be a part of that guy’s team, know what I mean, Dwele?” Adion was really getting on his nerves. 

“OK, fuck bitch!” Rahdell said, “You want to get on my bad side?”
“So, everything?” Dwele said. 

Rahdell threw a knife to the wall.
“Just because you fucks got lucky with your speed boy and Kat-Niss helping you, doesn’t mean your wins are going to last that long. Just wait until the shooters round…. you fucks won’t last a minute with me fucking y’all up!!!” 

“Wow….. you seem confident in beating us, don’t you?” Dwele said. 

He pulled the knife from the wall.
“Me and my crew will stomp you fuckers soon….. Be on watch, motherfucker!” He then left the room. 


Katrina was getting her equipment out of the room.
“Aegis, can you locate my arrows for me?” she said.
“Pinpointing special arrow location…. searching…. searching…..” 

Then someone was coming out of the restroom next to the room and it turns out to be….
“Oh, you’re Katrina, aren’t you?” It was Lipa.
“ITEM FOUND!!” Aegis-M shouted.
A sight of her and Katrina is getting anxious.
“Uh.. yes… I’m her. Aren’t you–“
“Yes, I’m Alaina Lipa Fowl.” she said, “You were really great out there! I do admire your talent with the bow and arrow.” As she shakes her hand. 

“Oh…. well, thank you.” Katrina said, “Nice to see that I have a fan.”
“I bet by the end of the games, you’ll have your own legion of fans.” Lipa said. “I may be a judge and I don’t want to play favorites now but I really dig your style.” 

There was something that Katrina really wanted to get out of the way with her.
“Lipa…… you heard about me and—“
“You and Ferg?” Lipa guessed.
Katrina gulped. “Yeah….” 

“I know about it…..” Lipa said, “What? You don’t think I’m going to go like ‘Touch my man and I’ll stomp on your bitch ass’?” As she said the quote in a fake NY-accent voice.
“No….No….” Katrina said, “I already got enough bad publicity from that.”
“What? You don’t know I get teased for that?” Katrina said, “I got people from other teams, both guys and girls, slandering me, saying I got ahead because I fell in love with a teammate.”
“Oh…..” Lipa said, “OK….. now I see why you’re nervous around me.”
“You see it, too?” Katrina said.
“I’m an actress.” Lipa said, “One thing I notice about people is their facial expressions and how its used.”
“Look, I shouldn’t be talking to you since they might assume I’m giving you special treatment but I’ll just say this: Those people smack-talking you…. fuck them!” Lipa strongly said, “You have to keep a strong head in this world, especially to those who want to tear you down.” 


Selene was walking by, seeing Rahdell walked past her and behind him was Adion and Dwele.
“HEY!” Selene said, “Where have you two been?” 

“We’ve been out and about.” Adion said. “Either extra training, doing some walking around. You know, since I don’t feel like sitting on those hard-ass benches out there like y’all.”
“Benches?” Selene said, “We’re not out there.”
“Huh?” Adion said.
“What you mean?” Dwele said. 

3 minutes later 

“Damn, Selene….. This is some swanky shit!” Dwele said.
She gleefully smirked.
“It helps knowing people in high places…” Selene said, “And that they owe you a favor or two.”
“Did you su–”
She threw a cocktail weenie at him before he could say something else.
“I got things done.” Selene said. 

“And we love her for that…” Darling said, “Hell, it makes me want to make out with her.”
“Samesies.” Deanna said.
“And I’m not opposed to that.” Selene said, smiling. 


The guys also see Sleepy being fast asleep.
“Hey, Sleep!” Dwele said, “Man, you actually doing your namesake now?”
They see what he was drinking.
“Fool! Why you drinking that Purple Haze?” Adion said, “You could’ve share that shit!!!” 

“I was drunk!” Sleepy said, “Besides, our thing isn’t until tomorrow.”
“What round, sweetie?” Fiorella said.
“The Shooters round. The Bullet Chase.” he said, “That’s tomorrow, right?” 

“Tomorr– That’s in a few hours!” Adion said, “Like after that performance round of Loretta Von Fleek, Lil’ Beemer, Puppy and WTER BTTLE!”
“WTER BTTLE?” Sleepy confused at that name.
“You really got to sober up before that battle begins!” Dwele said, “We already got Rahdell all fucked up since that dude Azil lost majorly at that Archer round!”
“Y’all didn’t gave him that shit, did you?” Adion asked. 

“He found that shit!” Mazi said, “We didn’t know what the hell was in that.”
Aegis-F then interjected, “Purple Haze contains caffeine, taurine, guarana and alcohol. It also made some college students very ill, even causing ulcers.” 

“Caffeine and alcohol?!” Fiorella said, “What kind of fucking drink is that?”
“One to get you very fucked up.” Deanna said, “I had that once and I felt sick for about a week. Good thing Darling nursed me back to health.”
“She was like a 34-year-old baby while she was in bed.” Darling said, “It was cute at first…. until you puked at me.”
“I WAS SORRY!!” Deanna said.
“I saw corn!!” Darling said, “I’m allergic to corn. I thought I was going to die!!!” 


Then all of a sudden, an unexpected visitor just crashed in the room.
“So this is where you fuckers were?” It was Rahdell and the rest of Team Glass. “Y’all got this high-end shit and food and TV and all that shit!!” 

“Motherfucker, you do, too.” Sleepy said, “We know about that extra room you got here and that got more of the high-end shit we got!!”
“Well, that’s because I’m the fucking man, Sleepy!!” Rahdell said, “But yet, the other people getting it is you and your merry band of motherfuckers and future strippers.”
“OH, FUCK YOU!!” Every woman in the room shouted. 

“You want your ass kicked by us again?” Nala shouted.
“Because we can make it happen.” Mazi shouted. 

“By you two bitches?” Glassio shouted.
Nala then kicked him in the jaw.
Then Mazi kicked him in the stomach while he’s down.
“You want to repeat that? Me beating you was drowning you out.” Mazi said. 

“Oh, you girls must want to fight a real man then….” Rahdell rushes them and first thing he does is grab Nala by her arm.
“Man, if you don’t let go…” She punches him but to no avail. He slaps her down.
“NALA!!” Mazi said, “You asshole!!”
Laker Bullet and Azil were holding her down. “LET GO OF ME!!” 

“Hey, leave them girls alone!!!” Darling said, “You fuckers better leave or we’ll call security.” 

Rahdell then grabbed her hand.
“You don’t want to do that, princess.” he said, “And that goes double for you, Deanna.”
As Dira caught her holding a vase to smack him with.

“You may have some lovely tits, Deanna, but you are not that smart when it comes to me.” Rahdell back-hand insulted her, “None of you are going to do shit to me.” But he sees someone missing. 

Accel then appeared in front of him, punching him in the face.
Then Sleepy just outright pimp-slapped him. 

“BITCH!!” Accel said, “If you ever harm Nala or Mazi like that again, I’ll–“
But Rahdell punched him back.
“You won’t do shit, bitch!!” he shouted, “Don’t think after that, I’m going easy on you. Especially with you trying to man up in front of your woman and shit.” 

But then Katrina came in the room in time to hit Rahdell with a stool. 

He got knocked down.
He got up to get Katrina but then…..
Guns from Sleepy, Adion and Dwele were cocked and ready to shoot him.
“Nigga….. you better get your ass out of here now or I’ll plan that Shooter round early by shooting you and your bitch-made team!” Sleepy shouted, along with cocking a gun to his face. 

Then Fiorella and Selene got the phone ready to call security on them.
“Rahdell….. if you don’t leave right now, I’m going to call them to take your asses away.” Fiorella said.
“Besides….” Dwele said, “Your fight is with us and by us, I mean, Sleepy, Adion, Accel, Katrina and myself.” 

“Meaning you mess with our friends again….” Katrina threatened, “And I’ll mess up more than your face with my claws. Oh, and that’s not a threat….. that’s a promise, bitch.” 

Rahdell then called off his boys, put the guns down and proceed to go on their way.
“Right, right….” he said, “But remember this….. when you fucks lose, we’re definitely going to take them, whether they like it or not.”
They leave but then Selene slams the door, “Get the fuck out of here…..” 


“That really sounded like threats…..” Accel said, “Should we report his ass to the Mirai or something?” 

“We tried.” Sleepy said.
“Many have.” Fiorella said, “But he always manage to get off easily.” 

“Dude is a menace.” Deanna said, “Every time we comes to the Chicken Strip, I had to clock out before he even see me one time. Him and his boys love to get touchy with the strippers when they aren’t supposed to.”
“Regular bad boys, huh?” Accel said, “And not the good Martin Lawrence/Will Smith type, eh?” 

“They’re creeps.” Deanna said, “And lousy tippers at that, too.” 

“They’ve been doing these games ever since the incarnation of them.” Selene said, “I’m surprised even after they won about a few, they still want to compete in them.”
“Still?” Accel questioned.
Nala added to that, “When some teams win, they have enough cash to stay afloat for life…. they wanted more. They compete more, they get more money, more of that lavish life of booze, leisure, women and getting all the things you desire.”
“Once Rahdell got a taste of that….” Mazi said, “He wanted more…. hell, you see how he thinks that he’s going to just get all of us women if y’all lose… and even if that happens, we’re not about to be ordered by some dickhead.” 


Cue the announcer: “Coming up, after performing his #1 hit, ‘On My S***’ by Lil’ Beemer featuring Dora Da Gunna & Pop Bootz, we commence the Shooters Round!!! We bring the best of the best of the shooter gangs!!! STAY TUNED!!!” 

Upon that announcement, Sleepy, Adion and Dwele knew that trouble is going to be bound for them ahead. 

“Get ready, men.” Sleepy said, “Time to get it…..” 


Episode 8 – SHOOT ‘EM UP 

Next Episode – SHOTS 



(c) 2019 Ctrl/Alt/Del Productions / Katana+ 

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