TRAP GAME: The Dangerous World / Episode 3: TRAIN Gang

WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of violence, graphic language, and sexual content. This is meant only for MATURE AUDIENCES. Reader Discretion is advised.

Morning came the next day after Shori received his powers and Sleepy was awake having some thoughts about the upcoming Trap Games.
“Sleepy….” Fiorella woke up beside him, “I’m surprised for a guy named Sleepy, your namesake doesn’t apply to you actually…. well, sleeping.”
“My bad, Fio.” he said, “I just got a lot on my mind now. New recruit and the games coming back in a couple of months. You know that ordeal.”
“Ahhh….” she said, “Yeah, I get it. It’s time to make sure you and the crew get through another one of these and not be broke for the remainder of the year.” She sighs in stress.
“Oh, nothing.” Fiorella said, “I just didn’t wish you guys have to risk yourselves in those damn games and knowing you might get either seriously injured or still get the backlash from that incident.”
“Thousands of these fools cheat multiple times there. I’m just the guy that got caught…. or didn’t even know about it until it all falls down.” Sleepy said.
He pulls out a picture from his drawer.
“And to think…. it was someone on our side that got us in this shit.” he said.

“Honey, honey……” Fiorella said, “I know it’s hard to dwell on the past but you can’t always let him dour your motivation for everything. I know you’re going to do fine.” She kissed him on the cheek.
He kissed her back.
“Yeah, you’re right.” Sleepy said, “I just gotta keep that same motivation but even bigger this year.”
“That’s the spirit!” Fiorella shouted and then she got on top of him in nothing but some red underwear, “Now before you wake up the others, how about we get some loving time before you have to swear off sex?”
“I’m with that.” Sleepy agreed and they began to have sex, “I’m definitely going to miss making love to you.”
Then Fiorella slapped her ass for effect.
“Ooooh and I know you’re going to miss that.”


An hour later

We see Katrina doing some practicing with her arrows.
“Aegis, play Iglooghost for training music.” she said.
“Playing Iglooghost.” Aegis said and this is a different Aegis from Sleepy’s as it’s one she set up with a male voice.
She lands some targets but not close enough.
“85% accuracy shot.” Aegis-M said, “You’re on par with your last session.”
“Damn….” Katrina said, “NEXT TARGET!!”
4 more targets sprang up for her to shoot.
First 2, she got bullseye on them. The third one, she got close with an inch left and the 4th one……
“KATRINA!!” She got distracted by the incoming Adion and Dwele heading down there and ends up missing the bullseye completely.
“For all 4 shots, they accumulated into a 60% accuracy.”
“Oh great….” Katrina said, “Way to ruin my already decreasing accuracy shot.”
“That ain’t my fault, Kat-Man-Don’t.” Adion said.
He got slapped for that.
“Yeah, don’t bring that up.” Katrina said, “Ever.”
“Sorry about that, Kat.” Dwele said, “We wanted to let you know that Sleepy is about to start that training sessions today. Down at the Underground Guap Track today. We’re also showing Shori aka Accel how we do things around here.”
“Oooh, that’s good.” Katrina said, “We got 3 months but I hope we takes it easy on Shori.”
“We got 3 months to train and a new kid on the roster.” Adion said, “Knowing him, he’s going to make that kid go through hell.”
“Wonder what’s taking him?” Dwele said, “Oh wait, knowing him and the fact that they have to rule out sex, him and Fio…..”
“Ooooohh…..” Katrina and Adion figured it out.
“I know giving up sex with Fiorella must be tough.” Adion said, “Shit, if I was him, I would die of blue balls of not being able to have sex with Fiorella.”
“I’m surprised you know what blue balls is considering you love to fuck anything moving.” Dwele said.
“And you know it, boi!” Adion said.
“They are really getting close now more than ever.” Katrina said, “It’s actually cute.”

“Morning….” As Selene comes down with the rest and she brought along Shori.
“Hey, Selene! Shori!”
“Nah, nah, nah….” Adion said, “You know in this world, he doesn’t go by his name anymore. It’s now…. Accel!!”
“I still don’t know about that name.” Dwele said, “You couldn’t come up with a better name?”
“Like what?” Shori asked.
“Well, there’s– Wait, no. That’s taken. There’s— nah, that sounds stupid, too. OK, Accel sounds good.”
“Yeah, Accel is a good name,” Katrina said, “But I still like calling him Shori.”
“You know him for a day and a half.” Adion said, “His name might’ve been Boom-Shoki!”
“OK, that name is dumb as fuck.” Selene said.
Soon, Sleepy and Fiorella are coming down, looking clean-cut for people that just had sex not too long ago.
“Alright, peoples.” Sleepy said, “Today is the day that we all train for the Trap Games and thankfully this year, we got a fifth man on our side in the form of Accel and today we go down at the UGT for train for the events they got in store and I also need to explain some rules to young Accel before we go.”
“Rules?” Shori/Accel asked.
“Yep. We may have these amazing powers but we do have these restrictions on them.” Sleepy said. “You’ll find out soon today.”




“Aegis, play HEALTH.” Sleepy commanded his Aegis.
“I’m sorry but there’s another Aegis in the area that’s playing music right now.” Aegis-Female said, “As in the one Miss Katrina has…. aka that jerk.”
“OK, why do you two hate each other again?” Sleepy said, “And I can’t believe I’m asking a machine this.”
“He’s a meanie.” Aegis-Female said, “Plus, he said I look bulky.”
Meanwhile at the arena in there where Katrina is still practicing her archery skills while playing her music.
“Miss, someone is interfering with this music stream of your practice… presumably from a Mr. Sleepy and his Aegis…. Ugh…. “
“Hold up, I’ll talk to him.”

“So, your Aegis is beefing with mine again?” Katrina asked Sleepy.
“Yep.” Sleepy answered, “I don’t get it either.”
“Well, they are!!” Aegis-Female said, “And my size means there’s more of me to do!!”
“O….. K……” Katrina and Sleepy awkwardly said.

Back at the open field, Accel is testing out his new powers as he is running on the track.
They place some obstacles on there to test how he would avoid them.
“Stage 1: Boards!” As the simulator said.
Accel then jump high to avoid the spikes in front of him. He avoided them but didn’t look at the sign that said “DUCK!” and he got smacked by that.
“You alright, there?” As Nala said, along with Maziline, Fiorella and Selene were watching by the stands.
“At least you miss the spikes!” Selene said, “I can’t tell how many people often get hit by that.”
He got back up and we went on to continue with running on the track and he did jump the spikes and avoided the sign by phasing through it that time.
“There you go!!” Nala shouted.


“Stage 2: Traps!” As the simulator said, it has now activated traps. Accel is running swiftly to the rope but then a trap door activated and he had to jump to the rope and swing on it to get to the other side. However, things get slippery when the rope is covered in oil and Accel is starting to lose his grip and he might fall into the hole.
He kept swinging and as he flew over there, he falls and stumbles over himself but he crossed the trap…. but to only get foiled by another trap and it’s getting smacked by a giant fly swatter.
“OW!! OK, whose bright idea to add a giant fly swatter?!” Accel yelled.
“Apparently, they love the idea of those 4 years ago!” Selene said, “And they love large comical household things smacking people!”
“Oh, good grief!” Accel said. “What’s next for Stage 3…. Flying saucers?”

“Stage 3: Flying Howler Weasels!!” The simulator added to Accel’s misfortune.
“I had to ask.”


Back at the shooting range, Sleepy, Adion and Dwele were doing their intensive training of target practice and they were breaking a sweat there.
“On your 6!!” Sleepy said, “Duck, motherfucker!!”
Dwele got close with an NPC dummy and used CQC on them.
“TEAR DA CLUB UP!!!” Adion shouted as he guns down an NPC dummy and stomped on him, “BITCH!!”
Sleepy emptied his clip and reloaded into the next wave of incoming NPC dummies.

“Get ready for more, man!!” Sleepy shouted.
“I’m already reloaded!” Dwele said.
“Let’s get it!!” Adion screamed and he charged shooting every one of them, “YEAH!! YOU MOTHERFUCKERS!!” While Sleepy and Dwele look weird at him and notice the sudden burst of stamina in practice.
“We don’t have any drugs on us, do we?” Dwele asked Sleepy.
“I don’t even know.” Sleepy replied.

“I’MMA KILL YOU MOTHERFUCKERS!!” Adion yelled, “I’m not going back to stripping!!!! NO WAY!!!”
“Still on that ‘I’m not going back to stripping’ deal?” Sleepy asked.
“Dude, I know what went on that club.” Dwele said, “Although he was making some serious dough doing that shit!!”
“That and he actually has the body for stripping.” Sleepy said, “And well…. you, too.”
“WHOA!!” Dwele said, “Me? What about you?”
“I’m not exactly the built kind of guy if you get my drift.” As he shows Dwele his gut.
“What? Women fuck with big dudes, too!!” Dwele said.
“OK, then here’s this: I’m not doing any damn stripping!!” Sleepy said.

Then someone came into the room, interrupting the flow and stopped the situation.
“Well, I don’t blame him.” One guy said, “Who would want that wasteland of a body?”
“OK, motherfucker, show yourself and—FUCK……. ME……” As Sleepy turned around and sees that it’s his arch rival Rahdell.
“Sleepy K.” Rahdell said, “We meet again for this annual time of trying to make a living in Trapanea.”
“Rahdell.” he said, “I knew I smelled bitch on the way here.”
“You sure you didn’t check your pits for anything…. boy?” he went on, “Oh, and you got your two main tricks with you. Y’all trying to get that grand prize again this year?”
“Yeah. And what?” Dwele said.
Rahdell laughed at his face. “Fool, please! Ever since you fucked yourself up, you’re been either slipping further down the red every year. They are close to not putting you or your team back here anymore!”
“For what?” Sleepy said, “That stunt 2 years back? We’re been clean recently and also been performing well out there.”
“Or at least enough to keep your sorry asses out of the red.” he said, “But let’s face it. Everything from you, your team and even your bitch-ass Aegis program can’t get on my level!! My team will fuck yours up! We ready!! Hell, I know after that, I’m taking everything from you…. even those two girls Selene and Fiorella… I can show those girls what a real man is.”

“Mr. Sleepy, can I execute a knife in his face?” Aegis-female said.
“Stand back, Aegis.” Sleepy said.
“Mr. Sleepy, can I please slap this bitch silly?”
“Later….” Sleepy said.
“Shit, maybe I might steal that Aegis bitch, too.”

“I doubt they want to see what you can do.” Dwele said, “According to a birdie that you have some…. shrinkage issues down there.”
Rahdell quickly went for Dwele’s neck.
“Oh, you funny now? You a regular Chris Rock, aren’t you, fucker?”
“Looks like you haven’t changed a bit.” As Sleepy chin-checked Rahdell before getting Dwele and Adion kicked him down before he could get up.
“Don’t get your ass beat up, bitch.” Adion shouted.
Then they up and left.


Back at the archery room as Katrina is wrapping up her practice mode. She was about to leave but then she passes by two girls and one of them says something to her.
“Katrina… of Team Speed.” One woman said, “I heard that your team found another player for the games this year.”
“Yeah…. and?”
“What? It seems like you and your team are all ready for the games.” she said, “Let’s just hope that you don’t end up having another team leave you in the dust…..or in your case, after he went in between your legs.”

That struck a nerve.

A big disturbing nerve that got Katrina to point her arrow to the woman.
“You want to say that again?” Katrina said coldly.
“What? You can’t hear?” she said, “We all know about you and an ex-teammate fucking behind the scenes and as soon as he ended up being the big shot of the Trap Games, he left you and your loser crew in the dust!”
“What do you want!?” Katrina yelled.
“I’m passing you a message…. A message that after your team lose that you’ll be begging to join us and finally you’ll leave that loser Sleepy right where he should be.”

“KAT!!” As Sleepy and the others are coming, “This girl giving you trouble?”
“Wouldn’t you like to know?” she quipped.
“Look, bitch, I don’t got time for your shit.” Sleepy said, “Then again…. I heard of you. Nishi of the Team Mono.”
“Yeah. That’s my name. Don’t wear it out.” Nishi said, “Like how your last guy wore off your pathetic asses.”
“Wow…… you are really a mouthy bitch. You love to open your mouth, don’t you?” he said.
“The fuck is it to you?” Nishi said.
“The thing with this is…. people turn to get their asses kicked for having big fucking mouths and don’t know when to shut it.”
Then the rest of her people aka Team Mono got him at gunpoint.
“Funny thing…. you’re the one that got guns pointed at.” Then Dwele and Adion got their guns pointed at her head.
“Told you.”

It all resembles a standoff.
“Sleepy….. look, let’s just go. OK?” Katrina said, “When it comes to the games, we’ll be able to smoke them.”
“Keep dreaming, Princess.” Nishi said. “You’re on the red and if you fuck up one more time, you and your whole crew will be homeless and you’ll be nothing.”
They all put their guns down and begin to walk away.
“That’s Team Mono, huh?” Dwele said.
“They do have some fine girls tho.” Adion said, “I’m both attracted and frightened by them.”
“Don’t matter.” Sleepy said, “They’re going to eat their words and if we ever fight them, I’m going for Nishi. Bitch.”
Sleepy has a mean grip on his gun while walking to the open field to check on Accel but Katrina went up to catch up on him.

“Hey…..” Katrina said, “You…. seemed a little on edge from that. You OK?”
“I’m good, Kat.” he said and he continues to walk away but as Dwele and Adion follows, Katrina then asked them about Sleepy.
“Dwele, Adion…. is Sleepy OK?”
“Well, he’s the thing.” As Adion said to him, “This is not the first time he run into an old enemy.”



Back at the open field, Accel is still dodging flying weasels.
“AAH!! OOH! EEE!! DAMN!!!” Accel screamed, “There are too many flying weasels!! Why is this world got so many things involving weasels!? Was the creator fond of I Am Weasel or Cow and Chicken or both of those shows?”
“Give them some treats!!” Selene yelled.
“What treats!?” Accel screamed.
“I’m guessing those treats stored in your weapons holster.” Nala said.
“WHAT!?” Accel, Fiorella and Selene shouted.

He got out the weasel treats, threw them in the air and they followed the treats. He cleared the way and he finished that round.
“Rounds complete. You have the average score of…… 67%”
“Huh?!” Accel said.
“Wait, that can still be good.” Maziline said.
“…. Except you need 70% to advance forward.” Fiorella said, “Sorry, Shori!!”
“I gotta do this shit again!? DAMMIT!!”

While Accel has to start over, Sleepy and the rest came over to watch with the girls.
“Hey guys!” Selene said, “Done with your practice sessions?”
“Yeah…” Sleepy half-heartedly said.
Fiorella seems puzzled at his mood.
“Sleepy, anything happen?”
“Oh… Um, no, nothing happened.” Sleepy said, “Just overwhelmed by the practicing. That’s all. There’s nothing to worry about, Fio.”
Then more bad things came as Rahdell entered the room.
“Yo, Team Speed!!”
“Oh, fuck!” Sleepy said behind his breath.
Fiorella sees who was coming and she rolled her eyes. “Oh… now I get it.”

“Well, well, well…. if it isn’t the beauty known as Fiorella and I see the seductive Selene is here as well.” he tried to flirt with them.
“Wow, you came up with that all day?” Selene said.
“Yeah, it took as long as you adjusting your tits.” Rahdell said.
“Rahdell……” Fiorella said, “I sense your presence is not of a pleasant visit.”
“Aww, now what makes you say that?” he said.
“You looked roughed up.” she said, “Did someone knock you on your ass?”

Behind her, Adion is sneak laughing at him with Dwele chuckling with him.
“You mind, chuckle fucks?” Rahdell said.
“I don’t mind.” Fiorella said, “They’re good company.”
“You better enjoy their company while it lasts because once your man loses, him and his team of bitches isn’t going to be shit.” Rahdell said, “And… in case you and Selene need a place to stay, I’ll give you some spots…. Hell, I might give one to that mangy cat girl.”
Katrina didn’t like that remark.
“MANGY!?” Katrina got up to his face, “At least I’m not some overblown asshole with a little complex that keeps him from jacking off!” She even made the dangling sound.
“Well, you should know that.” Rahdell said, “You–”
Katrina slapped him before he can make that insult.

“OWW!!!” As Accel keeps getting hit by the boards, “DAMN BOARDS!!!”
Rahdell sees him out there.
“I see that’s your new teammate.” Rahdell said, “Wow, he is bombing like a motherfucker out there.”
“AAHH!! MORE WEASELS!!!!” Accel said, “They love to chew!!”
“Didn’t you get fucked up by weasels yourself?” Sleepy said, “The kid’s doing fine.”
“Kid?” Rahdell said, “Wait, how old is the…. kid?”
“I…. shit, I don’t know.” Sleepy said.
“OOOH!!! You stupid motherfucker!! You didn’t even check the kid’s age!!” Rahdell said, “Shit, he might be too young for this. You know you have to be 18 to do this shit!!”
“Ow….” As Accel crawled over there with the guys. “Help…”
“Yo. You’re Accel, boy?” Rahdell asked him.
“Yeah….” Accel said.
“Damn, boy.” Rahdell said, “You sound even weaker than you look. It’s…. I would say pathetic but knowing your crew, that’s not new for you.”
“Um…. who are you?” Accel said.
“A walking shit-stain.” Katrina said, helping him up, “Oh, and a bitch, too.”
Rahdell sarcastically laughs. “How cute…. I see you’re getting chummy with your new teammate. I hope this one doesn’t try to get–”
“Oh, I get what you mean now, Kat.” Accel said.
“I guess you like hanging with the underage kids, don’t ya?” Rahdell said, “I mean, you know you have to be 18 to enter in these games.”
“I am 18.” Accel said.

“HA!!” Sleepy and Fiorella shouted, “FUCK YOU!!”
“We didn’t enter a minor in there, so there!!” Sleepy shouted.
“O…….K…….” Accel awkwardly said, “I guess you forgot to ask how old I was when we meet.”
“Yeah.” Sleepy said, “But then again, we don’t know all that much about you.”
“That’s true.” Selene said, “We know you fell down from the sky but never where you’re really from.”


30 minutes later


Shori then explains himself a lot more on the ride home.
“OK. I’m 18 years old. I’m a Japanese-American student originally from Kobe, Japan but transfer to Atlanta when I was 14 years old. I was an average high school student, had decent grades, alright friends, family loved me, I didn’t get into any trouble and all of a sudden one night, I woke up in some damn capsule and…. here I am.”
The rest were amazed that he got that out all in a quick time.
“OK, we get the full picture with you.” Dwele said.
“So, you’re not some socially inept loser?” Sleepy said, “Or some nerd that always stays in his room, playing video games or watch anime, longs for a girl to touch his thangy thang and probably masturbate most of your time?”
Accel looked frightened when Sleepy said that.
“Yeah, I play video games and watch anime and like I said, I got plenty of friends and OK… I don’t have a girlfriend and….. and……. and…..”
“So, you do masturbate?” Adion added on.

And now, Katrina is staring at him cautiously as Accel knows her staring at him.
“Accel…. Shori….. I’m not going to be mad if you say you do… that thing.” Katrina said, “It’s completely normal for any guy to do. I mean, all of us have needs and everything…. but you didn’t do it before we left this afternoon, did you?”
Accel’s eyes widened. “Ah…. NO!!”
“Oh…OK, good.” Katrina said and then gets on another question. “Were you thinking naughty thoughts earlier?”
“KAT!!!” he shouted, “OK…. yeah, I sometimes do that but I don’t want to mention it to everyone!”
“OK, dude, I get it.” Sleepy said, “It’s just that every time someone comes from the other world, they are always some dude that’s the same type of them wanting either to be the best of everything and have a bunch of girls on their dick and so forth.”

“Oh…. you mean in most anime?” Accel said.
“Yeah…” Adion said, “There was a girl that came down here and she ended up having a reverse harem of dudes around her. She’s now an assistant to the organizer of the Trap Games: The Mirai.”
“The who?” Accel asked.
“Mirai.” Fiorella said.
“Isn’t that Japanese for Diary tho?” Adion said, “Her name would be Diary and that’s–”
“ANYWAY!!!” Sleepy interrupted, “The Mirai is the one who overlooks everything in the games. She is the grand judge, jury and ex—OK, not executioner but she is the big boss who decides who compete in the games and what prizes they walk away with.”

“Oh…..” Accel said, “She must be a pretty big deal.”
“Everything about the Trap Games is a big deal, Accel.” Sleepy said, “I told you this before that this could make our lives better once, we are at the top and as soon as we get there and we make it…. we’re set!!”
“Rest up tomorrow, man.” Adion said, “We do got a lot to work to do in the matter of a couple of months, so we have to set up a regimen of sorts. We have to work out about….. 8 times a day!”

“FOOL!” Dwele screamed.
“MOTHERFUCKER!!” Sleepy shouted.
“For real!?” Accel looked shocked at that.
“What? You said we got to work extra hard this year….” Adion said.
“8 times tho?” Dwele shouted, “That’s a little much tho.”
“LOOK!!” Sleepy said, “We will probably do like mid-morning and afternoon training! Yes, we should work hard but not to the point of over exhaustion! We do our thing like 4 times a week.”
“Yeah, that sounds better.” Dwele said.
“WAY Better.” Katrina said.
“I don’t know what the hell I was thinking.” Adion said, “4 times a week is better.”
“Then it’s settled.” Sleepy said, “We do need a break tomorrow but the day after that…. yeah, we go hard!”


As they headed back to their home, one person was overlooking at their activity.
“So….you got anything for me, man?” one guy said.
“There’s 8 people there. You got Sleepy, Adion and Dwele. The main shooters. You got that cat archer girl Katrina and that new guy….. I think his power is speed and teleportation. Plus, their entourage is in there and they got some fine-ass girls.”
“I see…” One guy in the shadows said, “Let’s watch over them a couple more days and see what they are capable of.”


Episode 3 – TRAIN GANG


© 2019 Katana+ / Ctrl/Alt/Del Productions


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