WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 126: Episode 137 – BAND of Outsiders

Back to the grind and hey, it’s another solo Baby Bears episode. I tend to like them the most, especially since Baby Ice Bear is the main focus in it.

Now the last solo Baby Ice Bear episode, Yuri and The Bear, is one of the best episodes of the show overall and I always look forward for more about the origins of each individual bear and Ice Bear has always been the most interesting of the bunch.

And now, we’ll see about what comes next after that episode……



A gang of streetwise kids take Baby Ice Bear under their wing.


Time has past since Ice Bear has drifted away from Yuri and left him alone with his axe. He is now drifted into a town, probably somewhere in the U.K. and in the 90s…. but that’s probably been established a long time ago. Ice Bear sees a bakery and wonders if the owner would be so kind to let him i….Nah, this isn’t last time. That baker chased him the fuck out!!

Then he happens to run into some UK youth delinquents trying to break in somewhere. Thus comes Ice Bear and his axe. The kids’ names are Axeman, Ashley & Jo and the trio now quartet hang out doing a whole bunch of delinquent shit while a 90s grunge-esque soundtrack plays. Ice Bear were getting along with them and then they run into the bakery. They were planning to break into his place for all the shit he did to Ice Bear and….. well, just to steal shit.

They do break into the place and Ice Bear was about to swing at shit but he stopped…..mainly thinking of Yuri’s words. Basically the two wrongs don’t make a right speech, at least that’s what I summarize from that. Ice Bear stopped but the gang wasn’t having it. They got to his axe and it looks like they were going to do the business….but then the police came. They look like they were about to come in and those kids were scared as hell, especially Axeman.

However, Ice Bear did get them out before they could even get in.

The kids and Ice Bear were cool and they went their separate ways.



FINAL VERDICT: I’ll say this…. it’s good that we didn’t get a repeat of Yuri and the Bear because if the baker would’ve took him in, it would be sequelitis. While the delinquent kids were….. well they are what they are and I understand that, they never stood out as characters I’d instantly care about and most of the time, most flashback characters that I might never see again I often like…. the kids are just meh. The episode isn’t terrible but it still have some golden moments, mainly the Yuri flashbacks and all but yeah, this one is a decent episode, maybe not something I place high in favorite episodes but it’s OK.


I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and yeah, there is no pics of this again or special preview of this and yes, even last week’s episode isn’t on the CN app/video page.

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