TRAP GAME: The Dangerous World / Episode 5 – ALWAYS Strive and PROSPER from the Trap Lord, FERG

WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of violence, graphic language, and sexual content. This is meant only for MATURE AUDIENCES. Reader Discretion is advised.

“…. What?” Accel said, “You and….”
“Yes.” Katrina said, “Me and Erol Ferg used to be lovers and he used to be part of our team a few years back.”
Accel had to sit down for this.
“About 6 years back, Ferg was wandering around the city like you were, except he didn’t get stuck in violent weasel land. We took him in, he volunteered to help in the games and it was our first year in there….and we admit that we were ill-prepared back then but luck was on our side.”

“Y’all made enough to last you a year?” Accel said.
“Yep.” Katrina said, “Ferg was a multi. A Runner and an archer. He can outrun his opponents and managed to strike them down, right down to the last minute. We had a couple of close calls.”

“People were declaring him a rising star.” Nala said, “Said to be a star player in the long run.”
“And helped boost morale for Sleepy and the others.” Mazi said, “But….”


“But what?” Accel asked.
Katrina sighed and tells him the unfortunate truth. “Ferg was supplying us with some weapons, like the guns, arrows, bombs, for our run and the thing is…. Ferg gave Sleepy control of how we get the weapons. Problem is….. those were ranked highly illegal in the Trap Games.”

“Illegal?” Accel said.
Maziline went on and said, “It is due to one participant suffering deep wounds from its ammunition. It didn’t kill those but just cause severe injuries and sort of a cheat code to them.”


“Yo, you got the weapons, man?” Sleepy said.
“Got them good and clean, mane!” the dealer said, “Your boy Ferg always got damn good taste!!”
“Yes….yes, he does.” Sleepy said, as he hands him the money.

Then some sirens went off and three police men showed with guns loaded, “POLICE! FREEZE!!”
“What the fuck!?” Sleepy said.
“You set me up!!?” the dealer shouted.
“BITCH, YOU SET ME U– Wait a minute.” he said, “What I’m doing isn’t illegal. These are guns for the Trap Games!! Come on, man, tell them!”

“What? This guy?” The officer said, “Kimble is an special arms dealer whose weapons are 1/16 piercer lead.”
“Piercer lead?” Sleepy said.
“The substance that oftens act like a blank bullet but within minutes, it activates the effects of an actual bullet and that shit can hurt like hell!”

“WHAT!?” Sleepy said.
“We suspect that a couple of days ago when you shot that guy in the leg during that last game.” he said, “He has been limping since then. Damn near cripple him.”

“I didn’t know these weapons were like that!!” Sleepy said.
“A likely story!!”
“No, it’s true!! I didn’t know!”

However, the dealer tried to run but he got shot by the officers and bleeding from his leg. Sleepy, on the other hand, ran for his life and ducking shots coming to him.

Sleepy got to a motorbike and speed away from there.
“SHIT!! How I got into this mess!! And illegal guns, too!?”
He sees Ferg coming up.
“FERG!!” He hops off the bike and ran to him.

“What the? Sleepy, what happened?” Ferg said.
“Listen, man!” Sleepy said, “That dealer you knew…. he’s an illegal arms dealer!! He’s been giving us shit that fucks up people!!”
“WHAT!?” Ferg shouted.
“The police are on their way!” Sleepy said, “We got to explain that we knew nothing of this!” The police are coming up close and Sleepy was panicking a bit but then Ferg used a stun gun and look like he was about to stun the policemen.
“Ferg, what the hell you doing? Don’t think about doing that sh–” But it’s Sleepy that ends up being stunned.


“Sir, sir, are you alright!?” the officer said, “Is this man bothering you?”
“Dude, it’s Erol Ferg!”
“Mr. Ferg, are you ok, sir?”
“Officer, I got it under control.” Ferg said, “He was just going crazy!”
“You know he’s been getting those weapons from illegal dealers, right?”


“What? Sleepy here?” Ferg said as he acted unaware of what’s really going on.
“I’m sorry, sir…. it seems like you have been lied and tricked to by this man here.”

Sleepy was going in and out of consciousness as Ferg basically sold him out and he got dragged into the police car.
“You want me to inform the rest of your team on this?”
“Yes, please.” Ferg said, “They should be well-informed of this.”


“Wait…. Ferg framed him?” Accel asked them.
“Yup.” Nala said.
“And he thought he was going to make the rest of the crew turn us against him.” Mazi said.
“You see…” Katrina said, “Nala and Mazi caught what was going on…. unseen by Ferg.”

“We got to the rest before Ferg got to them.” Mazi said, “Good thing, too.”


“MOTHERFUCKER!! He did this!?” Adion said, “I’m killing that little bitch!! I knew we should’ve shot his ass the first time we met!!”
Adion, Dwele, Selene and Fiorella were the first to hear about this.
“Did he really do this shit?” Dwele said.
“No way…..” Selene said, “How in the hell…”

“Wait… so he’s been getting these weapons that can damage a person for more than anticipated?” Fiorella said, “And Sleepy didn’t know?”
“We spotted him and he genuinely felt like he didn’t know what was going on.” Nala said.
“I believed him.” Maziline said, “He was running like he was scared.”

Katrina just came in after a practice session.
“Guys… what’s going on?”
Nala shows her the phone and footage of Ferg making deals with that dealer and how he tricked Sleepy into getting arrested.
“What the? Sleepy? He’s arrested?” Katrina said.
“That’s not all.” Maziline said, “Your boy Ferg was the reason he was arrested.”
“We’ve been tailing him for months now and he has been doing some strange activities.” Nala said, “But when we were about to get the weapons for the game, Sleepy volunteered to get them for him. He didn’t know what was coming.”

“Ferg did this?” Katrina said, “Are you for real!?”
“As real as it gets!!” Mazi said.


Ferg then came running to the house, all drenched because of the rain and he was about to explain his version of everything to them.
“GUYS! GUYS!!! Sleepy got arrested!! Those weapons we got are highly illegal!!”

But then they show him the footage that Nala got.
It was him buying a bunch of guns, weapons, bombs and arrows from the same dealer.

“We got you, fucker.” Nala said.
“Where did you get that?” Ferg said.
“Don’t worry about that.” Adion said, grabbing him and slamming him to the ground, “WORRY ABOUT ME KILLING YOU AFTER YOU PLAYED MY HOMIE, BITCH!!! YOU FUCKING SELLOUT!!”
Adion is choking Ferg and has a good grip on his neck.

“Adion, let go of him!” Katrina said, “ADION!!”
“NOT A FUCKING CHANCE!!!” Adion said, “I want to choke the life out of this fuck boy!”

“Adion…. let him go.” Fiorella said.

He eventually does and drops Ferg to the ground.
“We know everything…..” Nala said, “The weapons, the dealers, all that bullshit.”

“Sleepy’s been arrested because of you!!” Fiorella said, “You got them dirty-ass guns from who knows where!”
“Why the hell you do this to us? TO HIM?” Selene said.
“Why you aren’t defending yourself right now?” Dwele questioned him.
“Because the bitch knows he’s guilty!!” Adion said.


“Ferg……” Katrina said in a heartbroken voice, “Please tell me that you saw someone else do this….”
Ferg said nothing.
“Come on, Ferg, please….”

“Katrina…. the boy’s playing us. He’s played you.” Adion said, “We should kick your ass up and down here right now.”
Then the police and the TRAP GAME officials stormed the place.

“Team Speed……hereby the officials of the TRAP GAME HQ and the Federal Police, your team is now eliminated from the remainder of the games and disqualified for a year!!”
“WHAT!?” Adion and Dwele said.
Then somebody all dressed in white, with a huge bed of hair and a flowing robe, it was the Mirai.

“Members of Team Speed…. it seems that your team leader has thought of some shady ways to try and win the Trap Games.” she said, “However, he is now serving a term in jail for 6 months.”
“6 MONTHS?!” Fiorella and Selene said.
“6 Months.” The Mirai said, “That’s the penalty of betraying what the games are for.”

“Mirai!!” One of her assistants said, “We have an update on our patient who’s been shot by that bullet and…… around 6:09 pm, he has passed.”
The Mirai’s expression to them was not an pleased one. In fact, she looked stern and disapproving.

“I stand by my punishment….. but now he gets a full year.” As she made her statement, “Now…. since one of your teammates actually helped uncover his leader’s malicious deeds, he’s only getting a reduced sentence and all of you are banned for a year!!”

The team glared at Ferg with furious intent as the Mirai and crew are leaving the premises.

“You…….” Adion pulled a knife on him, “Get your dumb ass out of sight. As far as I’m concerned, you’re no longer a teammate nor a friend.”
“But I–“
“GET YO STUPID ASS OUT!!!” Adion screamed.
Dwele then added, “Do what he says. Believe me, if it wasn’t for Sleepy, we would fuck you up right here, right now.”

“But I….I….” He kept trying for explain to everyone but they left the room before he could even speak. However, he spotted Katrina going outside but Ferg is catching up to her.
“Katrina!!” He kept shouting her name but she keeps running away from him. He keeps on running and he’s caught up to her, but she’s seen with tears streaming down her face.
“Katrina, look, I know it looks bad now but I swear…..”

“Swear what?” she said, “You didn’t get Sleepy in trouble? You didn’t get our weapons from an illegal dealer? You didn’t get us banned for a year? And worst of all, you didn’t just lie to me this whole time, especially after….we….” She turned back on him.

“Go…..get out…..” she sadly said, “I never want to see you ever again.” She coldly said and then he walks away as it starts raining. She still had tears streaming down her face and sniffling and trying not to cry out there.


“Oh shit….” Accel said.
“Yeah.” Nala said, “After all that, everyone pretty much hated Team Speed for the incidental death of a player.”
“Who was the player?” he asked.
She hands him a pic of the guy. A young man with dreads and holding a fake pistol.
“Name was Kristol Rifts.” Mazi said, “A rising team player for Team Aristo.”

Team Aristo was one of the upcoming teams that Team Speed was competing with in the Trap Games. Rifts was a shooter that was a great highlight for the games.

“YEAH, MOTHERFUCKER!!!” Rifts shouted in the shooting rounds. “I’m the number 1 Gunner!!”

He was definitely a showboater. He loved to brag about his skills and reign as a gun champion.

But one day as Rifts was changing into his uniform, he ran into Sleepy, Adion and Dwele.
“Well, well, well….. Team Speed.”

“Yeah, that’s us.” Dwele said.
“I know…” Rifts said, “I just couldn’t imagine that my competition is three shoddy looking fucks and y’all getting more coverage than me!?”
“Maybe we’re that damn good?” Sleepy said, “You thought of that?”
“I’ve seen your shooting footage.” Rifts said, “I admit… you’re good but can you go against the motherfucking TOP DOG!? The one gunna that got the most stunna!?”

“The fuck did he just said?” Adion said.
“You know tomorrow is going to be on!” Rifts said, “I’m going to enjoy winning it.”
“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” Dwele said, “That attitude isn’t going to help. I’ve seen you play and while you’re good, you’re getting sloppy.”
“HA!” Rifts said, “We’ll see…. we’ll see.”



Rifts was sniping down enemies back and forth during the final round of the Shooting Range. He reloaded and got his last few clip as he looks into his scope and he sees Team Speed shooters coming towards them.

“About time you fuckers got here!” Rifts shouted and he quickly got on the trigger and started unloading on them. They were ducking bullets left and right and past their hands, with which one of them hiding in a lot of bushes.
“Oh, fuck!” Adion said.
“COME ON OUT, YOU PUSSIES!!” Rifts said, as he continues shooting at them.

“Shit….. ” Dwele said, “You got a back-up plan, Sleepy?”

Sleepy sees an hidden entry to the building.
“Look, I’ll get inside.” he said, “You two distract him by shooting.”
“Gotcha.” Both of them said.

They proceed to shoot up Rifts’ location.
“Oh, you wanna fight, huh?” he said, “EAT THIS!!” Rifts was blasting a bunch of holes in trees and coconuts kept falling, hitting on Adion’s head.
“Gotcha!!” Rifts shouted.
“You idiot…” Dwele face-palmed at that moment.

Sleepy sneaked in at the last moment where he is right behind Rifts as he got a few more hits at Adion and Dwele.
“I can taste first place right about now!!!” Rifts laughed manically, “WHO GON STOP ME!?”

Sleepy crept up behind him and just shot him in the leg.
“AAAAHHH!!!!” Rifts screamed and shouted in pain. Sleepy shot him again, but in the kneecap.
“OWWWWW!! YOU SAVAGE NIGGA!!!” (By the way, Rifts is not black)
Then Sleepy smacked him with a pistol.
“You out….. nigga.” Sleepy said, leaving the place.

“FUCKKKK YOUUU!!!” Rifts was pulling out a gun to shoot at him. However, Sleepy threw a bomb at him.
The place exploded with fire rising from the windows.


“Whoa…..” Accel said.
“Whoa indeed.” Nala said.

Katrina was staring at the skies, at those memories crept back into her head of her and Ferg together.


ANOTHER FLASHBACK (I’m sorry but you’re getting a lot of these – last one this chapter, I swear)

Ferg is practicing his shooting technique downstairs.
“AAHH!” He felt some pain in his hand from the grip of the pistol. “Damn it. That hurts.”

Katrina’s coming downstairs to see what he’s up to.
“Hey….. still going at it?”
“Yup.” he said, “It hurts like hell.”

She sees his hand, shaking from the grip and looking red.
“Ow…. is your hand OK?” she said, “You’re going to need something to soothe that pain.”

“Nah, I think I can handle i—” That’s what Ferg thought before the pain seeps in at that moment. “OWW!!!!!! OK. You got that thing with you?”

She has this special healing ointment that she made. Katrina then helped rubbed his hand softly.
“There. The pain should be gone or at least doesn’t hurt as much.”
“Thanks.” Ferg said, “It’s very appreciated, Kat.”
“Well, you’re welcome, Ferg.” She said with a good smile on her face.


It was one of the first games for Ferg to participate.

“GET IT, FUCKER!!!” One runner of a team charged directly at him with a razor knife. He ducked and sped on from them.
“You can’t run from me!!” he shouted.
Ferg sped up faster into the lead while ducking gun shots from any of the teams.
One got his sights close on him.
“You’re mine, boy!!”

An arrow was launched and it got one of the teammates’ eye. The person shooting the arrow was Katrina.

“FERG!!!” she shouted.
She jumped on the back with him and entered as his co-pilot.

“We got this!!” She shouted. She got behind him with combining her arrow and his bullets. She shoots it at the incoming rival and the impact created a shrapnel breaking effects that stabs you like her arrows.

“MY FACE!!!” One competitor said, losing control and crashing at one of the walls.

“That’s one guy down!” Katrina said.
But then someone in front of them got themselves a big fucking gun.
“Uh…. Kat….” Ferg said as they both turn around and sees a big man with a big minigun on him.

“AAAHH!!!” Katrina made Ferg pulled over and went to the side as they started blasting away.

The rest of the contestants got the end of the stick with being shot down, stumbling from the gun shot sounds and just calling it quits.
They hid behind the walls.
But….. one clean shot made them visible to him.

They kept running and shooting at them for miles. They were getting very close to the finish line but then…
“OW!!!” Ferg got shot in the leg.
“Oh no!” Katrina said.
She pulls over and gets her last arrow with Ferg drifting, Katrina fires off her last arrow and the way she shoots it, it was going for the guy’s face… but it misses.

She shakes her head and pointed at the minigun.
They looked back and it was jammed…. and then it exploded.

“OH DAMN!!!” Ferg said.
“WOOOOOO!!!!” Katrina shouted as they were heading their way into first place. “WE DID IT!! WE WON!! WE WON!!!!”
She jumped out and gladly cheered with Ferg in celebration of their winning.
“I can’t believe we did it!” Ferg said. Katrina then hugged him tight, like tighter than usual.

Both felt an awkward but flattering feeling around each other.

“Nice work out there, Ferg.” Katrina said, blushing.
“You, too, Kat.” Ferg said, smiling and blushing back.

It was around the time at the 2nd games and Team Speed was celebrating their first victory, winning 1st place at the Shooting Games.
“A TOAST!!!” Sleepy said, “To our first victory in these Trap Games!! We have trained good and hard the past few months and while it’s the first rounds of this….. it paid off.”

“CHEERS!!” Adion and Dwele yelled as they drink their celebratory beer.

“But also…..” As Sleepy points towards Ferg and Katrina, “You two….. y’all have kicked some ass out there today. I’ve never been prouder of you until now. You wanna make a speech?”

Fiorella and Selene was shouting “SPEECH!!” as encouragement for them but Katrina was the one to get up.

“OK, Sleep.” she said giggling. “First, thank and fuck you for making me come up here.”
Everybody got to laughing.
“But for real, I know we got a lot to go from here but right now….. we had a close call.” she said, “There’s a lot of you to thank and praise, like Sleepy for his leadership, Nala, Mazi, Fiorella and Selene for inspiring me to keep on training and advice and just being the coolest women to be around with.”

“Awww….” the girls said with much affection.

“Adion and Dwele for the partnership and strategy to keep me on my toes….. even though Adion still drinks Minute Maid of the carton.”
“You’d do that shit, too!!” Adion said, “Minute Maid is delicious!”

“And finally, Ferg.” she said, “You have been a wonderful partner to me and even a better friend. You showed a lot of courage and determination out there, even if you took some shots for us. I’ll promise to repay you the favor on that.”


The sounds of a bed spring and movement were present as Ferg and Katrina were having sex one night and it was getting hot and heavy for them.
“Ferg….” Katrina was moaning his name while he was kissing and nibbling down her neck. He was even rubbing her tail.
“Oh yes…. yes, baby.”
She unclasped her bra and threw it on the floor.
He took off his boxers and the two quickly continued sex.

“Ferg….” She kept saying in between pants of love making.
“Katrina…” he said.

“I….. Love…. You…….”


Back in the present, Katrina was still staring in the night skies, reflecting on her past.

“Kat!” Nala said, “You ready to go?”
“Oh, yeah! COMING!” As she focuses back up and went on with the gang to do travel some more.


They were driving their way into one last stop of the night and that’s getting something to eat.
“Yo, guys, you want something to snack out before we get home?” Nala asked, “I’m buying.”
“Yeah, sure.” Accel said.
“OK.” Katrina said.
“All I heard is you buying and I’m good with that.” Mazi said.

They stopped at this place called Nivea with a drive-thru still open.
“Cool, they’re still open.” Nala said.
She pulls up to the drive-thru.

“Hey, anything you want from here?” she said, “They have some good chicken sandwiches although their burgers could use some improving.”
“Get me the mozzy sticks!” Mazi said.
“’Mazi’ sticks?” Accel questioned.
“Get it?” Katrina said, “Her name’s Mazi and that and Mozzy sounded alike…. HA!”

“OK…. I’ll get the Philly Cheesesteak.” Accel said.
“The Sweet and Sour Chicken Bao.” Katrina said.
“And I’ll have the Supreme Grilled Chicken.” Nala finished ordering the food.


They were pulling into the drive-thru to get their food but they see some familiar faces.
“Oh fuck!!!” Katrina said, “That’s Team Mono! I don’t want to see their faces tonight!”
“Team Mono?” Accel wondered.
“I guess he doesn’t know about them.” Nala said, “Accel, they are another team competing in the games and they are the all-women team.”

“They are known to be very cutthroat and raw when it comes to them.” Mazi said.
“Not only they can beat their opponents but humiliate the shit out of them!” Nala said, “In simple terms, if you have a deep, dark secret…. they will expose you like your name is Aubrey.”
Then Nishi shows up in front of their car.
“AAAHH!” Katrina screamed. “Dammit, Nala, you should’ve run her over!”

“Like this bitch would do shit to me!” Nishi shouted.
“I still got a chance to.” Nala said, revving the engine.
Then her whole crew shows up surrounding the car.
“NO….. you don’t.” Nishi said, “Kimi…. lock and load on them!”
The one holding a shotgun to the car is Kimi.
“I advise you not to move.” she said.


Then two other girls were on the passenger side, scoping Accel.
“Hey, cutie….” One of them said, “I think you should get out of the car now. I don’t want to mess up that adorable face.”
“Ditto.”  The other girl said, “Now please… get out of the car.”

All of them got out of the car with weapons aimed at them.
“OK, this isn’t funny.” Katrina said, “Why are you doing this to US!?”
“What?” Nishi said, “I can’t scope out your new partner? Well….. I see why Kurumi and Masaki took a liking of you.”
He turns to the girls beside him smiling with weapons in their hands.

“Yeah, those girls.” Nishi said, “Originally, we was going to crash into you but that one seems too messy.”
“That and we’ll get fucked up, too.” Another voice came from the rear and it was another member. “Yo, I’m Jiri. I’m Nishi’s cousin.”
“And of course, there’s Kimi!” Nishi said.
She cocked her shotgun.

“Is she planning on shooting us?” Nala said.
“Maybe.” Kimi said.
“Why?” Mazi said.
“Because of what?” Accel shouted.
“BECAUSE I GOT A FUCKING SHOTGUN, BITCH! THAT’S WHY!” Kimi yelled, “You punk ass!”


“OK, I had enough.” Katrina said, “I get looking after me and Accel but why them?”
“Because anyone on your side is fair game.” Nishi said, “Even those other two women in that place, that stripper and cook….”
“Ah, so you’re that bitch. The kind that drags their family and friends for no reason other than just to drag people down!”

Nishi then added to her remark, “Sweetie…. all of you are in it since your team took down Rifts in the worst way possible. Most people want to see you in hell!”
“We’ve been in hell the past few years!!” Katrina said.
“NOT ENOUGH!” Nishi said, “Everyone you know and love got to feel our wrath!”

Nala then put a gun to her head.
“You sure you want to mess with me, dumbass?”

Nishi didn’t seem fazed and so she slapped Nala.
“NALA!” Mazi, Katrina and Accel shouted.
“Lucky shot, bitch.” Nala said.


“Luck nothing, that’s all skill, hard work and dedication.” Nishi said, “And come the time of the games, you’ll be learning that once I kick your asses.”
“We should probably go now.” Jiri said, “We don’t want to attract attention.”
“Well, I’ll see you bitches at the arena!” As they walked away from them and eventually drove off.

“Bye-bye, Cute boy Accel!” Kurumi and Masaki shouted, “We’ll be waiting for you.”
Kimi just made that scowl and mean smirk at them and left.


“Well….. at least I find them more of a threat than Rahdell and his crew.” Nala added, “That bitch can hit, tho.”

“Aegis!” Kat said, “Can you scan any injuries on Nala and call Sleepy and Fiorella to make sure that we’re safe and we’re staying at Nala and Mazi for the night?”
“I’ll alert them right away.” Aegis-M said.




Next Episode – DOWNTIME B.G.

(C) 2019 Ctrl/Alt/Del Productions / Katana+


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