TRAP GAME: The Dangerous World / EPISODE 4: – MILEAGE

WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of violence, graphic language, and sexual content. This is meant only for MATURE AUDIENCES. Reader Discretion is advised.


It’s been about 3 weeks into training for the Trap Games and the squad is getting worn out from the activity.
“Ow……” Dwele said, “I can’t feel my toes.”
“Me neither.” Adion said, “Help…..”
Selene walked by and used a toy bat to smack Adion’s toes.

“OWW!!” Adion said, “Selene, why the hell you do that?”
“Well, you said you couldn’t feel your toes!”
“So did Dwele!” Adion said, “Hit his foot.”
“Please…. I need to feel pain so I’ll know my foot’s awake.”
Selene did actually that.
“OW!!!!!!!…… OK, thank you, Selene.” Dwele said, falling asleep.
“And Dwele liked it when I did it.” Selene said, “He feels better now.”
“Well…. my feet are still in pain but It’s nice knowing I still got use of my leg.”


“OH GOD, IT’S TOO DAMN HOT!!!” As Fiorella shouted coming from outside. “It feels like a damn oven out there!! Be lucky you’re not doing your training out there!! I heard one guy passed out from the heat the other day!!”
“Yep…..” Selene said, “That’s why my ass is staying inside with the AC on and this lemonade you made last night. It’s quite refreshing.”
“GIMME THAT SHIT!!” Adion shouted, snatching it from her.
“HEY!!” Selene shouted.
“Hey nothing!! We’ve been working our asses off for weeks now! I need a drink that’s not water!!” Adion said.


Sleepy then came in, looking tired and sweaty.
“Uhh……ugh……help me.” Sleepy said, “Need strength…. need power…..”
“You need a break.” Fiorella said, “Look at yourself, you might keel over.”
“The missus is right, Mr. Sleepy.” Aegis-F said, “You need to cool down especially around this type of heat recently.”

“But….. but….. I got to practicing my gun hand sw–”
“But nothing!” Fiorella said, “You look like you’re about to keel over!!!”

Selene then noticed someone not here at the moment. “Hey, where did Shori and Kat go?”

Then comes to the two crawling (or just Accel with Katrina in cat form holding on to him) as they were training too hard.
“Kat, get off me!” Accel said.
“No…..” Katrina said, “You carry me…. I’m a delicate cat now. Meow.”

Fiorella then helped them up and got them down on the couch.
“OK, I know you have been training hard for the past 3 weeks….” Fiorella said, “You’re working real hard and I’m proud of all of you for that…. but you’re working yourselves into exhaustion! That might be a problem when the actual day comes!! As for the next few days, you’re taking a break from training!!”

“I agree with the lady of the house!” Adion said.
“Ditto!” Dwele said, “Come on, Sleep, we’ve been working like hell. We do deserve a treat.”

“OK, OK, I see the point.” Sleepy said.
“Good…” Fiorella said, “Now lay your head right next to mine and just relax. Katrina, you can get off Accel now. I think you might make his back bleed.”
“OK..AY!!” As she let go of his back and turn back into her human form.
“Thank you.” Accel said, “OW!”


Then Fiorella said to everyone, “You know, 3 weeks have passed since we met Accel and ever since it’s been just train and train and train for the games. I felt like we never got to welcome him as a part of the family.”
“We haven’t?” Adion asked.
“Well…. I know he told us about himself a while back but after that…. it’s just train and train and…. We never had any down time with each other.” Fiorella said, “Spend time doing something that’s not Trap Games-related.”

“Well….Me and Dwele can show Accel around the town to get him well adjusted here.” Adion said, “I mean, we got something to go tonight anyway.”
“We do?” Dwele said.
“YEAH, WE DO!” Adion said, “That thing we always do on….*checks phone*…. Wednesdays?”
“Yeah…. sure, whatever.” Dwele said.

“Why I got a feeling you might take him to a strip club or something?” Selene said.
“Why, Selene, why would you think of us that way?” Adion said, “We just want to show the young lad a few things around here. I mean, it’s still in town and me and Dwele got some shit to deal w–”



“It’s a damn strip club!” Selene said as she, Adion, Dwele and Accel are at the “Chicken Strip”, the local strip club in the city.
“OK, it is!!” Adion said, “But damn, me and Dwele need to see some ass after today…. and why are you here anyway?”
“I have to pick up my friend Darling here.” Selene said.
“Darling?” Adion said, “The girl with the big ass and the pink hair?”
“No…..the one that dresses like a stripper cowboy.” she said, “You’re thinking of Deanna.”

“So, what am I to do?” Accel said.

Adion chuckled and put his arm around him, “Accel, my man….” He gave him about $50 in singles.
“You know how a strip club works, right?” Adion mentioned to him.
“Yes…..  I got the knowledge of that.” Accel said.
“Then I hope you know not to be cheap there.” Selene said, “And speaking as a former stripper, you don’t want to cheap out the stripper or promise her nothing.”

Then Deanna shows up.
“Adion!! Dwele!!” she shouted.
“Deanna!! Baby girl!!” Adion said, “How’s your fine ass doing this time tonight?”
First thing she does is slap Adion.
“That’s how she usually says hi to him.” Dwele tells Accel.
“Adi… you still owe me about $40 for borrowing my car to take your drunk buddy home.” she said, “That was 2 weeks ago and I hope you got that for me.”
Dwele and Selene remembered that he gave that money to Accel.
“Fool….” But then Selene got the money back from him.
“HEY!!” Adion moaned.
“Don’t be giving money you owe people away to random guys. No offense, Shori.” Selene said, “Here you go, Deanna.”
“Why, thank you kindly, Selene.” Deanna said, “OOH. And I see you got a new friend with y’all. Got a name, sweetie?”
“Um, it’s Shori.” he said, “But now I guess I go by Accel.”
“Oh… Accel.” she said, “Nice name. First time you been in a place like this?”

“It’s the kid’s first time.” Dwele said, “He’s a new arrival and we’re showing him around.”

“Maybe you can keep him company, Deanna.” Adion said, “And show him some moves of your own.”
“But I don’t have any money on me.” Accel said, “And I don’t want to upset her here.”
Dwele then gives him $60 in singles.
“Here you go.” Dwele said, “Never said I never do you favors.”


“And Dwele with the grip.” Selene said.
“Where was that when I needed it!?” Adion said.

“Come on, come on…” Dwele said, “We got someone to see. Deanna, treat him well. Accel, don’t act a fool in here.”
“How are you doing tonight, sugar?” Deanna said.
“A bit…. nervous.” Accel said, “I’ll admit.”
“I understand.” she said, “You being in a new city and all. Wondering about what you gonna do here for survival and all. I get you, man.”
“Thank you.” Accel said.
“You’re welcome, Shori.” she said.


“SELENE! SELENE!!” As one of her friends Darling was shouting as they got closer to her.
“Darling?” Selene said.
“Selene, something’s gone terrible!” Darling said, “My stripping partner is sick!! He got a hold of that shrimp today!”
“Shrimp?” Dwele said, as he was about to eat it. “EWW!!”
“The shrimp went bad in the fridge.” Darling said, “I told him not to eat it!! We’re screwed and I’m up next for my act!! I need someone to fill in for him!!”

“Well, I barely know your act so I can’t do it.” Dwele said. Then he stares directly at Adion, “But I know who can?”
“The fuck you looking at me for?” Adion said.
Dwele and especially Selene got a sneaky look to themselves.
“You motherfuc–”



“Ladies and gentlemen, coming to the stage performing her show and giving it her all along with a special friend…. here’s DARLING!!!!!”
She comes up to the stage all in her signature cowgirl outfit with boots and all. She walks on the stage and unbuttons her shirt with the gentleman hooting and hollering for her to take it off.
However, there was an extra surprise.
“Now, I know we are not leaving the ladies out in the cold!” She then showed Adion all in a speedo, cowboy boots and suspenders.
Then all the ladies were screaming their asses off.
“Oh hell….” Adion silently said.
“Well….dance, motherfucker.” Dwele whispered.
“TAKE IT OFF!!” Selene said.
“Fuck you, Selene!” he shouted.
“DANCE, COWBOY!!” One female caller said as the amount of hooting and hollering calls for both of them to take it off.

“Come on, my cowboy… follow my lead….” Darling said, as she caresses his body with oil and rubbing his abs.
“Don’t worry, you can do me next but don’t get too handsy there.” she said.
“All right.” Adion said.
“And see? You got some enjoyment in this.” Darling said.

“I think he might be enjoying this.” Dwele said.
“Well, he had to have one thing to enjoy there.” Selene said.
“I wonder what’s going on with Accel and Deanna.”


Back at the other room, Deanna was doing a private strip show for Accel and he was very entranced with her down to her bra and panties.
“I see you’re enjoying yourself down there.” As she pointed out.
He sees his “soldier” standing at attention.
“Oh, don’t be shy, sweetie.” she said, “This is a safe place. As long as you follow the rules, you’re going to be fine.”

“Oh, OK.” Accel said, “…. You have pretty hair.”
“Oh, aren’t you sweet?” Deanna said, rustling his hair.

“You want to see more of me?”, As she’s unhooking her bra and throws it on the ground, having her breasts exposed.
“Wow…..” Accel said.
“Remember that you can’t touch…” Deanna said, “But I get why you would want to…”
He had a pleasing smile on his face.
“Oooh, I made you happy.” Deanna said, “I always got that charm with people.”

“Well, after all that training for those games, this feels needed.” Accel said.
“Oh yeah,” Deanna said, “Since you stay with Selene and the guys, you must be training with those guys and Sleepy. I wish those guys luck. They really need to win those especially after the few last years.”

“Huh, last year?” Accel questioned.
“Yeah…. those guys did not have a good time last year.” Deanna said, “They managed to get by with some winnings but they were close to being eliminated from them altogether. Most teams that are dead last are locked and gone from them forever and it’s worse for them since the whole thing with Sleepy and other teammate–”
“Had a falling out?” Accel continued.
“They told you this before?” Deanna said.
“Yup.” Accel said, “We’ve been training hard for the past 3 weeks and he did…. well, he hinted that someone in his camp fucked him over but never told me whom.”

“Yeah….” Deanna said, “He was really heartbroken on that…. and poor Katrina.”
Accel got confused at that mention.
“Oh yeah… She was definitely devastated by that betrayal.” Deanna said, “The two of them got really close together and by the time of the finale and the betrayal, she cut all ties with him and she was wrecked.”
“Wow…”, Accel said.
Then the buzzer went off.
“And that’s the time.” she said, “Sorry, Accel, but your time is up. I enjoyed our time together and hope to see you again soon. Here’s my card.”

She blows him a kiss as he leaves the room and another guy goes in.
While then, he was having thoughts about what she said about the incident.

Then got interrupted by Adion coming from the stage with money stashed in his speedo.
“Uh….. should I ask what happened?” Accel asked.
Everyone was shouting “ENCORE” after that performance he put on.
“No.” Adion said, “But tell Sleepy and Fiorella they’re getting their rent money a few weeks earlier but don’t tell them that I did this.”

“I don’t even know what you did.” Accel said, “But won’t Dwele and Selene tell them?”
“Oh shit!!” He runs to stop them.
Now Accel is left to ponder his thoughts about what he was told.



Accel wakes up from a good sleep from last night and probably a great one after seeing Deanna strip and the first thing he sees is…. Katrina in cat form about to jump him.
“OW!!” Accel said, “Katrina!!!”
She turns back into human form.
“Morning, sunshine!” Katrina said.
“Why would you do that?” he said.
“Well, I had to wake you up in some way.” she said, “Oh, and I heard everything you did at the Chicken Strip last night. You enjoyed seeing Deanna’s double D’s? Actually, she’s an F-cup but I know you witnessed them.”

He hid his shame by covering it with a pillow.
“Yeah, we know.” Katrina said, “But that wasn’t the highlight. Man, can you believe Adion had to dress up like a cowboy stripper?!” She laughs.

“Oh…. that’s why he was dressed like that yesterday.” Accel said, “But yeah, I enjoyed my time there.”

“Ah, that’s good to know.” Katrina said, “So….. later on, you feel like hanging with me and Nala and Mazi tonight?”
“Tonight?” he said.
“Yeah, we got this thing me and Nala do on Thursday downtown.” she said, “We do this freestyle painting session on one of the walls for that new building, The Underling Skies and since you hung out with Adion, Dwele and Selene yesterday, we thought if you want to hang out with us tonight.”

“Well….” Accel said, “Yeah, I can join you tonight.”
“GREAT!” She said, “This’ll be a fun night tonight! The difference is that I’m pretty sure you won’t see any naked girls tonight.”

While Katrina and Accel are heading downstairs, Dwele and Selene were discussing Adion’s strip last night and it had Sleepy and Fiorella laughing out loud.
“You wore speedos!?” Sleepy said, “I hear you said that you swore to never wear those again!!
“Ah, come on Adion,” Fiorella playfully teasing, “You look so cute in your little cowboy boots!”

“How long y’all going to keep on clowning on me?” Adion said.

“Morning!” Accel shouted.
“ACCEL! MORNING!!” Sleepy said, “I heard you had a good time last night with Deanna at the strip club. You lucky man, you.”

“OK, does everybody think me being with Deanna is a big deal?” he asked.
“Because most men love to have one night with that girl.” Fiorella said, “I remember Sleepy had his time with her, that he’ll go broke for her getting private time…. but that’s BF.”
“BF?” Accel said.
“Before Fiorella, baby.” she said.

“True. True.” Sleepy said, “So, you got something for today?”
Katrina butted in the conversation, “Oh, he’s hanging with me tonight with Nala and Mazi. Downtown at the new building the Underling Skies, we’re doing a mural down there.”
“Ah, sweet.” Fiorella said, “What time you’re doing it?”
“Around 8:30.” Katrina said. “At Downtown near Priscilla Avenue.”


Back at outside, there was a van parked at the other side of the street and they were the same group that have been watching the crew for some time now.
“It’s been 3 weeks and we got nothing!!” One guy said, “Maybe he’s very legit on this. Like he’s been since they had to start him over again. We’re just wasting our and their time.”
The person to come out of the shadows…. was Rahdell.
“I don’t believe it.” Rahdell said, “Still, we need to keep an eye on him and his crew, especially that new meat.”

“You heard about him and that stripper tho?” The tech said, “I’d love to fondle those tig ‘ol bitties!”
Rahdell had to slap him. “Will you shut up, Dira?”
“Oh, like you wouldn’t!” Dira shouted.
“I will not let that amateur shooter and his ragtag group of fucks get our shine.”

They then see Nala and Maziline heading their way.
“Wait, someone’s coming.”
“Oh, it’s those girls that hangs out with them.” Rahdell said.
One guy said, “Damn, that tall girl got some legs on her. Lord have mercy!”
Rahdell was about to slap him, too, but he agreed. “True. What attracts fine girls in that place?”
“Doesn’t a fine girl run that place as well?” Dira asked.
“That, too.” Rahdell said.
“Hell, even that cat girl got a nice tail on her.”
Rahdell looked at him with the most “I want to slap you” face but he put his hand down.


“KATRINA!!” Nala knocked on the door. “It’s us! Nala and Maziline! We’re here to help moving the stuff to the place!”
Katrina opened the door. “AH! Just in time! Hey, Shori is coming with us!”
“Oh, so we finally get to hang with the Accel one himself?” Nala said, “We’re going to have an eventual night.”
“I hope one without people using sticks to beat us.” Mazi said.
“Hey Accel!” Nala said as she sees him watching TV.
“Oh, hey Nala.” he said.
“I can’t wait until tonight!” Nala said, “Especially after the mural painting. Us girls are planning on having a night out in the city and I hope you want to tag along with us.”
“Yeah, I’m tagging along tonight!” Accel said.
“YAY!!” Nala said, “Good thing I’m driving, you getting shotgun!”
“Already?!” Maziline said, “It’s not even time yet!! DAMN!!”
“He’s a special guest!!” she said, “I bet Katrina doesn’t mind.”
“Mind what?” Katrina said, “Him riding the front? It’s your car. I figure this is your rules and all.”

Katrina, Nala and Mazi were at the Underling Skies building as they were swinging by ropes tied to one of, painting the building and trying not to hit each other.
“WHOA! I almost got blued!” Katrina said.
Nala was running on the wall, spraying the part with red and jumped over the other side with a splash of silver.
“HA! Got the silver part done!” Nala said. “Mazi, how’s your end?”
Maziline has her purple brushes ready as she slides upward.
“I’m…..” She was at the top of the building and looking down, “OK, that’s high up and….. oh shit….”

“MAZI, YOU’RE HOOKED UP TIGHTLY!!” Nala said, “You’re not going to fall to your death!”
“Well, pardon me for having a natural fear of heights!” Maziline said.
“Come down!!” Nala shouted.

Mazi quickly repelled down where Katrina and Nala are at.
“Look, I might be taller than you but you heard of the bigger you are, the harder you fall? Well, I’m tall as shit and that fall would break me.”
“I don’t see Kat afraid of heights.” Nala said.
“KATRINA IS WHAT HER NAME APPLIES! She’s half cat! She lands on her feet!!”

Katrina then re-assured her to calm her down.
“Mazi, don’t worry. I’ll be able to catch you if you fall…. and by me, I do mean me and Nala catching you mostly Nala.”
“Whoppee.” Nala sarcastically said.


There was a crowd of them watching the whole thing and in the background there’s Accel, Sleepy and Fiorella viewing as well.
“They realize we can hear them arguing?” Accel said.
“They know.” Fiorella said, “They said that’s part of the show.”
“I do agree with Mazi though.” Sleepy said, “As someone who’s taller than his peers, falling from a big height is scary.” He was about to pet Fiorella’s head.
“You pet my head like I’m some puppy and I’m shaving you bald in your sleep.” He puts his hands back.
“Good boy.”

As the girls swing to the next wall, they wave to their audience.

“I’ll say…. the girls made that building very stunning and unique.” Fiorella said.
“And purple. So much purple, you swear you thought it was drenched in lean.” Sleepy said.
“Lean?” Accel said.
The two of them looked at him weird.
“You know nothing about lean? Not even in your world?” Sleepy said.
“Not really.” Accel said.
“Good.” Fiorella said, “That stuff’s dangerous and you shouldn’t use it.”



After the painting wrapped up, the girls were changing out of their painting clothes and Accel was wondering around the building looking for them.
“Kat? Nala? Mazi?”
“Accel, is that you?” Nala said, “We’re at the changing rooms since you near us.”
“Right now, we’re getting back into our regular clothes.” Maziline said.
“And if you have something to give us, wait until we come out!!” Katrina said, “Besides, you already saw a naked woman last night. You’re not getting a chance with us.”
“We’ll send you nude pics of Kat!” Mazi shouted.
“MAZI!!” Katrina shouted.

“We’re joking! We’re joking, guys!” Nala said, “…. But we did hear about you having your time at the Chicken Strip…. that and Adion showing some skin there!!”
“I kinda wish I was there!” Mazi said.
“I didn’t even know he was doing that until my session ended.” Accel said.

“Must’ve been nice seeing your first naked woman, isn’t it?” Nala said, “But now…. it’s time for Part 2 of showing you the town, this time in the eyes of us women three!!”
Three minutes later


The quartet later on were at downtown, riding the night away.
“So, any spots for us to go to tonight?” Mazi said, “And by that, I mean non-strip joints?”
“Kat, can we use your Aegis to recommend us something?” Nala said.
“Go ahead.” Katrina said, as she passes the Aegis to her.

“Aegis!” Katrina said.
“Yes, Katrina?”
“Do you know any late-night spots close to our location?”


“Searching…. searching….. There is a spot 3 miles from your location. Astro Lit.”
“Astro Lit?” Accel said.
“Oh yeah….” Mazi said, “That new club that opened up a few months ago. I did hear they got a two-drink minimum, tho.”
“We made some dough today.” Katrina said, “We can treat ourselves tonight!”
“Yeah!” Nala said, “Plus, our guest!! We need to party tonight!”
“So, it’s decided?” Mazi said.
“ASTRO LIT!!” The girls and Accel shouted.


They got in and entered a room of bright neon lights, loud dance music and people either dancing, conversating, drinking, macking or just about anything you do in a night club.
“OK, we came at a solid night.” Nala said, “Not too big or too small.”
“I just hope no weird guys is coming to hit on us!” Katrina said.
“Don’t worry!” Maziline said, “If they try something funny, we can kick their asses!”

“Accel, what are you going to do? We can get you a dri–” Katrina said, “Oh…. that’s right. You’re 18. You can’t legally drink here.”
“We can sneak him one.” Maziline said.
“WE’RE NOT DOING THAT!” Katrina shouted, “They’ll know something’s up.”
“What? I gave Nala a shot of liquor when she was 18 and she turned out fine.”

“That was before I figured out hard liquor wasn’t my thing!” Nala said. A new song has started and a few people started to get on the dance floor.
“HEY….” She winked at Accel, “Wanna dance?”
“Sure…” He easily accepted.

“OK, don’t kill him now!” Katrina joked as both of them got on the dance floor.

The two got on the floor as Nala was the first to make some moves but Accel was standing as she whispers “Follow my lead” and he began to make some dance moves, too…… just some awkward-ass ones.
“OK, OK….. your moves aren’t bad…. just a little weird.” Nala said.
“I’M NOT MUCH OF A DANCER!!” Accel said.
“Don’t worry, it takes time… and the right instructor.”

“Watch me.” Nala whips her hair back and takes his hand to do her frantic style of dancing.


“Damn, Nala is really working on Accel there tonight.” Maziline said.
“She is really crushing on him.” Katrina said.

“I thought you would be the one to crush on him.” Mazi said.
“Yeah….. nah.” Katrina said, “Don’t get me wrong. Accel seems like a cool guy and all. I mean, he’s not some ogling pervert or secret serial killer or….”
“Guy that ends up breaking your heart?”
Katrina stood silent for a moment. “…. That, too.”

“Oh…. I think I struck a nerve.” Maziline said.
“You didn’t.” Katrina said, “I just hope Accel doesn’t turn out to be a Fool’s Gold friend.”

Accel and Nala just came back from dancing.
“AH!!! Y’all should have been up here!” Nala said, “I was killing it up there. I worked up quite a thirst…. Oh, and Accel isn’t too shabby himself. I can definitely teach you after them Games are done with.”

“Thanks.” Accel said, “You are quite the dancer…. very, very energetic and thrilling.”
“That’s not the only thing.” Mazi whispered.

Then someone in the way back shouted, “RAHDELL, MY HOMIE!!”
The arrival of Rahdell was announced and the quartet don’t look too happy.
“Oh shit…. fun night is done night.” Katrina said.
“Rahdell? That guy we meant at training?” Accel said.
“The same one.” Nala said, “I forgot he goes here as well. Him and his boys….”

“What’s up, my people!!” Rahdell said, “I’m just chilling out here, taking a relaxing break from training for them TRAP GAMES and KNOW that come two months, WE WILL TAKE THAT FIRST PLACE PRIZE!! So, those opposing me…. I rather not.”

“Does he always talk like that?” Accel said.
“No.” Mazi said, “It’s usually more annoying than this. This is just 80% annoying today.”
“Either way, I still want to claw his face out.” Katrina said, flashing her claws.
“We should probably leave before he sees us.” Nala said, “We’ll find somewhere else to do the night.”

As they quietly snuck from the crowd, one of his boys saw them about to leave.
“Hey, Rahdell…. isn’t that speed guy we saw earlier?” Glassio said.
“And that cat girl? Plus, those two other girls? The one with the long legs and the other one people saw dancing her ass off?” Laker Bullet said.
“Oooh…” Rahdell said, “And they’re about to jet, huh?”


Rahdell immediately caught up to them.
“AAH!” Katrina and Maziline screamed.
“Ay! Mr. Speed Guy!!! You’re the one that’s on Sleepy K’s team, am I right?”

“Oi. Not you again.” Katrina said.
“I see you got your hands with the ladies this week, huh?” Rahdell said, “First, the strip club and now you dancing with this magnificent dynamic beauty?”
“I bet you say that to all of the ladies, don’t you?” Nala sniped.
“Hell yeah!” Rahdell said, “I know what the ladies want.”
“Oh, you do, don’t you?” Katrina said, rolling her eyes.

“You got a big mouth on you, do you, girl?” Glassio said.
“Us on Team Glass know you fools are done for.” Laker Bullet said, “Y’all are close to being left to debt, it’s not even funny…. except it is. To us.”

“Fuck you!” Katrina said, “When we get ahead of your asses, you’re going to be kissing our asses from the bottom.”

“Ah, how cute.” Rahdell said, “Kitty Kitty Shoot Shoot thinks Team Sleep is gonna win. Yeah, and when that happens, you’ll might find someone to scratch your pus–”
She clawed him right there.
“OW!!! MY FACE!!”
“Run!!!” Nala shouted as she grabbed the others and they make a run for it.

“GET THEM MOTHERFUCKERS, MAN!” Rahdell shouted as Glassio & Laker Bullet rushed outside to grab the girls.

They saw their car about to pull out of there but then Glassio jumped on the car.
“AAH HELL!!” Maziline said.
“Stop the car!!” Glassio shouted.
And they did…. and he flew back, hitting the concrete and struggling to get up.

“OW…… the pain.”
“We should go now.” Katrina said, as they rode out.



As it was about midnight, the girls and Accel stopped at a rest area and parked to see the stars.
“Ahhh…. this is very peaceful.” Nala said, “Just us and the night. No streetlights, no sirens, just us and the wilderness.”
Mazi then got a flashlight on.
“We might need some light on.” Maziline said, “Too dark places like this are not good for us.”
“We can protect ourselves.” Katrina said, “You forget me leaving a scar on Rahdell’s face?”

“I hope that doesn’t bite us in the ass.” Accel said.
“What? He was acting like an ass.” Katrina said, “He deserves that on his face.”
“You know that Sleepy is trying his hardest to provide for all of us.” Nala said, “And you know how much he’s riding on this and people still haven’t got off his back about that incident.”
“I know, I know.” Katrina said, “It’s just…. I’m getting sick of all these assholes making fun of us or re-hashing our bad memories and… make me regret ever falling in love with a teammate.”

Accel seemed confused at that.
“Falling in love with a teammate?”

“Yeah…..” Katrina said, “You remember Erol Ferg?”

“Wait…. Ferg was a part of your team?”

“Yep.” Nala and Maziline said.

“And….. you guess it. Me and Ferg…. were lovers.”



Episode 4 – MILEAGE





© 2019 Ctrl/Alt/Del Productions / Katana+

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