TIME of the SEASON Spring 2019 Edition: ONE Punch MAN Season 2

OK, OK, OK…… usually when the sequel got announced, I was excited for more One Punch Man but when hearing the change in studio, director, some of the staff and the trailers aren’t giving me much hope, I’m just lowering my expectations at this point.

But in case you didn’t know (but you know, you’re smarter than that)….

This is One Punch Man S2.

Director: Chikara Sakurai

Series Composition: Tomohiro Suzuki

Music: Makoto Miyazaki

Character Design: Chikashi Kubota

Art Director:

Shigemi Ikeda

Yukiko Maruyama

Sound Director: Yoshikazu Iwanami


Animation Production: J.C. Staff


Internet Streaming:

AnimeLab (Australia and New Zealand)

Crunchyroll (Europe excluding French and German speaking Europe)

Hulu (US)

Licensed by:

Viz Media

Viz Media Europe (EMEA)


Plot Summary: Saitama started out being a hero just for fun. After three years of “special” training, he became so powerful that he can defeat opponents with a single punch. Now, alongside Genos, his faithful cyborg disciple, Saitama is ready to begin his official duties as a professional hero working with the Hero Association. However, the frequency of monster appearances is surging and it increasingly appears as if the Great Seer Madame Shibabawa’s prediction about the Earth’s doom is coming true. In the midst of this crisis, the “hero hunter” Garou makes his own appearance.

First Thoughts: OK, I know the animation is going to be the first thing to be discussed but I’ll get this out of the way…. you can tell the differences between this and Season 1 but so far, it’s not terrible.  It’s not the disastrous tragedy most people were making it out to be. At least that’s from my POV…. then again I’m not much of a sakuga guy. Everything else on the other hand? Still the same fun and humorous atmosphere I got from the last season and another reason why I really dug Saitama as a character and also one of the revelations of that one hero, King. The Genos fight….. well, the look on him isn’t all that great but nothing irredeemable. Granted, it’s just the first episode… who knows how the rest will look like or if the animation can be just consistent. So I’m just going to chill on that for now. The rest…. it’s still what I love about OPM.




And….. well, that’s it.
For now.


Yeah, the next Time of the Season I’m covering won’t be for another…..19 days and maybe I’ll look back at what I miss that I might like but yeah, this is the last one before the other show I need to cover.


I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and hey, it’s better than what Madhouse made this season. Believe me, I got something from here than that other show

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