TRAP GAME: The Dangerous World / Episode 2 – ACCEL

WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of violence, graphic language, and sexual content. This is meant only for MATURE AUDIENCES. Reader Discretion is advised.


“Number 44! Number 44!!” Still at the documentation place, Shori finally gets his turn…. 2 hours later.

“WAKE UP, MOTHERFUCKER!!” One guy shouted at him sleeping.
“HUH!? Oh…. I’m next.” Shori said, “Finally.”

As he went inside, the following clerk issued him some of the following things: A stipend of $1000 to last him a month until he gets a stable job, maps around the town with recommended places to eat, shop, and all that and the last thing is…. a special candy ball.

“Sort of.” the clerk said, “It’s actually what gets your special ability. One bite and you got a power!! You might fly, become invisible, transport…. you could get a rare combo and have either two of the three.”
“Flying invisible would be nice.” Shori said.
“I hope you don’t use your newfound powers for….. EVIL!” the clerk jokingly said, “That or to spy on girls getting undressed. Most boys your age typically does that.”
“Well, knowing the world I’m in, I’m safe not doing that.” Shori said.

As he was getting ready to go, he was about to call the guys to pick him up.
“I hope they put a number for me to reach them.”

Back at the place, Katrina was the first to answer the phone.
“Hello? Shori, hey!” she said, “You ready for me to pick you up now?”
“Yeah, it was pretty long.” he said. “Took me about two hours there.”
“Try 3 and a half hours.” Katrina said, “I thought I would never see home again. I’ll be there soon.”

As he waited for Katrina, he was watching a bit of TV and sees an interview.

“I’m Head Reporter Trent Stott and we at GRIP News have an exclusive interview with the one and only Erol Ferg!” the reporter said, “Mr. Ferg, it is a pleasure to be at your home today.”
“Why, thank you.” Erol said.
“It’s been over 2 years since your emergence in the Trap Games and you managed to climb up to the top, being the MVP of last year’s games and being #1 in the solo games. How you keep up with this momentum?”

“It’s easy, Trent.” Erol said, “If you find that one piece of luck in your game, you do your best to keep that going.”
“That and your finesse on the ground, honey.” A woman on his arm said to him.
“Ooooh and I see you got a little lady in your life.”
“Yes, this is Alaina Lipa Fawl, my fiancee.” he said, “It was love at first sight when I first saw her a year ago.”
“Awww, isn’t that sweet?”

As the interview was wrapping up, Shori got a text from Katrina that she’s here now.
“Shori!!!” she shouted outside.



They were on their way home with Shori glazing at outside of life inside Trapanea.
“So, I bet you seem at awe with what’s going on in this world, huh?” Katrina asked him.
“I’m asking if you’re a bit nervous is all.”
Shori added, “No…. at least not anymore or it’s lessened down since I’ve arrived.”

“I can’t wait for you to get back home with me and the crew.” Katrina said, “We’ll treat you like you never left.”
“Hey, Katrina? Can I ask you something?”
“You know the deal with this guy… Erol Ferg?”
Then a tick in her eye, similar to Sleepy’s but more intense.
“Oh…. um…. yeah, that guy.” She nervously said, “He’s one of the top performers of the Trap Games.”
“Trap Games?”
“Yeah….” As she went to change the subject, “Every year, people participate in these games in hopes to either win some prizes, cash and maybe even a better life.”
“Better life?” Shori asked.
“Yeah… like moving into the better part of the city aka the Higher Arcs of Trapanea or HAT for short or getting some attention from the media, guys and girls throwing themselves at you and anything else that can change your life.”
“HAT?” Shori said, “Y’all got weird names for cities and things.”
“Yeah…. it’s weird.” Katrina laughing it off, thankfully avoiding that subject on Erol Ferg…. like she knew him before. “That’s why we eat those ability candy balls. They give you an ability that makes your best attribute about yourself even better.”
“Yeah, interesting, I know.” Katrina said.
“I wonder what power I might get.”
“So does everyone back at the house.” Katrina said.


Shori has finally arrived at Spicy Jack’s.
“Everyone, I’m back!” Katrina said, “And with a special house guest!!!”
The first guest he runs into is Selene and she’s in the living room, sleeping and snoring a bit.
“Huh….uh— OH!!” Selene yelled, “I didn’t know we were expecting company today! Hey, I’m Selene, one of your neighbors/roommates in this humble adobe of yours. I promise you that you’ll have a good experience here.”
“In other words, you steal her shit and she’ll hit you.” As Adion was coming out of the bathroom and spraying after he was done with it.
“OOOHH!!!” Selene yelled, “That’s because freeloading roommates always mess with my stuff…. like you and my shit!!”
“Whatever, girl!!” Adion said, chugging on some orange juice. “Hey, bro, what’s up. The name is Adion, special weapon extraordinaire and cool motherfucker in this very room.”
“And motherfucker that eats everything in this fucking house.” As Dwele came in.
That also got Selene laughing like crazy.
“Oh, you shouldn’t be talking.” Adion said, “Dwele, you snatch up more shrimp every time when Fio makes her paella and you, Selene…. don’t get me started on you. You’re not starving in this house. You hoard most of your shit in your room!”
“And you still steal stuff there!” Selene said.
“And you still accuse either me or Sleepy as well!” Dwele said, “We do buy our own shit!”

“GUYS!!!” Katrina stopped the commotion, “You’re being rude to our new roommate…. this is Shori. Shori, you know Selene and the one arguing with her and drinking my ORANGE JUICE is Adion. The other one over there in Dwele.”
“Hey, what up, man.” Dwele said, “Nice we got another person within our home of Team Speed.”
“Team Speed?” Shori said.
“Yeah,” Selene said, “There are one of the teams in the Trap Games. We got the next one coming up in a few months in the summer.”

“And that just had to made some rule that they need 5 people in a team to participate.” Adion said, “We’ve gotten good with just the 4 of us the last 2 years, especially since that little bitch of a tr–”
“ADION!” Dwele said, “Now isn’t the time, man!! But yeah, there used to be like teams of 4 competing for a lot of grand prizes including cash like $500,000 but there have been some rule changes in the past few years or so and now we have to find an extra player.”
“And no one wants to partner up with us….” Adion said, “Ever since that incident….”
“You thought that would pass over but…” Selene said, “Yeah, this has really fucked us over and worst of all, it even affects the people living here.”
“What was the incident tho?” Shori asked.

But before he got an answer, Fiorella showed up at the door.
“AAHH!! You must be the new neighbor I’ve been hearing about!!” she said, “Hi! I am Fiorella, your bartender/cook/housekeeper/good friend/person that’ll look out for you and guide to your new home!”
“That’s a lot of slashes.” Shori said.
“I do a lot of work here.” Fiorella said, “But for a good cause to provide everything for my family and friends and to keep everything on and don’t go poor and homeless.”

“You must really work hard for everyone here.” Shori added.
“Well, yeah…” Fiorella said, “But I always got people like Selene, Katrina and the boys to help me out here on their down time from the games.”
“Yeah, Fio is really awesome.” Selene said, “She’s a damn good caretaker. She’s basically the team mom of this little group of yours.”
“Team mom, I’ll take.” Fiorella said. “Considering everyone in here.”

Then someone else came helping her with groceries.
“Hey, Fio!! You got some extra bags you left in the car!” A woman said.
“And this damn watermelon!!” Another woman said carrying the thing and it was big like a small flat-screen TV. “It is heavy as hell!” She puts it down.

“Oh, thank you, Nala and Mazi!” Fiorella said, “I almost forgot about that! Thanks for carrying it in.”
“No problem!” Nala said.
“Yeah…. ow….” Mazi said.
Nala then noticed Shori looking at the place while sitting down.
“Hey, Fio, you got a new person here?” Nala asked.
“You mean that guy staring at the ceiling?” Mazi said.

“Hey, Shori!” Fio said, “We got some more people we want you to meet. This is sisters Nala and Maziline.
Shori went over there and said, “Hello!”
“Hmmm…. he’s quite polite.” Nala said, “And he’s got a cute look to him.”
He blushed a bit.
“Awww. And he’s blushing.” Mazi said.

“I’d take it you’re new here?” Nala asked.
“Oh…um, yeah.” Shori said, “I came from the sky. I was one of the new arrivals.”

“Oh yeah….” Mazi said, “I heard what happened with some of the new arrivals accidentally landing near the land of those buff weasels and violent baboons. Plus, the massacre after it.”

“You’re lucky to be alive after that.” Nala said, “I just heard most of them were killed on the spot.”
Mazi went on, “Like there’s blood and guts and ass and…”
Then Shori had some flashbacks of seeing that and it was pretty disturbing.

“Yeah…. I think he wants to forget about that.” Fiorella said.
“Oh…. oh my. I’m sorry.” Nala said, “It’s just hearing about how that went down and all and… I should probably stop now.”
“You’re good.” Shori said.
“Yeah, my sister tends to sometime say the wrong thing.” Mazi said.
“WELL, YOU’RE NO HELP EITHER!” Nala yelled at her.

They heard music playing loudly in the basement.

“What’s that noise?” Shori asked.
“It’s that time again, huh?” Mazi stated.
“Sleepy is doing his training for the Games.” Fio said, “He always plays that song every time he trains.”
“What song?”
“Y.B.E by Prodigy.” Fiorella said, “It’s one of his favorite songs.”
“So, he must be busy then?”
“Oh, we can check up on him.” Fiorella said as she got him to come along downstairs.

“Aegis, record event.” Sleepy said to his drone system.

“Recording now.” Aegis said.
Targets dropped and Sleepy swiftly grabbed the gun and shot at all 3 targets within seconds.
“How long was that, Aegis?”
“4 seconds.” Aegis said, “1 second less than last time.”
“Damn it….” he said, “Thought it was faster than that. That’s supposed to be a second per target.”
He also notices his wrist hurting a bit.
“OW! DAMN!!”
“Are you in any pain, Mr. Sleepy?” Aegis said.
“No, Aegis, I’m all good.” he said.
“Signs are showing that your right hand might be in some pain.” Aegis said, “I suggest resting your hand in some soothing warm water.”
“I said I’m—”
“I wouldn’t argue with the machine if I were you.” As Fiorella chime in.

“Ah, you sneaky little devil, you.” Sleepy said.
“Training as usual?” Fiorella said, “You got the music playing on full blast and also, hey the person you saved is now here.” She kissed him as she left.

“Ah, Mr. Shori Yametsu.” Sleepy said, “I guess you got anything done now? You got your $1000, papers, ID, and new ability?”
“Oh, you mean the candy ball I’m supposed to eat?” As he brought it out of his pocket. “I still got it.”
“I suggest you take that now. You’re supposed to suck on it for like a full hour and as it gets smaller, you can swallow or bite it without it harming your teeth.” Sleepy said, “Then in 12 hours, your ability will be unveiled.”
“Wow…. Now, I really wonder what power I’ll get.” Shori said, “Hey, uh, Sleepy….were you looking for another team player for the Trap Games?”
Sleepy looked at him.
“Uh, you heard?” he said, “I was going to ask you since we need a 5th player and all….”

“To make sure I should be clear…. what are these games about?” Shori said.

He puts the gun down.
“Aegis, turn off song.”
The song is off.

“Shori….. the Trap Games are basically two things: One, a chance to show off who might be the strongest, sharpest and quickest minds in this city and two, for many others, a way of surviving this world and living a life.”
“Hmmm…” He was confused at that last part.

“You see, you think that most people would join the games to get the fame, the glory, the perks, the chance of getting laid by the many people but to be honest…. some don’t have a chance.” Sleepy said, “Most people doing this is only for the fact it might bring them money on the table. Most of those people comes from the slums, the ghettos, people that tried looking for steady jobs but with no luck or people who got jobs but it’s not enough to make a living.”
“But y’all seem fine now….” Shori added.

“THAT DON’T MEAN WE MADE IT!!” Sleepy argued back, “Yes, we’re stable now but that’s because we have to keep on doing this shit to keep the everything on in this bitch!! It’s The Trap Games once a year, we make enough to keep us steady for 6 months and along with Spicy Jack’s and making sure this place is still good and running and every one of us finding some temp jobs to make sure we’re good…….and to think, we were almost close to the good life and if it wasn’t for one asshole who fucked it up for all o—actually, 2. Two assholes that fucked it up for everyone.”

“Two?” Shori questioned.

“…. One of them……it was me.” Sleepy said, “And I never want to make that mistake ever again.”
He closed something and proceed to go upstairs.

“Well, I’m done for the day.” Sleepy said, “Anyway, hope you got an appetite. Fiorella is making her specialty: Arroz con Pollo and she makes it so damn delicious, you swear every time she makes it, it’ll feel like a new meal every time.”

12 hours later

Around morning time after spending his first night sleeping in a new home, Shori woke up with a heavy bladder, needing to use the bathroom. As he got up, he got to the bathroom… a second flat.
“Huh? What the?” he said, “I was just in my room a moment ago and now I’m here.”
As he opens the door and goes back to his room, he then got back in the same amount of time going in.
“HUH? That was fast….. too fast. Maybe I should take a walk down the street to clear my head. Besides it shouldn’t take any longer than 5 mi–”

(2.5 minutes later)

“THAT WAS SHORT!! I just walked from here to that gas station that was 10 minutes away from here on foot!”
He went to sit down on the couch, only to transport himself to the kitchen where Sleepy is sneaking some food in there.
“AAHH!! OK, SHIT! I snuck those brownie bites you make that I love so much and–” He thought it was Fiorella at first.
“And you’re not Fio.” Sleepy said, “How did you get over here? So quick? Like the snap of my finger?”
“Well, I can explain that…..”


5 minutes later….

He ended up explaining his newfound powers to everyone as soon as they woke up.
“So far in discovering my new abilities….I can run very fast.” He quickly got up, ran and came back.
“Hot dog?” he said, “Got that from the vendor the next town over.”
“I’ll take that. I’m hungrier than a motherfucker!” Adion said, scarfing down the hot dog.
“You’re always hungry.” Selene said.
“I can even transport myself, too.” He said.
He then transports himself to outside. “I’M OUT HERE!!” He screamed outside as the others looked at his attention.
“And he’s outside now.” Fiorella said.
He transports himself back.
“I’m inside now.” Shori said.

“Well, damn.” Sleepy said, “You got speed/transportation powers…. you’re a runner/jumper. You’re both classes.”

The one person really excited for this is Katrina as she jumped and shouted with joy.
“YES! YES! YES! YES! Finally!” Katrina said, “You got your own power and it’s a double whammy… a rarity at that.”
“And you’re happy about that?” Shori said.
“Of course.” Katrina said, “Sure, I’d love another archer but it’s still good to have something different in our roster. I wonder how the ability of speed just got to you.” She then turns into a cat and lands on his head.

Dwele then added that, “Well, we know that the ability often comes from attributes from our past experiences contribute to that. I’m getting you’re a good runner.”
“That would explain you running so fast from that baboon massacre.” Sleepy said, “Although you should’ve ran faster away from the Badlands like I told you…”
“Why you brought that up?!” Shori shouted.
“Because it was needed.” Sleepy said and then forward to Fiorella, “And the reason why I WAS THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE!!”
“Sure.” Fiorella said, filing her nails.
“So, you thought of your new name?” Katrina said as a cat on his back.

“OWW!” He shouted.
“What….” Katrina said, realizing her claws are deep in his back. “Oh….”
She transforms back into a human.
“My bad.”
“Yeah, a new name.” Sleepy said, “What are you going to call yourself?”

“You need something to have that swift feeling.” Katrina said, “Something to accelerate yourself…..”

Shori then thought to himself, “Accelerate……accelerate…….. Accel.”

“That’s it. Accel.”


Episode Two – ACCEL

Next time – TRAIN GANG

© 2019 Ctrl/At/Del Productions / Katana+

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