TRAP GAME: The Dangerous World / Episode 7 – Let the (ACTUAL) Games BEGIN!

WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of violence, graphic language, and sexual content. This is meant only for MATURE AUDIENCES. Reader Discretion is advised.  



“WELCOME ALL!!!!!!!!!” The announcer shouted all throughout the arena where the crowds and large and mighty. “My friends, it’s that time again! Welcome to the 6th Annual TRAP GAMES!!!”
The crowd roars and cheers live and boastful. 

“It is time again for our brothers and sisters surviving in these streets to take it to the next level in these unique and exciting challenges. We have it all!!! Racing, archery, survival tactic games, combat!!! All of these plus a little mixing of them to make a broad experience!!! Plus, we have live music from some of your favorite artists and bands like…. Cocaine Marmosets, Meth-Head Goats, Lil’ Beemer, Loretta Van Fleek, Knives Pow!!, Puppy, Mama, Fuji Blue and many more….” 

“Who the hell is Loretta Van Fleek?” Sleepy said as him and the rest of Team Speed are heading to the locker rooms.
“I think that R&B group that sounds like an Earth, Wind, Fire rip-off.” Dwele said.
“I thought that was the Commodores or some shit.” Adion said.
“It was some old R&B group our folks used to listen to when we were younger.” Sleepy said, “Either way, they’re biting a lot of folks!!” 

Accel was looking around the area, seeing a lot of commotion and activity happening around him at all times.
“Wow…. so, this is the Trap Games?” he said.
“Yup.” Katrina said, “Things always get hectic around this time of year from the planning, the stands, the tourists visiting here, the music….”
“OMG! Knives POW!!” A random fan screamed as they spotted her. 

“See?” Katrina said, “But the big deal, of course…. is whoever is going to win that grand prize and out of poverty!”
Then both of them sees a team heading towards them.
“Oh look…. It’s the about to be last place team of the year!” One of the team leaders shouted, “Basically their final nail in the coffin for these bunch of pathetic dumbasses!” 

“Who are they again?” Accel said. 

“Roque and the rest of Team Odyessy.” Sleepy said.
“Sleepy K and Team Speed.” he said, “You losers already get your ass kicked by us?”
“Ass kicked? Maybe.” Dwele said, “But by you motherfuckers? Fat chance. Y’all were almost out of there last year like we were.” 

One of the teammates, Sir Delize, stepped up to Dwele.
“Oh, really, boy?” Delize said, “You think I’m supposed to be scared of some third-rate team on its last legs.”
“You bitches wouldn’t last a day with us!!” Andrezj, the shooter/archer hybrid. He makes a move on Katrina. “Although, sweetheart…. one night with me and maybe you’ll last maybe a hour with me.”
“Oh, fuck off.” Katrina shouted. 

“Don’t bother with this bitch!” Another teammate walked up to her and she threw some dirt (literally) on them.
“I guess one time of her opening her legs was a one-and-done thing.” The one insulting her was the runner of the crew, Takata.
“Oh great…. Takata.” Katrina said, “Doing those jokes even though you’re practicing heading that way yourself.”
Takata phased in front of her.
“Keep telling me that….” She waves a knife in front of her. “And Ferg isn’t going to be the only thing to penetrate you.” 


“HEY!!!” Accel shouted and grabbed the knife from her. “You mind watching your mouth?” 

Takata give him a very irritant look.
“Oh look… you got the new meat protecting you.” she said. She sees the runner insignia on him. “Oh, and he’s a runner, too. Just like me!! You better hope your ass can compete with us!” 


Then another voice is made, “That makes double for you, too, Takata.”
A large man in red and gold came behind her along with his team, making their way into the changing rooms. 

“Infrared.” Roque said.
“Roque…. I see you’re not dead…. yet.” Infrared said, “Your beatdown last year almost made sure of that shit.”
“We got out of worse shit before.” Riviera, another Odyessy teammate, shouted. “You and your band of buff fucks don’t scare us.”
However, another woman was behind Riviera and she handed him a piece of metal tied as a bunny rabbit lock. 

“Hey, S’up?”
“What up, Miltalia?” Infrared said.
“Oh….. shit…….” Roque said.
“You need a diaper or something, boy?” Sammo said, “You’ll need it after we fuck you up!” 


Then the rest of the teams, including Glass and Mono, were coming in and see the confrontation before them.
“I see we’re going to get along today.” Rahdell shouted, “I mean…. I can show some good sportsmanship after I beat you bitches today and win the Games.” 


“Does everybody just talk shit over here?” Accel whispered to Katrina.
“Yep.” Katrina whispered back, “And it’s getting dumber as it goes.” 

Nishi spotted them talking.
“Oh, I see we got some Chatty Kathies over here!” she said, “And from Team Speed’s new guy!”
“OH……you’re the one hanging out with Cat Girl and those other girls!” Rahdell said, “That one bitch that sucker-punched me….”
“And I punched her back.” Nishi said, “It was better that you let a woman like me handled that. Speaking of her, how is the little bitch?”
“She has a message for you.” Accel said. 

He then sucker-punches her. 

“Oh…. hmmmm….” Nishi seems unfazed by that hit. “You put a lot of power on that and that must mean that you and that girl got something that we don’t know about.” 

Rahdell then said, “AKA they’re fucking.” 

“HEY!!!” Sleepy got in between Accel and Rahdell, “Let’s save that energy out there…. you know, when I’ll kick your ass.”
“Well, well, well…. I see you got the fighting spirit.” Rahdell said, “But I know that shit is gonna die when you lose…. and make no doubt, you…. will…. lose.” He crushed a little piece of bread and sprinkle it on his head.
“Watch out for the birds. They love that shit.” he said as him and his crew left. 

“Everyone, get into positions!! The first round will start in 20 minutes!! Get changed!” 

Dwele swepted off the bread crumbs off him.
“Well, he’s right.” Dwele said, “Birds will eat that shit.” 


Back in the crowds…. or shall we say, the luxury suite in the stadium. 

“HOLY SHIT! I can’t believe we got this suite!!!!” Darling said as her, Darling, Nala, Mazi, Selene and FIorella booked the exclusive suite all to themselves. “Look at this spread of food!! The view!! The endless amount of alcohol!!! This big-ass HD TV that we can the games with!!!!” 

“Damn, Darling.” Deanna said, “I haven’t seen you this excited about luxury anything since…..” She couldn’t think of any other time. “Well, yeah.” Deanna then proceeds to drink more liquor. 

Nala said, “Well, it’s not every day that one of your friends got connections…. isn’t that right, Selene?” As she gave the eye wink to her.
“Well, well….” Selene humbly bragged, “I just happened to know a friend of a friend and boom, we got the best seats and service of this thing!!!” 

“I got to hand it to you, Selene.” Fiorella said, “Your friend of a friend did us good.”
“I’ll say!” Mazi carrying a family size bottle of ranch with a bunch of chicken wings and cocktail weenies, “We’re living like royalty or like in Game of Thrones!!! Just without the beheading, incest shit or utter betrayal at every turn!” 


“15 minutes until the first event starts!!!” The announcer said, “First round: Speed Shot!! All runners and shooters line up!!” 

“Hmmmm… first round already?” Deanna said.
“Oh shit…. that must mean the first round is going to–“ 

“Yes, me and Accel!!!” Cut to Sleepy as he was discussing it with Adion and Dwele. “Look, the kid is going to need some extra guidance with me in there. He’ll drive and I’ll shoot, making sure his ass doesn’t get smoked in the first round.”
“Uh… Sleepy…” Accel was right behind him. “Right here.”
“I know, man.”
Accel then got this WTF look on his face like Sleepy didn’t care he was behind him. 

“You sure?” Adion said, “Because you know I got that firepower to shoo–“
“I got it, man.” Sleepy said. 


As the participants made their way into the arena, making their way into the stage at the end of the race was… The Mirai.
All dressed in a gallant white dress with assistants the rest of it from the floor. 

“Welcome, all contestants!!” The Mirai said, “Now, all of us here welcome you to a safe and controlled environment where the events portrayed here are indeed dangerous but we provided enough first aid to make you feel like new…..and now to present the judges for this year’s games…..”
They were all hidden in 3 doors.
“First off, World Professional Cross Fighter Joesph “Bom Bom” Lombeau!!” Then comes cheers and applause as he is introduced.
“And on the second door…. actress/philantropist/activist Alaina Lipa Fowl!!!”
Katrina got shocked at that reveal with everyone’s wild cheers.
“OH…..” Dwele said, “The girl that’s Missus Ferg.”
“I know that, shut up!” Katrina said quietly. 

“Oh shit….” Mazi said, “They got that Lipa girl as one of the judges…..”
“Katrina looks like she’s steaming or nervous.” Nala said.
Deanna and Darling took a good look at her on the screen and by binoculars. “BOTH!” 

“And finally…… door number three….. the most famous participant to ever enter the Games solo and won the whole show…..”
At that point, Sleepy know who it is.
“Oh no……” 

“EROL…….. FERG!!!!!!!!!!” 

“Oh shit………” Sleepy and Fiorella quietly said simultaneously.
The applause got louder and cheerier as he made his appearance. 


“And now it got weirder.” Selene said.
“No shit….” Fiorella said. 

“WELCOME ALL, CONTESTANTS!!” Ferg shouted, “I wish you the best of luck and hope all of you have a safe time competing against each other and remember, always play fair and not to—“
He sees Sleepy staring straight at him as he took a pause.
He cleared his throat.
“Sorry, got something stuck in my throat. Always play fair and not to overstep your boundaries and betray yourself and your mates.” Ferg then walked off the screen and give the mic to Lipa. 

“I’m very proud to be here along with my wonderful fiancee and Mr. Bom Bom himself to oversee these riveting and challenging games!” she excitedly said and then she handed it to Bom Bom. 


“ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, FOLKS! PUMP IT UP!” Bom Bom shouted, “We are going to have a ball in these Trap Games, especially afterwards with a performance by COCAINE MARMOSETS!!!!”
The audience cheers uproarly.
“Sounds like he’s on cocaine.” Adion silently said.
“LET’S GET IT ON!!!!” He shouts and throws his shirt in the crowd. 

“Well…. the man knows how to hype a crowd up.” Darling said, making commentary. 



(Main Racers: Accel/SleepyK – Team Speed; Kurumi/Masaki – Team Mono; Rahdell/Laker Bullet – Team Glass; Roque/Takata – Team Odyessy; Eno/Sammo – Team Infra. Others: Team Krystal, PhoneHome, Maverick, CaneJanes) 


The racers were preparing themselves for battle.
“I’m taking this shotgun, this pistols and maybe this chopper to lay down some heavy weaponry.” Sleepy said, “I think I got it handled.”
In the background, Kurumi is carrying some explosives for Masaki.
“Here you go, M.” Kurumi said, “You might need that in case the other weapons can’t do it all for you.”
“Thanks, Kurumi!” Masaki said, 

Sleepy then had second thoughts on something.
“You need explosives, huh?” Katrina asked him.
“Yep.” he said. 

Sleepy then climbed into the trunk.
“OK, Accel, now since you’re the runner/speeder, you’re the driver….wait, can you even drive?”
“Yes….” Accel said, “I do have a license. Just not a car.”
“Perfect.” Sleepy said, “Now in this game, we got 3 laps of this: Lap 1 is just driving, Lap 2 is where I come in with the guns and Lap 3 is…. well, all hell breaking loose. But make sure that we survive Lap 1 because ramming and crashing is still a thing.” 

Katrina then walked up to Accel.
“Hey….I just wanted to say….go get’em out there, man.” As she gives Accel a good pat on the back.
“Hey…. thanks.” Accel said.
“And I think someone else got something to say to you.” Katrina showed him her video phone with the girls watching the game and Nala on there.
“SHORI, SWEETIE!” she shouted.
“NALA!” Accel smiled.
“Dude, knock ’em out dead out there, man!” Nala said, “We’ll be routing for you…..since we’re watching you and stuff.”
“HEY, SHORI!!” Deanna shouted. 

“HEY, GUYS!!” Fiorella said, “Best of luck to you!! Especially you, my dear Sleepy!”
Sleepy then smiled back at her but not before Adion closed the trunk of him. 

“Y’all on in 30 seconds. We got to roll!!” Adion said, “Speaking of which, turn off that phone, Accel!!”
“Later, guys!!” He hung up on them.
“Time to put it on there.” Dwele said. 


The racers are revving and ready as they are getting started.
“Racers…..on your mark……. get ready……..3……..2…….1……GO!!!”

The racers peel off.
“YEAHH!!!!!!!” Rahdell shouted as he takes the lead of the game, “Eat my dust, motherfucker!!”

“Taking the lead in an early round is on Team Glass and Rahdell is gaining momentum!! Leaving the rest of the bunch in the dust!!!”
However, coming not from that far behind is a fast and steady Accel.
“I gotcha!”
Accel’s foot on the accelerator never let off, connected with his speed ability and he’s getting close. 

As for the other racers, the ones from PhoneHome and CaneJanes are gaining fast from behind.
“GET FASTER!!” One of the PhoneHome shooters said from the trunk.
“SHUT UP!!” 

The one in front of them was on Team Odyessy.
“OW!! OOH! SHIT!!!” Roque was in the trunk as well and he’s getting whiplash from the swerving and swinging around Takata was doing.
“HEY BITCH!! Don’t you know how to drive!?”
“You shut the fuck up!!” Takata said, “Hold your lunch for more than a minute!!”
Odyessy kept speeding and speeding as they were close to two brick walls. 

“RAM ‘EM!!” One of the opposing teams shouted.
They rush their way to ram Odyessy out of the way…. only to…
They crashed into the wall as Odyessy abruptly stopped.
“OOHHH!!! Team PhoneHome has exited it out early this round!! They’re going home broke as shit!!” 

Team Mono and Infra are neck-to-neck in their positions.
“HEY!! Get them bitches off the road!!” Eno shouted in the trunk.
Masaki seemed very annoyed.
“Did he just call us….”
“Don’t worry, M.” Kurumi said, “We got 40 more seconds!!!” 

“I can’t wait to shoot them Mono bitches!!” Eno shouted.
“We got 30 seconds!!” Sammo yelled. 


“Sleepy, you doing good!?” Accel said.
“How close are you to Team Glass!?” Sleepy shouted. Accel is driving very close to their position. 

“Yo, Bullet. We got them Speed fuckers close to our asses!!” Rahdell said.
“Who’s the gunner in the trunk!!?” Glass Bullet yelled.
“Motherfucker, who you think!?!”
Rahdell grinned at that remark.
“It’s our old pal Sleepy.” 


Next thing you know as weapons are on, Sleepy popped out of the trunk and started blasting on incoming cars.
“It’s that fucker, Sleepy!!!”
Sleepy was throwing bombs at both Team CaneJanes and Maverick.
“AAAHH!!!!” The Maverick team flipped over and over and over until they slammed on a billboard. 

“OOHH!! Maverick is definitely feeling that hurt!” 

Accel sped up and immediately they take the lead.
“And it looks like Team Speed is on the way up as they way up in 1st place!!!!”
“YEAH, FOOL!!!” Sleepy shouted in victory. 

“Yeah, SLEEPY!!!” Fiorella and the girls cheered in the room.
“I’ll drink to that!!” Darling shouted.
“GO GO, ACCEL!!” Nala cheered.
“Go, Speed R–” Deanna sang but Selene stopped her from that.

However, one bump to them got Sleepy stumbling, falling back.
“OW! SHIT!!”
And unfortunately, that bump was courtesy of…. 

“HI, TEAM SPEED!!” Kurumi shouted. “Especially you, loverboy!”
“Oh, hell!!” Sleepy said, “It’s your other girlfriends!!” 

Accel took a look at the rearview window.
“Oh no.…. 

Kurumi then turn the car around and proceeds to drive…. backwards and Masaki was shooting at him.
“FIRE!!” He ducked down and fired back. 

“STAND STILL!!” Masaki shouted.
“SHUT UP!!” Sleepy screamed. 

“HA!!” Rahdell looked behind him and sees the whole thing, “Looks like Sleepy is getting pre-occupied right now!!”
“That’s what you think, bitch!!!” Then from the left side, Team Odyessy immediately slammed them and peeled off.
“Got ya, ho!!” Takata shooting at them. 

Rahdell is very pissed off.
“Oh, you little bitch….” He got it in drive and started to chase them.
“Oh shit….” Takata said, “Roque, gun it!!!”
He looked back and sees Rahdell with Glass Bullet carrying two shotguns. 

“FUCK!!” Roque screamed and went faster. 

On the other hand, Masaki and Sleepy keep shooting each other but still misses.
“How am I missing!?” Sleepy said, “Fuck, I’m dizzy!”
“You ain’t kidding!!” Masaki shouted. 

Kurumi sees the other teams coming close to her with throwing bombs at her.
“EAT IT, HO!!” Someone on Team Krystal said.
She shoots it before exploding.
The shrapnel got something on Team Krystal’s car and they exploded, having their plan backfired. 

“Team Krystal is out!!!”
“No thanks, I’m full.” Kurumi quiped. 

Accel sees a token coming right at him.
“Accel, go for the token!!” Sleepy screamed.
“Token!?” Accel shouted, “OH! I see it! Is this like Mario K–“

Accel got a hold of it.
“Congratulations! You can use your special ability for 10 seconds!!”
“My ability?” Accel said.
“Transport us, fool!” Sleepy shouted.
Then, Accel got them out of that spot and he zoomed all the way into first place. 

“FIRST PLACE, BITCH!!” Sleepy shouted.
“WOO-HOO!!!!” Accel yelled. 

“And just like that, Team Speed is all the way into first place! FIRST PLACE!!!” 

Rahdell got really pissed off and sees Roque and Takata still ahead of them.
“Gimme that shotgun, Bullet!!”
Glass Bullet throws the gun towards Rahdell and cocks it, takes the shot….
“OH HELL!!” Roque screamed.
Takata fell off from the trunk and hit the dirt as they crashed, totaling Team Odyessy’s ride. 

“Looks like Team Odyessy experienced another blowout this year!! Takata and Roque are immediately being taken in to the first aid lot!!” 

Accel and Sleepy are speeding their way to the finish line.
“First place, bitch! First place, bitch!” Sleepy kept shouting that in his braggy mode.
“Holy shit, we did it!!” Accel said.
“I know, man!!” Sleepy said, “One round and we nailed it!!! No one is going to stop us n– GAAAHH!!!” But then Rahdell and Glass Bullet are right on their asses. 

“You ain’t getting first place, bitch!!” Rahdell tries to shot Accel point blank.
Sleepy threw a knife at him, missing Rahdell’s shot.
Glass Bullet jumped on Sleepy with a pistol aimed at his face.
“Eat lead!”
But Sleepy got the drop and shot him in the knee.
“AAAH!!!” Glass Bullet screamed.
“Eat that shit, pussy!!!” Sleepy shouted. He then kicked out Glass Bullet back into Rahdell’s ride. 

There are seconds away from the finish line.
“COME ON! COME ON!!!” Sleepy whispered to himself. 

But they see someone else is coming in at them.
But they got passed.
“Who was that!?!” 

And with a photo finish….
“And our winner is Team Mono!!!” 

“YEEAAHHH!!!!” Kurumi shouted.
“WE WON! WE WON! WE WON! WE WON!!” Masaki gleefully cheered.
And soon, Team Speed entered 2nd place.
“Coming from a close 2nd, we have Team Speed….not dead last like last time!!” 

Accel was coming out of the car with Sleepy stumbling and feeling whiplash from earlier.
“Hey…. at least we came in 2nd.” Accel said.
Then on the jumbotron, they see the other racers coming in, including a very pissed off Rahdell, coming in 3rd.
Sleepy then chuckled, “At least we beat Rahdell’s ass!” He continued to laugh his ass off as he sat down.
“OW! My feet!” 

Rahdell then jumped out of his ride.
“I don’t believe this shit!!!” he said throwing a wrench.
“OW!!!” Which hit Glass Bullet, “HEY! I’m still right here, you know.” 

“It’s bad enough that I didn’t get first place…. but to lose to them!?” He pointed at Accel and Sleepy walking back to the stadium.
“Well…. it’s just 3rd place.” Glass Bullet said, “We’re still in the running. Don’t sweat it, man.” That type of talking got Rahdell to grab Bullet by the jaw and screamed, “NIGGA, DON’T TELL ME NOT TO SWEAT IT!!!”
He slowly put him down.
“OK, OK… Damn.”
“Next round with them…. with the shooters… we are fucking them up. Period.” 




Fiorella was walking along with Accel and Sleepy, congratulating them for succeeding in their race.
“That was a close race!” she said, “I know losing to Team Mono was a setback but I saw the look on Rahdell’s face when he lost and I was grinning hard than Adion around two for Tuesday strip deal at the Chicken Strip.” 

“I’m just glad we didn’t go dead last.” Sleepy said, “I know after that Cocaine Marmosets’ performance, that archery run is next and that means we’re free for that since it’s all Katrina in there.”
“And that means more time for you and NalaShori….” As Fiorella teases him about that, “She’s probably excited to see you rig–” They went inside of the suite and sees the girls all drunk, laying around and possibly asleep.
“Smee…..smee…..” Deanna drunkenly said on the floor.
“So much hot wings and bourbon…..” Darling muttered.
“Why you ate them all….” Mazi said with Selene poking her with a skewer stick.
“Hey, Shori, baby….” Nala said, on the chair. “Heard you beat Rahdell’s ass….. YAY…..” She leaned back and fell over. 


“Damn…..” Sleepy said, “Y’all must have the good shit here.” He grabbed a bottle of it.
“You wanna join me?” Fiorella flirted with Sleepy.
“Yup.” He went over there and joined her. “Accel, you deal with your girl and if she pukes, try and hold her hair from getting vomit on it.” 

“Smee……” Deanna kept saying while Selene carries her to the other couch.
“Come on, girl…..”



Next Episode – SHOOT ‘EM UP

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