TIME of the SEASON Spring 2019 Edition: ATTACK on TITAN Season 3, Part 2

Y’all just had to premiere this in the same week where Avengers: Endgame is a thing. Oh, and there’s Game of Thrones as well….Mortal Kombat 11 but I forgot how long that’s been out. Then again, one’s a blockbuster movie, the other is a fantasy TV show on Premium cable, then a videogame from a long-running series and this is one of the popular current anime….although that has gotten down a bit but since My Hero is in Fall…….yeah, this is Attack on Titan….

Season 3…..

Part 2.

Chief Director: Tetsuro Araki

Director: Masashi Koizuka

Series Composition: Yasuko Kobayashi

Music: Hiroyuki Sawano

Original creator: Hajime Isayama

Character Design: Kyoji Asano

Art Director: Shunichiro Yoshihara

Chief Animation Director:

Kyoji Asano

Satoshi Kadowaki

Director of Photography: Kazuhiro Yamada


Animation Production: Wit Studio


Internet Streaming:

AnimeLab (Australia and New Zealand)


FUNimation Entertainment

Wakanim.tv (Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Finland)

Licensed by: FUNimation Entertainment (US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand)


Plot Summary: The battle to retake Wall Maria begins now! With Eren’s new hardening ability, the Scouts are confident they can seal the wall and take back Shiganshina District. If they succeed, Eren can finally unlock the secrets of the basement—and the world. But danger lies in wait as Reiner, Bertholdt, and the Beast Titan have plans of their own. Could this be humanity’s final battle for survival?

First Impressions (again): OK, at this point, I have been slowing down on catching up with anything AoT related (at least anime related – Hell, I’m way behind on the dub and I need to catch up on that before the 2nd half premiere) and I……well, I don’t got much new to say. I know this is very focused on what Reiner, Bertholdt and the incoming Beast Titans and just what in the hell is in that damn basement!!! Oh and I’ll add this….. the opening theme to this is so much better than that last one….mostly in terms of how it sounds and that I wasn’t bored by it.

Yeah, this is short and all but I really don’t have much to say. I’ll definitely CONTINUE WEEKLY with this.


Now it’s the end of the new shit coming out and yet this motherfucker had to get its own date but yeah, May is coming up and hopefully content is to come on this site soon.


I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and I need to get on that Part 1 dub soon.

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