WE BA[RE-CAP BEARS 127: Episode 138 – TABES & Charlie

Yeah, back again for the Bare-cap and….. yup, couldn’t find any clips of this episode either although The Mummy’s Curse is now on the official video site. Well, just the clip of it as it doesn’t say full episode like the others.

So, we got ourselves an episode centered on Tabes and Charlie!!

Last time, those two have officially met while saving the bears and themselves from danger and it looks like it could happen again in the meantime.



Tabes and Charlie team up to find Tabes’ missing dog, Kirk.


So Tabes is mailing out the Forest Gazette along with pics of her and her dog Kirk with the Bears helping him lick envelopes and stamps. As she goes to get Kirk’s dinner and calls him for dinner….. no response.

She follows the pawprints to find him while the Bears stay at the station…. and they’re already preoccupied with two people needing help, but that’s another episode for another day. Tabes then stumbled across Charlie (both were freaked out as first; they did forgot they knew each other) and she seeks help from him to find Kirk.

He helps her as he got some info in the secret woods but they aren’t keen on humans. He has her disguised as a chicken aka a costume he found in the garbage. They found a secret hideaway via hole called the Cracked Nut aka a lounge for forest animals. Hell, it even has some smooth jazz playing in the background. Tabes finds a possum wearing Kirk’s bandana, chasing it and ends up playing possum.

The possum isn’t talking until they bribe ’em.

So she takes out a few things like $100, some peanut butter and an uncut sapphire. Wait, PEANUT BUTTER!!? The most valuable thing in there. /just fucking with ya. The possum talked and she said that Kirk was with the wolves.


They go into a cave of sleeping wolves and yet the Bears just had to call at the wrong time and yes, the station is burned down… wait, the phone didn’t cause it, it was Charlie’s sneeze. They stood their ground and fight any fight, I mean get taken down easily. It looks like she’s doomed but the wolves actually know Kirk and that he’s actually part-wolf and he’s a dad at that!

Tabes and Charlie said their goodbyes along with finally pronouncing Tabes’ name right (and Kirk’s name wrong) and her and Kirk return back to the station… which is now burned down thanks to the Bears.


FINAL VERDICT: OK, I was digging this episode throughout and since this being the first time Tabes and Charlie partnered up on an episode that the Bears have no direct involvement in as they were too busy destroying the station. The part with the possum bribe was pretty funny and the possum didn’t forget that $100. I wouldn’t either. But yeah, this episode was pretty good.


I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and always bet on peanut butter saving your asses.

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