TRAP GAME: The Dangerous World / Episode 6 – DOWNTIME B.G.

WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of violence, graphic language, and sexual content. This is meant only for MATURE AUDIENCES. Reader Discretion is advised. 





Team Speed has been training for the last couple of weeks as the games are coming real soon.
“On your 6!” Sleepy shouted as he, Adion and Dwele are still in their shooting training. Adion grabbed one of the NPC’s guns and used it against them.
“Got ya, bitch!” he shouted.
But another NPC put a grip on him, choked him and then shot him. 

“AHH!!!” Adion screamed.
Scratch that, they shot him twice.
“Game over! Game over!” Aegis-F said, “You should’ve used the NPC corpse to fend off from incoming attacks.”
“OK, smart aleck.” Adion said, “You got a mouth for someone whose only tech.”
“You’ll be amazed what tech can do.” Aegis-F said. 

Dwele sees a swarm of shooters on his tail.
He ran out to the front entrance and sees more coming from that direction as well.
He looked around to see if he got some extra weapons on him, but he sees he got a rocket launcher.
“OK, that’ll work.”
He shoots the first rocket into that crowd of NPCs, switch to his automatic chopper and mowed his way out of there. 

However, one NPC was in the air, having the jump on Dwele but then Sleepy shot him at the last moment while swinging a bat senselessly at the crowd, leaving a bloody and gorey trail at his wake.
He pulled out his hand gun and starts blasting them one by one, headshot. 

Dwele and Sleepy got back together and sees the blue flag as they were close to get to it.
Sleepy ran out to get the flag before time runs out.
Two NPCs jumped out of the bushes and started to beat him up.
“OW!! MOTHERFUCKER!!” He kept trying to shoot them but they grab his gun and shot him while he was down.
“AAHH!” He was out. 


“Aw, dammit!” Dwele said.
“Aegis, shut off simulation!!” As Sleepy commanded her to do. 

“Well, that was a bust!” Adion said.
Sleepy was straightening his back, “At least I made it in the round!”
“You the one that always put the level high as fuck!” Adion argued, “We know we preparing but don’t work us until we’re useless!!” 

“I put it on there because you know shit is going to get hard as hell out there!!” Sleepy yelled, “You know that shit isn’t going to be easy on us!! We need to be on guard in case shit like this happens!!” 

“Fuck, my knee!” Dwele shouted, “Yo, Sleepy….. should we take a break or something? We’ve been at this for 3 hours.” 

Sleepy was looking exhausted.
“You know what? Yeah…..take a break.”
Adion and Dwele looked relieved.
“But we’re not done of the day. After the break, we’re going at it again but shorter…. like 30 minutes or something.” 

A sweaty Adion agreed, “OK, that works. Just don’t ride our asses like this time, OK, man?” 



Meanwhile, Accel is testing his speed to see how fast he can go around the track field with Nala helping him.
“Holy shit! You’re about 80 at this rate!” she said, “You can probably run from here to back home in 15 seconds flat.”
“So, I’m doing good?”
“Good?” Nala said, “It’s better than ever!!” As she congratulates him, giving him a hearty hand shake and hug. 

“Nice!” Accel said, “Hey, you seen Katrina? How she’s doing with her archery?”
“Oh…. yeah…..” That sounded like something must’ve faze Katrina according to Nala’s response.
“What?” He seemed confusion. 

Both of them went on to the archer training room where Katrina was rapidly shooting her targets and she had this venomous look on her face.
She’s panting and breathing furiously. 

“Come on, you little bitch….” she heard something coming from those targets. The unknown face on them scrambled out to look like Nishi.
“…. Don’t you got the balls to shoot me correctly?” she taunted. 

“SHUT UP!!!” Katrina growled.
“Oh….. I see you’re getting angry. I thought someone that give you some dick would cure that!”
She keeps shooting on used targets.
“You’re never going to re-live that moment!!” Nishi shouted in her head, “You sucked his cock and you got fucked both ways!!!”
She keeps on screaming angrily at these targets as Team Mono and she wants to shoot them all down. 

Accel and Nala checked in to see her in distress.
“KAT! KAT!!” Nala said. She got a hold of her and Accel took her arrows away.
“Let me go! Let me go, Nala!” Katrina shouted.
“Oh, I will!! Until you calm your ass down!” 

“ACCEL, GIMME MY ARROWS!” Katrina screamed.
“Accel, don’t!” Nala shouted, “Katrina, what the hell’s gotten into you?”
“ACCEL, GIMME MY ARROWS OR I’M SLAPPING YOU!!” Katrina growled and hissed at him.
“Give her the arrows and I’m slapping you!!!” Nala shouted back. 

“Either way, you’re slapping me.” Accel shouted and walks off. 


FLASHBACK 2 weeks ago 

After they run into Team Mono and returned back home, Accel, Katrina, Mazi and Nala went back to their place to spend the night.
“I told you that you should’ve run her ass over!” Katrina shouted.
“Even if you did, you guys would be in more shit than usual.” Mazi said, “You know that Sleepy doesn’t want anyone from here to be in more shit than before.” 

“That’s not my problem!” Katrina said.
Nala opened the door and quickly lie down on the couch. 

“Actually, it is.” she said, “You make a move on them and this part will get more shitted on by the rest of the city.” 

“Typical….” Katrina said, “One mistake we did….. one that many of us still have to pay for by being belittled, threatened and harassed by assholes like Rahdell and his crew and bitches like Team Mono.”
“Someone did get killed tho.” Mazi said.
“Because of BAD DEALS, FUCKED-UP WEAPONS and EROL!!” Katrina shouted, “Ferg fucked us over and now he’s living the high ride and we’re stuck down here! He has endorsement deals, a big-ass mansion, some new girl with him and—“
“New girl? You mean Lipa?” Mazi asked, “The model/actress he’s got living with her at the moment?”
“WHATEVER!” Katrina screamed. 


“All right, all right!” Nala said, “Look, I don’t want to spoil a good night with this shit. Even though that slap did knock me down a bit.”
“You probably need to be awake so you won’t die in your sleep.” Mazi said.
“True.” Nala said.
“OK, fine.” Katrina said, “I guess I’ll sleep on the couch then.”
“Pretty much…. and Accel is sleeping with you as well.” Nala said. 

“WHAT!?” Accel and Katrina shouted. 

Mazi set up the beds for them.
“Have fun down there!!” Nala said, “NIGHT!” She turns off the lights and walk off to her room. 


Accel and Katrina were sitting silently on the couch bed with awkwardness in the air.
“OK……..” Accel said, “Um, Katrina, do you need to talk or some–“
“Shori, I’m fine.” she sternly said. 

“Are you sure? Because I–“
“YES! I’m fine!!” She got annoyed, “Stop with trying to reassuring me! I’m fine now.”
“OK. OK.” Accel said, “I’m just going to go to sleep. Sorry to bother you about that.” He grabs his covers and went off to sleep but Katrina still lays awake with thoughts running in her head.
She buries her head in a pillow and tries to sleep them away for the night.
“Damn memories…..” 



Accel was the first to wake up around 7 AM and he was feeling groggy and sleep still in his eyes.
He sees Katrina still asleep but she was moving in her sleep that she lays on Accel and holds him like he’s a body pillow.
“What the– Kat?”
He also notices that her shirt is unbuttoned and her bra is showing.
“Oh no…..” Accel thought, “When did that happen? How did it happen? What– Oh, she’s wearing pink and black? It’s a cute color on he– DAMMIT, DON’T GET HORNY!! All you did was sleep. You didn’t cross the line with her. You’re not drunk and–“
Katrina opened her eyes and she sees her holding Accel and looks down her shirt. 

“Morning, Accel.” she said, “I should probably explain this…. but first, were you staring at my boobs?”
“No.” He lied.
“Don’t make me slap you.” she said, “Unless you want me to check down there.”
“OK…” He shook his head and answered ‘yes’. 
She then buttons her shirt up and her tail slapped him a bit.
“I had to do it.” Katrina said, “Well, you now know much about my relationship with a former teammate turned big celebrity and my hatred of Team Mono including that bitch Nishi.”
“I see.” Accel said, “Also should I be scared of those girls Kurumi and Masaki?”
“Yes. Yes, you should.” Katrina outright said, “Look, the past few years after that betrayal has not been that kind to me. Most people think of me as some dumb cat girl that let anyone on my team get between my legs… even though it happened just once.” 

“That’s fucked up.” Accel said.
“Very fucked up.” Katrina said, “And I bet since you’ve joined us, many think that I was going to fuck you or something. Remember what that asshole Rahdell said to us during that first training session?”
“Oh yeah…” 

“I mean, don’t get me wrong.” Katrina said, “You are handsome and all but I rather not get involved with a teammate again.”
“I get what you mean.”
“But, hey… don’t let that get you down.” Katrina said, “You do have women that think you’re cute.” She looks around if the coast is clear and whispered in his ear, “Besides, Nala is the one crushing on you.”
He was blushing.
“Ooohh, I see you got something for her as well.” Katrina said, “I could help play Cupid for you sometimes.”
“For real?” Accel said.
“Yeah!” Katrina said.
“And maybe…..if you get heated up with things again, I can help try and cool you down.” Accel said, “You know…. like what friends do?”
“That’ll be nice.” Katrina smiled and padded his back, “But here’s one more thing…”
“Pretend me holding you like a body pillow never happened. EVER!”  



“I got heated again, didn’t I?” Katrina said.
“Both of you threatened to slap me.” Accel said, “I should be worried about that hostility towards me.”
They were on the way back home with Nala driving them back and Mazi sleeping. 

“Accel, we’re sorry…” Nala and Katrina said. 

“I’ve been on edge lately.” Katrina said, “With the training and the workouts and….. it’s just been so nerve-racking.”
“Well, y’all have a month until the games are here.” Nala said, “I should understand what you’re going through. Hell, I wonder how the guys are taking it.” 



Sleepy was lying face down the couch, not moving and being completely still.
“Uh… Sleepy?” Fiorella asked.
“Huh? Fio, is that you?” 
“Yes…. Babe, why are laying down like that?” she said, “Hard day training?”
“Try hard couple of weeks.” Sleepy said, “I’m exhausted as fuck!” 

Selene then came into the room.
“Oh, hey, Sleepy.” she said.
“Hey, Selene.” he said, “Here’s that tangerine drink you wanted. Wait over there…. on the table.”
“Why, thank you.” Selene cheerfully said.
“And you’re not surprised at this?” Fiorella said. 

“Yeah, I’ve seen it earlier with Adion laying face down on the floor.” Selene said.
“Yes…. yes you do.” 

Dwele was fast asleep on the chair.
“At least Dwele was smart enough to get to a comfy position.” Selene said, “For real, guys, you have trained a lot more than usual and it shows….”
“But, damn, you’re at that position where you’re practically killing yourselves.” Fiorella said, “Makes me wonder about how Accel and Kat are doing.” 

Cue Nala and Mazi carrying them both into the house.
“Fio, we’re home!!!” Mazi shouted carrying Katrina, “I got the sleeping kitty!”
“And I got…..ow….. the speedy baby right here.” Nala said carrying Accel, “Everybody has been worked out today.” 

“And since y’all got about a month left, maybe we should slow that shit down and conserve your energy.” Fiorella said, “So that way, you won’t die in the middle of your games.”
“So does that mean that me and you can–“
“No, Sleepy, it doesn’t mean you and me can have sex again!” Fiorella shouted. 

Aegis-F commented on that, “Plus, in your current fashion, you wouldn’t last…. 2 minutes with your partner.”
“In other words, she’s calling your sex game weak.” Aegis-M said, “You’re going to take that, my man?”
“OH, SHUT UP!!” Aegis-F said, “I’m just warning him that he might die from that shit! I’m trying to save him!”
“Well, SOORREEE!!” Aegis-M said, “I thought the man would like some sweet delight after training!!” 


“I just had to mention sex, did I?” Fiorella said while both Aegis’ are stil arguing.
“So just lounge around the house like I normally do?” Selene said, eating some chips. 

“That.” Adion said, “Except we actually did shit today.” 

“Maybe that’ll be for the best.” Accel said, “I need to lay in a bed right now.”
“I’d take you to my place,” Nala mentioned, “But I’m getting tired of carrying you around so I’ll stay here tonight.”
“Same.” Mazi said. 

“Then it’s settled!” Sleepy said.
“SLUMBER PARTY!!” Fiorella and Selene shouted and giggled highly, “YEAH!!!!” 

“Wait….. if it’s a Slumber Party…” Adion went on, “Does that mean y’all be in some naughty nighties or lingerie or something to–“
“You fucking perv.” Selene said, “But heads up, I did invite those two girls from the Chicken Strip, Darling and Deanne.” 

“DEANNE!!?” All of them shouted.
“OOOHHH!!” Dwele said, “Looks like you might get a second show of what happened a few weeks ago.”
Nala stared at Dwele hard.
“What makes you think she’s just doing to do that again here for free when she does it for pay at the Chicken Strip?” she said.
Adion then flashes a wad of cash in front of her.
“I can make it happen.” But then Selene took the cash from him. 

“How about no?” Selene said, “She’s here for some fun times and relaxation, not to take it off for random strangers. No offense, Accel.”
“None taken.” Accel said.
“Besides…..” Fiorella said, “I think Nala wants to spend some time with Accel tonight, judging by how she’s been getting close to him recently.” She winks at her as she gets what she meant.
Nala looked at her weird like most people about her little crush on Accel. “Wait….Oh……OH! You–“
“Let’s leave it at that.” 



“Evening, Ladies!!” Deanna said as she and Darling arrived at Spicy Jack’s. “We’re going to have a fun night tonight!”
“Yo!” Darling shouted, “Bought us some wine and it’s the good, expensive shit!”
“Ooooh…. nice choice, Darling!”  Fiorella said, “Be right back.”
“Oh, we are definitely getting drunk tonight.” Darling shouted, “And I don’t even have to strip anything down!” 

“Hey, that still might be a possibility.” Adion said.
“Says who?” Deanna said, “Unless you put up a show like a couple of weeks back, you’re not seeing the girls in action.”
Accel and Nala walk past by them. 

“Oh, hey Accel!!” Deanna waved, “Nice seeing you again!”
“Hey, Deanna.” he calmly said, “Yeah, same here. I would’ve came back soon but we’ve been–“
“Oh, don’t worry, sweetie.” Deanna said, “I know you and the others have been doing your training… and I see you got someone on your arm tonight.” As she notices Nala. 

“Hi. I’m Nala.” as she introduces herself to Deanna. “You must be Deanna. I heard a lot about you.”
“I’m guessing it’s because of me and him, right?” Deanna said, “I mean, if you’re now his girlfrie–“
“No,no,no,no….” Nala said, “I’m not his girlfriend. I’m just a good friend of his.”
“All right, just checking.” Deanna said, “But hey, nice to meet you as well. You joining us tonight?”
“Yeah, a little later tho.” Nala said, “Me and Accel are going to his room for a little talk.”
“All right. Don’t miss out on the fun down here!!” Deanna said.
“Although we might be drinking,” Darling said, “And well…. we’re not trying to get arrested for giving a minor alcohol.” 

Fiorella then comes out of her room, all dressed in a rabbit onesie.
“Fiorella, what the hell are you wearing?” Adion said, “Is that a onesie?” 

“YES!” she said, “And it’s a cute onesie! And I feel comfortable and adorable in this. Sleepy agrees.”
Sleepy gave her the thumbs up while he was laying back.
“I approve.” Sleepy said, “Besides, Fio can be sexy and cute in that.”
Fiorella bushes, “Aww, sweetie!”
He sat up and she got on his lap.
“My little honey bunny.” As he plays with her rabbit ears. “Straight up! Floppy! Straight up! Floppy!” 

As Dwele stares, “As dorky as they look, it is kinda cute.”
“You can learn pointers from him, Adion.” Selene said, “You might keep a woman for more than just a night.” 

Adion looked irritated.
“Look, Sleepy do as he do. That’s him but for me…. I’m #1 player and stunner on these girls, alright?”
Mazi, Katrina & Darling all laughed at him raucously.
“#1 Stunna!?” Katrina said, “Dude, I’ve seen you wear a sailor outfit once!”
“And that one was routine!” Deanna said, “You were on the SS Big Dinghy!”

Going into Accel’s room, the first thing happening up there is….
“Whoa…..” Accel said.
“You’re a pretty good kisser, Shori.” Nala said. 

Both Accel and Nala was laying on his bed as the two were making out.
“Thanks.” Accel said, “You’re pretty great yourself.”
They continued making out, especially doing tongue kissing. Accel even went for going second base.
“WHOA!” Nala said, “Um…. yeah, I’m not so sure about that yet. You want to see them or something? I mean, they’re not as big or round as Deanna’s.”
“Wait….. are you jealous of–“
“I didn’t say that.” Nala said, “I mean…. you looked excited when you saw her.” 

“I just haven’t seen her in a while.” Accel said, “That’s all.”
“OK, OK.” Nala said, “I said that I’m not your girlfriend and yet I keep acting like it here. I don’t want to end up making you uncomfortable around me.”
“Same here.” Accel said, “If you don’t want me to go there, then….”
“Wait.” Nala said as she unbuttons her shirt and Accel sees her white bra. She even grabs his hand and places it on her right breast. “I’ll let you touch and caress….. but as the games go, you know you can’t exactly….. you know….” She does the finger in hole gesture.
“I get it.” Accel said.
“Good…” Nala said, “But that shouldn’t stop us from doing this.” She continues to kiss him deeply, threw her shirt on the ground along with Accel holding and caressing her. 


Dwele was busy making many alcoholic drinks for the party.
“YO! Who wants an Angry Shark Shot!?” he shouted.
“Angry Shark Shot?!” Adion shouted, “The fuck’s that?”
“My own little concoction where I mix some vodka, some fireball, blue caracao and Sprite.” 

“That sounds…. disgusting.” Adion said.
Deanna then grabs a shot, “I’ll be the judge of that!” She instantly gulps the shot in one taking.
She then got a eye-twitch and wonder what the hell she took. 

“OK… Dwele…….this drink…..can I get another?” She calmly said.
“What the– really?” Adion takes a shot of that drink. He took it to the head…one second later, he spit that out.
“AAAHH!!! BOY!!” Adion shouted, “It’s like if someone eat nothing but blue Jolly Ranchers and Waffles with Hot sauce and Cinnamon on them.” 

“I think I know a cousin who puts hot sauce in his waffles.” Deanna said, “We don’t speak often.”
“Just fix me some of that bourbon y’all got.” Darling said.
“All right, then.” 

Meanwhile, Sleepy and Fiorella are so buzzed by the drinks Dwele served, they were starting to act too cutesy around the others.
“YEAH!! HAHA! (incoherent blabbing) Sweetie pi– (more babbling)” Sleepy said in his drunk stupor.
Fiorella was just laughing and played with her bunny ears on her onesie. 

Katrina took a look at what’s going on and went, “Wow…. I’ve never said Sleepy and Fio this drunk in bliss before.”
“Fio seems a lot more loud than usual.” Mazi said, “And cheery than usual, as well.” 

Now the two of them are hugging each other out.
“Oh, Fio, you beautiful, fiery soul!” Sleepy bellowed out.
“Oh, Sleepy!! You handsome devil, you!” Fiorella got on top on him and laid on him, “You’re so cuddly and fluffy and…..other words like that!” 

Selene then commented on them. “OK, they had too much to drink.”
“What did they drink?” Katrina said.
“Let’s see…” As Selene picks up and shows them the empty bottles of rum, bourbon and empty shot glasses of the drinks Dwele made.
“Well, take your pick.”
“DAMN!!” Katrina and Mazi shouted. 

“Looks like a repeat of that one night in Konami.” Selene said, “Hopefully it doesn’t end in vomit and I’m caught in the crossfire!!” 

In the background, Adion was playing cards with Deanna and Darling and they’re betting on both money and clothes.
“Got me a winning hand here!” Adion slams down his cards, “Now…. if I can see your girls, Deanna.”
Deanna laughs at his futile hand. “I got Queens, bitch! You just lost some cash…. and your shirt as well.” She and Darling giggled and hoot and hollering at his loss.
“Oh damn!” Adion shouted. 


“Hey, you seen Accel and Nala?” Katrina asked, “Last time I saw them, they were heading upstairs for something.”
“Well….” As Mazi already figured it out.
“Wait….. you mean that…..”
“He and Nala are in that room alone…. with no adult supervision… and you know that she’s been crushing on him. What you thought was going to happen?” Mazi added all that up.

Then comes Accel and Nala coming downstairs.
“And speak of the devil……” Mazi added, “Hey, guys! You’ve been awfully quiet tonight.” 

“What?” Accel said, “Me and Nala just talked.”
“Talked about….”
“Things.” Nala said.
“Things and…” Mazi kept being nosy to them.
“Things and Nunya damn business!” Nala said, “We’re just two grown adults just doing adult things.” 

“Like having your shirt unbuttoned?” Mazi pointed out her open shirt.
“What? Isn’t this like a pajama party or something?” Nala said, “Look, you see Adion mostly naked and Dwele and I guess, Fiorella and…. why is she and Sleepy look like they joined at the carrot hip?”
Sleepy and Fiorella were looking dazed and drooling, staring at the ceiling.
“It’s a long story…..” Selene said. 




Accel and Nala have been talking a lot as the night went on into the morning.
They see the living room all trashed out with everyone drunk and passed out, even both the Aegis’. 

“Must…. reboot…… help…….” Aegis-M said.
“So…. much… erotica!” Aegis-F said. 

“Damn…. how they get fucked up as everyone else?” Nala said.
“Drunk bytes?” Accel joked.
Nala laughed a bit.
“OK, that got a chuckle out of me.” 

They did see Sleepy and Fiorella in the bathroom as they are pretty hung over.
“Sleepy, Fio….”
Fiorella was holding Sleepy’s hair as he was vomiting in the toilet.
“Morning, guys.” Fiorella said.
Sleepy was too busy retching and puking.
“Oooh….. my stomach. Shit…..” Sleepy said. 

“You two really partied hard last night.” Accel said.
“Y’all look like hell.” Nala said.
Sleepy was about to backtalk to them, “Well, no sh—” but more vomiting kept coming on. 

“Sleepy, baby, you alright?” Fiorella said, “I think you’re going to need some care today.”
Fiorella’s stomach then starts to churn.
“And so do I….” She heads for the sink. 

“We should leave now…..” Accel and Nala backed away from them but they ran into Darling. 

“Hey, guys.” Darling said, “I see you’re not completely shitfaced like those two!”
“Well, I can’t drink.” Accel said.
“And I didn’t do overboard like them.” Nala said. 

“Well, good thing me and Deanna didn’t suffer that fate like those two did.” she said, “In fact, she’s in the kitchen making breakfast.”
“HEY GUYS!” Deanna said, cooking eggs and sausage in nothing but her underwear, “You want some breakfast?”
“And you’re in your bra and panties.” Nala said, “You like being half-naked a lot, do you?”
“Oh, I usually cook breakfast this way.” Deanna said, “At least at my own home.”
“I got no problem with that.” Darling said, “I usually see her like this at work all the time.”
“So true.” Deanna said, “If it’s bothering y–”
“Nah, nah, I’m cool.” Nala said.
“Accel, you hungry?”
“Yep. Sure.” He said, sitting down and hiding ‘you-know-what’ from public view. 

Then Adion woke up as he was sleeping on top of the fridge.
“How the hell I end up here?” He then falls off the fridge.
“No idea.” Selene said, coming from downstairs, “Yeah, D, I could use some breakfast.”
“Coming up!!” Deanna shouted.
“HEY! You motherfuckers could help me up!” Adion shouted. 


As everyone was eating breakfast, Mazi goes to Accel and Nala to have a little talk.
“Hey…. I noticed last night that you two got a little acquainted.” Mazi said.
“Huh?” Accel and Nala added.
“The door in your room was locked.” Mazi said, “And the only people in there was…. well, you and him.” 

“Well, UM……uh….” Accel was stalling for some time but Nala just went out with it. “OK, yes. Me and him spend some time in there. We like each other.”
Adion just came out and say it, “Y’all fucking?”
Nala proceeds to throw a fork at him.
“The fuHEY!!
Thats between him and me. Nala said. 

“In other words, they’re fucking.” Adion said, hiding underneath.
“We’re not!!!” Nala said, “Besides even if we weren’t, we can’t since Accel can’t do any sexual activity while he’s in the games.”
“So making out then?” Adion mentioned.
“We……. you know what? We’re not telling you.” Nala said.
“We’ll find out.” Mazi said.
“No, you won’t.”
“Yes, I will.”
The sisters kept on repeating that as everyone is starting to get annoyed and went on to the living room to eat. 

However, Katrina came in and shoved some bread in both their mouths.
“Stop. Now.” Katrina said as she grabbed a donut and turned back into her cat form. 

“Look, I noticed that Nala had a thing for Accel.” she said, “I even told him that you had a crush on him a couple of weeks back.”
Nala then grabbed Katrina.
“YOU SNITCH!” She growled but then points at her toes. “With toe beans!”
“And you didn’t tell me?” Mazi stared hard at Katrina. 

“And say what to you?” Katrina said, “Hey Mazi, your sister wants to bone the new guy!”
“OK, when you put it like that…” Nala said.
“The point?” Mazi said.
“… Is that you got nothing to worry about.” Nala went on, “Besides, you know Accel and he seems like a good dude.”
“Well….OK, you’re right.” Mazi said, “But then again….. we said the same thing about Ferg and–”
Katrina became silent.
“Yeah, maybe we shouldn’t bring that name up.” Nala said.
“Agreed.” Katrina said, turning back into her human form. 

ONE MONTH LATER  One more day to the games. 

“OK….” Sleepy said to everyone in the house on this Trap Game Eve, “Tomorrow is that big day. That day of whether we able to live the same way anymore or if we have to be homeless and fighting for food in the future.” 

“Uh…. you know we got you covered if that happens.” Darling said.
“Although all of you might have to either strip, gangbang or do both.” Deanna said.
“So have my gun and G-string ready?” Adion asked.
“YOU GOT IT!” Darling shouted. 

He sighs.
“Look…. right now, we are looking at either being broke for a year or struggling again like last year…. or we can possibly do our best and not get stuck dead last.”
“Man….” Dwele said, “We’ve been training for months now. We should be ready for this! We can take them down and claim the top spot. Hell, if we get to 1st place, we can live the good life and never do this shit again!!” 

“But what about me?” Accel said, “I’ve been here for less than 2-3 months and I haven’t trained all that much like y’all do. I don’t know if I can keep up with this.” 

“I think you’ve mastered all you can with your skill, Accel.” Sleepy said, “Like we said, we shouldn’t overwork yourself into falling apart. Now, I think all of us should rest up for tomorrow. We got a big day ahead of us.”
“OK then.” Accel went up to sleep while everyone else is getting ready to go. 

“Hey, Sleepy, we’ll catch you later, OK?” Deanna said, “And sweetie…. I know you and the crew can get through this. You got us all on your side from me, Darling, Nala and Mazi, Selene, and of course, Fiorella.”
“Thanks, Deanna.” he said.
“Don’t let this stress you out too much tonight.” she said, “You still got a lot of love from all of us, whether you win or lose and we’ll be there either way.”
“I know you still feel guilt for what happened to that guy.” Darling said, “Granted he was an asshole but I know you wasn’t thinking of killing him.”
“They’ll be checking guns to make sure they aren’t full of fatal bullets.” Sleepy said, “I know they are going extra harsh on me and my team… especially that motherfucker Rahdell.”
“The hell with Rahdell….” Darling said, “Just do us all a favor and kick that fool’s ass.”
“Oh, I’m definitely doing that.” Sleepy said.
“You mean…. we are definitely doing that.” Dwele said, behind him. “Don’t forget about the homies, man. You know we got your back.”
“Most def, man.” Adion said, “Tomorrow is going to be on, son! I’m gonna break the shit out of those motherfuckers!!” He then punched a buglight. 

“And now mosquitoes are going to be rapid tonight.” Dwele said.
“We should get going.” Deanna said, and hugged everyone goodbye and Darling doing the same.
“Peace, y’all.” Darling said. 


Sleepy is heading to bed as he sees Fiorella sleeping peacefully, shining in the moonlight and he sits on the foot of the bed.
“Well, Sleepy,” As he was talking to himself, “It’s do or die time tomorrow, man. You’re doing it not just for yourself….. but for the people you love.” He then lays back into bed without trying to disturb Fiorella but she in her sleep cozied up to him. 


Episode 6 – DOWNTIME B.G. 


© 2019 Ctrl/Alt/Del Productions / Katana+ 

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