TIME of the SEASON Spring 2019 Edition: BONUS TRACKS


April 28th hasn’t happened yet and I did say that TotS is on hiatus until then. However…… I did decide to check out some shows I have missed on and see what captures my interest and what made me say “fuck this.”

I have checked out 4 extra shows, mainly the ones that I watched a full episode of.
I did try to finish an episode of Midnight Occult Civil Servants but I have to be honest, I kinda stopped giving a shit about it halfway in but I get it. This is definitely something not made for me and I don’t want to continue to badmouth shows which I’m not the target audience of.

And no, I’m still not covering that Ikuhara show.



Plot Summary: Hitori Bocchi suffers from crippling social anxiety, so she only ever had one friend in elementary school. As she enters a different middle school from that friend, Hatori is given an ultimatum: befriend her whole class if she wants to continue with being friends with her. When various (unrealistic) strategies for reducing the people she has to befriend fails, she eventually works up the courage to speak to Nako Sunao, the girl who sits in front of her who seems so standoffish that she rattles the teacher. So begins the awkward process of connecting to a new friend.

First Thoughts: OK, this has many modes: endearing but stupid yet oddly relatable in a way. I get wanting to find some friends upon entering a different middle school away from your close friends and trying to make some new ones but crippling social anxiety will get in the way of that. There is also her outlandish ways of doing it and coming off as a spaz. That can either go off as charming or obnoxious and yet I want to stick around to see her connection with a new friend, who’s the very opposite of her in a lot of ways. But yes, I’ll fuck with this.






Plot Summary: After dying in a car crash on earth, a young man finds himself reborn as Shin Wolford in a world of fantasy where magic is real. Shin is trained in magic and combat by his grandfather, Merlin Wolford, and he shows tremendous promise in everything he pursues. It’s only when Shin at last turns fifteen that he learns the real truth – his grandfather was actually renowned as a great hero, and all the tutors who’ve assisted him were legends in their own right.

First Thoughts: OH……another isekai story and of course, it’s set in a fantasy world. Everything about this show is painted by-the-numbers from the set up of how he got into this world to the backstories of him and his grandfather and there’s even the one scene of the MC saving these girls from these asshole dudes, talking about how much of a cliche they are, when he’s just as cliche as they are!! I couldn’t easily written this off as another dull isekai but….. I like some of the comedy and I’m watching this in English dub so I can play in the background without being lost. But yeah, as modest as this show is, it’s fine but I’m…..




THE HELPFUL FOX SENKO-SAN // Doga Kobo // Funimation

Plot Summary: Kuroto’s life sucks, plain and simple. He’s stuck working for one of Japan’s notorious “black companies”, a corporation with a well-known reputation for working their employees to death – and that grueling lifestyle is taking its toll on Kuroto, whose very essence is threatened by an encroaching, depressive darkness. So it’s a good thing that he’s being watched by a trio of supernatural fox girls from the spirit realm who empathize with his plight, including Senko, who volunteers to descend from her heavenly perch and bring some sunshine, food, company, and potentially a little happiness to Kuroto.

First Thoughts: I… I’m really liking the first episode of this. I mean, if you’re someone that’s stuck in a job that works your ass to death and you’re exhausted, wanting to go home and looking for happiness in your sad, sad life and suddenly, you got some fox girl welcoming you home, helps you relax, makes you food and brings you peace and tranquility and no, it doesn’t go into anything sexual or creepy (GOOD! I was getting worried with him petting her fox tail. It’s damn fluffy but more like petting your pet cat in a way). I think I might need an iyashikei anime around this time and this is it.



JOSHI KAUSEI // Seven // Crunchyroll

Plot Summary: Three cute girls: the beautiful, but hapless Momoko; the cool, collected Shibumi; and the innocent Mayumi interact with one another using no dialogue.

First Thoughts: It’s about 3 girls and no dialogue for 3 and a half minutes with them doing some goofy shit in it as well and since this is that short, I’m done explaining my thoughts here……you can just marathon this or something.



I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and yup, my list got……well, it’s not big but it’s manageable.

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